Is Iwobi the new Jeff? Line-up looks like a 4-4-2, CLASSIC stuff

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Good morning my darlings.

I didn’t write a match preview early. So I’m dropping one right now.

The lineup looks pretty damn rested.


Bellerin Gabriel Mertesacker Gibbs

Campbell Ox Chambers  Iwobi

Theo Giroud

I mean, that’s how I’m seeing it?

We have to be playing a 4-4-2. Which I like. Pretty sexy to be doing something different.

We’re bringing in some players who have the chance to prove they have what it takes. Iwobi will be interesting, I like having Campbell in there for work ethic and post kicking and I’m really interested to see what Ox will do in the middle with Chambers.

Could be a farce, but I don’t think it will be. This is important. Can we win 3 FA Cups on the bounce? Would be pretty major if we could.

Sunderland have a pretty weak team on show. That shouldn’t be cause for celebration. I mean, any team they put out would struggle to be as bad as their first team. So it could be a testy game. They’ll have players who want to stand up and be counted. So this game really is up in the air.

Only worry we have is that our bench has very little on it… Ramsey and Monreal are about as exciting as it gets. Arteta is there and you just know he’ll be the first sub on if we’re chasing the game, because that’s Wenger’s thing… total denial about the decline of his fave Spaniard. There’s also Jeff… we all want to see him because we all think he’s the black Messi in waiting.

I think we might be disappointed…

Anyway, enjoy the game, see you in the comments!

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Good morning people. Sorry I’m late today, I was getting my oven baked pizza smashed front teeth rectified in the US of A. What a pleasant experience. When those guys find out you have insurance, they’ve got you on that Smile Plan in no time. I need realigning at the bottom, a filling, an implant and a schedule. Who knew?

I feel a million bucks though. So much good smile.