Elite Arsenal source confirms club is a #Shambles | Gazidis and board should be ashamed

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David Ornstein is seen as a god amongst leakers in the world of Arsenal. He’s the New Yorker of sporting journalistic integrity, what he says goes. Mainly because he represents the BBC, and also, he clearly has a few pretty bang up sources.

This week, he was put to shame. The man more reliable than a disappointing British summer was thrown under the bus by the club this summer after he reported Arsenal were in for £150m spending spree. By the end of the window, he was reporting the club had no money despite netting out at +£27m profit.

Yesterday, he fought back with one of the most damning Arsenal related tweet in the clubs history. Here’s the goss

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.52.30 AM Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.52.41 AM



Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.52.47 AM

One of the most beastly exposés of a clubs operations I’ve ever read.

3 key take aways from this piece:


Arsenal did not plan their summer properly. Arsene Wenger literally blew it with a self-indulgent ego trip by not telling the club what he was doing until after the FA Cup final. As I said last week, the strategy for the summer was three fold.

Make an early decision on the contract rebels. Losing £100m was not an option. That we didn’t even discuss a deal with Ozil is farcical. That we didn’t take Chamberlain’s request to leave seriously was even more laughable. That we’re going to have to suffer the indignity of Alexis picking up injuries all year and fighting for a January move for a pittance is so poor. We should have known the deal by early May and made plans accordingly.

Bin the deadwood. Arsenal has known about the issue for years now. There was no excuse not to force out players way earlier than the last week of the window. Give players no option. Or at the very worst, give them 6 months to find a new club. At the core, players want to play, if you make it clear that’s not an option, they’ll move. All of the ‘we have no money issues’ centre around dead wages clogging up our ability to finance new players without breaking Premiership wage increase rules. We could have pulled in £150m in fees at a minimum, and we could have had £60m in wages to play with.

Rebuild the squad: A proper scouting network and approach to the summer would have seen the DOF moving out players whilst moving in new ones. We were fighting so many internal fires, bottlenecked by a control freak manager, that we forgot how far behind we were this season. We added two players to a broken squad that finished 5th. Unreal how poor that is. But clearly, this happened because we were so disorganised behind the scenes.

Director Of Football

Arsenal paid an extremely heavy price for allowing Arsene to be both the manager and the Director Of Football. The plan of who to sell on, versus the execution in Ornstein’s tweets is beyond average. If Wenger wanted to move on Giroud, that should have been the decision. If the manager wanted Jack out, he should have laid that out in no uncertain terms. If he wanted rid of Mustafi, that should have been enforced.

Arsenal left the summer for Wenger to solve despite him having an awful ten-year record of managing summers. It is cataclysmically bad foresight from the club to continue to allow this sort of unprofessional management of the windows to carry on. Wenger’s power grip is damaging our reputation, it’s harming our finances, and it’s creating a toxic atmosphere in the ground. We need a someone with a superb reputation, a footballing philosophy, and a track record of getting shit done to join the club in a powerful capacity that gives them scope to hire and fire.

The CEO should be ashamed:

I thought Ivan G was one of the good guys at the club. I appreciate he was humiliated this summer when his catalyst for change was squashed on the tarmac at Highbury House, but his lack of control, and his lack of ambition for who we want to be is tragic.

Everything is coloured by results…a positive performance at Liverpool would have coloured this transfer window very differently.

The manager and players know that the performance at Anfield was not good enough and they will be focused to put that right after the international break.

Absolutely unbelievable for the CEO to come out and try to palm off this summer as a success. I thought he’d take the opportunity to kill Wenger with this summer, but he’s in on the mess. Firstly, why would you send this as an e-mail? Secondly, knowing what he knows, and thinking what he thinks, why would he associate himself with this mess?

The worst part of Ornstein’s tweet was the reference to Arsenal thinking a Leicester style PL win is our only option.


Literally, get lucky.

There’s no strategy behind what Leicester did. There was no plan. That was just a total fluke.

Ivan G has gone from championing our ambition to become the English Bayern, to hoping we might luck out like a club with 25% of our revenue. Unreal.

There are so many clubs in the world operating interesting models. Team Redbull, Atletico, Juventus, even Spurs.

All have very specific goals and objectives and all of them have different approaches on how to achieve them.

We’re by far the richest out of the three, and our club are leaking that things are so bad under Wenger, that luck is all they have.

“When you look at the world of football, and you think about the great candidates that there are … you don’t find any better candidates than Arsene Wenger,”

The club searched the world, spoke to great managers, and the best man for the job is someone who wants to operate a Leicester City strategy? How can you be surprised when your Chairman, Sir Chips, just told reporters he prefers horse racing to football. The worst thing, who was surprised?

Arsenal are so unambitious it’s frightening. The keys to our club are with no hopers and quitters. We are no longer a sporting entity, we’re the rich kid with all the gear and no idea.

Ok, you’ve read the rant. Now listen to our take on today and what the future holds. Much more upbeat.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea, Everton and Arsenal, one got Drinkwater, one got a drink driver and the other is turning to drink.

    Quite good that.

  2. jwl

    That reads like more pr bollocks from Arsenal and peddled by Ornstein. There is really no analysis about pillock Wenger and why do all these important players want to leave if our manager is so brilliant.

