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What would Bayern Munich do with uncompetitive Arsene Wenger?

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Well, we seem to be making a habit of completely embarrassing ourselves in Europe, don’t we? Yes we do. Last night, Arsenal went down to an Olympiacos that had an ancient Esteban Cambiasso pinning their midfield. We conceded an unbelievable 3 goals at home against the whipping boys of our group. We became their first… Read more »

Arsenal need to kill the game in the first 20mins

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GOOOOOOOD MORNING TO YA’LL. I might have to miss the Arsenal game on Sunday. This is a big upset. It’s impossible to work around though. I’m helpless. Like you are in the hairdressers when your nose is itching but you can’t take your hands out from under the apron.

Belief is strong

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   Happy Monday my darlings. How you doing? Did hipster anarchists vandalise your Gourmet Beans on Toast shop last night? The fuckers. Way to ungentrify a place. Smash the independents. That’ll take the place back 15 years to when you could afford to buy there. That’ll stop people buying £4 bowls of cereal. Would love… Read more »