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Wenger home schools Sanchez

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This part of the year is so painfully slow for the world of Arsenal news. It’s like going through your third round of interrogation… you have nothing, you can’t even be bothered to make anything up, you’re just strapped there in your chair in a pair of lightly soiled unflattering briefs.

Wenger has a Sanchez conundrum brewing

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Big, BIG week for Alexis Sanchez. The will he won’t he saga kicks off tomorrow. We know he has a hamstring injury, we know he loves his country more than Arsenal (how dare he), we know the Chilean management team have already broken Vidal, we know this is likely to end in tears.

Santi keeps the injury doom train chugging along

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I took in the Connor McGregor fight last night, right next to Madison Square Garden, what a f*cking mistake that was. Great event regardless, the absolute brutality of that sport is a sight to behold. The Irishman proving once again that he is one of the biggest superstars in sport and so much more than… Read more »