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Wenger dinner dates with which superstars?!

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Happy Friday you beautiful people, how are we? Drenched in summer? Maybe knocking out a cheeky summer number? Guys, we’re you bold enough for the sarong? Ladies, bikini top with power suit trousers? Why the hell not I say… what’s the worst someone can do, send you home, on a day like this? Fuck em’…… Read more »

Two hot South Americans to join?

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So no real news on anything this morning. What I said in the morning hit the rest of the web later on, then found itself twisted, contorted and by the evening it was something totally different. I think all you need to know is Sanchez is a target, he wants in at Arsenal all that… Read more »

Low bid rumours untrue

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How’s it going people? Tired? All this extra time wearing you out? Me too… I’m getting slightly bored of amazing 0-0 games. Let’s move it up a gear for the quarters, yeah? So it’s done. Bye, bye USA. They took a battering last night despite managing to push the game to extra time. They floundered… Read more »