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  1. Northern Gooner

    Pat the legend Veira anyone !! free transfer help with coaching this team of pussies !! could role him out for the shit games where we need to kick back properly

  2. DonBullzeye

    Comment: i think arsenal need to be more active in the transfer market like wenger promised so far there hasn’t been any activity for arsenal transfers. i think we should buy eden hazard,benzema,cahill,enrique. players like christian eriksen, xherdan shaqiri, granit xhaka should be scouted and watched these are players for the future. we need to win a trophy this season otherwise we will lose fabregas and nasri for sure

  3. old gooner 1955

    If the Arsenal need rebuilding we ought to start at the top if it means Wenger has to go so be it ,we have won nothing for five years two more wont make the club fall appart . We ought to do what Liverpool did last year, at least they are spending money on the team, Come on Wenger be a man tell us what the F***k is going on? if you have no money to spend let us know . I should now and give the club time to find a manager who can manage on what little money we have.

  4. Seymour Wang

    Hi Le-grove overlords,

    I’m not going to blow too much smoke up your arse but this along with ANR are the only Arsenal blogs I’ll read regularly as you generally echo my sentiments so it’s good to know the Arsenal aren’t just driving me mad.

    Anyway my point is I want to email you a couple of Arsenal looky-Likeys but your email contact link doesn’t work. Any chance you can send me a contact address to —-

    Would appreciate it if you don’t publish the email address or remove if automatically published.

    Many thanks in advance.

  5. euan boyle

    My abiding memory of an Arsenal Match was my FIRST. I take you back to May 1947. By Xmas of 1946 our team were BOTTOM of the 1st Division. The signing of Ronnie Rook from Fulham about the turn of the the year made all the diffence and by May we were at mid- way. But back to the match. Our opponents Grimsby Town!!! Yes that Grimsby. An exciting match for a 14 year old which was won by 7 goals to nil. Ronnie scored 4. I can still remember the team that day but wont bore you with that except to say Dennis Compton was playing.Who? He and Arthur Milton share an honour with only one other footballer. No prizes given for correct answers. Historians will know that we won the 1st div the next yeat 1948. After our bad start this season- portents for next?

  6. clousot


    Could you please send the full posts to your mailing list members? Since you transferred to the new system, just the first five lines are emailed and readers need to go to the actual blog to read the full posts. It does not work underground and on other places where internet access is sporadic, and it is not so great on smart phones.

    Emailing the full post was a great service from Le Grove and I miss it.

  7. Marc

    As well as being an Arsenal fan, I run an advertising School.

    I want to chat to you for two reasons – two projects that we are working on.

    Take a look at our website to get an idea of who we are, and if we look like people you want to chat to then email me – marc dot lewis at schoolcommunicationarts dot com


    Good tribute to Gary Speed – well done guys.
    We have to remember that we follow a game, it’s not quite real life – although we love our club.

  9. Robin Montgomery

    Why have you messed around with your site.. very hard to read anything now, takes ages to load and then the dreaded spinning wheel and freeze. Body text is grey and you can’t scroll… much better before worked like a dream. Simple.

    Are you having teething problems or is this it? Definite regression for me. Will try again tomorrow but I am having withdrawal having been hooked on your blog since July.

    More power to your arm but make the bloody thing work like it used to.. please.

  10. Tom Kennedy

    Hi there,

    Long term Grover here! I don’t suppose you guys can get hold of 2 tickets for the Everton match this weekend? Or perhaps know someone with 2 spares?


  11. Dan Ferguson

    A quick question this morning. What is in Arsene Wenger’s contract about profits for the club generated by player sales? If Harry Redknapp is able to claim a legal entitlement to the paltry sale of Peter Crouch, then how much has Wenger made from the deconstruction of the ‘Invincibles’, to the sale of Nasri and Fabregas? Is it possible that he is rolling in cash directly stemming from the downfall and atrophy he has creatred?

    I find this idea totally sickening.

  12. Dan Ferguson

    And if not directly, the through a bonus-laden business, surely he will be sufficiently recompensed for turning a healthy profit each season? This comes from expensive beer and player sales. Only 75% of the cash generated goes back into the player pool I believe?

  13. E-man

    Something must be wrong with the advertising system you’re using on the new site. When I access the site on my iphone (I live in Sweden) I sometimes get redirected to a site called Web Tease offering pornographic content. I have to reload Le-Grove a few times when this happens before the redirecting stops. This happens with almost every new post and is really annoying. You must act on this or I will have to stop visiting Le-Grove on my iphone (which I do every day as I really like your posts).

  14. Ben Donnelly

    Wowzers, got this back! at least they care enought to send me this standard email.

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to the Club with your thoughts.

    We appreciate your frustration at what was a deeply disappointing night for Arsenal and you are clearly entitled to give your opinions on the performance of players and coaching staff alike.

    As Arsène Wenger made clear after the game though – the team must stick together now and look to rally this weekend in an extremely important FA Cup fifth round match away to Sunderland.

    Arsenal have overcome early challenges in the Premier League this season to rise to fourth in the table, and we are confident the team will again show their character with a big response on Saturday.

