Disingenuous myths of Wenger cash woes exposed point by point

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The fight for accurate information is a tough one in the world of football which is notoriously opaque. We’ve also moved into an era of the amateur influencer who will say anything to seem like they have a stronger take on a topic because it enhances their reputations amongst gullible fans. Now, there are some great insiders in the Arsenal game, but not many.

You can place Le Grove firmly in the bucket of amateur, and it is, but the narrative of the blog has been pretty spot on for a number of years because it’s informed by lots of interesting folk in and around the club. Do I share big transfer scoops? No. But rest assured, regardless of the emotion attached to the words, the summary of how things go down has been more hit than miss over the last 10 years.

I spent the back half of last season fighting the misinformation being peddled by the access journalists in the build to the Arsene Wenger’s contract. Right now, the information battle is to ensure that fans don’t get pulled into the wrong narrative, the one that centers on Stan K withholding funds from Arsene Wenger.

… especially because we wouldn’t be having this conversation if Wenger had 3 wins in 3.

Financial Strategy

Every club will have a financial strategy of some sort that impacts the playing side. Southampton invest heavily into their youth team setup, the idea is to prop up the club with world class talent they could shift on every few years at box office prices to allow them to compete on smart signings elsewhere. Manchester United operate a king strategy, they’ve invested heavily in winning to bring in mega commercial returns, their model needs trophies, that’s why Jose Mourinho is so important for their future because brands won’t continue to pay top dollar for a crumbling empire. Spurs are working to a net neutral transfer approach, they hired a coach who can work with kids, and their transfers funds are created from within to support their stadium move. Madrid buy the best, because they know brands will always invest in them regardless of trophy haul.

Arsenal’s strategy has been a little unclear. We operated on a lower budget post stadium move, but reality is, we still spent huge amounts on underserved wages to prop up our indulgent socialist appraoch. For 5 years now, we’ve not had a clear plan. We still have a poor wage structure, but we have cash to spend because of all the new TV deals. We just do it really badly. £35m on Xhaka, when Kante was the star, because Wenger thought Xhaka was a B2B with better passing. £35m on Mustafi who is going on loan to Inter. £20m on Perez because he failed to find a striker. The list of bad buys is endless.

Anyway, some Arsenal fans are now pinning our summer failings on funds being held back by Stan Kroenke. Here’s why that is incorrect.

Net spend:

Arsenal were the 3rd highest net spenders in the league over 5 years at the start of the summer. If your strategy is to create a cash pile, there has to be an actual strategy in place to achieve that, and that’s what a CEO would implement. Arsenal hasn’t sold a player for more than £15m in over 5 years, we never sell our players at peak value, we grossly over pay large swathes of the squad to the point they can’t be moved on, our squad is hugely bloated… and we’re spending a lot of cash badly.

Stan K has been letting Wenger bungle the finances for years. If the owner wanted to create a cash mountain, he’d hire Moratta from Juventus and hand over the steering wheel so he could straighten out the finances, bring structure to the wage bill, and move players on at their peak value, have a 3 year plan for signings, and absolutely not get into a situation where we had 6 first team names with one year to go on their deal at Aug 29th.

Here is the thing with Arsene. If something looks insane, don’t try and rationalise it, just accept that’s his operating model because he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

Pulling out of deals

I appreciate Stan K isn’t the businessman certain owners are, however, he’s not stupid. Arsene Wenger lied to the fans when he said the Lemar deal was off because Monaco wouldn’t sell. Liverpool are now in with a £60m bid. Fans are making up stories saying the board called this deal off. Simply put, the board don’t have that power. They’re largely ceremonial, if they were serious people, Wenger would have gone this summer.

Wenger decides EVERYTHING that goes on at the club on the playing front. He is the contracts guy. He’s the sports scientist. The tactician. The chef. Never forget that. The Thomas Lemar failure is one of two things:

1) The player didn’t want to give up playing under an exciting manager in a better team, for a setup the whole world of football knows is a shit show

2) Arsene Wenger didn’t want to pay £60m for a player who has had one good season under his belt

I could go for either one of those. But more likely, it’ll be point two.

