Disingenuous myths of Wenger cash woes exposed point by point

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The fight for accurate information is a tough one in the world of football which is notoriously opaque. We’ve also moved into an era of the amateur influencer who will say anything to seem like they have a stronger take on a topic because it enhances their reputations amongst gullible fans. Now, there are some great insiders in the Arsenal game, but not many.

You can place Le Grove firmly in the bucket of amateur, and it is, but the narrative of the blog has been pretty spot on for a number of years because it’s informed by lots of interesting folk in and around the club. Do I share big transfer scoops? No. But rest assured, regardless of the emotion attached to the words, the summary of how things go down has been more hit than miss over the last 10 years.

I spent the back half of last season fighting the misinformation being peddled by the access journalists in the build to the Arsene Wenger’s contract. Right now, the information battle is to ensure that fans don’t get pulled into the wrong narrative, the one that centers on Stan K withholding funds from Arsene Wenger.

… especially because we wouldn’t be having this conversation if Wenger had 3 wins in 3.

Financial Strategy

Every club will have a financial strategy of some sort that impacts the playing side. Southampton invest heavily into their youth team setup, the idea is to prop up the club with world class talent they could shift on every few years at box office prices to allow them to compete on smart signings elsewhere. Manchester United operate a king strategy, they’ve invested heavily in winning to bring in mega commercial returns, their model needs trophies, that’s why Jose Mourinho is so important for their future because brands won’t continue to pay top dollar for a crumbling empire. Spurs are working to a net neutral transfer approach, they hired a coach who can work with kids, and their transfers funds are created from within to support their stadium move. Madrid buy the best, because they know brands will always invest in them regardless of trophy haul.

Arsenal’s strategy has been a little unclear. We operated on a lower budget post stadium move, but reality is, we still spent huge amounts on underserved wages to prop up our indulgent socialist appraoch. For 5 years now, we’ve not had a clear plan. We still have a poor wage structure, but we have cash to spend because of all the new TV deals. We just do it really badly. £35m on Xhaka, when Kante was the star, because Wenger thought Xhaka was a B2B with better passing. £35m on Mustafi who is going on loan to Inter. £20m on Perez because he failed to find a striker. The list of bad buys is endless.

Anyway, some Arsenal fans are now pinning our summer failings on funds being held back by Stan Kroenke. Here’s why that is incorrect.

Net spend:

Arsenal were the 3rd highest net spenders in the league over 5 years at the start of the summer. If your strategy is to create a cash pile, there has to be an actual strategy in place to achieve that, and that’s what a CEO would implement. Arsenal hasn’t sold a player for more than £15m in over 5 years, we never sell our players at peak value, we grossly over pay large swathes of the squad to the point they can’t be moved on, our squad is hugely bloated… and we’re spending a lot of cash badly.

Stan K has been letting Wenger bungle the finances for years. If the owner wanted to create a cash mountain, he’d hire Moratta from Juventus and hand over the steering wheel so he could straighten out the finances, bring structure to the wage bill, and move players on at their peak value, have a 3 year plan for signings, and absolutely not get into a situation where we had 6 first team names with one year to go on their deal at Aug 29th.

Here is the thing with Arsene. If something looks insane, don’t try and rationalise it, just accept that’s his operating model because he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

Pulling out of deals

I appreciate Stan K isn’t the businessman certain owners are, however, he’s not stupid. Arsene Wenger lied to the fans when he said the Lemar deal was off because Monaco wouldn’t sell. Liverpool are now in with a £60m bid. Fans are making up stories saying the board called this deal off. Simply put, the board don’t have that power. They’re largely ceremonial, if they were serious people, Wenger would have gone this summer.

Wenger decides EVERYTHING that goes on at the club on the playing front. He is the contracts guy. He’s the sports scientist. The tactician. The chef. Never forget that. The Thomas Lemar failure is one of two things:

1) The player didn’t want to give up playing under an exciting manager in a better team, for a setup the whole world of football knows is a shit show

2) Arsene Wenger didn’t want to pay £60m for a player who has had one good season under his belt

I could go for either one of those. But more likely, it’ll be point two.

Wenger has a long and chequered history of pulling out of deals. Juan Mata was pulled last minute. The Luis Suarez deal died when we didn’t go higher than £40,000,001, next summer he went for £75m. We had Higuain lined up for £22m, Madrid jacked the price £10m and we pulled out, he went to Napoli, next year to Juve for £90m. I’ve had it on good authority that the Ballague story about Arsenal not paying £7m commission to M’Bappe’s parents DID cost us a deal for him last season. Yes, the club that dropped £4m for Wellington Silva wouldn’t pay £7m for M’Bappe. I mean, fuck me, we even lost out on Mark Schwarzer because we wouldn’t pay £4m. We nearly lost out on Holding over a £2m fee. We lost out on Cahill because we offered £6m. These decisions don’t come from Dick Law or Ivan G, they come from Arsene Wenger. He is the king.

How anyone thinks we’re losing out on Lemar because the club won’t fund a player who if successful, could double his value in 2 years, is beyond me.


Now here’s where I’m making observations. But if you’re a bank looking for leverage on an LA Stadium, what is going to be more appealing, Arsenal FC as leverage, or its cash pile that’s just sitting in an account?

> Cash in football loses value sitting in the bank. £100m buys you the best midfielder in Europe last summer, this summer, it buys you half a Neymar.

> What bank is going to take 100m of sterling as leverage? The pound is extremely volatile at the moment, and even the most ardent Brexiter will admit the currency is more likely than not going to take a massive tanking as Brexit talks continue to disappoint

> Stank K doesn’t own Arsenal outright, he has 70%. Could he really use the cash at Arsenal as security on another deal? Have my doubts.

> Barclays had some sort of clause in their deal with us that the club had to invest in the playing side of things to secure the loan for the stadium. Would their legal team be happy that the future of their investement was being jeopardised by some shady ‘don’t spend’ deal (EVEN THOUGH THE NUMBER POINT TO HUGE SPENDING)


The whole story is a red herring because simply put, the problems are facing this summer have nothing to do with player purchases. We have way bigger issues.

