This guy is the headcase we need / Song, is he the CB?

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So mad, he even attacks his own shirt...

So mad, he even attacks his own shirt...

So after seeing that clip on Cana yesterday I’m convinced he’s what we need, tougher and more determined than Barry, Veloso, De La Red and Alonso, I’ve re thought, we don’t need skill in there, we have that in abundance, what we need is a nutter, someone who wins tackles like he does, heads the ball like he does and has a pathological desperation to win the ball, he’s the one, I have totally changed my mind.

Stuart Robson, the Richard Keys of Arsenal TV got his come uppance yesterday, a fan said,

‘How can you be a pundit when you said last week you’re not an Arsenal fan?’

Robson wanted to die! Then this guy said what happens when West Ham get their own channel, will you go there then? Ha, ha, ha! Robson then went onto say that maybe Wenger’s not after a centerback because he thinks he has that already in Song, interesting.

His choice for defensive midfield was Inler.

Gibbs last night looked every bit as good as Traore, he played at left back and was very, very impressive, as was Wilshere, Ramsey, Simpson, Barazite, Walcott, Vela, Watt and Djourou.

Theo should be used as a winger, like Bobby, instinctive with a shot, he’s too small to lead the line, but will be an awesome winger, him right and Nasri left. We are again being linked with Robert Green, I have to say I really like Fabianski, but he’s way too young to be a first choice keeper, Green wouldn’t settle for being second string so unless he (or Given) was brought in as numero uno, then I would keep what we have, Mannone is just not good enough.

I still think we need a centre back, Djourou will make it and if Phil cuts out his wild lashes he might make it as well, but we still ship too many goals for my liking, Wenger needs to bring in a defensive coach and listen to him, we have a need for a big sod like Vidic, either that or bring in Cana to stop them getting that far, or at least make them fear getting that far.

The boss has already said he won’t take the Carling cup seriously, well I don’t see the point in keep blooding the youngsters only to see them lose at the final hurdle, it’s not a pissing contest is it, I mean what are we saying, our kids are better than yours? What does that prove?

For me we should want to win everything we go in for, the spuds winning the Carling last year was a joke, that was ours to lose and we of course, did, I would sooner go out in the first game than suffer that humiliation again, same with the FA Cup, but again, I see no reason we can’t go for them all, like the chavs and the mancs do.

I’m not sure what last night achieved, save our youth team beat Huddersfield, and your point is? We should have played more first teamers.

Tomorrow will see the emergence of the first eleven with Cesc back to orchestrate proceedings, let’s just hope we avoid injuries and beat Ajax, after all FC Twenty beat them to set up the match with us, so it will serve as a benchmark if nothing else.

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrow we dine in hell.

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Star signs / Moutinho rumours persist / Why Hoyte?

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First of all the good news, Traore extends his contract, a good bit of news for a talented young star of the future, well done Armand!

The stories of us going after Moutinho are getting stronger but the reasons for it bother me,

‘Without the funds to pay for Sporting’s Miguel Veloso, Arsenal are to study other options, with Moutinho topping the list.’

This was a direct quote from one of the sites I read today but why on earth did I bother to write a piece yesterday if these people can’t be arsed to read it? The quote goes on to say we can’t afford Veloso because we already spent the money on Nasri, no we didn’t moron, that was the Hleb money, we still have the £25 million left, plus all the money from the sell-ons, less the money spent on Ramsey, why can’t these people do a little research? It doesn’t take much does it?

For that reason I still believe we’ll sign either Veloso or Barry, why the scousers haven’t signed him is beyond me, do they want him or don’t they? if they don’t why don’t we move for him?

This is the bit where in October, Wenger will tell us he almost signed him and didn’t, if you almost sign someone it means you wanted them, we need someone so if it’s one of them,  for gods sake sign them now.

I can’t see the point in taking all the kids tonight, what will we learn? given this was a Herbert Chapman ‘thank you’ game we should have at least taken the first team, and if it is so close to the Amsterdam tournament, we should have played it yesterday.

We are taking Justin Hoyte, for what? doesn’t he know by now the lad will never make it at Arsenal, it must be humiliating for the poor sod, being taken up there with the hopefuls, I just don’t see the point.

Good to see Barazite getting a chance, for me Barazite should be getting a squad number. Sadly no Merida, I wonder where he is?

So a night in front of the laptop watching the kids again, still could be worse, why don’t England play all their worthless friendlies in the off season, that way it wouldn’t interfere with the real season.

It was a rhetorical question before any AKB jumps on that one, and talking of AKB’s, we had just the one yesterday and one scouser, I think they must do one of three things – 1) they get fed up, 2) they go back to school or 3) they read the blog and realise that most of what we all say here makes sense, what do you think?

Have a fun day and enjoy the game tonight.


We can sign Barry and receive £1.5 million for nothing.

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We got £5.5mil for Diarra, £7mil for Bentley, £2mil for Muamba, £1mil for Gilberto and would get £4mil for Hoyte. That means Barry minus that lot would give us a surplus of £1.5 million.

The transfer budget that Edelman said was £75mil, Wenger later said it was only £25 mil.

Well, it reads like this – we got £12mil for Hleb, spent £5mil on Ramsey and Nasri cost us £12mil. So on that basis we still have £20 million left from that, so in my simple world we could have Barry, lose Hoyte and still have £21.5 million in the bank.

So Arsenal please explain this to us here at Le Grove as we’re a little puzzled, cry skint by all means, but this is worked out on what you told us.