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I want to buy a TV season ticket

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GOOD MORNING TO YOU. So get this from Yaya Sanogo… “I feel the pressure, but people should not forget that, three years ago, I was living on the streets. Today, I’m playing for Arsenal.”

Oh no, I like watching England | NO MORE INJURIES PLEASE!

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Woooooord up people. It’s Friday and that means you can do what you like. I’m wearing flip flops to work. Who’d dare stop me? It’s Friday and I’m a motherf*cking free spirit. I invite you to join me. Anyway, DAT GUY scored for England in a dreadful game against San Marino that boasted 5 Arsenal… Read more »

Ozil breaks. Will heads roll?

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I don’t know the detail. I don’t know the exact methodology going on. But I know a few bits of circumstantial evidence that would suggest our summer signing of Shad Forsythe isn’t quite working out. I said at the time of his signing I wondered how the ‘politics’ would work. This thought was reinforced at… Read more »