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High level leaks show support for Wenger fading at club…

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Oh my, tings be heating up in tha red hot kitchen that is Arsenal! Matt Law, of Telegraph fame dropped a story yesterday that amounted to what I’d call a very high level leak. The jist of his story is that Arsenal coaching staff are dismayed by the tactics put forward by Arsenal. Quite an… Read more »

Wenger shows Merson was right with horror show…

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Well, well, well… that game was kind of called. You know why? Because we’re a pretty predictable outfit these days. I could go into the gory detail, but there are so many things that upset me about yesterday, all I can muster is bullet points, because I break down every time I try to write… Read more »

Arsenal could struggle today…

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Oh good morning to you all! It’s Sunday, there’s a crisp coldness in the air and it’s a BIG day for the Arsenal. So where do we start here? Ok, so there were some stories pinging around about Desso pitches going in at Carrington after they suffered a spate of injuries. The pitches have artificial… Read more »