    Mustafi, Bellerin, Ox, Ozil, Sanchez – these guys were all regulars last season and they all want out.

    Our squad, on paper, might be stronger than last season but in reality, not so much. All this infighting and hurt feelings amongst squad, they are not going to fight for one another, I expect many half assed efforts this season.

    And our nearest rivals are also stronger on paper, and in reality, because they have ambitious managers who actually want to make an effort win league.

  3. De

    Well observed and written, clearly we have no preparation at all. Our chairman clear not bothering and interested about football but still wanted to be the chairman.
    Leicester city were the only team that performing and consistent during their winning season, and a bit of luck play their part, but credit to them. If Ivan done his research or understand soccer, he might fully understand and know that. Well good luck to Ivan, another 2 bad result he would be laughing stock.

  4. N5

    Not much leaked by Ornstein that we didn’t already suspect, but it’s good to get confirmation.

    The dithering and lack of Plan B (well A in most cases) is what gets to me the most. Look at that whole Giroud can go so keep Perez, no Giroud is staying so sell Perez oh to late so loan him saga. This is the very problem with us. This isn’t isolated, this is usual business. Why would anyone want to start business with us.

    People see Arsenal walking up the road, they pretend they hadn’t noticed and cross to the other side. Metaphorically of course.

  5. N5

    PS what does Arsene didn’t hold back with the Ox mean? I read that as he was crying at his feet begging him to give him one more chance? any one else read that differently?

  6. jwl

    “… and I am told Wenger did not hold back when Ox told him face to face that he wanted to move on.”

    Does this mean Wenger got angry with Ox? I bet Ox had some thoughts as well if his manager got shouty with him about wanting to play for Klopp, a proper manager.

  7. Zoran

    The only ones to blame that this French cunt is still the Manager, and DoF, are we, the supporters.
    He just said that he was thinking seriously to quit, he had even an offer from his pal at PSG.
    And what have we done?
    When his future at Arsenal was hanging on a sting, with all the planes fliying above, few good results against teams getting relegated anyhow, and the FA cup, made us stop to ask for his head.
    And the cunt took his Chance, playing with time to negciate his contract, which btw. was a Farce, as he was only looking not to give his post of DoF.
    Why should he, the post of DoF makes him make some extra Mickey mouse Money.

  8. N5

    Also why the hell is a club with our history and finance comparing itself to the poor little orphan boy down the street. Oh we’re more like LCFC, we can’t compete with the rich kids. Oh so that’s why we went to the emirates then? to paint our turd gold.

  9. Goonertone

    We have not had a good summer since David Dein was thrown out of the club. I know Wenger gets the blamer on here for everything but seriously, Wenger, Gadzidiz and Kroenke are all responsible. Wenger could not do what he does without Kroenke accepting it. Get them all out!!

    So depressing!! Anyone want to but my season ticket for the next couple of seasons?

  10. RJM

    Gazidis works for Wenger. He was appointed by Wenger and Wenger runs the club. He has as much influence as Sir Chips…. what Gazidis says is irrelevant. Kronke listens to Wenger and Wenger only.

  11. Goonertone

    Exactly. That tells you Kroenke is not suitable to own the club. A decent owner would have made wenger change years ago or sent him up the road.

  12. jwl

    I thought Wenger would get his contract renewed at end of last season but I thought Gazidis would be able wrest power from manager. It is ridiculous how unorganized the club is because everything has to go through an old man with deteriorating mental faculties.

    Wenger can still choose which players to buy but everything else should be taken away from him. How much club will pay to buy player, what their salaries are and for how long, Wenger decides who leaving and then club should take care of it.

    When you read about Giroud/Perez story, it is like Wenger doesn’t give a flying fcuk who the strikers are next season as long as there a couple of them at club.

    What does Wenger do to earn ten million quid per season, the raise in salary was about establishing manager’s authority over everyone while his talents and abilities decrease rapidly.

  13. Wallace

    ‘Their is certainly internal concern that central midfield went unaddressed – and I understand that in the days leading up to the deadline Wenger did look at rectifying this…’

    this is the wtf bit for me.

  14. NEEG

    apparently Wenger said to Chamberlain ‘ I have made you into the player you are today and now you show me no respect’.

    Wenger is trying to live his dream which is slowly turning into a nightmare.

  15. gambon

    One thing that i’m not seeing being discussed, is the absolute disaster awaiting the club next summer.

    The club will completely unravel in summer 2018, for the following reasons.

    Due to under investment, the appalling decision to retain cash in an inflationary market, and terrible contract management, we will not be able to possibly come out of next summer anything less than massively weakened.

    – Sanchez will leave with no fee coming to the club, and need replacing
    – Ozil will leave with no fee coming to the club, and need replacing
    – Cazorla will leave with no fee coming to the club, and need replacing
    – Mustafi will almost certainly leave, and not just need replacing, but upgrading
    – Bellerin will want to leave
    – Ramsey will be on 12 months left, and judging by his shambles comment will not be renewing
    – Wilshere will be leaving with no fee coming to the club, and need replacing
    – Mertesacker retires, and will need replacing, again, with no fee coming to the
    – Koscielny will be 12 months older and even more frail physically
    – Cech will be 36 years old, and we will need a new GK

    So next summer we will have to spend £150m just replacing 3 out of contract players, an amount the club may not want to spend, and Wenger would never have the guts or the knowledge to spend.

