Back in for Barry? Song in squad.

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So, the Barry story refuses to go away, and reading between the lines it seems that the Alonso deal won’t happen so he’s rekindled his interest in Barry, he hasn’t ruled him out and said he’s a player he’s looking at and being cup tied isn’t a problem.

What he didn’t do is say NO, so that must mean he’s still going to sign someone, so that’s good, however I can’t work out why it takes so long to work out who you want and go and buy him.

Apparently the reason the Alonso deal didn’t happen is even though the player agreed terms, we only offered Liverpool £10mil, if that’s true, how devastating is that for the player? Why do we always do bargain basement? That’s why we only ever get our second choice player and not the one we wanted.

Song is back in the squad for our trip to Fulham so I’m guessing he’ll be playing in the midfield role as Djourou didn’t get dissed so should keep his place, I won’t mind that as Cesc will soon be back so it will be a short lived thing.

It seems that most of you were happy with the Silvestre move, so although Traore has gone to Portsmouth – our second team, we have a much stronger squad which can only be good news for the coming season, who he plays is his headache, at least we’re not drafting in a 9 year old prospect at the back, they will all be solid alternatives.

Manuel is being considered as an England keeper as he’s qualified now, but I’m still not convinced of him in goal for Arsenal, I can’t really see him ahead of what we currently have in the England squad, so we’ll stay out of that debate.

Arsene had that look in his eye at yesterday’s press conference, so that leads me to believe something’s about to happen, I was dissappointed that Vincent Kompany went to ManCity as he is a player I rate, but I suppose drafting in Silvestre for those tight last 20 minutes in games where conceding is not an option, may be the more sensible ploy, after all Adams and Keown weren’t exactly spring chickens were they?

He did say he would have this new midfield player in for the Twente game, so that means today, not that the boss has ever not stuck to a deadline, but it would be a nice way to end the week, don’t you think?

Have a great Friday Grovers.

I didn’t see that one coming. LOL.

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Well, well, I got that wrong didn’t I? Why, because I haven’t a clue or because the boss hasn’t a clue? A piece of top management or a sign that he may be losing the plot? Only time will tell, but I for one am not happy, this was one rumour I was not pleased came true.

If we were signing a world class 28 year old defender I would be pleased, we’re not though are we? we’re signing an injury prone has-been the Mancs didn’t want and now the rumours have started that Wenger is going to send Djourou out on loan. Just when he was showing promise.

Signing a player who has hit the dizzying age of 31 is crazy enough, giving him a 2 year deal is hypercritical, esepecially when you didn’t afford the same luxury to Arsenal legends. Don’t tell me for a minute Bobby Pires / Sol Campbell / Gilberto couldn’t have done a job for us for on a 2 year deal.

I’m starting to think xenophobia, we made 5 signings this summer, one Welshman and four from France, and two of those are injury prone, before someone tells me Bitchslap is from Portugal, he’s half French and played for the under 18’s I believe.

So when the boss says he doesn’t look at their passports, I’m not so sure. If he wanted experience at the back he should have signed Dunne, it seems to me 3 out of 5 players on freebies is tight fisted and smacks of doing stuff on the cheap.

Still I may be way wrong on this one and he could be just what we need, it’s just odd that Fergie didn’t, it reeks of West Ham and Freddie to me.

Still Frank McLintock says it’s a good signing so I’ll go along with it, but I don’t think he’s been bought as cover, that’s why he left the Mancs, because he wasn’t getting games.

Why couldn’t we have read that he’d just swooped for Barry or Cana or YaYa, why is it another gamble? I hope we still buy the defensive midfielder we so desperately need, I hope this isn’t it the end of the signings.

I also found out yesterday that LOL didn’t stand for lots of love, so I’ve been reading a lot of comments the wrong way, I thought you were all so caring, still I attach it to today’s heading as I feel it fits… not the love bit, the laugh bit!

Have a great day debating Grovers, I bet this signing has you divided.


Silvestre? In his dreams! Arshavin talks…

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So yesterdays rumour is we’re buying Silvestre as cover for Clichy, so who will we buy as cover for Silvestre? That bloke is more injury prone the Robin Van Persie and Tomas Rosicky combined, it’s the worst rumour I’ve heard all year, dead in the water that one.


The Inler rumour persists, but the story that we could have signed Arshavin had we met his salary demands is interesting, I wonder what they were? His agent said this,


“(Arsene) Wenger is indeed a cunning fox who always says one thing and does the other. He wanted Andrei, but Arsenal are the only top English club who do not pay large salaries.”


Maybe Wenger thought he already had that cunning fox in Ade (I love the club / Pay me like Henry / I love Milan / I love Barca)?


There was a lot of debate about Theo yesterday and whether he’ll make it, let’s not forget he’s still 2 years younger than Cesc and two years younger than Thierry when he joined us, he’s being played out of position as well, I think if Wenger just said, you’re on the right wing for two years, we’ll see a better Theo, I think half the time the poor sod is just confused.


I have no doubt he’ll make it though, it’s strange that you never hear Wenger saying stuff like ‘Eboue needs to step up this season’ I wonder why that is?


Another quiet day in prospect, this should be when Wenger is out there signing players, not patsying up to the new England manager.


I won’t even bother watching England, I have zero interest in those spoilt brats any more, and watching a Capello team is like watching Chelsea under Moanrinho, but if Arsenal were playing Bordem Wood again…


Finally a word for Tomas, Tomas I think a man with your playing record ought to keep very quiet about anything Arsenal, albeit you were miss quoted, you of all people ought to keep your head down, train hard and make a contribution to the team, you have been taking vast sums of money for doing nothing for 3 years.


Maybe today Grovers!

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