50 greatest Prem goals were all Arsenals / Drop Adebayor

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So I watched the 50 best ever premiership goals last night on Sky one and nearly all of them were Arsenal goals, but the Henry one against Spurs didn’t win it, gosh I wonder why??? Anyway it took me down memory lane all the same, shit if we could have Pires, Vieira, Henry and Bergkamp back we would be stacking the trophies up right now!

Still no news on the new signing, maybe Wenger is having another look at Barry at the training ground England seem to be sharing with us these days. Can’t think what else will be holding him up.

The Chavs have peaked so they don’t bother me, when they get their injured players back the arguments will start, the Mancs are shit without the grease ball and Liverpool just aren’t good enough, notice I didn’t mention the spuds!

Our kids will only get better and we haven’t unleashed Wilshere on them yet, so I’m feeling confident, Djourou will fill the centre back spot so that only leaves defensive midfield and the mystery buy to come in.

Don’t know who, but I don’t care, anyone from the list will be good enough in my book.

A lot of comments on the night shift regarding the black hole that is Arsenal and their money, perhaps they’re buying Shite Hart lane to use instead of Underhill for our rubadubs, that would make sense and it’s nearer.

Still no sign of Cesc but when he and Rosicky get back we’ll start to fire on all cylinders, so if we can keep the 1-nils going until then, I’ll be more than happy.

Wenger has asked us to get off Ade’s back as he has now signed a bigger, better, long term deal on double bubble, I think that’s fair as it will be at least a year before he wants to leave again and we should give him the benefit of the doubt, I would however drop him to see if that makes him find out why he got the new deal in the first place.

Maybe start Vela with Nikki B or Robin, let Ade know he’s not Thierry and he doesn’t get an automatic starting place in the team, especially when he plays like shit.

We haven’t lost a game or conceded a goal and we are in effect, top of the league, it will only get better, spare a thought if you will for the spud fans, yes all three of them, another £49 mil spent and another loss! Ha, ha, ha! good move David Bentley!

I don’t know why The Grove was so empty on Saturday so Arsene take note, we will not be taken for granted for 4 consecutive years, we are not Tottenham, we are the Arsenal.

I think I would have sent Randall out on loan and kept Barazite but there you go, what do I know? That’s Arsene Wenger’s department.

Have a great day today Grovers, sometimes things happen when you least expect them to.

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The writing’s on the wall, but we still have time.

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Ok, a satisfactory weekend saw us winning, the scousers nicking an undeserved result and the Mancs drawing, but the chavs stuffed Pompey with their experienced side and never looked anything other than championship material.

We may laugh at the Mancs, but with Newcastle playing really well, St. James’s Park is not a place I’d be too comfortable playing.  

Liverpool looked like they didn’t know it was Saturday, but we were very business like and got the job done, I’m not excited, but I’m not worried, I saw enough to show we’ll be a top 3 club again and I saw glimpses of how we can win the league, but it’s in the hands of Wenger and not me, he would do well to read this snippet from ex Mirror editor Piers Morgan, a good read and one that I wholeheartedly agree with.

I read another article that Wenger has unearthed an unknown gem in Samir Nasri, please! That kid has been around for ever, has been called the new Zidane for 2 years and is someone that Le Grove has been calling for since we began this blog, and don’t forget, he cost us £12 million, so if that is discovering a gem, then perhaps I should make the leap from championship manager, to…er, manager!

I jest of course, if Bitchslap turns into a gem, he can take the credit though.

What we desperately need is a defensive midfielder, and enforcer, he said he will be doing that this week, I hope he makes the right call, our choices are still, Inler, Cana, Toulalon, Barry, Alonso, YaYa and Veloso, well if any of them can be the new Petit or Viera, pay what they’re asking, it will be money well spent.

I think we have a real chance, but the Mancs and the Spuds will re-inforce, so we need to at least buy one big player.

It was a pleasure to see us carve WBA up, okay so Ade and a few others had a bad day, but WBA will cause a few people a few problems this year, you mark my words.

So a cautious start, learn from it boss, you still have time. I’m still not convinced about Denilson, Theo will improve and Nasri will be close to player of the year.

I didn’t say Denilson didn’t have a good game, I just said the jury’s out.

Nothing to do until the next game, let’s hope for something to smile about in the transfer market.

If you’re bored before waiting for the Fulham game to arrive and want something to do, go and visit the spuds blogs, all 3 of them, I bet they’ll be a fun read! …Wankers.

Have a great week Grovers.

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Soft centre / Sold out (almost) / Player Ratings

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Morning Grovers!

I had the pleasure of being at the Emirates for the first game of the season, and what a pleasant day it was! The sun was shining, the old lady behind me had renewed her ticket (Nothing funnier than hearing a 70 year old lady call Ade a ‘soppy cunt’) and Arsenal recorded their first victory of the season with a heavily depleted squad.

