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Guess which other manager has a degree?

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So, gonna kick this off with a bit of a moan this morning. Obviously yesterday’s article was a bit of a beast and generally, with a beast article you get some beastly criticism. ‘Yu are torking shit’ Which is a perfectly acceptable way to take down a 2000 word essay on a Monday morning. However,… Read more »

Replica shirts? Grow up…

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Man, you wake up, look to the left, there’s no female, look to the right, there’s an empty box of fried chicken. Not a successful night, but hey, I’ll always have my phone. So I log on, to see what all my Twitter best friends have been talking about and bugger me sideways… they’re losing… Read more »

Rambo back

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Not much adventure going on in the world of Arsenal today, so this will brief. Martinez is hot on the tongues of the press. He’s hot property in managerial circles, taking Everton close to hitting 4th spot. Apparently, his substitutions this year have earned Everton an additional 13 points. Not bad eh? He has a… Read more »