    Best wishes,

    Arsenal FC

  15. frednerk

    Djourou,Sqillaci when you see these two with an Arsenal kit on you know,a shit performance is not far away,when you see Vermaelen and Van Persia drop there heads during a game you know were in trouble big time,I have been in and around football all my life playing,coaching managing and watching,the one thing that I learnt early doors was that if a team were better than you,you upped your work-rate,bit like sunderland yesterday,and if your the better team and you up your work-rate,you can look like AC Milan wednesday,so you see even if you think arsenal have a shit team,you have to blame the manager for the performance,example:Sunderland(Steve Bruce)Sunderland(Martin ‘o’Neil).

  16. Andy C

    I think Arsenal fans have come in for unfair criticism for being so vocal at the fact we have be marginalized by our club, who’s only wish is for fans who buy in to their aspirations of 4th place and a healthy balance sheet to attend matches. We are no longer aloud to have our view. Unless there is change by the start of next season I do not intend on returning to ‘Cashburton Grove’.

    But I still want to support OUR club….I think there is a way we can while sending a message to Silent Stan and our greed obsessed board.

    I had the idea while visiting clients in the USA, that being that when you talk to most Americans and ask them what American Football team they support they will name a College team. I dug a little further and asked why they do not support an NFL team to which they would reply with there views on how greedy it has become and how they can no longer relate to the team but can to the college teams as the players are not paid and are only concerned about playing for the team and being the best.

    Why not adopt that with Arsenal!!!

    What better message to send to the board then selling out Barnet’s Underhill stadium every week, with the fans who refuse to renew season tickets or attend games because of the clubs strategy, to watch our reserves which is basically our youth team. The players in the reserves only play with the sole intention or earning a contract and the right to play for Arsenal’s senior team. That way we would not be funding Silent Stan’s corporate army, yet we show support for the youngsters who truly want to play for our club. Imagine the potential media attention it could raise for fans standing against greedy owners while still supporting their club.

    Yes it is not the Premiership but lets face it, it would be more entertaining then our current first team!

  17. Ma'ayan Amswych

    Apologies if I’m contacting le grovers via the wrong medium, but I have a spare ticket for Sunday and am trying to find a willing taker. Any genuine interest, please message me via facebook or hotmail for further information. I will try to respond as promptly as possible, but am flying to Holland tomorrow for 4 days.
    Many thanks,

  18. james

    Hi Geoff and Pedro,

    Congratulations on your blog – there’s some great stuff here! We would love it if you would post your articles to Your articles would be added to your fanalistas profile giving your work exposure to our growing online community.

    I have no doubt that your coverage on Arsenal would get a lot of reads with us. Please email me at so I can tell you more about our site and get an account set up for you.

    Thanks & keep up the good work!

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  19. Toni Okike


    I own an Arsenal blog called Gooner Daily.

    Like every standard football blog, my blog gives its readers up to the minute news about Arsenal. The news ranges from transfer gossip, daily news, match previews, match reviews and much more.

    I opened a Twitter account for the blog and I presently have 2,101 followers. You can check the handle out @goonerdaily. I also opened a Facebook page for the blog on the 30th of April and it has 430 ‘likes’ so far. At this point in time, my blog has gotten 313,073 hits.

    My blog is currently featured in Just Arsenal Blogs,, amongst other Arsenal news aggregators. I’m also in the blog roll of top Arsenal blogs like Arseblog, A Cultured Left Foot , Highbury House and others while blogs like Gunnersphere, ArsenalFC view, A cultured left foot and others follow my blog on Twitter.

    I’m a very committed Arsenal fan and talented writer so I feel that I have something to offer to you that’s why I’m sending this application in the first place.

    It would be an honor if my blog’s feed can be added in your website.

    The website of my blog is . I hope it impresses you enough to add me.

    Thanks for your time.


    Toni Okike

  20. Paul

    I have just been searching for Arsenal wear and they have a lot of new items that are pre-order. There is a scarf that replicates the shirt doing the rounds as a maybe with the black/dark blue stripe on the sleeve so I guess we can the shirt from a maybe to being next years shirt. Let’s hope the away shirt is better!

  21. Mark

    Dear Mr Wenger,

    Due to the pending sale of Europe’s hottest striker I have a few points I would like to make that I feel thousands of fellow Gooners will echo. I do not expect a reply. I will not assume. I will deal with facts, as they cannot be argued with and as a hard working fan who has paid out thousands of pounds and gone to hundreds of games like many others, I feel we are owed an explanation into how the club is run and why we have to suffer each and every season for the same old reasons and excuses. This is not a witch hunt and I am not asking you to resign. Far from it. But maybe, just maybe if someone in the PR department at the club had the decency to explain what financial situation we are in and why we keep making the mistakes we do, then maybe us fans can stop moaning and accept what the club used to be and what it now is and get on with paying good money to watch our beloved team perform to the best of our abilities.

    I have listed below the player dealings that have gone on over the past few seasons that I feel deserve explanations.

