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Are we going to step up or be a little bit jaded? #Arsenal

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Ever have one of those nights and you’re all like, I’m fine, I’m fine… THEN BANG. You’ve had three beers, you’re off your face flying out transatlantic e-mails, texting the world on a night that culminates in you laughing your backside off at a bin with an automated lid? No? Just me? Fine.

Reasons to be cheerful? Why not.

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Hello gorgeous Le-Grove people. A friend of mine recently asked me for my thoughts on our start to the season, (thoughts I’ll share with you all). I was feeling oddly positive and I wrote a blog explaining why. (Ask Pedro, he’ll back me up). It had been all doom and gloom in the world of… Read more »


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MAN WHEN YOU WIN AGAINST SPURS YOU DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS Sorry people, if you were expecting to come here today to find anything coherent, then you were stupidly mistaken.