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Cech and Milner close? | Sterling: London DNA by chance?

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Happy good morning to one and all. MAJOR talking point yesterday evening was the news that Raheem Sterling told Liverpool to do one. The super small and extremely fertile Liverpool inside forward has dished out the middle finger to the scouser board and told some journos it’s not about money. SHARE:Email

Arsenal pragmatism is upsetting fans

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Yesterday was a weird one. You can’t quite fathom what really happened. Arsenal fans are suffering something akin to Pavlov’s Dog (ring the bell – salivate regardless of whether food is brought). We generally know what to expect of Arsenal against big teams. Drab performance, upsetting result. The first half yesterday felt like a drab… Read more »

United vs Arsenal Preview

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“Sometimes I think: ‘What does he do all day?’ That’s Arsene talking about retirement and referencing Alex Ferguson. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s planning on extending his contract. But, it probably does. I’ll crack into that at another time. Today, it’s all about the big one. Manchester United away. I think the story is about… Read more »