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Who would be in Wenger’s Whatsapp group?

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Gooood morning! Totally locked out of our office this morning which is fun when you get in early. Real fun. Anyway, let’s kick on! Talk of Theo Walcott coming back to action early is premature. Wenger said he’d be back in full training post international break. That’d give him two weeks to recover from 9… Read more »

Did Ivan sign Welbeck without consulting Wenger?

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Oh come on, there was only so long I could hold off writing this bad boy. What, it’s been, say, almost a week since we landed the smiley faced assassin from United and still no word from Arsene Wenger on how technically gifted the boy is? Weird. Real weird.


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Oh my, this is embarrassing, I totally forgot Le Grove’s birthday… no present, no card… this is awkward! 7 years old today! 2,665 posts, 1.5m comments, 45million+ reads and many, many LOLs. I just wanted to take a quick second to thank all the contributors across all the channels who make this worth writing everyday…. Read more »