> The club failed to tie big name players down to new deals last summer

> The club failed to make big decisions on the rebels futures at the start of this summer, deciding instead to play chicken with our season, to the point that we’re now flogging them all at the backend of August in a panic. Strategically, one of the most suicidal decisions of the last ten years

> Arsene failed to identify the true issues of last years failings, arrogantly pinpointing his contract woes, not the systemic failings top to bottom in his approach to the game. Remember when the club leaked that Sanchez and Ozil were waiting on Wenger’s future to sign on? Looks like they waited then ran the moment he inked his deal. Pretty obvious why, Wenger is finished.

> The club wasn’t ruthless enough in clearing out deadwood. Wilshere, Gibbs, Debuchy, Chamberlain, Theo, Giroud, Ospina, Jenks, should all have been told to leave the day after the FA Cup Final and told they would train with the kids until they moved. That would have freed up wages, salary and set the tone for the summer. Instead, we sat on our hands and did next to nothing.

> We had no transfer strategy because the club has no footballing philosophy. If the vision isn’t there, it’s easy to see why the summer ended in such a mess.

Finally, let’s not get too caught up in Arsenal having a net surplus this summer now Chamberlain has gone. Juventus, Cheslea, and Spurs all run neutral and surplus. One club finished 2nd the year before moving Stadium, the other two are Champions. You can run a surplus and buy great players, you just have to look further ahead than one week.

So in short, Arsene has plenty of money, he has all the control, the mess is all his. Don’t get bogged down into the Stan K conspiracies, because all the facts point to them being completely untrue. It’s just amateurs echoing one anothers untruths to sounds like they were in on the lie, sorry, ‘exclusive.’


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501 Responses to “Disingenuous myths of Wenger cash woes exposed point by point”

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  1. Marko

    Sky sources: Watford have pulled out of a deal to sign Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs. We understand they couldn’t come to an agreement over personal terms.

    Besides anyone comes in now are replacements for important players leaving we’re not adding to the squad. Used to be earlier in the summer we’d be adding Lemar on top of Sanchez or Mahrez AND Lemar if Sanchez left now it’s we’re replacing Sanchez with just Raheem Sterling. Used to be maybe adding Manolas to players like Mustafi and Gabriel but now it’s replace two players with one. Arguably the worst summer we’ve ever had and that’s something considering we had a summer where we only brought in a keeper and no outfield player before

  2. Bamford10

    Just ignore the blame-Kroenke dead-enders. That argument is over. Wenger is exactly the same man and manager now that he was in 1997. That’s the problem. Kroenke’s arrival has not changed Wenger at all, nor has it ever restricted his spending.

  3. Leedsgunner

    No doubt, any moment now Wenger will be calling for fans to be pulling together. Wenger will blame the fans for not getting behind the team as the reason for the implosion. Remember, despite what it says on the door and despite him being paid a ridiculous amount of money as the manager, Wenger will say he is not to blame.

    You have to feel for the PR department at Arsenal. They are the only ones doing a days work at the club at the moment… about it must get harder to positively spin a s***storm.

    I suspect Arsenal.com will be flooded with On this day clips of previous Arsenal heroes… anything to deflect attention from the squad and the manager.

  4. Relieable Sauce

    All the noise is Liverpool will get VVD. It’s the move the player wants.
    Why on earth would he consider Arsene-al???

  5. Dissenter

    “Gibbs to Watford deal is off. Jesus fk.. Will we move him on already?”
    Can’t blame him, who would give up easy street to actually work for a living.

    I wonder what Gibbs would have done if he was In that restive Asrsenal dressing room when the gauntlet was thrown down.

    We should just change our crest to fluffy cotton wool or cotton candy. Take off the bloody cannons.

  6. Bamford10

    “So thats both Jenkinson and Gibbs that we have failed to sell due to ‘personal terms’ – a Euphemism for ‘We pay them too much’ “. – @themightygambon

    And who decides how much we pay our players? Arsene Wenger? And does said pay scale suggest an “austerity” regime at the club? No, quite the opposite. It suggests an irrationality regime, designed by one man and one man alone: Arsene Wenger.

  7. Radio Raheem

    With Chamberlain gone or going, Gibbs backs up Kolasinac at LB. No drama there.

    Won’t shed a tear for Mustafi if he left as long as a decent replacement is brought in.

    Is Sakho any worse?

  8. Bamford10

    Also, as I said yesterday, we should strengthen our spine. I’d sign Virgil Van Dijk and Steven N’Zonzi. And why not take Renato Sanches on loan? If he plays anything like he did at the Euros, he’d be a big plus.

  9. Relieable Sauce

    Moshiri probably has the Ross Barkley drawn up already. You know it makes sense.

    £50m + add-ons, with a £160k pw contract signed on deadline day…???

  10. Bamford10

    Report from Brazil that Neymar has advised Coutinho not to leave Liverpool for Barcelona. Interesting if true.

  11. raptora

    “Gibbs is third choice at Arsenal behind new left-back Sead Kolasinac and Nacho Monreal and has less than 12 months remaining on his deal.”

    And behind Chamberlain and Bellerin, and Cech probably.
    If it goes the way that it looks like it will – Ox to Chelsea, Mustafi to Inter, Gabriel already sold – and we keep playing in this three CBs system, if we don’t get a CB we will be short in numbers. Won’t be surprised if Gibbs stay while Nacho is playing CB exclusively meaning Gibbs stays as Kolasinac’s backup. Crazy…

  12. Dissenter

    Behave yourself
    Nzozi can’t come to Arsenal…not when project Wishere and operation rehab-Santi are back on.
    We are built on unfathomable hope that water will turn into wine.

  13. Dissenter

    Neymar has to be a cunt to advise another professional not to pursue their own dreams.
    That story has to be false.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    What an absolute f**k up this all is.

    Wenger has handled this situation so badly he is now begging for players in return for handing over Sanchez who now is clearly kicking for the exit because he knows he cannot navigate the market and will not pay what will be at this stage massive prices.

