AW the transfer madness pioneer (seriously) + Five POSITIVE hopes for the season

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The never ending flow of Wenger banter continued as he took aim at the media for turning the fans against him.

“You work very hard to get the fans on our back.”

He’s really quite unreal these days. The group of professionals who spent so many years condemning the dissenters are now part of his Donald Trump-esque attempt to obfuscate the reality of his situation.

In some ways, it worked. He was trying to appeal to his base that is losing faith at a rate of knots. He might be lower than 35% if approval ratings existed. Someone give YouGov a call and get them on it, their CEO is a Gooner, maybe they could set up a Premier League managers approval rating so I can stop creating FAKE NEWS numbers to appease my readers.

The attack on the media also served a dual purpose in the sense that he’s speaking to Stan K. One of the few LONDON red flags for the absent American is fighting fans, protest planes, and empty seats. Wenger knows what’s coming this season, so he’s preempting him with a version of why things are so damn unfair.

Back to the fans. It’s amazing how many go for his version of events that the paying supporters are making a major difference to team performance. The same fans that help the players land 3 FA Cups, and super 6 month run every year, are somehow the problem?

Usually, when a club manager starts attacking the fans, it’s over. After all, the fans are the one’s that support the unreal lives everyone in the game enjoys. Not at Arsene FC. The man can pretty much say what he wants. He could shoot someone on Hornsey Road and the base would still wave #WengerIn banners. I personally think he needs a PR minder, like a wild rockstar would do, you know, like that fella, what’s his name? Oh, Justin Bieber.

His latest comments about Sanchez are beyond the pale.

“You take a Sánchez into the final year of his contract, you sacrifice £60-70m income and at the end of the season you will have to buy somebody for that amount of money,”

“It has a huge price so, at some stage, you have to make a decision; you have to sacrifice one or two.”

Who didn’t understand this premise? Why is he relaying the ramifications of his utter stupidity like this is new news? He’s literally teeing up his excuse for not being able to compete for players next summer. Unreal. His brain farts went further though. The man who dropped a £92m bid for Lemar on the last day of the window in a blind panic bemoaned the sale of Dembele to Barcelona.

“The amount of money is completely disconnected to reality and the truth,”

“Ousmane Dembélé last year was €15m; this year, he is €150m. No matter how well you work as a coach, you cannot make a player go from €15m to €150m. The calculation between investment and what you can get back has gone. It’s just: ‘Can you afford to buy or not?’”

This is the man who bought Nic Anelka for £684k in 1997 and sold him for £22.3m when that was a record deal and 32 times the price we paid for him. Dembele moving for 10x his price 18 years later is hardly a shocker, he’s an unreal talent.

… and look, Wenger literally spends every summer bemoaning transfer fees and how the inflation isn’t in keeping with reality.

Who is going bust here?

Who isn’t paying their bills?

Is there anything indicating this is a bubble (BAR DIPPING VIEWERSHIP FIGURES)?

FFP never saved us, like Ivan and Wenger smugly assured us. Football just got richer across the board. Arsene can’t accept it, and as a result, we suffer every year as we regress and find ourselves further away from the big prizes.

What I can’t understand is why he’s not kicking himself about not signing Dembele before he made it big? Where were we? France is our land… WHO IS ASKING OUR SCOUTS ABOUT THAT LITTLE MISHAP.

One final moan before we get POSITIVE. What is it with Arsenal and not paying wages? Give Kante’s entourage some money. Give M’Bappe’s mum some dough. There is nothing ethical in being the only club in the world willing to miss out on the best young player in the world over 1.2 Diaby’s in cash.

Anyway, it’s all fucked. SHUT UP AND SUPPORT THE MANAGER isn’t saving our season, no matter how hard some may bleat.

… but what might make the misery a little more exciting lies below:


Wouldn’t it be great if he came good? A truly clinical finisher who reads the game well, and most importantly, has a Trezeguet like instinct for being in the right position to feed. I’d love it if he had a powerful season.

