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How brutal will Arsenal’s summer be?

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Ivan has been in the press again outlining his vision for the club and what he thinks he should be holding dear. “When we talk about the destination, it’s not winning a Champions League, it’s making fans proud,” “It’s about making the people at the football club proud of what we do and how we… Read more »

Thierry, you’re mean | Why all the pundits are wrong about Arsenal

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Kind of feel like we’ve landed in some parallel universe where I’ve taken a shot of happy and become a convert in the Arsene front. #TeamPosiGoonersFamForevs Not sure why everyone seemed to spitting feathers about the game at the weekend. Admittedly I was totally sober without hangover for once, so the clarity might have skewed… Read more »

Arsenal vs Chelsea Match Reveiw: To boo or not to boo?

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Good morning lovely people and happy Monday to you all – James here with another match report for your pleasure. Apologies for the late post, but I’ve spent the last three hours trawling around building sites. So yesterday saw us face off against Chelsea, whose cunt levels are currently up there with Tottenham’s. From top… Read more »