Song back and time to blood Wilshere, let’s fool the Iranian.

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We’ve done the race and gay thing, so now it’s time to get back to football, Song is back in contention but that does little for me, the team that played Porto does however, but I would move Nasri in for Denilson, play Wilshere out wide and bring Djourou in for Kolo.

Keane is determined to wipe beautiful football off the pitch on Saturday

Recent quotes attributed to Keane indicate he wishes to wipe beautiful football off the map this coming Saturday.

I think Bone ‘o’ the Iranian president lookalike will be expecting us to pack our team with big lumps and he’ll come at us like Fulham and Hull did, so I would surprise him and strengthen the back with some height and stuff the midfield with creativity and players not afraid to shoot.

That would be tactically brave but in my opinion spot on.

What do you think?

Homophobic or racist? Neither, it’s hate. Sorry Sol, stop bitching.

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We had a lively debate on here yesterday from many founder member bloggers as well as many new ones, me included and it centred on formed Arsenal and England man Sol Campbell.

Racist and homophobic discussions will always bring debating to the fore and I don’t want to carry it on, but hear me out if you will.

Sol Campbell let his contract run out at Spurs and did the worst thing you can do, he joined us, Flamini did the same to Arsenal and Ashley Cole went to Chelsea under a cloud.

All were avoidable but all of them went, Sol came to us because he was on a free and a £100k a week plus trophies did the trick, Flamini left for the same reasons plus he supported Milan as a boy, Ashley Cole was just after the money as trophies he already had, so what did we do when Ashley Cole left? We called him Cashley Twunt and accused him and other Arsenal old by Jermaine Pennant of shoving mobile phones up each others arses, he then came to the Grove and we booed him for an hour and a half, why, because he was black? Because he liked other men? No, we did it because he did the dirty on us and we hated him for it, it had nothing to do with being a racist or being homophobic, it’s just what happens.

Sol Campbell can’t complain and I expect if he was on the terraces, he’ll be doing it.

A well known prophet named Jesus once said, ‘let he who has never sinned cast the first stone’ So can any of you good people say you have never said anything nasty about Cashley? I doubt it, are you rascist or homophobic? I doubt it. Hell I was in the directors box at Chelsea and did I have those banned leaflets in my Brioni jacket? Too right I did. By the way Roman, it was me who put them in the toilets!

If the FA want to stop it, dock the club points, it would be easy to gather evidence, if it happens twice dock them more points and remove them from a Cup or two, if it happens three times, relegate them, three strikes and you’re out. It would stop in a heartbeat.

And finally if any of you out there are above this, I hope I never hear you slagging anyone off again on the blog.

Arsene Wenger gets called a paedophile everywhere he goes, that to me is far more abhorrent than any name calling on colour or homophobic jibes, yet not Sky nor the BBC teams say a word, two sets of rules there I say.

So when you next go to a match and disagree with a poor decision, please refrain from calling the referee a wanker, you can’t draw distinctions on name calling, an insult is indeed an insult.

This post is aimed at no individual as we’re all guilty of abuse in some form, so please, if it strikes a chord, talk about it, no sulking.

Except of course me, I would in fact cast that first stone!

I watched the academy team on Arsenal TV beat West Ham last night and the future does look bright, Arsenal could be fielding the entire English first team at the next world cup, now that would be interesting would it not?

Please understand that this post is neither a lecture or a rebuke, it’s a point of view and one we must all address, are we are innocent or are we all guilty, you decide.

By the way no one can prove I had those leaflets and no one can prove I wasn’t joking, except Dickie Attenborough and David Dein, who were in the toilet at the same time

Have a thought provoking day Grovers, I already have!

We have the deadliest strike force in World football, have it!

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As we witnessed Portuguese runaway champions Porto being torn a new and improve rectum, I hear cries of ‘but they lost three key players in the summer’ – what and we didn’t?

To put this win into perspective, certain pundits were writing us off before the game, those same pundits were saying after the game that Porto were now average, ‘cake and eat it’ spring to mind there, it wasn’t the win, it was the manner of that win.

When I think back to last season we had, a raw Bendtner and Walcott, we had a fit Adebayor, a broken Eduardo and a very crocked boy wonder and we had back up with Hleb and an even more broken Rosicky.

This season we have a fast maturing Nikki B, an England hatrick hero in Theo, a fit Robin and a finding his form again Adebayor, that doesn’t include Eduardo or Carlos Vela, it doesn’t include Samir Nasri and Tomas Rosicky and it doesn’t include Jackie boy.

We now have attacking options all over the pitch and more than enough if any get injured, and waiting in the wings we have Rui Fonte and Jay Simpson, we are indeed blessed.

With the emergence of big Johan and the inclusion of Sylvestre we have defensive cover and with Song, Denilson, Eboue and Diaby to compete in midfield I think we have a great and talented squad.

I know we all complained about no signings in the summer and Pedro and I led the chorus, but we didn’t buy and have to forge ahead with what we have, I now think we have enough, the only thing that will stop us is performances like Fulham and Hull, and that is purely and simply down to us, not the lack of signings, I mean look at the Chavs last night, against an average Romanian side, yes they beat Roma, but how bad are they this season?

And they have lost Drogba and the Mancs have lost Scholes. A bit of Arsenal schardenfruede I sense.

We are two points off the lead, in the Carling cup next round and beginning to take control in Europe.

Dare I say it ‘Arsene, you may have got it spot on this time’ Now is the time to wax lyrical and get behind the team, Sunderland is a good test, win this one and I may well become an Arsene knows man…

…just kidding, but I think you get the gist!

All in all I would have taken events this week, a toe up the arse will help this team and a return to form for the front men is welcome news, I think Samir Nasri does to this team what an in form Cesc does, it makes things happen.

Oh finally I watched a game on Arsenal TV last night that included Adams, Bould, Winterburn, Dixon, Rocastle, Wright, Smith and Seaman, they played Southampton, boy are our memories through rose coloured spectacles, I think I prefer what we have, heresy I know, it also had that powerhouse Hillier in midfield and he looked good.

So it’s time to look forward and forget the past, whether it’s 10 years ago or last summer, the future is this weekend.

Have a great day Grovers and get ready for the the big test this Saturday, bring it on Keano, bring it on!