Wenger has a long and chequered history of pulling out of deals. Juan Mata was pulled last minute. The Luis Suarez deal died when we didn’t go higher than £40,000,001, next summer he went for £75m. We had Higuain lined up for £22m, Madrid jacked the price £10m and we pulled out, he went to Napoli, next year to Juve for £90m. I’ve had it on good authority that the Ballague story about Arsenal not paying £7m commission to M’Bappe’s parents DID cost us a deal for him last season. Yes, the club that dropped £4m for Wellington Silva wouldn’t pay £7m for M’Bappe. I mean, fuck me, we even lost out on Mark Schwarzer because we wouldn’t pay £4m. We nearly lost out on Holding over a £2m fee. We lost out on Cahill because we offered £6m. These decisions don’t come from Dick Law or Ivan G, they come from Arsene Wenger. He is the king.

How anyone thinks we’re losing out on Lemar because the club won’t fund a player who if successful, could double his value in 2 years, is beyond me.


Now here’s where I’m making observations. But if you’re a bank looking for leverage on an LA Stadium, what is going to be more appealing, Arsenal FC as leverage, or its cash pile that’s just sitting in an account?

> Cash in football loses value sitting in the bank. £100m buys you the best midfielder in Europe last summer, this summer, it buys you half a Neymar.

> What bank is going to take 100m of sterling as leverage? The pound is extremely volatile at the moment, and even the most ardent Brexiter will admit the currency is more likely than not going to take a massive tanking as Brexit talks continue to disappoint

> Stank K doesn’t own Arsenal outright, he has 70%. Could he really use the cash at Arsenal as security on another deal? Have my doubts.

> Barclays had some sort of clause in their deal with us that the club had to invest in the playing side of things to secure the loan for the stadium. Would their legal team be happy that the future of their investement was being jeopardised by some shady ‘don’t spend’ deal (EVEN THOUGH THE NUMBER POINT TO HUGE SPENDING)


The whole story is a red herring because simply put, the problems are facing this summer have nothing to do with player purchases. We have way bigger issues.

> The club failed to tie big name players down to new deals last summer

> The club failed to make big decisions on the rebels futures at the start of this summer, deciding instead to play chicken with our season, to the point that we’re now flogging them all at the backend of August in a panic. Strategically, one of the most suicidal decisions of the last ten years

> Arsene failed to identify the true issues of last years failings, arrogantly pinpointing his contract woes, not the systemic failings top to bottom in his approach to the game. Remember when the club leaked that Sanchez and Ozil were waiting on Wenger’s future to sign on? Looks like they waited then ran the moment he inked his deal. Pretty obvious why, Wenger is finished.

> The club wasn’t ruthless enough in clearing out deadwood. Wilshere, Gibbs, Debuchy, Chamberlain, Theo, Giroud, Ospina, Jenks, should all have been told to leave the day after the FA Cup Final and told they would train with the kids until they moved. That would have freed up wages, salary and set the tone for the summer. Instead, we sat on our hands and did next to nothing.

> We had no transfer strategy because the club has no footballing philosophy. If the vision isn’t there, it’s easy to see why the summer ended in such a mess.

Finally, let’s not get too caught up in Arsenal having a net surplus this summer now Chamberlain has gone. Juventus, Cheslea, and Spurs all run neutral and surplus. One club finished 2nd the year before moving Stadium, the other two are Champions. You can run a surplus and buy great players, you just have to look further ahead than one week.

So in short, Arsene has plenty of money, he has all the control, the mess is all his. Don’t get bogged down into the Stan K conspiracies, because all the facts point to them being completely untrue. It’s just amateurs echoing one anothers untruths to sounds like they were in on the lie, sorry, ‘exclusive.’


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  1. Redtruth

    Wenger winning the FA Cup has brought the game into disripute.
    The FA should seriously consider ways of beefing up the competition to stop charlatans from winning it.

  2. Jim Lahey

    We can all agree that Wenger should have walked one way or another a number of years ago. Also I think everyone on this blog is in agreement that we will never win another League or ever win a Champions League trophy with Wenger as our manager.

    Saying that, Wenger is a short term problem, 2-5 years at most. Kroenke is a problem that could last generations. None of his teams are successful, is that just a coincidence?

    As long as Kroenke owns the club Wenger will run it from top to bottom with impunity for the next 5 years or so. Once he finally leaves do you think Kroenke will hire a winner? Or do you think he will hire someone who will continue in the same vein as the previous manager?

  3. TR7

    Good to see Radio back after a long time.

    Evans is a good player. Not a big name but does his job well. Also great news if we have offloaded Gibbs. Debuchy,Jenkinson and Ozil – 3 big deadwoods still at the club though.

    Big no to Sterling. He won’t improve our team much and will demand huge wages. Aguero and Sane the only City player I will take Alexis for.

  4. Gooner63

    GoT – who will make it?

