A joy to watch, but let’s not paper over the cracks.

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A fabulous display from the young lions last night, Pedro will do a match report later, but I wanted to post this first.

We were awesome from the middle to the front and captain Almunia had his best ever game for the Arsenal, he should keep the armband as he showed what a captain should do, well done Manuel, England’s next number one.

The midfield were solid and Cesc and Diaby should be the pairing with Theo and Nasri on the flanks, this should be the way forward, and before anyone says that Diaby played off Ade, I know, but think what it would be like if we dropped Denilson and brought back RVP or another forward, unstoppable.

The defence was superb with Eboue doing a stellar job but Song was woeful, there were a few of you last night saying he scored so get off his back, but his shit defending led to two conceded goals, he gave away a shocking free kick for the first and he gave a brilliant assist to Guiza for the second, if it wasn’t for Almunia there would have been more, he simply isn’t good enough and the quicker Wenger realises it, the quicker we’ll start winning things again, that’s three games we’ve played on the spin and we’ve conceded 4 goals, all of them down to Song.

I don’t hate him, I just think he is not good enough, he is the weak link, when Djourou came on we looked more solid, but Song is slow and will cost us.

He scored a good goal, not bad 2 in 4 years, but we’ll be a much better team without him.

Last night was one of the greatest games I have seen us play and up there with the two Milan games, the Juve one and the Real Madrid win, it was great to watch, the finishing was top drawer and we really look like we can do something playing like this, don’t blow it Arsene, you have the players, play the right ones.

Ade and Eboue were simply superd last night, Eboue was played in his one and only position and he did well, but Nasri, Theo, Cesc and Diaby carved them up, and regardless of how bad they were, we were playing in a shit hole of hate and we hammered them, all credit to the referee.

Let’s see if we can push on from there. Ramsey played his part and that’s what we need waiting in the wings, with Vela, Bendtner and Wilshere there too, the future looks assured, but Song has to go.

I look forward to Pedro’s summing up later.

Have a great day and go find some spuds to torment!

Pires tips Arsenal kids, Aragones is no racist and my arse is a kipper!

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So nice to hear Arsenal old boy Robert Pires is saying our kids are like ripening fruit and this year they will win the title, cheers Bobby!

Arsene Wenger says Aragones is no racist, well I don’t know him and I wasn’t there at the Henry/Reyes incident but you can’t called people black bastards and not expect to be called a racist, my advice there Luis, move on, keep your head down and as I said to someone yesterday, chuck the shovel away.

My arse is a kipper was sarcasm, because if Aragones is not a racist, then my arse can be a kipper, when Ron Atkinson commented on a chav once, he was banned from commentating, when Rodney Marsh said he thought a Tsunami was the Newcastle fans he got fired from Sky in the commercial break, so when Aragones said what he said he should have been tin tacked on the spot and the Spanish FA should have been thrown out of the World cup for the abuse that Cole and Wright Phillips got in Spain (I know, I know).

You can’t have a one rule for them and a one rule for us system, if you do, then my arse becomes that kipper. Quack, quack (I can’t do a kipper noise, quack will have to do)

I watched the greatest fans in the world last night at St. James’s Park and there must have been a problem with the crowd as there were empty seats everywhere, it can’t have been the fans because as everyone says, they are the worlds best.

The fact that we get 56,000 for a reserve team match means nothing, they are the best, despite their accents, perhaps there was wet paint on the seats and they couldn’t sit on them, I don’t know, what do you think?

Tonight we dine in hell and I expect nothing other than a win. I think we should start with Bentner and Robin and play 4-4-2, but I won’t hold my breath, Nasri is injured but don’t expect Vela, it will be RVP out left and Eboue will take over from Theo, who will be benched and Ade alone up front.

I hope like hell he won’t be and that Eboue Djourou Silvestre and Clichy form the back line, with Diaby Cesc Theo and Vela in the middle and Bendtner and Robin up top.

No Song please, I watched the reserves last night and having watched them before, these are the people I would try in midfield before Song.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Bischoff, Randall (yes Randall) Lansbury Dunne or Thomas, if any of you watch the reserves you’ll all see that this lot are better than him, so why oh why does he get picked?

No more on Song, I think we’ll pull off a 2-1 or better tonight and that Diaby will give us that much needed bite in midfield we’ve lacked, but he must play the flair players in Vela and Theo, but will he?

Have a great day Grovers, and remember to vote for your Le Champ! —->

St Totteridge day could be here in December!

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Well the way top4tottenham are playing it could be all over by early December, I can’t think of a team that’s only registered 2 points by the 19th of October, they truly are shit aren’t they? One-day Ramos says they were undone by two penalties and two sendings off, they were nailed on penalties and that dirty bastard Dawson should get a nine match ban, that was up there with Eduardo’s assault.

Not to mention that Stoke hit the woodwork four times, what a great move by Bentley eh? Modric looks too small and that Russian bloke was the United equivalent of Kleberson! Ha, ha, ha.

I know we’re only in 4th at the moment, but we’re playing a youth team and playing poorly, they are just shit, but I have to say Bentley’s the one I want to single out for special torment, I hope we hammer them at the Grove and I hope he gets subbed at half time for an orange segment and a pair of Aaron Lennon’s gloves .

Back to news, congratulations on fatherhood Raif, now the fun begins! Cesc denies the contract offer and says it’s mischief making, I hope so, because the way Cesc is currently playing, we wouldn’t get that much for him if we sold him!

I thought Diaby and Theo made the difference against Everton and Diaby has to start in midfield from here on in, and his back up should be Ramsey or maybe even Bitchslap, but not Denilson, Eboue or Song.

It’s time for Wenger to see that those three do not add to our game, they are liabilities, Eboue is a great right back and that should be his only position, putting him in the team anywhere is not good enough for the Arsenal Arsene, give it up, he may be popular in the changing room, but he’s not a midfielder, he’s just cover for Sagna, now move on.

Song played better as centre back, but we have four adequate one’s already and plenty coming through, Song and Denilson are error prone average players who are ‘conceded goals’ waiting to happen, as we saw against Sunderland (Song) and Everton (Denilson) what Wenger appears to be doing is burying his head in the sand and my fear is, if he ever realises it, it will be too late and another season will be gone.

I wonder what he says to himself when he watches his re-runs,

‘Boy we need Denilson and Song to stay uninjured, they were special today, and my Eboue experiment is working out nicely, let me ask Pat for a second opinion, that should do it’

Great comeback from the boys started by Nasri, the boys a bit special isn’t he!

I hope Djourou makes an appearance on Tuesday as he doesn’t have concussion, Pedro and I saw him driving down the Blackstock road in his 500SL Mercedes sports and if he had concussion, that wouldn’t be very smart would it? So Arsene, stop fibbing to us, we’re all grown up here and if you prefer Song you should come out and tell us why, because we are all dumbfounded.

We would all prefer to see the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Djourou play ahead of Song, Eboue and Denilson, I wish you’d tell us why they’re not.

Next up the dirty bastards from Turkey, I still expect a win, and yes Wrighty I also think Diaby looks like the bloke that plays the pepperami stick, he acts like him too and I would like to see some of that against Fernabache, 3-1 Arsenal.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we play in hell!

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