AW the transfer madness pioneer (seriously) + Five POSITIVE hopes for the season

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The never ending flow of Wenger banter continued as he took aim at the media for turning the fans against him.

“You work very hard to get the fans on our back.”

He’s really quite unreal these days. The group of professionals who spent so many years condemning the dissenters are now part of his Donald Trump-esque attempt to obfuscate the reality of his situation.

In some ways, it worked. He was trying to appeal to his base that is losing faith at a rate of knots. He might be lower than 35% if approval ratings existed. Someone give YouGov a call and get them on it, their CEO is a Gooner, maybe they could set up a Premier League managers approval rating so I can stop creating FAKE NEWS numbers to appease my readers.

The attack on the media also served a dual purpose in the sense that he’s speaking to Stan K. One of the few LONDON red flags for the absent American is fighting fans, protest planes, and empty seats. Wenger knows what’s coming this season, so he’s preempting him with a version of why things are so damn unfair.

Back to the fans. It’s amazing how many go for his version of events that the paying supporters are making a major difference to team performance. The same fans that help the players land 3 FA Cups, and super 6 month run every year, are somehow the problem?

Usually, when a club manager starts attacking the fans, it’s over. After all, the fans are the one’s that support the unreal lives everyone in the game enjoys. Not at Arsene FC. The man can pretty much say what he wants. He could shoot someone on Hornsey Road and the base would still wave #WengerIn banners. I personally think he needs a PR minder, like a wild rockstar would do, you know, like that fella, what’s his name? Oh, Justin Bieber.

His latest comments about Sanchez are beyond the pale.

“You take a Sánchez into the final year of his contract, you sacrifice £60-70m income and at the end of the season you will have to buy somebody for that amount of money,”

“It has a huge price so, at some stage, you have to make a decision; you have to sacrifice one or two.”

Who didn’t understand this premise? Why is he relaying the ramifications of his utter stupidity like this is new news? He’s literally teeing up his excuse for not being able to compete for players next summer. Unreal. His brain farts went further though. The man who dropped a £92m bid for Lemar on the last day of the window in a blind panic bemoaned the sale of Dembele to Barcelona.

“The amount of money is completely disconnected to reality and the truth,”

“Ousmane Dembélé last year was €15m; this year, he is €150m. No matter how well you work as a coach, you cannot make a player go from €15m to €150m. The calculation between investment and what you can get back has gone. It’s just: ‘Can you afford to buy or not?’”

This is the man who bought Nic Anelka for £684k in 1997 and sold him for £22.3m when that was a record deal and 32 times the price we paid for him. Dembele moving for 10x his price 18 years later is hardly a shocker, he’s an unreal talent.

… and look, Wenger literally spends every summer bemoaning transfer fees and how the inflation isn’t in keeping with reality.

Who is going bust here?

Who isn’t paying their bills?

Is there anything indicating this is a bubble (BAR DIPPING VIEWERSHIP FIGURES)?

FFP never saved us, like Ivan and Wenger smugly assured us. Football just got richer across the board. Arsene can’t accept it, and as a result, we suffer every year as we regress and find ourselves further away from the big prizes.

What I can’t understand is why he’s not kicking himself about not signing Dembele before he made it big? Where were we? France is our land… WHO IS ASKING OUR SCOUTS ABOUT THAT LITTLE MISHAP.

One final moan before we get POSITIVE. What is it with Arsenal and not paying wages? Give Kante’s entourage some money. Give M’Bappe’s mum some dough. There is nothing ethical in being the only club in the world willing to miss out on the best young player in the world over 1.2 Diaby’s in cash.

Anyway, it’s all fucked. SHUT UP AND SUPPORT THE MANAGER isn’t saving our season, no matter how hard some may bleat.

… but what might make the misery a little more exciting lies below:


Wouldn’t it be great if he came good? A truly clinical finisher who reads the game well, and most importantly, has a Trezeguet like instinct for being in the right position to feed. I’d love it if he had a powerful season.

Reiss Nelson:

I can’t get him out of my head. I know we’ve been here before, but damn, didn’t he look special in The Emirates Cup? Is this going to be the year we finally have a breakthrough act to be proud of? He’s fast, silky on the ball, and he’s bossing the U23s. Who was the last breakthrough 17 year old? Cesc? We need to scrub that memory fast and replace it with one that is HEROIC and, you know, English.

