Arsenal to win the league 🔴⚪️⚽️🏆🎉

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

It’s what we’ve been waiting for… the return of the Premiership.

It’s here. It’s landing. It’s tomorrow for us, but football being back is mega regardless!

Just want to give a big shout out to my back up team this summer who helped me out with a about four posts. You’re about as reliable as a Jack Wilshere ankle!


Benzema move could be on if Madrid want to repay debt 💶⚽️

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It’s FRIDAY. I went out and ate a load of chicken last night. What it does to your body is worse that all the bad things in life. I’m in pieces.

So, in Arsenal news. Wenger said he’d never heard of Benzema.


I like that he’s bantering about the move. The jist here is pretty simple. We have the money to buy Benzema. As soon as the club give the nod, we’ll move for him.

Things to know… Madrid have €500m debt to service. If we could take care of €65m of that. We’d be doing them a favour. They know they’d get that in cash as well.

It’s a win win if you ask me.


How the tables have turned.

Interesting how low the net spend is this summer, right?

Considering how much money the Prem is taking in this year, you’d have thought we’d have been splashing like crazy. 

What’s going on? Football clubs behaving in a sustainable way?


Jump on this. Me being all #TeamPosi about Arsenal! 

We’re back! @boydhilton@Josh_Landy + @LeGrove & @MrNigelMitchell on transfer(s), title hopes & Kanu selling…

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Also, two bits of banter I was loving yesterday.

Jack Wilshere broken AGAIN 🚑🚨

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clouds brewing

Come on chaps and chapesses, let’s give Jack a rest here. It’s unfair. We gave Abou Diaby until he was 29. Jack has a way to go before we can start talking about him moving on… i mean, I had people going off at me for suggesting it was time to let Abou go in the new year!

So what do we know? Well, he suffered a fractured fibula in a training ground incident (with Gabriel apparently), according to reports.What do we know about these sort of injuries?


Fracturing a bone is nothing to do with his physical make up. It might have something to do with how he plays, but let’s not lose our minds that this somehow makes it over for him.
The worry is the stop-start nature of his career. One of the sport scientists I follow said something like, ‘if you’re always injured when you’re young, your muscles don’t develop resilience’, that’s a massive guess at what I remember, but you do fear that if something is broken at the start, it tends to be for the rest of time. Look at Robin, stunning for what? 2 seasons in a whole career?

He needs a break. Not a leg break. But he needs a sustained period of fitness. I’m sure if he’s given that, he’ll shine. But as it stands, our decent back up DM is broken.

That leaves the disgusting possibility that we’ll see Arteta pinning our midfield. This is where the fear starts to creep in. We have a very good squad, but you can’t drop great players into unfamiliar positions and expect them to flourish. I mean, who carries the flag for Coquelin when Arteta picks up his standard 6 month calf injury?

Ramsey? A box to box player who plays for himself most of the time? Santi Cazorla? Maybe in a one off, but against a good team? No chance. He doesn’t have the legs or the physicality. It’d be a shambolic situation. 
I don’t know why I’m surprised this position hasn’t been filled. I mean, realistically speaking, it only got filled by accident. Wenger hasn’t made a conscious effort to bolster there for years. He’s been listening to too many hipster podcasts that announce that there’s no such thing as a defensive midfielder in modern football.

Sure there isn’t. Get back to your St Pauli game and butt out of this.

You’d think the discovery of Coquelin and what that can do for the team would have had him front of the queue for Schneiderlin. There’s still time, but it doesn’t look likely we’ll move to make sure we’re safe.

… but for me, Arteta shouldn’t be anywhere near a title challenging first team. He was past it two years ago and that’s the brutal truth. There don’t appear to be any internal solutions.

Time to bust that cheque book Arsene.
If rumours are to be believed, Madrid are reportedly softening to the idea of Benzema joining us if we stump up the £45m fee. Would be a MEGA signing. It’d put us in the frame for all trophies, that’s how major it’d be. Fingers crossed, eh! 

P.S. Looks like people are starting to round on this West Ham / Olympic Stadium deal. Looking forward to the gory details spilling out about this one. Go BBC!