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Arsenal: Talkin’ bout my preeeparation

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Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all folks – James here with the final league match report of the season. I went for a pre-game lunch at the recently refurbished Canonbury with some friends. Lovely location and set-up, good selection of beers, shit-show in the kitchen. In fairness they knocked 50% off our bill –… Read more »

The long goodbye 😩

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Happy last day of the season day! Second season running, I’ve missed the game.  Last season I forgot my ticket, this season I have family shiz to attend. … but here’s the thing. I missed the game last year as a sacrifice to the Football gods. You know, in return for the FA Cup win…. Read more »

Is Martinez what Arsenal need?

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Happy good afternoon to ya’ll! What do we have today? Well, mostly absurd transfer speculation. So not much really about tomorrow, but loads about who we might buy. SHARE:Email