Don’t let this be your Larry Holmes moment Arsene. You still have time.

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So, mercurial defender Mikael Silvestre says that if we want to win anything this season we’ll have to improve on Wednesday’s woeful performance, I suspect when he said the same thing after the Burnley game he forgot to tell his team mates, or at least I hope he did, because if he didn’t, we are in trouble.

I think there comes a time when Wenger needs to realise that these kids just aren’t as good as he keeps telling us they are and there also comes a point when you have to stop waiting for the day when they ripen and go out and buy now, much the same way that every other team in world football do, it’s called football management.

Take Barcelona for instance, they have Messi and Bojan, but they also buy a lot of great players, like Henry and Hleb. They have the balance right, and as we have the third highest wage bill in the EPL it’s not hard to work out what they are all paid to keep them on board, and that I think, is the comfort zone and that could be the problem.

Watching the Porto game was like watching the FA Cup last season and I said then that Arsenal should have refunded the fans that went. I had the opportunity to travel with the team and decided not to, well, coming back with those players and the manager would have made interesting reading, so in a way I’m sorry I didn’t.

Middlesbrough next up, well my memories of this fixture are not good, we lost last year and we were on fire up till that game, I also remember losing on the first game of the season once when Reyes scored, I don’t know why they cause us so much trouble, because I also remember beating them 7 nil at Highbury, what I do know though is if we play like we did against Porto, we can expect to get hammered.

I cannot understand how we can play so well at Stamford Bridge one week, then play so badly at Burnley and Porto the next, it can’t be good for moral that’s for sure, and they can’t keep saying they didn’t perform.

Expect a big performance from this team on Saturday, if we don’t get it, the championship is over, and if we don’t beat Middlesbrough we shouldn’t expect to win it, I was going to say we are playing a team that spends less than we do, but we’re not are we!

I was hopeful that we were going to spend big this January but as he keeps telling us how lucky we are having this talented crop of youngsters, I’m not so sure, but what I am sure of, if he doesn’t deliver this season, questions will be asked, this season Arsene I think is the last season of your experiment, please get some good players in before it’s too late, we still have time and we don’t need much, but the excuses are wearing a little thin now.

I would hate to see him get kicked out, I really would, it’s a bit like watching Muhammad Ali fight Larry Holmes that one last time when we all said he should have retired, Arsene, this is your Larry Holmes moment, do become an Ali, you can still change things before it’s too late, get your cheque book out.

Needless to say we need a result on Saturday and I think we’ll get one, if not it will be an early bath for us the fans this season.

Okay spade… you’re a damn spade!!! + Elephants

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Ok, before I start, understand I am getting very bored of writing match reports after we lose… It’s difficult to bring variety to the same issues… but that wont stop me trying.

Here goes.

I watched this documentary about killer elephants in Africa. The local elephants were killing the wildlife indiscriminately and attacking farmers cattle. Researchers went out to Kenya to find out what was going on… when they arrived they set up cameras to try and find out what was going on…what they saw was pretty shocking… they caught a young elephant trying to make love to a hippo… the hippo didn’t fancy it… so the elephant mauled it to death.

After researching the problem the scientists found out that the reason the elephants were misbehaving. The nature reserve the elephants were housed in had imported 20 young elephants to kick start their preservation project… but because the elephants were so young, they didn’t know how to behave… so they started acting up, much in the same way naughty school boys do when left to their own devices. The problem was solved by importing 4 older elephants from other nature reserves who guided the young elephants to maturity thus preventing any more misbehaviour.

Now there is a story, eh? I wonder if a couple of mature signing in January could work the same magic? Maybe it would stop Randall dry humping the ball bag… or teach Diaby to high five with his team mates when he is subbed… or give Nik B the wake up call he so throughly needs on the pitch…

Forget all those points… this team needs an injection of confidence.

The team don’t run for each other, they don’t trust each other and they don’t believe in themselves. We have a clueless bunch of above average kids… and that is why we can turnover good teams every now and then, but we struggle against poor teams. I wont give player ratings, why bother… it was pretty dire out there.

Tonight was an exercise in humiliation, and maybe a few of the maturer elephants in the team could have prevented such an event.

The kids weren’t great tonight… Rambo was off key, Vela ran around like a headless chicken, Bendtner ran around like a headless chicken after it has stopped… and some of the more mature players were terrible.

First up.

Nik B (The shame of it is at 21 he is one of the old guard).

Who said blogs don’t have an effect? I had a real issue with the pink boots… I voiced my displeasure… Nik converted to green! Brilliant. Shame his perfomance didn’t perk up… he was woeful tonight… he looked lethargic and uninterested.

