Humiliated and Exposed – Arsene clearly does not know.

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The teams were announced and I wasn’t that surprised to see the Mancs missing Ronaldo and Tevez. The team Arsene put out didn’t look too bad but I was a bit concerned about our full backs being exposed. Traore has been shit in every game he has played this year and Hoyte, though improved is still a bit of a liability.

I don’t want to give a blow by blow account of action, so I’ll just list my thoughts as they occurred.

The passing was off big time. It is surprising how Gilberto’s inclusion fucks up any rhythm the team normally has.

The first goal we conceded came from a corner… Nikki B once again failed to clear properly from a corner (Never let the man in our box again…), Anderson nodded it into the box and Rooney out jumped Hoyte (surprise) and nodded past Lehmann. Could Lehmann have done better? I thought so.

The second goal was a Nani creation. He cut the ball back, mugging Hoyte… crossed the ball in allowing ManU’s top goalscorer Gallas to bang in the second.

The Third goal happened when Traore was out of position, roasted by Anderson who slipped a cross over the head of Gallas allowing Nani to slip in.

Great defending. Thank God Arsene is only resting Sagna and Clichy. Those two are truly invaluable.

The forth goal went in when Senderos miss judged a cross and Fletcher powered a header home, I am sure one of the dreadful duo got done by Nani again…

Kolo looked out of sorts big time. Gallas was poor as well. Could Senderos be and option for Milan?

Lehmann looked dodgy as well, I hope he can learn how to kick the ball by Wednesday.

Eboue is a shite player, a failed right back turned failed winger. He offers us nothing, bar bringing the name of the club into disrepute. I am glad he got sent off today and not in an important Champions league game or crucial Prem match. He is a silly cunt, what was he thinking when he chopped the Manc player down? Out of control and in my mind he should fuck off somewhere else because he just doesn’t have enough talent to merit his baggage.

I have to say I do feel sorry for players like Hoyte, Bendtner and Traore. They are like cannon fodder… Out of their depth big time and only played when it doesn’t really matter about the result. Bendtner needs to take a long hard look at himself, he has a huge ego which isn’t justified.

This really hurt. I don’t care what anyone says, I can’t stand the fact we have been humiliated by two of our rivals in the space of a month. My text inbox is filled with Manc texts. I even had a spud fan text me at half time,

‘Do you think ManU will score more than we did against you in the cup?’

I hate Spurs fan, but at half time, I was wondering the same.

I feel sorry for the 9000 traveling Arsenal fans. Try telling them its ok because we were resting players for Milan.

I don’t buy the ‘resting players’ argument either (and if you don’t believe they were rested, wait until Wednesday). They are paid extortionate amounts of money to play a sport they enjoy, they should be happy to be battling on so many fronts. If Chelsea and ManU can do it, why can’t we? If you don’t have the squad to compete for 4 trophies, maybe we should purchase a few players with the £80 million we have in the bank? Everyone knew there were 4 trophies at the start of the season, right? It would be nice to get a big club mentality now we have our shiny new stadium.

What makes this all an even bigger joke is the fact Arsenal had the cheek to put season ticket prices up again. We pay for the most expensive tickets in the world and can’t even fight on 4 fronts? Its like buying a Ferrari and finding out your one only has 2 gears.

Just one final bitch. What were we thinking of letting Diarra go? We didn’t sign a replacement, even though it was blatantly obvious Gilberto was not good enough to replace Flamini. We could have done with him today. Diarra was a big headed egotist, but we could have waited till the end of the season before letting him go, who cares if he sulked, he signed a contract. Surely Arsene’s priorities lie with Arsenal, not Diarra’s happiness? 

Actually, I lied because I have another gripe. The BBC commentary. How much do those sorry, paid up, Rooney loving pricks hate Arsenal? They defend every ManU foul, they rave about every ManU pass and just generally wax lyrical about them. We muted them. Singing Peado songs at Arsene Wenger after kicking up such a fuss over the Busby Babes memorial reeks of hypocrisy. The Manc fans should be ashames, so should the BBC for not mentioning it.

Blogger Geoff rang up Talk Sport once to ask why they spend so much time talking about ManU, they told him it was because they are told to talk about them the most. ITV screen more Manc games than anyone else and it would seem the BBC are following the pack. MoTD pundits have been putting us down all year, and they loved today.

Back onto the game.

The question’s that need to be asked are these:

Will this affect team moral?

Will Hleb and Cesc recover from this?

Will Toure and Gallas sort it out by Wednesday?

I am sorry if this article has come across negative but at the end of the day, I am not here to blow smoke up Arsene’s ass. Everything went wrong today, and prioritising competitions is not a guarantee for success.

