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Ahh man, I was enjoying the robust shape and discipline of Juventus, then BANG, Leo bloody Messi spoiled the party and took the result home.

Chelsea won, United won, Atleti and Roma drew. Tonight we bear witness to Spurs vs Dortmund. Last year, they lost twice to Bayer Leverkusen, it’ll be interesting to see whether they’ve evolved since then. We’ll also have the chance to feast on Leipzig / Monaco, Liverpool / Sevilla, City / Feyenoord, and Madrid / Apoel.

I hope all the British teams lose.

The real gem, of course, will be Arsenal vs Cologne on Thursday night. The fancier alternative to the grotesque opulence that is the Champions League.

If the two trophies were people, the so-called-elite competition would basically be banker Essex boys ruining Shoreditch fighting each other outside the Hoxton Pony over a wry look in a kebab shop. Europa League? Man, that’s hanging out in South London sipping matcha cocktails, listening to jazz fusion, appreciating the latest musings of Mundial Magazine.

Who needs the glamour?

Not us.

Plus, we’ll be winning more.

In other news, Ivan Gazidis is going to be interviewing Gerry Peyton for DOF after the keeping coach brokered the deal for Kieran Gibbs. Tony Pulis let the cat out of the bag.

“I played with Gerry Peyton, who’s their goalkeeping coach, for five years and I know him very well, and I know ‘Bouldy’ (Arsenal assistant manager) very well – he’s been a friend for a long, long time,”

“So they were the two I contacted. I don’t know Arsene that well and when you’re dealing with managers, they want to tell you what they want to tell you to suit their clubs.

Damn, the real reason Dick Law moved on? Gerry P, wheeler dealer… TOTAL HERO.

So how about the squad picture, where is Santi? Well, sadly, he’s in the ‘we aren’t setting a date’ return date zone.

‘It’s difficult to predict when he’ll be available again, but overall it’s difficult to set a time, not before Christmas, that’s why I didn’t involve him in the Europa League, hopefully after Christmas he will be available.

‘Yes, but he’s not played over a year now, had a few surgeries, so you’re always cautious to set a time or date, but overall it looks positive.’


Reiss Nelson | Joe Willock | Eddie Nketiah

Are all in the first team squad.

I can breathe again.

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  1. Bankz

    Barca’s and Messi’s masterclass last night was a joy to watch,considering most already wrote off their season.
    The fact they are paying more attention to defense and clean sheets now under Valverde is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.
    I see them going for both the champions league and almost certainly winning the Laliga title this season.

  2. Alex James

    Frightening pictures of the Totts new stadium today. High sided and intimidating. Clearly, they learned from our our poor design, which if I recall correctly Wenger had a big hand in. I and others on here have been saying for years that our future is dark, once our main London rivals get their new stadiums up and running. And I don’t subscribe to the idea that Spurs will suffer finanialky like we did. Levy is too canny for that.

  3. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    1st? Too late? Ok.

    Anyways i was watching the champ lge games yesterday and i thought to myself who cares about the champ lge, all about the Europa eh, am i right?

    Maybe im just a bit salty and hating lol.

  4. David Smith

    Our stadium has components of a couple of stadiums that were already built in Portugal, architects and civils I am told like to use whats already there, tried and tested, for inspiration, where they can.
    Arsenals problem isnt the stadium, its an owner who uses the club solely for collateral for other projects, demanding a huge cash mountain to be kept in the process, as well as a stale luddite control freak manager who is allowed to stay indefinitely, unchallenged, as he keeps silent and goes along with the ebbs and flows of the owners cash needs.
    I know praising everything Spurs do is quite fashionable in some quarters here, but Levy isnt that canny, look at what happened to most, if not all of the Bale money.
    The truth is, nobody knows how they will do as a result of the stadium, but history suggests the odds are stacked against unless they get a sugar daddy, the very opposite of our majority share holder.

  5. Wallace

    Alex James

    “And I don’t subscribe to the idea that Spurs will suffer finanialky like we did. Levy is too canny for that.”

    dunno about that. Alderweireld’s already gone public with ‘pay me what I’m worth or I’m off’ and sounds like he’s just the tip of the iceberg. if they want to be considered a big club long term Levy’s going to have to pony up big club wages.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs do not really have a problem with atmosphere in their ground anyway, but their new stadium seems to have been built (from images of the expected final design) to maintain that closeness to the pitch and feeling that the fans are boxing the pitch in.

    Our stadium could have done with some design focus on atmosphere to be honest.

    Atletico’s new stadium as well just feels as if the stands are ‘flatter’ in a way, more imposing on the pitch where ours seem to recline back and offer no intimidation.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    We are at the start of the season and it is important to prioritise importance of
    different competitions.

    Realistically the only competition at this stage, which should be important and
    prioritised by Arsenal this season is the EPL.

    The other competitions including Europa Cup are frankly a lottery. Most of
    the major clubs in England who competed in EC + FAC and LC treated them as secondary competitions in the early stages.

