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Don’t sugar coat it… that was a warning + Cesc quitting?

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I’ve just got back from the game and although I am chuffed to bits about the result, I am by no means pleased about a lot of things though. If you want to read a report about how great our come back was, go somewhere else. My biggest concern is that this current team and… Read more »

Bid Rejected – Theo for right back? – Messimars in our ranks?

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Morning Grovers, I hope I.W.S is out of your system now because I have plenty of juicy morsels for you to chew on this morning! Firstly, I have news of a transfer failiure… Peter Lawwel of Celtic… their dynamic leader, has rejected us. I’m really sorry to be the one who had to break that… Read more »

Fantasy Grove: Did you make the top 20?

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Good evening Grovers! Just a quick update on how the fantasy league is going! Well played to the top 20 and remember there is a crate of Peroni for the winner and a cap for 2nd place! If you want to join, click this LINK and follow the instructions! Have a great Friday night! Team… Read more »