Ramsey is the new… … well, Ramsey actually!

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So for all you doubting Thomas’s out there that think Ramsey isn’t good enough I hope you saw his 40 yard, yes 40 yard screamer last night against a team that had 8 English premier league players.

This wasn’t a shit team he scored against, this team would be a top 6 team in the EPL, anyway, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing against a 40 yarder is a 40 yarder and this one flew into the back of the net, so we finally have a player that can shoot from distance and has the confidence to do so.

I expect he’ll get a bollocking from Arsene for not passing it, but boy how good was it to see that from and Arsenal player.

Steven Gerrard wrapped up in Cesc, this kid has to be given more playing time, Arsene, pretend he’s Flamini, Denilson or Song, those guys got/get extraordinary amounts of games to prove themselves, give this kid the same.

As Wenger said, he doesn’t look at passports (unless he wants a captain of course) and if they’re good enough, they’re old enough, Ramsey ticks the boxes and Wales is close to France (it’s not really but for this argument it is).

Onto Rio, the latest England manager butt kisser comes out and says what I’ve been saying about England and in particular Beckham, for years.

He said,

‘People were worrying more about what the players were wearing and where they were going, rather than the England team, we became like a circus with the whole WAG situation’

For ‘worried about what we were wearing’ read Beckham with his mohican haircut and his stupid hat in Japan, he was more interested in that, than the game, and so were the press, and for the WAG’s, look no further than the twit he’s married to, single handedly she almost turned me off England.

So at last someone came out and said it, all for the wrong reasons of course, he’s now trying to endear himself to the new boss, this should have been said when the idiot Sven and Nancy were around, not now, still he wants to be captain and his unashamed crawling may not do it, but it proves me right in what I’ve been saying has been wrong with England for years.

I mean it’s like Wimbledon, why do the cameras keep going to Tim Henman’s wife? Is she playing? It’s this celebrity culture we love and is why we are £3 billion in debt, because the players have become bigger than the game, and that my friends will not last, the mess it leaves us with, will though.

The FA are determined to let Beckham set the all time caps record, he keeps coming on for 10 minutes and to me it makes winning a cap farsical, especially when you think Capello could be giving others a leg up.

Bobby Moore is probably turning in his grave, Beckham, Charlton, Billy Wright and Moore in the same breath is a joke.

Roberto Duran the world welterweight champion in the 80’s used to train in Panama’s most notorious prison before a fight, England need a bit more of that and a bit less of the night clubs.

Still this is our day and Aaron Ramsey’s day in the sun, well done young man, and when you get your chance, let rip, that was a wonderful shot and a fantastic goal.

Just over three days to go Grovers and I’m getting excited, Theo’s turn tonight to make a pretty good week out of a boring one.

Have a great Wednesday!


Brazil’s Luke Chadwick to come to Arsenal in January?

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You wouldn't wipe your ass with that face...

You wouldn't wipe your ass with that face....

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about potential signings in the January transfer market but this one interests me and there is nothing else to talk about as we have now lost 4 weeks to the international break.

Young Brazilian Dentinho who is not only the next big thing to come out of South America, he is also the ugliest player since Luke Chadwick and Alexandre Hleb. It’s looking like he may now finally move as financial pressures mount up for his 600 plus family members and they’re all out of work, there was talk of Madrid, but these rumours with Arsenal will not go away.

Given Madrid’s record with young kids, Drenthe, Robinho and De La Red, no youngster in their right mind would want to go there, so it could be we are in with a sniff, time will tell though, he’s 18 and that fits in with what we are likely to do.

Many of you talk about signing Essien, Grovers-it won’t happen, why on earth would he want to leave and why on earth would they sell him to us? Sorry that one is a dead duck.

Toshack is talking about Ramsey stepping up to the big boys squad and I for one would welcome that, I think he and not Wilshere will be the next one to break through, I think Coquelin will too, and I hope we see Bischoff make an appearance against Everton as he seems to be the big unknown, I think if he can perform on the big stage he could be the new Flamster.

Diaby we all hope will slot in as Cesc’s partner but only if he can stay uninjured, big call that, I hope so, but I wouldn’t bet your houses on it… …well I would, but I wouldn’t bet mine!

I like Diaby a lot and hope he does work out, I also like Ramsey and I’m warming to Bishcoff but Denilson I’m not so sure about and definitely not Song.

I think we all agreed that Ade needs dropping to the bench for a while but I can’t see the boss doing that any more than I can see him dropping Gallas, so dream on in the ‘teach him a lesson’ department.

Cesc has sent out his message, he will go if we win nothing and I can’t blame him for that, we need to get our fast, free flowing game back this weekend and that won’t happen if he persists with Song, get one of Ramsey or Diaby in there and see if it works, keep Song as 4th choice centre back.

According to Jimmy, Gilbert was wrongfully arrested for drunk and disorderly so I’ll amend this para, however I stand by my comments on drink driving. I just don’t understand the mentality of it, I don’t do it, if you get caught you get done and not to mention you could knock someone’s kid over in the process, that’s why I thought Adams got what he deserved, he wasn’t a victim, he was a twunt, sorry Tone but you really were old son.

4 more days of boredom to go, save a quick Theo hat trick to shut the ex Arsenal now Barca ‘Elephant man’ Alexandre Hleb up.

Have a nice day Grovers, the AKB’s have gone back to school and the arguing has stopped.

Happy Days.

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Cesc says he’s staying, so what is our best eleven?

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Great news is that Cesc moved to scotch the stupid rumours, so good man Cesc, enough said on that subject, closed and put to bed.

We had some fun watching England and seeing that Cashley is indeed the most unpopular footballer in England, don’t blame me for booing, I don’t agree with it, it’s not big, it’s not clever and no one heard me from my living room.

We debated the best Arsenal 11 yesterday so I will give you mine and the reasons for it.

First of all I saw the headline, Wenger worries over Djourou injury, why? He doesn’t play him!

My starting 11 would be Djourou in for Kolo, I love Kolo but I think he needs a break, so Gallas in with Johan, why? because stubborn Wenger won’t drop his captain and that’s that.

Two wingers in Walcott and Nasri Cesc in the middle with Diaby and Ramsey as back up. The full backs pick themselves with Eboue backing up Sagna if needed and the front two of Ade and Robin, I still think they’re our best two but I also think Ade needs to be benched and put Vela on in his place, or Nikki I’m not fussed, but the question was our best 11 and I don’t think Nikki and Carlos are there yet.

I would have Wilshere on the bench with Eboue and Ramsey every game and use them at half time if things weren’t working out.

I think some of our pampered stars could do with benching to at least let them know they aren’t as good as they think they are.

Have a great day, only 5 more days to go to feed our expensive habit.