    Next time he says ‘what does a DoF do’ someone should just laugh in his face.

    Arsenal are without doubt the worst structured club in Europe.

  15. Champagne charlie

    Renato Sanches was touted by certain people on here as being amazing, suddenly it’s a sheepish ‘why not take him’? Frauds.

    Raheem Sterling is 22, though I’d much rather punt Alexis to PSG, it would be madness not to get a player off a team that wants him.

  16. raptora

    I voiced my opinion that Renato Sanches is probably the closest thing to Ramsey. Often out of position, suspect defensively, too busy making his dribbles, loses the ball a lot and doesn’t really show up as a smart player. I would trust Ancelotti on this.

  17. Bamford10


    Clearly he would be offering that advice because he doesn’t think Barca is a good environment for this or that reason. He’s not doing it out of spite.

    And if Liverpool are pursuing everyone they’re reported to be pursuing, Liverpool could be an exciting place to be in the near term.

  18. Dissenter

    I get your drift.
    It’s just that Barca are a much bigger club than Liverpool. Barcelona is a also a much better place to live in.

  19. Barney75

    Who is going to play right back once Oxlade and Mustafi clear off and Bellerin gets injured? Debuchy? Chambers? That’s another disaster waiting to happen. At the very least we’ll need a centre back that can play right back too.

  20. Champagne charlie






    Or more likely


  21. Dissenter

    If Us,a of sells his shares …and they end up in Kroenke’s hands then we are really stuffed.
    He won’t need “commission for services” to transfer money out of the club at that stage, if he owned 100%
    Usmanov is till needed to peg Kroenke back. Things could get a lot worse.

  22. Bamford10


    Yes, Barca would obviously be a dream move, but maybe not at this very moment. It’s a little unclear what’s going on there,what the spirit in camp is like, whether good decisions are being made, etc.

    I think Coutinho would do well there, though.

  23. Guns of Hackney

    Can’t buy. Can’t sell. Wengernomics.

    As Rodney Trotter once said of Del Boy’s deal for suitcases without the combination numbers:

    “This makes the one legged turkey deal appear shrewd”.

    This is Arsenal FC.

  24. Leedsgunner

    Wenger should not be given a penny to spend.

    It was just three months ago, when we limped into 5th place, Wenger defiantly said that he believed that this team was good enough to challenge for the title.

    Well, the football gods are judging him because our Board refuses to. Do not give him anymore money to spend. He had all summer to plan his spending… and he dithered. Let him live with the consequences of his inaction.

    He said all summer Sanchez will not be sold and the Board supported him. Where’s that support now?

    We owe Wenger nothing.

    Let him implode. He brought on it himself.

  25. Radio Raheem

    “You really think Liverpool will sell Sakho to us?”

    I don’t see why not. They seem desperate to sell.

    Smalling is another one that’s gettable I think.

    We bid for Jonny Evans a year ago too.

    This is the pond we’re fishing from.

    Either of these won’t do any worse than Mustafi, in fact, we’ll probably defend aerial balls better with them.

    We aren’t spoiled for choice at this point are we?

  26. Bamford10

    No interest in Sakho. Smalling wouldn’t be a bad punt, Evans as a squad CB. Again, we must ditch the 3-4-3. ASAP.

  27. Alexanderhenry


    Much of your criticism of wenger is correct, but your refusal to accept that Kroenke is ultimately responsible and that he is the architect of arsenal’s financial and business plan- if you can call it that- really stretches the bounds of possibility and plausibility.

    You write:

    ‘Stan K has been letting Wenger bungle the finances for years.’

    Really? Stan has been allowing it. Why would he do that?

    Then you write:

    ‘I appreciate Stan K isn’t the businessman certain owners are, however, he’s not stupid’

    If the first quote is true that would make Stan very stupid indeed.

    The thing is this: the way arsenal is run is a mystery to all of us. The financial smoke and mirrors routine has been going on for years and crucially, we won’t be able to shed much more light on it until Wenger goes.

    The current situation is so bad, I think there is a serious chance of wenger walking or getting fired this season.

    Then it’s all on Stan.

  28. raptora

    Johnny Evans makes more sense because they want Gibbs. So Gibbs + money (£20m?) for Evans. Would be a bad transfer. Why not keep Chambers and play him instead?

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Holy shit. Still people blaming the owner.

    Man alive. Wenger has made this happen.

    Kronke is culpable, only for keeping Wenger in a job.

    Everything else is on Wenger and Wenger, alone.

  30. HighburyLegend

    @Alex : f*ck off, you and your grandpa arsène.

    “Apparently Wenger asked for Sterling to be included”
    And why not Aguerro ???

  31. Leedsgunner

    Giving Wenger money now is not about making the club better, but it’s all about allowing Wenger time to restore his dignity show that he can turn around to his critics with that infuriating smile when he is in a good run to say — “I told you so.”

    The Board has to stop allowing Wenger to treat the club as his personal ego trip.

    The issues at hand are much bigger that whether Wenger should stay or go. That issue is settled — Wenger is finished. He is a very expensive figure head… who pretends to be a football manager.

    Giving money to Wenger is no less than giving him money to feed his drug habit at our expense. It’s stupid, short sighted and a betrayal to all true Gooners everywhere.

    It’s time the Board stopped looking after Wenger’s welfare and started doing their jobs and started looking after the club’s long term welfare.

    This is not about Wenger.

    It’s so much bigger and important than that. It’s about Arsenal FC.

    No more money. Wenger has had his chance. Let’s think about it, he can’t sell the players he has already bought. He calls himself a great manager. Well, fine then. Tell him to prove it.

    Tell him to change the dire players he bought and change them into a title winning team.

    Isn’t this what great managers do? Make bad players good, good players great and great players, unplayable (in a good way??

    It’s time Wenger was forced to act like a manager rather than just to be paid like one. He’s been stealing a living a long time. The gravy train has to stop.

    No more money. He has wasted enough. He wanted to stay, tell him he needs to earn his keep.

  32. Radio Raheem

    I see West Bromwich have signed Evans’ replacement. So he is definitely moving. Except City turn their attention elsewhere I’d be surprised if they don’t get their man.

