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Spectator shame – Lightweights? – Ade booed… again

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Morning Grovers! First up… a record! Well played everyone, we nailed 1000 comments! That is a massive achievement considering all we talk about is Arsenal all day long… It wasn’t so long ago that me and Geoff were high fiving over 17 comments in a day… oh how times have changed! So well done to… Read more »

Soft centre / Sold out (almost) / Player Ratings

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Morning Grovers! I had the pleasure of being at the Emirates for the first game of the season, and what a pleasant day it was! The sun was shining, the old lady behind me had renewed her ticket (Nothing funnier than hearing a 70 year old lady call Ade a ‘soppy cunt’) and Arsenal recorded… Read more »

Bad news, real bad news… This guy will not do…

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Gutten tag Grovers! How are you feeling? Crap… good, that’s how you are supposed to feel on a Saturday morning! So what to think of the game then…? Well, the firs thing that struck me was this… Eboue started… *sigh… (That’s the bad news) The first goal… poorly defended… a free ball in the area…… Read more »