Jack Wilshere:

Why can’t I put him in here? He’s a bit of a shit, but damn, he’s our shit. I’d appreciate his bad behaviour a little more if he could deliver some of that magic from way back when. Could he be the saviour of our midfield? Could he play with discipline? Why couldn’t he play a deep lying defensive midfield role Wenger needs help with? He’s mobile enough. Can pass in tight spaces. Can fight. Can tackle. I mean, if he shook off some of that Roy of the Rovers fight he has in him, he might come back to his best. ALLEGRI wanted him ffs.


BEEEEEAST. Yah man, I’d say it to his face and accept him punching me for being rude. Our new left back is fast, powerful, and exciting in the final 3rd. Our latest Eastern European export seems to be the real deal, hopefully, he’ll bring a bit of respect to proceedings and deliver on his Bundesliga promise (unlike Xhaka). I still think some of the criticism levelled at Monreal is unfair, this upgrade wasn’t needed as much as others in the squad, but he’s definitely a good signing who could do some damage if played in his proper position.


The man incensed his pal was moved on to Liverpool has a lot to prove this year, despite him calling the lad a #Shambles for LOLs. With Ozil moving on next year, Wenger has a big decision to make. Do you keep playing Ozil as a #10, or do you give Rambo a go and tell him the deal… play like Isco, work like a dog, and actually create… or see ya later. Could be an interesting experiment. We know Ramsey does it for Wales, about time he showed it for Arsenal. He’s no longer young, time to blow up or… errr… blow out?


Ok, super hopeful here, but whatever. I LOVE THE LITTLE SPANIARD. Arguably the most impactful miss over the last two years. His ability to make everyone tick with his fast thinking and ambidextrous feet magic has been a glaring omission for us all. He’ll never rock 40 games, but he could be the difference between 7th and 6th if he can contribute 20 appearances. GO SANTI!

Right, last chance to listen to our podcast. We’re starting to invite guests on now we have our sea legs. We have some great people coming on. Will keep you posted.

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  1. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Just saw Wenger’s pre-game interview. Wife pointed out that Wenger appears to have added blonde highlights to his hair. Here I’m wondering what formation he’s going to play and here she is wondering about the goofs hair. She might actually have the right attitude…

  2. HighburyLegend

    Liverpool looks pathetic this season again.
    I guess that the “get out of jail card” is still working… up the Arse for the 4th spot!!

  3. Jeff

    You see what happens when you play the right people and in the right positions? Wenger gambles knowing he can’t lose (i.e. can’t be sacked).

  4. steve

    This is exactly the problem. There will always be enough easy fixtures for Wenger to “bounce back” and keep himself above the water.

  5. Guns of Hackney


    Said that just this week. Impossible to play ALL the top teams in a row so Arsenal will always have an out for a few games, play a good team, lose heavily and go back on a little run of relegation candidates.

    Pathetic but that’s where we are.

  6. raptora

    B’mouth got butchered last round. City got a goal 2 mins after the supposed added time. A defeat now will mean 0 points out of the first for games for them.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Nice goal from Lacazette.

    Always going to happen today, Arsenal’s seasons are on rails, there are no deviations.

    Bournemouth might be in trouble this year.

  8. Ishola70

    lol look at the difference between the finishes of Welbeck and Lacazette.

    Perfect opposition for Arsenal. Bournemouth have no midfield to speak of. Arsenal can take the midfield with no serious opposition in there.

    Everyone can look like world beaters in this match.

    Good to see Kolasinac,

  9. Marko

    Ramsey has got no business being at a club like Arsenal. One does get the feeling that Wenger’s downfall will be the big away games and how many convincing defeats we’re willing to put up with. Otherwise Lacazette will save his boney arse more times than not against weaker teams especially at home. Which is a shame because under a better manager the club might just have challenged with Lacazette up top

  10. Marko

    lol look at the difference between the finishes of Welbeck and Lacazette.