    Likely to die

    grey worm

    Likely to Survive




  5. mgb

    Do agree with Rhys on one point kroenke is like an absentee landlord said it myself last week

    If i had one team worth $1b nevermind a shed load of franchises id be paying a lot more attention to how theyre all run but especially the cash cow in london especially since the sustainable model isnt working through lack of sales and second rate commercial deals

    As someone on here said a few weeks ago we can hold out hope of a sacking similar to what happened at the la rams last year

  6. Ishola70

    We don’t want that dirty Russian Usmanov.

    We want a hands off owner that let’s Wenger get on with the job and doesn’t meddle with footballing affairs. We want moral high ground self-sufficiency that is not interfered with.

    Wenger told us so.


  7. Redtruth

    Kroenke didn’t hire Wenger he inherited him.
    The spotlight will firmly be on Kroenke when the decision to appoint a new manager is approved…no hiding place and 100% accountability will be on Kroenke.

  8. Galaxygooner

    Wenger is actually very lazy and loves money.
    While other managers would be busy preparing for new seasons, Wenger heads out to earn a few more quids running commentaries on French tv.

    He had all window to ship players out and bring players in. He did nothing.
    They used the same PR strategy they use every transfer window to trick fans that they are interested in signing players. Bid very low so that the offer is rejected.
    They then turn around and say
    We almost signed him!!

  9. Wallace

    we should have gone with someone new this season, no doubt. my only issue with Kroenke would be if he wasn’t giving the manager enough financial backing. last summer and this, up until the Lemar deal went cold, suggest he will provide enough funds for a very good manager to compete, although I might reassess that if we do sell the Ox & Alexis and only bring one player in. has to be two minimum, ideally three.

  10. Johnsgiles

    BBC team on Arsenal, know lots disagree with wrighty but have to agree with everything he says on the link above for the BBC football Monday night show

  11. Leedsgunner

    If Chelsea want the Ox, why don’t we make them throw in Diego Costa for free? We add to our firing power and bring in another fighter into the team. I know he is a dirty player of sorts but we have been too nice — and we’ve had no one like that since Gilberto left.

    Anyone else with me on Costa.

    Ox is a loss but hopefully he’ll go back to being the inconsistent crock he was for the 80% of the time he was here. A sore loss but not beyond replacing.

  12. S.Asoa

    The following old quote from Wenger at the time of the Kroenke takeover answers a lot of conjectures. Wenger is a smart Alec con who has been selectively leaking tit bits to buffer his position varying from time to time. They normally go as per CC , Pierre and his acolyte posts .

    “Arsène Wenger insists Stan Kroenke will not interfere in team affairs, despite his multimillion-pound takeover of Arsenal this week. The American businessman effectively took control of the club by raising his stake to 62.89% although Wenger, who met Kroenke for talks on Thursday, is adamant it will not affect the way he manages the team.Supporters nurturing hopes that Kroenke’s increased influence will lead to Arsenal altering their recruitment policy to compete for transfers with the likes of Chelsea and the Manchester clubs may be less happy, as Wenger suggested this is unlikely to be the case. “We will continue to run the club like it has been done until now,” said Wenger. “That means live with our resources, produce our own resources and develop our football team.”Asked whether he could envisage Kroenke spending big on a player without consulting the manager and then demanding that the player be picked, Wenger chuckled and replied: “I don’t think he would do that. We will run the club with the technical department having the decision on what is technical. For all the rest I have of course to answer to Stan Kroenke and I am ready to do that for any questions, but I run the technical department.”https://www.theguardian.com/football/2011/apr/16/stan-kroenke-arsenal-arsene-wengerWhy some people think that Kroenke runs the club or doesn’t let Wenger spend I don’t know. I just presume they are ignorant and don’t read or listen to what people like Arsene Wenger say.

    My take is that Kroenke always “feels good ” with Wenger because the Leach has a pleasurable technique for manipulating Kroenke prostate.
    Yeah key is ” manipulating ”
    What Wenger does.

  13. Dissenter

    I recall the posts that Emirates stroller out up here about Usmanov
    He was willing to smear him as not being fit for Arsenal because he had a criminal conviction for corruption.
    When I pointed out to him that this was a soviet era politically motivated charge, he still kept attacking Usmanov as being unfit.
    Usmanov was depicted as having dirty money but never mind that PSG, City, Chelsea and many others have the same stench on their financiers.

  14. Gooner63

    Why would Wenger want Costa – Costa wont bow down before him and accept he is god.

