Is this story your worst nightmare?

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According to Britains biggest selling paper, the Sun, Ade is demanding £125k a week and Peter Crouch, the athletic Liverpool front man and part time mime artist, is being lined up as his successor.

Super agent Morabito confirms Ade will be sold when we have a replacement and Santa Cruz, Crouch and Mario Gomez are being considered, how does he know that then? What a load of cobblers.

I would like to say that is the funniest transfer rumour ever to have been written, but at the same time I find it scary, scary and I had to sleep with the light on last night.

In a Cesc interview he says when asked about Ade and Hleb ‘I am not so sure about Hleb, you know. But it doesn’t matter what will happen, we are a strong team and we have to trust the manager in the decisions he is about to take’

That says Ade is going doesn’t it? Other rumours say that we are after Silva and Benzema, that prospect is altogether more interesting, however Arshavin has come out and said he supports Barca and wants to go there, so as far as I’m concerned, leave well alone, don’t go after another who doesn’t want to join us.

I don’t understand why Ade had all the pictures done in the new kit if he wanted out, it has to be that they were shot when he still wanted to be an Arsenal player, so Milan obviously turned his head, we should take them to FIFA and get £20 million off them, they would think twice before doing that again wouldn’t they?

Anyway if they don’t have the money how can they afford his wages? And if they paid him those wages, how would the other Milan players feel about that? it’s all a bit strange, but I so wish Wenger would come out and speak.

I know we’re all complaining that we have signed no-one, but nor has anyone else really, not even the European teams, so perhaps next week when Wenger gets back it will all start to happen, or maybe the reason the others haven’t bought yet is because they have no money.

The final rumour is about Robinho, but as far as I’m conncerned he had his chance, twice, so leave well alone. Besides, we’ve got Rosicky haven’t we!

At least do one thing for us Arsene, deny the Crouch rumours!

Have a great day Grovers, see you in the comments section.

P.S. We’d like to know your thoughts on a Le Grove fantasy league this season? We are thinking about setting one up with the telegraph and we’d like to guauge the interest!


Wenger calls bluffs, €40mil for pinky €23mil for perky

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So pay up or bugger off is the message from born again Arsene Wenger, he’s finally shown his hand which says ‘show us your money’. Good for him, if we get it we could go after anyone we want, imagine!

We are hot on the heels of Silva the Spanish winger, Nasri’s gone cold and that would leave a hole for a proven goalscorer, but what if he doesn’t? That’s my fear, he sold Henry (He left a year today) and Freddie last season and neither were replaced, with Vela coming in and Eduardo coming back, what if he feels we have enough, don’t forget Eduardo wasn’t signed as an Henry replacement, groundhog day anyone?

Good news was to hear Cesc saying he’s going nowhere and the same from Gael Clichy, how refreshing to hear that some of our players want to stay, so on that note Adebayor and Hleb can just go, get what we can and replace them with quality, effective goalscorers, so maybe Arshavin, Silva, Diego, Diogo but please reconsider the centerback situation boss, we really need a quality stopper as Gallas has had it and Senderos isn’t good enough, surely you can see what us and the rest of the footballing world can.

Finally I would really turn the screw with Barca and Milan and say if you want our players we want yours, try it for christs sake, do unto others, they have players we covet, they don’t have the money so take hardball to the next level.

Another good day on the comments section Grovers, at least we all know what to do even if ‘you know who doesn’t’ …or does he?

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Nasri not yet, Silva maybe but what about Sneijeder?

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Arsenals Press officer for the last month…

The has, he hasn’t he Nasri saga is so boring now it’s boring, if that makes sense. What is it that takes so long? It’s like mental torture being an Arsenal fan, why doesn’t the Arsenal management team say something, Wenger was quick to say he wasn’t after a defender?

Milan seem to have conceded defeat in their pursuit of Ade,

“If a player is at the end of his contract, then his wishes are important but if he has a while to go on his contract and the club who own him say no, then it’s no. At the moment it is no. When a club says their player is indispensable, there is not a lot that can be done.”

Galliani claimed that Italian teams can’t offer half of what English clubs can… makes you wonder what how they snared Flamini?

Reports that we are looking at Silva the Spanish winger, is this another wait for Hleb to jump? Again Wenger should move to quell these stories or end them by selling the said offenders.

If Ronaldo goes to Madrid, reports are they’ll have to sell up to six players, we should move for Sneijeder now, let him know we want him, not Robinho, he turned us down twice and I feel he’ll go in an exchange deal for Ronaldo.

Interesting that none of the young ‘uns have been given squad numbers save Ramsay, I think Theo should get number 8 but as he hasn’t I suspect Nasri is coming and will.

The only good thing about this window is you lot, yes the Grovers, the comments section contiinues to keep all our spirits up so well done the team, see you on there, if we get any news I will re-post.

Have a great day!



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