Gene pool is smaller but the pond life gets bigger.

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Let me start by saying that football managers are the luckiest people alive, every time someone gets sacked, they wheel out the same names, take Blackburn for instance, who was in the frame? Fat Sam (failure), Souness (failure), Curbishley (failure) and so on, they manage a club, get paid off more than you’ll earn in a life time, then get another, better paid job, and we are supposed to think they have a tough life.

If you got fired for being useless, you’d struggle to get another job in your industry. Even Wenger got fired from Monaco, so they don’t choose from a big ocean of talent like the search we had fror a cheif executive. They choose from their little inbred gene pool, that is fed by ex, wealthy footballers. Their aren’t exactly a lot of branches on those family trees!

If football management search and select had a child...

If football management search and select had a child...

Onto Arsenal, Nina and Carr have gone and word has it so have her shares, as she is no longer on the board, the lockdown isn’t in force, or so I’m told, and rumour has it, Usmanov has his vacuum cleaner out, so interesting times ahead me thinks. Here is the official shareholders press release:

Arsenal Holdings Plc: Board Restructuring
Arsenal Holdings plc today announces the following changes to the composition of the Boards of the Company and The Arsenal Football Club Plc.

Ivan Gazidis, the incoming Chief Executive, will join the Boards of the Company and the Club with effect from 1 January 2009.

Richard Carr has announced his resignation from the Board of the Company having served as a director for twenty seven years. Richard will, however, remain a director of the Club.

Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith will be leaving the Boards of the Company and the Club with immediate effect.


Last night when I was watching us beat the scousers 4-2 at Highbury I began thinking, wow, how many players still plying their trade have we lost, and what sort of team would we have had they stayed, let’s have a look see.


Cole Campbell Upson Lauren

Pires Diarra Hleb Bentley

Henry Aliadiere

Subs: Kanu Edu Sidwell Gio Lehmann Vieira Gilberto

I think that little lot could win the Premiership right now, there are many more that could go on the list but looking at this lot I do wonder what we are playing at. Ok some of these guys aren’t at their peak, but some are and playing amazing football.

I know we all hated Dolphin head for his attitude, but even a blind man with his head up the managers arse (no offence could have seen the he was worth more than what we sold him for…

When I saw the Liverpool game I was struck by the height and strength we had in the team that we lack now, I was struck by the fight we had in the side and finally I was struck by the finishing skill of the greatest player we ever had.

They should show that video to the team before they trot out onto the pitch on Sunday! I believe this team can stuff the scousers, they have to believe it to and fight for every ball from the off.

We had a nice little email from our old mate GMR who said he’s on his way back to posting again, we’ll see you soon then old friend.

Have a great day Grovers only three days left to fulfil our destiny and surge back up the table.

Iron man returns!

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For those of you lucky enough to have Arsenal TV you would have seen the rub-a-dubs beat a well defended Portsmouth side, 2 nil at footballs second home, Underhill.

It was a good all round performance from the second string with no bad performances AT ALL! Randall played well and scored, but he can’t shoot from distance, he needs to work on that, Lansbury has got a great shot on him, but shot of the day has to go to Gibbs, who hit a stunning drive that would have graced the premiership on any day of the week.

Bischoff was busy enough, but for me the stand out performers were Wilshere, Ramsey, Merida and Coquelin and frankly how on earth Eboue and Song pip these guys to the first team is a mystery greater than the Bermuda triangle and where do Spurs get all their money from? Combined…

Eduardo though was immense, he didn’t do much other than… he should have had a penalty in three minutes and almost got on the sheet with a curling quick footed effort in the first half… he didn’t shirk a tackle and for me picked up where he left off, minus of course a broken leg, he will be like a new signing, make no mistake, top marks Iron man.

I’m not sure Bischoff will make it, though he didn’t have a bad game but Coquelin is going to be a star, and I see no reason he can’t be the defensive midfielder we need right now.

I still want Alonso though and I still want Chiellini, but the noises being made by the latter’s brother about big money and Man City leave a big question mark over that happening, which is a shame because he is exactly what we need, lets see what the new chief executive has in his locker.

The fact that Liverpool are willing to lose £5mil on Robbie Keane in 6 months shows me they are in deep financial trouble, so a £12 mil bid this time round, may well be accepted, especially if we tonk the scousers at the weekend.

Talking of scousers, I think signing Michael Owen would be the modern day equivalent of signing Davor Suker, and Davor, if you’re reading, I really meant no offence, I liked you, but I would have liked you more if you were 5 years younger, you weren’t and that’s the only reason Madrid let you go.

He moved Merida from the wing last night to centre midfield and he was a different player, maybe Wenger will learn from Banfield to play good players in their favoured positions, he was watching last night so who knows eh!

It’s not really a match report as Pedro does those, but as he did a ‘me’ on Sunday with a semi rant, I will score the players now just to get him back. I give the team 10 each, and now my friends you know why I don’t do match reports, I’m a plastic fan than only marks when we’re winning!

Have a great Wednesday Grovers, pray for new players, pray for players we have to be played, and played in the favoured positions and pray we bring our ‘A’ game to the Grove on Sunday.

Giorgio Chiellini and Alexandre Pato to join the Harlem Globetrotters?

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I’d have it in a heartbeat, William Gallas at 31 and still in post humiliation, for Italian super centre half – 24 year old Giorgio Chiellini, that makes sense, Juventus need money and Ranieri wants Gallas, perfect.

Pato though seems a harder one, why would they sell such a prodigious talent? They don’t need the money or do they? Goofy must have cost some, but I did read somewhere they are after a latino defender which would exceed their South American quota and therefore they would need to lose one, well it won’t be Kaka so that leaves only Pato.

I like Pato a lot, and I would gladly swap him with Bendtner. Italy, where Bendtner would be better off with his directness and Pato’s silky skills would suit the EPL and of course the Harlem Globetrotters of football ‘the Arsenal’

I just hope a deal isn’t being struck that sees Adebayor and Gallas leaving with no cash changing hands. It is the sort of compromise that would suit Wenger, he gets youth in and trouble out and he may even make some money! Which of course gets him his ‘must have’ pat on the back for not making the club slip into administration, by implementing his new found tightness.

I really like the idea of Chiellini though, him and Djourou could be a partnership that would stop a dozen Drogba’s, and it gives us options, aggression and gets rid of the ‘I’m the oldest so deserve respect’ shit currently on offer.

Pato has bundles of skill, much like Vela and Theo but unlike Bendtner, he will become a superstar, I would like to get them and keep Ade though.

Ade can and does score with his head and lays the ball off well and is a bit of a bulldozer, so regardless if you rate him or not, he can do a job.

If we can get the midfielder we so crave and the goalie we so need, the second half of the year could be interesting. I would still have Alonso and I would have Robert Green, but these two look less likely, to be honest I’d be happy with anyone that gives us the help and experience we need.

The credit crunch, the inevitable redundancies and the property crash that will bite in 2009 will see a lot of people not renewing their season tickets next year and I believe that the 58,000 people on the waiting list will disappear as quickly as the deposits on luxury flats next year, so Arsene beware, you may think we’re lucky to have you and your children, but next year you may well find out how lucky you’ve been to have us and our money.

Danny boy, you may well see empty blocks of seats in the stadium for the first time since you’ve been involved and it’s all down to this mad experiment, because had we been dominant (and we could have, had we spent) then people may have taken the pain and taken the chance, you have January to make that happen or I predict you’ll regret it.

Get Chiellini, Villa, Green and Alonso in. If not Villa then Pato for Bendtner.

Eduardo returns tonight so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be describing his 4 goals. Have a great day Grovers.