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Morning Grovers,

So you are wondering what I am talking about?

Well, I was pretty much fuming about Eboue’s dive… he’d played well the whole game and then he dived / went down too easily… He also feigned injury and went off… again, I believed this to be a cynical act to stop the press tearing him to shreds tomorrow and I felt that was poor from a player who knows about his bad reputation amongst the faithful…

I let the Grovers know my feelings and Seb put a different spin on it… he reckoned maybe Eboue could become a bit of a cult figure amongst the gooner faithful… in the same way McGoldrick, Jensen, Cygan and the Grimster did… maybe I should start enjoy watching Eboue and the madness that comes with him?

Anyway… enough of that… onto the player ratings and match review!

Today was all about how we would deal with the Blackburn rough stuff and how we would cope without the creativity of new boy Nasri. Well, both questions were answered in emphatic fashion with a superb attacking display and a no nonsense approach to the Blackburn thuggery.

Defensively I felt we were fragile though. Arsene needs to address the centre back pairing issue, because despite 3 clean sheets in a row… we are still looking very suspect.

A 0-4 win is a 0-4 win though… so here are the player ratings!

Almunia: Didn’t have too much to do today, he did make a pretty special save low to his right towards the end. His distribution was better today and he commanded his area pretty well. 7

Clichy: Played well today, battled hard and got forward to assist with the attack. He also did well to beat Derbyshire to the ball towards the end, then battle it away… the guy is simply an awesome LB. 8

Gallas: Ok, we kept a clean sheet, but on another day we could have conceded 3. Gallas and Toure tend to attack the same balls and back off the same balls. This led to free headers in the box, free shots from outside the box and a few hairy moments! They improved in the second half, but I have to be honest… unless Wenger makes a decision at the back, we could be in for a torrid time again this year. 6.5

Toure: The same as Gallas… the two just don’t click. Still, at least they don’t get bullied off the ball. There is still time to improve… If not, you can’t help but think maybe JD would be the better option with Gallas? 6.5

Sagna: Good performance from right back. He didn’t really stand out today, but he stood up to the physical challenge and didn’t get beaten in the air. 7

Eboue: Played well today, he passed well, he helped us break at pace… he also got involved in the rough stuff without falling over like a fairy… and then it came… it always does… Eboue broke through on goal… a Blackburn defender slid across the box… Eboue flops… has he been gunned down? Had he suffered a fit? Was he even touched? It didn’t matter … Penalty.

I thought it was a dive… and I don’t think players with Eboue’s reputation should be dabbling in gamesmanship because when we need a 50/50 decision to go our way; in the big games, if it is Eboue I’m afraid we have no chance. However… that is the pantomime character he has assumed and I must learn to enjoy. 7.75

Denilson: Well, didn’t somebody stand up and get counted today? Blackburn was always going to be the acid test for Denilson… rough, nasty and aggressive. Could he stand up to it? He certainly could! He tackled well, he passed well… he grabbed an assist! Yes, he crossed in for Ade’s first… and it was a marvellous cross! Very well played today Denilson, my man of the match! 9

Cesc: An aggressive display from Cescy boy today… his hair has grown as has his stature in the Prem. Don’t mess with the Cesc. He was standing up to the Blackburn bully boys and pulling the strings for Arsenal all afternoon… he is also shot keen as well! 8

THEEEEEEEO: Could he reproduce his England form for the Arsenal? Emphatically yes! He was exceptional today. He was running at people, shooting, making decisive passes and causing problems for Blackburn. Theo is clearly a confidence player… and now that confidence is brimming, expect 12-15 goals out of him this year. For the first goal he jinked in from the left… burst through forward and slotted a beautiful ball into the path of RvP who buried the ball in the bottom left hand corner of the pie man’s goal. 8

RvP: Had a blinder today. The thing I love about RvP is he always wants to be involved, his team play is reminiscent of Thierry’s… he always wants the ball at his feet and he seems to be able to manufacture a shot out of anything. Today was his best performance of the season so far, and really… he should have been the striker with the hat trick. 8

Adebayor: Hangs off the last defender like his life depends on it, slows down the build up play, has a heavy first touch, is offside an embarrassing amount of times every game… but gets on the end of crosses, runs defences ragged and bundles the ball home on a regular basis.

His first was a powerful header that he turned in from a Denilson cross… his second was a poor penalty that fatto somehow missed and his third was an example of why he hangs of the last defender… he beat the offside trap, latched onto the Ramsey through ball and just about managed to round the Keeper to get his hat trick… did anyone like the Togo wrist band kiss? Did it look familiar in a vomit inducing way?

Love him or hate him… he is always going to be like that. Thierry Henry he is not… but who cares? He bangs them in and he has already scored more headers than Thierry did in his whole Arsenal career. Marvellous… keep banging them in son! 8.5

So Grovers, plenty to be joyous about, 3 games, 3 wins, 11 goals, 3 clean sheets… happy days right?

Next up? Kiev away!

Happy Sunday!