    Mustafi only criticised Wenger for playing a LB as a RB and a RB as a LB (when we all know it makes sense) and hes now being loaned out

  15. Radio Raheem

    Thanks TR7

    I see some of ‘old-timers’ are still about:

    Cesc Appeal
    And so on… apologies if I left you out.

    I can’t believe it’s coming to 10 years since I first posted here. Time’s an ass…yet feels like I never stopped with these posters in situ

  16. Ishola70

    At any other club the fans would make sure the current manager walks out the door and get in a new one. If that new manager fails as well then they go for the owner.

    But not at Arsene FC. No, no, no. They go for the owner first.

    Why is Wenger seen as great as Clough? lol. Clough won league titles as well as European Cups and this with a small provincial club.

    Wenger isn’t that great for all this deference.

    And he keeps fucking up mightily.

  17. Galaxygooner


    Kolasvnic – Wenger’s signing to plug a hole that isn’t critical. Monreal and Gibbs are acceptable.
    this has been going on for a long time.
    Buying players we do not need or desperate for while positions where we lack players are left to rot

    Lacazette – Signed by Gazidis to make fans renew their seasons ticket, buy shirts and club merchandise.
    Ever wonder why there was no competition from other clubs for lacazette

  18. salparadisenyc

    Just saw that Radio Raheem posted, LEGEND.
    Followed by a Rhys manifesto, let the healing begin.

    We’ve all come back to comment on this current car crash, the banter alone.
    For me Kroenke’s intentions will be known once were sitting in the back half of the table in December having gone on a Mourinho’s esque run of loosing his players spirit that saw him sacked after loosing nine by Decemeber.

    At that stage i’ve no idea if he sacks Wenger or gives him the January warchest for least resistance. The next level is the next level is…. oh dear.

  19. Dissenter

    ““Why is Wenger still here?”
    -Because he waged guerrilla warfare against the CEO, the BoD and the portion of the fan base that wanted him gone.
    -Because he is afraid of the after-life that follows retirement. He’s said as much.
    -Because he has a direct line to Kroenke
    -Because he benefited from the easier league fixtures at the end of last season.
    -because of the positive FA cup run and victory shifted majority fan opinion back to tepid anti-Wenger to passive Wenger-in.
    -MOST IMPORTANTLY KROENKE overruling everyone else to make a conservative choice after he saw fans singing one Arsene Wenger. They looked so happy on that singular occasion.

    It’s a good idea to go after Kroenke because Wenger feels the heat too. The fan base are united about Kroenke and that united voice brings Wenger into the cross hairs.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t want sterling the player

    Let’s have bags of sterling for Sanchez

    Wenger won’t go for vdv as he returned us down before

  21. Ishola70

    Wenger has the same characteristics at every club he has managed.

    He starts well and then tails off.

    Happened at Monaco, Grampus Eight and Arsenal.

  22. Dissenter

    “Brazil’s team doctor Michael Simoni says Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho’s back problem is due to stress over his future. The 25-year-old is a target for Barcelona”- sun

    This people think we are so stupid.

  23. Steveyg87

    “Don’t want sterling the playerLet’s have bags of sterling for Sanchez Wenger won’t go for vdv as he returned us down before”

    What for? so Wenger can waste that money too? I reckon we shut up shop and not give Wenger a further penny.

  24. Steveyg87

    “Wenger is actually a shield for the owner to hide behind.
    Remove the shield and the owner will be exposed.”

    BS, Wenger rules the roost, only fault Stan has, is not stepping in a long time ago and still allowing the regime to continue.

  25. BillikenGooner

    I’m not even too concerned with bringing in new players (or who we bring in, as long as they aren’t too expensive and complete crap). I just want to see articles about our selling the non-contract players (and a few more). We need to clean the house out as much as we can before someone new comes in… if we get lucky enough that Wenger doesn’t make it to next season.

  26. Radio Raheem


    Correct as always. This is the place to be at this point although I am more interested in how you found GoT finale.

    For me, and many others I’m sure, GoT has been poorer since it finished with the novels. This season and the next should have been condensed into one 10 or more episode season of 80 minutes each.

    Apart from in patches I haven’t felt the same level of tension and intrigue in the series for a while.

  27. champagne charlie

    “I live nowhere close to London, haven’t put foot in the new or old stadium. Haven’t been in London at all really. Protesting at the stadium is not in my physical possibilities.”

    But here you are Raptora, talking about people like myself singing ‘one arsene Wenger’ etc and being the ‘reason’ he’s still here etc.

