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Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal. Shit Sandwich

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In Pedro’s absence, I thought I’d struggle for content this week but that absolute shit show of a performance has provided me with plenty. So let’s get started… Maybe it’s the fact we’re 7 games in and yet to produce a half decent performance, maybe it’s the fact our club captain is our worst player,… Read more »

Arsenal 2-2 Man City. Hasa Diga Eebowai

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Well well good morning. Alex here, taking over from Pedro, to report to you following yesterday’s excitefest against champions Manchester City. I don’t have highlights available to me so apols for the startling lack of detail. Let me start with a confession, and this may surprise those of you who are regular readers of Le… Read more »

Everton 2 – 2 Arsenal. We came, we saw, we drew

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Good morning all, Alex writing to you from hangover central. The last bus has just left and some strange man is looking at me intently with his hands in his pockets. I don’t like it here. Yesterday I watched the game in a wanky east London pub, and had much of it ruined by a group… Read more »