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Top targets Arsenal should be considering this summer

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  Happy good morning y’all! First up, after three years in the job, Roberto Martinez has been given the chop. One win in ten and a very disappointing season saw to that. He got way ahead of himself in his first year, like he was some sort of savior, then failed to build from there…. Read more »

Bad news for WELBZ | What does Xhaka mean for British core?

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  So the transfer world is starting super early this summer. Bayern have signed Hummels and teenage midfield sensation Sanches already. Arsenal are close to Xhaka. Word is that a £35m deal is where it’ll go… He’s a box to box beast with a penchant for long shots. Clearly something they teach them at Basel…. Read more »

Alexis team dropping worrying rumours in the press

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  I’m writing this from Guatemala… beautiful place, scary as fu*k. It’s the tourist equivalent of the Premier League, one mistake and you’re punished. We stayed out too late in Antigua the other night, and a car full of guys tried to run out Tuk Tuk off the road. Such a beautiful place, but my… Read more »