  33. GoonerDave

    Why on earth does it have to be Kroenke or Wenger? They are both at fault. Arsene happily implemented Stan’s business plan – the club must run itself, appease it’s own creditors and sell to buy until the debt is reduced.
    Stan, Josh and Ivan all have a vote on the board – how much of the club’s money do we expect to be released? We will spend what we earn, but the sacred cash reserves will not be touched – that will affect share price.
    Not only was AW happy to implement the plan, he lied repeatedly to the fans about our transfer ambition, money being available, players not being sold etc. Signing secret deals with banks to remain as manager? This is the ultimate F.U. to the fans. This is high treason in my view – our manager was signing contracts behind our backs. And worst of all, the contracts had nothing to do with success on the field. A joke.
    Present day, he is failing on the football front also – our team look in disarray and as weak as ever. Players leaving or looking to leave.
    But when AW does leave, we will be left with an owner who measures success in sustainability, growth and profit. We desperately need an owner who really wants to win. And a manager who spends resources wisely and can overachieve on the pitch.
    It is sad that we are in such a mess.

  34. raptora

    “Kronke is culpable, only for keeping Wenger in a job.”

    True to the extend that Kroenke listened to the fans and the fans wanted Wenger to keep his job. Kroenke went to the stadium to listen to “There’s only one Arsene Wenger”. The banners and protests and the empty seats were suffocated by Wenger apologists damning the people who went out protesting as people who are “destabilizing” the club. The people waving “Arsene Knows Best” and “In Arsene We Trust” banners were way more than the people who were openly showing their discontent to the manager. Kroenke did what most of the Arsenal fans wanted. He kept Wenger at the job. Now the same fans are calling for Kroenke’s head. Insanity.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    It is actually baffling that we think with days left in the window, after a pathetic loss where Sanchez has clearly downed tools and we now must sell, with the club in total chaos we think we have the leverage to demand anything from another club.

    The club has absolutely fucked this summer up. There have been some fuck ups before, but not on this scale.

    Utter incompetence from Wenger, cowardice from the board and a total lack of interest and ambition from Kroenke.

  36. Ishola70

    lol should have known Wenger requested Sterling.

    What a piff-paff team Wenger is assembling now.

    Xhaka, Ozil , Sterling.

  37. Guns of Hackney

    Even after Ferguson retired and spent the best part of 15 years owning him…Ferguson is still baiting Arsene with his old duds.

    Evans LOL
    Tweety pie LOL
    Welbeck LOL

    Alex still bossing Arsene.

  38. raptora

    There could have been another scenario. Where Wenger gets the sack and instead of selling we buy couple of players. The ones who stopped playing for Wenger would start playing for a new manager. We get a couple of able bodies and with a Tuchel or similar we could have a transition year or at least till the January window where the new manager can asses the future of each player and make a decision.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Looking to blame anyone individual is pointless. The lack of vision and the culture of the club is wrong. The owner, the Board and the manager are all at fault for it.

    … and we are not without fault either.

    Some of us have allowed ourselves to be led in to the mess — ignoring the obvious, deluding ourselves that there were other factors at fault rather than demanding the club put their house in order.

    Until we sort this culture out, it doesn’t matter who the manager is. It doesn’t matter who the Board is. Until mediocrity is no longer tolerated — changing the Board, the Owner and the manager is like moving our deckchairs on the other side of the Titanic.

    We a new culture.

    A new manager, a new Board and a new Owner can help us acquire that but before we do that we need admit we have a problem of a culture of “this is good enough” rather than “we must get better and better.”

  40. Radio Raheem

    I think Sterling was offered. News of it got leaked, didn’t look good on Sterling, ego hurt. City’s (and Arsenal’s) PR dept try to control the damage with another leak that Arsenal wanted Sterling. That way everyone is happy.

    There are probably 10 other City players Arsenal would request for before Sterling, however mad Wenger is.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Sterling is a Man City cast off. Sanchez is our crown jewel. Is this why we moved to Emirates for?

    Where’s our pride?

    Oh I forgot. Under this present regime we don’t have any.

    Pride in the shirt, the badge and the history isn’t one of our values.

    To top it off, Wenger will spend the rest of the season complaining about it… and most likely use it as an excuse for his failure later on.

  42. Arsene's Nurse

    I posted this yesterday and it shut the people up who think that Kroenke is the one who devised the business model. I see they’ve come out again to lie for Wenger so here it is again from the man himself:

    “Arsène Wenger insists Stan Kroenke will not interfere in team affairs, despite his multimillion-pound takeover of Arsenal this week. The American businessman effectively took control of the club by raising his stake to 62.89% although Wenger, who met Kroenke for talks on Thursday, is adamant it will not affect the way he manages the team.

    Supporters nurturing hopes that Kroenke’s increased influence will lead to Arsenal altering their recruitment policy to compete for transfers with the likes of Chelsea and the Manchester clubs may be less happy, as Wenger suggested this is unlikely to be the case. “We will continue to run the club like it has been done until now,” said Wenger. “That means live with our resources, produce our own resources and develop our football team.”

    Asked whether he could envisage Kroenke spending big on a player without consulting the manager and then demanding that the player be picked, Wenger chuckled and replied: “I don’t think he would do that. We will run the club with the technical department having the decision on what is technical. For all the rest I have of course to answer to Stan Kroenke and I am ready to do that for any questions, but I run the technical department.”


    Why some people think that Kroenke runs the club or doesn’t let Wenger spend I don’t know. I just presume they are ignorant and don’t read or listen to what people like Arsene Wenger say.

  43. gmv8

    Why does anyone back Kroenke? I don’t get it, By backing Wenger, he, at minimum agrees with everything Wenger does, so he is at least bad as and as we know worse than Wenger. No ifs, no buts, no stupid unsubstantiated comments. And all these Sanchez swap rumours are nonsense, all driven by the press, they see the hornets nest, and they just can’t resist stirring it up. One says Aguero, the other Sterling. none substatiated, all rubbish.

