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Dembele rumours and dodgy sponsorship deals

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I tell yah, the worst addition to the world of clickbait is commentating on what fans are talking about. Listen Google news, I didn’t tune in to read about what @Xhakalaka403 thinks about something he read on FootballFancast. Get me the real juice. The premium quality journalism. The elite inside take. Oh, what’s that? Aubameyang… Read more »

Santa delivers 4 summer gifts that give me life!

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When Father Christmas and I had a meet up last December, he said he had nothing for me, but if I kept the faith, good things would come. ‘Father Christmas, I shall follow your ten commandments in the hope of a ripe harvest next summer’

Emery/Sven set younger tone with exciting signing

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I’d given up on Diamond Eyes. Written the man off. Decided he was the next Giles Grimandi, playing Fortnite in the stands instead of focusing on what’s happening on the pitch. The man couldn’t see past Dortmund I thought. He rode the wave of luck. His diamonds were imperfect.