Reiss Nelson:

I can’t get him out of my head. I know we’ve been here before, but damn, didn’t he look special in The Emirates Cup? Is this going to be the year we finally have a breakthrough act to be proud of? He’s fast, silky on the ball, and he’s bossing the U23s. Who was the last breakthrough 17 year old? Cesc? We need to scrub that memory fast and replace it with one that is HEROIC and, you know, English.

Jack Wilshere:

Why can’t I put him in here? He’s a bit of a shit, but damn, he’s our shit. I’d appreciate his bad behaviour a little more if he could deliver some of that magic from way back when. Could he be the saviour of our midfield? Could he play with discipline? Why couldn’t he play a deep lying defensive midfield role Wenger needs help with? He’s mobile enough. Can pass in tight spaces. Can fight. Can tackle. I mean, if he shook off some of that Roy of the Rovers fight he has in him, he might come back to his best. ALLEGRI wanted him ffs.


BEEEEEAST. Yah man, I’d say it to his face and accept him punching me for being rude. Our new left back is fast, powerful, and exciting in the final 3rd. Our latest Eastern European export seems to be the real deal, hopefully, he’ll bring a bit of respect to proceedings and deliver on his Bundesliga promise (unlike Xhaka). I still think some of the criticism levelled at Monreal is unfair, this upgrade wasn’t needed as much as others in the squad, but he’s definitely a good signing who could do some damage if played in his proper position.


The man incensed his pal was moved on to Liverpool has a lot to prove this year, despite him calling the lad a #Shambles for LOLs. With Ozil moving on next year, Wenger has a big decision to make. Do you keep playing Ozil as a #10, or do you give Rambo a go and tell him the deal… play like Isco, work like a dog, and actually create… or see ya later. Could be an interesting experiment. We know Ramsey does it for Wales, about time he showed it for Arsenal. He’s no longer young, time to blow up or… errr… blow out?


Ok, super hopeful here, but whatever. I LOVE THE LITTLE SPANIARD. Arguably the most impactful miss over the last two years. His ability to make everyone tick with his fast thinking and ambidextrous feet magic has been a glaring omission for us all. He’ll never rock 40 games, but he could be the difference between 7th and 6th if he can contribute 20 appearances. GO SANTI!

Right, last chance to listen to our podcast. We’re starting to invite guests on now we have our sea legs. We have some great people coming on. Will keep you posted.

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  1. jwl

    Huge match for Arsenal today, if they contrive to lose today against Bournemouth, the anger will be huge and then we have Chavs waiting for us next.

    England football is protected from becoming US sport because of relegation/ promotion and teams aren’t allowed to move around country looking for biggest subsidy from local governments.

  2. useroz

    This is not funny but I like to joke….

    Diego Maradona decides to come out of retirement and play for Chelsea, he goes into the changing room to find all his team mates looking a bit glum.“What’s up?”

    He asks.“Well, we’re having trouble getting motivated for this game. We know it’s important but it’s only Arsenal . They’re shite and we can’t be bothered”.

    Maradona looks at them and says “Well I know I’m a bit fat and old, but I reckon I can beat them by myself, you lads go down the pub.”So Maradona goes out to play Arsenal by himself and the rest of the Chelsea team go off for a few beers.

    After a few pints they wonder how the game is going, so they get the landlord to put the TV on. A big cheer goes up as the screen shows
    “Chelsea 1 (Maradona 10 minutes) – Arsenal 0He is beating Arsenal all by himself !

    Anyway, a few more beers later and the game is forgotten until someone remembers “It must be full time now, let’s see how he got on”

    They put the TV on.“Result from Stamford Bridge: Chelsea 1 (Maradona 10 minutes) – Arsenal 1 (Giroud 89 minutes)They can’t believe it, he has single handed got a draw against Arsenal !

    They rush back to the Stadium to congratulate him. They find him in the dressing room, still in his gear, sat with his head in his hands.He refuses to look at them. “I’ve let you down I’ve let you down”“Don’t be stupid Diego, you got a draw against Arsenal all by yourself. And they only scored at the very very end!”

    Maradonna says “No, No, I have, I’ve let you down!. I got sent off after 12 minutes!”

  3. Emiratesstroller


    Yes fantastic goal.

    The problem is that Wenger keeps on recruiting Wingers/Forwards. Where will he play?