    Thats before we get round to upgrading the under performing areas of the squad such as GK, CB, CM.

  16. jwl


    Nothing to worry about, Wenger took a look at problem at end of transfer window, decided there was not enough time, and he may have a look again at end of transfer window next summer while we win league this season like leicester did two seasons ago. Wenger has it all planned out.

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, are you sure Gazidskis didn’t leak those scripts for Ornstein to publish? Perhaps all part of an elaborate plan in that internal struggle for power? 😉

  18. Wallace


    “When you read about Giroud/Perez story, it is like Wenger doesn’t give a flying fcuk who the strikers are next season as long as there a couple of them at club.”

    no, I found that bit quite reassuring. Lacazette’s obviously the top dog at #9.

  19. Zoran

    I know what is Ivan’s Position at the Club, but I cannot see what for he gets £2,608,000 a year?
    Except maybe for just to say that our Transfer window was a big success.

  20. Wallace


    “Why Wallace, because of the volume of midfielders we already have?”

    no, no, he was happy to let Elneny and Jack go. Cazorla’s out till Christmas, Coquelin’s obviously just for certain kinds of games these days…stunned he didn’t bring another CM in.

  21. N5

    gambon, not sure if you stop by here often anymore mate, but they still exist. Not as many, but still enough to make you question their sanity.

    Wallace, oh I get you mate, I thought you were WTFing Ornsteins comment.

  22. Shaun

    Gambon. I made that comment and said we should have replaced them all this year. This year will be a disaster so may as well given them a full year to gel,also prices will increase next year for replacements. 1 keeper 2 solid centre backs , 1 right full back,2 defensive midfielders and 2 wingers. It may seem a lot but look at those out of contract or retiring soon and you will see they are required. Maybe Nelson can save us a fee but only if wenger gives him match time. Why did we not go in for Renato Sanches for 2 mil loan deal too allow Sanchez to be sold.

  23. Moray

    Wenger should be out pretty soon as results are on an inevitable slide, however the real damage he has done is Long term. We have little quality coming through if quality at the younger end, no players that can generate big transfer fees (unlike spurs) and almost a whole team that will need replacing next year. Not really much gather that will attract a good new manager to Arsenal. Oh yes, and a cvnt of an owner and a loser of a CEO…

  24. gambon


    Havent been around for a while. Im pretty much done with Arsenal until something changes.

    Didnt watch Leicester or Stoke, then decided Liverpool was a big game so I had to watch. Knew after 10 minutes what was going to happen. I dont think I’ll be watching us play again this side of new year.

    Such a shame, but when lifelong fans are barely watching the games any more, you can imagine how apathetic the players are. No wonder half of them want out.

    Cant help thinking back to what RVP said, he was totally and utterly correct to leave.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely spot on.

    As always our past stupidity will excuse our later stupidity.

    You can just hear Wenger next summer saying ‘look, it is not easy to replace those players when they are of that quality and you do not get anything for them, we must look to the quality we have and accept that players are more powerful now’.

    The club right now is literally like Comical Ali saying everything is fine, the war is going great and we expect victory soon while US tanks roll across the Tigris in Baghdad behind him.

  26. N5

    “Cant help thinking back to what RVP said, he was totally and utterly correct to leave.”

    Agreed, I kinda feel guilty about how much shit I gave him now, because everything he said either was true or soon became truth.

  27. N5

    CA, the spin department (PR) will be already working on the next window/s excuses.

    It’s the only department we have that works proactively.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    That is sadly true.

    The entire club has literally become about doing just enough on the field and off the field to maintain the status quo.

    The fans also take a huge slice of blame.

  29. N5

    “The fans also take a huge slice of blame.”

    My excuse for this has always been the life long loyality supporters have grown, but at this point I’m thinking that in order to get the club back we first have to do some uncomfortable things as a base to get it back.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    That is exactly right.

    The club is one-hundred and thirty one years old and it is being turned into a laughing stock, its standards are slipping yearly, there is a civil war in the fan base and the future of the club is actually being put in danger in terms of making irrational economic and structural decisions.

    This is completely down to two men’s selfish desires, there is a direct link between Arsenal’s slide into this mess and Kroenke coming in and Wenger taking on huge amounts of power as Dein left and Fizman exited.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    You are actually being the best kind of Arsenal supporter in pushing for changes and vocally letting the club know this is not good enough.

    You are honouring the club’s history and protecting its future.

  32. steve

    “Yeah, brilliant start to the season eh?Is there literally anyone that still supports Wenger? Not possible is it”


    Amazingly there are. Here are a few of them.

    Champagne Charlie

  33. Zoran

    Sorry Ivan, I mentrioned you earning £2,608,000 a year, but forgot Theo’ double earnings of £5,2 m a year for sitting on the bench.

  34. Dissenter

    We wanted Elneny to move out. He declined to move because his family liked London
    We are far too nice a club un my opinion.

  35. NEEG

    ‘The fans also take a huge slice of blame’

    To true – it is the foolish fans that parade their pro Wenger banners that has driven Kroenke to believing Wenger is worth sticking with.

