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Messi to Arsenal. Yeah, that rumour happened.

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Jesus, I know I said I wouldn’t say anything about stuff that’s going on at the moment, but deary me, if you thought football was bad on social media, my lord, what’s happening with the Gaza conflict is quite incredible. What both sides are up to is disgraceful, what I find worse is the one… Read more »

Squad still depleted as Arsene hints at ‘business closed’

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Oh my days. I’m sitting here, looking at the world outside, desperate to comment, but really, I feel like this should be a place where you can forget about real life for 4 minutes and lose yourself in something totally unimportant. Needless to say, it’s a savage world out there… I hope everyone who reads… Read more »

Spectacular striker news hots up?

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Some very interesting news kicking off today in the press. Firstly, sad news for Andre Santos of Flamingo. The Brazilian, almost a year to the day he left Arsenal was beaten by his own fans leaving the ground. Quite a horrifying event really. I mean, I know we had our issues with him but thankfully… Read more »