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Hull come to play…

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Happy Saturday you sexy beasts! Hull come to town today, yeah, the team we smashed 3-2 in the FA Cup. Glorious memories, totally sweet. This season, they’ve added some very good players to their squad and they look far more capable than they did last season. They’re not as one paced as they were, they’re… Read more »

AGM: Choreographed to perfection. Almost.

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Arsene knows we are sceptical and critical… — Le Grove (@LeGrove) October 16, 2014   Welcome to the Friday edition of Le Grove. It’s going to be great. Yesterday’s AGM wasn’t. That’s for sure. Sir Chips is the new boy in town (he may have been compere at the last one) and he’s not… Read more »

£20m warchest figure is a pre-AGM PR tactic

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So, you know when you’re heading round to your girlfriends place, she wants to talk to you about something serious (like that damp patch in the airing cupboard), and you don’t want to talk about that something serious, so you turn up at her place naked with a black eye to divert conversation? Well, I… Read more »