    1. Almunia – got promoted to no 1 after a mistake by the established Germany no 1. He then proceeded to make an embarrassment of himself and concede us points for 3 seasons yet you stuck with him even though Lehman conceded one dubious long ranger from Mellor against Liverpool and got dropped. Almunia was paid handsomely for the pleasure too.

    2. Djourou – comfortably one of the worst defenders we have seen in 20 years. Doesn’t care about winning or losing which shows when he needs to be brave and isn’t. More mistakes than Almunia himself. He gets rewarded with a new contract and pay rise in January this year. Every fan remembers the day Giggs picked up the ball on the left wing at the Emirates and prepared to pick his cross while Djourou put his arms behind his back and casually strolled over to him not even breaking into a jog. If such an act of petulance and such an attitude was shown in another workplace he would have been reprimanded or sacked. Instead, he gets a new contract.

    3. Nasri – our best player 2 seasons ago. Showed enough promise the season before that to warrant a contract extension. (If you base it on the fact Djourou got one). You let him run it down to his last year. He helps City win the league.

    4. Fabregas – he is sold for £35 million to Barcelona. Andy Carroll is sold to Liverpool for the same. Cesc was a world and European champion. And he didn’t have a pony tail. If Daglish wants to pay stupid money for crap then he can, that’s his prerogative, but if that’s the going rate then we were seriously ripped off.

    5. Diaby – bought in 2006. Injured every single season. Gets a contract extension and pay rise during this time.

    6. RVP – as above. Difference is he showed the promise in 2011 when he came back from injury and scored 21 goals between Jan 2011 and May 2011. Yet nobody gave him a new contract offer, knowing fine well he is going to have a year left in May 2012.

    7. Flamini/Diarra – both sold to play for 2 of the biggest clubs on the planet. Played in a position we desperately needed a disciplined player. Both were.

    8. Park – bought last season. Played 6 times. 5 as a sub. Barely even made the squad. Why? If he was so poor why buy him? Why ruin his move to the French champions at the time?

    9. Denilson – got a massive contract when quietly went about doing nothing during a game. Didn’t care. Didn’t try. Didn’t contribute.

    10. Arshavin – awesome player when bought. Brilliant for Zenit and Russia…being played through the middle…so we play him as a winger and make him look like a flop. Then loan him when Gervinho was worse.

    11. Walcott – blows hot and cold but gets assists and goals every year. Again, left with a year on his contract. No doubt he’ll look to leave. Our only outlet of real pace away from home.

    I don’t mind the odd player not making the grade. It happens to every manager, even Fergie. But what I don’t get is the rewards our injured, average or simply crap players seem to get for either being injured, going out on loan or simply not being picked. Over £20 million in wages last year was spent by the club on players either injured, on loan or not picked.

    If we are missing something here please enlighten us? If we are selling players for big money to replace them with cheaper models for the sake of paying off the Emirates loan then at least have the decency to tell us. Arsenal FC seem to forget that us season ticket holders pay thousands of pounds in tickets, in pubs, on Sky Sports or on merchandise to see players like RVP. Not Djourou. Every year we have to renew our season tickets on false promises of Nasri, Fabregas, RVP etc playing at the Emirates BEFORE we renew, then being sold AFTER we have renewed. There is something plainly criminal in that. Honesty goes a long way with us fans. It’s the constant dishonesty that gets us.
    If City want to buy the title then we can live with that. It’s a world where football is business and money rules business. If I earn £40k a year and someone offers me £80k a year then I’m not ashamed to admit I’m away on my toes without a wave or a goodbye. That is reality. For Arsenal to think that a player will stay on £100k a week when offered £225k a week is plain stupidity and slightly egotistical.
    We are our own worst enemy at Arsenal by paying big wages to poor players on long contracts and that is the simple reason we cannot shift Bentdner, Squillaci, Djourou, Park, Chamakh, Vela and Denilson to name a few. Who in their right mind is going to pay £60k a week during a global recession for Chamakh who scored one goal last year, or Squillaci who is so down the pecking order that Miguel, a 19 year old gets the nod ahead of him?
    Get real Mr Wenger. Accept what we are and don’t insult our intelligence. We were once a great side. We are not now. Please do not talk up our chances of English domination because you and Mr Gazidis have just cost us our single shining glimmer of hope of that in letting RVP become so disillusioned that he wants to leave. Good luck to him. A player of that calibre deserves a team built around his brilliance. You obviously didn’t think so.

    Yours sincerely,

    A disgruntled fan.