  44. David Smith

    An owner who completely over-rules his board, who are a lot closer to the situation, and players than he is, allows a failing manager scared of life outside to continue as he were , despite appalling performances at key stages of the season, and not only that, allows the manager to carry on, completely unchallenged, with no instructions to change failing methods and backroom staff is an owner failing his club.
    Stan doesnt really want to get involved, takes the lazy options. It is possible that the blessed day Wenger departs, Stan may become a decent owner, and allow his board to choose a decent manager and put a structure in place. But for the time being, the owner defers to Wenger, and ensures everyone at the club does as well, all can now see the cost of this, and yes Stan , wengers failings are costing money, lots of it.
    The buck stops with Stan, without him, Wenger would no longer be at the club.
    On another note, all this talk of meetings, Wenger saying anyone who doesnt want to be at the club will be sold is just an attempt to save the managers face as he performs U turns, and sells players to rivals, when he has said the club no longer do such things. The man is so transparent.
    Watch Evans, Mahrez, VVD, Draxler and anyone else we are linked with mysteriously fall through when it is too late to get anyone else
    Wenger will quite happily go into the season minus replacements for key players lost

  45. steve

    Wenger shouldn’t be allowed to spend a single penny more as he will only waste it on more shit players. He should be named and shamed out of the club at this stage.

  46. Champagne charlie


    Don’t go shy mate, were you out there protesting against Wenger when the contract was winding down?

  47. gmv8

    @ Arsene’s Nurse – so where does the 3.5 million a year withdrawl come into the self sustaining model? So where does having to hold large cash reserves as collateral for other US enterprises come into it? And that’s just what we have concrete evidence for. So where does appointing a manger against most of the board’s wishes come in, when he has no idea about football? Name me one advantage of Kroenke at all,

  48. Arsene's Nurse

    No one is backing Kroenke. However, Kroenke will only go when either someone offers a silly amount for his shares. That’s it.

    It’s very simple, if I own a car worth £20k and I do not want to sell it no matter if someone offers me £200k for it, then it I will continue to own it.

    Kroenke will not sell the shares unless he feels he is a) going to make a huge* profit or b) reduce any chance of a loss.

    * shares have risen twofold and he’s not selling.

    The only way to force Kroenke out is for the brand to die and the share price to fall drastically. Whilst muppets on AFTV bitch and moan they are still buying merchandise and going to games.

    People have to stop putting a penny into AFC and that means giving up season tickets too. No one is going to pay top whack for a mid table team.

  49. gmv8

    Kroenke has no interest in winning trophies, he himself has stated that, and every club he has had a share in, has slumped in form. Why on earth would any rational fan want him anywhere near their club??????

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    Bless….Evans it is then. Bit by bit he’s turning us into QPR. We’ll done Wenger, we went from toure, Cole,keown, Campbell, Lauren to…….johny Evans……sad thing is, because of Wenger we can’t claim that we are to good for him as that’s our level now, West Brom, stoke, etc.

  51. Ishola70

    lol just seen that AFCTV vid about transfer crisis.

    Robbie asks where Kroenke is and right on cue one of those really dodgy photos of Kroenke springs up. Tbf there are plenty to choose from but it is clear now where the narrative is heading here. Kroenke the big villain Arsene the unfortunate victim.

    It’s all Kroenke’s fault. Pathetic really.

    Arsene FC.

  52. Zaco


    tbf i would have more faith in Koz and Evans than i would any other CB pairing we have
    same with me

  53. Champagne charlie


    Evans is a quality defender, I’ve no qualms with him being targeted. But VVD is better, and available, that’s my gripe. It’s seemingly always the decent option over the stellar one, and that’s a money thing.

    All the heroes that suggest money is no issue for us say so because it paints wenger negatively. Kroenke signs off on every purchase we make, why did we deem Lemar good at 40 mil but anything after that we needed to sell?

    There’s the Kroenke issue. Cunt doesn’t front anything to make gains, we have a strict budget to adhere to and it’s another reason we’re so pony in the market. But yea yea, Wenger long heralded ‘value’.

    Another reason Kroenkes ownership is cosmetic, totally lacking balls.

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    August 29, 2017 13:36:21

    @ Arsene’s Nurse – so where does the 3.5 million a year withdrawl come into the self sustaining model? So where does having to hold large cash reserves as collateral for other US enterprises come into it? And that’s just what we have concrete evidence for. So where does appointing a manger against most of the board’s wishes come in, when he has no idea about football? Name me one advantage of Kroenke at all,
    I asked you last night for evidence about using Arsenal as collateral on loans and you never answered.

    Kroenke has only taken £3m out of the club twice. It was stopped in 2016 after a bit of uproar from the fans. £3m is nothing to Arsenal. It’s the equivalent of 50p to a multi-billionaire. It’s simply payment for advice. No one knows what that advice is from KSE which is what makes it look murky.

    Walcott is on £140k a week. That’s £7.28 million pounds. If the club or Kroenke was that nit-picky over money they’d sell Walcott and keep the wages.

    I’m not a fan of Kroenke. I don’t want an owner who is disinterested. However, he is completely hands off and doesn’t interfere ala Roman Abramovich. That’s the only positive, because it means that if the club has the right structure and people then it’s more likely to succeed than if it’s meddled with.

    Kroenke’s failing is not putting those structures in place.

  55. Rambo Ramsey

    It’s just amateurs echoing one anothers untruths to sounds like they were in on the lie, sorry, ‘exclusive.’

    Or maybe amateurs-or rather simpletons as I’d call them-are those desperate for this particular story to have one ultimate villain, the fall of whom will make everything rosy.

    Also why is it the Kroenke apologists take every argument and turn it into rudimentary ‘HE DOESN’ T WITHHOLD FUNDS’ repeated over and over? As if that dismisses other charges

  56. gmv8

    @Arsene’s Nurse I always wear my invincibles O2 shirt to a match, and feel proud to do so, why would I want to support and wear the shirt of failures? It is difficult to give up season tickets, because of waiting 10 yrs to get one in the first place, however I won’t contribute in any other way until Kroenke is gone, and the aim to compete is stronger than that of making money.

