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Adriano swap deal mooted…?

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Good afternoon Grovers! A rarity from Le Grove… an afternoon blog! You lucky things! I’m basically testing our feeds after dealing with the teething problems of a site transfer. What a fucking pain in the ass! Anyway, onto the groverlicious tit bits from the afternoon feeds! Mad Jens has stated that he is going to… Read more »

Kitson signs for Arsenal

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It’s true Readings Dave Kitson, formers Spurs fan says we are the best team on the planet etc, etc. I know every blog site will report on this today so I won’t elaborate, but as he is now an official Arsenal columnist I had to mention the contrast between his twat racist manager who says… Read more »

Cesc took one for the team

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Didn’t you just love it when Cesc deliberately got himself booked, so he only misses the Wigan at home game? What a warrior! Well I have to say I was very surprised at Wenger’s team selection, in fact I was staggered, we played 4-5-1 in our last two matches and draw, he says ‘I made… Read more »