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Sad face :-(

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News this morning is about new boy Alexis Sanchez being unhappy. It’s come from the Chilean media which gives it more credence. Why is he unhappy? Weather? Road works outside his office again? Me, copying his haircut and looking way more bad ass than him?

Wenger replacement a total curve ball?

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Sorry, not having it. Leave it. Stop it! I’m not pining over Alex fucking Song. Please, stop doing it. It’s like the worst kind of revisionism. ‘Oh, but he made some nice assists in his last season’

When is ‘nothing’ ever the solution?

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Yeah man, it’s a mother f*cking staycation for me today. The process by which you accrue masses of holiday and have to sit at home and find things to do. No joke, I bought a banging new mop the other day and I’m actually excited about using it. What have I become? Anyway, that aside,… Read more »