Adios to Ade, bienvenido to new superstar! Captaincy Change?

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Barca have apparently increased their offer for want-a-way, mentally ill and deluded footballer Adebayor, if this is true then I expect the revolving door will will begin revolving, Ade out, Eto’o in, why? I think Wenger has had enough and he has always admired Eto’o (He publicly stated that he was tempted to sign him last year), with so many forwards at Arsenal, fitness may not be such an issue as he could rotate them.


Fot those of you that say Ade would be a huge loss, let’s not forget how many times last season he went missing and we said he should have been dropped, much the same as the previous season with Henry.


Did anyone notice Cesc as the centre piece in the new kit picture yesterday? I wonder if that means he’ll be captain next season? I’ll go for that, I think it would secure him at the club and I think he’ll grow into it and flourish.


Santa Cruz is also a possibility and I’m not anti that either, Eto’o is the big name though, we could never have afforded him 2 years ago, how can Barca value Ade at £30million? Take their money Arsenal, they’re mugs! But sign Eto’o first, otherwise the price will go up, same with Santa Cruz.


I think we’ll keep Hleb and sign Nasri, but we still need another and I would favour a winger, and he would be Silva.


What I would really like is a centre back and you Grovers keep asking for Richards, but we won’t sign one so forget it.


It’s the only thing that Mr ‘ditherer’ was firm on, ‘ I won’t sign a center back, you can print that’ so I really would be surprised, I suspect this seasons out of position center back will be Song, so expect this conversation to rear its ugly head again in December!


This is the last day we have to make a signing until Monday, so keep ’em crossed, it may happen, once the Ade business has happened one way or the other, things will move, but please boss, sign his replacement first this time.


Happy Friday Grovers.

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Wily old fox closes in on headless chicken + New Strip shots

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(Courtesy of The Cannon)

Could this be true? That Wenger, who is described as a wily old fox that one minute says Arshavin couldn’t make 3 games on the trot in the EPL and in the next breath calls him a Tzar. Zenits man then goes on to say that Arsenal are the ‘most active’.

How do we feel about that then? I mentioned Senna yesterday and the most of you didn’t like that idea, preferring Diaby and Song to be tried. So Arshavin, who’s place would he take? Seems to me that he would be on the left with Rosicky as competition, so if Arshavin can’t play more than 3 games and Rosicky never makes two, then between then they may make a season, interesting, the chuckle brothers.

Nasri is still not on board and Wednesday came and went, his transfer is getting as bad as the Hleb and Ade show, Barca are apparently coming back with an improved offer, so any improvement on £24 mil is twice what he’s worth anyway so bite their hands off. Ask for Messi (Zenit did when Barca came knocking), then bite their hands off.

Make sure you already have a replacement lined up as a big bag of cash sometimes inflates the value of your targets, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

I really like the new kit, reminds me of that night at Anfield, bring it on! Not a lot of other news today but who knows… Arsene does, right!

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Senna in – a great move for Rambo

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The news that won’t go away is that Ayrton Senna is on his way to the Arsenal, what a 32 year old, why?

We looked at him some years ago after the World Cup, I think we would be doing good business and let me tell you why. We lost Flamini and Diarra in the same season, we have Gilberto but outside of that we don’t have too many options at the moment, but we do have a lot of kids that will be ready in a year or two.

Rambo Ramsey has been hailed as the next Gerrard, Henri Lansbury, Mark Randall, even Djourou all will be ready soon and Senna and Gilberto would be great as a 2 year stop gap, tough tackling and able to break up attacks, a bit like like the Larsson move that red nose pulled off last year (I know he was a forward) but a bit of experience short term could be just what will bring in the trophies.

If on the other hand we sign a defensive midfielder like Veloso or such, we are effectively ruling out bringing in a home grown kid, the Senna route would also save us a bundle, and we all know who loves that, don’t we!.

It’s looking like Hleb won’t be leaving and unless Barcalona stump up another £5 million Adebayor will still be here next season.

Well after all this I hope we all let him know what we think of him, and all this Arsenal love affair shit is the greedy bastard covering his disloyal arse and I can see right through it.

Why don’t we say something like ‘give us Goofey’ and £15 mil and we can use that £15 mil for his salary, that way we get the worlds best player for nothing. I know he’s fat but you don’t go from being the best to crap in one season, imagine the shirt sales and the excitement every time he touched the ball.

Now that would be something to get us going, that would be better than watching Bentley telling the spuds they weren’t a big enough club!

Great day on the blog yesterday Grovers and some interesting views, many of which I write into my stories.

One interesting point was that 75% of the first Arsene double squad was Bruce Rioch’s, does any one want to sign a ‘bring back Rioch’ petition? Okay I didn’t think so, but we have been asked by Rob to add his ‘sign David Villa’ petition so here it is.

I won’t say he’s the right player, or better than Ade, but he wants to play for us and Cesc wants him to play for us and that’s good enough for me so why not sign it! I have.

Have a great Wednesday, it could be today!!!

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