  57. Elmo

    Kevin Wimmer going for £18m from Spurs to Stoke!

    Lol. Meanwhile we’re selling a young, experienced international goalkeeper in great form for £10m and a CB who is as least as good as Wimmer for £10m.

    West Brom turned down £23m from Leicester for Jonny Evans.

    It really is farcical how we seem to be the ONLY club in the PL, if not Europe, whose players are all being sold for pennies, often at a great loss, while the great boom market of 2017 roars on everywhere else.

  58. Dissenter

    I didn’t know Kroenke does football tactics.
    Wenger has a special hearing device connected to Kroenke’s mouth.
    Kroenke is the one that oicked the team on Saturday and played two wing backs out of position, started with three players whose mind is ealsewhere and twiddled his tumbs while Rome was burning.

    Yep…It’s Kroenke.
    It’s easy to blame the guy EVERYONE hates to deflect from the obviously failing grandpa some will always love.

  59. Gooner63


    “All the heroes that suggest money is no issue for us say so because it paints wenger negatively. ”

    You cant blame Kroenke for the way Wenger deals in the transfer market-

    Wenger has bought so many crap players recently and then gives them big wages compared to other clubs, then wonders why he cant sell them to raise money for more transfers.

    Wenger has been here for so long now, we should only be needing 1 or 2 players per season to improve or maintain us every year – but he has bought so much crap that we are now in a position with maybe 2 or 3 players worth keeping.

  60. Radio Raheem

    I don’t know if Keown has his own agenda but he seems to rate Gabriel highly – “Pound for pound was the best CB at Arsenal…”

  61. Dissenter

    Sours always manage to off-load their youth products abd cast-offs so easily to good teams.
    All we can manage is send ours to championship teams…even then it still doesn’t work out.

    It all Kroenke’s fault.
    Anything to deflect from the megalomaniac omnipotent manger who’s hand is in every footballing pie at Arsenal.

    I wonder why Kroenke never gets credit for the trophies that Wenger is credited with?

  62. Gooner63


    we have to sell our crap players cheap as other clubs will not pay the crazy wages we pay them, therefore the lower transfer fees we get are so the buyers can fund the wages

  63. Rambo Ramsey

    Dissenter, Kroenke is the guy that picks the manager, he is the one who continues to love the ‘obvious failing grandpa’ thus failing in his duty himself.

  64. Dissenter

    I agree that we are the only club to defy the market trend when it comes to outgoing transfers.


  65. Guns of Hackney

    I said this last season “by the time Arsene leaves Arsenal in either 2 but more likely 5 years, Arsenal will be firmly rooted in mid table at best, relegation at worst”.

    I stand by this. Arsenal are radioactive and no one wants in…certainly not the types of players who win things. We do not have a Barca esqe youth factory, therefore our players pretty much have to be a) mercenaries b) older, broken players no other club requires. Either way you go, Arsenal can win.

    The decision to give Wenger another extension was tantamount to business suicide. This is what companies do when they are stripping assets before a sale.

    AFC started dying around 8 years ago but became “brain dead” the moment Arsene signed on again. It’s over people.

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Anything to deflect from the megalomaniac omnipotent manger who’s hand is in every footballing pie at Arsenal.’

    Poor Kroenke. If only he had the power to do something about this situation.

  67. gmv8

    @Arsene’s Nurse Evidence? There are many articles, citing the fact that it makes no sense to have such a large cash reserve, when the rate of increase of player prices and other investment vehicles far outstrips cash interest rates, unless he is using it for collateral, and loan companies of course would require evidence of hard cash. It would be like putting your money under the bed, rather than in some other investment vehicle, Unless Wenger enjoys sitting on it ….

  68. Champagne charlie

    Gibbs fee agreed with WBA, medical later today. Evans is on I’m guessing.

    Don’t twist what is being said, I’m not blaming Kroenke for our signings. I’m blaming him for the lack of accountability he has towards Wenger. I also don’t buy for one second that he’s as happy for players to be bought at big sums without the others leaving.

    Right now, with Ox done, we are earning this window. After finishing 5th and having the furore last season you can’t tell me Kroenke should be expecting a net profit?

    So why the fuck is there no pressure or urgency to spend our way out of this mess? We bid 40 mil for Lemar and then stopped to sell players, WHY? That’s not a managers order irrespective what you think of old Weng. That’s hitting the budget and needing more from sales before ploughing through.

    An ambitious owner fronts the money for all incomings, then negotiates the outgoings knowing it could be a bit of a hit if players dig their heels in. Ours risks sporting preparedness and success on the basis he doesn’t want to overspend before getting rid of some underused assets. He’s a disease.

  69. TheBayingMob

    I don’t know if Keown has his own agenda but he seems to rate Gabriel highly – “Pound for pound was the best CB at Arsenal…”

    Ye I heard / saw that in a clip from MotD2 from the UK, I raised my eyebrows I must admit … then I lowered them and continued to not give a fuck …

  70. HighburyLegend

    “It would be like putting your money under the bed, ”

    That’s what rich old people do with their money.

  71. Radio Raheem

    “Is VVD a new version of the DVD?”No it’s just a fucking bad case of gonorrhea! Very Venereal indeed! ”


  72. Dissenter

    I hate Kroenke more than you can ever imagine. I hate the fact that he is ruining the club I’ve actively supported since 1986. I detest the fact that he was a major Trump donor. I detest his cravings for cowardly butchering defenseless animals in the wild with sniper-scopes. I detest his Walmart heiress wife.
    There’s nothing I like about Kroenke. I supported Usmanov, back then most of you London gooners detested Usmanov [not that you has a say]

    I’m sick of people putting up Kroenke’s indifference and maniacal backing of Wenger as chaf to deflect from criticism that ought to go to Wenger.

