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Is Arteta an auto select when fit?

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So here we are. By hook or crook, what you believe, what you don’t believe… none of it matters now. What matters is nothing can change. Our squad is what it is. Out manager is who he is. So let’s talk what might happen… Big game tomorrow is Manchester City. It’s the start of a… Read more »

Wenger in spectacular admisssion

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Story goes like this… Le Grove raise theory around Wenger not being the man who signed WELBZ as a bit of joke centred around the more serious question of Wenger’s silence on the matter. Internetz goes totally mental.

Does Danny Welbeck have a better haircut than Aaron Ramsey?

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Aaron Ramsey has twisted his ankle and could be a doubt for the City game. Ball ache. I think international games are so out order fresh off the back of a greulling World Cup. The football is dull, no one can be bothered with it… I mean, I’m speaking for myself here, but something ain’t… Read more »