7 for England plus 7th heaven add up to 14 for Arsenal, perfect!

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So Theo Walcott came of age, replacing Beckham as number 7 scoring a hatrick for England and replacing Thierry as 14 for Arsenal, sounds like Theo o’clock to me, we have always backed Theo to shine here on Le Grove and last night Capello showed us all why we should cut him lose at the Arsenal.

Imagine a front line of Nasri, Robin, Ade and Theo coming at you, the premiership should be shitting their pants, my oh my, if we could defend as well we’d be unstoppable, I hope this makes Wenger think twice about the right side of midfield now, Theo hit the ball when he had a chance and he doesn’t do that for Arsenal because he lacks confidence, I hope this will give it to him, the hatrick against Germany kick started Owens career, maybe this one will kick start Theo’s.

Blackburn will be the perfect place to show what we have, a tough team at a tough ground and up north in the frozen wastes, with Fabregas pulling the strings in midfield and supplying those four, well I for one can’t wait.

The commentators were saying that Theo was playing a free role up front, I saw him as a right winger with a forwards touch, yes he did drift, but he went back to defend and his goals came from the wings.

At least last night served to stop all the Appiah talk, maybe we can watch the pundits giving it large for one of ours now, he showed Rooney how to finish, his shots were a cross between Overmars, Anelka and Pires, he’s English and he plays for Arsenal. Deep joy I say.

I return home to write a blog on an England win from an Arsenal player, and the last time that happened I think Ian Wright scored 4 against San Marino, if it wasn’t 4 it was a lot so who cares, the headlines are ours today.

However, in your euphoria please spare a thought for Modric, he may have looked shit and he may have only be three foot six inches tall and he may have cost the free spending spuds £16 million, but that really is no excuse to laugh yourselves sensless, bragging is not big, it’s not clever, I mean, I don’t do it do I?

Also a quick mention to David ‘up himself’ Bentley, where were you last night Mr ex right winger for England? Theo was grateful for your advice about moving on if he wants to succeed like you, but said concentrate on your own game, why I bang ’em in for England you spud tosser.

That’s it then so Theo enjoy your day in the sun, you deserve it and let’s hope this is the start of something beautiful for the Arsenal.

Have a great day Grovers this could be our season, and remember the saying, one swallow does in fact make a summer!

Arsenal’s kids dominate under 19’s plus fan mail from blogs.

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It was great reading how Henri Lansbury captained the under 19’s along with Gavin Hoyte, Jay Thomas and Rhys Murphy, with Ramsey and Barazite having good games for their countries as well.

I’m glad that Lansbury had a great game and wondered why he was so poor when he played in pre season, and it was because he was played out of position, that seems to be the way Wenger brings them on so I guess time will tell if they’ll feature this term, he had a blinder by all accounts, Arsene I hope you play him in his favoured position in the Carling cup and drop Randall, he doesn’t look anything better than ordinary for me, but nor does Song, and no one agrees with me on that one!

After the Fulham game I ran a post titled ‘The Emperors clothes‘ and tonight whilst sitting in the lounge at Orlando airport I stumbled across this – Link

I guess I should feel flattered so I will, but don’t forget who was there first! I’m not sure I was as happy as he was to see our manager spending nothing, but time will tell, Arsene won’t pay something for a player if he feels the fee is too high, well that’s admirable boss, but you don’t control the market and with that attitude I guess all we can ever look for are kids and the likes of Silvestre and Bitchslap.

There you go, no use in going over old ground, but I hope Capello plays Theo tomorrow, I know this site has mixed feelings on the lad, but I really believe Theo will be the future of England and be one of the worlds best, I really, really rate him.

We have some great prospects in the reserves and I think when they get a bit older we’ll be a fantastic side, with what I’ve seen so far, I hope we can keep them, then we have the younger, youngsters like Luke Freeman to come, I really hope I live that long but being an Arsenal fan in 2 or 3 years time could be amazing, let’s hope the likes of Wilshere, Coquelin, Ramsey and Lansbury make their mark this year, I know Theo will.

Have a good day Grovers, I’ll join you when I land.


Appiah will sign for Arsenal, he ticks the right boxes.

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He does? Yes he sure does, he’s been injured for 10 months and that’s the way Arsene likes them.

Some of our greatest ever signings were injured when we signed them, Overmars, Petit, Kanu, Campbell, Silvestre and Bitchslap.

So Appiah is qualified in the way the boss likes them, unfancied and broken. You know I jest, but stranger things have happened.

I think he will persevere with the other well known crock, Diaby and use out of position centre back Song as cover, but it’s almost irrelevant as we know it’s him or no one, I like Appiah but as someone said the other day, if West Ham want him, why would we? they have a fantastic crock record themselves with Dyer, Freddie, Parker and Bowyer, but they are fed up with us as we have more injured players, and it makes them angry as we are winning the only thing they can.

OK, joking aside I can’t wait to get back to football, all this England shit is only good if Theo is playing, I think he will come back with king size gonads and Cesc will come back hating the Spanish team, so we did okay for once in international week.

Jesus, even boy wonder didn’t get injured, hang on though, there’s still time!

Anyway Grovers, I fly back today and will be more in touch come Thursday, when we can debate till the cows come home, and talking of cows, has anyone spent time in 300lb a person Florida?

Have a great day y’all I’ll catch up with you later, come back soon y’all hear!

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