    They start taking these competitions seriously only if they progress to the later stages and there is a real prospect of winning a trophy. Manchester United
    took the Europa Cup seriously when they reached the last 8 and it became glaringly obvious that they were unlikely to finish in top 4 of EPL and qualify
    through that route into CL.

    My view is that when you are playing Chelsea on Sunday it is important that we are fully prepared for that game.

    I understand your point about Sanchez needing game time and perhaps you can add him to list of players included in starting lineup, but I would be reluctant to play him more than 45 minutes against Koln.

  8. OleGunner

    Interesting breakdown of the fan forums meeting with Gazidis. He sounds as slippery ad useless as ever.

    This is from the great online gooner blog:

    “The Fans Forum meeting with Ivan Gazidis and the representatives of the various and supporters demographic and approved fan groups took place at 10.45 am yesterday and was far more combative than the 90 minutes served up at 3 o’clock. This was mainly due to the refusal of Arsenal Supporters Trust board member Simon Hill to accept the CEO’s spin about the club going forward.

    Gazidis, with Mark Gonnella (the man who likes to cut difficult press conferences and post-match interview short when the questions start getting awkard) chairing the meeting, attempted to keep things in the ‘Aren’t you enjoying the chance to sit in the boardroom, a free programme, tea and biscuits’ territory, but fortunately, Simon wasn’t having any of it.

    The publicising of the Trust’s pre-submitted questions was compared by Gazidis as like sitting opposite ‘The Sun’, which is an interesting interpretation of a meeting that is supposed to respond to the answers of the Arsenal fanbase (the club is in the name – fan’s forum) and the contents of which are subsequently posted on the Arsenal website. So it’s hardly behind closed doors off the record stuff, and when he expressed that he could not be as candid in these meetings as people were tweeting his comments such as “catalyst for change” within half an hour of the meeting, doesn’t he realize the representatives are supposed to report back to the members (that’s Arsenal supporters) that they are actually representing? Mind you, the version of the meeting that will appear on the website, put together by Gonnella, probably won’t mention any of Simon Hill’s contribution, such as comments of Liverpool and Spurs over-taking Arsenal in the last two years despite financially dominating them, the club being a laughing stock amongst other clubs in Europe with their negotiating style (I have this on good authority to be true from other sources) and two of last year’s three transformational signings being made available for sale.

    Gazidis stuck to three of this mantras –
    1 – Arsenal outperform relative to their spend
    2 – There is a lot of misinformation (the term ‘fake news’ was not used) about Arsenal’s transfer targets and players for sale in the media – but the club have a policy of not denying anything
    3 – Three FA Cups in four seasons is evidence of success

    Oh, and this gem – “Transfer windows success can only be judged after the end of the season that follows”. Judge me in May anyone?

    “On every objective metric we’re not going backwards,” claimed the CEO. Finishing league position? Net transfer spend? Failing to secure your star players and letting them leave the club for nothing? Go figure.

    Gonnella tried desperately to move the meeting on (only one non pre-submitted question was allowed) and wrapped it up double quick at 11.45 stating that they did have any time for more. Strange then, that Gazidis and he then spent at least half an hour chatting with the less challenging forum representatives over a cup of tea.”

  9. GoonerDave

    Levy canny?
    He is a cheapskate Chairman, doing the bidding of a billionaire.
    His most valuable asset is his friends in the media, who paint him as some kind of frugal genius when in reality, he is an employee.

  10. David Smith

    Not long ago, Levy was derided by his clubs fans as Gazidis is now.
    Spurs main assets are their manager and a couple key players, they will not be there forever, unlike it seems our manager and owner

  11. Pierre

    I do think that the problem with the atmosphere at Arsenal is and always has been the fans.
    Highbury was never a ground that was bouncing even though it was very close to the pitch .. It had it’s good days just like the emirates does now but it was generally a ground that was lacking in atmosphere.
    The fans at Upton park and the Lane created a much better atmosphere, why I’m not so sure. Arsenal have won more trophies and played better football in the last 30 odd years have had much the better team and players.
    West ham have found it difficult to reproduce the atmosphere of Upton park so far and maybe spurs will have the same problem.
    Arsenal should allocate an area behind the goal to fans who want to be more vocal, this may provide a better atmosphere.
    Fans arriving late and leaving their seats early at half time and full time and arriving back late after half time doesn’t really do a lot for creating the right atmosphere either.

  12. Atid

    Let’s not forget our stadium was built to hold a capacity of 80k. However, due to infrastructure demands, the club were forced to amend certain areas. As a result the club level was made smaller, the disabled areas were increased and larger seats were installed, whilst gangways were also made larger and the area around the pitch was increased, by pushing the front rows back. Finally the pitch size was increased to the maximum.
    When Arsenal Football Club or TFL decide to spend money on Drayton Park, Holloway Road and Finsbury Park, like they did on Highbury and Islington then the stadium can have another large capacity increase. For now, I’m told an extra 900 seats are to be installed club level.


    YES Pierre noise levels by our fans is Abysmal.
    Crystal Palace/Portsmouth/Sheffied U for there small numbers put us to shame.
    And the Poxy songs our fans sing well.
    Get a proper song anthem boys one everyone is familiar with.ONE THAT GETS LOUDER.

