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Why Cech is so important

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Guest blog up in yo face from Simone… Petr Cech is top quality & I’m excited because the last time we had a top quality goalkeeper we won the league. Make no mistake, Jens Lehman was a superb number 1. He was a little crazy, but his positioning was spot on. His reactions were like… Read more »

Are we going to ship out two keepers?

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Someone asked me earlier on what my thoughts were on Liverpool’s new signing? I said, ‘Fir-mi-no’ How about that for some ‘hit for six’ banter in the AM? You loved it. Don’t pretend you won’t be dropping that joke in your Football Whatsapp group. SHARE:Email

Petr Cech an incredible signing of intent

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HAPPY TUESDAY TO YOU MY DEARS! Best thing about wearing suit jackets to work is when you don’t wear one for months, you have presents in your pockets. This morning, a packet of gum, a £5 note and a Panini sticker from last summer. SHARE:Email