AW the transfer madness pioneer (seriously) + Five POSITIVE hopes for the season

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The never ending flow of Wenger banter continued as he took aim at the media for turning the fans against him.

“You work very hard to get the fans on our back.”

He’s really quite unreal these days. The group of professionals who spent so many years condemning the dissenters are now part of his Donald Trump-esque attempt to obfuscate the reality of his situation.

In some ways, it worked. He was trying to appeal to his base that is losing faith at a rate of knots. He might be lower than 35% if approval ratings existed. Someone give YouGov a call and get them on it, their CEO is a Gooner, maybe they could set up a Premier League managers approval rating so I can stop creating FAKE NEWS numbers to appease my readers.

The attack on the media also served a dual purpose in the sense that he’s speaking to Stan K. One of the few LONDON red flags for the absent American is fighting fans, protest planes, and empty seats. Wenger knows what’s coming this season, so he’s preempting him with a version of why things are so damn unfair.

Back to the fans. It’s amazing how many go for his version of events that the paying supporters are making a major difference to team performance. The same fans that help the players land 3 FA Cups, and super 6 month run every year, are somehow the problem?

Usually, when a club manager starts attacking the fans, it’s over. After all, the fans are the one’s that support the unreal lives everyone in the game enjoys. Not at Arsene FC. The man can pretty much say what he wants. He could shoot someone on Hornsey Road and the base would still wave #WengerIn banners. I personally think he needs a PR minder, like a wild rockstar would do, you know, like that fella, what’s his name? Oh, Justin Bieber.

His latest comments about Sanchez are beyond the pale.

“You take a Sánchez into the final year of his contract, you sacrifice £60-70m income and at the end of the season you will have to buy somebody for that amount of money,”

“It has a huge price so, at some stage, you have to make a decision; you have to sacrifice one or two.”

Who didn’t understand this premise? Why is he relaying the ramifications of his utter stupidity like this is new news? He’s literally teeing up his excuse for not being able to compete for players next summer. Unreal. His brain farts went further though. The man who dropped a £92m bid for Lemar on the last day of the window in a blind panic bemoaned the sale of Dembele to Barcelona.

“The amount of money is completely disconnected to reality and the truth,”

“Ousmane Dembélé last year was €15m; this year, he is €150m. No matter how well you work as a coach, you cannot make a player go from €15m to €150m. The calculation between investment and what you can get back has gone. It’s just: ‘Can you afford to buy or not?’”

This is the man who bought Nic Anelka for £684k in 1997 and sold him for £22.3m when that was a record deal and 32 times the price we paid for him. Dembele moving for 10x his price 18 years later is hardly a shocker, he’s an unreal talent.

… and look, Wenger literally spends every summer bemoaning transfer fees and how the inflation isn’t in keeping with reality.

Who is going bust here?

Who isn’t paying their bills?

Is there anything indicating this is a bubble (BAR DIPPING VIEWERSHIP FIGURES)?

FFP never saved us, like Ivan and Wenger smugly assured us. Football just got richer across the board. Arsene can’t accept it, and as a result, we suffer every year as we regress and find ourselves further away from the big prizes.

What I can’t understand is why he’s not kicking himself about not signing Dembele before he made it big? Where were we? France is our land… WHO IS ASKING OUR SCOUTS ABOUT THAT LITTLE MISHAP.

One final moan before we get POSITIVE. What is it with Arsenal and not paying wages? Give Kante’s entourage some money. Give M’Bappe’s mum some dough. There is nothing ethical in being the only club in the world willing to miss out on the best young player in the world over 1.2 Diaby’s in cash.

Anyway, it’s all fucked. SHUT UP AND SUPPORT THE MANAGER isn’t saving our season, no matter how hard some may bleat.

… but what might make the misery a little more exciting lies below:


Wouldn’t it be great if he came good? A truly clinical finisher who reads the game well, and most importantly, has a Trezeguet like instinct for being in the right position to feed. I’d love it if he had a powerful season.

Reiss Nelson:

I can’t get him out of my head. I know we’ve been here before, but damn, didn’t he look special in The Emirates Cup? Is this going to be the year we finally have a breakthrough act to be proud of? He’s fast, silky on the ball, and he’s bossing the U23s. Who was the last breakthrough 17 year old? Cesc? We need to scrub that memory fast and replace it with one that is HEROIC and, you know, English.

Jack Wilshere:

Why can’t I put him in here? He’s a bit of a shit, but damn, he’s our shit. I’d appreciate his bad behaviour a little more if he could deliver some of that magic from way back when. Could he be the saviour of our midfield? Could he play with discipline? Why couldn’t he play a deep lying defensive midfield role Wenger needs help with? He’s mobile enough. Can pass in tight spaces. Can fight. Can tackle. I mean, if he shook off some of that Roy of the Rovers fight he has in him, he might come back to his best. ALLEGRI wanted him ffs.


BEEEEEAST. Yah man, I’d say it to his face and accept him punching me for being rude. Our new left back is fast, powerful, and exciting in the final 3rd. Our latest Eastern European export seems to be the real deal, hopefully, he’ll bring a bit of respect to proceedings and deliver on his Bundesliga promise (unlike Xhaka). I still think some of the criticism levelled at Monreal is unfair, this upgrade wasn’t needed as much as others in the squad, but he’s definitely a good signing who could do some damage if played in his proper position.


The man incensed his pal was moved on to Liverpool has a lot to prove this year, despite him calling the lad a #Shambles for LOLs. With Ozil moving on next year, Wenger has a big decision to make. Do you keep playing Ozil as a #10, or do you give Rambo a go and tell him the deal… play like Isco, work like a dog, and actually create… or see ya later. Could be an interesting experiment. We know Ramsey does it for Wales, about time he showed it for Arsenal. He’s no longer young, time to blow up or… errr… blow out?


Ok, super hopeful here, but whatever. I LOVE THE LITTLE SPANIARD. Arguably the most impactful miss over the last two years. His ability to make everyone tick with his fast thinking and ambidextrous feet magic has been a glaring omission for us all. He’ll never rock 40 games, but he could be the difference between 7th and 6th if he can contribute 20 appearances. GO SANTI!

Right, last chance to listen to our podcast. We’re starting to invite guests on now we have our sea legs. We have some great people coming on. Will keep you posted.

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  1. Bankz

    Tr4phy secured.
    Is DM back from his pilgrimage?

    As for Arsene Wenger, that man is just another old deluded idiot right now. I’ve chosen to sit back and enjoy the comedy show that has become Arsenal football.
    Nothing of note happens till that dinosaur leaves

  2. Elmo

    If you thought Ox had been tapped up and was mentally unfit to play, WHY DID YOU START HIM? None of your peer managers have started any of their unsettled stars, yet you brazenly go ahead, get badly burned, then claim utter shock at what has happened.


  3. ADKB

    Wenger is so full of excuses. Man City won EPL – they overspend. Chelsea won – they overspend. Leicester won – we beat them twice. We don’t do our business early – the window needs to close before start of season.

    I wonder what he’s going to come up with next!

  4. Bergkamp63

    Talk about clutching at straws !

    You know we are fucked when Pedro starts hoping Santi will help to save our season, LOL !

    Ramsey, WTF ?

    JW, if he’s not smoking, getting plastered in a night club or in a punch up with other Chav’s (probably the night before a game), he’s permanently crocked, and when none of those are happening, he’s plying his other trade as a carpet fitter spending 90 mins on the floor !

    7th or 8th this year, take your pick. A draw against Bournemouth and a defeat to Chelsea would do very nicely thanks Mr Wenger.

    The only thing this season is and was about was how long he will last.

  5. Elmo

    This is the paradox at the core of Arsenal: the club is run as a ruthless, profit maximising business with regard to generating revenue from their fans; yet they want to cry blue murder and claim injustice when other clubs are operated as relentlessly competitive entities who will look to exploit any legal loopholes in order to pursue the goals of the owners.

