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International break takes first victim

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I knoooooow I rant about this all the time, but I’m still beyond flummoxed that we’re in our third international break and it’s November. This time, it’s not even for anything important, just a really disruptive friendly. I don’t mean to be renegade here. But why are we even part of the whole FIFA family?… Read more »

Gareth Southgate outrage misplaced

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Unreal watching Arsenal fans lose their minds over Gareth Southgate’s comments about Jack Wilshere and where he should play. Have we learned NOTHING.

Mesut gunning for Jack

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Very odd Mesut Ozil story doing the rounds today, it centres around his desire to have the #10 shirt off the back of Jack Wilshere if he’s to stay on. Errrrr… Seems like a super insignificant ask. Like, almost a bit embarrassing if I’m honest. His next 5 years appears to hinge on what number is… Read more »