    Arsenal’s priorities at the moment are the spine of the team. Nelson is unlikely to solve that problem.

  4. Wallace


    yes, agreed. not expecting him to start many games, but I think he’s got a great chance of being utilized as an impact sub. Wenger does like to hook his wide players when he wants to freshen things up.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal need to develop young players who are specialist in particular positions and not as we have seen too often recently “jack of all trades and masters of none”

    Also I would like to see a fundamental change in how the club builds its first team squad.

    In the past Arsenal policy has been to offload players in our academy programme if they fail to make the grade to first team by age of 21.That is the
    right policy.

    I would like to see the club make similar change to our first team squad. If players are not playing regularly in first team by the age of 25 then I would like to see them offloaded. At the moment we have had on our books far too many over age and overpaid players like Walcott, Wilshire and previously Gibbs.

    Such players are not good enough for regular first team places, lack hunger and are grossly overpaid for what they offer.

    Wenger’s lack of ruthlessness has been a major issue for me. We need a leaner and better equipped squad than we have had in recent times.

  6. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Emirates…Arsenal do need to do many things, but not with Wenger at the helm – he’s not capable and hasn’t been for ages.

  7. Dissenter

    Call me crazy but I will pick Petr Ceck plus a completely 10 outfield players DIFFERENT from this pose who started the game at Liverpool.
    No one who started that “accident” gets to start today.
    That’s how abject that performance was and it communicates to the playe s that it was 100% unacceptable.

  8. Jamie

    Call me crazy, but I would give the job to Viera, a guy with zero management experience at ‘ze top top level’.

    Can’t imagine he’d tolerate any bullshit from our current, weak-as-fuck core of players.

  9. Marko

    Why are Sky paying failed Valencia manager and failed England coach Gary Neville for his views on football

    Cause he’s an excellent pundit. Failed England coach? Isn’t that like every England coach since the 60’s by your logic

  10. raptora

    That’s what you call an assist there by de Bruyne. Not the ones that Ozil has been counting from corners and free kicks. KdB has been head and heels over our superstat (not a mistype) since he came back to the EPL.

    Mane has been brilliant.

  11. raptora

    Mane jumped with his leg high in the air. Made a real, real impact with the Ederson’s head. And the GK wasn’t even low. Plus Mane can see everything. And he goes in with the bottom of his boots.

  12. Jasongms

    Just ruined a good game of football… Goalkeeper committed and determined to go in with his head, Mane was looking at the ball. No way is that a red card

  13. TR7

    Mane’s intent was not malicious. He was just trying to reach to the ball. Ederson was being too adventurous there. Should have been a yellow imo.

  14. graham62


    (Daily Mirror 08/09)

    It’s interesting to see Wenger’s response to criticism from former players over the past couple of weeks.

    “I always have problems understanding what a legend is and isn’t. I’ve had all the players here, but they all had their weaknesses”

    This statement in itself shows us all that Wenger has little or no comprehension of the key element of any team. Fight, desire, self motivation, hunger, a winning mentality, leadership and the ability to fight for the cause.

    Wenger may talk a good game, but that’s all it is, TALK.

    Henry, Wright, Keown, Dixon, Merson, Adams, Winterburn andParlour had these attributes in abundance. All born with the gift to lead by example.

    Legends in Football are not created because of their technical and physical prowess, they are created by “ATTITUDE” and a mental toughness to never give up, no matter what the situation.

    This is what Arsenal stands for and how ‘legends’ are created.

    For fan’s, it’s simple. We don’t find it difficult to understand, so why should you?

    Come on Bournmouth!

  15. Dissenter

    Reckless is also the goalkeeper jumping into the boot. The goalie was bravest jump into Mane whose eye’s were on the ball.
    Are you saying that players aren’t allowed to jump that high to control the ball.
    Edison was reckless too…you might call it brave but the ball was in the middle to be won.
    It’s just like a striker jumping into the goal-keepers’s punching fists for corner.

  16. N5

    Ahh more people now saying it’s not a red! I’m not watching the game I’m at work so it’s interesting seeing the difference in opinion.