  14. Bamford10

    As I said on the previous, we should absolutely take the Europa League seriously and make a go at winning it. Yes, we should play in such a manner that legs are preserved for Saturdays & Sundays, but we should nonetheless be aiming to win the thing. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

  15. David Smith

    They should just bring back areas of standing in grounds, call it safe standing or whatever they want, but they need to stop being political, stop being held back by tragic events in the fairly distant past where clear causes have been identified and arrangements can be made to ensure they were not repeated

  16. David Smith

    Have to laugh at Myles Palmer over at Spurs News Review, he really hates Arsenal with a passion and vengeance that suggests something personal

  17. Bamford10

    “Reports in Germany claim Mesut Ozil has decided to leave Arsenal on a free when his contract expires.” – ESPN UK

    What a joke we have become under late Wenger.

  18. Leedsgunner


    From the previous thread…

    “We couldn’t even beat Stoke — and suddenly we’re going to win a trophy competition in Europe ”

    I don’t mean to make your comment seem ridiculous /stupid/pointless but Manchester United failed to beat Stoke last week and unless I’m mistaken , they won 2 trophies ,one of them in Europe .”

    Thanks Pierre for your witty reply. We might disagree but I do appreciate that your posts are thoughtful.

    Fair enough point… one might say on first glance.

    Here’s the big difference though… it’s true Man United failed to beat Stoke last week and despite that they have a European trophy last season.

    I suppose your point is if they can do it so can we…?! I admire your optimism but that’s all it is. Optimism, a feeling. Wenger’s record in Europe is abysmal.

    Here’s the difference as I see it.

    In Maureen they have a manager who knows how to operate in Europe in the transfer market and in the competitions. He has trophies to match… not just with one team but three teams. Plus Man United have won Big Ears under SAF twice. They have European pedigree. They are expected to perform in Europe by their Board and their fans.

    Europe, for Arsenal under Arsene is a nice day out, a distraction from what is really important to the Board… making money and keeping a healthy balance sheet for an owner who cares nothing for our fine club.

    Like you have said, Man United have lost to Stoke, but they have trophies to make those losses irrelevant. What do we have under Wenger as far as Europe is concerned?

    We only lose to Stoke. That’s it. We have no European trophies to boast about under Wenger… only humiliating losses to Bayern Munich and Barcelona that I would rather forget. Wenger likes to boast about his record in Europe… but what does he really have to boast about? All he does is make up the numbers.

    Let’s not fool ourselves in thinking that we are better than we are. Wenger doesn’t understand Europe. He might be able to win a game here or there but his record in Europe shows that he doesn’t have the big picture nous to win a European competition.

    A touch of humility would not go amiss as we face our opponents in the Europa League. We are nowhere as good as we think we are.

    Wishing you the best.

  19. Pierre

    All speculation regarding özil in my opinion

    I’m sure there are talks ongoing, would be ridiculous to think otherwise.. Then again, this is Arsenal!

    I may be wrong but I think (and hope) he will stay. I know he has his detractors on here and in the media but I think we are in for a big season from özil.
    In saying that, I’m not sure I would start him v Chelsea as he struggles in the very high tempo games. There would be nothing wrong with starting him on the bench and have sanchez, lacazette and Welbeck as the front 3…horses for courses.

  20. Marko

    It promises to be some recruitment drive next summer what with all our half decent players leaving on a free or not wanting to be there. Not with this manager though not with this regime. We were always guaranteed to not challenge under Wenger again but given the current squad issues that exist we’ll be lucky to have a full squad when it comes time to procrastinate over whether to give him a new deal or whether to move the club forward

  21. steve

    “In saying that, I’m not sure I would start him v Chelsea as he struggles in the very high tempo games.”


    How laughable is that? One of your most expensive signings ever and supposedly your star player not starting because he “struggles in the very high tempo games”. If that’s the case maybe he should try some other sport.

  22. Dissenter

    Davis Smith
    “I know praising everything Spurs do is quite fashionable in some quarters here, but Levy isnt that canny, look at what happened to most, if not all of the Bale money”

    You do realize that we are set to lose more than Levi (Spuds) lost on the Gareth Bale money. Assuming they wasted half of it b because some of the players they bought are thriving – that’s about £50 million.
    We are set to lose about £80-100 million this season on players on the last year of their contracts who ought to have been sold.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Wenger’s supporters used to say that one of his great strengths was his supposed ability to attract players.

    Bearing in mind the happenings of this season with our biggest stars refusing to extend their contracts because Wenger extended his… I would argue Wenger is now even more a detriment to the club because his stay is proving a reason for players to leave/not join Arsenal.

    Hindsight is always 20/20 but looking back it seems like now if we wanted Sanchez, Özil and Chamberlain to resign with the club, Arsene needed to go. The club needed to show that there was change afoot.

    Arsene’s arrogance and stubbornness is causing huge damage to the reputation of the club.

