NASRI SIGNS ON + BIG PHIL OFF… Excitement overload!!!

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Yes, it is true! Read here. Nasri should be a gooner by the close of play today and if he is… you’d be a miserable bastard if you weren’t excited!

He seems to have the same dribbling skills as Hleb, but more directness in front of goal… he has been dubbed the new Zidane, which is quite a tag! Wenger is reportedly about to splash £13million on him.

If you think that is exciting, wait for the next bit of news…

Juve want Senderos for £5million and they’ve demanded Eboue as part of the deal!

Okay, I lied about the last bit…

The shame of it is I really can’t see the boss letting Senderos go. If I was Arsene, I would just admit it hasn’t worked out for big Phil, but Arsene won’t, he let Bentley go, got shot of Richard Wright and Francis Jeffers in a heartbeat, but Eboue and Senderos he won’t give in on, and they’ll be here for ever, so Grovers, don’t get your hopes up.

In other news says that Robin is confident of making the Euros, thanks boy wonder, at least we know where your loyalties lie, if you had a hair on your arse, you’d tell Holland you’ve had 3 consecutive injury strewn years with Arsenal, mostly caused by playing for Holland, but the minute you’re fit, you’re back playing for them.

I really rate you and love you playing for us, but if you get injured again playing for your country, we ought to sue Holland and sack you. Enough is enough. Check out Pedro’s new RvP widget in the sidebar.

We’ll have a shed load of players playing in the summer, so we’ll need a big squad to see us through Champions league qualification and the start of the season, so either way Arsene, you need to buy some decent players.

Not Thuram, buy a centre back that is the right age and is a CENTRE BACK please this time.

Have a hopeful day grovers!


A quick laugh for you:

The 24-year-old said he was not concerned Milan will miss the Champions League next season after finishing fifth in Serie A.

“I don’t mind at all,” he said. “Those who play in the UEFA Cup with Milan know that it’s the exception of one season. Milan are the team with most (international) titles in the world.

And another…

“Serie A is returning to the top. The problems are water under the bridge, lots of great players will come to Italy.”

Enjoy that brown grass Flamini…

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Alberto Aquilani, Veloso, Nasri? Who will it be?

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So given that Ben Arfa looks set to fill the left wing slot and Nasri is looking good for Hleb’s spot, who will it be for Flamini’s role?

I think Barry won’t be coming, Johnson is too young so could it be Veloso or Alberto Aquilani? I hope it will be Veloso, he can offer us more and should be the one.

Wenger has said he will sign experience and talent, and from the above, we tick the right boxes, I also think he will do it within two weeks and it will be before the Euros, all that then remains will be the centre back, and I really have no idea, but with Veloso, we’ll have the options.

I read that Toure is unhappy with the Gallas situation, but I have to say, I don’t believe it, Toure is not that kind of player.

All I can say, is if we do sign two from the list, we’ll be stronger and better equipped than this season, so bring it on Arsene.

I so want this sorted out and quick, so Arsene, go for it, we’re all getting excited.

I’m in Pinehurst playing golf this week, so today’s blog is the first transatlantic gig. It’s been a great few days blogging Grovers, so keep it up, I’ll be watching!

Italian superstar in talks – Nasri warning – Flamini at Spurs?

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Good morning Grovers!

How was your weekend? Mine was great… I stayed in and watched the rain during Saturday and Sunday (Not the whole time)… it was depressing. Now it is Monday, the weather gods are having a right old laugh at my expense! What a great day! I do love the sun!

It feels like it could be a good day for Arsenal to buy a player, are you feeling that vibe?

I think the whole Samir Nasri thing has got a bit out of hand over the last few days. I’ve read his agent say he may go, Sammy says he may go and now I am reading he completed a medical yesterday and he may sign in the next 10 days!

People are either getting fed some bullshit of the highest proportion or Wenger is losing his touch on the transfer secrecy front.

Nasri looks a great player, but before people get too carried away please remember that he is relatively untested on the European stage and plenty of players with big reputations have come over to England and flopped sensationally (Cisse, Guivarch, Le Tallec, Pongolle, Cygan, Malouda).

There is not much else going on today, so it seems a good time to have a gloat up.

Matty ‘I am so hard done by’ Flamini, who just moved to Milan will not grace the Champions league until August 2009 at the earliest. Milan managed to finish 5th behind Fiorentina putting them out of the Champions League.

So, if you want to see Flamini play in London this year… it will more than likely be at Shite Hart Lane. I will be sure to write him a post card from the Champions League final next year… ‘Wish you were here Matty Boy!’.

Ha fucking Ha. The grass does appear to always be browner when you leave the mighty Arsenal!

Speaking of Italy, Roma superstar Aquilani is rumoured to be in talks over a £23million move to Arsenal. What do you think? I’ve seen him twice. Would Arsene spend £37 million on 2 creative players? Someone’s agent is telling porkies!

Finally, Geoff is in New York, so if anyone fancies meeting him up for a beer drop him an e-mail. He needs an Arsenal fix and I don’t think he is having much luck with his wireless over there!

Have a great day Grovers!

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