Letter to Hleb…

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Dear Alex,

The Grovers have woken up this morning to the unshocking news that you have decided to leave our wonderful club.

The thing is Alex, you were never really anything more than the poster child for technical ability. Your main skill was never losing the ball, FANTASTIC, shame your other skill was never really doing anything productive with your possession. If Wembley doubles was a professional sport you would have been world champion… shame it isn’t.

In your chosen sport of professional football you had 2 major flaws.

1. You couldn’t shoot

2. You didn’t create.

People will say you helped Cesc look good, but to be honest, that was Flamini’s job last year. Having 2 players making 1 player look good is kind of pointless really? You were bought to help replace Bobby P or Freddie, sadly you didn’t come close. You had two seasons of pure crap and one season of above average performance and now you have decided you are off.

Well see you later son. I don’t know what Milan/Madrid think they are buying but it sure as hell ain’t the ‘White Ronaldinho’. You’d need directness, goals and some trophies to be classed in the same category as him. Hopefully Mr Wenger will replace you with the type of wide player the Gooner faithful are used to…

Have fun in Madrid, we dearly hope you recreate your goals and assists ratio in the coming season… oh and good luck convincing the Madrid fans you do a lot for the team… those fans don’t do grey… it’s purely black and white (Goals/Assists).

Bigger and better have left us in the past, we’ll get over you… in fact, I already have.

Kind Regards

Le Grove

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Hleb, respect the fans. You owe them.

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So Hleb’s agent has been flirting outrageously with Real Madrid. If this was a real life situation and your wife was doing this, you’d pack her bags for her.

Apparently he can pick up wages of £100k a week in Madrid, a number that would send Arsene Wenger spinning… not to mention a majority of the Arsenal fans.

However, reading around the comment sections of Le Grove and some other sites it seems there is a resignation to the fact that footballers need to maximise their earnings and it is ok if Hleb wants to disappear off to Madrid.

We need to respect his wishes.

To that, I say bollocks.

Hleb is wildly richer than a majority of Arsenal fans. He earns, at the moment, about £17k more than the average person earns in a year… a week.

Arsenal are rumoured to be offering him an extra £20k on top of that… that’s £37k more than the average person earns in a year, he would now earn a week.

Pretty grotesque right? Do you know who pays for Hlebs monstrous salary?


Every time you subscribe to sky, renew your season ticket, buy a shirt, buy a product you saw on Setanta or buy a £4 beer at Arsenal… you contribute.

So, seen as it is you the supporter who is paying for his luxury lifestyle, is it not fair to expect a little loyalty? After all, we have received very little return on our investment over 3 years. Would he have still been getting games at Chelsea, Madrid or Milan if he’d played like he did in his early days? No way… he’d be on the scrap heap along with players like Saviola, Gilardino and Pizzaro.

Why do so many Arsenal fans respect the financial wishes of a footballer who earned his millions doing something he was genetically gifted to do…?

If they have so much respect for Hlebs wishes, why can’t they respect a fan who has worked hard enough to be able to purchase a club level ticket… or shell out on a box?

I have more respect for a person who has worked their bollocks off to achieve their wealth than for some spoilt footballer who has been lucky enough to be born with a talent for a game we all adore.

So excuse me for not respecting Hlebs wishes. You got rich off the back of clubs fleecing the fans… how long the fans will tolerate this is anyone’s guess. At some point, the bubble will burst, and I can’t wait.


New kit revealed – One in, one on hold – Pure joy for Cashley and Terry!!!

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Ok So Vela has his work permit, great news, Nasri is still on hold but the really great news is the cheating chavs lost! It was so good to watch Cashley’s face at the end, but even better to watch the cheating chav Terry, miss his penalty and instantly hold his shin, as if if was his shins fault, ha, fucking ha! what topped it off was to watch ex gooner Anelka putting the cherry on the cake and see Abramovich put his head in his hands, justice done, job done, well done super Nick.

Good move Cashley! You greedy little shit, you now have the record as the only mobile phone loving twat that has lost two champions league finals, I only wish you had swallowed you tongue after the head butt.

Enough of that Grovers, we still haven’t signed Nasri or Ben Arfa and after watching the most boring game in champions league history, sign them quick, ‘cos Fergie and Grant will be trying hard to if we don’t.

There’s no need to wait, if you want them, sign them, but do it quick!

Not a lot else to talk about but this week, but it should shows which way we go, if we don’t do it soon, the Euros will be on us and then every one will cost a fortune, so all we’ll see is kids, and we have enough of them.

So please, please Arsene, get the fucking cheque book out before it’s too late.

It sickened me to see the Champions league final between 2 teams that play kick and run football, it should have been us, and if you make those signings, it could be.

Have a great day grovers, this could be the day!

New Kit perhaps? Good work Arsenal Youth!