    Arsenal want to charge their fans the highest ticket prices in world football, be one of the few clubs in the league to vote against the £30 away ticket price cap (as they felt it would disproportionately hit their matchday revenue advantage), poach youngsters from foreign academies by taking advantage of differences in national youth employment laws (Fabregas, Bellerin, Toral etc), and doubtless employ accountants to minimise their tax exposure using any technically legal means. Yet apparently it’s completely unfair that other clubs are legally running player loan mills, looking to use clubs’ poor contracts management against them, and seeking to bring in every bit of revenue that is possible while still being within the codified rules.

    Arsenal has become a special snowflake club that is scared of competition, and chooses to whine instead of doing everything in their power to optimise their position.

  6. Boomslang

    The most entertaining part of Arsenal’s season will be watching Asinine dig his own grave. He’s a walking, soulless corpse, seemingly on a quest to take the club down with him.

    The revival of Arsenal hopefully begins with his departure.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    At this point we know the tried, tested and failed combo of Xhaka and Ramsey won’t pay any dividends. Why not go with a Jack and Coq/Elneny midfield? Just tired of seeing Xhaka literally gift opposition a goal.

  8. graham62


    Agree with all your positives, but unfortunately, with Wenger making the decisions, we will not see the full benefit of their qualities.

    Lacazette must already be demotivated. Coming on at 4-0 down against Liverpool was like getting a kick in the teeth for a player who must have been dreaming of playing at Anfield. This kid has talent but Wenger’s wonderful man management skills will, I feel, nullify his progression.

    I’m like you, I want to see JW back in the fold. Again though, how will Wenger utilize him?

    I fear for Rhys Nelson. Undeniably a talent, but throw into the equation the Wenger effect and things could go pear shape really quickly.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. No responsibility, no accountability, no self- awareness. If this weekend becomes a defining moment(which I hope it does) then all of these positives will be looked upon in a different(brighter) light.

    Dear Lord, save our club and bring this nightmare to an end.


  9. gonsterous

    laca is going to regress under Wenger and all the fans are just going to call him chamakh 2.0, which is a shame cause If he went to another manager he could be the ruud vanistelroy for their team…

  10. Wallace

    re agent ‘fees’ – I dunno. one think to cough up for a player you really want even if you think he’s overpriced. another to find maybe another 20-30% on top of that for the agent.

    the two obvious recent instances – Mkhitaryan & Kante – while the actual transfer fees were very reasonable it sounds like the agent in each deal was being given another 8-10m on top of that. not entirely sure about such shady characters being the prime beneficiaries of football’s current loadedness.

  11. Leftsidesanch

    Amen to that Graham

    Has anybody noticed or is it just me but it feels like Sky sports are subtly rounding on Wenger at every opportunity. We need more people on TV voicing their dissent at this man. Up until fairly recently he’s been allowed to say what he likes, make every excuse and change absolutely nothing whilst complaining at everybody elses success.

  12. Bergkamp63

    Wenger blaming illegal tapping up of players before the Liverpool game,

    No doubt that is why we lost 4-0 and not for any other reason,

    If Carlsburg did excuses, they still wouldn’t be as good as Wenger’s !

  13. Elmo


    It’s a difficult situation.

    My understanding is that traditionally you added on roughly an extra 10% on the agreed transfer price in regard to agents’ fees (though the demands of every agent will obviously differ). In recent years, super-agents like Raiola have been demanding huge payments far beyond that, and clubs like United and City have been willing to pay them.

    On one side you have to play the game if you want to compete. On the other, it’s the thin end of the wedge; agents’ fees are money going out of the game, and if all the elite clubs become willing to pay the 20%+ extra on top of the fee agreed between clubs, then all other agents are going to look to increase their cut, and you’ll reach the situation where clubs are essentially passing on £25m per season of a transfer budget to agents.

  14. raptora

    Right or wrong is not our call. What is a fact is that it’s obviously happening atm and clubs have no problem with it as long as they get the player they want. Kante had a huge part in Chelsea’s title so any million on top that they gave him or his agent was worth it. No doubt about it.

    So while we have been bragging about our “values” and we have been condemning certain agents and deals, and oil money, and unfair market, transfer window length etc. clubs have been winning title after title. Who cares how they brought a player in. It honestly makes sense to put some side money for the player or the agent because that just might be the reason they lean towards your team and not the opposition ones.

    If Mikhi was ours this summer we could have sold Ozil and be some odd 30+m in profit while having a way more useful player. Or if we had Kante and we didn’t get Xhaka we’d have a way better player for roughly the same amount of money.

    It’s crazy that the club decides to stay away from those kind of deals but they are okay with giving huge salary to Kolasinac. Would have made more sense to give the player few millions of cash money as a reason to join us instead of the other suitors but put him on a reasonable salary (~90k) that you can later upgrade. What happens when it’s time for him to sign a new contract? Give him north of 200k? What in the world?

  15. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    Wenger blaming the media is absolutely pathetic but not surprising, never takes responsibility for his failings. The most annoying thing is that there will be people out there who actually buy into it.

  16. TitsMcGee

    Pedro. Good article. It’s the ending of the movie Titanic again though. We all know how it ends.

    Wenger is pure, 100% unfiltered , BS artist at the moment.

  17. Wallace


    “On one side you have to play the game if you want to compete. On the other, it’s the thin end of the wedge; agents’ fees are money going out of the game,”

    exactly. player salaries might be obscene but at least they’re the ones providing the entertainment. why everyone’s watching. most agents these days don’t even seem to have their client’s best interests at heart. just a question of milking every last drop of worth out of him.


    “It’s crazy that the club decides to stay away from those kind of deals but they are okay with giving huge salary to Kolasinac.”

    money to the player or the selling club I don’t have a problem with. it’s that more and more with the bigger deals the agent is taking far too big a cut. what was that stat about Raiola making more in fees from 3mths work last summer then Fergie earned in his last 6yrs at Utd or something? that’s not right.

  18. TitsMcGee

    Wenger blaming the media is absolutely pathetic but not surprising, never takes responsibility for his failings. The most annoying thing is that there will be people out there who actually buy into it.”

    Dictators/false prophets blame everything,everyone for their failures. When they start blaming the population(fans in this case) it’s all over.

    This shiiite show is over it’s just to run out his contract and listen to his mindless-ramblings for the next two seasons.

  19. Rhys Jaggar

    I am afraid, Mr Wood that paying Kantes entourage and Mbappes mum is defined by a single word: BUNGS.

    ‘I Peter Wood do hereby solemnly declare that I am a brazen bung payer, a criminal charlatan and a self-righteous Romford gangster’ would just about cover it.

    My response to Mbappe demanding money for his mother is to issue orders to break his legs.

    What is so special about a criminal mafia 18 year old? So he can kick a football. Well Adolf Hitler was a good rabble rouser.

    There is only point to the Rule of Law and that is when it is applied dispassionately to the most powerful.

    It is equally acceptable to blow Neymars dads brains out as pay £100m for humping a Brazilian woman 25 years ago.

    People have got to say Enough is Enough and stand up to this mafia criminality.

    If Mbappe only responds to career-ending violence, he is no role model whatsoever and every self-righteous corporation should refuse to validate his criminality.

    He pays his mother. He is the rich 18 year old. If £10m a year is not enough at 18, blow his legs off and he can live in the gutter where he belongs.

    Alternatively, this 18 year old can take charge of his impoverished family using the highest wages ever paid an 18 year old.

    If he cannot do that, what hope for everyone else, bar none, on earth???

  20. Dissenter

    Did anyone l we notice how ruthless Mr. Levi is at Spurs.
    Victor Jassen refused to leave the club after he was deemed not be good enough to deputize for Harry Kane. He refused to go be sold to Brighton and Westbrom on transfer day…they simply dropped him from the squad and told him he had played his last game for the club. The didn’t name him in the 27 man squad.
    We need to be ruthless with players that aren’t good enough. Wenger tends to persist with transfer mistakes for too long.

  21. Wallace


    yeah, fairly sure if Wenger had done that with one of our players the word used would have been ‘incompetent’ rather than ‘ruthless’.

