Maybe next week, maybe YaYa, I’m too busy now.

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The boss refused to be drawn on whether or not we sign someone for the anchor role in midfield, but at the same time he refused to rule out a signing and left it with ‘maybe next week’ that to me is a yes, I know who I want so get off my back.

He also said there has been interest for Justin Hoyte but no firm offers, he said ‘at the moment he is still an Arsenal player’ strange comment from Wenger for one of his players, normally it’s a ‘he’s going no-where’ retort.

so I expect him to go, maybe we should swap him for Wheater at Middlesbrough, then we have the center back option covered.

I watched the youth team again last night and learned nothing, yes they are good, but we knew that, I fail to see what he learns from players like Justin Hoyte that he didn’t already know and I fail to see what he can learn from playing them in a game like this that he wouldn’t learn in a reserve game.

Still we won the Amsterdam Cup and as it may be the only trophy we win this season, we should enjoy the moment.

I have to say that Djourou is beginning to look like an option at center back, but the YaYa rumours are getting louder again, if we were interested in him then why on earth didn’t we do something about it when we had the chance to play hard ball with Hleb, bad business again I think.

Just a point for any AKB out there that thinks that Arsene knows, in this last two days watching this tournament I’ve listened to Kenny Sansom, Alan Smith, Paul Merson and Ray Parlour on various channels and all four have said we desperately need a beast of a center back and an aggressive defensive midfielder.

They said it and they are all Arsenal legends, and one of them played under Wenger, we can’t all be wrong, so Arsene, before another season of promise goes by, buy a couple of players, you have the money, we have the need.

If you continue to keep saving money to pay off the stadium, someone will take over the club as they’ll be able to because the fans are fed up with us winning no trophies, then the new owners will immediately plunge us into debt and all your hard work would have been for nothing.

Act now why you still can,  we are two players short of a quadruple!

Happy a great Sunday Grovers and please no arguing today, Sundays are special!

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Bad news, real bad news… This guy will not do…

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Gutten tag Grovers!

How are you feeling? Crap… good, that’s how you are supposed to feel on a Saturday morning!

So what to think of the game then…?

Well, the firs thing that struck me was this…

Eboue started… *sigh… (That’s the bad news)

The first goal… poorly defended… a free ball in the area… Gallas walked towards it… Some Ajax chap finished like a superstar. Rubbish defending… a professional defends till the end… and that means chasing down every ball… you should know better Captain G.

Goal number two. 3 minutes after the restart, Ajax gain possession… play it forward… and the midfield is missing… Where are you Denilson? Huntelaar finishes… Where the fucking hell are you Denilson…?

No where…

Rubbish Arsenal… rubbish.

So the second half starts…

Theo Walcott has been told his weakness, so he defended Clichy like his life depended on it.

Adebayor performed like he normally does. His first touch was terrible, his link up play was atrocious and his shooting was massively Kieran (<-Like that?)… but when he was presented a decent chance he flipping buried it…

So how did it go down? Well… after some slick passing, Eboue received the ball out wide… whipped in a decent cross and Ade launched himself at it and pile drivered it into the top left hand corner with his head.

Wooo Hooo for Ade!

Wooo Hooo for the Eboue fans. Well done chaps, you now have 2 things to justify Eboue’s continual existence in the first team (Remember that cross from a few years ago?(That’s the real bad news)).

How about the second goal?

Well Greedybayor received the ball out wide, cut it back across goal (Whilst deviously cheating the ref) to Nikki B who slotted home with aplomb… well played Nikki… Bad luck Ade… did you forget you hated the Boy Bendtner?

So, final five minutes…

A lot of passing goes down… the ball falls to Adecantscore… BANG! GOOOOOOOOAL!

So Ade is back to doing what he does best… proving his value to the team with goals (and assists).

So after a poor start, we proved a few things… Ade was no one hit wonder… and this Arsenal team have more resilience than the Rolling Stones…

We need an experienced centre mid… and Inler is not the man for me…

EXPERIENCED… that is what the job description is… If we signed a 24 year old Carsley, would that please you? No… because Everton are do not play in the Champions league… and nor do Udinese. Ok, he might be great in a year, but surely we need a player for now?

Let’s get some transfer market balls and if we’re going to sign someone decent… let’s make sure whoever it is comes from a team who have at least tasted Champions league football.

Give me Cana, Alonso or Gattuso… anything else is a gamble and as a one of the biggest clubs in the world… we don’t need to gamble.

What are you thoughts on the game?

Have a great Saturday Grovers!

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Arsenal favourites to win EPL and ECL with the bookies.

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Paddy Power make Arsenal favourites to win the English Premier League and joint favourites with Liverpool to win the European Champions League, I Cana believe it, can you? So the whole world writes us off but the bookies make us favourites, their thinking is we should have won the double last season and this year we’re a year older, with better players.

The ladies team got revenge on the FA Cup winners Everton by beating them 1 nil, so well done the girls, an Arsenal win is an Arsenal win.

A big debate yesterday over the possibilities of signing Marsielle captain Cana, the have’s have it I’m afraid, an overwhelming majority of you were in favour of getting him, so Arsene, cheque book please!

Theo says he wanted the number 8 but Vic told him that Nasri got it and Theo was okay with that, I suspect he wanted it as in China numero ocho is lucky, can’t think why, what luck did it bring Freddie?

I am by the way, being super, super sarcastic!

It seems that Wenger’s way of spending nothing may be catching on in the premiership as the Mancs say they may buy no-one else, that means that only Fulham, Spurs and Chelsea have spent big money this season, so what happens if no money is spent, do they lower prices? Yeah, sure they will!

Today sees the start of our defence of the Amsterdam Cup, we kick off tonight against Ajax and given they lost to FC Twenty, I expect a cricket score, if it isn’t, I may start to get concerned about next Wednesday early!

We should see Cesc and maybe Kolo tonight but either way it should begin to resemble the first team, I was particularly interested in seeing how Theo and Nasri work the wings, Ade and Robin the middle and also Bendtner and Vela as the second pairing, that should at least give the golden couple some competition.

However Nasri is injured as is Diaby, that Diaby after one game should be crocked says it all to me, Arsene please don’t let him be the one, he’s been injured his whole Arsenal career and we cannot, repeat cannot, put our season in his hands.

Barry, Veloso, Alonso, Cana, Inler or whoever else is available that has a reasonable chance of staying injury free, go and sign them.

If he’s injured now after nothing then he’ll be injured all season, just like Rosicky and Robin were and that I believe cost us the chance of winning the league last season, don’t be stubborn, he is a sick note, get rid of him.

Middlesbrough want Hoyte, what about swapping him for Wheater? that way Wenger won’t lose face by saying he won’t buy a center back as in theory and maybe stretching a point, it’s like for like.

It’s a long time till kick off, but it’s Friday and Friday is long lunch, Jokes and golf day, so whatever you’re doing, have fun and get ready for Ajax!


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