We are not turning on the boss, facts are facts. Read on.

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This is an interim post to block the blog knockers, what I hear you say? What I mean is, I’m reading a lot of posts that say certain blogs are turning on the boss, this is simply not true, this is what I think people are saying.

What you have attempted Arsene is brave, but it hasn’t worked, the work in progress has won nothing so it’s time to tweak it a little and maybe buy some ready made talent, it’s not like we don’t have the money, Edelman keeps telling us we do.

For the 3rd season in a row we have bought very little, but have lost world class stars, such as Freddie, Dennis, Bobby, Sol, Reyes, Ralph and Thierry and to a lesser extent, Baptista and Diarra. Now all that talent has gone and what have we brought in? Sagna, Hleb and Rosicky.

Now one of those is a crock, you may say Baptista was a loaner, but he was still an Arsenal player and Diarra could have featured well in this last 3 months. Hleb and Sagna, top drawer, no complaints.

For me Arsene has been stubborn, not spending money is his moniker and I think he likes that, but it won’t win us trophies and given how much we as fans spend, and how loyal we are, I think he needs to change his policy, now that is not slagging him off, that is merely having an opinion, and that is everyones right.

Not having an opinion makes you a sheep, and we on this site are not sheep, if on the other hand you are from the ‘Arsene knows’ brigade, fine that’s your opinion, blog somewhere else, I’m fed up with telling you.

We had a couple of those on yesterday and I blocked them, if we get more then I’ll block them too, I’ll finish with this, I saw a steward in action yesterday doing something great, diffusing a situation with common sense and telling another steward to back off, she was a woman and I’ll talk more on that tomorrow.

Pedro will be on soon with his match report.

Wenger wants Ribery banned for life, Diego rumours continue and Pennant needs another club

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Arsene Wenger called for Bribery cheats to be banned for life, but it sounded like Ribery cheats when I first read it, and as it was probably him anyway I thought I’d put it in the headline. So shame on me!

If the boss wants to get players banned for throwing games he ought to get Nikki Bendtner checked out first eh! Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.

The Diego rumours won’t go away or the Ben Arfa ones, when they hang around there’s often some truth in them, remember Rosicky and Hleb? They all started early.

And look what a cracking buy Rosicky turned out to be.

I have to say I would prefer Benzema as I think we are really suffering with our forwards, Robin is fast becoming a waste of time as a result of his not stop injuries and since he’s been here, not just this season and Bendtner just doesn’t look anywhere near it yet, probably 3 years off.

With the exception of Anelka how many are ever that good at 19?

I know Benzema is young but he’ll be good and prolific, you can see that, but after the Euros, his price will double.

Great to see Merida and Almunia have signed for another 4 years and Cesc says he’s putting pressure on his mate Flamini to stay.

Wenger is certainly bigging it up for tomorrow and beyond, but you know what? if he doesn’t drop Eboue we’ll win fuck all I’m afraid.

Get Walcott on from the off, that’s why you bought him wasn’t it???

Finally a word for Jermaine ‘pissed at training’ Pennant. You needed to leave Arsenal to get first team football, you needed to leave Birmingham to enhance your England career, well you jug eared twat, you finally found yourself a manager that likes the English even less than Wenger does, didn’t you?

Or is it because you’re fucking hopeless? Try a smaller club where you’ll look good, like Notts County or Newcastle, you used to say it was your dream to play alongside Michael Owen didn’t you?

Have a great day today Grovers, Pedro and I are leaving early doors to go to the game so you’re on your own for a bit.

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Clueless Stewards and Arsenal’s bigoted policy towards shirts, flags and away fans.

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Let me begin by saying we have a steward on this blog and I knew plenty at the old ground that were decent blokes with common sense. Same with the security guys.

So please don’t call me anti steward, I know you have a job to do, all I’m saying is do it properly and use your common sense.

I will also say I know a few good ‘uns at the Grove as well, but most of them are clueless, it seems to me Arsenal recruited them from either the London underground, the Traffic wardens society or from the dole queues.

Why you may ask am I so angry with these people? Well, FIFA segregate fans for a reason, as do most of the leagues around the world, football fans are tribal and don’t like fans from teams they are playing against sitting next to them, especially if the other team scores and they start taunting.

I heard yesterday numerous people complaining about Liverpool fans in club level shouting abuse at the fans below them, in fact Pedro said he saw a whole bunch of them in our section screaming abuse at fans around us and they had Liverpool shirts on as well.

People were asking the stewards to kick them out and they refused to, it was only when the Scousers abused the stewards that they got thrown out, how delightful for the poor sods sitting next to them.

When we joined Club level, we were told only Arsenal colours may be worn and colours of the opposing teams were strictly forbidden, so why were these morons allowed in and why were they not ejected when they began abusing Arsenal fans.

One day someone will be seriously hurt for all this political correctness and what will Arsenal say then? Oops!

Last season there was trouble between warring Greek and Turkish gooners waving their own national flags at each other, Arsenal’s reaction? To ban all flags, even our own, madness, absolute madness, what they should have done was to say only Arsenal flags are allowed or English/British flags, but Arsenal for some strange reason don’t want to offend the minority but don’t mind screwing their own, odd.

I went to the pre season Emirates cup and above me were two flags, one said Libya in white out of green and the other one was an Irish tricoler, I asked for them to be taken down and the stewards asked me to leave the ground, work that one out.

I would like to hear from either Arsenal’s policy makers or some stewards, on why they are allowing supporters from other teams into our section causing problems for the people that are funding this club? Please try and justify this hypocrisy.

Will they wait until someone gets hurt before they act? and then blame the hard working Arsenal fan?

Mr Edelman, we are an English club in Great Britain and we are Arsenal fans so give us our flags back please, you like them at Cup finals don’t you? The Kop are famous for them, and you know the Kop don’t you, you let most of them into club level on Wednesday.

If you try and tell me they were given to Liverpool fans by club level members, then kick those club level members out, and then explain why they were allowed in wearing Liverpool shirts.

I eagerly await your response, as do we all at Le Grove.

As its Friday, I thought I’d leave you with a poem. One of the Bloggers left it for me yesterday and to be honest… it was just to good not to share with you all.

Thanks Bopnip Popdritso:

Van Persie… score without mercy.
Adebayor, we want you to score.
Bendtner, get it in with a header!
Fantastic Hleb, look great in the pub on the telly!
Rosicky knows how to be tricky!
Fabregas is Better than British Gas.
Flamini sets the stadium in Flames.
Gallas is more dangerous than a bunch off dudes in Balaclavas.
Toure could win the tour de france anyday. Sagna plays better than a Sony Playstation. Clichy is no cliché, you hear me?
Sennderos he’s almost da Boss.
But Wenger is his name and winning is his game.
I feel like I’ve gone to the moon when Almunia scores.

Beautiful… have a great day Grovers.

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