  22. Relieable Sauce

    From football365:

    Player to watch – Alexis Sanchez
    Whether Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger believe that Arsenal supporters are stupid, ludicrously optimistic or both isn’t quite clear, but there was plenty to enjoy in their joint claims that Arsenal keeping hold of Sanchez was a statement of intent. Having refused to persuade him to sign a new contract, accepted that he wants to leave and then welcomed a bid, I’m struggling to see any statement that isn’t ‘please believe our weak PR guff and keep buying season tickets’.

    If Wenger’s first season of his new two-year contract isn’t going to be a video of a bin fire played on constant loop, he really could do with Sanchez continuing last season’s exploits. It has been enjoyable to watch the PR wheels spin and paint the Chilean in a poor light ever since it became clear that he wanted to leave. A reminder that Sanchez scored or assisted 47% of Arsenal’s league goals, had 24% of their shots on target and created 18% of their chances last season.

    The party line is that Sanchez is a streetfighter and therefore likely to muck in and continue to give his all, but that is an assumption based more on hope than logic. It only takes a player’s focus to drop by five per cent for the difference in his output to become obvious. Sanchez can negotiate a free transfer from January and City may well come in again for him then. That decision will surely not be based on Sanchez’s form over the next four months.

    Sanchez has spent much of this week reacting to stinging criticism; it is clear that all is not well in his world. One response would be to come out fighting harder than ever, disproving his critics. Another would be to sulk, demotivated after his failed move to Manchester. Wenger better cross his fingers for the former, or Arsenal truly are in trouble.

  23. Dissenter

    I don’t know what to make of your optimism
    -Cazorla is done at the top level.
    -Wilshere was good enough for the bench at Bournemouth and can’t remain injury free for long.
    -Riess Nelson is a pup. Like you wrote last month, he needs space to grow.

    Is your tummy full of peroni’s finest? :-)

  24. Dissenter

    Chile will be battling Argentina for the last (play off) spot in the COMNEBOL zone. They probably won’t qualify for the World Cup.
    That’s bound to affect Alexis because he’s getting flak from everywhere. It throws a curve ball on every projection but he’s certainly not going to play at his best until the next round of WC qualifiers.

  25. Galaxygooner

    Arsenal only buy players when it is time to sell seasons ticket and to sell shirts.
    Wenger, in 10 years, has never approached the transfer window to solve obvious issues with the team.

  26. Dissenter

    Every club makes mistakes in the transfer market. Every transfer carries an element of risk especially foreign ones. We just tend to persist with an error for too long.
    There was talk we tried to move on Elneny to create space for a mega midfield purchase but the player declined to leave because his family like living in London. That’s the kind of situation that we need to be more decisive.

  27. HillWood

    When I am asked which team I support I now reply almost with embarrassment ” Arsenal for my sins ” whilst awaiting the dreaded guffaws of laughter.
    Cheers Arsene

  28. Cesc Appeal

    We all know Gazidis will just waffle through those questions about how there has been change, that Wenger is the right man for the job, we are only three games in and perspective could change after Bournemouth and then something about ‘values’ and the new line they will all adopt this year about ‘we need the fans’.

    They are going to try and create a siege mentality this year.

    Sadly it will work on some.

  29. Dissenter

    Our French scouts recommended that we sign Lemar and Kanye in an £8 million pound deal. The deals wer done until Wenger mixed it with his dithering.
    Ngolo Kante was bought by Leicester for €5 million the following week. Lemar went to Monaco for £3.6 the same window..

    Wenger is the main problem, not our French scouts.
    To think Wenger was going to pay £92 for a Lemar when he could have bought him for less than £4 million two years ago.
    We could have made good additions to the squad in the summer when Wenger decided that his squad was too good to add an outfield player.

  30. raptora

    re Alexis. I feel like he didn’t give 100% vs Liverpool. Then he went to Chile after a bad game for Arsenal when he didn’t give his all, and suddenly it felt like he can’t go back to his over 100% all game every game old self.

    I watched their game vs Bolivia and lord was he wasteful in possession. He lost the ball so many times it’s unreal. He was waving hands, not being happy with his teammates, had bad influence on his team as a whole, tried to do way too much instead of doing the simple things first, had no quality in his crosses or shots and was frustrated throughout the game.

    Literally the same Alexis that played vs Liverpool minus the fact that Chile had the ball way more than we did and Bolivia obviously doesn’t have the quality of the Merseyside team.

    Maybe he’s got to the conclusion that if he stops playing as good as he can it might become a bad habit or worse – lead to the point that he cannot play like his old self anymore quality wise since he’s been sulking and not giving his all week in, week out. How do you expect to lead a country when time comes, if you’ve been hiding in your club for a full season?!

    Don’t know. This type of thinking makes sense to me.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    It is the dithering and principles of Wenger which is our main problem in the transfer market.

    But obviously this stems from a lack of accountability for Wenger and a lack of a DoF or any kind of football structure at the club.

    Again, comes back to Kroenke, Wenger makes really poor decisions and in no way deserves to be Arsenal manager, but Kroenke seems the main person letting it happen when some other members of the board did not seem to want to let this pathetic one man show carry on.

  32. Emiratesstroller


    Just read the questions, which have been submitted by AST. They are all valid, but need to be asked not in a private meeting with Gazidis, but at the AGM.

    My view remains the same as I have expressed last two weeks. Nothing will happen at the club unless a] Kroenke is financially hit by TV and Sponsors reacting to current situation and/or b] Usmanov taking legal action against Boar for mismanagement of the club.

    Kroenke does not own the club. He is the majority shareholder. Usmanov has a significant minority shareholding [30%] and that entitles him to have a say
    in how the club is run. There will come a point where he will not sit pacively on the sidelines if he sees his investment depreciating.

  33. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    “To think Wenger was going to pay £92 for a Lemar when he could have bought him for less than £4 million two years ago.”

    Where are the 18-20 year old French, Spanish and German players we once regularly picked up? I think the club should be dropping £20-25m a summer picking up some of the best up-and-coming players across Europe. £4m here £5m there, and if they don’t work out you can sell them two seasons later without much loss.

  34. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The world is an already depressing place and on top of it the one thing that should bring one joy, Arsenal, has become the most depressing of all…thanks to its manager’s never ending insane behaviour.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Last season was the most active I have ever seen Usmanov ending with that late attempt to buy Kroenke’s shares for £1 Billion.

    Have to keep our fingers crossed that as Wenger becomes weaker and more and more fans turn against him Usmanov sees the opportunity to be more active.

  36. Dissenter

    When Wenger says that he “almost signed” a player, it is definitely true. He’s a master at tapping up players but is abysmal at making up his mind to pull the final lever

    We have world class scouting who make their recommendations. Wenger just doesn’t have a coherent plan for recruitment. It’s project youth one year, next year it’s project “British core”.
    He’s poor at reading the market; he championed FFP when it was clear to all it was probably illegal and was full of holes from the very beginning. He’s the one that let in Kroenke with all the “self-sufficiency” nonsense that predates the Kroenke-era.

  37. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “Last season was the most active I have ever seen Usmanov ending with that late attempt to buy Kroenke’s shares for £1 Billion.”

    Hope it wasn’t a last throw of the dice…

  38. Dissenter

    “Kroenke does not own the club. He is the majority shareholder. Usmanov has a significant minority shareholding [30%] and that entitles him to have a say
    in how the club is run. There will come a point where he will not sit pacively on the sidelines if he sees his investment depreciating.”

    Your comments smacks of hypocrisy. I can’t believe you just wrote this.
    One of the things I won’t ever forget here if the manner you visciously attacked Usmanov over the years; you painted his money as dirty and stated that he wasn’t qualified to own Arsenal because of a soviet era conviction for “corruption”. Some of those comments I regret to say bordered of soft-prejudice.
    So now, Usmanov the “convict” you derided should have a say?

    At least have the courage to admit you got him wrong. You posted article after article saying he was unfit to be associated with Arsenal. Admit it.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    This is the thing, just like Arsenal on the field off the field you cannot tell what we are.

