How long can Arsene get away with this for?

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So, that was fun?

Got up early, trekked my way down to the S&B, drunk copious amounts of Peroni… built up the Dutch courage for the afternoon… took my seat and then realised I’d got myself all worked up for the wrong competition.

We’d arrived for the Carling Cup Preliminaries!

Hoyte, Traore, Gilberto, Walcott and Bendtner where all in the starting line up!

Oh shit, its not the Carling Cup!

Our squad is now to thin for the Premiership!

What a fucking joke.

The first half was one of the worst I’d ever witnessed. I don’t understand the mind set of some of the youngsters. If I was on the fringes of Arsenal and I’d got my chance against Liverpool I’d be busting a nut to show everyone how good I was. Yesterday, it looked like some of them were visibly pissed at the thought of working on a Saturday.

Traore was very sloppy, giving the ball away time and time again. Hoyte was just Hoyte. How can you judge Nikki B? The guy never gets the service does he?

The whole team looked uninterested which really hacked everyone in the Stadium off. Peter crouch banged one in near the end and everyone left for half time drinks… can you blame them? The team didn’t turn up, so why should the fans risk not getting a drink at half time… inebriation was the only way to get through the second half.

The second half kicked off with a bang. Toure went going agonisingly close early on with a header. Then Cesc whipped in a cross and up jumped Nikki B to head in. Fantastic, at least there might be a game in the second half.

The rest of the half continued in last seasons fashion, loads of possession but no one to convert it into goals. All the big boys were brought on, Ade really looked good when he came on… Theo was terrific down the wing… Clichy looked good… Hleb was ok…. until the ball was slinked through to him in the last minute and he chose not to shoot.

Just a quick mention for Gilberto. I thought he was great yesterday and he deserves a lot of credit for his performance. Bravo, I didn’t think it was possible to be over the hill at 30.

So groudhog day continues, same score, same gripes.

Eboue is by far the worst player in the Arsenal side, he’s simply not good enough. Its widely accepted that Rosicky will never be injury free… so here is an idea Arsene, go and sign a world class player in that position. Someone who can score a few goals and become a big game player from that position.

In fact, scrap that last comment.

Sign some world class players in general, ditch your ideology towards a home grown team and start turning Arsenal into a big club because currently its not working is it?

We have waited 3 years for a trophy and its looking pretty unlikely you’ll deliver one this year. You may win the Champions league, but that wont mask your teams deficiencies.I worry that if you do win that trophy it will just justify that you’re right and we’ll have to put up with another year of being the cheap skates of Europe.

Arsene, you’re a great manager, but you should have realised that we were struggling at Christmas. If you don’t rectify this issue in the summer, I think you will find your support base dwindling. I think even the most ardent ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade member will be wondering what the fuck you’ve been up to of late

So, our squad wasn’t big enough for the Carling Cup, the F.A Cup, and now the league… this is a mess.

Lets hope the boys put in a big performance on Tuesday because I am getting a bit sick of this season.

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We are not turning on the boss, facts are facts. Read on.

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This is an interim post to block the blog knockers, what I hear you say? What I mean is, I’m reading a lot of posts that say certain blogs are turning on the boss, this is simply not true, this is what I think people are saying.

What you have attempted Arsene is brave, but it hasn’t worked, the work in progress has won nothing so it’s time to tweak it a little and maybe buy some ready made talent, it’s not like we don’t have the money, Edelman keeps telling us we do.

For the 3rd season in a row we have bought very little, but have lost world class stars, such as Freddie, Dennis, Bobby, Sol, Reyes, Ralph and Thierry and to a lesser extent, Baptista and Diarra. Now all that talent has gone and what have we brought in? Sagna, Hleb and Rosicky.

Now one of those is a crock, you may say Baptista was a loaner, but he was still an Arsenal player and Diarra could have featured well in this last 3 months. Hleb and Sagna, top drawer, no complaints.

For me Arsene has been stubborn, not spending money is his moniker and I think he likes that, but it won’t win us trophies and given how much we as fans spend, and how loyal we are, I think he needs to change his policy, now that is not slagging him off, that is merely having an opinion, and that is everyones right.

Not having an opinion makes you a sheep, and we on this site are not sheep, if on the other hand you are from the ‘Arsene knows’ brigade, fine that’s your opinion, blog somewhere else, I’m fed up with telling you.

We had a couple of those on yesterday and I blocked them, if we get more then I’ll block them too, I’ll finish with this, I saw a steward in action yesterday doing something great, diffusing a situation with common sense and telling another steward to back off, she was a woman and I’ll talk more on that tomorrow.

Pedro will be on soon with his match report.

Wenger wants Ribery banned for life, Diego rumours continue and Pennant needs another club

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Arsene Wenger called for Bribery cheats to be banned for life, but it sounded like Ribery cheats when I first read it, and as it was probably him anyway I thought I’d put it in the headline. So shame on me!

If the boss wants to get players banned for throwing games he ought to get Nikki Bendtner checked out first eh! Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.

The Diego rumours won’t go away or the Ben Arfa ones, when they hang around there’s often some truth in them, remember Rosicky and Hleb? They all started early.

And look what a cracking buy Rosicky turned out to be.

I have to say I would prefer Benzema as I think we are really suffering with our forwards, Robin is fast becoming a waste of time as a result of his not stop injuries and since he’s been here, not just this season and Bendtner just doesn’t look anywhere near it yet, probably 3 years off.

With the exception of Anelka how many are ever that good at 19?

I know Benzema is young but he’ll be good and prolific, you can see that, but after the Euros, his price will double.

Great to see Merida and Almunia have signed for another 4 years and Cesc says he’s putting pressure on his mate Flamini to stay.

Wenger is certainly bigging it up for tomorrow and beyond, but you know what? if he doesn’t drop Eboue we’ll win fuck all I’m afraid.

Get Walcott on from the off, that’s why you bought him wasn’t it???

Finally a word for Jermaine ‘pissed at training’ Pennant. You needed to leave Arsenal to get first team football, you needed to leave Birmingham to enhance your England career, well you jug eared twat, you finally found yourself a manager that likes the English even less than Wenger does, didn’t you?

Or is it because you’re fucking hopeless? Try a smaller club where you’ll look good, like Notts County or Newcastle, you used to say it was your dream to play alongside Michael Owen didn’t you?

Have a great day today Grovers, Pedro and I are leaving early doors to go to the game so you’re on your own for a bit.

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