T-Day: Kalou, Alonso, Vieira, Arshavin, Yaya, Cana, Kaka…!

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Good morning and welcome to September and the the first T-Day of the season.

T-day is transfer day… This is what our whole summer of speculation amounts to, this is what we’ve been waiting for, this is when we find out whether we’ll be challenging for honours past February. All those players in the title have been linked at one time or another, but it doesn’t matter now.. because it all culminates today.

So who could be coming in?

Rumour 1: Patrick Vieira

Patrick was seen living the high life with new signing Silvestre in the executive box at the weekend. Rumour has it that Jose has put paid to his career at Inter and that he maybe about to sign a 1 year deal with us. He is injured at the moment, which would make him appealing to Wenger, but he is also on a planned promotional tour… and if rumours are to be believed, he may have been trying to get some of his deposit back on those damn pesky Highbury flats…

Rumour 2: Xabi Alonso

Ok, so if Barry goes to Liverpool… Alonso could find himself in a car racing down the M1 to sign terms with Wenger. This one makes sense if Arsene is into pleasing Cesc… but seeing as he’s never appeased a player with signings before, I don’t see him starting today. Alonso makes sense from a footballing perspective and most Gooners would love it, most Pool fans would hate it.

Rumour 3: Metzelder

The bearded German is reportedly on our radar for a season long loan. He is a top international and a beast of a player. I’m not quite sure why he isn’t getting in the Madrid team, but who cares if we can nick him on loan for a year. Experienced, efficient and a winner… could be a good move!

Rumour 4: JD

Rumour has it that JD could be off to West Ham for £8million to replace Anton Ferdinand. Don’t even entertain this rumour… he is going to be a top player for us and I would be absolutely gutted to see him go. Don’t do it Arsene… You gave Phil way more chances than JD and it would be unfair to get rid of a player the fans really like

Rumour 5: Kaka

Yeah Arsene, I want Kaka for £60million and if you don’t sign him I’m going to write a letter to the Chairman demanding you out.

Ok, that one was a joke… Wenger reckons the fans always want a £40million solution, so I thought I’d be the first to ask for one. KAKA KAKA KAKA!

So they are the 4 big ones this morning (+1)… I really had to scrape the barrel for those… so you know what that means? I’ll be completely wrong!

I hope so as well, I hope we’ve got 2 players lined up, two amazing players, 2 future heroes who are ready for now football! I’d like a utility midfielder with experience and a direct replacement for Flamimi.

Wenger knows he needs to buy now and he knows that if he doesn’t buy well, he has put his head firmly on the chopping block if we get exposed later on in the year. Lets pray for a transfer miracle (Two transfer miracles!)!

Midnight awaits, when the clock strikes twelve, will we turn into a Premiership contending team?

Who knows! Let your thoughts be read in the comments section!

Exclusive Pics / Le Ticket exchange / Is PV04 about to re-sign?

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Afternoon Grovers!

What a day eh? 3 posts!

First up, rumour has it that Patrick Vieira will be signing for us tomorrow at midday. Insidearsenal (the poster not the site) has claimed some insider knowledge and is positive that he will sign. I have also had a few e-mails regarding the matter and 2 separate people told me the deal was going to happen at the Grove yesterday.

Do I believe it? I’m not really sure. It seems to go against everything Arsene is about? If he wouldn’t sign Anelka, why would he sign a 32 year old Paddy?

What do the grovers think? Well, the general consensus is that our hearts say yes, but our minds say no. I was of the opinion that I did not want it to happen earlier… but then someone made the point that if Paddy was fit for 20 games last year, we would have won the league… quite possibly. He is a born winner, and age doesn’t change that.

So long as he isn’t signed as a solution the the DM issue, I would be comfortable with his acquisition.

Watch this space is all I will say… stranger things have happened (Silvestre).

Second up. Le Grove is going to start a not-for-profit-ticket-exchange. This is so season ticket holders can lend their tickets to people interested in going to the game. Many season ticket holders get spare tickets that come up, but they really struggle to find someone to take them… as witnessed last week, people quite often end up taking nobody.

Le Grove has a wide reach these days, and we have a lot of hardcore posters… What I propose is that I set up an exchange page on the site. If you have a spare ticket… e-mail me, I will post the ticket up on the exchange page and if anyone is interested in it, they can e-mail me and I can put the two parties in contact with each other.

This is not a page for touts… It is purely a tool for true gooners to recoup the cost of the ticket, and give a non-season ticket holding Gooners the opportunity to go to the game with someone they are familiar with on the net.

My hope for the exchange is that it makes the Le Grove community stronger and it will eventually give season ticket holders a network of people to loan tickets to if they can’t make a match. Arsenal win because there are bums on seats, season ticket holders win because they don’t have to worry about losing money on their tickets, and finally, the purchaser wins, because they get to see a game they may not normally have got to see and they don’t have to pay treble for the pleasure.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you think there is a better solution… your input would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, I will leave you with some great shots my girlfriend snapped at the game!

Have a great day!

Gallas header cleared off the line

Gallas header cleared off the line

Denilson slots cooly home

Denilson slots cooly home

Denilson celebrates

Denilson celebrates

Nasri steps up to take a freekick

Nasri steps up to take a freekick

Given saves

Given saves

Vela goes close

Vela goes close

Uh oh... Robins down, 3 months out? Thankfully not... he got the all clear today.

Uh oh... Robins down, 3 months out? Thankfully not... he got the all clear today.