    You’re full of shit, your online bollocks have done what exactly for the cause? Nothing. Yet you preside on your keyboard talking down to other people as if your voice is one of any measurable sense or reason.

    Never been within 50 miles of the stadium and you’re going to pass comment on those that do, even suggest people are to blame? What a cuck.

  28. HighburyLegend

    “Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s impending departure highlights Arsenal’s poor planning and chaotic approach to the transfer market under Arsene Wenger, writes Nick Wright.”


  29. Sky

    We all have to realize the truth that Arsenal is DEAD for the next 5 years. I had to make peace with that reality today.

  30. HighburyLegend

    “Arsene Wenger risking ‘destroying his Arsenal legacy’ says Danny Mills”

    Oooopsss… too f*cking late pal.

  31. Pierre

    “My auto-correct is ridiculous sometimes I don’t even recognize my post”

    Thank God for that,and there was I thinking that you was as thick as Adam A. Cabaradumber & dumber..

  32. Gooner63

    “We all have to realize the truth that Arsenal is DEAD for the next 5 years. I had to make peace with that reality today.”

    Well its been dead for a good 5 years, so at least we half way.

    GoT – Littlefinger got his comeuppance – maybe its the season of getting rid of lying, manipulative, spindoctoring weasels

  33. salparadisenyc

    I regret to inform you Radio that i’ve yet to complete the lastest GOT season, i’m on number 4. Thus far the season has taken on a rather daytime tele / soap opera feel.

    Sure the dragons will breath fire into shortly.

  34. Dissenter

    I take your retort as good banter
    Nice comeback. I was just being open about the auto-correct but whatever works for you.

  35. Chika

    Wenger is not here because of fans who sang “One Arsene Wenger”, (we had “Wenger out” banners too, FFS even a plane was flown to arm the campaign).

    Wenger is ONLY here because Kroenke wants him!

  36. Leaving in a wooden box

    Forget kroenke, Wenger runs arsenal….kroenke just looks at the financial return and if it’s positive he probably just forgets arsenal and shoots some defenceless deer….(probably from 10 yards).
    Concentrate on the ultimate control freak and dictator….and as all of these finally go, is with disagrace, scorn, anger and humiliation. He has brought it on himself……even AKBs should realise that and they should remember this useless senile pile of crap has earned 100 million whilst acting as a competent football manager.

  37. Leedsgunner

    I can really tell that the Board of Arsenal FC are masters of financial prudence and the legendary financial self sustaining model:

    1. Instead of allowing Wenger to walk away for free last season — they will most likely be forced to fire him — allowing him to collect a generous severance pay — unless Wenger agrees to give it up. Who decided to give him a new contract?

    2. Allowed the manager to set wages and terms to all players meaning that we can’t pay our superstars what they want because we are paying our dross too much.

    3. Allowed Wenger to keep his backroom staff meaning off the field our activities are as backwards as on the field.

    4. Our brand is severely damaged which means our ability to negotiate commercial renewals will be severely hampered… no one wants to be associated with a loser.

    5. We had a modern stadium ahead of our rivals for 10 years — what have done with our advantage? Nothing. In fact we are standing further back from the leaders than we were before.

  38. Chika

    Wish we could do some kind of bonanza at the club.

    Hire Wenger, get Debuchy for free.

    Sign Welbeck, get Walcott for free.


  39. Rambo Ramsey

    I honestly think ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is a story about two unions of characters representing Ice and Fire.

    The story started with Robert’s rebellion which started due to the love between Rhaegar and Lyanna( The original Fire and Ice).

    So basically all the shit that has happened, the wars, bloodshed is a direct consequence of the union of Rhaegar and Lyanna.

    But now Fire and Ice are coming together for a second time via Dany and Jon and this particular union will right the wrongs and bring peace to the World. They will succeed where Rhaegar and Lyanna failed and perhaps their love as well.

    There must be a reason why the coming together of the ‘Ice and Fire’ couples were intercut and paralleled in the episode.

  40. Dissenter

    If you had an answer to your question, why ask it?
    You deliberately ignored the rest of the post to cherry-pick one phrase.
    As you were, believe what you want to believe.

    Kroenke is the ONLY one to blame. Hope that satisfies your Kroenke obsession.

  41. Dissenter

    Isn’t it funny that the wars in GoT were all founded on lies
    Robert’s rebellion was founded on the notion that Rhaeger kidnapped Lyanna when in fact is was a consentual relationship.
    The same as the war of the five Kings.

    It’s so easy to engender conflict and a lot harder to bring peace about. I guess it speaks to human nature.