P.S. I still have a ticket in Le Exchange for the Bolton Away game next week! The chap will accept £15 quid for it, so if you’re in the area, drop me a mail and I can put you in contact!

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Midfielder deal set to happen, why did we sell Gilberto then?

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Nice one Dennisdamennace!

Nice one Dennisdamenace!

So if reports are true that we really did give Brazilian Miniero a run out in the rub-a-dubs and we are now competing with the chavs for Appiah, then why on earth did we let Arsenal nut Gilberto go?

All seems a bit odd to me and a good reason to dismiss these stories, but the fact that Wenger denied the Appiah rumour and not the Miniero one makes me wonder, and why bring in an unknown when we had a tried and tested defensive midfielder in place already, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s good to read that the chavs also buy broken players, I read today the Deco turned up for only a third of the training sessions and was a regular pisshead with his fat mate goofy at Barca, he got done for drink driving and smoked 40 fags a day, at least Bitchslap and Silvestre don’t smoke eh? They still don’t do the training so they have that in common!

Tough call today, but Blackkburn no longer have Freidal or Bentley and they do have Mrs Robinson, so I think we should win this one by a 2 goal margin, but I thought we would clobber Fulham too, still this time I think we have learned our lesson.

Theo I read will be benched as Wengers way of both reeling him in, protecting him and saving him for Wednesday, me, I’d play him, he’s on a roll.

Seems to me that Eboue will always get in ahead of anyone for some strange reason, I was listening to talk shite yesterday and someone said that if Theo doesn’t get the nod, it will prove that Wenger favours foreigners, I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think it’s time to cut the boy loose, it if were Vieira or Henry he would, wouldn’t he?

A big week ahead with three away games, Wenger thinks we can win them all and I agree with him, we also have Diaby and Rosicky about to make their long awaited comebacks, so we sure do have the squad.

I’m going for a 3-1 to the Arsenal today.

On a final note I’ll say this, Kevin Keegan is such a cowardly bottler where ever he goes, and he also had a pop at new Arsenal hero Samir Nasri for tripping up the Footlocker resident criminal Joey Barton, so for that he was deserving of Le Chump of the week for so long… it has changed today though.

Enjoy the game Grovers, we could go top of the league today!!!

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Premiership collapse and how Arsenal will dominate.

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Ok so we’ve done Theo to death and Wenger says Appiah is a no go so let’s move onto a real concern of mine, the well being of the EPL and football in general.

The English economy is in recession as is the Spanish, the French is stagnant as is the Italian, the rest of Europe is heading for the shitter and the USA is already in it, in fact I think the world economy is about to suffer a little wobble.

We are seeing record bankruptcies, repossessions, rising unemployment and the inability to raise money and these are all concerns for the football fan.

Even the oil rich sheiks will soon run out of oil and be left with their tourist and property industries to see them through, with the housing markets in Spain and Great Britain going down the pan fast and the UAE hot on its heels I see the football money go round coming to an abrupt halt in the next year or so.

What bollocks you may say, but already we see gaps at the Grove and people are saying, wow, this is more than I can afford, players costing ridiculous amounts and their wages are just becoming silly, and when the consumer pulls back, certain things go with it, like Sky and Setanta sponsorship, and given that’s where most of the money comes from I can see the end of the gravy train not too far off.

Remember what happened with digital TV and the championship? That could happen again in a heartbeat.

Sponsors like Ford are in the deepest shit worldwide, how long can they keep pumping money into the Champions league?

Now Abramovich isn’t the king pin anymore I can see him heading off into the sunset, the Glazers are just sitting on an unmanageable debt and you’ve seen how quickly the Liverpool and Villa owners have held back when it comes to spending huge amounts of money with no return, hey even that beer swilling berk from Footlocker, Ashworth is fed up pumping money into a bottomless pit.

The truth is there are only five trophies up for grabs and two of them are in Europe, footballers are being paid vast amounts when their clubs are making huge losses and the moment the rich bitches sod off, all that will be left is debt, if FIFA bring in curbs to stop these people spending it will only hasten their departure.

They are beginning to realise that billionaires ruin football, they don’t enhance it, remember when all the best players went to Italy and Spain? Not anymore they don’t and that has to piss off UEFA.

So, where does that leave us? In great shape, no debt and a great young squad that could dominate for the next 15 years, so maybe Wenger and the board aren’t as mad as the bag of snakes we all think they are.

Or maybe that’s just me and wishful thinking, trying to justify why we haven’t spent any money for the last three years and thinking we’ll come out of this the better team with the best options..

More and more people tell me they can’t afford to go to matches anymore, it costs me over £200 a game and that doesn’t include travelling and the minute you take away the crowd and the supporter, the heartbeat goes and the sponsors will follow, so watch out the EPL and don’t be so greedy, or you will end up killing the goose that lays the golden eggs…


Have a great Friday Grovers, only a day to go to see if we are making progress!

P.S. XL went bust today and left 85,000 stranded… were they not aware they were skint when they took up sponsorship with West Ham? Le Grove reccomends that when buying cheap flights, stick to the big boys!