  24. Dissenter

    The question is not whether we will take the Europa league seriously. It is really about if we are even good enough when it gets to the last-16.
    There are aboutn6 teams that are as good as Arsenal currently and 4-5 teams will also be related from the CL to Europa league in December.
    I don’t think we are good enough. The WC and players winding down their contracts will not auger for us in the spring of 2018.

  25. shaun

    what would be nice is for gazzidis or what ever to explain why the board and himself thought wenger was the best person to take us forward in Europe, that is just completely wrong from every possible view point .A defensively naive coach will never ever win Europe’s top prize . Wenger is at his correct level in the Europa but even then it is highly unlikely a coach so weak defensively could win the competition .Wenger is just not up to it and never will be

  26. Pierre

    Of course your point is valid but it all depends which angle you’re coming from.

    My angle is that Wenger and Arsenal have the ability and experience to beat teams of the Europa league standard as we have consistently done this in the previous 20 years.
    Our downfall over the recent years is that we have failed against either barca or Munich who are top top quality , plus losses to Milan and Monaco on the away goals rule.
    Man u did win the Europa league last season but I doubt very much if they would have progressed past the last 16 in the champions league and I feel arsenal are in a very similar position.

    Le deseo todo lo mejor

  27. Pierre

    I knew someone would jump on that comment about özil …I think you will find the greatest manager of all, Alex Ferguson, would leave out certain players against teams that didn’t suit their style.. Horses for courses it’s called.
    I suppose you would play the same players in every game irrespective of the opposition just because they are an expensive signing..

  28. Leedsgunner


    “My angle is that Wenger and Arsenal have the ability and experience to beat teams of the Europa league standard as we have consistently done this in the previous 20 years.”

    Is this why we moved to Emirates to compete and beat against teams of a lower standard? Why the hell are we paying a man top whack then?

    With all due respect, this is a self defeating argument. If Wenger was not good enough to compete against the Bayerns and Barças of this world — the problem is him, not the level of competition. We needed to change the manager to someone who was good enough.

  29. Marko

    How can Levy have wasted the Bale money when Son, Eriksson and Lamela are still there and in Eriksson they have one of the best AM in the league. Hardly a waste. Besides since Bale has left they have improved. Does anyone actually think that when we lose Sanchez and Ozil and others that we’ll improve? That we’ll replace like for like? We just lost Chamberlain who was pushing hard for that first choice RWB slot and replaced him with not one but two youth players and RWB isn’t even their natural position.

  30. WestLondonGoon

    The summer we only bought Cech was the year we should have pushed on, used the cash reserves to buy 2 or 3 world class talents, we would probably won the league with them and we would be sitting in an entirely different place right now.

    Next year we will have 2 world recognised talents (arguably) leaving the club, with no money coming in for them, looking back on this summer’s window, it will potentially cost us all our cash reserves and possibly more to replace them.

    We had our optimum time to enter the marketplace and make a few statement of intent signings, but we missed it. For all the analysis that is done at the club, for no one to have seen so many factors playing our way, such as several of our opponents changing manager, displays that there is nobody trying to identify these core decisions to knit together the business and football sides of the club. It’s lazy and shows no strategic planning at any level.

    Right on cue, there’s Wenger on SSN laughing away with the journos after making a comment on Roy Hodgson’s return to management. ‘Oh Arsene, you are such a joker.’


  31. David Smith

    Shaun, widely reported that Gazidis and the board did not think Wenger was the best man to take us forward, but they were over-ruled by Stan Enos Kroenke who made the decision with Wenger alone, away from the rest of the board.
    If true, perhaps the biggest criticism of Gazidis and Co is that they should have resigned

  32. WestLondonGoon

    There is, also an optimum time in this, to change manager. Every four years previously employed international managers enter the market place after the world cup; would a Deschamps, Sampaoli or Low be a step up from what we currently have? I’d say pretty much so. Ozil actually seems to play differently for Low, so he would be my choice, I guess, then use his employment to keep Ozil if not deemed surplus to requirements.

    But this period falls slap bang in the middle of Wenger’s contract, so he’s not going to go quietly, but if Ivan really does have a vision of the club without Wenger, this next 9 months has to see him putting his plans in action.


  33. Pierre

    Highbury leg end
    Thanks, that link you posted confirms what I was saying, that özil should be on the bench for certain away games.

    Thanks again for confirmation of the fact that özil has created more chances than any other player in the league…
    Pedro said that özil “was completely awful again”.. Just imagine how many chances özil will create when he starts playing well!!

  34. WestLondonGoon

    We’re stck with Ozil,
    Mesut Ozil
    I just don’t think you understand….
    He won’t sign on for more,
    He’s a greedy football whore,
    We don’t want Mesut Ozil

  35. Alexanderhenry

    Alex James

    Good points.

    I was disappointed when I first went to the Emirates. It looked almost like a cricket ground.
    Nothing we can do about that now and at least it isn’t called the Pepsi centre.

    Regarding spurs, it will be interesting to see how they move forward with their stadium debt.
    So far they’ve been cautious but we haven’t seen anything like the sort player asset stripping seen at arsenal.