    After Kroenke purchased his first chunk of AFC shares he was spouting to his neighbours in Columbus about his purchase and what a fantastic manager AFC had. ‘The fans love him’ he said ‘ They display banners saying ‘In Arsene we trust’. He then stated ‘I must make sure we keep hold of him’

  36. WrightIsGod

    What the hell is this?

    I thought Pedro was Team Gazidis all last year and many of us warned him his loyalty would not go rewarded.

  37. Dissenter

    The BoD needs to be reconstituted urgently
    The board is set up as though it is still 2006 and we are trying to sell Highbury Square apartments.
    We need footballing minds on the board. We are just lurching from crises to crises.

  38. David Smith

    Gazidis might be in with them in the thick of it.
    But it is widely reported there have been splits between him and Wenger., not least over wengers contract this summer
    It’s possible Ivan is playing the long game, and just walking around with an I told you so look whenever he sees a Kroenke
    It is also possible Gazidis is privy to information, or may have an idea that Wenger may not last as long as some would think, despite for all appearances, a job for life. In which case, if he really does want Wenger gone, why not wait just a little bit longer and keep his mouth shut, before he can rebuild the club, if Stan lets him.
    Also believe it is very possible Wenger had his wings clipped on money for new signings, with the club knowing full well that Lemar would never really happen, so just let Wenger play out his little pretence. Or am I being too charitable.
    Why is Wenger always doing international commentaries, or in Rome doing games for the pope on summer deadline days?

  39. Dissenter

    How’ya doing?
    I agree that 2018 is the summer that the wheels come off the bus. The £100 million that was flushed down the toilet will mean we cannot replace Sanchez and Ozil effectively.
    2018 is when the shit hits the fan.

  40. Rhys Jaggar

    Well, let us assign a few responsibilities to those points:

    1. Planning.

    As CEO, it is Gazidis’ responsibility to ensure that the plan is in place. He can do it himself, he can hire external consultants to do it, he can let Arsene Wenger do it, but he as CEO should sign it off by May 15th, although various things may already be in play for early sales/purchases. As CEO he should also ensure it is subjected to rigorous due diligence and scenario planning.

    If Wenger does not accept that sort of basic discipline from his CEO, Stan Kroenke is basically pissing £2.6m a year for a glorified PR muppet.

    2. Early Decision on contract rebels.

    The FD should be telling Arsene in no uncertain terms that he is costing the club £150m if he does not follow a timetabled sign-or-sell procedure of sign by May 31st or we sell Ozil, Sanchez and Oxlade. You do not need to know the first thing about football, all you need are current sale valuations from football professionals, their salary bill until contracts end and the cost of replacing three leaving as free agents in twelve months.

    If the FD cannot do that, then Kroenke is spending whatever he is spending on a glorified auditor, not an FD. And the FD is not adhering to Fiduciary Duties of Directors to maximise Shareholder Value….

    3. Bin the Deadwood.

    These decisions should be in place well before season’s end and most will be sold to clubs operating in a different market to the big boys (West Brom, West Ham, Swansea, Newcastle etc in England, various clubs abroad). They are not dependent in any way on big boy transfers. Kolasinac was signed before the season ended, so Gibbs could be shipped before May 31st, even if new contract at new club would start 1st July. Saving one year of wages is part of true transfer fee and should be considered when negotiating….

    Daniel Levy manages to do all this at Spurs and is paid less than Gazidis. Why is Gaxidis not tasked with shifting the deadwood for an overall income, rather than obsessing about individual prices for individuals? If there nine to shift, shift three before the end of June, three before mid–August and the rest up to deadline day.

    Kroenke should have pulled rank as owner and told Wenger this is how it will be done……

    4. Rebuild the Squad.

    Everyone knows you need three options per position, firstly due to slippage and competition, secondly as leverage to get deals over the line. That list of targets should be in place by May 15th, with key targets in play by early March.

    This year there was no one with the credibility to force Wenger to be decisive. Why? Point 5…..but the Chief Scout should be forceful with Gazidis in the meanwhile….

    5. Director of Football

    This one is where Kroenke showed his negotiating paucity…..he had Wenger by the short and curlies and had the simplest task to say ‘No DoF, no contract….’ Simple as that. Opening salvo of negotiations. Non-negotiable take it or leave it. 5 days for an answer or we call in the agents of 3 alternatives.

    How hard is that unless Wenger has videotapes of Silent Stanley shacked up with hookers in LA?.

    Where was Marina Granovskaia saying precisely that to John Terry when Arsenal needed her, eh? She has more balls than the entire tottering edifice of Arsenal’s Board and commercial team put together. And if she had not been in commercial bed with Abramovitch since Moscow days, no doubt she would see an open goal to becoming Kroenke/the next owner’s fixer……

    ‘Youse are all fuckin idiots!’ does seem eeriely appropriate right now, even if the dreaded Old Red Nose was the original author of that pithy epithet…..

  41. Dissenter

    Failure of forward thinking
    Failure of execution
    Gross mismanagement
    No overarching vision

    Kroenke will sell because the Arsenal of beyond 2018 won’t resemble the cub that he bought. That might be the good that comes out of all this.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Those fans over the last few seasons who have consistently deflected, asked for perspective, defended everything Wenger and the club have done or the majority of their actions. Judge him at the end of the season, the window still has four weeks to run, just get behind the team, those types.

