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Arsenal AGM… all the goss from Wenger, Gazidis and PHW

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I arrived at the AGM expecting a sanitised white wash and to be honest, my preconceived thoughts weren’t a million miles off. It was held just outside the new WM Club. The tea was handed out and the milk was balanced on a frisbee sized table. This cunning plan forced you to talk to whoever you… Read more »

Nasty Verminator Rumours \ Rooney snippet \ Arsenal take Madrid record!

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What a bloody night eh? Arsenal absolutely dismantled the finest defensive unit in Ukraine with embarrassing ease. 5 goals in any Champions League game is an incredible achievement, to have scored 14 in our first 3 games, well, it’s good enough to take Real Madrid’s 8 year record! A stunning achievement in a group that… Read more »

Arsenal Report: Cheating + violence in a hard fought win

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Bitter sweet is the only conclusion I can draw after yesterdays performance against a Birmingham side you can no longer call a pushover. It was bitter because of the nature of the win. Chamakh took the ref for a ride when he dropped to the floor in a theatrical fashion to gain a penalty for… Read more »