Eto’o in swap sensation for Robin the boy wonder

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Ok that’s what arsenalshorts are ‘tongue in cheek’ saying, first of all why would we want a Barca croc that constantly causes trouble, for one of the worlds best players? We wouldn’t, so ignore it.

Robin Van Persie, who I have to say takes the best free kicks I have ever seen, will stay at Arsenal for life.

Modric, maybe, but he does look a little small and really is the same type of player as Rosicky, then he’ll have to bed in for a year, as given that
Rosicky and Eduardo still haven’t clicked, it doesn’t really make any sense and at £30mil is way over priced.

Anyway, we have way too many midfield players in the team and coming through, so for me another dead story.

We do need an out and out winger though, possibly a centre back and of course a goal keeper.

I would expect a bit of activity with Man City, maybe Diaby for Richards could be on the cards and to be honest, that’s the only way I would handle losing him.

Ideal world for me, Richards in, Green in and a pacey winger like Robinho.

Richards to give us that bit of steel at the back and cover for the much injured Gallas, who I love by the way, but you need 4 center backs these days.

Green because he’s a better bet than Almunia and he is English and I think we do need to have a spine of English players, just so that I can start watching England games again and enjoying them.

And a winger, I know I mentioned Robinhio before but he isn’t a regular for Madrid and I think he would work well with our style of play.

Gilberto to go in a swap deal with Richards and Lehman to City.

Diaby should be played in center midfield and I expect to see him and Diarra both playing against Wigan.

Other than that we need no one and won’t in the summer, this team will just get better and better, what we don’t need is yet another central midfield player and that’s why I rule out Modric.

We’re fine up front and it was good to see Bendtner banging in another against Northern Ireland.

Theo will play more and I expect him and Robin to start threatening the Ade partnership, who again (Ade that is) is growing into the team and will always cause problems and score when you least expect it.

So team for Saturday.


Hoyte Kolo Gallas Traore

Hleb Diarra Diaby Rosicky


With Fabianski, Theo, Bendtner, Gilberto and Sagna on the bench.

These are the games he’ll experiment and try and keep players happy, we have a tough run in December and I expect by the Chelsea game he’ll know, and they’ll know the best 11 and that way they’ll be no more whinging.

We had a record number of hits yesterday so we must be doing something right in a non footballing fortnight, keep blogging Grovers, we value your opinion.

Diaby and Denilson to Spurs? No chance. Robin to Barca, great news.

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Why would Arsenal sell two of it’s brightest prospects to Spurs? They are delusional.

And why would we sell star striker Robin to Barcelona? sure sign it’s international week.

The great thing about the RVP story is perhaps they’ll leave Cesc alone now!

I guess the positive news is all our players are wanted, the tough bit for Arsene though is keeping them all happy. And with the rich crop of youngsters coming through it’s only going to get harder.

That’s why he’s paid £6mil a year and I’m not though. I do wish he would come out and say something on

Zokora already showed the footballing world why going to Spurs was a career version of ‘I’ve been framed’ even if Spurs started to get in new players, they would only do that by getting rid of players like him.

Then you hear things like David Villa to Spurs in £30 million bid, in their dreams, where will they get that sort of money from, and why on earth would he go? unless of course we buy Berbatov!

Adriano to Arsenal I don’t think would happen as he appears to be a Jermain Pennant type.

Mad Jens is at it again, I think he really has to go, I mean how can Almunia feel when his team mate constantly slags him off?

Watching Craig Gordon makes me wonder why we didn’t buy him, maybe a swap for Justin Hoyte and cash is on the cards, who knows?

Finally McClaren gets a reprieve this week for Euro 2008 and what does he do? He sends Theo to Portugal! What a very strange man, he brings in Bent, who doesn’t even get a game for Tottenham ands sends Theo, England’s saviour off to play for the under 21’s who, bar the shouting, have already qualified, so Gerrard, Brooking and all the old boys at the FA, take note, you have an Arsenal youngster ready and able and you won’t give him a chance.

Isn’t that what you accuse Wenger of doing?


England handed life line, thanks to the Sun.

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According to the Israeli coach it was the suggestion that Israel were collaborating with Russia that made them win.

The up side is England will probably qualify, the down side is McClaren will probably stay.

Still Scotland lost and today that’s all that counts. I asked a Scottish mate if he wants to sell me his plane tickets to Austria, he said, how was that a free kick? I said, how was Ferguson’s goal a goal?

It gets me that when they talk about the Welsh, Irish and the Scottish they say they’re are small nations, and it’s tough to get good players, when you work out that most of them live in England or are related through marriage or something, you’ll probably find they have as many to choose from as we do, and they’re still shit so, ha, ha and see you later.

I mean Freddie Eastwood qualified for Wales because his Grandmother’s caravan was in Wales when she was born, Jesus!

Onto Arsenal. Not a great deal going on today save the Telegraph says unbeaten Croatia (I guess no one told them they lost last night) will be unhinged if Theo plays in the last 20 minutes.

Even though he obviously doesn’t watch much football, Croatia did lose last night after all, but at least someone told him about Theo and I for one agree, it’s time McClaren started to use the under 21 system a bit more, he did it with Richards and now he should do it with Theo.

Frank Sinatra has given Sven £150mil to spend which is interesting, given that he’s a foreigner, Sven’s a foreigner and all the players he bought were indeed foreign.

Sinatra is doing it with Thai taxpayers money (allegedly) and that’s okay, bring in a talented 15 year old Mexican and the sport minister (ex lifer) Sutcliffe gets involved.

Perhaps we should extradite Wenger, that would make Ferguson happy and show the Thai people we mean business.

Sutcliffe’s happy, Coppell and Gerrard are sweet and Frank Sinatra goes top of the league with questionable money, it doesn’t get fairer than that.

It really is bizarre isn’t it???