Should we buy Quaresma and Robinho?

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Great comments from you all yesterday, very worldwide and very intelligent.

If only Arsene acts on those comments, I think the bulk of you are saying Rosicky and Eboue could do with a rest and we should bring in two new faces, I’m throwing in the above two, both I understand, we could get.

I’m not saying these two are the answer, but I am trying to get the ball rolling.

Adebayor surprisingly was not the number one or even number two striker of choice according to your comments, it’s also interesting to read that the man himself thinks he’s better than the Icon ‘TH14′ already!

I don’t know what he reads, it can’t be this blog, but I want what he’s smoking!!!

He is certainly a scorer of great goals, he has scored a few this season, but he also seems to miss a few, please note you sensitive ones (both of you) this is not a ‘we hate Eboue, Rosicky and Ade’ blog, it would be interesting to hear your opinions though, are they right or should we buy, and if we buy, who should we buy?

It’s important Grovers, January is almost upon us and Arsene reads this site daily (according to insiders).

No Robin or Gallas tomorrow, if you believe what you read, and I do! so I fully expect a defensive team out tomorrow, I hope I’m wrong but I’ll have money on it.

Have a good day, and have your say on transfers, it could be our last chance!

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Wenger delusional and stubborn with selection???

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I love Arsene and his brand of swash buckling football that’s so pleasing on the eye, but what is he looking at these days?

4-5-1 is boring, it doesn’t work (unless we’re playing Milan away), we have no shots and we rarely win doing it, so why does he persist?

Adebayor is like a little boy lost up front and the only time we look like a force is when we revert to 4-4-2 with Bendtner.

In fact, I think we are better with Bendtner than we are with Ade, Ade is fast taking the latter day Henry role, losing the ball, not making the killer pass at the right time and blaming everyone else.

Last night it was obvious what to do from the start, Portsmouth didn’t have to worry as we were never likely to score, Rosicky and Eboue are average at best at opening up defences and Pompey sat back because they knew what Arsenal would do, as did Newcastle, Middlesbrough and almost Tottenham.

We’re used to great football, so it seems trite to complain, but come on Arsene, don’t throw away all the good work when the title is in sight because you’re being stubborn.

We know it doesn’t work, other teams know it doesn’t work and so my leader, do you.

Eboue can cross all day, but if there’s no one on the end of them, why bother?

If RVP is going to be a crock, fine, keep him for a rainy day but go and buy a goal scorer, like Anelka.

We have a chance to put it right against Everton, but 4-5-1 won’t do it, they’ll sit back and pick us off.

Open your eyes boss, before it’s too late!!!


Kids to spank Pompey?

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Well I hope you all had a good Christmas and did the family thing as today it’s back to normal!

Good news is we’re are on Sky, bad news is, it’s 7.45pm, so it’s a long wait.

We need to pick up points over Christmas, the other two (2nd and 3rd placed teams) have a reasonably easy run so we need to nail a few points on the board to stay ahead.

I have a feeling we’ll play something like the side that beat Blackburn away, not as young, but a mixture.

I expect Ade to have Bendtner up front with Diaby and Diarra in midfield with Hleb and Cesc.

Kolo and Billy at the back with Traore and Hoyte at full back.

Pompey are there to be taken but Everton will be tough, so if we can start with 3 points tonight, I’ll be more than happy.

If we play 4-5-1 though, we will struggle.

Not a lot of news out there today Grovers, but I’m sure there will be tomorrow.

Happy Boxing day and enjoy the Turkey tonight.

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