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Troubling times ahead as key players fall away. Player Ratings + Review

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Before I begin, can I just say it was a pleasure to share a Peroni or two with so many people from the site yesterday (Gunner8, Raif, Steve, Odub, Bud, Geoff, Breton Gunner…)! My hangover is a testament to the enjoyment clearly had! I’d stick some pics up, but technical difficulties have prevented me doing… Read more »

Transfer Special: 10 players that could make a difference.

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‘No, I have not found anyone special yet and I have not seen anyone special yet’ Now Arsene, we’ve heard that little pearler before, and instead of arguing it… most of us just accept it as gospel. My brother used to do a similar thing when trying to find a job way back when… ‘You… Read more »

Are you still glad we threw the Porto game?

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You could say hind sight is a wonderful thing and I would agree. That is why there was no excuse for throwing the game in midweek. We all remember when Arsenal threw the game at Old Trafford in the FA Cup last year. It drained the team’s confidence and led to three draws on the… Read more »