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Arteta blazing over... via the Le Grove instagram (

Arteta blazing over… via the Le Grove instagram (

What’s cracking my darlings?

Nothing massively pressing to report. Interesting to see that Alexis was being his mopey self for Chile last night. Seems to have shaken off that ghastly injury Wenger said he had against West Brom. Can’t wait to see what sort of condition he comes back in.


Top 5 things Wenger said >>> What he meant >>> The Le Grove analysis

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Nothing more horrendous than having to pen a post when something awful has happened in your home town. Disgusting barbarism by people who shame whatever pathetic cause they hide behind.

Great thing about Londoners is they don’t give a fuck. Nothing will come between them and the pub, club, restaurant, shopping trip, stroll down the embankment, or whatever other triviality we take for granted because that’s simply the way it is and always will be for London folk.

Fuck terrorism and fuck anyone using these attacks for political gain.

Be safe.

Onto normality, someone pass me that Wenger interview with BEIN.

Wenger can’t stop fanning the flames of his shameful act to sign on again, which is great, because that means he’s reading his own press and he’ll have an idea we’re all totally disgusted at this impending decision. Didn’t stop him trying to reframe a few things and throw in a bit of that classic doublespeak.

Here we give you a cheeky rundown of what was said, and what was meant.

1.What he said

“Today we live in a period where people are very demanding and I can understand that but I know as well that I have guided this club through very difficult periods with very, very, very limited resources.”

What he meant

‘You bitches need to cut a brother some slack. I not only built the stadium, but I also traversed a rough few years very well when there was a limited budget. I never complained, despite Stan having the capital to help out, and I kept us in the top 4. Do you not remember? Should I repeat?’

The reality.

This happened so long ago now that it’s kind of a non-point. Yes, you did some good, even though it’d be easy to point out that maxing the wage budget on a socialist power trip meant you had no spare cash to buy players. We probably could have run that squad on a wages 35% lower than they were, but we didn’t. We even let Nik B have 52 on the back of his shirt to remind us everytime he fell over how ridiculous Wenger’s wage policy was. Anyway, we’ve had bundles of cash since 2013 and we’ve seen no return. Argument over. And fuck off with the ‘this £10m a year job has expectations and people are demanding of me’ line. Of course it’s demanding, that’s why it pays so well.

2. What he said

“I managed to always get the best out of the team and that’s what I will do as long as I am at Arsenal Football Club.

What he meant

‘These players are shite and this is as good as it gets’


Wenger said he’d never had a squad that could perform and score so well on Jan 30th 2017. Hailing his best attacking unit ever. They’re his players, through and through. So if this is the best, there’s no more to give. If he’s saying the players are shite, then my lord, I don’t even know where to start.

3. What he said

“We have good players and they are young players. They have a team that’s very young. Overall I think the spirit is good, the structures are absolutely fantastic and the mental qualities inside the club.”

What he meant

‘There is potential in this squad. But they fail because they are young kids. Remember Project Youth? Basically, that again. So don’t judge them. They have that spirit thing, which sounds good but is unquantifiable so please don’t challenge it. Also, don’t you dare slag off the infrastructure because I don’t want a DOF. You heard about mental strength? That too. Forget what your eyes tell you. I see it. Again, don’t ask what that means.’


Wenger is trying to convince the stupid fans that this blip is unique and that the way he has things setup is just perfect, bar a bit of bad luck. He is already trying to wangle out of having to upgrade his team, because he controls the playing side, his future and the way the club is staffed.

4. What he said

‘For me Arsenal is the best club in the world and what we have built is absolutely remarkable, not only on the results front but on the values that this club, what we have built. Of course a football club is about winning, it’s as well about values.’

‘Nobody talks about that anymore but sport is as well about values and I think integrity, respect, humility, togetherness are very important qualities and if you would visit our club you would see that they really exist on a daily basis. That is part of what I am proud as well.’

What he meant

‘Arsenal do things nicely, why can’t that be enough? By nicely, I mean, I keep all my subpar staff around me, no questions asked. I pay everyone too much money, and I f*cking love all the power I have as a result. I even have a pet journalist who writes nice #TeamPositiveGooner things about me so I don’t have to do too many of these stupid interviews I greedily receive a fortune for doing. Anyway, come visit my kingdom one day, you’ll get it’


‘Values’ is doublespeak for not being ruthless. In a world of elite performance sport, you’d not be keeping the old leeches on the board. You’d not have Rowley, Colbert, Primorac or Peyton anywhere near the club. You’d never keep average players like Gibbs on £70k a week and there’s no way Jenkinson would have been allowed to stay training with the 1st team. 

Wenger thinks being ruthless amounts to lacking values. I struggle to follow that notion and as much as I am proud of my club for having a touch of class, that in no way should detract from the value I place on supporting a club that has brand built on wanting to be the best. That’s what’s missing there. Nearly all the elite clubs have values. It’s a non-point and it’s certainly not worth 3 more years of misery.

5. What he said

“My news is that I have no news for you! No matter how long I stay, I will be committed and completely focused as long as I stay at the club. How long I stay doesn’t really matter because as long as I’m there I am completely focused on what is to achieve the best with the club.”

What he meant

‘I have no news for you because I’ve been advised if I told you, it’d cause a riot. But anyway, I’m committed and as long as you think I’m focused on recreating magic doing the same things, that should be enough. Shut up and goodbye.’


He doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone other than himself. He doesn’t care about the fans and he doesn’t really care about the club, because if he did, he’d move on. I wish I could dig out the interview where he spoke about being a player and ask his chairman to promise to tell him when it was time to retire, because he didn’t want to go stale. If someone can find that, please share. Maybe we could post it to him.

Anyway… we had a pretty good response yesterday to the visual protest. As a recap, if you don’t want to protest in the street, at the very least, boycott buying the new home shirt. Also, Arsenal fans in the ground should wear yellow to make a visual protest against the lack of guts from the owner. I’ll be changing the red avatar tomorrow because Twitter is important (if someone can replicate the LG logo in seventies yellow and blue that’d be amazing),

Gonna ask Sir Chips and his brother what hashtag they’d recco…

#ArsenalAreYellow #AFCareYellow #WeAreYellow

… drop us a note, on a plane banner, against City, you sneaky counter protest bugger.

Final bit, shout out to Lukas P who dropped a belter of a goal in his final game for Germany against England. Wonderful build up play, a bullet of a shot.

Right, have a great day, see you in the comments.

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