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___@___@___ it’s a slow, slow day

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Today, I’ll be mostly creating something out of nothing because the news feeds have given me nothing to work with today. NOTHING. So we can talk about the dominant story which appears to be someone setting up a fake Dennis Bergkamp account, garnering 65,000 followers in a matter of hours, then disappearing. Now, what does… Read more »

If Suarez moves, Arsenal win with whatever Madrid do

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Right, so this international break is really starting to grind my gears. Why don’t they do it in the summer so we can get some fluid action once the season is underway. You could do all the international games across 2 weeks. Then bang. You’re done. We could have a winter break. Which, to be… Read more »

Right back linked: Jenks or Sagna replacement?

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Morning all, sorry for posting late. I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of a scotch bonnet infused Thursday evening. You get me? Of course you do. Anyway, what’s that craic? Well, England won their important game so are a step closer to the World Cup. Excellent news. I missed the game, so I have nothing… Read more »