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Will Wenger rest key players?

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Sooooo, apparently there was a translation issue with the Alexis article. Isn’t there always? No, he’s over the moon at the situation at the club, I’m sure. Never understand the mistranslation thing. If you’re a journalist, and you balls up an article, wouldn’t you get in trouble? Wouldn’t you damage the integrity of your paper?… Read more »

Sad face :-(

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News this morning is about new boy Alexis Sanchez being unhappy. It’s come from the Chilean media which gives it more credence. Why is he unhappy? Weather? Road works outside his office again? Me, copying his haircut and looking way more bad ass than him?

Wenger replacement a total curve ball?

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Sorry, not having it. Leave it. Stop it! I’m not pining over Alex fucking Song. Please, stop doing it. It’s like the worst kind of revisionism. ‘Oh, but he made some nice assists in his last season’