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Arsenal have a self-interest approach to football

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I don’t know where to go with these posts. Everyone knows my feelings on the manager. Most agree. Then they don’t. Then we win two games. Then we rally round the manager like winning two games means he’s back. Then we disappoint again and the cycle continues. It’s not getting any better. I don’t mean… Read more »

World Cup winner in line-of-sight…

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It’s a big game today. Nerves aren’t what they were last year because Liverpool have been an absolute shower since losing Suarez and Sturridge. Last time we played them, we were destroyed in about 5 minutes. This time, you don’t sense there’s much danger of that happening… you do worry that Brendan might still have… Read more »

Bargain wingers on offer as two look set to leave

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Short post this morning as I’m in holiday mode… Big game tomorrow as Arsenal take on the might of Brendan Rodgers. Mario is suspended. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or not? I mean, he’s been quite comically bad so far this season. I’d rather him not play and find his moment against us…. Read more »