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Niang courting interest | Lewis Holtby on radar | Paulinho on as we bid £9mill | Wenger sings East 17 to Robin… acoustically

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Good morning Grovers, I hope you’re well on this sunny day. Speaking of which, if anyone works at a product development lab for a deodorant firm, how about you stop thinking of ways you can keep people smelling fresh for longer and longer periods (if you’re not washing for 72 hours, you’ve got a problem) and you… Read more »

Guest Post: So. Much. Anger.

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‘An Arsenal fan writes something about signing new players’. Oh, how original. Around this time last year, I was on here authoring a lovely story which covered my little brother going to his first Arsenal matches, whereas now I’m spewing bile over our inability to hold on to good players and replace them with better… Read more »