Can Wenger out think Mourinho in Arsenal vs Chelsea classic?

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‘Arsenal have not beaten Jose Mourinho in 12 attempts’

It’s a pretty shoddy stat considering Mourinho is hardly a young pup at 52.

Today is the day we make the difference. Jose will come to the ground armed with a beastly game plan. That’s what I’m most interested in really. This time around, he has so many considerations to contend with.


Mourinho riled because tomorrow is about next season

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Right, back on the blogging again.

… left early last night, which was sweet. The friend I left messaged me at 6 this morning to say he was just getting in.

All sorts of smug over here. A run, coffee, a read of the newspapers… all before 10.

Don’t hate my morning, hate your indiscipline from last night.

Right, Wenger has been on the wind up with Jose by stating that defending is easy.

Jose has responded in a way that would indicate he’s pretty riled. People think that doesn’t matter because Jose has won the title again. For me, Jose is a long term planner. He knows this game at the weekend is more about next season. He said at the start of the year we had a title winning squad, now he’s seeing the sort of form and thinking that could make that statement a reality.

Tomorrow is important for so many reasons. Mainly momentum. If we can carry or streak through to the end of the season we’ll have second in the bag and an FA Cup win to boot. Form can carry through seasons. Arsenal need a massive start next season. Most of Wenger’s0 teams are weak mentally, so if we lose tomorrow, I have a concern we might stutter. Losing second to United would be terrible for us.

We know that Jose is coming for the point tomorrow. We know it’ll be a turgid, joyless afternoon of stifling football. But Wenger and his back room know this and they’ve no doubt been planning a route around the wall of brutality Jose will lay out.

Have you ever read that sort of last sentence before in relation to Arsenal?

A plan. So sweet.

Team news is mostly positive. Ospina, Bellerin and Monreal return to give us the stability we’ve relied on so heavily in the second half of the season. Per Mertesacker is a doubt. If Diego Costa returns it’ll be to face two defenders who can handle his pace and general scumbaggery.

Midfield might well be two holding players to counter troublesome creatives like Hazard and Cesc. Hopefully we’ll look to pressure John Terry’s lack of pace at the back. I also think the Spaniard whose name I can’t spell at full back is there to be got at.

Can Chelsea be broken down? Can we avoid the sucker punch on the counter? Can we kill this ridiculous Mourinho jinx?

There’s never been a better chance. This feels like our time. A potential turning point in Wenger version 3.0. All eyes are on tomorrow, all minds on what this means for next season. Exciting times.