  17. raptora

    Mane had a super clear view of the situation though. He has to protect the fellow footballer. Ederson’s head was not low. Mane jumped to reach this ball with the bottom of his boot.

  18. Dissenter

    It was a yellow card at best. Alan Shearer perfected the art of scoring goals like that.
    Foot high for the ball…to the goal keeper; save at your won risk.

    Sorry the goalie was too brave for his own good. it’s like a striker not avoiding the punching fists of a goal keeper.

  19. Samesong


    Sometimes I just leave people to it. The fact is the player has been sent off really doesn’t matter what people think.

  20. Dissenter

    Nope. Mane doesn’t see things in slow motion. He has his eye on the ball.
    It was a case of who gets-to-ball-first. The goalie strained his head into the ball to reach it first.
    Hope he’s okay though.

  21. reality check

    Poor kid just got taken off on a stretcher. Took a boot to the face. No red?

    Ill remember that when Ramsey, Ozil or some AFC player takes a boot to the face and gets stretchered off.

  22. N5

    Dissenter, I’m watching the BBC live page and it’s got loads of ex players commenting from David James, Robbie Savage, Chris Waddle, Gary Lineker and Robbie Savage and it’s split right down the middle on it being a red or yellow. This is going to be a real talking point I’d imagine. Klopp aparently been spoken to due to his reaction.

  23. Jasongms

    This could get real ugly for Liverpool now … Chamberlain on the end of back to back humiliations with two different teams haha :)

  24. raptora

    KdB has been absolutely amazing. Three goals served on a plate, one of them disallowed. Liverpool are such a mess in defence. Reason I don’t think that they are anywhere close to challenge this season. Klopp paid £40m for Ox instead of getting a proper CB in. Klopp’s Wenger v2.0.

  25. reality check

    Its ok. Its a long season. Including europa cup games. Some one at Arsenal will take a kick to the face. We’ll see if any club bias rears its head eh..

    All offenders of ‘high boot’ say.
    “My eyes were on the ball”

    Its not about intent its about how you EXECUTE what you intend.

    That was terrible execution by mane.

  26. Dissenter

    reality check
    So it’s a red card once the player is stretchered out?
    Was it a red card when Ospina almost pushed off Oscar’s head from his neck with his punching gloves? He too was stretchered out and was concussed for one month.
    I saw Alan Shearer make a career of these kind of goals.

  27. N5

    “He’s been taken straight to the hospital. Things looked bad.”

    Cheers Raptora, I’m stuck in the office alone today and these computers (Government) will block me from streaming sites.
    Red or not, I never like to see a player really hurt so I hope he’s OK.

  28. N5

    Dissenter RE Ospina. A comment on BBC live said “how often do we see a keeper come out and do a similar height challenge that goes unpunished”. I’m interested to have a look later at this foul that has devided so many people.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Before that red City being one up did not reflect that game at all and showed Guardiola’s failings in the summer to recruit a CB and a strong CDM/CM type to play next to Fernandinho.

    That was being exploited and will be exploited by other teams.

    Can see why the referee gave a red, personally I think a yellow would have done, Mane only had eyes for the ball and Ederson was just very brave to come out dropped in it by his poor back line.

    Liverpool defence is still as poor as ever though, poor from Klopp to not address that once they got knocked back on Van Dijk. Going to cost them this season.

  30. TR7

    Red card aside, it’s ridiculous that Klopp has placed his faith on a back 4 of Arnold- Klavan-Matip-Moreno. That borders on dereliction of duty.

  31. Dream10

    We have better defenders than Liverpool, however, they’re more coherent going forward. Not enough fluidity and combination play due to poor structure and lack of technique

  32. raptora

    Agreed. Maybe bar Matip the other three are far from being good enough. Not really sure what Klopp’s plan was. Probably just like Wenger, the german just doesn’t do defence.

  33. Marko

    Tough one. On the one hand he only had eyes on the ball and the second the keeper leaves his box he becomes an outfield player and It’s one of those situations where if Mane flicks it over the keeper it’s a goal or if he nicks it past the keeper and gets brought down it’s probably a red for the keeper and keep in mind if he ducked out of the challenge he’d probably be criticized for “bottling” it. In saying all that he fucked up the keeper good and proper.

