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The Manchester City stat that gives Arsenal hope

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Look people, you can come over here, jump on my #SecondStringHeroes for being average against a nothing team in the Europa League… but here’s the thing, I don’t care. You are wrong. You don’t f*cking get it. Arsenal are progressing in Europe. We already won our game away from home. We’re through the the last… Read more »

Wenger nods to what he’s planning next season

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I look forward to these Europa League games way more than the grotesque monster of CL football that is basically gentrifying grassroots football. Oh yeah, I’m telling yah guys and gals, I’m big time into Thursday night games. But first, let’s talk about the Champions League. Spurs killed a lot of people’s nights yesterday when they… Read more »

Pep’s Premier League beliefs are a worry

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The talk should be focused on the upcoming challenge we have at Redstar Belgrade, but instead, it is FOCUSED ON THE MEGA GAME WE HAVE ON SUNDAY against Manchester City. Test of all tests if this season is anything to go by.