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£200K a week to save Wenger’s summer

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‘Don’t worry loved ones, it’ll all be over soon,’ Arsene whispered as he rushed the children to the tornado shelter. The underprepared caretaker swiftly made his way out into the yard, sharply avoiding dangerous questions, dodging harsh realities, all whilst praying values would save the day. Yes, this summer has been a disaster story for… Read more »

‘Values’ tourettes is usually code for bad news

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Come on, you know the drill by now, when Arsene is backed into a corner, or he’s caught dropping a whoopsie on a season, he plays the values card. He’s Eddie Murphy… ‘Baby, I f*cked her, yeah, I f*cked her… but I make love to you’

Wenger had 3 jobs this summer, he’s failed them all

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Make no mistake, this is one of the most tragic Arsenal summers of the last ten years. The manager took his contract right up to the wire and undertook even less preparation than usual. He had three jobs this window. One was to sell the deadwood that’s clogging up the squad numbers wise, but also… Read more »