Prophetic words or the ramblings of a mad professor?

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Arsene Wenger said,

‘In life you need to be patient to get to the very top. Don’t forget some players don’t start to win until they’re 28 or 29 and we’ve many players under 25.’

Okay, so does that mean another 4 or 5 year wait? What about all the 17 year olds we have, does that mean they will have to wait until the 28 or 29 year olds have reached 30? That will be a long wait wouldn’t it, and we know how patient our players are don’t we Diarra, Muamba and Bentley!

So will someone care to explain to me what he means? It’s very like Cantona speak with seagulls etc.

As far as I’m concerned winning is everything, silverware is everything and if players like Clichy and Cesc don’t win something, they won’t wait forever.

The thing is, we are almost there and if he makes a few great signings we’ll clean up, if he doesn’t we’ll have another year of hope and disappointment.

I think we all hope that we now sell Ade, he’ll be finished with the fans, he’s a greedy ingrate and best gone, swap him plus cash for whoever we fancy or get the max and buy someone else.

Keep Hleb because he is a good provider, Nasri in will give him a toe up the arse and may make him a better player.

Also selling the greedy one would give us enough spare cash for a solid defensive midfielder like Veloso.

Another boring day in prospect but at least we all have fun.

See you in the comments section Grovers!


Joe Cole for Adebayor?

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I’m reading that the Chavs are ready to come in for Adebayor, good, if they have £15million and Joe Cole I’d do a deal in a heartbeat. Bring it on.

Wenger has to play hardball with any team that wants our good players, he needs to say,

‘Okay, well give us one of yours,’

and as pre season starts very soon he needs to do it fast so these guys bed in.

So Barca have Messi and YaYa, Milan have … err …no-one, so screw them, Bayern have Ribery? the Chavs have Cole, but other than that let him rot in the stiffs, enough said on him so I’ll swiftly move on.

We are being linked with Werder Bremen rub-a-dub Amaury Bischoff who is highly rated (apparently) but can’t get into the Bremen side, he is being kept out by Frings though, but if he was such a prospect, why are they selling him?

I know we said that about Sagna but with such an abundence of exciting young talent, why do we need another one? Why can’t we use Lansbury, Diaby, Randall or Ramsey?

I’m not sure about Denilson, hopefully he’ll step up this season, Song is seen as a centreback so I’m guessing he’s the reason we haven’t bought one.

Wenger says he looks at the players mentality as well as their talent. So what happened to Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor then?

Get your cheque book out Arsene, this is getting tedious. Cesc had a quiet night but I think he was marked by 10 players so it was understandable, but he got his medal and we’ll have a happy bunny this season.

Great to see the cheating chav ballack get nothing, just like his overpaid chav mates at chav land, so all in all a great night for all of us that so hate the chavs.

I expect the boss to be back at work today and things will begin to happen, I’m up for anything but Obefemi Martins, so please, please don’t let that be true.


Is he from Togo or Zimbabwe? delusional twit.

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Adebayor seems to think he’s worth as much money as Thierry Henry for some strange reason, he compares himself with Arsenal’s record goalscorer, the man who regularly netted 30 plus goal a season, the man who never missed a chance, the double footballer of the year, the man who will end up as Arsenal’s best ever player, and this delusional, greedy dimwiited twit from Togo thinks he’s on the same level – Jesuuuus!

Bit like someone who thinks he just won an election in Zimbabwe, mentally ill, delusional or a bit of both?

Arsene, you came out and said what you should have done, so well done for digging your heels in, but take the money or put the disrespectful, ungrateful nobody in the reserves for a season.

He will undermine team spirit, teach him a lesson and Bendtner will be twice the player next season, and on that note, he’s very quiet isn’t he? I bet he’s loving this!

Finally boss, you need to know we will never forgive him for this, never. He is finished with the fans.

Other news now as I really can’t stand talking about this ingrate anymore, Huntelaar has now told Ajax he won’t sign a contract and rumours abound, but I can’t see us going for him, I would prefer him to Santa Cruz but he’s not the big bugger he’d be replacing is he? Eto’o is a great goalscorer but the question is why are Barca letting him go and Gomez, who freely scores in Germany is being touted but hasn’t shone in the Euros, so I’m not so sure about him either, not a lot to get excited about then.

I read on the blog that the Ben Arfa deal hasn’t been done yet, anyone for him? It would explain why we haven’t signed Nasri yet, wouldn’t it?

Tonight is the last night of the Euros and a final chance to see the great Cesc Fabregas triump over the mechanical Germans, I hope he has a blinder because we need something to cheer about after listening to the ravings of a nutter all week, also this marks the start of real Arsenal business, or it should, if we don’t have our new signings in place by pre season I think we’ll be missing a trick or two.

It seems the money issues are coming home to roost with news that Liverpool and Madrid have to sell before they can buy, so maybe the Barry deal is not yet done? Man City though are doing a Chelsea, and Chelsea are about to do a Chelsea, so we need to have all of our squad in place soon.

Happy Domingo Grovers, tomorrow it begins in ernest.