    Also can Arsenal fans stop being so melodramatic and critical of Liverpool’s defence especially when you consider that our defence is considerably worse.

  34. N5

    “Also can Arsenal fans stop being so melodramatic and critical of Liverpool’s defence especially when you consider that our defence is considerably worse.”

    Ours might be better if he plays the CBs we own or the new Full Back, but all the time he’s square pegging round holes, there isn’t much worse currently in the league.

  35. Dissenter

    Oxlade is coming into a very familiar situation. He’s playing in a side that is about too be trounced by a large margin.

  36. Dissenter

    I still don’t know why Guardiola wanted to sign Sanchez.
    It doesn’t make any sense other that just sheer greed.

  37. Marko

    Ours might be better if he plays the CBs we own or the new Full Back, but all the time he’s square pegging round holes, there isn’t much worse currently in the league

    Very true. My point is until we fix the absolute shit show of a defence we have we really aren’t in a position to criticize anyone

  38. N5

    “Very true. My point is until we fix the absolute shit show of a defence we have we really aren’t in a position to criticize anyone”

    I agree, we need our own house in order first, but currently we’re such a shit show that I feel mocking anyone else is me just deflecting so I don’t feel so deflated by our situation.

  39. Dream10


    I don’t think Mendy is suited to a Guardiola side. He’s out of shape at the moment, should be fine in another month. Top player though

  40. raptora

    3:0. Aguero giving the goal to Jesus on an empty goal. Klopp from being God is going to get slaughtered by everyone for not strengthening their back line. How fast can things change in football.

  41. Dissenter

    I was expecting a good contest but all we’ll see is a good drubbing to bring Liverpool back to earth.
    They must know they won’t be playing a shit side like us every week.

  42. Dream10

    Madness from Liverpool not to take the money for Coutinho (even though he is quality). Klopp has done well in the market for the most part, he could have bought a couple of defenders and an upgrade on Henderson.

  43. Dream10

    Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Ramsey Xhaka in the middle
    Bellerín Kolasinac down the sides
    Özil Welbeck supporting Lacazette

  44. raptora

    Team to play Bournemouth: Cech, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Koscielny, Mustafi, Ramsey, Monreal, Xhaka, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

    Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, Iwobi, Coquelin

  45. Dissenter

    To be fair most neutrals credited the 4-0 mauling of Arsenal more too Wenger’s incompetence than to Klopp’s brilliance.
    It was ascribed to us not showing up than Liverpool being anything other than just functional.

  46. Dissenter

    Kloppn looked at his Bech at halftime and wondered who’s specialized in this scenario?
    Kloppn looked at his Bech at halftime and wondered whon has the “mental strength” to bounce back from a trouncing?
    He picked Oxlade first for both reasons.

    Oxlade’s performance today for Liverpool today is no better than he did against Liverpool two weeks ago.

  47. Paulinho

    Chamberlain already displaying his famed footballing intelligence by standing there like a complete plank when his team are looking for an outlet.

  48. raptora

    Not that often that you see a player pick the lowest offer on the table though. From the noise in the media the Arsenal offer for Ox was 180k pw, Chelsea 220k and Liverpool 120k. Anyone else would have picked Chelsea. Reigning champions too.

  49. Dream10

    Fraser and King in wide areas will be their biggest threat. Fraser destroyed Liverpool, City last season.

    We’re horrible against diagonal runs in a back three. We’ll have to scrap to get three points.

  50. N5

    Raptora he didn’t want to stay with us and apparently Chelsea wanted him as a wing back too which he refused. He wanted to be a CM only. I assume Klopp agreed he’d play him there?

  51. Dissenter

    Edison has reappeared on the City Bech with a “couple of stitches on his face”.
    He’s okay- that hospital trip must have been super quick. He didn’t have to wait in the ER.

  52. Dissenter

    Oxlade has exceeded all expectations
    The talk about wanting to play midfield was just a ruse to get out of Arsenal. He will play anywhere Klopp puts him.