  42. Leaving in a wooden box

    Time travel on in 5 years…Wenger in a nuthouse…
    Carer : “are you ok Mr Wenger”?
    AW : ” I built zis sanitorium, why are looking at me?,
    Carer: ” oh Mr Wenger it’s time for your sedative”
    AW: ” is it creatine? B24 vitamins? Can I have garlic with it? Have you stolen my water bottle? Where’s my zip up jacket?I will substitute myself at 67 minutes, no shooting from long distance, ……

  43. Gooner63

    Well considering Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna

    This make her his aunt

    He will then be the rightful heir, which is gonna piss ol Dany right off

    Hoping they both die and Tyrion becomes the beloved leader (and he gets a hot babe as his queen)

  44. Richard robbins

    Demoralizing; distraught ; the obvious common denominator to einsteins’s definition of insanity is Arsene. Ivan moves his lips; kroenke’s teams in any sport never win; the board watches and justifies. Pathetic to see in the modern world. Sadly until the brand takes a continuous beating, they will never intervene and we will suffer emotionally. Clearly the mix of players who dial it in; and a manager without tactics and strategy; create a deadly recipe. How could it be permitted to not prepare forthis season intensely after last year? Deja Vu Deja Vu.

  45. Dissenter

    Intra-family inbreeding is normal for the Targaryans. That’s probably why they tend to be prone to madness.
    The Stark bloodline balances it out.

  46. PieAFC

    It’s worrying, how the club has let it get this bad. Years of mismanagement has come to bare fruit.

    Everyone on this board can see that if we act sharpish, we could perhaps save our season from this expected car crash waiting to happen.

    I’ve never known a club so divided by a fucking manager!! Honestly, how can a club be divided, surely being a supporter of a club the clubs long term interests are what suit you?!

    Some people genuinely cannot see anything wrong with Wenger.

    ANY OTHER MANAGER AT ANY OTHER TOP CLUB WITH HIS RECORD against the top 6, his big defeats and his pathetic record in Europe would be brought the question.

    Forget the off field problems, this is footballing problems. Wenger doesn’t coach, motivate, train his players properly. It’s well documented by ex players and current staff.

    He has to go for football reasons first and foremost.

    This is Wengers Arsenal, not the Arsenal he inherited with a back bone that got passed on.

    This is all his doing, his pathetic mentality against better coaches than him.

    For someone clearly clever, cannot deny he isn’t, where he’s studied and lanaguages he speaks, he clearly cannot figure anything out to save his reputation.

    This board and all the posters have seen it coming for years.

    If something doesn’t happen soon, it’s going to get so bad. We will literally could be rebuilding with no direct owner of the club, and a half empty stadium.

    People will not watch a shit team for the price Arsenal charge, the board need to realize this.

    Turn up pay top dollar for fucking Walcott/Welbeck. Some tourists ain’t that fucking stupid…..

  47. Leaving in a wooden box

    Someone please throw the towel in for Wenger……if he was a boxer, he would be punch-drunk and believing he was invincible.
    The humane side of me says “poor fxcker”

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Dissenter, its brilliant irony that Rhaegar’s obsession with prophecy and desire to make a Son-the prophecised savior- actually ends up putting a relatively peaceful World in chaos.

  49. Rainman

    “two lines. one for WOBs, one for AKBs. one’s a lot bendier than the other.”

    No need to whine about it, Untold is there for your sort.

    Speaking of bendy lines have you ever been to Untold? Trust me, Pedro is pretty accommodating

  50. N5

    Amazing how Wenger is about to cut a profit on his transfers in/out when this is the season he promised a real fight for 1st!! Ha ha, what an absolute loony.

    It’s sad to me now. I sit at work and listen to Chelsea/City/Manure supporters all excited about there season ahead and I’m already wishing ours was over……3 games in!!!

  51. Wallace


    “Is Wallace old skool can’t remember him back in the day?”

    no, the last 5-6yrs, I think. used to occasionally read it when Pedro & Geoff would alternate, but that was so f*ckin’ Deadwood I never dared contribute.

  52. Leaving in a wooden box

    I made 2 comments before I was ignored by untold.
    I never used bad language just pointed out that the obsession with blaming referees and using the most groundless statistics to get their idol Wenger off the hook.
    I’m glad they “banned” me, I really can’t identify with suspect paedos !

  53. TR7

    Samesong ..what was your earlier Moniker ? I am here on LG from 2009 but I don’t recall your name back then. If Wallace is an old-timer then he must also have had a different moniker.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘He will then be the rightful heir, which is gonna piss ol Dany right off’

    No chance, this goes against both characters and what they stand for.

