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Wenger has a serious defence issue

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Wenger reads like a man on death row when he talks about losing his star players. ‘Why should I be scared?’ Last week he was saying it wasn’t really his problem.

Wenger expertly prepared with excuse, not a plan for the fixtures

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Arsenal saw out 2017 the way Arsene Wenger has been justifying his continued presence at Arsenal for 10 years. We didn’t quite do the job, and there was a lovely excuse to disguise the¬†stone-cold reality that we were in fact, distinctly average once again in an away match in the Premier League.

Sanchez rumbles greasing the PR wheels for an exit

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One day, we’ll all look back on the internet circa the mid-noughties and laugh at how bizarre it all was. The tribalism, the nastiness, the petty bitching. I mean, I’m not even talking about football here. I thought¬†fans were in a league of our own when it came to weird behaviour, but we’re not. I’m… Read more »