Please don’t come on here and post ‘Arsene knows’ comments, because he got it seriously wrong yesterday and being an Arsenal fan of 20 years justifies my right to the opinion that sometimes Arsene gets it hugely wrong. He did today, I am devastated and like I said earlier, 9000 dedicated Arsenal fans trekked up to Old Trafford and braved to cold to watch that. They should get a refund out of the players wages, I’m sure it will work out less of a hit on their pockets than it did on the fans.

That said, I still have some positivity in me!

Read the silver lining(s) below!

  • This was a hugely understrength team.
  • No Clichy, Sagna, Flamini, Almunia, Adebayor, Rosicky, Cesc or RvP. That is a shed load of talent missing.
  • We didn’t drop any points. Ask a Manc what they’d prefer, 5 points clear or a Quarter final place in the F.A Cup… most wont pick the latter.
  • The 5-1 humiliation against Spurs G’d us up, it didn’t affect our confidence at all, it just made us more hungry. Could this be another kick up the arse?
  • After seeing Ade, the Flamster and Senderos running around like lunatics, I am sure the other key players are not injured. Its not insider knowledge, its logic.
  • Finally… it wasn’t Barnsley.

We’re out of two cups, humiliated twice… lets hope things are put right mid week because I’m starting to get that ground hog day feeling.


Arsene knows and we’ll win 7 nil

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This headline is for all those people who were so offended by my negativity of team selection and for all those who felt being entertained was more important than being overcharged.  … All 4 of them!

This is for the rest of you.

We need the spirit of 71 today, like we’ve never needed it before, this game is there for the taking, those arrogant, cocky Mancs think they have it won already.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tevez and Van der Sar both say that this game will have a massive impact on the title race, which was what I was saying yesterday, which is why I didn’t want it to be a third priority game.

Okay, onto today and all things positive. Whoever plays will be up for it and deserves our support, which of course they will get, for those who are making the trip, well done people and may the force be with you!

It’s a one off and if we go at them from the off, we have as much of a chance as they do, if we chase down every ball and play like we’ve been playing, it’s there for the taking.

We’ll have a few fringe players out there trying to prove themselves so this is there chance, they won’t have a bigger stage.

I want this win so, so much, Arsenal go after them, win this game and start the massive trek to the treble.

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10 injured for greedy, greedy Arsenal.

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Bit of a whine today Grovers, which may seem strange from supporters who’s team are top of the English Premier league, but needed, needed because we are not sheep and we are allowed an opinion but the following takes the cake today, so read on.

So we have 10 injured players, what a coincidence, Rosicky is injured again after we were told he’s back just two days ago and Bacary Sagna has personal problems, whatever that means.

I think we have the most injury prone players in the Premier league, you can’t tackle from behind, you can’t have your studs up, you can’t shoulder barge and you can’t thump people anymore, they even play on billiard table pitches, so how on earth do they get injured all the time?

We need to start signing players that are a little tougher, simple, this is ridiculous.

We will, I have no doubt field a full and fit compliment (minus full time crock RVP) all nicely ready for the plump Champions league tie against Milan, funny that eh!

We have a better chance of winning the FA Cup than the Champions league, but for whatever reason the boss doesn’t see it like that.

It saddens me because I think the spectacle of the FA cup is unmatched, the whole of Saturday, the TV coverage is amazing, the fans at the ground, everything, conversely the Champions league is played out on a Wednesday evening on one channel and that’s it.

The double has more cachet for me than the league or the European cup but we look like we are putting a side in that has no chance, the Carling cup semis all over again, very disappointing Arsene.

Onto the scandalous rise in season ticket prices, Pedro wanted me to talk this one through, we fail to see how they can justify it, we’ve spent nothing, income from TV has gone up significantly, we have over £70 million available to buy players, match revenue has tripled, and they don’t even pay dividends to shareholders, so why oh why do they need to put the prices up?

And we have to pay it up front in 2 weeks time, I think it’s nothing more than greedy pigs in the trough Arsenal, a greedy and shabby way to pay back the ‘full house every game’ fans.

Shame on you, and all this on the same day that we find out you are offering a staggering £33 million to a 20 year old, tied in to another 8 year contract that means absolutely nothing if the player wants out, as Thierry Henry so adeptly demonstrated. No reflection on you Cesc, we all love you but £33 million, what do the rest of the team think about that?

Some seriously good comments yesterday Grovers, committed to the cause and in your own way very romantic with late night activity blogs coming in from Bud, Odub and Mike, I hope your evenings ended well.

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