  22. Raz

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the round up. I am not keen on the idea of using this to get through to you as I have no idea whether you will read it or not! One thing I would ask is how you feel about doing a blog that does what it can to explain some of our finances? A few days ago you hinted at a real lack of money, an suggested that £55m-odd kitty we had ‘is not available’. I have some MAJOR questions and I am sure you are more than capable of answering the majority of them, and would honestly love to know your thoughts. I have been as active as possible in various forums and social media sites trying to ascertain what I can around this topic. My last resort is to ask that consider helping us out on this one – I bombarded your twitter yesterday with these suggestions but I guess I am not that lucky 0.5% of followers who gets a reply 😀
    The more I think about Arsene and what he is trying to do for us, the more my heart breaks for him, Yes he may be losing his mind but the pressure he is under is insane, how many people could handle that? Let me put it like this – my twin bro went out with a total fuck-head. She was mental. When their relationship went downhill she shagged loads of other guys til she was pregnant, to try and keep him – he had to then live a lie sharing a bed with her pretending to love her until she aborted so he could dump her and move on with his life. That feeling of helplessness and desperation is something I see Wenger under – but it’s his SILENCE on what really goes at the club – does that make sense? Not that two stories are identical, I am merely talking that terrifyingly difficult to bare level of pressure. He’s paid more than SAF – not because the board are dumb- but because they wish Arsene was, literally.
    Arsene’s life as Arsenal manager could be made into a seriously sinister film. Last summer he again tried to tell the world, in riddles, that he is not to blame. He spends what he can, he doesn’t hoard. “How can a club say it is ambitious when they sell their best players every year?” – that single statement will never leave me. Arsene. Is. Trying. To. Tell. Us. Something. You said it yourselves in your point about who he lives next to, and that Usmanov’s letter would not come out and say Wenger isn’t given money if they weren’t bang on- i.e. if they KNEW the situation was just that. Wenger is trying to tell us, whilst all the while shouldering the blame, disguising it as his philosophy, an never bailing on us because he loves us. What a man.

    So please, for the fans and our beloved manager, PLEASE do a post on this. It’s the TF window – now is the time. My questions are these:

    1)We finished 3rd. We got a big pay-out for that league position. How much? And what happens to that money?
    2) We earned a small fortune in the Champs League – how much? (this info will be available soon if not already) and again, WHAT HAPPENS TO IT??
    3) May 2011 ‘We have £43M war chest’ – Gazidis. June July Aug 2011, we sell one or two, buy Gervinho and one or two. Then we sell Cesc and Nasri. Then we get spanked by Man U, and finally Wenger spends some money. Key point – FANS ARE TOLD THAT ARTETA, MERTESACKER, SANTOS ARE ALL SIGNED WITH CESC AND NASRI MONEY. Key question – WHERE DID THAT £43M GO???
    4) Assuming that £43m wasn’t touched, in October 2011 we announce a pre-Jan kitty of £55m.
    5) In Jan, we loaned Henry instead of making serious signings. Why? We had £55m
    6) Why ahs this £55m kitty, outlined last October, not grown at all during the year? In fact, according to your last blog, these funds could even have halved. Surely over the course of the year these funds are added to? If not, why?
    7)The club tells us we pay for transfers and wages by selling players. It’s a concept we understand but hate. Questions: why? Where does all the match ticket revenue go? If it is to be believed that the stadium repayments cannot be paid at random and faster than the timetabled payment schedule or else we face fines, then where does the matchday revenue go? Where does all the commercial revenue go? Where does all the money we get from selling our best players really go?
    8) Finally – what can we, the fans, do to exercise change at our beloved club?

    Usmanov put it perfectly in his letter – he has no intention of doing a Chav/City/QPR job on us, he wants to add a clucth of world class players to compliment our players we’ve brought through, like Jack, Gibbs, Theo etc. I.e. the perfect blend. Not to have a £250m starting line-up with top players who can’t even get a game.

    Sorry for the long post but to understand my questions I felt I needed to outline my points in full, so you know why I want them answered.

    It’s the feeling of utter helplessness that is like a cross to bare for us fans!

    Would be truly grateful if you could one day do a post regarding those questions. Many thanks,


  23. Dean Mullock

    i would like to write about arsenal games, never done it before though, what if i played 1 of u at fifa if i won i get a chance to write for you ;-), xbox deanio7, although if thats not necessary id appreciate a chance to write arsenal

  24. Richard Morgan

    sfirst season in a long while where i think we can challenge the big spenders for the league. new holding midfielder and cover at centre half and then we’re done please arsen .

  25. Zack

    Hello, fellow United blogger here (maybe I shouldn’t use the word “fellow”). Anyway, I was just wondering how to increase the traffic coming into my site. I know of news aggregators, but I can’t find any Manchester United ones, apart from Kicknews, but I need to wait another two months, which is down to their policy. If there are any tips you can give me, then I would be very appreciative.



  26. SirCuv


    We’ve absolutely dominated the opening two games of our season, albeit primarily in the first 2/3’s. We went to Stoke and how many corners did we concede? How many times did they do the ‘Wenger’ before they were sucked out of the game with our domination? Very very few.

    Our team looks bonded/together, something we haven;t seen since our run in the 2006 season. Don’t kid yourself, Rosicky, Wilshere, & Sagna will be huge assets once they are back along. That along with some major leadership!

    No question Nasri, Fab4, RvP were world class players. They too were world class sulkers who only thought of themselves. How does a team progress when those type of players obtain the tag of “team leaders”? Now that we have rid ourselves of them, just watch. Watch what this team goes on to do. (Barring Arshavin, which i hope gets his love for arsenal back now that russia’s shut the door on him) Every single regular team player shows the appetite to be an GUNNER.

    Im so sick of players leaving saying their sick of not winning trophies. Are the players themselves the ones on the field? Hence are the players the ones who fail to deliver? Cesc, Nasri vanished in the big games DONT FORGET THAT. While that wasnt the case for RvP, we were only allowed to see one entire full season out of eight.

