Official: A Message from the Board

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Stan Kroenke appointed Director of Arsenal Holdings PLC
This morning Arsenal Holdings PLC made the following statement.

It has been announced today that E.Stanley Kroenke has accepted the Board’s invitation to become a director of Arsenal Holdings PLC (“Arsenal”) as a Non-Executive Director.

Mr Kroenke is the shareholder in Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE), the leading live sports and entertainment group based in Denver, Colorado. In April this year KSE acquired from ITV plc a 50% share in Arsenal Broadband Limited and at the same time entered into a strategic partnership with the Club through Colorado Rapids, the KSE franchise. Mr Kroenke holds approximately 12.4% of Arsenal’s issued share capital.

Mr Kroenke fully supports the approach the Board has taken in setting the direction of the Club. The Board believes Mr Kroenke’s experience in sports team commercial management, sports marketing, media and new media rights as well as real estate development will be of great value to the Board.

Mr Kroenke has confirmed that he will not increase his shareholding beyond 29.9% of Arsenal’s issued share capital within the twelve months following the date of this announcement, save as specified in this announcement.*

Arsenal Chairman, Peter Hill-Wood, commented:”We are delighted to welcome Stan to the Board of Arsenal. He brings with him a wealth of experience through his direct involvement in sports clubs in the US and we expect to benefit from his commercial insights and knowledge.”

Stan Kroenke said: “It is a real honour to be invited to join the Board of Arsenal given its pre-eminent reputation and position in football world-wide. I hope that my background in sports management will be an asset to Arsenal in its commercial dealings going forward.”

*Mr Kroenke, and any person who has acted in concert with him or any person who is subsequently acting in concert with him, reserves the right to increase his shareholding beyond 29.9% of Arsenal’s issued share capital within twelve months, and to take any other action which would otherwise be precluded under Rule 2.8 of The City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, with the agreement of the Board of Arsenal or following the announcement of an offer or possible offer for Arsenal or if there is a material change of circumstances. Mr. Kroenke is not a party to the lockdown agreement which was signed by the other directors of Arsenal in October 2007.

That was the official shareholders letter. So, what does that mean for Arsenal? Discuss!

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Kalou? Why?

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One blog says we are back in for Salomon Kalou, or rather we will be in January, really? How could they possibly know that, Scolari himself said we made enquiries for him in the summer, can’t think why though, we have Bendtner, Eduardo, Ade, Robin, Theo and Vela so we are pretty stuffed in that department.

What was interesting was we made an offer to YaYa Toure, so that plus Alonso makes three players we made a bid for, I think if Wenger had made that apparent, we would have got off his back, and before anyone says he does that so the price doesn’t go up, bollocks, we didn’t get any of them did we? So it wouldn’t have mattered.

Onto Bolton, Megson says Fabrice Muamba owes him a good game, well if that’s what they’re relying on, we should get three points there. I know I rated Muamba, and still do, but if he’s their best player, we have little to worry about, and gone are the days when fat boy Davies and Kevin Nolan bully our kids.

So with a day to go I expect a response from the Kiev game so will go for 3 nil, I would say more but there again I thought we would beat Kiev.

Maybe someone at Arsenal will update us on the injury situation, or let us know why Diaby is becoming the new sicknote of the Grove.

Have a great day Grovers, the Ryder Cup begins today.

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We was robbed, Kiev cheated and the ref can’t count.

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Other than that it was a good night! Well all I can say is we didn’t lose and that has to be a bonus in the Ukraine. At least it was an away game and in fairness if we were going to lose, that would have been the one we expected.

We should have put the game out of reach by half time, we were very wasteful in front of goal and I am really getting fed up with Ade’s inability to understand the basic rule of offside, Ade you need to learn it and quickly.

The penalty award was a joke, Sagna was backed into, it was never a foul, that said, if you get into a tangle in the penalty area, you’re asking for trouble. Sagna, you need to learn from that, but I think you were the one that was fouled and you are a great right back so I for one forgive you.

I thought the substitution with Eboue was a strange one, because I didn’t see how that would win us the game but having said that Eboue reminded me of what a good full back he really is.

Song to me is an enigma, I really can’t see what Wenger or some of our own Grovers see in him, I watched him hard last night and if he wasn’t giving the ball away, he was clattering into someone, I really don’t rate him and although last night I offered to eat my hat if he played well, my hat is sitting here saliva free and quite safe.

I think the scuffed shot that Ade had was going past the keeper, but I’m glad that Gallas buried it, that of course set us up for a thrilling three minutes of injury time but the cheating Ukrainians and the ref who couldn’t count ensured that we were treated to a thrilling 29 seconds of heart pumping throw on. So thanks.

I’ll take a draw at this stage and I think the result will serve as a toe up the arse in Europe, much the same as the Fulham result was in the Premier league.

Cesc has got off to a slow start and playing alongside Song couldn’t have helped, let’s hope Rosicky, Diaby or Nasri hurry back soon, what is it with us and injuries? Are they that injured? And why is it always us and not the chavs , mancs or scousers that get mass injuries?

Have a nice day Grovers, we didn’t lose did we?