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Euro 2016 needs a Jack Wilshere

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What the hell is going on in the world? Terrible news about Jo Cox. Shot for her beliefs. You see it go on elsewhere in the world, but to have something that horrendous happen over EU membership is beyond the pale. So very, very sad. Anyway, back onto something more joyful.

Summer slipping away? | Wenger not first choice anymore

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Welcome. One and all. To today’s, Le Grove blog. So e’rryone losing their damn minds over this Mikki Agent comment in the papers. His agent, in the process of organising a move to Old Trafford for Ibra, is now touting the Dortmund winger… insisting they’d welcome a move to Old Trafford. Now, I don’t know… Read more »

Where are all the strikers at? | BIG movement on Mikki from family member

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Well, well, well… the good times keep rolling. Conte of Italy taking many plaudits for an exceptional tactical display against a disappointingly underprepared Belgium. ARSENE LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO THE PREM, he says after seeing one game. Belgium once again failed to impress. Lukaku missed some crisply golden chances, so obviously¬†all Arsenal fans are crowing… Read more »