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Will new management decide to terminate Wenger contract early?

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Are you shocked Arsenal are dropping points in December? Please. This is par the course. If you were looking at Arsenal stringing results together and thinking there would be a second coming of Wenger, you were wrong. This is the Arsenal way. Mesut drops some scintillating performances early on in the season, players stay fit, the… Read more »

Wenger finally talks Sumo + Mental burnout in December

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So much LOL that I get hate mail and Jezza Corbyn and Ivan Gazidis are CC’d in. Imagine hating a football blogger. Anyway, let’s crack right into laughter. How much laughing is acceptable when you have thin walls? Like, if every other sentence is laughter, is that worthy of calling in a complaint to your… Read more »

FK Ostersunds English coach and how his style has delivered so much success

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Nothing more beautiful than getting an alert for a terrorist attack on your mobile and reading the only person injured was the terrorist. Imagine how embarrassed he’s going to be? Pipe bomb making skills so poor, he couldn’t even blow himself up. All his virgin mates hitting him up on his Infidel Telegram group ripping into him, ‘No Virgins… Read more »