    Arteta, Sagna, Vermaelen, and even Rosicky, those are true arsenal heros who are committed to the cause. Now they hold the power in the dressing room. Mature men who understand responsiblity.

    Mate your a major a social network vocal point for Arsenal. You should address your followers with optimism, start the season off right! Fuel the fanbase my man. Le-Groves an amazing arsenal outlet,keep it that way, don’t get all GAMBON on us……

    I’ved saved this article in hopes at the end of the season I can resend it to you, but not to rub it in your face. But rather to show your that maybe that club you grew up loving still exists. It just took some time til we recognized their face.


  27. JJ

    Hi Pedro – I have sent you a few emails but not sure if they are getting through. I live in LA but will be in London next week and am trying to hunt down 3 tickets to the Southampton game. Let me know if you can assist.


  28. Michael Kalifa

    Hey guys, I’m trying to find a pair of tickets to the olympiacos game for a friend and his wife who are traveling to London next month. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


  29. Mr.Amir

    pedro,will you please tell me why my comments are still on moderation? I have been commenting for months now,and am still classified as ‘first time commenter’…unfair,huh?

  30. Pat7

    Is it just me with this problem?

    I can get your site up but when I want to ‘Read More’ it takes forever to load & often doesn’t.

    On my IPad it is one of the few sites I can’t expand so I have to either view on my Notebook or dig out my glasses…………..pain!

    Keep up the good work & try and see a positive side occasionally :-)


    Your Comment Here Got 2 passes/tickest for the AGM next Thursday if anyone wants them e mail posting address 1 st come gets them

  32. Bret Anderson

    Hi there, I’m a USA (Seattle) Gooner and I have been reading your blog every day for the last 18 months or so. It’s great stuff and the first thing I do every morning – thank you. Anyway, I’m taking my first trip to London in November and will be there for Fulham at Emirates. Any advice for an american wanting to attend/trying to get 1-2 tickets (wife will be with me). Price is not necessarily an issue.

  33. Dada_83

    It’s starting to become clearer and clearer that the lack of footballing leadership at Board level is causing us to decline at a frightening rate now. Since the Board decided to get rid of David Dein in 2007, instead of replacing him with someone with his best qualities, to lead the club and support Wenger on the footballing side they instead decided to hand some of Dein’s responsibilities to Wenger instead that included:

    – Negotiating player contracts: Why on earth is our Manager dealing with that? surely his sole focus should be preparing the team for football matches?

    – Transfer budget handling: Again, shouldn’t the Manager’s only concern be about giving his player wish list to someone else to deal with. It then should be that “someone else’s” problem to get players at the top of the wish list through the door at London Colney – not for the Manager to worry about the cost and negotiations.

    The Board handing those “added” responsibilities to Wenger has had the following impacts:

    – Overpaid players that didn’t deserve the money at the time but were paid high wages because Wenger thought they would be worth it when they “developed” to the level predicted. However, this backfired because they didn’t develop and the club are still burdened with them we as we still struggle to move them on. Also, paying a young player a lot of money doesn’t really give you enough room to bumper that deal when they come to renew.

    – Because of the overpaid players that the club is burdened with, we’re then unable to compensate the players that do deserve more money because of mismanagement of the budget.

    Pedro has covered the subject of our wage bill quite a few times and even gets slated on twitter that having a wage bill higher than the opposing team doesn’t mean that you’re going to beat them (true) but the fact is our wage bill hasn’t been utilised properly because it’s been handed to the wrong person to manage it – due to negligence from the Board. The most worrying thing about this is that Gazidis mentions during the announcement of our new Emirates sponsorship deal that they still trust Wenger to handle that budget – Really?!

    Wenger’s wage/transfer policy has been an epic fail. But is he to fully blame? No. It was the Board’s negligence of giving Wenger that much power in the first place which lead to the mother of all impacts; the quality of our current squad depth is not good enough and we’ve lost most of our best players because we did not compensate them. Does this trend continue? of course it does. Theo Walcott hasn’t signed a new contract but Ox and Jenko are getting pay rises after only being signed LAST YEAR and not proving a consistent level of performances that merit those new contracts. But Walcott, our top scorer and one of our best players this season is not compensated for that – so the trend continues and I’ll be absolutely shocked if he signs on. Who was the last high profile player that we got to renew their contract whilst they were being tracked by another team or had a year left? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Mr Theirry Henry in 2006? who said himself that the reason he renewed was because the 2 gentlemen sitting either side of him; Wenger and Dein. Fast forward 1 season, Dein is sacked and Henry is worried about the direction of the club so he leaves.