    Wenger is the one that has the footballing powers. He is the one that is making bad decisions after bad decisions. People here [not you] hold back from going after Wenger but trying to put up the universally hated guy as the reason for every mistake.
    Wenger was failing before Kroenke came on board.
    The fans too have a role in creating this mess

  73. Wallace

    “There are probably 10 other City players Arsenal would request for before Sterling, however mad Wenger is.”

    nah, not realistic options, and not if he’s looking for a wide attacker. be either Sterling or Sane.

  74. TheBayingMob

    “We must be so desperate for looking at top qualidy players like Evans and Sterling”

    Sterling for me has always flattered to deceive. Rich mans Theo IMHO although Gambon once ripped my head off for suggesting that, still here we are a few years later, he has still done virtually fuck all for City and rumours are they are willing to offload him, no surprises for me … step over skinny kid – almost no end product 80% of the time – perfect Wenger player …

  75. salparadisenyc

    Thats it, Wenger’s got our dross on such a wage the transfer fees have to be heavily reduced to push deal thru.

    Incredible this summer, I knew Wenger was well past it but never saw this calamity coming. Total banter, Wenger’s – were absolutely not selling Sanchez manifesto w/ PSG now could be going to a former rival in City.

  76. Radio Raheem

    “Ye I heard / saw that in a clip from MotD2 from the UK, I raised my eyebrows I must admit … then I lowered them and continued to not give a fuck …”

    Until I penned that comment on le grove my brow wouldn’t lower down. Astonishing assessment from Keown. Might explain why he isn’t managing or coaching a side.

  77. Gooner63


    Im pretty sure Kroenke didnt turn round to Wenger and say, Arsene please dont start selling any of our crud players until the middle of August to fund other transfers.

    If your an Arsenal through n through manager – why not come out and say that your transfer budgets are restricted, why not be honest with the fans.

    Why not? Because he is a fraud, he blames everyone else for his failings, he keeps his job because he makes money for Kroenke

    He is not an Arsenal man – he is a liar, a fraud and i really hope he gets all he deserves this season from the fans, the press and everyone who is seeing what a money grabbing weasel he is.

    Kroenke – yes just as accountable – but at least everyone knows that he never has any ambition with any of his teams.

  78. HighburyLegend

    “I knew Wenger was well past it but never saw this calamity coming.”

    New surname : “Calamity Arsène”

  79. Champagne charlie

    “I’m sick of people putting up Kroenke’s indifference and maniacal backing of Wenger as chaf to deflect from criticism that ought to go to Wenger.”

    With respect, you and others are talking out your ring with these pathetic assertions. Haven’t seen one person say ‘it’s not Wengers fault, Kroenke did it’.

    People are well aware of Wengers shortcomings, the point of contention comes in the fact last year was a massive Wenger Out marathon that resulted in…..absolutely fuck all, Ben though his contract WAS FINISHED. Great job Wenger out did ehh.

    So then we sit and say, well how the fuck as he landed another contract? Then dipshit Stan emerges. That’s the main cunt at the club, you can’t point to one redeemable quality or point in history when he offered Arsenal anything positive whatsoever. He sat through (excuse me, watched on tv until cup final day) the entire mess of last year and STILL decided that was just what the doctor ordered here.

    So fuck your “deflection” bollocks, Wenger is i defendable at this moment in time and everyone is well aware. But seeing as Wenger out has been, gone, and don nothing but make Arsenal Fan Tv a cult thing, maybe time has come to go for the head of the snake and drive the yank cunt out of Arsenal finally.

  80. HighburyLegend

    “Kroenke – yes just as accountable – but at least everyone knows that he never has any ambition with any of his teams.”

    Spot the f*ck on.

  81. Dissenter

    Funny enough we are going to be doing this next summer when the next round of expiring contracts come up.
    The Sanchez stuff should have been dealt with in July, without emotion. It was always going to overwhelm our transfers if left too late.
    Now we are the desperate party because we lose him for free and word is that he’s told them several times he wants out. He’s given them a dress rehearsal of what to expect if they keep him against his will.

    City will be dumbest club in the world if they don’t wait till next summer to sign Alexis on a free transfer.

  82. salparadisenyc

    This going down as the week Liverpool handed Wenger his ass on and off the pitch if that Lemar deal goes thru.

    We’ll always have Thomas.

  83. TheBayingMob

    “Until I penned that comment on le grove my brow wouldn’t lower down. Astonishing assessment from Keown. Might explain why he isn’t managing or coaching a side.”

    I think maybe he has a soft spot for players as ugly as he is? Lol … faces only mothers could love!

    I miss Martin in the team, proper c’nut on the field … Wenger has ripped all that energy, power and commitment from the team (mainly because he can’t handle any kind of character or possible threat to his power at the club) and installed n0nc3 wankers like Walcott instead … SAD

  84. raptora

    I live nowhere close to London, haven’t put foot in the new or old stadium. Haven’t been in London at all really. Protesting at the stadium is not in my physical possibilities.

    Even if I was a Wenger supporter, I see no shame in me admitting that Wenger has been past it for a while now. It took me time to face the reality but I’ve said it before as well – Wenger has been costing more points to Arsenal that he has been winning. Personally. I believe that he had to call it time after he ended the trophy drought in 2014. It was the right time in my eyes. Then he had another chance when we won a second FAC in a row. And his last chance to end on a relative high was the “better late than never” this very May 2017.
    He didn’t take the chances lady luck offered to him and it all lead up to this situation where it’s quite obvious he’s totally lost it. In my eyes 3 games in, both losses are on him and the win is despite him.

    I just cannot for the life of me understand the transformation that you and some other posters and fans of Arsenal are currently experiencing.

    Based on what’s happening, in Legrove’s language, I changed from an AKB to a WOB.
    You changed from an AKB to a KOB (Kroenke Out Brigade). Skipping the part where you blame Wenger you went to blame Kroenke for everything. Very comfortable innit.

  85. HighburyLegend

    @Dissenter : yes, but the main difference is that them – contrary to arsene FC – are not afraid to splash the cash for having the strongest squad, right here and now.

  86. OleGunner


    What are your ideas that can feasibly work to get Kroenke out?
    Something that will rally the passive Emirates crowd together with chants or getting the tourists to stop entering the gift shop?

