Two new signings and a big fat I told you so…!

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Morning Grovers, sorry for the delay.. technical difficulties at Geoff Towers!

Our two new signings this week are an American Billionaire who we’ve signed to play mostly on the board… apparently he has great vision, superb decision making ability and he could help secure our financial future.

Our second signing is Peter Lawwel from Celtic… the Wiley old Scot has the experience we’ve been lacking in the Chief Exec position. Celtic appear unwilling to let him go without a fight though. Apparently he plays tough, he has quite a portfolio of skills and he has the ability to elevate us into the upper echeleons of European football.

Next up, a bit of gloating from me. Remember this?

‘He also feigned injury and went off… again, I believed this to be a cynical act to stop the press tearing him to shreds tomorrow and I felt that was poor from a player who knows about his bad reputation amongst the faithful…’

Well, I got a bit of a ripping from the Eboue Sympathisers club over that comment…

‘He’s out for two weeks you buffoon!’

Well, surprise, surprise… guess who is in the squad for tonight’s game?


Never trust an Eboue… that’s all I’ll say.

Onto tonight, Wenger is in a bullish mood,

“We are happy to play football – we are afraid of nobody in the world”

That’s fighting talk Arsene! I was hoping for a line more like,

‘Arsenal eat Kiev’s for dinner…’

Beggars can’t be choosers though, right?

I’ve got a good feeling about tonight… maybe a comfortable 0-2 victory! The boys are on a roll, Ade has found his shooting boots and the rest of the team are on fire. Keep the wins going boys!

So, who do you think will start? Here is your squad list, let me know your thoughts in the comments section because I have no idea!

1 Manuel ALMUNIA (GK)
3 Bacary SAGNA
5 Kolo TOURE
10 William GALLAS (c)
12 Carlos VELA
16 Aaron RAMSEY
17 Alex SONG
20 Johan DJOUROU
21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
22 Gael CLICHY
25 Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
26 Nicklas BENDTNER
27 Emmanuel EBOUE

Have a rip roaring day Grovers!


Bottenham Shotshy, ha, ha, ha!

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Spurs for the Champions league

Spurs for the Champions league

This will be the year they break into the top four, well them, City, Villa and Newcastle under the great bottler Kevin Keegan, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

David ‘I love myself’ Bentley said with the great signings of Corluka, Bostock, Modric, Gomes and the Russian bloke, we can challenge for the Premiership and get into the champions league, and Ramos said after selling Keane and Berbatov ‘It’s not our fault, we need more time’ Yeah like another 10 years and a billionaire maybe!

I think the spuds were invented to give us gooners a laugh, last night was like going to the picture house and watching Happy Gilmore, it was side splittingly funny, thank you Spurs, you made my day, four games played and 8 points behind already.

Why don’t they sack Ramos and bring in Keegan, that would be even funnier, then build a new ground to equal the Grove, they would never fill it though would they?

Anyway onto us, the real force in North London, tomorrow we enter the champions league den against our nemesis side Kiev, we almost have a full squad to choose from with the exception of Rosicky, Diaby and Nasri, I hope they’ll be ready for the Bolton game, I think it would be a bit risky to throw Diaby on although I think this is the type of game that would suit him.

I expect the only change will be Silvestre on for Gallas and if Clichy is injured then Gallas will move into the left back slot.

Maybe Bendtner and Vela in for Theo and Eboue but I can’t see the point in too many changes, I would have Wilshere on the bench though, he could surprise a few people and he does like a tough game that boy.

So I predict that we will win this one by the odd goal, I would also think about Djourou in there somewhere, but Wenger won’t play Djourou with Silvestre, that would be a bit risky for a game so important.

I’m looking forward to this one though and getting off to a flyer would set us up nicely in the group and confidence will be high for the Bolton game at the weekend.

So it would be remiss of me not to thank Bottomham for giving us all a laugh in their top four season, well done you muppets!

Have a smug day Grovers, I feel a great week in progress and a win in the Ryder Cup will top it off.

The truth will out, could he be the one?

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Ok we all agree the Blackburn game was tip-top and there was not a lot wrong there apart from some shaky moments at the back early on, well that aside I read this comment from Wenger yesterday.

‘I think we can win the Champions League because of the strength of my players and the strength of my team. I want to show that I am right for the way I run this club and what we have been building’

He also went on to say if we got a billionaire in that told him he would have to buy, then he would leave, it’s my way or no way I think he was trying to say.

That means his experiment will continue, okay Fulham aside it’s looking good so far, Denilson, who I have been saying for months isn’t ready yet is starting to look solid, yes I know he isn’t a defensive midfield player but maybe that’s the plan, no defensive midfielder, an attacking one, I mean do we need a defensive midfield player when we can score the shit out of the opposition?

Don’t forget, last season we only managed a draw against them and in seasons past scoring four for no reply would have been unheard of, if he can get results like this on a regular basis, I would support the experiment.

Theo was on fire, I think he will continue like that, Robin is almost back to his best, Ade is scoring again and Nasri, Bendtner and Vela weren’t even playing, with Song and Diaby in the wings (not on them) and Jackie boy waiting his turn, maybe, just maybe this could be our season.

I haven’t mentioned Sylvestre or Bitchslap because I don’t know, but Ramsey looked good and he’s only 17, the ball he put through to Ade was top drawer.

I am looking forward to the next two games, they for me will show if we have enough without the defensive player we were looking for, well as a starter anyway.

A quick comment on the Newcastle fans and their banners, you can’t be called a Cockney unless you were born under the sound of the Bow Bells, which are next to St. Paul’s cathedral and not in bow, very few people can call themselves Cockneys, I can because I was born in Bethnal Green E2, Ashwell and Wise were not so you all got that wrong you dimwits. The best fans in the Premiership? Where did you get that from? Every time something goes wrong they boo the team, protest about the management and generally whine, we are the best fans in the world, yes the Arsenal fans.

Kevin Keegan is a bottler, he walks away with huge pay off’s wherever he goes, don’t blame the owners blame him, just before they played us, they were going to win the league! It wasn’t the owner that stuck by Barton, it was the twit of a manager, blame him.

Ok that’s enough time spent on them.

It will be interesting to see who he plays on Wednesday, but whoever does play, I think we’ll stuff them, it’s not cold there yet so they have no home advantage, but a win will set us up nicely for the Bolton game, the Chavs looked good but they ought to with the money they’ve spent, we were the last team to beat them and by the time that game comes around we should be playing even better, so 3 nil in advance.

All the blogs are linking us to Veloso, I think it’s laughable, over 3 months to go and they’ve started already! Ignore it Grovers, we have enough if we can stay uninjured, Rosicky comes back and if Bitchslap is any good, we’ll have a very good squad, so maybe the boss has got it spot on, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong, but only time will tell.

For now though a big well played this weekend men, more of the same please!

Have a great week Grovers, football is back!

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