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Did Ivan call BT out on advert?

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Arsenal members day yesterday, the chance to see a bit of training. Lovely. I didn’t go on account of being in a state that wouldn’t have been conducive to underground or overground travel. Looked good, but nothing too exciting to report. We should open the whole event to the kids (Black Scarf mentioned this) and… Read more »

Jack to Juve

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Summer parties eh? So good. Was told last night I had a ‘fun belly’… Quite a harrowing suggestion. My days of care free boozing are over. No more hungover posts. I’m all about the strict diet, the regular ‘Just Giving’ donation requests because I’m running a 12% marathon in Hull and the vegan approach to… Read more »

Vermaelen treated badly, here’s why

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I’ve done quite a good job of excluding myself from rabble of the ‘You ain’t got a clue’ crew online over the summer, but yesterday’s reaction to Vermaelen was a tough incident to ignore, like people have already forgotten the car crash injury scene that took place, like some people don’t understand basic human needs…. Read more »