  36. shaun

    I agreed Dave but I am actually talking about the shameless interview Gazidis gave before the charity shield when he was directly questioned live on TV and blatantly lied ….I can take “the we looked around and thought who can we trust to take the club forward with our values and challenge domestically “because as AKB’S will keep reminding you Wenger did actually win when pterodactyl’s were pets but in Europe the man has been involved for over twenty five years and has only one final appearance to his name and in that time he has been in the top five earners for managers in Europe for over twenty years .I would put money on him earning more than Zidane, the barca manager ,Allegri and Ancelloti currently but no one would put money on him beating any one of those managers listed .we now have FANS saying it is possible for us to win the Europa as we can beat those teams as they are not as good as the top top clubs madness absolute madness

  37. Leedsgunner

    I keep hearing that Arsenal is now the favourites to win the Europa trophy… but where is the confidence in this?

    Didn’t Wenger lose to Galatasaray in the final when he was in this competition at the beginning of his tenure at Arsenal?

    It seems to me like misplaced arrogance to assume we are going to cake walk this competition to the final… just because we’ve been in the UCL for the past 20 years. Who cares? What do we have to show for it? Nothing!

  38. grooveydaddy

    Can you honestly see Wenger navigating us through 4 knock-out ties and then a final, especially in Jan-March, where we are habitually awful?

  39. Boomslang

    “Can you honestly see Wenger navigating us through 4 knock-out ties and then a final, especially in Jan-March, where we are habitually awful?”

    Only Wenger’s acolytes like Pierre, can see that happening.

  40. graham62


    “Arsene’s arrogance and stubbornness is causing huge damage to the reputation of the club”

    Never has a truer word been spoken.

  41. Pierre

    Funnily enough, yes I can see that happening.. It’s not often you get something right..

    Now go back to trying to win your 4th place toffee (((boom)))

  42. Boomslang

    I certainly will Pierre.

    Now do your daily routine. Grab a handful of Vaseline and blow your load over Wenger’s portrait.

  43. Don

    Funny isn’t it? Le grove is choca while the window opens and dead after it!!!
    Just shows that for most of these lads, the window IS THEIR SEASON.

  44. Pierre

    Don.. It’s dead because we won at the weekend and they know we will win tomorrow night..
    They will all come out of the woodwork when we draw or lose… Guaranteed

    Anyway Don, let’s hope Jack starts tomorrow night and turns it on..

  45. Alex James

    Alexanderhenry. In all my 60 plus years of supporting The Arsenal, I had thought the 1960s ghost of Spurs outranking us had gone for good. Whilst acknowledging that Highbury was not always the most noisiest of homes, I was looking forward to the Emirates providing a serious sound upgrade. The design does not allow for this. The new Lane looks intimidating to me, which is what was planned I suspect. We would all like to think that their debt will do for them what ours did for us .I just doubt it, as they would have looked at this and structured things to avoid the problems we had, before cutting stone. The bottom line is that any visitor from space would say that, at present, the future for Spurs looks rosier than hours. If only Lady BS hadn’t sold her shares to SK.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    Now do your daily routine. Grab a handful of Vaseline and blow your load over Wenger’s portrait.

    Vaseline would be to thick for that job, maybe hand lotion?

  47. Alexanderhenry

    Alex James

    There was a period in the early 80s when Spurs overtook us but thankfully it didn’t last long.

    I agree that they will not adopt austerity the way arsenal did and will be a huge threat in the future.
    Arsenal fc- third biggest club in London?

  48. David Smith

    Alex James. We have far bigger to worry about than Spurs, a bit like being in a war against Russia and China, and spending time worrying about North Korea or Iran.
    Just hope Stan departs when the Wenger complicit gravy train ends, but we shall see

  49. Don


    That’s another big reason of course and it didn’t go unnoticed.
    Let’s see what happens Sunday
    Hopefully we will turn the chavs over and have something to gloat about……to our own fans!!! How absurd!!!

    Yeah I hear JW is getting a much needed run out tomo so hopefully builds up his fitness and rediscovers that magic if his
    God knows we need it now, along with the tenacity he provides. Something our current first choice midfield seems to be lacking.

  50. DaleDaGooner

    Arsenal fc- third biggest club in London?

    Not with Spuds wage structure….they paying peanuts, soon the players will start ditching them.

  51. Don


    I want spurs to go through. Every prem club needs to. The further they get the better chance we have of climbing the league
    Hope they’re fucking knackered come January

  52. PieAFC

    For most following Arsenal while Wenger is here, it’s not in short bursts of a few games here and there.

    It’s the long game.

    How can you get excited for 3-6 games, even when you try and do, knowing the end result will be exactly the same as the last 8-11 years.

    Rinse and repeat.

    So what if we beat Koln, we will not win the Europa. Wenger is not tactical enough, cannot rotate teams correctly in games that actually matter. Semi final at best.

  53. graham62

    Nice to see Don and Pierre back together again. It was getting a rather boring with only Pierre fighting the corner.

