‘Careful what you wish for’ dissected | Empty stadium protest that wasn’t a protest

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A win is a win is a win.

Well, if you were there to see it. Talk of the game was mostly about how many people decided to boycott the game. Real sad times. I saw someone online stating that the most packed section of the ground was in the West Brom bit that they’d sold back, the response was, ‘yeah, the bit where the tourists go. The hardcore defected.’

Now, I’ve seen people say they thought 5000 were missing, I think that’s a massive underestimate judging by the pictures. I mean, if it was 5000, we’ll hear it leaked in the press (becuase that’s not too bad). I’ve been at games where it’s 5k short, that looks more like 10 or 15k people not turning up. I’ve never seen the ground so empty.