    Speaks volumes really doesn’t it. Welbeck has two league goals so far this season but in all honesty he did his best to try and miss them both

  11. Boomslang

    You see, this is what happens when the players follow Wenger’s tactical manual:

    “Pass ze ball
    Keep ze ball
    Kick ze ball”
    = Goals

    Not so hard is it. Mind of a genius.

  12. S.Asoa

    Bournemouth are very poor. At current levels must be the worst team in the league.
    Ozil got his opportunity to prove the legends wrong . Easy opposition and slight effort needed to shine.
    Now don’t get overboard with the result tomorow Pedro.
    Only thing proved is ” flat track bullies ”
    Lacazete is reasonably good . But Kolasanic was a find

  13. Dissenter

    Bournemouth are definitely going down.
    I thought Eddie Howe was the great English hope. He’s taking notes like he’s preparing for his A-levels.

  14. Relieable Sauce

    Was Kolasinac blowing much during that half ?

    I’ve not seen much of him defending from the LB position from the few games i’ve seen of him.
    Excellent wing play going forward though.

  15. Dissenter

    Spuds beating Everton 2-0 at Goodison park…that’s impressive.
    Poch has said he will never go to Barca out of respect for Espanyol, who he played for and managed.
    It will probably take PSG or Real [unlikely due to Zidane’s briliance ] to take him away from Levi.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs three-nil up at Everton, not sure if that is impressive or whether Everton have hit a slide in form after losing away to Chelsea.

    One thing is for certain though, Spurs will need to sort their Wembley form out otherwise they are going to achieve well below par.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea two-nil up away at Leicester now, their early season wobble might have been a bit misleading. Since then they have beaten Spurs away, Everton at home and now have a two goal lead away at Leicester.

  18. mystic leaves

    these douches don’t know their futures are better served under a new manager? throw the f**king game douches!!

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Do have a soft spot for Welbeck, despite his flaws.

    Said all along, easy game for us today. Arsenal could not have asked for a nicer fixture to return to.

    Goals dropping all at once in the EPL today.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Forgot that West Ham also have no points so far, but we are on track to send Bournemouth bottom on goal difference with another couple.

  21. mysticleaves

    these douches don’t know their futures are better served under a new manager? throw the f**king game douches!!

  22. Cesc Appeal


    People are too quick to judge, I work thirty years in football and I am surprised how quickly people judge you, today we showed what we really are and it is important now we carry this on 😉

  23. TR7

    Spurs were the better team in the game against Chelsea at Wembley. They conceded an injury time equalizer in their second game there. So, I am not sure there’s any Wembley woes for Spurs, the sample size is too small to arrive at such a conclusion.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    You know too much.


    No self awareness at all, watch him talk after the game almost exasperated as if ‘I told you all, just hold your horses’.

    The thing is, he totally believes it.

  25. Dissenter

    Show some respect dammit
    Welbeck is our leading goal scorer at the moment. he has the highest energy and actually scoring goals.
    Just goes to show that Alexis should have been sold.

  26. ArseneisaFraud

    Is Welbeck gaining confidence? … Or is it more to do with the fact that we are playing Bournemouth? Or am I just deluding myself to think that Welbeck can replicate this form when it matters against the big teams?

  27. Samir

    This is similar to the Liverpool game. Are we playing well or is it because Bournemouth are absolutely terrible? I guess we’ll find out when we play Chelsea next week.

  28. Dissenter

    “This is similar to the Liverpool game. Are we playing well or is it because Bournemouth are absolutely terrible? I guess we’ll find out when we play Chelsea next week.”

    Doesn’t matter.
    Expect gloating from devotees of the Wenger faith today.

  29. Paulinho

    “You can’t help envying Liverpool for moving early on this one… shows why comparisons to Kante are ridiculous.”

    Gotta laugh at Wallace posting this on the day Kante scores from 30 yards.

  30. Boomslang

    Pierre, the floor is yours. Sermonize us from the Book of Wenger.

    How does it start again; “In the beginning Arsene created Arsenal……..”

  31. Guns of Hackney

    I’ve been a Wenger out since 2008/2009 but today, I changed my mind. I actually saw something positive today from Wenger…maybe he has changed and after the Liverpool game (one off) we can push on and mount a serious challenge. I thought the team, tactics and performance was brilliant against a sturdy little team.

    Come on Arsene and give us the title!!!

