This is it, the first game and our first title since 2004.

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It's ours, all ours!

It's ours, all ours!


That’s Le Grove’s position this season, Arsenal to win the EPL and the Carling Cup, I would say the ECL and the FA cup but for once I’m being realistic, our squad isn’t big enough.

We’ve been unlucky with injuries so far, but I think that’s it, they’re now out of the way, Rosicky’s back, Eduardo’s coming back, boy wonder will be injury free and Ade will have discovered what the offside rule is.

Djourou will become the most elegant centre back in the world and Kolo will become the defensive midfield enforcer we need, when Alonso, Veloso, Inler or Cana aren’t available (pick one, any of them will do)

Today we send out a message and go to the top of the league with a 4 nil thumping of new boys West Brom, who without Kevin Phillips will be half the threat and that half wasn’t much of a threat anyway, they lost, what? 11 games in the Championship last season? Blow them away Arsenal, they’re shit!

We’ll win the Carling Cup this time round because our kids are good enough, last year they weren’t, this year they will be ready, Tottenham, bring it on you knuckle dragging retards from hell, try it again this year.

I like our home kit and I like our away kit, that’s the first time since 2004 I can say that, I like our stadium, I love our manager, I love the fans, I like the board and I like the refs, but above all I really, really love the Arsenal, so come on boys, show us what you have this year, show us your intentions and blow the boys from somewhere up north away!

Don’t leave it so late this time, well not like last seasons opener, I think this season has the spirit of 04, we’ll score more than you, with the likes of Vela, Walcott, Bendtner, Eduardo, Simpson, Barazite, Adebayor and the boy wonder I can’t see any forward line in the world that can match that, and with Djourou finally showing us what he can do, I’m not so worried about the centre back situation anymore, bring in an enforcer and we won’t miss the two ingrates, who’s names I’ve already forgotten.

Have a great first day back Grovers, I feel something good is about to happen!

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Do you remember the first time you did it?

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Ok Barry, Toure, and Cana are all cup tied, so that’s them out, that leaves Inler, Veloso and late to the game Toulalan, we’ll find out next week, nothing we can do so I thought we’d all take a trip down memory lane instead.

Do you remember the first time you saw your beloved Arsenal live?

I was born in Bethnal Green, around the time I was 4 the Krays has started to build their empire and my mum decided a kid with my personality should not be brought up in such an environment, so in her wisdom we all moved to the suburb of East Ham. Which incidentally was 10 times as bad and where the Krays ended up anyway!

The point of this story is Bethnal Green is 2.5 miles from Arsenal and West Ham is about 8, so my local team was the Arsenal, so I was always an Arsenal man.

I lived in the shadow of Upton Park though, so used to go to many of their games and saw the likes of Moore, Peters, Hurst and Clyde Best at their peaks, so it wasn’t all bad, but Arsenal were my true love.

Highbury was a long way to go in those days at my age, it was like going to Cornwall now.

Then one day the double winning side arrived in their yellow shirts and I was off. South bank here I come, in those days you arrived on the day and got your ticket, mine was in the home supporters end, it was poised at 1-1 when up pops Charlie George and hammers in the winner, I couldn’t contain myself and screamed ‘well done Charlie’ or something, I was at the back and got kicked all the way down by the grateful hammers fans wanting me to get a view from the pitch.

There that was my first time, can you remember yours?

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrow it begins and today I go on a speed awareness course so I’ll be away for a few hours understanding why speeding is not cool.

Sure I will!

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We won, enough said, alarm bell sounded and is Henry coming home?

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So we won! What a game of absolutely no consequence, I think that’s the first game I ever watched where I almost switched channels, in fact had I not been in a pub, on my own, I probably would have.

He says we were a very young team, but he says it like it’s an excuse, well it shouldn’t be a young team, go and buy some older, better players before this season goes down the pan, like the last three.

This team won’t finish in the top ten and if he thinks they will, then he’s more deluded than I thought, we scored two goals, Gallas played a good captains role and Twenty were ordinary, there, that’s the match report done.

I knew that Henry wouldn’t go to the Mancs, but why have I got a feeling he may be coming back to Arsenal? Wenger said yesterday he would never go to ManU

’But I think if he comes back to England then he comes back to Arsenal’

His quote not mine, a strange thing to say don’t you think? Then when I watched Arsenal TV and Henry was being interviewed, he said you always come back to where you belong, which again I thought an odd thing to say for a Barcelona player. We could do with him at Arsenal, super sub and maybe 20 games a season, at least until Bendtner, Theo and Vela grow up.

The good news about that dismal performance is that he must now see we need to buy at least a defensive midfield player and maybe a new centre back (OK Chary?) he must also see these players are just too young to be in our team this new season, Djourrou did well, but I still think we need a beast.

The other thing that was apparent is we are not the Harlem Globetrotters! That was dire, Robin I have no fears about, he will only get better, don’t forget he’s been on his own in Holland and doing nothing but drinking Heineken and eating copious amounts of Gouda, it was just one of those nights.

Don’t forget the Scousers, massively tipped to win the world cup, the Formula 1 constructors title and the Grand National by everyone including the special one, and they almost got beaten by a side from Belgium, so we all have days off, lets hope we get some of our grown ups back for the West Brom game and maybe a new signing, he has been making those noises about signing someone, the problem is I can’t think of any injured defensive midfielders that are available, so who will he buy? Barry just signed a new 5 year deal at Villa so it won’t be him, Alonso is cup tied, so it won’t be him, so that leaves Inla, Velosa or Cana.

So it will be Inler, he’ll be the cheapest.

Ho hum!

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