    Contrary to popular belief, Dany’s obsession to win back the Iron Throne is more rooted out of her love and respect for her family than selfish desires. All through the story, she yearns for family and honor. There is no way she will get angry and jealous when she comes to realize she is no longer the Last Targaryen, that she is not alone.

    Jon is a Stark through and through. He is as selfless and honorable as Ned Stark, he’s never been one to care about last name, power or status. It’s difficult to envisage him do a 180 and lay claim to the Iron throne due to his secret heritage of a Targaryen father he has never known.

    I think it’s likely both Jon and Dany will offer to drop their claim and support the other. Thus coming to realize neither really wants to sit on the damnable Chair.

  55. Josip Skoblar

    Wenger’s training sessions are allegedly ‘dull’ and ‘repetitive’. Ouch! This doesn’t sound good for Wenger

  56. champagne charlie


    Spot on. More likely Dany and Jon will split the ancient lands and Jon will be King of the North to her Queen in some matrimonial garb.

    They’re not suddenly turning into jealous filled creatures.

  57. Samesong

    Samesong ..what was your earlier Moniker ? I am here on LG from 2009 but I don’t recall your name back then. If Wallace is an old-timer then he must also have had a different moniker

    Wenger’s Plastic Bottle

  58. Dissenter

    I really thin Jon and Dany were made for each other, f*ck consanguinity
    The complement each other and they will rule with balance.

  59. Redtruth

    “BS, Wenger rules the roost, only fault Stan has, is not stepping in a long time ago and still allowing the regime to continue.”

    How can he when Wenger rules the roost…lol

  60. Samesong


    I remember all you bastards! Nasri mouth, Gambon rza, voizki however you spell it when I first started just read the comments never posted I’ve forgotten so many posters who remember’s that obsessed Wilshere poster?

  61. N5

    SS 2 of those wankers were me! 😀 VoKzii was when I was a Wenger in dick. I even called CA a spud ooooops.

    InterYaGran, he was a funny fucker, he’s not been about for a while now.

  62. Leaving in a wooden box

    Mikel sylvestre a united reject…., we were linked with John O’Shea, smailing, and now Evans……
    What is it with ex man utd defenders?
    Is it in total respect for Wenger’s old foe Alex f ?
    Very odd.,
    Then so is Wenger……

  63. Samesong

    Samesong , yes WPB !! May be I am wrong but I guess you used to rant more in your earlier avatar

    I did actually. But I got you guys to do it all for me now.

  64. Samesong

    Best two posters were dlalsqu@re and M@rblehall ..sages and full of wisdom

    Those two would of went protesting init Red???

  65. N5

    “Best two posters were dlalsqu@re and M@rblehall ..sages and full of wisdom”

    Agree, dial was the best, marble was a little odd. Shame you never got to meet either RT. In fact you’ll never see all three in the same room for some reason??? weird.

  66. TR7


    That Wilshere obsessed poster was either Sam or Tom. Most likely Tom. There were two Toms though…one was a gent while the other was a complete lunatic.

  67. salparadisenyc

    Keyser was comedy, think we had a chain running the course of the 2009-10 season that started with Wengers going soft on Xabi Alonso and ending in the exact same place.

  68. Dissenter

    “yeah, keyser could run distraction on six or seven WOBs at once, making it a lot easier for the rest of us.”

    Keyser was extremely intelligent. He had an antidote though…his name was gambon.
    Wenger has outlasted them all :-)

  69. Josip Skoblar

    I’ve seen so many posters who were posting day and night on Le Grove and, one day, they vanish. Gambon is a recent example.

  70. N5

    SS me too, I would argue with him into the night about Sanogo or some such rubbish and then realise 3 hours into it, I couldn’t work out if I was winning or now.
    For a while I thought Charlie was him because his posts were smart, but I could understand his point so disregarded my suspicion.

  71. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    You know

    I’m being serious here I would rather Brendan rogers over wenger !

    He ain’t that bad Gita good eye for payers

  72. TR7

    Keyser and Red (M@rble and D!al ) are hands down the two most fascinating characters ever on LG.And nobody can match a PhD (Kiyoshi/SDE) rant.

  73. N5

    “It would have been an honour to have shared the same platform with those two legends..”

    It was, in a way!! “they” certainly are on the list of Le Groves finest.

