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Latest transfer twists point to best window in a decade

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What a whirlwind we’re having this week. Let’s slow it down. Throw on some Bobby Womack. Put a Rustler Burger in the microwave. Relax. Here are the overarching themes of the transfer window so far that’ll pull you through the hellish pain you’re probably suffering because of Sanchez, or the fact you just over-microwaved your… Read more »

Arsenal in the mix for 4 players: Latest on each name

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Good morning to yah! Totally forgot to publish the podcast that we dropped yesterday, make sure you tune in. We cover Wenger’s situation, the shoddy decisions that are going on behind the scenes, and transfer gossip. It’s a good one, and we have Kurtis Power from the NYC

Inside scoop on Wenger’s departure date

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I think we’re here. The moment Le Grove readers have been waiting 10 years for. fanbase has finally united behind the movement that Arsene Wenger as an idea is finished. Odd that many seem to think what we’re seeing now is any different to what’s come before. Last year, our new years dive started a bit later, but… Read more »