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Look away, tonight could be horrendous

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Lots of sounds bites to smash through this morning. The first one is Wenger on the Usmanov comments. ‘First of all, the 18 years I have been here I have shown that I can take criticism and everybody has the right to have an opinion,’ he said.  ‘Having said that, we have values at this… Read more »

Major name crocked for 8 weeks?

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The hot rumour this morning is that Jack is crocked for 8 weeks and may need surgery on damaged ligaments. The rumour has come from a total randomer online, but something as specific and negative as this is unlikely to be a complete untruth especially as the account sharing it looks fairly established. If it… Read more »

Arsene puts Arsenal fans in a football coma…

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I couldn’t face a match report yesterday. I took Saturday night self destruction to the sort of levels you’d expect post a game like that. The match hit me hard. Harder than any game over the last year because of the expectation, I knew we’d lose like that. United weren’t just bad, they were terrible…. Read more »