    Don’t need to “come out of the woodwork”, as the predictability of it all makes it so easy to pass comment.

    You clowns just crack me up.

    Keep up the pretence.

  54. Gooner63

    Just cracks me up when Pierrer etc – now act like we are amazing because we beat a team that hasnt got any points, that we should be beating 3-0 at HOME on any given year

    we will probably beat a crap cologne team too

    how the mighty Arsene has brainwashed fans into thinking that beating bournemouth means we are gonna get top4, win the EL maybe even win the PL

    Seriously Guys – are u really that desperate

  55. ArseneisaFraud


    You are being generous there. We should have thrashed B’mouth at leat 5/6 – 0 in their current state.

  56. Leedsgunner

    Gooners wanting Spurs to succeed.


    I want Spurs to lose, lose, lose…. after they suffered those losses — to lose again.

    Whatever next? Are we going to sell our best striker to Man United?

    Oh wait, I forgot…


  57. ArseneisaFraud

    I should have added that this is the scoreline that I would have expected a club of our current stature to have achieved against a club with such poor form.

  58. ArseneisaFraud

    I just noticed that in the team picture the FA Cup and Community shield are displayed.

    Not sure if this is common practice (is it?) but if it isn’t then this reeks of desperation to show that we are winning trophies.

  59. GuNZ

    I love the Europa League. I expect my boy Giroud to shine as never before. I’ve always said it’s a fantastic competition. Much better than that Champions League rubbish with its rubbish teams and rubbish supporters and rubbish prestige. Who wants to win the CL anyway? We obviously never did so it’s a good job we’ve now switched to a really great competition that we may want to win. Perhaps. Maybe.

  60. GuNZ

    I reckon it’s been really smart of Arsène and the Board to come up with the strategy of ensuring we don’t have to go play in that boring old Champions League year in year out. All we ever did was play against the boring same old teams and boringly get our botties right royally spanked as soon as it looked as if – God forbid! – we were going to get beyond the last 16. Ho hum, boooorrrrinnnggg . . .

    So let’s tip our hats and raise a glass to ‘cunning’ Wenger for giving our lives a fresh coat of paint. On ya Arsène.

  61. Bamford10

    Top class goal from Son to give Spurs their first against Dortmund tonight. Most commentators, though, btw, seemed to think Dortmund looked the better side.

  62. PV4

    Graham62 and gooner63 you’re both pretty cute trying to abuse people.

    What’s the 63 and 63 about? Must be your relative IQs? If it’s your age or DOB you should both be very embarrassed.

    Arsenal will romp through this competition as we’re the best team in it by far, it just depends on how seriously we take it. Putting everyone’s Anti Arsenal bias to one side it’s pretty fucking obvious looking at the shit teams in it .

    Even the teams that drop down from the CL won’t cause much trouble cos it won’t be Bayern, RM or Barca.

  63. Ishola70

    Very dodgy goalkeeping from Burki the Dortmund goalkeeper for two of those Spurs goals. Weak on his near post.

    What is it with Swiss footballers and being flaky.


  64. Ishola70

    Nice get out clause.

    Arsenal will only fail to win Europa League if they fail to take it seriously.

    This stance will not wash though if Arsenal get beaten in the later stages needing to win the competition to get CL the following season.

  65. Ishola70

    I don’t understand this haughty snotty attitude from some towards the Europa League.

    Arsenal have just been making the numbers up for so long in Champions League that the Europa League has been the natural calling for some time.

  66. Ishola70

    lol Arsenal are not even favourites to win the Europa League with the bookies.

    Usually the best seen English club in this competition are put in as favourites.

    AC Milan have been put in as favourites. That second rate current AC Milan side.

    What have you done Arsene to Arsene FC lol

  67. Don

    Ishola70September 14, 2017 07:06:39
    I don’t understand this haughty snotty attitude from some towards the Europa League.Arsenal have just been making the numbers up for so long in Champions League that the Europa League has been the natural calling for some time.

    Me neither.
    We needed to drop down anyway. Our youngsters just can’t seem to learn to win in the champions league.
    If we drop down a level and start winning some European games I fell that they will take more from it than being whipped as soon as we get out of our group.
    Now they will learn how to win games (hopefully) in the knockout phases of Europe. It could give them something to take back to the champions league when and if we make it back

  68. PV4


    ‘Arsenal will only fail to win Europa League if they fail to take it seriously’

    Well if they play too many reserves and too many shit out of form squad members that would indicate we aren’t taking the Europa seriously. No?

    A decently balanced team with a sprinkling of 1st teamsers, a couple of yoots and the lads pushing for a start would be good until we get out of the groups then reassess the line up.

    ‘lol Arsenal are not even favourites to win the Europa League with the bookies.’

    We’re joint favourites with AC @ 7/1.

    ‘That second rate current AC Milan side’

    What that Milan side that’s just gone on the largest spending spree Seria A has ever seen? Ok mate.

  69. Ishola70

    Come on PV4.

    AC Milan only have one world class player in their team and that is Bonucci and he is only there because Juve kicked him out.

    Look at the rest of that squad. Nothing.