    Nah, he’s an absolute cunt and I want him gone asap. Parasitic amphibious moron.

  32. Boomslang

    “Nah, he’s an absolute cunt and I want him gone asap. Parasitic amphibious moron.”

    Some say Wenger is the missing link in human evolution. While others, like yourself, say he’s an absolute cunt.

    I would go with the latter.

  33. Tonyd

    A decent manager would say that there were many positives to take from this win, but let’s not kid ourselves here, we have started badly this season and need to up our game to prove ourselves against Chelsea.

    Wenger will say that our mental strength is back and the fans can see our values now. We can go on to win the league and all the fans are behind the team as you saw today.

  34. Tonyd

    The reality is that Sutton or Lincoln could have beaten Bournemouth today. They were that poor.

    Feel sorry for Eddie Howe. An intelligent manager who has done well at Bournemouth taking them from 91st to 9th last season.

    Did well against City last week but got it wrong today by not taking advantage of our midfield frailties.

    Will we take confidence from this game to beat Chelsea? Another FA cup winning performance? Outdo Conte tactically?

    Some will think so, I do not!

  35. Pierre

    Anyone want to talk about the transfer window ..signed koalasneac and lacazette (great signings) and sold Gibbs and ox .and sky, talksport le grove were saying it it couldn’t have turned out worse..I wonder if anyone would like to alter their opinion..
    Who was saying Koeman and Everton had a fantastic window ..I wonder if anyone would like to change their opinion.
    Who was saying klopp and Liverpool had it right after buying ox…I wonder if anyone would like to change their opinion.

  36. Chris

    Today’s result was a minimum requirement for any side with the aspirations Arsenal claim to have. Nothing to gloat over.

    Win next week at the Bridge and I will be impressed.

  37. TT

    Dropped 100m+ on deadline day after failing to secure our to best players on a new deal or sell them and people said wenger was the right man…anyone want to change their opinion?

    1-0 away to stoke and people said wenger was the man…anyone want to change their opinion?

    4-0 away to Liverpool and people said wenger was the right man anyone want to change their opinion?

  38. Tonyd

    Let’s see and pass judgement in February, Pierre.

    Put it in your calendar and prepare your trip over to the dark side then.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    It is wreckage has life rafts time for certain groups in our fan base.

    Decent performance, but f**k me if you are trying to pass beating Bournemouth at home as some sort of ‘change your mind’ moment things are pretty bad on your side of the fence.

    As if this is in anyway out of step with what has gone before for over a decade.

    On we go, down a very well travelled circular road.

  40. Boomslang


    Of course Arsene had the best transfer window in Europe.

    He just crushed the mighty Bourne-Munich. That’s all the proof we need.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    That will have knocked the stuffing out of Stoke, score right before half time and then conceded two minutes later before the half time whistle.

  42. Pierre

    “The reality is that Sutton or Lincoln could have beaten Bournemouth today. They were that poor.”

    And you really believe that’s the reality do you…and you want to be taken seriously on here do you ..

  43. Pierre

    “Win next week at the Bridge and I will be impressed.”

    No you won’t ..your type always find an excuse to not give Arsenal credit in the fear that people may think your an AKB.

  44. Chris


    Whereas your type will big up any win against a poor side as proof that all is rosy in the garden.

    I bet you have MOTD on reminder along with a box of man size tissues at your side.

  45. Gregg

    Certainly not an AKB as folk like to say on here. Played well today and that’s all that’s important. Last week’s game irrelevant (the kloppettes whinging already) next week game irrelevant. Today is to be enjoyed. Don’t look further.

  46. Pedro

    Pierre, we had a good game today, but I’m not sure I’d look to that as a sign Wenger has the dressing room.

    Glad he benched Alexis. Brilliant game for WELBZ and Rambo.

  47. loyika

    Typically league doesn’t settle down till after 10 games.

    We will be good in some games and bad in others. I will predict that every team will get their “Pasting games” like we got against Pool and they did against Citeh (that’s how our league rolls unfortunately)

    I will honestly say Pool with that defence won’t win anything this season in my opinion!

    My view is as long as the boys give their all each game then fair enough, you can only play who is infront of you.