    Doing that they have created this narrative and this culture within the Arsenal fan base I always call sentimental sedation that only now seems to be diminishing little by little.

    Wenger has not been judged by ordinary standards and has had pass after pass, and the club has not been judged by the standard it ought to have been either.

  43. Dissenter

    The Lemar deal was a big ruse.
    There’s no way a club with such gross mismanagement would pull off two massive deals simultaneously in the last 12 hours of the transfer window with two players who are distracted by playing fore their countries across two continents.
    We would have had to negotiate a £60 million outgoing transfer for Alexis at the same time we negotiating a £92 incoming transfer with Monaco [twice our transfer record]
    In business parlance the Lemar deal would be called a “poison pill”.

  44. jwl

    Arsene’s Nurse

    I read the article you linked and it sounds to me like Arsenal have their pr team working over time to deflect blame from Wenger.

    High level source told blogger that Ox lied to Wenger about how happy he was at Arsenal and it’s the boards fault that deadwood wasn’t cleaned out because they were quibbling about a million quid.

    Nothing is ever Wenger’s fault even tho he key employee who paid significantly more than anyone else to make decisions about everything while board lets him get on with it.

  45. Cesc Appeal



    The tide has slowly turned, sadly there are still plenty of fans who just continue to defend Wenger no matter what, it is actually pathetic at this point.

    Just wait though, beat Bournemouth this weekend and the players will be full of ‘we responded’ as will Wenger and certain fans will be all over it.

  46. Guns of Hackney

    It’s like when you find out that the mild mannered guy who lives next to you and helped carry your shopping turns out to be a cannibal and has eaten 7 teen runaways.

    This is the realisation facing all of those brainless idiots who have kept Wenger in a job for a decade too long.

    Arsenal fans = passive morons.

  47. N5

    “Arsenal fans = passive morons.”

    Even when things are going well at games we lack passion. Quiet ground. Zombies regardless of situation.

  48. jwl

    I don’t blame fans for their loyalty to Arsenal, we can’t do anything about it. I am mid 40s, have multiple girlfriends over the years, changed vehicles, drank different kinds of beer but my favourite two sports team stay the same decade after decade no matter what.

    Tribal part of our brain is being activated I assume and we can’t change our colours. We all sit around here bitching about Arsenal but we don’t start supporting spuds or manure or chavs while our team hopefully gets it act together over the next few years.

    My first job in London when I moved there in 1995 was at a pub in Angel and I am still in contact with man who introduced me to Arsenal. HIs grandfather started going to games in 1930s, his father started in 1960s and my friend started attending matches in 1980s. My friends son, and now a grand daughter, have also got season tickets.

    Impossible to give up Arsenal but they are disillusioned with Wenger, so they buy multiple season tickets every season and then sell on to punters at a profit while hanging around old highbury pubs on match days so they can socialize wtih long time gooner mates. My friend and his family attend three or four big matches while he makes profit every season. They are just waiting out Wenger and then they start attending matches again.

    We all have our coping strategies.

  49. N5

    Cesc, Bournemouth would usually be Wengers goto for winning back round the brainwashed that have started to stray from the herd, but even our regular flat track bully approach can’t be relied on this season.

    I really thing Wenger has run out of luck and this will be his year to finally go.

    Even the most converted are getting longer and longer memories that the regular beating of Swansea etc will not be enough.

  50. N5

    One things for sure, the club is a sinking ship and any new manager would have a massive task on their hands which would play right into the “careful what you wish for” crowd.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Just have to keep our fingers crossed.

    If a crash and burn season led to fundamental changes at Arsenal I would take it.

    What we have been doing for years has led to this and is endangering the future of the club. Right now you look at Spurs, Liverpool even Everton and could be forgiven for saying they have brighter futures currently. Imagine telling that to an Arsenal fan just before we moved stadiums.

  52. Dissenter

    The PR team is in overdrive
    There’s talk about negotiations set to open with Aaron Ramsey, Petr Cech, Danny Welbeck, Nacho Monreal and Theo Walcott.
    Why in the world would we offer new deals for Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott and Cech. The English duo aren’t good enough and need to be sold off quickly while they return some residual value while Cech is on the decline.
    We should be looking for Cech replacement now. Cech can leave if he doesn’t want to be number 2.

  53. N5

    CA, I was ashamed to say that I was envious of the fucking enemy and their current set up, good players, future, youth system, etc. I felt dirty even thinking about it let alone saying it. But here we are.

  54. Dissenter

    I really think Bournemouth will outfight us and have the basic qualities required to get a result on Saturday.
    There’s so much tension that all it takes to get sh*t running down the terraces is for them to beat us.
    One Xhaka mis-tackle [or intercepted pass :-) ] and they are in business.

  55. Do one gambon


    I’d keep welbeck… If nothing else I like his hustle. Just don’t play him up top, lol.
    Every team needs a groves or a parlour.

    Walcotts gotta go though.

    Cech I’d keep but only as a no. 2

  56. PieAFC


    Never seen something so damming about The Arsenal.

    We need to get these cancerous people from our great club.