The booing was spot on / ‘Absolute rubbish’

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That was what my Newcastle United supporting girlfriend had to say on Newcastle… until she converted to Goonerdom!

Can you blame her? Yesterday was a master-class in football and pretty much an embarrassment for the travelling Geordies.

So the first thing to report is that plenty of Gooners turned up for this one. How could they not? The sun was shining, the beer was flowing and everyone is a lot calmer than they were a week ago. A big thanks to all the Grovers who turned up at the Small and Beautiful, we all had a cracking day!

I received a text from Geoff along the lines of

Kolo in, Denilson in, Eboue in… theo out.

That was a worrying text. Why was JD dropped and why was Theo dropped?


Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

Eboue Cesc Denilson Nasri

Ade RvP

The team looked ok… any team with Nasri and Cesc in is going to create, so we weren’t too worried. I think the only players in the Newcastle team that were causing any worry amongst us were Owen and Gutierrez… that is one tasty Argie.

Once the game kicked off, we knew it was going to be our day. The ball was being rolled across the pitch in a most typical Arsenal fashion. Nasri was linking in beautifully with the team, like he’d been with us for 4 seasons, Cesc was pulling all the strings and even Eboue was having a pretty good game. I can also report that Kolo Toure powered a low shot from 30 yards, on target and forced a Given save! MADNESS!

For the first goal, Adebayor had a cross handled, which the ref spotted immediately and blew up for. Rumour has it that handball was more a case of ball to hand… but we were denied an earlier stone wall decision… so football karma evened itself out.

Up stepped RvP… BANG! 1-0 to the Arsenal.

The oppostions heads started to drop after that and Arsenal took advantage… the next goal will amaze you. Eboue starts the move by laying a decent pass off to Ade… Ade cut it back to Eboue, who chopped back this great back heel to the oncoming RvP who smashed home for two! Everyone ran over to Eboue and hugged him!

I do seem to remember the Grovers talking about this back heel that Eboue has added to his game, so it was particularly funny to see one come off!

Just before half time, Big Al was called into action to make a great save from and Owen header.

The next goal was a break away from defence, Nari had some nice interplay with Ade who laid off a decent pass to Denilson who buried it. He really enjoyed that goal and showed the fans plenty of chest slapping.


Almunia: His kicking was better today and he pulled of a blinding save from an Owen header. 7

Clichy: I just love this man… he seems to be 2 seconds ahead of everyone and he kept the big Argie quiet. A player who is going to cause many teams problems this year. 8.5

Toure: All over the park today, defending, attacking, shooting on target! A great way to mark your return to action! Keep it up Kolo! 8.5

Gallas: Kept Owen quiet all day and defended well when called upon. 7

Sagna: Great as always if not a little quiet. You felt Clichy was getting more support from Nasri than Sags was getting from Eboue… maybe that is what stunted his attacking mindset today. 7

Nasri: This man is what we waited 3 years for Hleb to be like… except he is better. He ran back and made a slide tackle in the box, he protected Clichy well defensively and worked well with him going forward. He likes to take free kicks (Wait until you see the pics later), he likes to shoot and he floats into great positions. Grovers, we have a player on our hands! 9

Cesc: Great to have the main man back! He played really well today, controlling the tempo without ever really over exerting himself. I would suspect he enjoys having Nasri in the team…His creative flair may add a bit of competition in the first team 11. I noticed Cesc playing quite deep today… 7

Denilson: Probably his best game in an Arsenal shirt this season. He even popped up for a goal. Lets not go overboard though… he is still not the answer to our DM problems but I am sure he will one day be a great player. 7.5

Eboue: Had a storming game today. If he didn’t have anything on, he’d pass it. That was refreshing. A stupid dive in the second half gave us all flash backs of what a prat he is, but other than that, I was impressed. He even has his own song… ‘YOU ONLY CAME TO SEE EBOUE, YOU ONLY CAME TO SEE EBOUE!’ 7.5

Adebayor: Some told me he was jeered by a few when he came one… but I didn’t hear that. He was cheered by most of the ground today, and I hope he appreciates that. His play was a touch off… he is still not at the races and he is not defending from the front like he used to. Give him time to get over his ego bashing and I am sure the goals will start flowing again. 7

RvP: 2 goals to his name… a good performance to his name… An injury where he needed to take his boot off. Same old, same old. If he has done something long term to his foot, is it not time to consider a new striker? If Thierry Henry was injured that much, would we have won the Premiership, or gone unbeaten? Doubtful… How can we afford to have a world class player on our books who can’t manage 10 games? 8

Finally, three points.

Mike Ashley can down a pint in the stands… something which is highly illegal for anyone else to do… and it is laughed about by MoTD? I hope an investigation is held into the matter.

Secondly, well played to the Arsenal Boo boys… Joey Barton truly is a cunt of Epic proportions and he deserved all the vitriol aimed at him yesterday. What a piece of Scum, Newcastle should be ashamed of themselves for keeping him on their books. The atmosphere was fantastic yesterday, I hope that came across on TV.

Thirdly, if anyone knows who was interviewing Arsene for match of the day… find out his address, post it on Le Grove and we’ll send someone over to clip him round the ear…

‘I guess Arsene, you wont need to sign anyone now?’

Dumb question.

So, great performance against weak opposition. Someone said this at the end of the game and I thought it was worth a mention:

‘They may have been weak, but it makes a change to paste a team who are weak.’

Great point, more of the same in the next match!

Have a great Sunday!

P.S. I have some great pics to post up later and I will be putting together a proposal for a Le Grove ticket exchange!