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The booing was spot on / ‘Absolute rubbish’

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That was what my Newcastle United supporting girlfriend had to say on Newcastle… until she converted to Goonerdom! Can you blame her? Yesterday was a master-class in football and pretty much an embarrassment for the travelling Geordies. So the first thing to report is that plenty of Gooners turned up for this one. How could… Read more »

Spectator shame – Lightweights? – Ade booed… again

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Morning Grovers! First up… a record! Well played everyone, we nailed 1000 comments! That is a massive achievement considering all we talk about is Arsenal all day long… It wasn’t so long ago that me and Geoff were high fiving over 17 comments in a day… oh how times have changed! So well done to… Read more »

Soft centre / Sold out (almost) / Player Ratings

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Morning Grovers! I had the pleasure of being at the Emirates for the first game of the season, and what a pleasant day it was! The sun was shining, the old lady behind me had renewed her ticket (Nothing funnier than hearing a 70 year old lady call Ade a ‘soppy cunt’) and Arsenal recorded… Read more »