So, two things to clear up before we get started.

Firstly, according to reports (Telegraph), Arsenal have sold 92% of the Highbury Square flats. So when Geoff said a few months ago that the maths didn’t add up with the finances, and a lot of people claimed it was becuase we’d lost money on the flats, those people were wrong… No one really knows why Edelman left, and if this story is true… it shows that certain sites\people are not as in the know as they’d like to think.

Secondly, Arsenal may have reported a 60,021 fill, but I can tell you now that the stadium had gaps all around yesterday, Corporate and normal seats. I don’t know whether that was holiday or traffic issues… but it is going to be interesting to see if that trend continues. Arsenal wont care at the moment… the money has already been taken, but it is something to bare in mind if we have a poor season.

Onto Football.

The team lined up like this:


Sagna JD Gallas Clichy

Theo Eboue Denilson Nasri

Adebayor Nikki

Not a bad team considering the Rosicklist.

The game got off to a storming start, the ball was knocked around a lot more comfortably than against Twente in the week. To be honest, WBA looked about as effective Derby did last year… Scott Carson was the only player I knew… and to be honest, despite some praise, I think thought they were rubbish.

Nasri slotted the ball home early doors and after that, we cruised the rest of the game.

I’ll give you a player rating today because any sort of in depth analysis will just be wasting your time!

Almunia: Not his best game in an Arsenal Jersey. He made a superb save early doors when a WBA player fired accross the face of goal, but his kicking was pretty erratic today and he’ll get punished against a better team if he doesn’t address that. 6

Clichy: Love the guy… Jamie Redknapp said he is the best left back in the world… and I am going to agree. He didn’t play out of his skin today, but he didn’t need to… he done his job. 7

Djourou: I really rate him, I thought in his first year at the Emirates (Can’t believe it’s our third year!) he was better than Senderos and after today, I know he is. He compliments Gallas really well and he is so calm on the ball. A few more games like that and Big Phil will be panicking! 7

Gallas: A really reassuring performance today… he sat off JD and cleared up like a true pro. I wish he’d tuck his shirt in, but whatever… he was good today against lumbering physical opposition. 7.5

Sagna: Solid performance, no sign of ‘secondseasonitis‘. 7

Nasri: Ok, I don’t want to go over board here, but I really think this guy is special. If you’ve yet to see him play, imagine Hleb with gusto and tenacity… oh and the ability to shoot. He popped up in the right position today to slot home, and on a few occasions he tried a shot (Madness… sheer madness). He floats out left, then right and always wants the ball. He has seamlessly taken over from Hleb… well, that was taking things to far… lets see where we stand after 10 games. 8

Denilson: Ok, so we all know I am not his biggest fan. I still don’t get what his game is all about , but today he went some way towards showing me what he wants to be all about. He rotated the holding role with Eboue, he was pretty strong in the tackle and he showed the necessary tight control needed to hold down that role. For me he looked good against a crap team… will he fair so well against the Mancs or the Chavs? I don’t think so… we need some experience and physical prowess in the middle and Denilson is not the man yet. 7

Eboue: HOLD THE BACK PAGE! Eboue played well! Ok, he didn’t set the world alight, but he did everything well today. He was direct, strong and effective! I had a debate with Geoff over his credentials in the middle of the park… my argument is that he is a good defender, but not good enough to be the last line… so centre midfield could be just right for him. He has stamina, pace and aggression. Remember, Flamini was a dog average player… then he found his feet in quite a simple position. Tackle… pass to Cesc… 7.5

Theo: Ok Theo, you might be English, but on this blog that counts for nothing. Today you went back to your old ways… dithering, running up blind alleys and making poor decisions. This is your year Theo, you have to prove the doubters wrong… and today was not a shining example of proving people wrong. I hear a boy who goes by the name of Jack Wilshire is pretty effective, something to think about, eh? 5

Adebayor: Pretty ineffective really… he didn’t work for the team and he didn’t really cause too many problems. The crowd at one point… I think… booed him. He tried that RvP sweep, and he failed miserably and a large portion of the crowd booed. Maybe they were jeering somone else? Anyway, the fact is, he wasn’t very good… lets hope Arsene Wenger didn’t just make the biggest mistake of his career by giving him an £80k a week contract. 6

Nikki B: He didn’t do much today. He does like to drop deep to help the team and he likes to bring other players into the game, but overall… a bad day for Nik. I, like many gooners have high hopes for him this year… so expect improvements. 6


A win is a win is a win. 3 points on the board is more than our £60million friends down the road have… apparently they were rubbish and so was Bentley… it’s not funny guys, those Spuds genuinely had hope this year… mwhahaha!

Take the win Grovers, take the plus points and hope that the negatives take care of themselves!

Happy Sunday!

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