    I’m not saying that Dein and only Dein is some sort of savour, in fact, I don’t care who it is but a club as huge as Arsenal who very shortly will have lots of money to spend need someone (outside of the Manager) to provide footballing leadership, ambition, knowledge of the transfer market, knowing how to close deals and to support the Manager and sometimes provide the manager alternatives if not it becomes one dimensional. When Wenger wanted Overmars, Henry, Pires, Kanu, Ljunberg, Campbell and Wiltord, David Dein delivered them and we had a strong squad to last the season. Without someone with that ‘know-how’ and ambition we can’t tie up deals and go the extra mile(£) for the players that we want, examples: Benzema => didn’t know he was for sale, Pepe Reina => too expensive, Hazard => Gervinho, Gary Cahill => Mertesacker, Mario Gotze => Benayoun and the list goes on.

    I’m guessing everyones read the rumours about Zaha maybe in the summer – Why?! for £10m, £15m, £20m whatever it is, No! An example of that “someone else” providing the footballing leadership he would also say no! he would say something along the lines of: “No Arsene, we already went down that route with Walcott and Chamberlain paying premium for Championship quality, now we need World Class Quality! Why spend up to £15-20m on Zaha when Neymar only has one year left on his contract? We have the money, I will sanction the deal and anyway he’s young, world class and will have sell-on value. Who can make us strongest? Zaha or Neymar?”. Thats the footballing leadership I’m talking about! Ok I may be in dreamland when I say Neymar but thats the class of player that we should be going for and another voice providing an alternative.

    Unfortunately, until this type of footballing leadership is re-attached at board level to support the Manager then we’ll continue to decline – Even if Wenger leaves and and we bring someone else in because none of the modern football clubs give transfer budget/contract negotiation responsibilities to managers like Guardiola, Mourinho and Mancini. They have someone else well qualified to del with that. The Board need to acknowledge this and do something about this issue now if our club is to be great again.

  34. alex james


    Did you fix the comments box, as I can only comment when on the family laptop. The ipad will not work with it. It has something to do with the facebook banner

  35. mel

    Just a question for Pedro. At your office party were there 2 1950’s photographers. If so I missed a great opportunity to chat about Arsenal. I was one of the photographers.

  36. 49ers

    you all know best…i read some of these comments and it makes me feel sick.its not rvps fault? we shouldn’t blame him?what the hell are you talking about.7 years of fucking around and….one season of greatness, the fans adore him,respect their captain and then….see you later…after everything arsenal has ever done for the cocksucking,fergie hugging dutch CUNT!!! Our fans are amongst the worst i have ever come across,’stand up if you hate tottenham’…so i did my part…until i got a tap on my shoulder from a fellow ‘gooner’ to tell me to sit down. We’re fucking useless….boo the fuckers on sunday with a passion…that’ll be fucking class.

  37. skinny

    when will arsenal get a trophy,unless we spend else never,if fabregas ,alex song back with the signing of lewendoski and some good CD then arsenal can challenge the EPL and CL next season with a silver cup.but without spending then next season too will be trophiless and it will be a dougt for CL slot.

  38. Kayode

    Pedro, I think you should have rating buttons (thumbs up and down) on your blog. You would be surprised how people want to have positive ratings and could possibly improve engagement on the site. I want to visit the site and read comments from the most approved as time is money.

  39. berkaap

    Is this supposed to be an arsenal supporters site? Your latest articles says that rooney and suarez are the only players worth buying left, I mean seriously, you know that’s not true, and besides the transfer window is not even closed. “Fans” like you fail to realise that just goin out and buying players (eg higuain) is not the way, not if the manager believes he’s not the right player. Who are you to say we should sign him, do you have to take responsibilty if he is a flop? Are you responsible for the future of the club? Do you even care about the future? I have no doubt that wenger will bring in quality, we didn’t sell, loan and release so many players just to bring no one in. When wenger does sign players, and maybe we win a trophy at the end of the season will you admit you were wrong? Or will you be celebrating. For me “fans” like you don’t deserve to celebrate. When the chips were down where were you? Yes you were spreading discontent and being just as negative as any united, spurs or chelsea fan. So you can call me an AKB because as far as I’m concerned Arsene definitely knows better than you!

  40. Name

    gambonAugust 30, 2013 15:17:07

    Are you sure you want to be entertaining this on your blog?

    “…A humiliation on sunday could push things over the edge, certainly theres also a hope some crazy fan would take things into his own hands and render Wenger incapable of working ever again.”

  41. We are The Arsenal

    Could someone from administration e-mail me to explain why my comment spent hours in moderation and was then removed? Are we free to express and share our concerns about Arsenal Football Club, or not?
    As there were no expletives or anything remotely offensive, I am baffled as to what it is that passes your rigorous censoring of people’s comments.

  42. Dj

    Hi Pedro , well atleast AW has made one statement of intent which is what all the fans needed. Agree reinforcements are still needed but that can be done tomorrow. So take a chill pill (from wenger bashing) enjoy this while it lasts. I am sure AW will give you enough reasons in future to slate him again. Regards

    Ps : I am not part of akb .but I am also not for constant whining 😉

  43. Gerda


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    Please contact me for further information, I am looking forward to working together with you.

    Kind regards,


  44. Jonathan Chan

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to ask if anyone of your team know where I could get Cardiff vs Arsenal tickets. I’m from South Wales and my old man is a life long Gunners fan but has never been to a game. I want to get him tickets as a Christmas present and have no idea where to start.. I’ve tried, Cardiff City Ticket line.. Coming up short..

