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World Cup Final

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Mega apologies on the late post. Stupid day, stupid night. Feeling mega fragile. Anyway, some papers reporting a Khedira / bender double signing. That would make my summer. That’d make my year. That’d be the most important moment in my life over the last 20 years. That’d make us contenders… Alexis Sanchez ex girlfriend is… Read more »

Sammy on the way?

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Breezy post this morning as I’m on a stag do in Bristol. What people don’t know about me is one of my best accents is bristolian. I’m going to be unbearably irritating all day. So, the dust has settled on the Sanchez story, he’s in the bag and now the focus is on a new… Read more »

Arsenal land MEGA talent… more please

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What’s going on Arsenal… what the hell is going on! WE JUST SIGNED SANCHEZ This is incredible. We had a problem… We addressed it… We did it early… This is amazing. Arsenal finally learned their lessons. Arsenal finally won a summer. Arsenal just showed the world they’re a grown up outfit. This is what happened… Read more »