    We are not big spenders and equally we are not smart buyers, we are not wheeler dealers, we do not invest in the brightest youth talent, we sort of try to dip our toes in everything and then due to dithering and Wenger’s stubbornness we end up being nothing.

    This summer there was a chance to do some really smart deals. Bellerin came back and told Arsenal he wanted to leave, Barcelona were willing to stump up up to £50 Million, you could have replaced him with Aurier and still had £27 Million left over and, I think, actually upgraded that position.

    Again with Sanchez, get up to £60 Million out of PSG and demand Matuidi as well.

    Sell Oxlade (even if we say for less early on) at £30 Million, coupled with Szczeney, Gabriel and Gibbs you have brought in about £150 Million of new cash and already got Aurier and Matuidi.

    You then had N’Zonzi sitting on a £37 Million release clause all summer, Howedes moved to Juventus, Keita Balde Diao went for £27 Million near deadline day etc.

    It was the same the summer before with Kante, Pjanic and Mkhitaryan all moving for £30 Million respectively. That could have drastically changed the look of our side.

    We are not smart, and equally we seem to be missing all the young prospects like Dembele, Mbappe, Lemar etc and it seems it is not because we do not spot them.

    If only we knew what a DoF did.

  40. David Smith

    This is what Stan Kroenke has put on this club, see below

    That means Primorac, Peyton, Colbert and the useless scouts are at the club at Wengers leisure
    Ivan is powerless, we will see what he is, or is not only once wenger has departed
    This is where we are, only events, the fans in the stadium and perhaps the players can change this

  41. Emiratesstroller


    This is not hypocrisy. It is a statement of fact based on knowing something about Usmanov’s background.

    I am not suggesting that I want to see Usmanov owning or controlling quite the opposite. He is not the person I would like to see owning the club even if
    was prepared to throw money at transfer market.

    However, he is the one person who has the finances “to rock the boat” and go to Court if there is a case of maladministration and not looking after interests of
    minority shareholders.

    I can assure you that the Arsenal Supporters Club are not going to do anything.

  42. TitsMcGee

    We are not big spenders and equally we are not smart buyers, we are not wheeler dealers, we do not invest in the brightest youth talent, we sort of try to dip our toes in everything and then due to dithering and Wenger’s stubbornness we end up being nothing.”

    Trying to be a jack of all trades but ends up being a master of none.

  43. GoonerDave

    Emirates Stroller-
    Usmanov has no say at all. Our wonderful owner refused him a seat on the board. Hardly surprising, when you consider Kroenke’s objective Vs Usmanov’s.
    30% ownership counts for nothing without a seat on the board.

  44. TitsMcGee

    Gazidas and Wenger play their game because they know the intelligence of the people they are dealing with . Sad but true.

    Quite a few fans will be “one Arsene Wenger” after we smash Bournemouth and then blame “accidents” for the big games.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    FYI Usmanov has been trying for years without success to get on the Board of

    That should tell everyone why Usmanov is not someone who should take control of Arsenal.

  46. Micheal


    AST’s questions are perfectly valid and you are right the AGM is the approrpriate platform. But I think it is worthwhile to use any available opportunity to question those in power at Arsenal – AGM, AST meeetings with Gazidis, etc. Also, the outcome of any AGM at Arsenal is a foregoine conclusion with Kroenke owning about 70% of the shares.

    But giving Gazidis advance notice of the questions is a huge mistake. Clearly it gives him time to research issues and come up with PR spin without exactly answering any of the questions. He will obsfuscate, bullshit or give some bland, Theresa May-like response to every question.

    Do not rule out Gazidis calling Arsenal “strong and stable” .

    I have considerable experience of inteviewing people and I would never – ever – give them a list of questions in advance. It makes getting to the truth signfiicantly more difficult.

    Tomorrow’s meeting will be a wasted opportunity.

  47. Emiratesstroller


    I am fairly sure that Usmanov was refused a seat on Board not just by Kroenke,
    but also when Danny Fiszman was the major shareholder.

    Incidentally Usmanov is not the first large shareholder to be refused a seat on the Board. Roger Levitt was at one time the biggest shareholder and the Board
    quite rightly refused him a seat.

    The point I am making is that Usmanov can go to court if he believes that the
    club is not serving his best interest.

  48. Micheal

    “Could Usmanov theoretically come in and buy out Kroenke or perform a hostile takeover if he was so inclined?”

    If the price is right, theoretically yes. Everyone has a price. Buit it does not mean the slimy American cunt will want to sell.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that there is little point in giving advanced notice at an informal meeting.

    However, I am afraid that you would have no option in doing so at an AGM. The Chair will prevent a shareholder have a platform unless there are formal questions or resolutions.

    The point I am making is that Usmanov has not rocked the boat in recent years, because his investment in the club has increased in value. If that ceases
    to be the case I doubt that he will be so passive.

    He has after all a 30% investment in the club. That is not peanuts if the club is
    currently valued at around £1.2 billion.

  50. Bamford10

    Wenger is becoming more farcical by the moment.

    A couple of notes regarding his remarks: one, I have said all along that the most important thing protest can do is create a brand/branding problem for the club, that that is what can and will force change. Wenger has now said that he feels protesting fans have damaged the Arsenal brand, so he too is aware of the problem, though I think he’s primarily trying to rationalize why players want out & no one good wants in. However, the point remains: create a brand/branding problem for the club; that’s how you get change.

    Two, Wenger complains that the market is volatile. Hilarious. Yes, it is volatile, Arsene, but every other club on the planet is operating in the same volatile market you are operating in. The question is who is operating intelligently in said market and who is not. One clear answer to the latter — who is not operating intelligently — is obvious: Arsenal. Why? Because a delusional, inflexible ideological dinosaur makes all of the decisions at Arsenal, and that dinosaur is Arsene Wenger.

    Allow a smart new DoF and manager to do what Wenger is trying and failing to do and Arsenal will be just fine.

    Wenger out.

  51. David Smith

    Pretty sure most of the club were against Usmanov, and that Danny F probably promised SK things we are paying for now just to get him on board
    Stan like anyone else will presumably sell when its not worth his while to keep the club, he gets an offer he cannot refuse, or needs the money for something else, so not anytime soon unless Dangote comes up with something spectacular

  52. Cesc Appeal

    The fans can create an atmosphere that Kroenke cannot live in, say what you want abut him being thousands of miles away but if at every game home and away there are ‘f**k off Kroenke’ chants and banners etc, people refuse to buy merchandise or anything in the ground, walk out protests, stay away protests etc it may well get to the stage where £1 Billion in his pocket seems the best option.

    I do not know if the fans will do it though.

  53. Bamford10

    Any idiot could see a couple of years ago that the market was getting more and more inflated and that one thing to do in such a climate was to invest in one’s scouting network so that one was finding the best young players and signing them before they became outrageously expensive. Not only would this allow you to get good, young talented players at reasonable prices, it would allow you then to capitalize on the market later by selling some of these players at far higher prices.

    Has Wenger done this? No. The opposite. He has more and more relied on signing known quantities for larger amounts.

    The man is a disaster. He must be forced to go. ASAP.

  54. Micheal


    Slightly esoteric perhaps, but I am sure there an AOB (any other business) moment at AGMs. Also, the vote on say, directors’ salaries or approving the accounts, provides an opportunity to raise related issues. I have attended many AGMs over the years and this is where protest groups often raise such matters.

    However my main point is that Kroenke, with almost 70% of the equity, can override or dismiss our concerns. In the unlikely case where a matter came to a vote, his near 70% stake out-votes the combined holdings elsewhere.

    I certainly agree that Usmanov might consider legal action if he feels the interests of all shareholders are being affected by the board’s conduct. But this would be hard to make stick when, financially at least, the club is doing relatively well. I agree not as good as it should, but it is not a basket case – even if some of us feel we are heading, Brexit-like, over the cliff-edge.

  55. graham62

    What exactly do the AST do? A waste of time if you ask me.

    The club is infested with so many parasites, Gazidis being a prime example, that any form of communication is pointless.

    As I said yesterday, it’s all up to Bournmouth now.