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards

    Jon (South Wales Gooner)

  45. naija+soccer


    you conveniently neglect to mention that Giroud was a top scorer in france just a couple seasons ago when you claim he scores 11 goals a season. Hes a much better player this season so give him his due credit. Like drogba, the guy is a late bloomer.

  46. Kemp1886

    Wenger doesn’t even meet them half way.Their heads have dropped after the January window.No belief,all stems from the manager.

  47. Paul

    Please ease up on the pop up ads, iPhone viewing is a nightmare and I’m giving up now. Every new story the ad pop up clock starts again, I tried to hit “contact” to complain and, yes, a pop up blocked me. There is a danger the site becomes untenable with more than an initial couple of seconds – keep up the reporting ill try again in a week

  48. Rocky Pires

    Guys anybody out there got n available ticket or two for upcoming home matches dont mind which match?

  49. Saqib

    Hey Pedro,

    First off, let me just say I’m a huge fan of your blog. I used to be a regular Arseblog reader, but I couldn’t take his overly optimistic view when things were clearly in a shambles. Some people label you cynical etc, but I would describe your views as realistic.

    The reason I’m reaching out to you is because I want to ask a favour. I’m the founder of a brand new tech startup in Toronto ( We’ve developed an app that helps people arrange spontaneous sports with friends/people nearby. We’re currently crowdfunding at Indiegogo (check out our page here:, and from one Gooner to another, I’d love if you could give us a shoutout.

    We could really use the help in outreach and visits. Any help/advice would be welcomed.


    Saqib Ahmed Dadabhoy

  50. Goonergaz

    Podolski excellent today, he’s only played about 1200 mins this season in all competitions which is equivalent of 14 completed games, with a return of 14 goals. According to stat sites. Not checked Girouds ratio, but I’d be surprised if it were as good as podolskis!

  51. bergkamplegend

    Pedro once again about Poldi… don’t get me wrong, I respect what you do on Le Grove, but even when Poldi has a good game, you still criticize him, and it’s a bit painful for the fans of the german striker, as we also know that he will leave this summer.
    Please could you be a little less harsh with him ??lol
    Best regards 😉

  52. telboy

    Hi Pedro,

    I am looking to rent out both my season tickets for next season. I was thinking of mentioning it in the general comments section but dont know if thats the best way to do it, or even if you allow that.
    What would you suggest I do?

    Regards Terry

  53. Tunde Adebayo

    I hope you all watched the Costa Rica vs Uruguay match and Ivory Coast vs Japan?
    Firstly, Joel Campbell scored the equalizer and provided an assist …this boy is miles better than Sanogo! What is the deal about him been out on loan? He should be wearing Arsenal colors come August.
    On Serge Aurier, he provided the crosss resulting in the 2 goals scored by Ivory Coast, he has repeatedly said he wants to be an Arsenal player…Arsene should get him now, why the wait?

  54. daz

    Any plans for another podcast with Alex Flynn get his thoughts on recent events finally spending money ect?

  55. Gavin

    Hey Le Grove…

    For some reason, your daily emails have not hit my inbox since the day after the Hull game? I tried to reenter my email address, but it says I am still subscribed?

    can you help – really missing my start to the day.

  56. Sean Reynolds

    I have subscribed to Le grove, but I don’t receive the podcasts, can you please check if there is a problem,
    many thanks Sean Reynolds

  57. Danny

    Is Wenger lacking the ability to manage the big performing players in football? Signing one Chilean striker does not win the league.
    When you look at the invincible team, they were all hungry mature responsible men with strong physical stature throughout the squad. But today arsenal has a majority of short small statured, second rated boys on the world stage who get scared when playing the big names. Am arsenal throughout, but can’t understand the following: Rejecting the classy of Fabregas; Letting midfielder like Song to go…. When loosing a game, Does arsenal have a plan b? The game is played the same way from start to end.
    It seem to me that all arsenal is doing is to maintain a status quo of staying in the premier league top four and qualify for the champions league. Wenger is now the longest serving manager in the premier league but still can’t compete at the top of the league table. Has he run out of ideas, has he become too comfortable…. How long will arsenal play fourth!
    Man city has recently just come into the premiership. But the squad is well resourced with strong tall hungry player. Man U was recently going down, but it woke up and made significant visible changes to the team by bringing in winners; a winning manager, and winning players like Falcao, De Maria. But what does Wenger the long serving manager do…….


