Eduardo clicks, as Arsenal Hammer the Hammers

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Eduardo took about a minute to score a wonder goal yesterday and Adebayor scored from an angle with the deftest of touches to make the ‘banana skin’ game a stroll.

We spent the second half giving a lesson in passing and never looked liked conceding to the team that beat the Mancs.

So that’s 13 points from our last 15, with wins over Chelsea, Spurs, Everton and West Ham with a tricky away point at Portsmouth, what a run! We never reached top gear and had our best player missing all but 20 minutes of those games, what are we going to be like when the boy wonder gets back?

We’ll miss Kolo and Eboue for a while, but all those games are very winnable, so by the time our first choice team is available we should be in great shape.

I looked at Clichy yesterday and thought, we got Gallas and him for Ashley Cole, what a piece of business that was! So thanks a lot Kenyon.

ManU and Chelsea looked far from convincing and with Liverpool a way back it’s in our hands.

The thing about this team is it will only get better, they’re young and eager, the other teams are as good as they’ll get, so as a back 9 team, the future looks very rosy.

I thought Rosicky looked great yesterday and although Theo was rusty, he looks like the player England have been waiting for, so it all bodes well for the team and the future.

Funny, but I’m starting to look forward to the Milan game.

I hope our two young centre backs step up and I’m sure they will, apart from Benzema I can’t see the boss buying anyone, I say Benzema because I think at the end of the season, he will cost vastly more and if Wenger likes him, and I think he does, he’ll sign him.

Before anyone asks me why I think that, it’s because he looks like a Wenger type signing and the Babel we never got this season because we waited too long.

Just my opinion, that’s all.

A great start to 2008 and as someone said yesterday, we never lose on New Years day, that makes 8 years now, I hope that stat was right or I’ll find out in a heartbeat today.

Have a great few days Grovers.

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Wonder kid in potential wonder kid out?

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First of all a Happy New Year to all you Grovers, let’s hope we can win the league in our debut blogging season!

The story of Dani Parejo (Real Madrid) is getting stronger on the rumour mill but with a £10 million buy out clause I really can’t see it, though he did buy Theo for a lot of money.

Matthew Connolly going to QPR (rumour) upsets me as I was told he is the next John Terry, it’s the bit that does frustrate me, we seem to fight hard to keep the overseas kids, Merida, Vela and Song for instance but we don’t with the young English talent like Bentley, Upson and Sidwell.

Now for anyone who wants to start calling me a heretic for not agreeing with all things Arsenal please read no further and go to immediately, you’ll be much happier there and you’ll like what they say.

I happen to feel that all those English kids could have blossomed in our team, and yes I know Upson was injury prone, but so is Robin and Bentley was want away but so was Flamini, and Flamini was awful when he first came to Arsenal, let’s not forget.

Anyway it seems that Eduardo will start today so that must mean our favoured 4-4-2 with Ade up top as I believe Bendtner is suspended.

Hoyte comes in for Sagna and I guess Eboue is in for Hleb, though I would rather see Theo out wide.

I think an early goal is what we’ll be looking for and our passing game will return as we play on a football pitch and not a pasture like at Everton.

Some good supportive comments yesterday Grovers, but as today is match day it will probably be a little quiet, but we post regardless, let’s hope tomorrow we have something to crow about.

I think we will and 3 nil seems about right.

Easier in January?

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Ok, so December was tough, we all knew it would be, but January looks like a welcome break from the nail biters of late.
With West Ham, Birmingham, Newcastle at home and Fulham away in the premier league, it’s not too bad, in theory that’s 12 points or it should be if we are to win the league.

We’ll soon lose Kolo and Eboue, but it’s not for long, something like the 7th of Jan to the 10th of February and that’s only if Ivory Coast go all the way. We don’t get what I would call a hard one until March 22nd – away to the chavs, so I think we’ll manage with Djourou and big Phil.

West Ham are probably the toughest test so I would expect the side that finished against Everton to start tomorrow, plus Eduardo or Theo as the 11th man.

Wenger is beginning to smell blood, so I expect him to go for it from the off, so my guess is 4-4-2, he probably guesses that West Ham will start with Cole or Ashton alone up front, so will want to try and get an early lead.

I thought about a non contentious headline to appease other blogs, I hope you like it.

Happy New year!