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Arsenal land Lacazette

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The ORNSTEIN has spoken and he says we’ve landed Lacazette. Great news. I mean, if you accept our level and where we are, it’s the best we could do.

8 Questions for Ivan Gazidis

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Quick post this morning because the Ivan G Q&A is a bit later. My questions: 1. Why did Arsene Wenger and the club allow contract negotiations for the manager go down to the last day of the season?

Arsenal go to 20%?

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Sami Mokbel of the DM (who has great ITK game) reckons Arsenal are prepared to offer Alexis and Ozil 20% pay increases to stay at the club. When I first read it, the article didn’t make much sense, because 20% on 140k is nowhere near the £300k a week those boys are asking us for. I think… Read more »