  53. Jeff

    To be fair to Chamberlain, I don’t think he is showing any more or less enthusiasm playing for Liverpool than he did playing for Arsenal. He seems to have this “couldn’t care less” demeanour about him which is completely inexplicable.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    What a goal from Sane.

    Good game from City, but I still think they have serious frailties in central midfield and defence that will be exploited, up until the red card Liverpool were giving them all kinds of trouble.

    When they lose Kompany they look shaky.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    I think it will be a comfortable win today, good performance and I expect a performance from Ozil today.

    Just sort of follows the script we have all become accustomed to.

    ‘Mental quality,’ ‘response,’ ‘perspective,’ ‘still early in the season,’ ‘people are too early to judge’ etc.

  56. raptora

    Red card in a tough game away vs one of the favorites to win the title.

    But how obscene of a decision to invest 40m in Ox instead of buying a proper CB or two. Liverpool fans must be very upset.

  57. Paulinho

    Jeff – He’s a rugby minded player playing football.

    He’s built for little surges and mauls before he offloads and can take a break.

    He’s going to get completely shown up at Liverpool.

  58. Paulinho

    Wijnaldum is not good enough long term either. Flat track bully type.

    Extremely irritating how Wenger keeps making him look half-decent whenever we play them.

  59. N5

    “Mental quality,’ ‘response,’ ‘perspective,’ ‘still early in the season,’ ‘people are too early to judge’ etc.”

    This is exactly what pisses me off CA. Luckily for Wenger there is at least 12 teams he can get comfortable wins out of and he rolls out the above every time. Forgetting the he’s failed to take points for the top clubs over and over and over again (oh and Stoke).

    So much flat track bullying that continues to give the fish brained memories of certain supporters hope!

  60. Cesc Appeal


    There are those supporters who just back Wenger regardless, never changing their view, but then there are the flip floppers who think being a fan is just being their in the moment and do not really take a long term view of things the ‘let’s see what happens’ fans.

    After the Liverpool game they would have been fuming, after today they will be positive.

    Not good for the long term future of the club.

  61. Jeff

    I think that given their position on the table, Bournemouth will want to come away with something. It could be a very boring “park the bus” job ending in a draw. If Bournemouth try to be even slightly adventurous, it should be a comfortable win for us.

  62. Dream10


    Precisely what Michael Cox, the journo for espnfc said. Chamberlain grew up playing rugby. Wide areas coming from deep suits him, but he is insistent on playing close to centre. He can see a pass, like one he made today, but struggles with feel & tempo.

  63. Samir

    Mendy really looks like the real deal. Amazing defending, crossing, pace and power!
    Kevin De Bruyne is 10X the player Ozil is at only 26!

  64. N5

    Jeff, I’d imagine you’ll be right there. It’ll more than likely be a very frustrating match with the Cherries parking the bus and us having no player that can pick that kind of team apart, unless Ozil decided today is one of the days he’ll earn his wage?

  65. N5

    CA, it’s why we get compared to battered wives isn’t it. We get beaten and say “never again” Arsenal buys us some flowers and beat a lower team and all is forgiven.

  66. N5

    Ha ha Redtruth, you’ve got a great memory! yeah Deli Alli might be an exception to the rule. I hate his fucking punchable face 😀

  67. TR7

    Bournemouth parking the bus? They try to play good football more often than not. On their day they can outplay some of the so called big teams in the league.

  68. Samesong

    Usual nerves in this game.

    Xhaka to make an assist for Josh King or Defoe.

    I reckon it will be 3-2 to Arsenal with Bournemouth leading at half time 2-0

  69. 'Mi

    As much as I would have loved us to lose, that lineup with all of its deficiencies won’t lose this game. That’s what happens when Wenger plays players in their rightful positions instead of trying to be on wise. Except the players decide to do a Chelsea or Leceister on our brainless coach.

  70. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Boggles the mind that Klopp went after a periphery player in Ox and neglected a very weak defense. Liverpool can score, but you can’t run and gun with the elite and expect to win that way more often than not.

  71. N5

    TR7 looking through past results you might be right there, all the games have been won by a margin of at least 2 goals by us. So that games must be more open than I am remembering them.