  56. TitsMcGee

    I do not know if the fans will do it though.”

    The vast majority will certainly not be involved in any sort of protest be it walk out or pre-game. That’s not who/what Arsenal fans are i’m afraid.

    The fans have WAY more power than they think. If the stadium was half empty that would do the trick. Same for constant, large protests. Would impossible to ignore.

  57. Bamford10

    Also, if anyone has done damage to the Arsenal brand, it is Arsene Wenger, first by making us inadequate also-rans for ten years now, and second by leading us into numerous shambolic and humiliating defeats, such as the 8-2, the 6-0, the 5-1, the 10-2 and the 4-0.

    Wenger out.

  58. Barney75

    Read ‘How the French Won Waterloo – or Think They Did’ (by Stephen Clarke) and you might start to believe that victory and defeat mean very different things to the French than to the English. The French (not all mind you, I’m not stereotyping!) often seem to find absurd positives in defeat and turn it into some sort of glorious victory. I suspect Wenger follows this psyche….he just seems to play and believe in a different set of rules and probably sees himself as delivering a greater good to society than just winning football matches. All a load of bollocks of course.

  59. Bamford10

    I like Lemar, but pursuing him at £92m — the new story — is exactly what I am talking about: this is not an intelligent way to build a quality XI or squad today, not unless you have unlimited resources. We do not have unlimited resources. Our strategy must be an intelligent and balanced approach that combines the £40-50m spend here or there with much smarter scouting and buying.

    Plus it’s our central midfield that needs improvement, something that has been true for a long, long time now.

  60. raptora

    David Smith,
    I know you’re super anti Kroenke which is understandable and I won’t try to change your mind or anything.

    What I want to say is that the recently formed ex ultra pro-Wenger now fierce anti-Kroenke movement always goes with the same old that Kroenke cares for nothing but his checkbook, he doesn’t care about football, he gives two fks how the team performs on the pitch as long as there is profit, he doesn’t even go to the stadium because he is not interested in football whatsoever.

    Yet in the article you posted, you can clearly read how he is aware of the Cesc and Nasri situations. How he mentions Chamberlain and Wilshere. How he says that he has been following Arsenal for years before he became the owner, going to the stadium and watching Thierry Henry and the unbeaten run. Also as a famous person he wants when people meet him it’s important for him to have something to brag about and to show his sporting “muscles” and achievements.

    Anyways it’s not like I like the dude. I just think that he is no better or worse than the regular owner. Arsenal have spent and continue to spend more than enough money to be successful. Money doesn’t win you stuff guaranteed. Ask PSG last year. Or look at Bayern and Juventus who are mega successful on the pitch without spending that much. It’s all about being smart and decisive in what you do and Arsenal haven’t been like that for years.

    Regarding the statements of Nasri (who I am in no position to offend for being a shitty person but that’s how he looks from the outside) that Kroenke sold him when Nasri wanted to stay (a big L O L) Kroenke says the following:

    “I also get it on Nasri. If we didn’t do something on Nasri people would be looking at us next summer and saying, ‘Why didn’t you do this?’ We bought in a lot of resources that we can use on other players. I honestly didn’t make the decision on Nasri. Of course the board talks about these things but, at the end of the day, that’s for Arsène.”

    All of the Wenger apologists can stop talking nonsense for a second and blame every single one of our problems on the football pitch on their lord Wenger. Kroenke has basically given him the entire freedom of the world to feel like Wenger is the sole owner of the club, a thing that so many big coaches/managers would kill for, unlimited support and a say in absolutely everything in the club. Yet Wenger has been finding new ways of bringing the club down year after year after year.

    Then after this experiment to leave a manager control the club has failed, Kroenke should have sacked him and assign the right people for all the needed jobs so this club can get modernized and not feel like a socialist club during the cold war USA. Everything is against us – the ffp, the oil money, the late transfer window, the tapping of players, the refs, the FA, the hurricane Katia…

    Bottom line is that the weirdest thing in the entire world is how Wenger apologists seek the blame in Kroenke – the one that basically gave all the freedom in the world to their lord. And they offend him, call him names, call him a leech and on and on, while Kroenke’s biggest mistake is that he has kept Wenger at his job for soo long.

    In a world where Kroenke makes the right decision Wenger would have been gone for years. The way that our club have been looking like is entirely on Wenger. Saying something like “Kroenke basically just invested his money in something that can only rise in valuation plus the added fame and popularity and put Wenger at the helm to control everything” might be an easy and convenient way to put things up but is exactly what has happened. Everything in our club just screams of Wenger ideas. The grass’ length, the seats, the statues, the players’ boots, the cleaning lady. EVERYTHING! Every little stone is put by him, assigned by him, handpicked by him. Kroenke’s fault is for sticking up to Wenger for so long. It’s not often that you finish a transfer window at minus £85m just to regress 3 places from the previous season.

  61. Jim Lahey

    Just a tad off topic.. But do any of you guys work with Python? (The language that is!). I am thinking of developing a new program and was looking into using C++ as I have experience with it from Uni, but anyone I have spoken to has suggested using Python..

  62. raptora

    Imagine if we wanted to be successful. You bring Matuidi, James Rodriguez, Aurier, VvD to compliment Lacazette and Kolasinac. Suddenly you have a team of freakin superstars and everyone wants to come to Arsenal to play with them. You don’t have only Alexis but a big chunk of your team is top quality. You sell Bellerin, Chambo like we did and say Walcott or Wilshere and you’re good. Everyone will want to come to this newly transformed exciting team. How hard could it be?!

  63. Wallace


    “You bring Matuidi, James Rodriguez, Aurier, VvD to compliment Lacazette and Kolasinac. Suddenly you have a team of freakin superstars and everyone wants to come to Arsenal to play with them….How hard could it be?!”

    well, Matuidi joined Juve, James went to Bayern, Southampton refused to sell VVD despite receiving some very good offers, and, all due respect to the Spuds, Aurier only ends up there because he’s got some serious question marks over his discipline/personality.

  64. Dissenter

    Monaco set Lemar’s price at 80 million to deter bids. We didn’t want to go that high until 12 hours to the end of the window when the panic botton was pressed.We were willing to pay a 15% premium on the 80 million we were quoted earlier.
    Wenger’s dithering and transfer policy incoherence has contributed to the global inflationary trend in football.

  65. Leftsidesanch

    One suspects that most managers don’t want the window closed once the season starts as it is disruptive to their plans. Most manager also sell their stools out early and complete the deals they want early. You get the feeling that Wenger wants it closed so he doesn’t have to lose one of his little babies. If he could have the same current squad until he retires he probably would opt for it. Next year, being a World cup year and players not liking to move while they are involved in the tournament you can probably expect another transfer window like Summer 2015. Already has his excuse lined up for not strengthening the squad.

    Utter weasel.

  66. Leftsidesanch

    *opened once the season starts.

    And to suggest that the 4-0 drubbing was due to players being tapped up. Big L O L.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    Kroenke acquired control of the club on three counts.

    1. There were two billionaires wanting to buy the club. Kroenke comes from a financial background, which is untarnished. Usmanov’s history is somewhat different. As I wrote Arsenal had previous history with Roger Levitt and the Board were determined that the club was not sold to anyone who might damage its reputation.

    2. Danny Fiszman became critically and terminally ill. There was no potential succession within his family. David Dein had fallen out with Fiszman and then sold his shares to Uzmanov.

    3. Kroenke joined the Board at a time when they had agreed to a share lock
    down. This meant that Board Members like Hill-Wood, Fiszman and finally
    Bracewell sold their shares to Kroenke who was the only member of Board
    financially able to buy them.

    The problem with Kroenke is not his integrity, but his apparent lack of interest/knowedge in football and the poor club management that has occurred under his stewardship.

    I doubt that there is any major business not just in football, which would tolerate Wenger’s poor management and leadership over the past 6-8 years.
    He would have been replaced elsewhere a longtime ago.

