Diego Capel and Zapata yes but no to Huntelaar.

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Three players have suddenly become linked to Arsenal, two of them, Diego Capel a young Spanish winger who would fit in well and is tricky and Zapata who is a good solid center back and would be a great addition, also they are both the age that Wenger favours but for once it wouldn’t bother me, Senderos is not good enough and we don’t have a right winger.

Huntelaar ha been linked with us since he scored the first goal at the Grove at Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial, I wouldn’t have him though, he is not quick like Theo and scoring in Holland is no guarantee of scoring in England. Talking of Dennis Bergkamp, he is taking his coaching badge at Arsenal and I think that could mean he’s being groomed, also his advice may not be a bad thing.

Cesc has said he needs to start winning trophies or…. so I see that as a good thing, a wake up call if you will.

I won’t talk about Sunday’s game yet as I’m still hurting from last night, I’ll leave that until tomorrow.

Record day’s commenting yesterday Grovers 428 and counting, which I think is cracking and some great stuff on there as well, which makes the fact that when we say something like ‘Arsene has got it wrong’ or ‘we’re really pissed off at winning no trophies’ why do we get so many nutters on saying we’re glory hunters, or we should support Chelsea.

Well when I say so many, I mean about 6 out of 428 so if I let them on that would have been 434. Pedro likes to give them a chance and we had a couple of odd ones on yesterday, heck we even had a boy named Sue!

If I see anyone that’s about to abuse any of you, they don’t even get a look in and their crap goes straight to trash, I don’t even see them anymore, so apologies for the few that actually got through, they won’t again.

And for those that do, don’t bother, they don’t even get read, so in effect they are talking to themselves, which in itself is no bad thing.

Can you imagine a real Arsenal fan being happy with this season and no silverware, I have a theory, I don’t think they are real fans, I think they’re spuds pretending to be gooners, or other blogs, I know two of them are, that’s a fact.

Having said that we also get a bunch of regulars that write other blogs and they are great guys and of course welcome.

So the next few months will be full of speculation about signings, I hope if he does, he does it before Euro 2008 otherwise we’ll never buy anyone. Tomorrow we talk ManU.

Have another fun day Grovers.

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Money won – Arsene screwed us again – End of season rant begins…

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I’ve never been so gutted.

The numbness is worse than Chelsea in the semi’s, Barca in the final, Spurs in the league cup and Nayim from the half way line… why? Because this could have all been prevented.

What was the difference between Arsenal and Liverpool tonight?

About £38 million worth of talent.

1 shot, 1 goal from Torres.

1 shot, 1 goal for Babel.

Yeah, the penalty was debatable. Only if you were a Dutch ref called Pieter Vink. It was a clumsy and an unnecessary tackle from an experienced player.

Liverpools first goal was Senderos’ fault for player watching. True, but how many players score a header from 16 yards out?

The line up from the start stunk of negativity.

Take the midfield

Eboue (RB) Cesc (CM) Flamini (CM) Diaby (CM) Hleb (CM)

Does that look like a balanced midfield to you?

Diaby is not a great player, he scored tonight but any keeper worth his salt would have saved that near post shot.

Hleb? Great feet, but its like being a man down when we go forward because he will not shoot. Good luck playing like that in Milan Hleb, you’ll last a year… still, the ice cream is good?

Flamini, what a fighter. Will he sign? I doubt it. Would you if Milan offered you double?

Theo has been mustard for the last 3 games, what does the boy have to do to get a starting berth?

Eboue has been so bad, it brings a tear to my eye.

He was so fucking abysmal tonight my brother nearly burst a blood vessel screaming at the screen. He can’t pass, he can’t finish… fuck… he can barely control the ball.

Tell me. What right does he have to play at Arsenal? He is atrocious. Bring back Eddie Mcgoldrick, Chris Kiwomya, David Hillier, Glen Helder… any of those shitters would do a better job.

How is this for Arsene humour. We had Eboue and Yaya Toure on trial at the same time and we kept Eboue (The first time we had him on trial in 2004)!

What a fucking joke…

Now onto Adebayor…

Ok, how can you slate a player who has bagged so many goals for you?

Well digest these facts,

  • Marcus Stewart (19 Prem goals second top scorer 1999-00)
  • Kevin Phillips (30 goals in a season top scorer 2000-01)
  • Chris Sutton (19 Goals 1997-98 top scorer)

His first touch is outrageously bad. Why can’t he roll a pass back?

