Reffing hell: The staggering numbers on the MIB + Opinion on Wenger madness

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So amusing watching certain sections of the media lose their minds over Arsene Wenger. You have Matt Dickinson of The Times calling on Wenger to serve community service and you have Tony Evans of The Standard demanding a 10 game ban to stamp this problem out before the game spirals into ‘anarchy’… the latter goes on to say that blaming refs is a deflection tactic, and players make more mistakes than refs.


Arsenal vs Burnley: Drama, drama, drama

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Sometimes you just have to look at a game and be very glad you were on the end of the three points. We mostly controlled the game, as you’d expect, but we made particularly hard work of breaking through. At 1-0 up, you felt fairly confident we’d see out the result, but another stupid red card from Xhaka, combined with a dopey mistimed tackle in our box from Coquelin helped Burnley neutralize the game late on.


Another new deal proves revealing | Results working hard for Arsenal so far

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Let’s get back into the swing of things now the PR wave of cringe propoganda has slowed down. We have Burnley tomorrow in a game to be wary of, but not one to shit our pants about whilst preaching that any team is capable of an upset. That said, away from home, it’s worth remembering it took a late Kos goal to settle the result our way.

This weekend was supposed to be a good one, fully hoping that someone would stop Spurs or end City, whilst quietly accepting this would be a chase the pack weekend with United and Liverpool playing easy games.


Swansea, who were pretty decent in spells again, turned over Liverpool in hilarious fashion. Going 2-0 up, you felt Liverpool would power back into it… Firmino taking the lead, bring them back to 2-2. As you watched the Liverpool attack pound Swansea, the last thing you expected was a quick counter, a Klaven assist and a Swansea player to bang home a winner.

Well played Paul Clement. What a spectacular win!

United are currently boring the hell out of me, going toe-to-toe with Stoke in a game of HIT IT TO THE BIG LAD. Nice to see them struggling when played against average to good teams. Sad to know they’ll still beat us when it comes to the crunch. Anyway, all fingers pointing towards those guys having trouble breaking the top 4 this season.

Per Mertesacker has signed a new deal at the club.  It’s hard not to love the mighty German, a superb servant and a strong personality in the dressing room. He also sings on the website occasionally, which is funny. He had this to say on his new deal.

I would like to say how very grateful I am to have extended my contract here. It makes me really proud and also a bit emotional. I’ve been out for six months now and to have such trust and belief from the manager makes me very humble and thankful.

Trust me, I’ll do everything possible on a daily basis to make myself better and everybody around me better. I’m working really hard to come back and show that I’m still capable on the pitch, because I want to help make this great club as successful as possible.

It’s tough not to feel something for him, but I do wonder here. We’re a team that hasn’t won the league in 12 years. We have big issues and one of them, sadly, has been him over the past few years. He’s slowing down and his pace is a real issue in a league choked full of it.

My worry is that the bigger picture here is that Arsene has signed basically everyone to new deal. That’s great for stability, but as has been evident over the past 10 years, it’s clear that stability really doesn’t hold as much value in football as Wenger would have us beleive. Chelsea are far from stable but have more trophies than we could dream of. Leicester won the league after sacking their manager. Stability, when I look at Arsenal, means stagnation.

Wenger hoards players like my nan hoards newspapers and ice cream tubs. It’s like Wenger was psychologically damaged in the years he had to sell… and his reflex now is to never let anyone leave.

Santi is a brilliant player, but 2 years of long term injury layoffs… and, well, why are we giving him a new deal? Same with Per. Same with Chambo when he signs on. Why aren’t we shifting these players on BEFORE they start standing out like a naked old man in a school playground?

We kept Rosicky and Arteta on for far too long… we didn’t sell Ramsey or Jack when they were at peak value. Now we seem to be making the same mistakes again.

I’m all for sentimentality. I live in New York and go to Man Cry Seminars twice a week. I’m just not game the old boys charity club. We seem to lend more to being sentimental than we do to winning things. It’s no way to run a club in my opinion… but I guess when the tone is set by the owner tying a duff manager down to a new deal based on nothing other than what he did back in the day, you can’t be surprised that filters down.

The end result? We drift…

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