  68. Elmo


    That’s the funny thing. Wenger knows that he doesn’t want to sell his own star players at the end of the window, as he can’t replace them. But for some reason he thinks it’s wise to wait until 4PM on deadline day to try to poach the best remaining player at a CL club that doesn’t need to sell. He then whines about inflated prices and the state of the transfer market.

    As has been repeated ad infinitum, if the club were willing to move Sanchez, then they should have sold him early. If the club were willing to pay up to EUR 100m for Lemar, then they should have been willing to scale their offers up to that amount early in the window. If the club needed to sell in order to facilitate that move, why didn’t they do that early on in order to open up their options for fast movement later on?

  69. Pierre

    What a ridiculous assumption to think that a team may play with more confidence if their own fans were behind them… He must be going Senile to even suggest something so stupid..

  70. graham62

    Is Wenger as hopeless as I think he is?

    1996-2004, was it all down to luck and the fact that we had so many leaders/winners in the squad?

    Is he really that intelligent?

    Apparently he speaks 8 languages, but why can’t he speak the simple language of ‘Football’?

    How come he was at Grampus 8 before David Dein sourced him out?

    Please enlighten me.

  71. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    A businessman enters a tavern, sits down at the bar, and orders a double martini on the rocks. After he finishes the drink, he peeks inside his shirt pocket, then orders the bartender to prepare another double martini. After he finishes that it, he again peeks inside his shirt pocket and orders the bartender to bring another double martini.

    The bartender says, “Look, buddy, I’ll bring ya’ martinis all night long – but you gotta tell me why you look inside your shirt pocket before you order a refill.”

    The customer replies, “I’m peeking at a photo of my wife. When she starts to look good, I know it’s time to go home.”

  72. Dissenter

    Yes I agree. The whole Lemar bid at the 11th hour was a ruse.
    There’s a no way a club with very limited transfer management capacity [it’s just dick Law and Fany] would be able to execute two massive deals simultaneously.
    The Sanchez deal to city would have been out largest player sale. The player was away thousands of miles a way in Chile. That would have taken Arsenal the better part of two weeks to negotiate given our derelict system.
    The Lemar deal would have been double out incoming transfer record for a player who was gearing up for his break-out game with the national team. This is complex deal that would have involved the breakdown of the payment, and commercial endorsement with the player. There would have been the secondary negotiation as to agent fees, who pays what and when. That deal is way too complex for any club to handle in 12 hours.
    Wenger and the club’s management have been lying to the fans since 206, well before Kroenke came on board. Kroenke just continued it. The board have always had disdain for the fan base.

  73. ADKB

    In fact if I were Wenger, I’d be ashamed to comment on AOC’s case. The guy’s taken a big paycut to play for another manager. Man! That’s horrible!!!

  74. David Smith

    Raptora,do not especially like the guy,I do not think he is good for this club on any level, I am sure Stan is not totally ignorant on club matters, even players, I know he allows money to be spent on transfers and wages, though perhaps not as much as some.
    My only real issue with Stan is that he is either too lazy, or too deluded to deal with a man that has become power hungry, fearful of any change, rooted in a past, and who is wrecking the club for everyone. And whatsmore, Stan allows wenger to go about his business unchallenged, despite the reported wishes of his board,, no responsible owner would do that with what wenger perhaps always was, but has certainly become.
    Wenger clearly has psychological issues making it impossible to do his job,anyone with any character, even humanity would be saving our manager from himself, it is going to end horribly for all concerned

  75. Goobergooner.


    “not entirely sure about such shady characters [agents] being the prime beneficiaries of football’s current loadedness.”

    I totally concur. Agents may have their benefits, but I think they are the worst. Get paid extortionate amounts of money to do fuck all really.

    I don’t see why any one agent should be paid more than another (in general, I mean obviously some may be worth more in some way I don’t know haha). They all do the same job. I don’t think clubs or players should pay more than a flat rate for there services.

    Sorry to anyone who may be an agent, but also good on you for making money for shit all.

  76. Dissenter

    ” don’t see why any one agent should be paid more than another (in general, I mean obviously some may be worth more in some way I don’t know haha). They all do the same job. I don’t think clubs or players should pay more than a flat rate for there services. ”
    Why don’t we pay all managers the same
    Why don’t we pay all footballers the same
    Why don’t we just pay all football CEOs the same.

    Truth is that agents earn broadly the same flat rate percentage of the deals. A 2 million transfer earns the agent less that a 20 million transfer.
    The football agent is an enhancer of the player. The highly educated and brash agent markets the player and also protects the interest of the player [who is often from a deprived background with not-too-good education]] against the tested infrastructure of a club.
    What’s next after you limit agent fees .. player salary caps?
    Please don’t push towards the US professional sports model where the owners like Kreonke are the main ones making away with all the money.

  77. TitsMcGee

    1996-2004, was it all down to luck and the fact that we had so many leaders/winners in the squad?’

    Wenger will always be seen as the manager with two halves(even though his barren years are quickly surpassing his “glory” years). I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Wenger glory years happened to coincide with :

    1. France having their greatest footballing generation. Loaded top to bottom.(Veira, Henry, Pires, Petit)

    2. We only had one main rival for EPL(UTD).

    Wenger’s flaws seem to have become exponentially more visible as soon as the above two factors ceased to be relevant(players retired, other clubs “arriving” on the scene).

  78. 'Mi

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Legrove.
    While we’re all thinking of how to get rid of Wenger I’m wondering if the players are thinking the same. They can do in four weeks what we’ve not suceeded at in 10 years. Losses to Bournemouth, Chelsea and whichever two teams we play after them should leave us at the bottom of the table or there about. Think there’s little/no chance of Wenger surviving that.

  79. NEEG

    Raptora, David Smith

    One thing to take into consideration is the state of affairs at AFC when he first became a shareholder. At his first game there were loads of posters proclaiming ‘in Arsene we trust’. Kroenke stated at the time ‘we must tie this guy down’.

    A few years down the line and Wenger is now a cornered Rat. He has had his worst year on record but the only year he has finished outside the top four.
    His meeting with SK was to assure the owner he was still up for it and he would ensure a swift return to AFC’s usual position.

    Kroenke is no fool and he is probably aware of the current situation. He seldom makes rash decisions (if at all) and should our position be a precarious one after 10 games I would expect him to take some sort of action.

  80. seniorgooner

    Dissenter. If you listened to Ornsteins complete destruction of Arsenals complete disintegration. It is no longer to work on the self sustaining model, or com pletely ignore dodgy agents they are a way of life.Our scouting system stinks, our salary scale is out of control..Who would by Walcott for 30 millions and still want to pay him 140k a week.

  81. graham62


    True, the ‘French connection’ proved pivotal in the fist half of his reign.

    What I do know is that Wenger was reliant on others to dig him out of holes. As the years progressed and these individuals disappeared from the scene, Wenger’s weaknesses became more and more evident.

  82. Dissenter

    Usmanov was consistent in asserting the direction he wanted the club to take. He wanted initial investment in the footballing infrastructure. The fans ignored him.
    Kroenke, to his credit was very clear about his belief in “self-sufficiency” yet he was the preferred option of most fans. Arsenal fans became the football accountants of Europe and celebrated self-sufficiency and FFP like they were trophies. I remember reading post after post on Arsenal blogs talking about the dirty money that Usmanov represents.
    Gooners that used to mock Chelsea and city for having sugar daddies are now turning on Kroenke for not investing. He said it from the beginning- he is not planning to spend his own money. People need to stop the revisionism that’s going on.
    The chickens have come home to roost and people are waving pitch forks.

  83. Cesc Appeal


    You are not kidding, just had a look. The state of some of those replies.

    Rock and hard place though, if you call them out for being homophobic no doubt you are being some form of ‘ist’ or ‘phobic’ and will trigger someone else.

    Just basic frigging human dignity. I always find religious arguments about things like homosexuality or the place of women in society interesting, so you believe in an all powerful force that created literally everything, is all knowing, all caring, all forgiving, but if you let women go to university or drive or vote or live by themselves or have property rights or be viewed as equals in the eyes of the law or not cover themselves from an early age, you have you had it, eternal fire for you.

