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European Super League?

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Guest Post by William from the comments! Enjoy! Morning compadres!  Hope Everyone is lovely.  I certainly am.  With arsenal news stories being recycled more than an Eastenders storyline I thought it might be nice to talk about something else, albeit something that could end up having huge repercussions for Arsenal in the tangibly near future…. Read more »

One Cech’s in – Two Cech out?

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Oh shut up, you can’t bitch about food festivals then roll up on an Essex day out at Ascot? F*ck yeah I can. This people, is what happens when you don’t have football in your life. All those things you’d usually turn your nose up become appealing… SHARE:Email

Fixture list suits a title win | Gold kit fact you need to hear

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Oh deary me, I hit peak wanker yesterday, I went to a food festival. What have I become? I don’t mean to be a total killjoy, but there’s something incredibly vulgar about heading into an event that sells £9 Kobe beef burgers that are so small, they’d look like half pounders in Santi Cazorla’s hands. SHARE:Email