Arsenal are having a really weird summer

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'We play with the handbrake off, Boro'

‘We play with the handbrake off, Boro’

I know, I know… you all come here because of how integrated I am into the fabric of the game. Raiola dinner parties, Mendes poker games, beers with Vik Akers… sure, that’s my life,  but did I tell you about the time I was on the plane with an agent who reckoned he knew Elneney and he told me the Egyptian was possibly leaving?

No, I didn’t. But I am telling you now because Leicester has been linked with him for £10m. I really like the Egyptian. No nonsense, no fuss. Just a great engine, some neat passing and a good frame for getting in the mix of the physical challenge that is the Premier League. I think he’s the sort of squad player you want to keep on the books, but that’s just me.