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Competition: 2 Club Level Tickets for Cardiff game!

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One of our regulars has very kindly donated his tickets to Le Grove for the Cardiff game! So… competition time! You’ve got until 12:00 to get your answers in! When George Graham postponed the game after the Hillsborough tragedy, who was the team when we finally played it and what was the score? You need… Read more »

Crackers / Sex / Desperation and why Arshavin isn’t going to save us…

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Eddie Murphy once told a joke about how women use sex to keep you interested… I can’t remember how it went exactly… but I remember him saying how pretty women don’t put out for the first 6 months you start dating, leaving a man hanging… then when they actually do buckle… it’s like a starving… Read more »

The irony of resting players… why we can afford Arshavin now!

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The irony of drawing against Cardiff is that the team put out to play that game was only so weak because we were resting players… now we have added another tricky fixture to our schedule. Some people are ok with the draw… but I happen to think we’ve missed a good opportunity to keep a… Read more »