Screw Real Madrid – this board has balls! Was this Wenger?

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No sadly not, this was the Glazers, yes that’s right it takes two balding and rather ugly Americans to show Arsenal how to react to teams bullying us, not the usual ‘you have to respect the player’ crap we have to endure.

Ferguson says,

‘They have balls, (Ronaldo) they will sit him in the stands before they let him go’

Well said Fergie, if our mob had that attitude our players would think twice before they start issuing their demands.

That said and still no news on new signings, what is it with Arsenal? We have now come out and said we are after Nasri and he will sign after the Euros, a month away.

That is, if Chelsea, ManU, Real , Barca or Milan don’t want him first, good going boss, secret negotiations and let the player know from the off how tough we are with everything, here’s some advice…

Nasri, do you want to play for Arsenal?

What, you want to wait a month before making up your mind?

Here is how it is, you have 24 hours or we go elsewhere. We are Arsenal. Take it or leave it.

Try that Arsene, Dein would have, now every club knows our intentions and Nasri has already shown how much he wants to be an Arsenal player, so go after someone else. Barry would bite your hand off.

We have been linked with Real Mallorca’s 27-year-old Dani Guiza. Why? We have enough strikers, if we want a new one then sign Benzema, or one that wants to come like Villa, otherwise go after a new midfielder like Barry, plus a winger and a centerback.

I wonder what our club has been doing this last 3 weeks, how difficult is it to sign players? Perhaps Wenger should ask Ramos how it’s done, I know the top 2 haven’t gone shopping yet, but they hardly need to do they? We’ve lost 2, maybe three already and our leader is drinking carrot juice in a French Spa trying to sign a 20 year old that clearly doesn’t want to join us.

I’m getting fed up with saying this Grovers, but maybe today is the day eh? …yeah right!

Keep the faith, you never know, it could be a smoke screen and up pops Goofy.

I know he’s not French, but you never know!

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YaYa or Dos Santos swap, who would you choose?

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Ok still no news but yesterdays hot rumours were that we are swapping Hleb for YaYa Toure and cash, we may well be thinking that way but I would sooner swap Hleb for Both Dos Santos and YaYa plus cash.

YaYa could fill the Vieira role, of that I have no doubt, he’s big at 6’3″ and doesn’t appear to have the same injury problems as Diaby does and would be a lot cheaper than my first choice Gareth Barry.

It’s looking more and more like the Barry for Hoyte plus cash deal won’t happen, why? is beyond me, as that would solve the problem of Flamini’s loss and Hoyte’s bit part role for us.

Two saints, AKA Dos Santos looks the dogs to me, his best friend is Vela and they could be our new second string wing force, behind Rosicky and Theo, we will need four this season through inevitable injuries and to compete in all the cups.

If the Spuds get him I’ll be gutted, I really rate this boy. The up side of signing YaYa is he’ll play even better when he’s with his brother – and so will Kolo.

The Septic Bladder thing won’t fly, it’s against the EU constitution, simple as that, it can’t fly legally, however they package it.

Remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, the chances are it is a duck, enough said, it’s a duck and it’s dead in the water.

I have to say I feel very let down by Arsene, the fact is he said we’d all be pleased and it will happen in 2 to 3 weeks, so we trusted him, just like all the AKB’s did, well Arsene, you once again didn’t deliver, how hard can it be to spend £25 million? you simply ask a player if he wants to play for the Arsenal and he says yes or he says no, if it’s anything else move on, he’ll be trouble.

You didn’t win trophies for 3 years, we can kind of except that as you were building, but to tell us you’re finally spending and then don’t, is wrong, we’ve been so looking forward to something, and we get nothing.

I hope you got paid well for all your commentating and we didn’t get in the way, but my advice is hurry up mate or all the good players would have gone… …to spurs.

Have a hopeful Domingo Grovers, El Tel like Arsene made us a promise! …just kidding El Tel.

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Van Persie stays, Eduardo returns and El Tel says Nasri signs on Sunday.

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That’s it then, it’s official, Le Grove’s own steward on the inside tells us a photographer has been called in this Sunday to take a picture of Samir Nasri in an Arsenal shirt, presumably the new one, well done El Tel, let’s hope it true and we can celebrate Monday’s post with a picture of our new wonder kid.

Othe great news is that Robin the boy wonder has now said he’s signing a new contract and is not worried about them money, if that’s true then more good news indeed, about time, but it makes me wonder what he was on about earlier in the week, but then this will forever be known as the week of the turnaround!

Finally by now you would have all seen the clip of Eduardo, my god what an incredible player, Rosicky and Robin take note, I cannot believe anyone can recover that quickly, burn him, he’s a warlock!!!

Not a lot on today, no signings the boss is being paid by someone else to commentate, so you’ll all have to wait, hopefully our inside source is right and it won’t be too long now.

Happy Saturday Grovers.

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