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Pray for Sanchez

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How we doing? Good to know… A few saying yesterday that I’d missed the point of the Wenger article and that he was addressing the wider issue of doping in football.

That interview summed up a lot of what’s wrong with Arsenal

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Good morning campers. Apologies for missing the post yesterday, sometimes work tings get in the way. Arsenal vs Spurs? Well, I don’t really know where to go with that game. An NLD Draw isn’t the worst I think we’ve seen plenty of games over the years when we’re the dominant force and we’ve been turned… Read more »

Can we rise to the occasion? #Arsenal

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NORTH LONDON DERBY DAY. First time I’ve not watched it in London ever I think? Crazy eh? Still, it should be good. The weather is beautiful and I’m sending positive mind bullets across the sea. I don’t know what’s going on here… but I feel really f*cking casual about this. Too casual. I think it… Read more »