Stoke time…

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Missing Stoke today. First and only 3 o’clock of the season. Real shame that. The Beer weather is what I’d call optimal.
Big game today. Post breaks are always tricky. Stoke are missing Affellay and Charlie Adams. Which means we have a better chance of smashing them I’d guess?
We need a fast start. None of this easing in nonsense. We need a showing today. This is a good chance to kick the season off properly. We have some hard games this term and Champions League drops back into the mix which will make things decidedly trickier.
Wenger has been bantering with media about the soft upbringing of kids in the modern era. Interesting that most people I speak to in the game tell me Arsenal are beyond over the top compared to others. We pamper the players to the max!
If you want tougher kids, beast them or make them work for their living. Happens everywhere else. Also, stop buying in middle class kids and get a bit of working class slaaaaaag in there. That’d shake it up a bit.
Truth is, if you’re good enough, you make it regardless of what you train on. Reverting back to the good old days is a bit twee. It’s the defence of someone who has run out of ideas. Or someone who is tired. When you control the environment and how players are trained, you should do something about soft players. Funny, if that comment came from Fat Sam we’d all be recoiling at the comment.
Wenger also went on the build press around a lack of options in the striking department, citing Spain and Germany as examples of successful teams succeeding without a specialist striker. He also made the bold claim that people questioned his faith in Nic Anelka and Thierry.
Not sure I remember that ever being they buzz. On striker was so electric Wenger has to drop his senior counterpart. He was literally the most exciting thing in the Premier League from day one. Same with Thierry. The boy was a young World Cup winner. Hardly a massive story that we were playing him. Pace, movement and pure unadulterated talent.
Anyway, Wenger said he’d prefer a spread of scorers. Which is fine. But let’s get them scoring ASAP!
Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow.

American sports fans are part of the game plan!

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So, Stan had his revenge. I got to the airport, he switched on his storm machine in New York and he cancelled my flight.

Dastardly doesn’t begin to describe this situation.

Anyway, I did some tourist stuff in down town St. Louis last night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 08.18.09

That’s the Gateway Arch. Kind of like the Eiffel Tower of St. Louis. It’s really big. I don’t quite get it, but it’s cool looking and big.

Then, this little beauty.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 08.10.32


That’s the Cardinals Ball Park. Pretty cool eh? You can watch baseball from the hotel bar! The Cardinals are basically the only club that KSE don’t own in St.Louis and guess what, they’re pretty damn good! Better than the Yankees apparently.

So that was cool. The stadium holds about 40,000 people. They have all the same corporate seats, but they somehow manage to make sure the ground is full for 120 games.

CRAZY. How do you not get bored?

Then I spend the evening watching New England vs the Steelers. I was with people who could explain what the hell was going on. The game was good. From what I can gather, Tom Brady is like Ozil, and he throws the ball real good to this absolute monster called Gronkowski who catches it and makes a touchdown.

Arsenal have a Tom Brady (less of a cheat by all accounts) but we don’t have a Gronkowski.

Anyway, American sport is crazy. Apparently the crowd whistle fiercely when an opposition play is about to happen so they players can’t hear the calls and go early.


I love that.

Anyway, what’s going on with Arsenal?

Well, I can’t make the Stoke game now, which is a shitter.

I can’t make out the injury news. Per is back in training, but might not start. Laurent can start, so I’d imagine he’ll play with Big G. Then we have Jack, Tomas and WELBZ out.

Great thing about playing Stoke now is they won’t have had a week to practice hardcore bastardry. That has to be countered by our players pinging up all around the world. So we have a fatigue excuse preloaded.

I had a dream we drew this game. I hate dreams like that. I hope we trounce them.

I feel like Arsenal are playing like a stuttery car at the moment, we’re not warmed up quite yet… this would be a very good time to get the engine purring just before the Chelsea game.

It’d be very Arsenal like to lose this and beat Chelsea next week.

I hope that doesn’t occur.

We need to perform for the fans and we need to get a bit of confidence back in the system. Keeping pace with Chelsea is important, keeping within touching distance of City is of even higher importance.

A big game.

Right, I’m off to Minneapolis. Apparently their airport has a nice cheese and wine bar. LITERALLY THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME GOING.

Have a ripper of a day my darlings. x