The reserves are good enough, but has he picked the right ones?

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I watched with interest last night the reserves play Boredom Woods and felt compelled to write something as the boss seems to be obsessed with playing the kids this season.

First of all when Theo came along he said it was important not to play him that often as he was still young and his body hadn’t formed, and the risk to his bones and muscles was such that he had to be given a game here and a game there, fair enough we all said, play the older guys and we’ll be patient.

Two years on and he appears to have changed his mind somewhat, Ramsey, Wilshere, Randall, Vela, Lansbury, Hoyte G, Thomas and Fabianski, pre season? fair enough, you have to learn, what did we learn? that Lansbury, Randall and Hoyte were a mile off.

Oh and a special mention for buying an injured never seen in a big game midfielder named Bitchslap, what was wrong with all the youngsters we have already, that we have seen?

Tonight we play the biggest game for a number of years and we have no Cesc, no Kolo, not even Senderos or new boy Nasri, yes I suppose you can say I’m a little nervous.

However after last night I feel we have a few reserves that could play tonight and are certainly better than some of what I’ve seen in pre season, let me share my thoughts with you.

Barazite, Merida, Bartley, Watt, Dunne and Simpson all looked better than Randall, so why then are these kids not going to play the mighty FC Twenty?

It’s getting clearer that we won’t be signing the coveted centre back or world class defensive midfielder that we desperately want and indeed need, plus half our squad is already injured so what on earth are we going to do for the next 6 months – which will take us to the January window where we won’t buy anyone?

It’s clear to me that if we are leading the premiership by then, the others will have had a howler, it’s not a good time to be a bragging gooner is it?

If the Mancs buy Berbatov then the spuds will buy a world class striker, probably Villa now that Silva says he wants to stay in Spain, then my friends we are in trouble, finishing without a trophy is one thing, finishing behind the spuds is too terrible to contemplate.

We still have time to arrest the obvious problem, winning tonight will be awesome, but I feel we are just papering over the cracks, it may be better to… not get a convincing result (you thought I was going to say lose didn’t you?).

We have the money but not the will, with Peter Hill Wood saying he doesn’t care about winning it kind of sums up the attitude around the Grove right now, as someone said this week, we are the Harlem Globetrotters… great!

Of course I’ll watch tonight and go to most of the games this season, but it will be as underdogs and that isn’t right, I understand good housekeeping, it makes sense, but at least spend the budget he has, he says he’ll only sign the right player, but Arsene there are a ton of right players out there, please go and sign two before it’s too late, we need to get off to a flier, don’t blow it.

For England, for Harry and St. George, oh and for the fans that pay your salary, go forth and multiply, well the squad at least.

Have a hopeful day today Grovers, we won’t buy anyone, Arsene’s too busy, perhaps he shouldn’t have gone commentating at the Euros then.

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Gordon Brown turns a blind eye to celebrity crooks…

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Only in England right? How many times have we heard that, in the days when we give benefits to people who openly hate our country, we also have become a haven for rich people that have mysteriously left their own countries and parked their vast sums of cash in our football clubs, no names, no pack drill.

However, I do find it amazingly hypocritical that this government bans smoking except if it’s in their pub, gives me a revenue inspection which goes back 14 years (I didn’t think that was allowed) because I didn’t have enough receipts attached to expenses (even though MP’s don’t have to attach expenses) and allows these people in when they know their money is dodgy and all because it brings a bizarre kind of celebrity.

Now Taxin who  hasn’t paid his tax in, has jumped bail and come back to the safety of Manchester. If that were me, Gordon Brown would have me on the next plane back, remember the Natwest 4 and the computer hacker kid?

It makes me sick that certain teams have become successful because they keep buying anyone that moves, even though their clubs make no money, and they have 3 players in each position, one club that’s well known pays £63 million a year in interest alone, if that were a business it would be classed as running knowingly insolvent and be in the shitter, not with football though, that’s different, that’s celebrity.

In life we all have to pay tax, even if you are poor, you still pay tax, any exceptions? Yes, MP’s who get tax free expenses and hugely rich footballers who get tax free testimonials as they have such short careers, bless!

How is that possible? They earn Gazillions and still get a million or so tax free, what complete hypocrisy, but that’s celebrity England for you.

However the cloud with the silver lining here is Shittywhatra has had his assets frozen so will be cutting back big time or selling up, either way we should get in there quick and buy some of his crown jewels before someone else does.

Richards and Johnson would be a good start. Corluka maybe? Anyway it’s nice to see Gordon being so hard on the people that are ruining our game by driving up prices and salaries to a level where we don’t expect football teams to make money anymore, well any team except Arsenal! We have to make money on account that we never spend any and we charge so much to go to games, drink beer and eat pies!

Anyway I thought I’d get that out of my system, seeing people screwing with our national game and being feted for it gets to me a little and that’s one reason we should never, ever sell up, but unless we start bringing in some trophies, all the new kids coming into football looking to support someone, will go elsewhere and some big fat billionaire will arrive from nowhere and pick up a debt free club for bugger all, then sell it back to itself like the Glazers did, and we’ll be in debt anyway, so be warned Arsenal, buy what the fans want and the team needs now, we are just two sandwiches short of a picnic, so there’s still time.


We’ve got the players so stop moaning.

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There was a lot of negativity on the blog yesterday, not from the regulars, but from the weekend AKB’s so I thought I would write this.

We don’t need to sign anybody as Diaby will be replacing Flamini, and if he’s injured then Denilson will replace him, and if he’s injured then Bischoff will replace him and if he’s injured then we have Randall, how lucky are we?

What? Diaby, Denilson and Bischoff are already injured I hear you say, well stop moaning Arsene knows, if you lot stopped playing football manager and left it to Arsene you would all see how good we are, so have a little faith.

The fact that Alan Smith, Ray Parlour, Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, David Seaman, Kenny Sansom, Lee Dixon and Frank McClintock all say we need a centre back and a defensive midfielder means nothing, what do they know? They are all muppets, and as for Paul Merson, what does he know? He was shit at Walsall.

Ok that was a compilation of the weekend bloggers, so who’s right and who’s wrong?

Up front I have no complaints; I think our choice of forwards and wingers is up there with the best. If you include Wilshere, Nasri and Theo as wingers then I’m happy with that.

Our midfield genius Cesc is the worlds best, but the injured Rosicky, Diaby and Denilson give me a little concern.

And before anyone says Denilson isn’t injured, he’s always injured, Ramsey has great potential but he’s only 17.

Our wing backs look great, Sagna and Clichy are the best in the EPL and if Traore, Gibbs and Eboue are cover I’m happy.

Gallas and Toure ship goals, Djourou is good cover but Song and Senderos worry me at the highest level.

Almunia and Fabianski are good but Mannone is not good enough.

So I go back to my original thought as a world class football manager and I still say we need a centre back and a defensive midfielder that are reasonably injury free and world class, bring them in and we could clean up, don’t and we’ll have another season of promise and will be clinging on to 3rd or 4th.

That’s not being negative, that’s being a realist, you can’t lose players like we have and not at the very least replace them. We haven’t even done that.

That’s it for today Grovers.

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