  74. salparadisenyc

    In the end Wenger beats us all down into submission and a long break is required, I took majority of last season off. He’s like the Highlander, there can be only one.

    Many have moved to twitter @themightygambon @danahern @incech formerly Cesc no idea where Mudwest went.

  75. Wallace

    I miss Nasri’s Mouth & kjafc(?), but unlike most of you on here could never appreciate gambon’s charms. always seemed a bit of a racist blowhard from where I was sat.

  76. Samesong

    CC is the opposite of gambon…. There was a time where i thought they would clash. But I think gambon was on his way out the le – grove building.

    @RS dunno N5 probably has more knowledge on Mid. I know he like to get drunk though.

  77. TR7

    I think Gambon was among the first breed of “WOBs” , hence many recall him with fondness and admiration. I thought he was way over the top in his take on things but that’s just me though.

  78. Radio Raheem

    Liking this le grove reunion.

    How could I forget N5, Samesong, Keyser, Josip , Midwest…?

    My battery is about to pop so I’ll be disappearing again.

    Stay strong

  79. N5

    RSPCA Middy got a girlfriend buddy that’s why he’s not on any more. (I believe anyway).

    Wallace, kjafc, I forgot about him, he was a great guy, ex-pro or semi pro if I remember.

  80. Marko

    Agree, dial was the best, marble was a little odd. Shame you never got to meet either RT. In fact you’ll never see all three in the same room for some reason??? weird.


  81. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Middy got a girlfriend buddy that’s why he’s not on any more.’

    Divorced his right hand and married his left did he 😉

  82. steve

    Gambon is a legend. Called that fraud cunt Wenger out a long time ago. I think he said something about him being on heavy medication. Lol

  83. N5

    Sal, RP came on a couple of times, but he said work had become so busy he’d have to pretty much knock here on the head. He still goes to the Arsenal though.

    Plus I think he got himself a little lovely that takes he’s spare time.

    God what kind a guy gives up the Grove for sex……wanker!! 😀

  84. salparadisenyc

    N5 / Cesc

    “God what kind a guy gives up the Grove for sex……wanker!! ”

    Not to worry both will be back once married.

  85. Josip Skoblar

    I liked Radio Raheem’s sense of humour and he could debate with other posters without being rude or aggressive.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    That is exactly why I stay single, because I am invaluable to Le Grove.

    At least that is what I tell myself to sleep at night.

  87. Bay Area Gooner

    Nice Chika.

    Take Wenger get the super special- take Debuchy, Walcott, Ramsey, Coq

    Love it!

    Anyhow, Ive said it all along. Wenger is not going to step down. The club will not fire him.

    The only way out of this mess is $$$$.
    We need new ownership to make the massive changes we need to be successful again. We also need an owner who is an Arsenal fan.

    This is the only way. New ownership

  88. champagne charlie

    “Keyser was extremely intelligent. He had an antidote though…his name was gambon.
    Wenger has outlasted them all :-)

    You know what they say about counting eggs…

  89. Bay Area Gooner

    Arseblog reporting that Sanchez asking permission to leave Chile squad and was granted it.

    Hes gone. Adios Amigo.
    After you leave… let it rip in the media about the stupid asshole Wenger is and exactly why you left. Expose his fraudulent ass

  90. champagne charlie

    Rich I know, but if Arsenal were spending 75 mil on OX and Danny Drinkwater we’d be having a meltdown.

    Hilarious additions from Chelsea.

  91. salparadisenyc

    Coutinho to Barca and Sanchez to City both look a go.

    Worst case scenario regarding Alexis, Wenger could of unloaded him for pile of cash to PSG out of league our of mind. Yet here we sit selling another talisman to a competitor (well former competitor).

  92. Bay Area Gooner

    At this point just sell Sanchez
    Nothing but a headache… hes said nothing remotely close to wanting to stay.
    Call PSG and offer him. If not, then ask City for 80 plus.
    We dictate the sale and the price.

    Take a part deal for Drax if possible.
    Still our biggest issue is midfield. Need the CDM destroyer badly

  93. Cesc Appeal

    Just saw a great line on Twitter, Arsenal must be the first team in history where the manager loses the dressing room and they sell the dressing room.

    This unwavering backing of Wenger is totally, totally baffling. He could take hostages and start killing them on the hour and Sky Sports would report that Kroenke has given Wenger his full backing.

  94. WestLondonGoon

    Evening all,

    ArseneEconomics part 843: Sanchez = Raheem Sterling + £20m

    Sorry, should read, Alexis Sanchez + £20m = Raheem Sterling.