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200% increase – Why a positive still feels negative – Return of a Legend?

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I didn’t watch enough of the game to deliver a proper match report today… a comfortable 0-1 win against Hannover doesn’t really merit a match report of great depth. Cesc is back and scoring, Arshavin looked slightly better and Arsenal cruised. Happy days… our winning streak continues. In other news, it seems Arsenal are having… Read more »

Hunter-who? New contract signing imminent…

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Seeing Song and Denilson in the middle of the park makes me feel about as comfortable as I do every time I see that advert where Carlton Palmer turns up in that unsuspecting gamblers bath… imagine finding that twat sitting in your bath? I thought it was a negative line up against a poor team… Read more »

We’re going to spend a BILLION!

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How boring is all this money getting? I said it a couple of years ago… there will only ever be one Chelsea in my opinion… there will only ever be one team who can buy there way to success in the fashion Abramovich did because he was the first. I’ve just read the headline about… Read more »