    Wenger has gained so much control over the years it’s putting the club in jeopardy, I literally mean that word.

    If we’re not careful, we are going to have players who don’t care about the shirt, anything especially injuries, let alone form related performances… That says one thing imo, battling relegation in a World Cup year.

    This is mental.

  57. PieAFC


    Don’t be ashamed, everyone’s been thinking it for years mate.

    They’re run better than us and if we’re will be left behind with this current regime.

    We’re becoming more like Liverpool of years gone by, always history, hisotry history trying to keep us sounding elite, when in truth, it’s not the case.

  58. PieAFC

    Do one Gambon.

    Wenger never plays any youth anyone. We never have anyone coming through, if they do it’s been by someone getting injured etc.

    Wenger has never had the bollocks to field youth.

    Chris willock, at 19 leaving to go to portugal seeking games at Benfica, is ridicoulous, the club cannot tout him as a talent then never use sparingly to see what what. Even our youth system at Arsenal seems to be so far behind and disillusioned.

  59. BacaryisGod

    Nice post, Pedro. Agree that this was an absolutely damning indictment of the club’s owner and operators, including Wenger.

    It seems Ivan is in complete denial at this point. We have still yet to extend Ozil and Alexis is clearly going to have an injury and resentment-filled final season with us. Think back to Thierry and Cesc’s final seasons. It’s not going to be pretty.

    In addition, you have Mustafi who wants out and Chambers is now an option despite neither player having the confidence of the manager. Now, I don’t blame Arsene for not having confidence in them, but I do blame him for his indecision.

    I also have a feeling that Kozzer might be losing some of his explosiveness. As clearly our best defender, that’s not a great sign.

  60. Dissenter

    It’s so mental that we went from a proper academy director good enough to manage a Bundelsiga team] to rookie who won’t take over until next year.
    If you had a super talented 9 year old kid in London, would you take that user-talented kid to Arsenal at the moment?
    Not when Spuds, Fulham and Chelsea gave better academies.

    There aren’t special youth products coming though to save the day.

  61. Berg

    Apparently Lady Bracewell smith is suing her lawyers for negligence advice when she sold her shares to Koronke. Can’t see how they could have advised her that he was a parasite

  62. Dissenter

    Do one g
    You mean you will keep the headless chicken who will run for 90 minutes and shit his pants when he’s in front of goal?

  63. Alexanderhenry


    Good post,

    You’re absolutely right to single out the Leicester comparison as the most infuriating and insulting part of the piece.

    We are The Arsenal.
    The club has more cash reserves than any other, the biggest match day gate receipts in the UK, a state of the art stadium, an enviable London location, huge fan base, prestige, history and not one but two multi billionaire shareholders with a combined wealth of something approaching £20 billion.

    Arsenal should be trying to emulate Real madrid, not fucking Leicester.

    The club has deliberately and shamefully tried to rebrand itself as plucky little arsenal who ‘can’t compete’ in transfers but does things the right way and has ‘values’.

    It’s bullshit and nothing more than a cynical attempt to manage expectation and run the club on the cheap and into mediocrity.

    Arsenal fans must not accept this.

  64. Do one gambon


    Yes… Yes I would.

    I’d stick him on the wing (occasionally when required) and let him cause havok with his work rate and strength.

    I don’t expect him to score, but he has his uses.

    Dirk kuyt won a European cup doing it…

  65. Do one gambon


    I think it comes down to that old football saying

    People always love a trier.
    You can forgive bad calls in general play as long as you at least bust a gut for your team. And welbeck for all his faults at least gives his all.

    Well be losing a lot of players so keeping him around wouldn’t be the worst call IMO.

  66. Not the other GeoffArsenal

    Your Comment
    Had a really interesting chat with Sir Chips in my cab last week. Believe it or not he’s a really good bloke .He is a proper Arsenal man loves the Club and is just as frustrated as the rest of us with what’s going on. Even more so as he sees it all close hand but is powerless to do anything to change it. I was amazed with some of the stuff he came out with but don’t want to drop him in it. Trust me we are fucked Wenger won’t go no matter what happens.


  67. Dissenter

    Do one,
    Dirk Kuyt scored 51 games for Liverpool in 208 appearances, many of his goals were in big games.
    Please stop bigging up Welbeck by comparing him with a player who scored goals everywhere he went.
    Welbeck is probably one of the worst players top play number 9 for Arsenal in the last 25 years.
    I cannot believe the fans who slated Charmack and Bendtner will be cheering for Welbeck who’s a waste of a squad place.

  68. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    I hoped gazidis was a good guy too but its clear he is on the pisstake with the rest of the board. This truly has been a horrendous last few days.Other clubs and fans constantly taking the piss out of us.

  69. Dissenter

    Welbeck can’t score to save his life
    His assist rate is dismal to say the least so what’s his function in the team?
    Galloping like a baby Gazelle with no meaningful product?

  70. Son of a Gunn(ers)


    I too have wondered this. He’s a striker that cant shoot……about as much use as a keeper with no hands.

  71. Gregg

    Haven’t posted in over a year. The club is rotten from the head Down and will never change while this board hold the reins. To think that Debucjy and Akpom are now first team squad members is laughable. We literally could not shift these even on a free.

