Arsenal embarrassingly called out by Lyon for low-balling

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Arsenal have been embarrassingly called out by Lyon over their derisory bid for Lacazette earlier on in the summer.

“The reality is that the club Arsenal made an offer worth 35m euros (£29m), which Lyon did not follow up on for one reason: OL will keep Alexandre Lacazette who is irreplaceable and who is one of the main leaders in Bruno Genesio’s squad.”


Summer angst ramping amongst fans as rumour mill dies a death…

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It’s amusing going through an Arsenal summer.


  • We should give Wenger one more year, he deserves it
  • Tbf, I think he genuinely knows what’s wrong this time and he’ll make the right moves
  • We finished second, seriously man, put that in perspective
  • We’d have won the league if it weren’t for the woodwork. FACT

Start of the summer:

  • Wow an early signing, this one is going to be BIG (*posts pic of Wenger looking smug)
  • The window isn’t even open, why are you moaning?
  • Errr, who else has done good business?

One month in:

  • August 31st is over a month away
  • Gazidis is hardly going to give away our transfer strategy
  • Yeah, well, I think the market has gone crazy
  • X player isn’t worth that much money. I’m glad we didn’t sign him
  • Mate, who would you have signed out of interest? There have been no strikers for 4 years. FACT.

2 weeks before window shuts:

  • You know what, an Asano / Sanogo front two could be interesting
  • Giroud scored 20 goals last year and he did have a good Euros

1 Day after transfer window

  • How can you judge a player you’ve never seen play?
  • Did not realise you were an expert in the Azerbaijani league Pedro

Quite a carry on this summer, you have to say.

Mahrez stories dampened out. The Draxler stories have strengthened up even though Wolfsburg sold Schurle. There’s not much noise around the club, which usually means there’s not much going on.

Arda Turan stories probably have some strength to them. For me, he’d be a little like the Arteta signing of 4 years ago. A bit of a desperate attempt to save face after a horrendous showing. He’s 29 years old, 30 in January. Obviously a class act, but a fading one who’s had little match practice since he moved to a Barcelona under a transfer ban. Also, not sure how he’d cope going from Simeone over management to Arsene Wenger whose team talks are a smack on the backside and a ‘get out there and enjoy yourself son.’

On the explayer front. Mr Arteta has deleted ALL his Instagram pictures of his Arsenal days. A respectful gesture for his new club, but really, a bit of a pointless one. Hardly like he’s moving over to Spurs. Still, I suppose a fresh start. He’ll be back at Arsenal one day, I’ve no doubt about that.

The other bit of explayer news came with Adams turning down a move back to Arsenal to take charge of a Chinese club. Not the smartest of chap it has to be said. That’s called not having a strategic brain. Or not being confident in your ability. Going to China kills his career in Europe. It might swell the coffers, but he’s probably not skint. He could have come back to Arsenal and made a pretty good living, grown with the club and maybe landed a more senior job at some point. Instead he’s killed it for a short-term punt at a role that will likely end in tears.

Have a good day!