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Arsene Wenger bemoaning having too much money

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Good morning banter kings and queens. How we doing? Good? I’m feeling super fragile this morning. We had a work summer party. American’s really don’t get binge drinking culture. I started at like, 1ish… then we rolled off Guvnors Island at like, 430ish… half the agency melted away. Then by 6ish, there was about 10… Read more »

Mahrez bites the dust #WeTried

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#WeTried. Story of our summer. I mean, similar to the story of my early football career as I let in goals for fun. ‘Oh bless Pete, at least he’s trying. How long has he had eye sight difficulties?’ I WAS 20:2o YOU BASTARDS. Anyway, our summer. What a joke. Yesterday, as predicted by my Leicester… Read more »