  72. Alexanderhenry

    It’s really falling apart at arsenal.

    The club is hopelessly mismanaged by an absentee owner and a BOD that wouldn’t look out of place at an upmarket bingo night.
    The manager is past it and has lost the players.
    The fans are horribly divided, even though there are signs they’re all beginning to get the bigger picture.
    Ex players are now openly, consistently and vehemently critical of arsenal.
    The press have been the same for years but with Ornstein’s expose arsenal have now burned all their bridges with journalists.

    There is no good news coming out of arsenal and yet they are being repoted on more than any other team in the England- all for the wrong reasons

    The club is besieged.

    The proverbial shit has the fan, the wagons are surrounded, the vultures are circling, the bell is tolling, teeth are being gnashed, ‘Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane’…. I can’t think of any more cliches

    Feel free to contribute.

  73. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Galloping like a baby Gazelle with no meaningful product’


    Let’s keep the metaphors coming

  74. Dissenter

    Just watching Oxlade playing for England just makes me realize how much I will not miss him.
    Klopp better go borrow the electron microscope from Liverpool’s famous school of tropical medicine. He will need it to find the much-talked about “player” that exists in Oxlade.

  75. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Gave him the benefit of a doubt, but Ozil after today has clearly shown he’s a piece of shit! He’s given more to Germany than he’s ever given to Arsenal. Piece of SHIT!!!

  76. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Pedro, you need to admit publicly that Gazidis is a sellout and you were WRONG ! Otherwise…you are part of the sewer leakage thar Arsenal have become. Then again ,you always were a sellout when Gazidis smiled at you. Plug head.

  77. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Should be ashamed, Pedro? Should resign! Something about you and Gazidis that is oh so wrong….care to comment? ,ir is binning part of your Fibre? Hard to.take you seriously when you keep giving Gazidis a pass. Truth????

  78. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Come on, Pedro…where is the truth? Gazidis is being given a pass, and Wenger been given a harsh ride. Truth??? Or is it an inconvenient truth???

  79. Zoran

    Just finished waching Germany-Norway.

    Another masterpiece from Özil. Was everywhere on the pitch, everysingle attack started from him.

    And a Goal and assist.

  80. PieAFC


    If Pedro had a gut feeling that was positive following a conversation with IG, let him stick to it.

    If he lashed out and proceeds to actually have been through, then becomes far more toxic.

    If any rumour of some form of disagreement at the club pushes for change, that may be all we can hope for right now. That, or such a bad form Wenger has to leave and SK chooses to sell because the clubs not reaching the profit he’d like.

    We haven’t come out this window with any credibility at all….

  81. PieAFC


    He’s coached a proper manager.

    But it was fucking Norway. No different than when he turned it on against Ludagrets or whatever!

  82. Dissenter

    Adam Carbarundum
    “The CEO should be ashamed:

    I thought Ivan G was one of the good guys at the club. I appreciate he was humiliated this summer when his catalyst for change was squashed on the tarmac at Highbury House, but his lack of control, and his lack of ambition for who we want to be is tragic.”

    What else do you want Pedro to say? Did you read the post?
    He’s said he got it wrong about Gazidis.
    Dont forget I was one of those [along with you] who lampooned Pedro over the Gazidis love-in.
    Let it go. Pedro has publicly said he got it wrong.

  83. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Adam a

    Ask your mum to make you a nice mug of coco

    You have to be up early for special needs school tomorrow
    The bus will be outside about 8
    No licking the hand rails you know it gives you a cold

  84. PieAFC

    For all of Kroenke’s failures in pro sports, he has never had one of his team’s get relegated. But that’s only because relegation does not exist in the US major leagues. Arsenal aren’t so fortunate. Of course, the prospect of relegation for a club with the Gunners’ resources and history is almost unthinkable. But with Kroenke’s vying for the title of worst owner in international sports history, there’s no reason to think he can’t pull it off. A place in the Championship would be his coup de grace.”

    The Guaridan article.

    – I genuinely feel that’s what it could take to really force change. Stranger things have happened in football….

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m sure after recent defeats mr wenger will have a brand new dedicated training programme that will help the lads develop in to better players ….

    Hang about

    There may be a few more on this bus in the morning Adam a

  86. Relieable Sauce


    Top post.
    Gazidis doesn’t get paid £2m+ pa to not act as a CEO, does more u-turns than a driving instructor.
    At least this sorry state of affairs has taught me the world is full of idiots ripe for the taking.
    Shame i’m not a sociopath.



    Your friend – along with many other Arsenal “supporters” – makes me want to say “wenger in!”
    What a douche.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    Interested to see if Rashford can really make that wide position his for United, seems to have added more directness and increased his ability to beat a man this season.

    Would do well to focus on that position with Lukaku and Ibrahimovic having the ST role without question at United.

  88. David Smith

    Can guarantee, that within a few months of Wenger going, hopefully soon, Kroemke will be even more despised,than Wenger is now, and his defenders will be rarer than AKBs are now

  89. Leedsgunner

    If Newcastle, Aston Vila and Leeds can get relegated — all big clubs with rich histories it is the height of arrogant complacency to think it can’t happen to us.

    We are a mid table now with a fancy stadium… we say we are a big club but everything else about the club says we are midtable.

