King of the hill, the number one and top of the league.

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Fantastic, it really is and no one likes it better than we do, but don’t get carried away just yet, we still have to play the other teams in the top 6.

We had a couple of AKB’s on yesterday telling us that Wengers masterplan was right and we were wrong, give me a break! We’re only in September.

We would love Wenger to be right, but we’re not convinced our squad is big enough or good enough, that doesn’t make us Wenger haters, it make us realists but above all Arsenal fans who won’t follow the leader like mindless sheep.

We have Hull up next and that should be another three points and hopefully we should start getting our injured players back and that will make a difference, but Diaby and Rosicky are permanently injured, so I can’t find myself getting too exited about their return as I know in my heart it won’t be for long.

Still we are top right now and I for one am going to enjoy the moment, us top and Tottenham bottom, it doesn’t get better than that does it?

Well winning the Ryder Cup would have been nice but there you go.

We had a bit of a ding dong going on here yesterday so we will be policing today, try and be friendly with each other otherwise people will stop coming on and that would be a shame.


Offside Eboue off the mark at last!

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Who cares eh? Its about time we got a bit of luck, after going one down and hitting the post twice it was looking like one of those days, then Eboue came to the rescue, almost pushing Ade out of the way to do it too.

I thought he had a good game and even Song had a good shot so there’s improvement in those departments, I hope Clichy isn’t out for too long as we don’t have great cover there, I guess we have Gibbs and Silvestre, but Silvestre has been injured since we bought him so get well soon Gael.

I think it’s time to make Theo a feature, when he came on we played better and their defence panicked, so I would like to see him feature more, not sure why Robin didn’t play but Bendtner scored so it’s irrelevant.

Being top of the league is fantastic but is made even better seeing the spuds at the bottom, and in this, their breaking into the top four at our expense year!

We played great yesterday, showed character and came back from a goal down so I can only think happy today, if we can just get the injured players back we will be unbeatable, imagine a bench with Nasri, Diaby, Rosicky, Van Persie, Eduardo and Bishcoff on it! We would terrorise the premiership.

Hey and I didn’t even mention Silvestre!

Other news is Hill Wood wouldn’t accept £100 million for Cesc, mmm, not sure I believe you there but at least you’re trying to send out a hands off message so well done Mr Chairman.

Europe fought back in the Ryder Cup yesterday, surely the Americans can’t be that lucky three days on the trot, so let’s have a big win today boys, Poulter is a gooner and it would have made his day that we are top of the league, so he’ll be playing on aviation fuel today.

Have a great day Grovers and pray for a nil-nil draw at Stamford bridge for the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

We make money, lots of it, why?

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Well two reasons really, we don’t spend any and we pay shed loads to watch, so please don’t tell us how clever you are Arsenal, it’s not rocket science is it.

Well today is a big test to see what this team is made of, whilst Bolton aren’t the team of bullies they used to be under the fat slug Allardyce, they still put it about some, so we’ll need to be at our best to beat them.

This would be a great game to play Djourou or maybe Sylvestre, Rosicky, Diaby, Nasri and Bishcoff, oops, sorry, we can’t can we because the truth is, they don’t exist, they were all made up by Arsene Wenger to make us believe we signed someone, good ploy Arsene, but I think I’ve finally sussed you out.

Another stupid time to be playing football 5.30, and it coincides with the Ryder cup, but having said that, the cup is going so badly, I for one could do with a diversion.

I’m thinking 3-1 to us today with Muamba to show us why we shouldn’t have sold him, I always rated that kid and I think we should have kept him, at least he’s not always injured.

Well done Arsenal for making all that money, but as you don’t pay dividends, why?

Have a great Saturday Grovers, and Arsenal and European double today I feel.