Barry to sign today and Carson with the loose change.

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That’s my prediction, Gareth Barry will sign today, I had inside information from  a Grover last night that Barry’s agent was at the training ground yesterday and that can only mean one thing, he will sign.

Wenger will offer £12 million plus Justin Hoyte and O’Neill will bite his hand off, everyone wins, we get experience, class and the next England captain, Villa save face and get a replacement right back, and there aren’t that many on the market, so it’s win, win.

Barry has premiership experience and we really need that, we have Nasri, Vela and Bitchslap who have none and Ramsey is just a kid, albeit a good one so this could be the experienced player Wenger was talking about, my guess is, it was always going to be Alonso or Barry, I like Alonso a lot, but he does pick up injuries and Barry doesn’t.

The players need a lift, the fans need a lift and today would be a good day to do it, so Arsene, get your cheque book out.

I watched the Vela and Nasri interviews yesterday and apart from the inability to speak English, I really liked what they said and dare I say it, I’m getting rather excited, I know, I know, two young boys, me getting excited, sounds like worry-o’clock, fear not it’s only football excitement!

If we make this signing I will feel confident for the season, Zapata would be great, but maybe one of these kids he’s selected for the Barnet game can step up, who knows…

Finally I think he’ll do a last minute August deadline day thing, like he did with Gallas and Diarra but you know what, I’d have Carson, a great prospect and Premiership (not Croatia) proven, for £3.5 million, a steal.

Another great day in the comment section ladies and gentleman, boy! What happens when the season kicks off? We are turning from a blog site to a chat room, hey that’s unique, a blogsitechatroom and it rhymes!

Have a great day Grovers, here’s to hope and a fantastic end to the week!

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I think we have our wingers, 4 of them! FANSTASY GROVE!

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Nasri can play on either wing and he himself said that, add Vela who likes to dribble around defenders, so maybe with Walcott and Rosicky there as well we have our new wingers. Fast, tricky and played in the right position, could this be why the boss has been quiet on this front?

I know he said he would play Vela up front, but with Bendtner and Robin, Ade not being wanted and Eduardo coming back early, there really isn’t room is there?

Hey I’m beginning to get excited, what we need now is a partner for Cesc, Diaby’s not ready yet so he needs to sign one of Barry, Alonso or Veloso, my money is on Barry using Hoyte as bait which should see him parting with 12 mil, less that O’Neill wants, but the scousers haven’t got it and that way Villa save face.

I would get rid of Ade and bring in one of Villa, Huntelaar, Arshavin or Santa Cruz, I don’t care which one but I don’t want to see Ade anymore, I would sooner go into debt and leave him in the stiffs rather than see the greedy bastard in an Arsenal shirt again, I for one would break my golden rule and boo him.

I have a sneaky feeling he may have earmarked Villa or Arshavin.

So here is my team


Sagna Kolo Gallas/Zapata Clichy


Nasri/Walcott Cesc Vela/Rosicky

RVP Bendtner/Villa/Arshavin

I have added Zapata but I know I’m being silly, with that team, we would win the world cup.

Now you can all get excited.

Oh I almost forgot, someone called Flem or Flob left us for Barcelona, so gob, good riddance you wanker, we’ll be a better team without you and may now have the occasional shot, you are even more of a mystery to me than Ade, at least he can score goals.

I remember you making your debut against the chavs in the community cup and I thought oh shit, Wenger bought a dud here, apart from great control, going backwards never did it for me, I spent 3 years thinking your real name was shooooot!

Finally, Pedro has set the first Le Grove Fantasy Football league. So, if you feel you have what it takes and you want to pit your wits against some of the biggest football nuts out there…


1.       Sign up to it

2.       Design your team

3.       Join the Fantasy Grove league by entering this pin ( League Pin 183316-43452 ) into the ‘Join league’ bit. 

4.       Then you are away, the deadline is the 15th of August!


Rumour has it that there is a crate of Peroni in it for the winner, an attractive prize if ever there was one!


Now we’ve sold the pup, we may see some coming in today, that would be good, eh!

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What do the top 5 Arsenal players of all time have in common?

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They all reached that magical age of 30!

We had Keown, Winterburn, Dixon, Adams, Bergkamp, and Ian Wright, all played well into their 30’s and I have to say playing their best football, look at Maldini and Zidane.

The only reason Wenger wants youngsters is so they can dominate for ten years, then they’d be what? 30!

Trouble is they get to 24 and sod off, so the experiment is shite, it doesn’t work, look at those that have left, Anelka, Flamini, Hleb, Overmars, Reyes and now Ade.

And those that don”t even get to 24 Aliadiere, Sidwell, Muamba, Larsson, Stokes, I’m not saying they were great, but they all ate away at the wage structure and all came with high hopes.

Change the script Arsene, it’s not working.

Yes you get them cheap, but you pay them top wages to come, so with all the kids we have our wage bill is huge, so are they really cheap? I think not, then after years of watching them fumble their way around a pitch, they bugger off (Flamini) or go to the Olympics (Song) the last time a player did that by the way (Brazil game) was Edu, then he rarely played again until he went on a free, because you had the hump with him.

Then when players near the magical age they get thrown out, we need the experience, but we throw them out, unless of course they are French (Gallas) the point here is when they get to 27, they see their last chance for a payday because they know they only have 3 years left before Arsenal dump them.

Look at those we lost, Pires, Henry, Viera, Campbell, Ralph and now Gilberto, when you’re chasing trophies, it helps to have an experienced head, what have we left now? A sulky bastard that when the going gets tough, sits on the pitch and throws wobblies.

I wish I had an answer for why you are obsessed with youth, we know it’s not money because when they get good you have to pay them and those you buy young aren’t that cheap, Theo was £12mil (revised because the Saints got into trouble so don’t claim that one) and Ramsey was £5 mil, plus all the hundreds of £3 mil kids knocking around, it all adds up.

Finally how many of these kids make it? How many FA Youth cups do we win? Are these kids that good?

On that note a big thank you to Gilberto, one of my favourites and a great example of my experience bitch. You’ll be missed!

I don’t mean to sound negative but I can remember when the team was a little older and we probably had a much lower wage bill, so give it some thought, at least we won the odd trophy!

Barry is now back at the Villa skulking around no doubt and feeling a little humble, so the stage could be set to bring him to Arsenal, maybe add Santa Cruz or Huntelaar and get rid of the Togo twat, either that or bung him in the stiffs and sell him in the January transfer window.

He made it clear he’s only bothered about himself, so we should return the compliment, send a message to the rest of the team too, oh and junk Hleb the same way.

Radical? I know, but it’s time to make a stand Arsene, time to stand up to the pay packet bullies!

Way over 550 comments Grovers, what happens when we start playing football eh?

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