    The way we celebrate non existent trophies
    The way we tolerate crocks and non performers
    The way we go into our transfer market year after year unprepared and unfocused.
    The way we go into our season year after year after year unprepared and unfocused.

    Wenger is the world’s best paid mediocre manager.

  90. Elmo

    Great post Pedro.

    Re Orstein’s missive / Arsenal’s lame transfer policy:

    Arsenal still consider a transfer budget to include wages, agents’ fees, signing bonuses etc. So Lacazette was a £46.5m transfer fee + c. £6m agent’s fee + £10.4m wages for the year (@£200k pw) + perhaps a £2m signing bonus = c. £65m out of the transfer budget. Kolasinac involved no transfer fee, but the agent doubtless received a large fee for facilitating the Bosman (larger than the standard 10%+), so perhaps £3.5m; the player would have received a large signing fee, perhaps £3m; and his wages for a year would amount to £7.3m (@£140k pw), leading to his signing reducing the transfer budget by around £14m. Under the way Arsenal work, almost £80m had been spent.

    At that point, the club decided their maximum bid for Lemar was EUR 50m / GBP 46m, the same as they paid for Lacazette. They would have worked on the basis that, just as with Lacazette, the transfer fee would be £46.5m, but the total hit to the transfer budget would be c. £65m (transfer fee + agent’s fee + signing bonus + year of wages), which would have raised the window’s spending to c. £145m (i.e hitting the £150m limit claimed as the intended summer warchest), with only £92.5m or 64% of that total representing transfer fees paid to another club to buy a player’s registration. It’s the exact same situation that Benitez used to complain about at Liverpool, where he felt undermined that the advertised transfer warchests were in fact much, much smaller when considering the actual ability to pay transfer fees.

    So any time you hear the club leaking news of a huge transfer warchest, moderate your expectations and subtract somewhere between 1/3 and 40% from that figure to find what their realistic maximum transfer fee spend will be.
    When Gazidis noted at the fan Q&A that the club spent £110.5m on players last summer, he’s referring to the amount booked as ‘new player registrations’ on the balance sheet, including transfer fees agreed with other clubs, signing bonuses and agents’ fees. Add that figure to a year’s wages of the new players (Xhaka £4.7m @£90k pw, Mustafi £4.7m @£90k pw, Perez £3.6m @£70k pw)and that’s what Arsenal consider they spent on transfers that summer. In the club’s mind, they spent £124m.


    Absolutely shameful that the executive at the club are once again actively looking to talk down expectations, now seeking to equate our natural state as being akin to mid-table teams with £80m wage bills (i.e 41% of our own).

  91. colin

    arsene wenger has asked the fans and players to believe again, well i would suggest to wenger, that based on the players reaction to his contract extension [so many wanting to leave]that they do believe he cant take them any further and as for the fans who he has ignored over the years and continue to disrespect , why should they believe in a compulsive liar.

  92. Elmo

    The question is why the club were leaking that there was not enough money to buy a good quality player at the end of the window.

    To some extent I could understand it if they were solely referring to the constraints of keeping within the PL wage growth requirements under the new TV deal. A fair amount had been cleared from the wage bill via sales (c. £260k pw), but Lacazette and Kolasinac had added even more (£340k pw), meaning the club would be close to the £7m per season max for wage bill increases.

    However, the club seemed to be communicating that there wasn’t the money to buy a top player, despite having recouped around £65m in transfer fees, and offset £13.5m of the £17.7m of new wage spending. Based on the actions of the club earlier in the summer (looking to cap summer expenditure at £150m, as explained in previous post), why were they claiming poverty when based on their own methods of calculation (considering transfer fees, wages, agents’ fees, signing bonuses), they had only spent around £1.5m net during the window?

    How could a club who were happy to bid EUR 50m for a player a few weeks earlier suddenly claim they couldn’t afford to enter the market despite having subsequently brought in over £60m in fees and £13.5m in saved wages?

    Was this a lame PR move to cover their back if they screwed up deadline day again? Was there a change in strategic direction from above (e.g club must declare a profit this financial year; manager should not be allowed to spend further; Wenger deciding to again reject the market and wait for the bubble to burst)?

  93. Follow the money

    Wenger resorts to begging the fans to get behind the team. Incredible. What an astonishing turd and loser. Sorry not happening. Earn it you loser.

  94. Relieable Sauce


    I think it’s fair at this point to say that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

    If the club isn’t skint – they’re lying.
    If they are skint, they’re incompetent.

    It IS that simple.

    (Hushed tone) – I don’t think they’re incompetent.

  95. ArseneisaFraud

    These tweets from Ornstein are damning!!! The can of worms is slowly opening…

    Gibbs insinuating that there is no coaching going on, as we all thought.

    For all those who want to criticise the Ox ot Jackie boy: AW has destroyed their talent: one by being played repeatedly out of position without ever being coached in any those; and one who was criminally overplayed when he needed to be eased in with absolute “delicacy” (this is based on Bournemouths’ medical conclusion: http://www.justarsenal.com/bournemouth-reveal-extent-of-work-on-arsenals-wilshere/70566).

    AW is not a manager but a Fraud who is destroying our beloved club with the enabler: Kroenke.