    Costa Cunt is a Dirty Bastard!! He should be Banned from Premier League for Good.
    I bet Mourinho (Borerinho) Loved every Fukin Minute, Smirking I Bet! Their 2 of a Kind:

    Gooner Diane x

  59. Miami Gooner

    Hey Pedro, this is my first post to you ( although I’ve had a few letters put up by Myles Palmer)
    Just a quick bio- I was born and bred in Edmonton, moved to the states when I was 22- (I’m 55 now) -flew back for all 3 Sheffield Wednesday finals, both CWC finals, the win on pens V Man united, the win in the Bernebeu, the final in Paris….
    Anyway,mate ive been reading Le Grove for a good few years now,- (you, MP and Kevin Witcher are about the only Arsenal who seem to have a grasp of what’s going on these days)…, my reason for writing this, is the following-
    I’ve been a Wenger outer for about 10 years now, I’ve argued and fought with many good friends over this time…..anyway, I don’t think it will be as easy to fuck Wenger off, as you think…. ( no matter how many fans have turned )
    Stan kroenke obviously is only interested in top 4, giving Wenger 3 million extra for getting there on top of his basic 8 million, (I have this on good authority) spending as little as possible to do so, and if the fans start to get restless, make a quick buy to quieten the plebs down (IE Ozil and Sanchez)
    When you go to the stadium these days, you have so many mugs there that I don’t even recognise our core support any more….
    So….I hope you’re right, and I’d love to think that this period is the beginning of the end for at least Wenger…..but what’s to say Wiggy won’t pay the next Wenger lite ( whomever he may be )to do exactly the same ?
    I hope with all my heart that I’m wrong- but I lived in the states for 28 years- and I know what Walmart and this prick Kroenke are all about- he is very accustomed to getting his own way-
    I hope and pray that I’m wrong….
    Glad I wrote in,
    Miami Gooner
    Miami Gooner.

  60. Phil Bowles

    Morning Mr Moderator
    Love the blog and have been following The Arsenal since ’65.
    Probably a glass half empty character so feel drawn to the Mee/Graham years where the first priority is a proper defence.
    Totally with the sentiment that Pedro is pushing now but don’t have the prose (or youth) to connect like he can.
    However I do have a blog title I would use so am happy to pass it on to him don’t think it’s been used before:
    I won’t expect royalties.

  61. Ray

    Do you think the reason we see the Wenger out banners only at away game is that they are allowed to protest. I not sure that any such banners would be tolerated by the stewards at the Emirates.

  62. Chris

    Email sent to

    “To whom this may concern,

    The recent run of results, which have decimated our pitiful title challenge, have epitomised the declining trend over the past 6+ years.

    False promises of strong enough squads as a means of not entering into the transfer market, failure to address key areas of weakness i.e. lack of a defensive leader, consistent goal scorer, and putting in lack-luster performances in games when it matters most.

    It also concerns me that the tactics remain the same and substitutions are made at the same time without fail during each and every game.

    It insults my love for the game and my understanding of what it takes to remain competitive. Being competitive means embracing change. The ability to adapt to new styles, new environments and new transfer markets. And this is even more crucial when the current formula continues to produce the same result. Though cliche Einstein said the definition of “insanity is doing same thing over and over again expecting different results” and I’m afraid his quote relates directly to what’s happening with Arsenal FC.

    Arsenal seem to be a club in a serious state of complacency and are in serious need of change. As alluded to earlier the same tactics, same substitutions, same style of play, (which lacks serious cutting edge), same lack of believe and conviction, same failed attempt at a title bid and all come from having the same manager with the same immediate support from a board not willing to change and move with the times.

    Arsenal are no longer a competitive institution and should count me, and a number of other fans, out from ever attending the Emirates while this mediocre farse is allowed to continue.

    We, the arsenal fans, hope change comes soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Chris White”

  63. ronald Ellis

    I have been watching WELLINTON SILVER for the last 2 years, he is now 23, he should have been in the first team at least a year ago, his ball/dribblig skills remind me of PELE when he was in the Brazilian team that won the 1958 world cup.

    Put him on the left, give him the ball ,and let him play his natural game, to many players in the modern game have all the natural skills driven out of them by coaches who have qualified for their badges by a regimented system.

    lets get back to real football, every game these days is the same, skilled player are being shut out of the game. Perhaps Mr Venger has forgotten this brilliant lad. get him in the first team squad, could save the club millions.

  64. Luke

    Hey Pedro,

    I’ve been a ready and poster since 2009. I’m looking for 2 tickets to the home game against West Brom on Dec 26th. I’ll be visiting all the way from the Bay Area in California and I haven’t been able to see the mighty Arsenal in a non-pre season game since Denilson scored a free kick and Almunia saved a penalty against Hull. I think Nasri got into it with Stephen Hunt too. Anyways, let me know if you can help with this or post to your readers or something – It’d be much appreciated!

    Best, Luke

  65. Cristina

    Hi Peter,

    My name is Cristina, and I’m reaching out from fuboTV. We are the leading legal sports streaming service in the US, and currently carry all Arsenal’s EPL, FA Cup, EFL and Champions League Games.

    We currently partner with and publishers such as Sports Illustrated, SBNation, WorldSoccerTalk, and Heavy to name a few, and I think there is a strong fit to collaborate with you.

    I wanted to get in touch and see if you may be interested in discussing further.



  66. Serhiy

    Hi LeGrove team!

    I must say that your web page is very useful and informative. I want to share with you my idea: create a mobile application that will show you how to perform football exercises in the form of animations. For now, I started the project on a kickstarter for fundraising to create an application (link to the project attached to the message, where you can read more about the idea in more detail). If you tell about this project on your blog, it will really help me get the finances for the application created. Please send any thoughts and offers to the co-operation account at this address. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards!

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