I know what he needs… he needs to find the waterboy rage. In the film ‘the water boy’… Bobby Bouche finds his intensity and drive by thinking about all the people that have been mean to him…

Maybe Arsene should try this method…

‘Nik, think of all the mean comments left on Le Grove and other such blog sites… and use them as your goal scoring fuel!’

Second up, Eboue.

Tonight was his chance to redeem himself in his favoured position of right back. Well, if Eboue did anything tonight he proved a point… the point being that he is not a good right back… he is a bad player and I for one hope he carries out his threat of leaving in the summer… it would be about as traumatic as the day I found out Senderos was off to Milan.


For me he has been on a downward spiral this season. How many times do Arsenal have to succumb to simple set pieces? A corner is as dangerous as a freekick 20 yards out… no one has a clue what they are doing. When a ball finishes up in the middle of the box, 7 yards out…unchallenged, there is something wrong. Almunia should have been there to claim the cross with a big shout… if it was clear that he had bottled it… Diaby should have been there. It’s just not good enough from a goal keeping perspective and piss poor from a defensive point of view.

Surely it is about time we started calling a spade a spade. Eboue is poor, Senderos is poor, Song is poor… lets give up the game of saying ‘they’ll come good’. They wont guys… fans know a thing or two about football and if 90% of fans are saying those players wont make it… they are probably right.

Arsene Wenger reckons great wages don’t stop players making mistakes… fair point. Pay me £400,000 a week and I probably couldn’t run a nuclear power plant… but that is not the issue. Our issue is we have the 2nd highest wage bill in the country… the youngest team… and we’re the 4th best team in the Prem.

Logic says to me that something is wrong with those stats, just like there would be something wrong if I was being paid stupid money to run a power plant.

Which player did you think of when you saw this pic?

Game of Association: Which player did you think of when you saw this pic?

There is nothing admirable in backing averageness. If anything, this behaviour we’ve resorted to just highlights our desperation…We know the first team wont win anything this year… so we cry out for the youth team to be given a go… now it is apparent they are no better (well, at the moment)… we are stuck. Our only hope is a few bodies in January…

A lot of the talk this week has been aimed at showing Eboue a little more respect. Well, respect is a two way street and I think Arsene should be made aware of that.

Fielding a weakened team away in Europe when fans have paid good money; during a recession, isn’t showing respect. I also question what good throwing a game does on the back of 3 wins? How are the kids going to feel now… what effect will the loss have on the mood around the club?

We fielded a poor team and we paid the price… keep them crossed, because last time we threw a game unnecessarily it was United in the FA Cup… and we all know what happened after that…

See you in the comments section!


Porto in the Carling Cup tonight. Big game little team.

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Ok you could be forgiven thinking we are playing in the Carling cup tonight, Simpson, Merida, Hoyte, Ramsey, Randall, Gibbs and Ramsey all look set to start and the experience of Gallas and Diaby to give the team some bite.

I can’t wait to be honest, I said earlier in the season that the younger kids showed more fight than the older kids and if he plays Eboue the oppressed and Bendtner the big head, he will have two players with a point to prove as well.

I hope they play like they did at Wigan, the cup game not the league one and run at them with no fear. If they do I can see a famous win on it’s way, but this time Niklas you need to take your chances, you won’t get as many as you did at Burnley and I think you are being watched now, on the clock so to speak, so time is not on your side, I’m backing you do prove us all wrong.

I think Wenger needs to have a doctor look over his next signings (If indeed there are any ever again) In the 12 years of Arsene Wenger’s reign I would bet Ethan’s house (again) that we have had more injuries than any team in football history… coincidence???

The other thing that gets me is resting key players; I always thought that top players wanted Champions league football? I thought that’s why they signed for clubs, so I can’t work out why we are resting Ade, why he isn’t gagging for it?

The injury list is impressive, with Nasri, Cesc, Robin, Kolo and Sagna all injured, funny apart from Nasri, they all looked fine to me on Saturday, let’s hope they’re back for the Boro game.

Yesterday we heard of the tragic and untimely death of Stonroy’s sister, Stonroy is a Grover, we were all very sad to hear that, but touched that Arsene wrote to her son and had the team all sign a poster, so Stonroy our thoughts are with you but your team is too. Nice to hear that.

So tonight expectations with a team of kids are low but I am strangely confident, I watched the Chavs scrape through last night, if they can win anyone can.

Remember the motto Concordia la di da di da, translated it means in God we trust, the kids will deliver, tonight is their night, go get ’em boys – 2 nil the Arsenal.

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