    We play the Champs next, lets see how we do (feeling is best we get over there is a draw, but will say if we played them at the Em we would win as i don’t think we fear playing Chelsea the way we do playing Pool as we know and have proven that we can beat them when on our game, same way they can also beat us, but i doubt we fear them)

    League will be definately tight this season. Still between the 2 Mancs for now.

    De Boer to get the sack tomorrow and probably Bilic before the week runs out?

  48. loyika

    @ Pedders?

    Enough with the conspiracy theories.

    Only way the players can revolt is if they know their actions can get Arsene sacked. We both know it can’t. So they will play well when on song and play shyte when not.

    It will definately be a roller coaster season, but i doubt we will finish below 6th (as hard as the EPL are, there are still enough shyte teams that on a good day everyone (the top teams) will takes points off)

    If you feel Arsene has lost the dressing room what would you then say about Slavan Bilic or De Boer? (I remember some were calling for him/both to take over)

    The phrase “Elite Purgotary!” was made popular here and thats whats going to/might happen again this season. Too good to fall down bad enough and too bad to win the league.

    I am willing to bet with anyone that Arsene sees out his 2 years contract regardless.

  49. RJM

    Lucky 1st, quality 2nd, gk fuckup 3rd…
    Kind of game Wenger and his precious darlings love. Play like that against Chelsea Ramsay and maybe I’ll try and be impressed….
    The transfer window was a disaster. Lacazette has started well Kol looks better than Gibbs(!) but he did nothing about the defence besides, despite completely changing the system and failed to get anyone to re-sign. We will now lose 100m+ cause Wenger is a useless cunt.

  50. raptora

    In the FAC final Ramsey was one of the standout performers for us. Dominated the midfield alongside Xhaka, was stealing balls all day, scored the winning goal as well. His problem is that he doesn’t fancy giving those 3% extra that make the difference between him having a top game or making him look average. If he manages to fight in every game, he’ll have a good season.

  51. Carts

    Good result no doubt and as cliche as it sounds, it’s should help with confidence.

    Sadly, we’ve been here all too often. We will crumble away to a more assured outfit.

    Still flummoxed at Wenger attributing supporter unrest at the media.

    Does Wenger actually think we wouldn’t be this vocal if not for a few journo telling us what we already knew?

    He’s beyond delusional.

  52. BacaryisGod

    After looking at Liverpool’s back four today, they would have been better off buying Mustafi for 40 million instead of the Ox.

  53. BacaryisGod

    Damn-we’re in crisis and just 4 points off the top (well, 7 points after our next game vs. Chelsea).

    Can’t believe Spurs took Everton apart, but it will take a long time for all those Everton new players (most of them are pretty average anyway) to bed in.

  54. HighburyLegend

    we beat the mighty bournemouth trophy ??

    The kind of performance you expect from ze specialists in bouncing back.

  55. Carts

    There’s no denying that Liverpool’s capitulation was shite, especially at this stage of the season. To be fair, if there’s one team you down go down 10 men against, it’s City.

    At 1-0, when Mane went off, they were very much in the game. Otamendi was a sending of waiting to happen. Salah had him on warm pitta bread a couple of times.

    But City’s attack and bench is fucking deadly. Sane, Silva, Sterling and Yaya on the bench.

    Oh well. Let’s just hope when City come to town, the likes of Ramsey and Welbeck perform in the same manner that they did this afternoon.

    You know, the same way Ozil activated Balon d’OR mode against Ludogrets then returned to his normal self for the rest of the season .

  56. Carts


    Those flat track bullying wimps can’t fool me.

    I want to see if they’ve learnt anything when we play Utd, City, Spurs and Chelsea

  57. mysticleaves

    “I want to see if they’ve learnt anything when we play Utd, City, Spurs and Chelsea”

    then be ready for disappointment am afraid…

  58. GuNZ

    We beat Bournemouth. Yippee! Hooray for Wenger. Hooray for Giroud.
    We’re gonna win the league
    We’re gonna win the league
    We’re gonna win the league

  59. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We’ve seen this shite all before

    Means fuck all

    Don’t subscribe to all this shit

    Still he’s sacked in December

  60. Pat_97

    Chris 18.12.01, thats all it takes, a win next week and your back on board.
    Arsenal fans are notoriously pathetic flip floppers.