    Nope Arsenal are not joint favourites. AC Milan are favorites at this time.

    May not be much in it but damning. Arsenal are not clear favourites to win this competition because of one factor. Wenger’s poor european record.

  70. PV4


    I use sky bet joint favs 7/1 with Milan. I never said we were clear favourites.
    I know what you’re saying but come on to say that we’re not one of the best two teams in this is just been ridiculous.

    As bad as we’ve been in the CL we’re still good enough for this.

    The reason we aren’t favourites is due to the noise coming out of the club that it isn’t a priority….and we’re still at the top of the betting.

  71. Ishola70

    As said in past seasons the English club that is seen as the best participant in Europa League is put in as clear favourites at the start. The EPL affect.

    No such affect when Wenger is involved. Wenger dilutes the affect lol.

  72. Biggles

    I’d really like to win a European trophy, even if it is the diddy one.

    But it appears that winning something would be against Wenger’s principles, so he’ll ignore it.

    Or maybe it’s that he uses diddy cups for youth players, so perhaps he sees the Europa League as a glorified League Cup.

    Or… or… maybe, just maybe, Wenger has in fact started learning about squad rotation and decided that to rotate for the Chelsea game. In which case, by around 2032, we have reason to believe that he will have learnt enough to start doing things like tactics.

  73. TitsMcGee

    “Arsene’s arrogance and stubbornness is causing huge damage to the reputation of the club””

    The fact that he is still in a job is more of an indictment of the fans than anything else. If the fans were really THAT unhappy with him (and voiced their opinion) there is NO WAY he’d be able to continue. The protests are explained away as a rain-drop by the spin-doctors but there comes a point where that if the protests weer consistent and large they couldn’t spin it, no matter how good they are at spinning.

  74. HighburyLegend

    “But it appears that winning something would be against Wenger’s principles, so he’ll ignore it. ”

    What about the fa cup ??

  75. Mick Kartun

    Dear Fellow Posters,

    It has been brought to people’s attention that some individuals throughout the posts have been using foul languages during the course of normal conversation with other posters. Due to complaints received from some long commited and loyal posters who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with other posters.

    Therefore,a list of 18 New and Innovative ‘TRY SAYING’ phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner.
    Number 1:
    TRY SAYING: I think you could use more hindsights.
    INSTEAD OF: I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.
    Number 2:
    TRY SAYING: He’s an aggressive poster.
    INSTEAD OF: He’s a fucking troll.
    Number 3:
    TRY SAYING: Perhaps you can say it politely..
    INSTEAD OF: And what the fuck do you expect me to do say?
    Number 4:
    TRY SAYING: I’m certain that is impossible.
    INSTEAD OF: No fucking way.
    Number 5:
    TRY SAYING: Really?
    INSTEAD OF: You’ve got to be shitting me!
    Number 6:
    TRY SAYING: Perhaps you should check with…
    INSTEAD OF: Tell someone who gives a shit.
    Number 7:
    TRY SAYING: I wasn’t involved in the discussion.
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    Number 9:
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    INSTEAD OF: Why the fuck didn’t you tell me sooner?
    Number 11:
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    Number 12:
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    Number 13:
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    Number 16:
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    Number 18:
    TRY SAYING: He’s somewhat insensitive.
    INSTEAD OF: He’s a prick.

    Thank You, Sincerely Yours, Pedro.

  76. Leedsgunner

    The lowering of the standards unashamedly continues…

    Wenger will try to spin this so that he comes out looking good whatever happens.

    If he progresses far in the competition he will use it to say it’s proof of his hunger and passion.

    If we bomb out, no doubt, his supporters will then say, “Oh that’s ok… it was a distraction anyways. We can focus on the league now.”

    As if we ever had a chance in the league… lol.

    The only result that will be acceptable for me is if we come out as winners. Anything else should be unacceptable for a club of Arsenal’s means and stature.

    Frankly, with the shambolic transfer window that we’ve just had — it is the best chance of us gaining entry into the Champion’s League next year.

  77. HighburyLegend

    “the best chance of us gaining entry into the Champion’s League next year.”

    For “trying” to win it, of course…

  78. ArseneisaFraud

    Highbury Legend

    We’re playing FC Köln at Home. Kick off: 20:05


    Thanks for the laughs this morning. It was very fucking funny; excuse me: it was highly amusing.

  79. TitsMcGee

    The lowering of the standards unashamedly continues…”

    All the signs of a dying program/club/organisation are plain to see.

    I have watched many different sports(World and American) over the past two decades and all the signs of rotting decay are quite apparent with Arsenal.

    1. Gradually achieving less and less on the field(pitch).
    2. Upper management/coaching staff do a “Baghdad bob” with regards to point 1.
    3. Decay continues until the HC/manager gets fired.
    4. New HC/manager hired and either hit a home run right away or struggle for years trying to find the right manager/HC to right the ship.

    We right now are somehow in point 4 (comically enough with the same manager). Wenger has somehow skipped/survived the firing/sacking stage at point 3 which basically means that we just rebooted back to point 1. We are fcuked for the foreseeable I’m afraid.

