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Hear the solution… See the new shirt… Falcao VID!

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Big thanks to Kurt Angle for Modelling the stylish new Shirt First up, our new shirt! After seeing it up close, I like it… the stripes on the sleeves are maroon… which is pretty cool. Me and Geoff like the collar as well. So a big thumbs up after my initial thumbs down. Onto todays post!… Read more »

Hleb goes, Ade must stay, Arshavin… Stick, Usmanov, Kroenke?

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Morning Grovers… and what a miserable one at that, on the football front and the weather front! So… first up. Adebayor is staying, Hillwood says that he is one of our best players, he has 3 years on his contract and that is a contract that he will not be released from. Tough shit Ade…… Read more »


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Thanks to Minsk Gunner for providing the link… (In Russian!) We thought we’d get this out early… so a rare night post from Le Grove! Read on! Tell me straight, why do you want to leave Arsenal? After all, they are a great club, always the leaders, this year they were the strongest in the… Read more »