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5 gifts every Gooner would wish for…

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Tis the season to be jolly. Yes it is. So jolly and happy. It’s also the season to demand presents. Trouble is I’m too old to play those games anymore. The sort of presents I want can’t be purchased on a a Primark gift card these days. So here’s the top 5 Christmas every Gooner… Read more »

The King retires, but he’ll be back…

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HAPPY GOOD MORNING TO YOU. So, Thierry retired from football. Wasn’t sure why this was news. Didn’t we know he was going to Sky? Anyway. The great man packs it all in. The greatest players to grace the Premier League. A striker that will always be relevant. Technically perfect, audacious, incredibly fast, strong and fit… Read more »

The next Arsene. What does he look like?

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So today, we’ll be having a little chat about something I read about managerial appointments. It’s a tricky business. You can prepare early to bring in someone new and by the time you get there, they’re messing things up, or you can do it late and still mess it up. Like United have. I hope…. Read more »