He holds the line like a school kid? I counted him offside 3 times in the first 15 minutes.

His finishing is poor. What possessed him to try and chip it to the far post when he was played through? Thierry, Wrighty, Bergkamp, Anelka, Wiltord… Kaba Diawara would have all buried that.

That my friends is the difference between greatness and going out in the quarters.

With Ade we’ve taken a stone and shined it up… Arsenal should be buying the rough diamonds.

Torres is a rough diamond, everyone knew about him… why weren’t we in for him? He gets the ball and your heart starts racing. Do you get that with Ade? I don’t…

I find it difficult to slate Senderos? Its quite clear he is out of his depth. I love to defend him, but he was exposed twice tonight. Its not good enough, but we’ve all been saying the same thing for years?

Special praise goes out to Theo. Your run was mesmerising, you are showing us all why Arsene spent so much money on you… about time to! Why the whole team felt the need to channel all the balls to Ade is beyond me. Well played though, you’re a keeper for next year, that’s for sure.

I know the Flamster went off through injury, but that is where our problem lies.

Great first 11, shame about the rest.

Still what are you going to do?

Listen to people tell you how you are spoilt by success?

Oh we won a trophy 3 years ago, tonight was ok then… this season was, erm? Progress!

Listen to morons telling you that you sound like a Manc and you should go and support another team?

Fuck being a Manc, take a look at what happens at Milan, Barca, Madrid, Juve and Inter if you don’t win a trophy.

There is no shame in expecting to win things. A winning mentality is a culture and it should be embodied by the fans and the players, just like it is at all the great clubs, countries and businesses.

That this is a knee jerk reaction…

Define Knee Jerk:

An automatic response to something.

Ok, I’ve had since the 16th of February to think about this…

In that time I’ve seen,

2 wins

7 draws

3 losses

Ok, my conclusion?

Its been shit.

If your idea of an automatic response is 52 days, you should go and work for the claims department at Zurich Insurance…

How Arsene knows and will rectify it in the summer…

Get real people, Arsene doesn’t know… because we all knew what was going to happen in the summer… and sure enough, come what April… it has.

Arsenal are loaded, the fans are skint… and we’ve gone another season with fuck all to show for it.

Arsene knows? Does he fuck…

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Stay with me, hold the line and on my command, unleash hell!

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That’s the battle cry tonight Grovers, straight from the greatest film ever made ‘Gladiator’.

The World make Liverpool favourites, so we have our backs to the wall, just like we did against the scousers in 89, Parma in Copenhagen, Madrid at the Bernabeu and Milan in the San Siro.

The common denominator in all of those games? We won, and with the team fired up after two worthless draws, we can go and win this, shut their obnoxious crowd up and leave them with nothing this season.

Win tonight and we can win at Old Trafford on Sunday and go on and win the double.

What we need today is positive vibes from all our supporters all over the world, the team will feel it if we shout loud enough, this season was meant to be ours, remember the last time we were written off with a young team? It was Real Madrid away in this same competition, we can do it, but you grovers need to do your bit, a fired up day on the blog and it’s ours I feel.

Onto Quaresma, they say we’re on for a cut price deal but I’m not convinced he’ll come to us when the others can pay more for his salary, I’m also not sure why they think because Porto are in trouble he’ll go cheap???

I think he would be perfect for us, as I think Ben Arfa or Benzema would be but if I had a choice, it would be a tough one, we can’t have them both as they have fallen out by all accounts.

I am going to pick my team for tonight but I’m not so sure he’ll agree, but here goes.


Eboue Gallas Senderos Clichy

Hleb Cesc Flamini Theo

Robin Ade

I picked Eboue over Kolo as I think he’s a better right back than Kolo, but not a lot between them, I’d favour Hleb out wide with Theo on the other side as one has impact, the other has something to make up for his decision not to shoot on Saturday.

Robin and Ade up front so we do a 4-4-2, I may be tempted to start Robin with Bendtner but he won’t drop Ade, he won’t drop Kolo either so in truth the team will probably look like this.


Kolo Gallas Senderos Clichy

Eboue Cesc Flamini Diaby

Ade Hleb

With Robin Theo and Bendtner on the bench with Hoyte.

Check out the reincarnation of the guest blog here and leave your thoughts. Maybe you could drop me an e-mail if you fancy a crack?

It’s a must win tonight, so get plenty of beer and wine inside you, strap yourself in and pray the boys read this!

Have a great night Grovers, we need it, England expects – Lord Nelson on the eve of Trafalgar!