    It is almost an oxymoron to speak about an all caring, compassionate being that transcend ordinary human thinking but will punish you for a multitude of free choice free thought actions.

  84. TitsMcGee

    Man the replies to Arsenal’s tweet about the LGBT… Africans and Muslims really do not like gays…”

    Two very religious groups….just saying 😉

  85. TitsMcGee

    Just basic frigging human dignity. I always find religious arguments about things like homosexuality or the place of women in society interesting, so you believe in an all powerful force that created literally everything, is all knowing, all caring, all forgiving, but if you let women go to university or drive or vote or live by themselves or have property rights or be viewed as equals in the eyes of the law or not cover themselves from an early age, you have you had it, eternal fire for you.”

    What really winds me up is people saying that they avoided some disaster because they “prayed”. Implying that the others who felt the wrath of nature didn’t get saved because they didn’t “pray” enough I guess.

  86. Dissenter

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people believing they averted disaster because of prayer so long as they don’t impose those moral standards on others.
    What they believe is what they believe.
    Religion is always irrational but if they help people define themselves of find their inner peace then so be it…so long as it’s a private belief construct.

  87. graham62

    I don’t blame Kroenke for anything, as he know’s nothing about Football, whereas our supreme leader know’s everything!!!

  88. N5

    “Eighteen-year-old France striker Kylian Mbappe, who joined Paris St-Germain on loan from Monaco in the transfer window, says joining Arsenal was a “real option” after meeting Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.”


    Ha ha of course. PR Team on megaspin mode.

  89. Cesc Appeal

    I like how we have gone from wanting to compete with the likes of Munich to losing to the likes of Munich ten-two, becoming back up options for players way down their list and modelling ourselves on Leicester.

    That stadium move, best thing that ever happened to Arsenal.

  90. N5

    CA, I take it you read that article the other day saying about how we can’t compete financially so we’re hoping for cinderella story wins!!

    Nice one Ivan, well worth the move to compete…. well be in the same comps as…. well watch on our TVs the greatest teams in the world.

  91. David Smith

    “It is not power that corrupts, it is fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it, and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it”
    Sums up the club quite nicely at the moment.
    Unfortunately, these words come from the rapidly being discredited Aung San Suu Kyi, who knows a thing or two about the corruptive effects of power

  92. Cesc Appeal


    You can see why Wenger was kept on, the mentality of this club is absolutely pathetic and they are even openly stating now that they are not interested in competing, or that they are not doing everything to chase top level success.

    Not really a surprise, the last decade has all been about lowering the bar to success and redefining what it means, that is why we are hit with barrage after barrage of PR and soundbites like ‘values’ etc.

  93. Leedsgunner

    ““Eighteen-year-old France striker Kylian Mbappe, who joined Paris St-Germain on loan from Monaco in the transfer window, says joining Arsenal was a “real option” after meeting Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.””

    How is this different from the usual “I tried to sign….” announcements?

    They don’t get it do they? I doesn’t really matter if you tried… in this game it only counts if you succeed.

    It’s as if they are still in primary school… expecting us to be happy because they have top grades for mere effort.

  94. N5

    Exactly Leeds, it’s a very childish way to behave isn’t it! You don’t win trophies for trying.

    It’s not the winning that matters, it’s the taking part……right?

  95. Do one gambon

    Has anyone else noted that when wengman is being interviewed. When he goes into bullshit mode he starts errring and hmmming for a few secs then starts talking at about a million miles an hour.

    Like he’s thinking of his canned response then when he’s got it he says it really quick.

    Makes it obvious when he’s talking crap.

  96. Pierre

    “All of the Wenger apologists can stop talking nonsense for a second and blame every single one of our problems on the football pitch on their lord Wenger.”

    Of course Wenger is to blame for everything wrong on the football pitch and rightly so.. He picked the team, he chose the tactics and he signed the players.. Kronke is at fault for giving Wenger too much power and for renewing his contract but ultimately Wenger should take responsibility for on field failures..

    In the same token, Wenger should receive the credit for the many successes during his time as manager and rightly so as he picked the team, chose the tactics and signed the players, although some were already at the club when he arrived but the club were in a transition period when Wenger arrived I think it’s fair to say. .

    One cannot say all failures were his fault and then fail to give him the credit for success.

    Historically, Most successful sides have a leading figure in the team and have difficulty replacing them. Maybe it’s not as easy as it seems to replace them.

    Liverpool have not won a title since Alan Hansen left the club.
    Arsenal have not won a title since Vieira left the club.
    Man united have not won a title since ryan Giggs quit playing..
    John Terry leaving Chelsea could be a deciding factor for the club.
    Man city have not won a title since wayne bridge left the club in 2014…LOL

    And spurs….nothing

    I believe these type of players have a massive influence on their clubs, not just on the pitch but in all aspects of the club as they command respect.

  97. Leedsgunner

    “It’s not the winning that matters, it’s the taking part……right?”

    Whenever my wife says that to my son (who is a very competitive nippy tennis star in the making…) he retorts back..

    “Stop talking to me as if I’m a loser. I’m a winner.”

    The EPL is a multimillion pound competition.

    Arsene thinks its a dancing contest when you should get marks for how you lose… that losing beautifully is just as important as actually winning. That’s why Wenger loves “values” and says touchy feely stuff like “Football is an art.” He says this to avoid accountability and judgement because he knows when judged against hard facts he is a loser.

    No Arsene football isn’t art. It hasn’t been beautiful under your management for at least 7 years.

  98. Pierre

    I disagree, an influential player on the pitch and in the dressing room is a much bigger loss than any manager.. Go back to the 70’s, Frank Mclintock left the club too early and we were never even close to winning the league for 18 years

  99. TheBayingMob

    Dissenter “Pedro,
    Our French scouts recommended that we sign Lemar and Kanye in an £8 million pound deal. The deals wer done until Wenger mixed it with his dithering.
    Ngolo Kante was bought by Leicester for €5 million the following week. Lemar went to Monaco for £3.6 the same window..”


  100. David Smith

    guess Wenger will have to blame Grimandi, and Ty Gooden for not shouting loud enough about Kante and Lemar, always somebody else’s fault

  101. graham62


    I agree, to a degree. However, it is up to the manager to see and act on this.

    After 21 years, Wenger should realize the importance of having “influential players” within the team structure.

    No inspirational leaders on and off the pitch has cost Arsenal big time and that is one of the main reasons why the team has regressed over these past ten years.

  102. David Smith

    Per has proved himself an inspirational player, but he wont play him, perhaps for good reason, but if he wants to win tomorrow, he may want to consider.
    Suspect a fit Jack could prove inspirational as well , may even work,with Xhaka

  103. RJM

    Did you have contact with PSG?
    Wenger – Yes
    So what happenned Arsene? Yeah as we thought, they told you to fuck off! There is only one owner stupid enough to hire you now Wenger.
    Arsenal fans shouldnt be embarressed by Wenger. We should be embarressed with ourselves. What other fan base would not unite against this disgraceful con man.

  104. graham62

    David Smith

    Don’t make me laugh! Per Mertesacker is not, and never has been, an inspirational leader.

    An inspirational leader is someone who leads by example, motivates and encourages those around him and fights to the end.

    One great game in five years doesn’t warrant leadership credentials.

  105. raptora

    Of course that Wenger should receive the credit for all of his/our successes up until 2006. Nobody cares who made which team. Wenger maybe won his first trophies with another manager’s team but the Invincibles and the final in the CL it was almost entirely his very own squad of players, playing his style of football (not GG’s). You will never hear me say anything bad for Wenger’s great first 9 years. Afterwards he just lost his desire to win. He started feeling good by just being up there and thereabouts. When not being first started being okay, that’s when you know something’s completely wrong. He’s even talked about it in interviews how he was way more hungry to win when he was young. Maybe even too hungry to win he said…

    From another interview but this time Tony Adams:
    “Wenger likes to be in control but he can appear evasive and keen to avoid confrontation. A stubborn determination still beats within him. “That’s why I think he’ll hold on to Arsenal. He said: ‘I’ve turned down every club in the world.’ But he would’ve been sacked after a year at Madrid. He would’ve had to go to from club to club. But, at Arsenal, he’s got total dominance. The board do nothing. Arsène has a free rein. He’s earning them so much money he can do what he wants. And I don’t think Arsène can let go. It’s an addiction.
    “He’s also got a weird relationship with money. He’s on £8m a year but Arsenal’s junior coaches are on 30 grand. Chelsea’s coaches are on £90,000. Take £7m, Arsène, and give them all a rise. It’s not like he’s using the money to throw lavish parties for his friends because he hasn’t got none. He’s only got a few guys in France. I feel a bit sorry for him.”

