Blind Squirrel and Acorn spring to mind!

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Jermaine Jenas, half man and half moron say’s he will end 21 games of hurt tonight, what a wanker! Every time we play them, they’re going to beat us, the only thing they have achieved this year was a premature title of top4tottenham and we all know what happened there.

The law of averages says that at some point they will actually beat us, hence the saying that even a blind Squirrel will eventually get an Acorn.
So replace the spuds with the Squirrel and the Acorn with 3 points or a cup tie, but in my lifetime? I doubt it.

However they have failed to beat our youth team in 3 attempts so even with superstar Berbatov in the side I’m still going for an Arsenal win. Is it the fear factor I hear you ask? No, because even our reserves are better than them.

I expect a blend of youth and experience tonight with Cesc or Flamini to partner Diaby, I hope he plays Hleb or Rosicky as well and I have a feeling it will be Theo and Bendtner up top with Ade on the bench.

We know Gallas is in and I expect Hoyte to line up as right back with Gilberto and Traore to complete the back four.

I would play Clichy and Sagna at full back and Hoyte to partner Gallas if I were picking the team as I think this will be much tougher than the Newcastle game at the weekend.

The boys need to come out all guns blazing tonight and don’t give them time to settle.

There will be goals and if we score more than they do, we’re through, so expect a tough night but a successful one.

I just hope we put out a strong side though, you have to show them some respect and the first leg ought to have been a wake up call.

I’m going for a 2-1 to us tonight. Get this over with and we don’t have to listen to any more of their shit again, at least until next season.

Have a great day, but a better night Grovers.

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Government Anti Oligarch Petition response is in!

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Remember a few months ago when there were a few squeaky bums over the prospect of Jabba taking over the club?

Remember the e-petition so many of you signed?

The Government received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to meet with the FA and Premier League to draw up a rigorous “fit and proper person” test for football club ownership.”

Details of Petition:

“With English football clubs being bought up left right and centre, it is time the FA and Premier League drew up a far more rigorous test of what constitutes a “fit and proper person”, when it comes to owning, or holding a significant stake in, a football club. This petition urges the Prime Minister to do everything possible to assist the football authorities in ensuring that our national game is not sold off into the hands of unfit, corrupt, people, either by choice or by means of aggressive takeover. This is our national game and its future should be a concern for the government.”

Well the Government responded today with this:

The Government is committed to ensuring that all football clubs are run in the best possible way and that they remain a focal point of their local community, including for the clubs’ supporters.

Governance is primarily a matter for Football itself, but the Government has been clear that the Football Authorities and clubs must demonstrate modern, competent governance and financial transparency if they are to protect the future integrity of the game.

Both the Premier League and the Football League introduced a fit and proper test (FAPT) for Directors of football clubs in the summer of 2004 whereby no-one convicted of a range of offences, including fraud, theft and being subject to football banning order, will not be able to be a director of a club.

The Government welcomes the Fit and Proper Person Test in this regard which already goes further than normal company regulations and is tailored to the ownership of Football clubs.

Further possible action is possible if requested by the Football Authorities and the Government will continue to work closely with them to ensure they have the tools to govern the modern game effectively.

Not exactly ground breaking stuff, but nice to know if the F.A decided to go after the undesirables in the game, they would have the backing of the government

Don’t forget to check out Geoff’s post from earlier today if you are just waking up in some random country, or you are just waking up in England because you massively over slept… fucking students…


Bentley a comedian but Eto’o for 40mil even funnier

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Well the dust has settled on our spectacular win, the papers are waxing over us again and predicting a Chelsea Arsenal final again and transfer speculation gets silly.

First of all a big well done to Paul Merson, who slapped spoilt brat Bentley in the head by telling him that Arsenal smile after they’ve won a game and
not in training, so if you’re reading this Bentley, get a life, you left Arsenal a long time ago, get over it, do a Blackburn story instead, oh but no one’s interested are they?

Sportingo link us with a £40 million bid for Et’o and the diss it, all in one paragraph, so no change there.

Interesting day of comments yesterday and incredible that one or two weren’t very complimentary about goals coring hero Adebayor? But 99% of you were so well done Grovers.

Big game tomorrow so it will be interesting to see who plays, and who plays up front, I can’t wait for the game, but I’m unbelievably nervous, please, please don’t lose to them, not even with our academy.

Sagna Hoyte Senderos Traore
Walcott Denilson Hleb Diaby
Bendtner Eduardo

Subs: Randle Lansbury Ade Gavin Hoyte Lehmann

What do you think?

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