Mega bids roll in for young superstars, blame Arsenal, not Real.

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So line them up, Anelka, Petit, Overmars, Edu, Flamini, Cole, Campbell, Diarra, Henry, Vieira, possibly Hleb and now Cesc Fabregas, our future.

Do we blame Real, why? It’s Arsenals fault. Why? Well everytime we get to the close season and win no silverware the players get fed up, understandable but not enough to leave, then the players get their heads turned and everytime we let them go, everytime.

It matters not whether they go on to bigger and better, it’s the attitude we have, ‘if they want to go you have to respect that’ how many times have we heard that? We are fast becoming a feeder club for Europe’s elite, the players know it, we know it, it seems to me the only people that don’t are Arsenal FC.

Do ManU get that problem? No. Do the Chavs? No. Do Madrid, Barca or Milan? No.

Every year we seem to be building a team and every year we win nothing. What we do though, is lose the players we adore and have been patient with.

Don’t blame the rules as no one follows them, except for us.

Liverpool go for Barry, Berger says he should go and what do Villa do? They sack Berger, that’s the spirit Martin, we should learn from that.

Last season if memory serves me, we sold Henry, Freddie, Ralph, Muamba and Larsson, we brought in Eduardo, Fabianski, Diarra and Sagna, we actually made a profit and were a player down, the season before we were 3 players down, so that makes 4, do the math, oh and then we sold Diarra, before Flamini decided to go, cracking bit of business boys, if Diarra wasn’t what we wanted, why sign him in the first place?

Keegan says he would need £150 million to break into the top four, why? We spent nothing, over the last 12 years. We’ve only spent £20 odd million, against huge amounts coming in, so where does it go? Who knows, maybe Arsene does eh?

Keegan and Redknapp talk rubbish, Newcastle have spent as much as ManU and Liverpool since the Premier League was formed, they just didn’t buy good players.

Wenger has bought well, that’s why we’re top 3, so huge credit to him, but every year we go through the same old, same old.

We can talk success but we’ve never won back to backs and we’ve never won the European Cup, and we won’t as long as we keep giving in to players and big clubs.

Time to make a stand, buy some big players and show Cesc we mean business.

Why should he waste his career here with a club obsessed with youth? Come on Arsenal, you owe it to the fans.

Lets give the boss a shopping list and email today’s findings to Arsenal.

Let me say that this site loves Arsenal, loves Arsene and loves the way we play football, but we love trophies more, so lets start trying to win them, all of them, not just 2 of them, just like the other top clubs try to.

We’ll give you all the list that Le-Grove wants tomorrow, we’ll refine it to the best 4 players, plus a Flamini replacement and a Hleb one if he goes.

People power is the way forward, we are paying customers, we pay more than anyone and we deserve better.

AKB’s stay away, we don’t want your opinion. We already know it.

Have a good ‘un Grovers, today we make history.

Flamini don’t kid yourself, you weren’t that good.

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So it’s now official, Flamini has gone, well, if we were losing Cesc I may be upset, the way I see it, is now the boss has a great opportunity to buy a world class replacement, one that can offer us more than Flamini did, as I said yesterday most of us wanted him out last season and hoped he was going to Birmingham, he didn’t and had a great season, take note Matty, one season doesn’t make a summer, we remember the other 3 crap ones.

I think you’ll at best be a utility player at Milan, good luck to you, they’ll find you out and you’ll end up as left back, your favourite position.

Nobby Stiles you were Ok, but you weren’t great, so good luck son, they’ll soon work out they didn’t buy Kaka mark 2.

We should now look for a goalscoring midfielder, who? I don’t know, but I’d like to know soon, so boss get on with it!

I hope the powers that be at the Arsenal learn from this experience and don’t let contracts run down, I think that’s why Edelman went, or was he just a scapegoat?

The time now is to get behind the boss and see where he’ll take us, he has an massive opportunity and must seize it with both hands, get the cheque book out or get left behind.

I really think he has something up his sleeve, but then I thought Flamini would stay, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Hleb go? I don’t think so, but as you all know, I’ve been wrrrronnng before, there, I’ve said it!

Have a great day today Grovers, let’s have some ideas on signings.

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Classy Jens says goodbye, and time to get Sidders back?

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I never thought classy and Jens would be in the same headline of a piece that I had written, but yesterday Jens, you were a class act, I actually felt quite emotional, I even began to think you were treated harshly, but thats football.

You were up there with the best I’ve ever seen, you saved us on more than one occasion, you were part of the greatest team that ever played football, the Invincible’s and if it wasn’t for diabolical refereeing you would also have a Champions league medal, Jens we salute you and thanks for being an Arsenal legend.

Flamini looks like he’s off, see ya Matty, you had a good season, not bad, 1 in 4, if you have moved on, we’ll move on. I think we should bring Steven Sidwell back, he could be the perfect replacement, Parlour’esque, a great ball winner, an eye for a pass, a never say die attitude and we could pick him up for a couple of million, or get him and SWP for a firesale price, that would take care of 2 problems at once.

Don’t forget he was the captain of our last FA Youth Cup winning side, that would then free up funds for the big name players we need, like Sergio Ramos and Robinho.

My preferred choice would still be Barry, Johnson or Niko Kranjcar (in the event of Gilberto going too) but we won’t spend big, so back to Sidders for me or Kranjcar in the event of losing Silva.

I think Fabianski is a way off first team football, but he does look like our long term keeper. Nikki B looked like we could save some money with another of his trade mark ’slam dunk headers’ yesterday, don’t forget, this was a good team we played and this kid scores whenever he plays.

I left the ground up-beat and a little emotional yesterday, but a few signings like the above, would turn us from bridesmaids to brides, and it wouldn’t cost large.

Maybe with the kids coming through, our squad would be big enough with just 3 new signings. Have a pleasant and hopeful Lunes Grovers, we could still finish second!