  80. HighburyLegend

    “Doesn’t take Liverpool fans long to recognise ineptitude…”
    Contrary to the Arsenal fans ?? (lol)

    Ox in a state of shock when he came from the bench last night, it was the first time since so many years that a coach was telling him what to do – and mostly where to play – on the pitch lol

  81. Jeff

    “Doesn’t take Liverpool fans long to recognise ineptitude…”
    Contrary to the Arsenal fans ??

    That is because the Arsenal supporter set has far too many unambitious, passionless, pointless people – aka AKBs. All of them came into existence as a direct result of their lord and master.

  82. Leedsgunner

    Arsene Wenger now basking in the fact that he turned down Man United… lol.

    Wenger turned down Man United in the same way Katie Hopkins turned down the chance to be the Apprentice — they were never offered the job in the first place!!!

    Wenger wouldn’t last long enough to tie David Moyes’ shoelaces in that job and he knows it. Man United actually expect results of its managers… not just excuses.

  83. TitsMcGee

    He’s the king of “credit” .

    Mentions all these jobs that he turned down (even though he would never leave Arsenal ).

    Mentions all the players he “almost” signs.

    Gets murked in UCL/EPL top level but cries about credit for being consistently mediocre vs the cupcake clubs.

  84. HighburyLegend

    “they were never offered the job in the first place!!!”

    Ah ah ah so true!!
    (+ the fear of being sacked with a lack of results lol)

  85. Pierre

    “Wenger wouldn’t last long enough to tie David Moyes’ shoelaces in that job and he knows it.”

    Please tell me you meant Alex Ferguson and not David Moyes..

  86. Leedsgunner


    David Moyes was offered the job. Wenger wasn’t.

    Therefore on that metric Moyes is one up on Wenger in that he was actually Man United manager in fact, and not just in rumour… and not just because Wenger says he thought about it. Being given the job and being considered a candidate for the job isn’t the same thing is it?

    There’s a reason why Wenger clings on to his job at Arsenal.

    He knows and we know, in fact everyone knows that no other club in the world would put up with his excuses and continual mistakes… accidents, bad luck… call it what you will… his incompetence.

  87. TheBayingMob

    Pure banter than Liverpool & Klopp are getting their ring pounded for being shit defensively and that Klopp has done nothing to address … yet who’s team went their and barely had a shot on target?

    Lollage …

  88. HighburyLegend

    Bellerin, about chelsea’s poor start last season, and of course ze race for the PL title:
    “There was a lot of criticism for them and their new manager. […]Then, after a poor start, they won 13 games in a row which is something to admire. It’s not about how you start but how consistent you are and how you finish it. That’s why Chelsea won the league. […]Whoever is ruling us out already doesn’t know about football.”

    He knows best – like someone who has been wengerized.

  89. TitsMcGee

    Whoever is ruling us out already doesn’t know about football.”

    This nitwit will be the same one digging into the deepest corner of his arse for an excuse WHEN we stumble and fall all over again.

  90. Leedsgunner

    “It’s not about how you start but how consistent you are and how you finish it. That’s why Chelsea won the league. […]”

    Is Bellerin being ironic? Or perhaps tongue in cheek? Surely he realises the stupidity of his statement in light of the fact that Arsenal finished in fifth? Is he actually that dense?


  91. PV4


    ‘Therefore on that metric Moyes is one up on Wenger in that he was actually Man United manager in fact, and not just in rumour… and not just because Wenger says he thought about it. ‘

    The worrying thing is you’re actually trying to dispute this. Stop embarrassing yourself.

    Martin Edwards, Man Utd’s old chief exec said they wanted him for the job so it’s not just Wenger responding trying to blow his own trumpet.

    Who gives a fuck anyway? You seem very upset he didn’t take the job.

  92. Leedsgunner

    We won 9 of 10 games and finished fifth…

    Chelsea won the league title (and yes, lost the cup to us).

    Which trophy would you rather win?

    Had we won the title last year do you think Sanchez would refuse to sign an extension? Would Özil? Would Lemar turned us down, if we were champions?

    Do yourself a favour and have a rest.

    Wishing you the best.

  93. Leedsgunner

    “Who gives a fuck anyway? You seem very upset he didn’t take the job.”

    You’re right there. We wouldn’t be in this mess had he taken the job. We’re being turned into a midtable team before our eyes! How can any Gooner be happy about that?!?

  94. steve

    “We finished well. We won 9 out of 10 games and won the FA Cup. Leeds are you being ironic? Or just plain stupid?”

    Forget the fact that you most of those teams in that run were already on vacation.

    Who’s this PV4 cunt anyway? A new akb cunt or someone who changed their name?

  95. Don

    steveSeptember 14, 2017 14:42:48
    “We finished well. We won 9 out of 10 games and won the FA Cup. Leeds are you being ironic? Or just plain stupid?”Forget the fact that you most of those teams in that run were already on vacation.Who’s this PV4 cunt anyway? A new akb cunt or someone who changed their name?

    No need to be rude steve