    It’s basically Arsene FC. Maybe it’s fair to say that the stadium years were hard, but that has not been the case in his last at least 5 years. And nothing’s got better. It’s gotten worse. What has happened in the first 9 years has been amazing. But the following years had to be better. Get a title or two and everything changes. He couldn’t make it happen. And it’s his fault we are slowly turning into Liverpool.

  106. David Smith

    Maybe not, but Per is as close to what the latter day Wenger will allow as an inspirational leader, and he did one on Chelsea!
    Mustaphi doesn’t want to be here, and Wenger doesn’t want him. Monreal is not a central defender, nor is Sead . And we didn’t buy anyone else, at least he is a central defender,unlike I would imagine at least one,and possibly two of who wenger will play tomorrow.
    Telegraph reporting dick law is a bit of a Wenger man, if so, leaves AW even more isolated if he is still here for the mother of all rebuilding summers , don’t think the new guy will be ready for that.

  107. David Smith

    Graham62, whatever wengers faults, cannot ever bring myself to want anything other than an Arsenal win, ingrained for a long time

  108. Redtruth


    Wenger’s first 9 years were amazing were they.
    No back to back titles and a pretty dreadful European record puts comparisons with Liverpool in fantasy land.

  109. Pierre

    “Back to the fans. It’s amazing how many go for his version of events that the paying supporters are making a major difference to team performance. The same fans that help the players land 3 FA Cups, and super 6 month run every year, are somehow the problem”

    With Arsenal fans it’s unreasonable to generalise as, unlike probably any other club, the support is divided.
    Any club that has a section of their own fans wanting them to lose, even though it is a minority, are on a hiding to nothing.
    Every dropped point, bad performance, injury, remark in the media by player or manager will be magnified because of the division in the fans which in turn feeds the media outlets, TV, radio, online blogs etc, as they are giving these fans the negativity that they crave.
    There is no club in the land at the moment where positivity turns to negativity so quickly as Arsenal. The Leicester game was a prime example, one nil up, then 2-1 down and it felt like the roof caved in. I can’t see things changing until the manager leaves, only then will the fans become one again..

  110. raptora

    The 9 years under GG were what?
    2 League Titles, 1 FAC, 1 UEFA/Europa Cup, 2 League Cups
    First 9 years under Wenger:
    3 League Titles and 4 FAC.

    No matter how you count it UEFA Cup is at best as good as 1 FAC. League cups are as good as winning the Charity Shield and Wenger has won a lot. And you have the extra League title that cannot be substituted for anything else but a Champions League. Mentioning that reaching the final with Wenger is still the biggest European success in our history. Ask the fans if they consider Sevilla a top team (the record holder of Europa trophies) or Real Madrid (record holder in the CL).

    Not even going to open my mouth re the quality of Arsenal’s football in both eras.

    You are just as deluded anti Wenger as the people you despise, the ones that are pro Wenger.

  111. Elmo

    What is of interest about Law is whether the narrative that he is leaving to return to Texas for family reasons is accurate, or whether he has been pushed by the club as the fall guy for the contracts debacle that has come to a head this summer.

    If it’s the latter, what’s the plan going forwards? Fahmy as a straight replacement, with no change in structure? Gazidis actively exercising oversight of contracts management, on top of existing role in transfer negotiations (surely would distract him too much from the strategic leadership required of a CEO, but I suppose he has no influence in that position anyway)? Leave the position unfilled in anticipation of a DoF being appointed? Big Weng to take on even more responsibility and grab more power?

    While it has been rumoured since last season that Law was going to step away from the club, we can only hope it could be a sign that the club have realised that the existing set-up conducted another disorganised, directionless summer again, and that the system has to be forcibly modernised around the manager.

    As we all know, though, all roads lead to Weng, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a Wenger loyalist like Grimandi brought in to coordinate with him re player management and acquisitions.

  112. MuddyGooner

    Joke Friday ( very late ! )

    Diego Maradona decides to come out of retirement and play for Chelsea, he goes into the changing room to find all his team mates looking a bit glum.

    “What’s up?” He asks.

    “Well, we’re having trouble getting motivated for this game. We know it’s important but it’s only Arsenal . They’re shite and we can’t be bothered”.

    Maradona looks at them and says “Well I know I’m a bit fat and old, but I reckon I can beat them by myself, you lads go down the pub.”

    So Maradona goes out to play Arsenal by himself and the rest of the Chelsea team go off for a few beers.
    After a few pints they wonder how the game is going, so they get the landlord to put the TV on.

    A big cheer goes up as the screen shows
    “Chelsea 1 (Maradona 10 minutes) – Arsenal 0

    He is beating Arsenal all by himself !
    Anyway, a few more beers later and the game is forgotten until someone remembers “It must be full time now, let’s see how he got on”
    They put the TV on.

    “Result from Stamford Bridge: Chelsea 1 (Maradona 10 minutes) – Arsenal 1 (Giroud 89 minutes)

    They can’t believe it, he has single handed got a draw against Arsenal !
    They rush back to the Stadium to congratulate him. They find him in the dressing room, still in his gear, sat with his head in his hands.

    He refuses to look at them. “I’ve let you down I’ve let you down”

    “Don’t be stupid Diego, you got a draw against Arsenal all by yourself. And they only scored at the very very end!”

    Maradonna says “No, No, I have, I’ve let you down!. I got sent off after 12 minutes!”

  113. Pierre

    “you give Rambo a go and tell him the deal… play like Isco, work like a dog, and actually create… or see ya later. Could be an interesting experiment.”

    Ramsey sees himself as the next Frank lampard, getting in the box from midfield and scoring goals.
    There is, however, a major flaw in Ramsey’s play.. The timing of his runs are all wrong.
    The masters of the goal scoring midfielders were lampard, Bryan Robson and our own Robert Pires.
    They had the know how and ability to time their runs into the box to perfection. Unlike Ramsey
    They never arrived in the box too early, unlike Ramsey.
    This means they were rarely caught out of position, unlike Ramsey
    And were very difficult for defenders to pick them up, unlike Ramsey
    They were also very good finishers, unlike Ramsey.

    Can Ramsey learn how to time his arrival into the box, I doubt it.
    I think it’s something you are born with, like goalscoring.
    My answer to the solution is sell him as he is down not what we need. He will do a very good job for a team like West ham.

  114. Redtruth


    Arsenal actually won the Cup Winners Cup in 1994 a trophy Barcelona have won a record 4 times.

    I was actually commenting on your stupid remark that Arsenal will become a Liverpool.
    A stupid comparison as Liverpool won the European Cup 4 times in 7 years.

  115. Emiratesstroller

    The departure of Dick Lawes is interesting, because he has been clearly a Wenger appointee.

    It will be interesting to see how the club replaces him. Logically we should be appointing a Football Director who will be responsible for the club’s transfer business and contracts.

    Wenger managed to override Gazidis desire to make that appointment when he signed a new contract, but this summer’s shambolic transfer window may have at last sent a clear signal to Kroenke and Board that there needs to be a material change in way we conduct ourselves in market.

  116. Goobergooner.

    I do get your point. I do not want football to go the way of US sports.

    It just makes me sick people like Raiola raking it in.

    The name goober gooner is there for a reason haha I’m not that up to speed with sports law or anything to do with agents really, I guess I just wanted help rationalising their growing relevance and interference of transfers for lining their own pockets.