    Pushing Wenger out is the only feasible thing fans can get behind and after we get that old goat out, we can fully focus on the cancerous Kroenke.

  87. Jasongms

    Typical lightweights on this blog, still with their Kroenke is the problem agenda. Anything to deflect criticism away from their lord and master Wenger. It’ stale and fucking pathetic guys.

    1) Kroenke does NOT sign the players
    2) Kroenke does NOT set wage demands
    3) Kroenke does NOT train and coach the players
    4) Kroenke does NOT do match day or in-game tactics.
    5) Kroenke is not responsible for the team being humiliated every other week

    those accolades above rest solely on Wenger’s shoulders.

    The worst thing that ever happened to the club was us winning the FA Cup. Probably put the club back 5years if not more. And to think Wenger and his troupe heralded it as a new beginning.

    The next level is the next level …. embarrassing :/

  88. OleGunner

    As a fan who doesn’t have a season ticket, I did my part last season by donating to the main Wenger out campaign.

    Put my money where my mouth was.

  89. Dissenter

    Stan came to Wembley and saw gooners singing “one Arsene Wenger”. He saw gooners gyrating and sing on sweet Caroline ‘good times never been so good”.
    Pro-Wenger fans are still the majority at the club and still shout down anti-Wenger dissent. That’s why there were fights in the stands.

    Like I said, it’s easy to blame the universally hated outsiders to DEFLECT criticism from Wenger.
    Truth be said, Kroenke took the conservative choice in May because that was what the narrow majority of fans wanted.
    The fans basked on the runs of easy wins against teams that were checked out already and the FA cup run to be passively pro-Wenger again.

  90. loyika

    I must admit that since i started supporting this club, this will be the first season where i can’t see any “Silver lining” on the horizon.

    If this is how we intend to go about things when we are out of the UCL and have the “EPL as our priority” one shudders to think what the future truly holds.

    No point in rehashing what has already been said by most. But if we end up selling or swapping Sanchez for Sterling, (Kun and some cash i can live with and would say we got a better deal than Citeh in the end) that will truly be the breaking of the Camel’s back for me. Will just show that Arsene really does believe he is bigger than the club and will do things his way and at his own time regardless of what/how anyone feels.

    Don’t know if we can salvage anything from this season as it stands? Eventually we always do, but can’t remember the Fans being so lost as to what happens next (at all levels) We are just a rudderless ship at the moment. By Friday morning we can gauge how badly the damage is squad wise. Right now its not looking good from the outside looking in.

  91. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘I’m sick of people putting up Kroenke’s indifference and maniacal backing of Wenger as chaf to deflect from criticism that ought to go to Wenger’

    But where? I don’t see anyone daft enough to blame Kroenke for starting 11s or tactics or substitutions or any managerial decisions.

    It’s his complete lack of interest to set high standards and work towards achieving those aims that piss people off.

    The financial matter is ambiguous IMO. I can’t agree with either Alexander or those who hold the other extreme view. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

  92. Dissenter

    Arsenal are the professional tire-kickers of Europe.
    City probably called Raheem Sterling to hint him about the offer of a pl;ayer sway and the player threw a tantrum.
    How do you go from working for Guardiola to the 2017-Wenger?
    Talk about falling from grace unto grass.

  93. Dissenter

    Lets talk about something that wont provoke emotion.
    Did you like the finale of GoT?
    It was too predictable for me.

  94. Wallace

    “Bear with me on this one…

    Arsenal have joined Manchester City and Leicester City in the race to sign West Brom centre-back Jonny Evans.

    Evans will only be allowed to leave The Hawthorns once the Baggies have a replacement.

    Their preferred target is Manchester City’s Eliaquim Mangala and with Manchester City the preferred destination for Evans, that deal would appear straightforward.

    However, Mangala would prefer to join Inter Milan.

    To further complicate matters, Inter’s prime target is thought to be Arsenal’s Shkodran Mustafi.

    But the Gunners will only sanction the departure of Mustafi if they have a replacement, ideally Evans.

    But, as mentioned, West Brom will not let Evans go unless they have a replacement – ideally Mangala – and Manchester City will not let Mangala join West Brom unless they get Evans.

    Get all that?”

    – Ornstein

  95. Gooner63

    Friday 1st Sept – Transfer window and other highlights

    Arsenal sell Alexis Sanchez to Man City
    Arsenal sell Alex Oxlade Chamberlain to Chelsea

    Liverpool sign Lemar

    Arsenal give new contracts to Jack Wheelchair and Mesut Ozil

    Mustafi left out in the cold as Wenger fails to sign a CB

    Wenger declares that Theo Walcott can do as good a job as Alexis

    Wenger brings in Flamini and Kalstrom on a years contract

  96. S.Asoa

    Regarding Sanchez and Ozil waiting to confirm their commitment to the Club that it was dependent on Wenger leaving and not the other way round as projected that they would sign if Wenger would sign, I had consistently stated since 8 months after looking at how they related to Wenger on the field , during the games and substitution.
    Am married to such a devious PR person like Wenger is and over time developed a sixth sense ,call it my survival Instinct. That is why can feel the desperation of being and staying an Arsenal True Fan


  97. Rhys Jaggar

    Mr Wood

    There is a lot of non-specific smearing in this article, something which is one of your less palatable features. If you wish to traduce others, you name them, state what they have said that is inaccurate and provide a source for where they have said it. Basic professional writing 101 learned writing refereed papers in scientific journal or books. Your way is Alastair Campbell 101, which will not do you a lot of good long-term…..

    Let us do a bit of specific traducing: you and Bamford10 are each incapable of seeing Stan Kroenke for what he is: an absentee landlord who is so ignorant about European football that he does not know how to hire and fire managers for a top EPL side. To be brutal that is the number one competence required from an owner and if they cannot do it, their CEO has to.

    You and Bamford cannot suggest that Kroenke is not 100% responsible for giving Arsene Wenger a new contract. Equally, neither I nor anyone else will have credibility suggesting that Arsene Wenger is not 100% responsible for transfers, coaching, injury management, team selection and match tactics. Whether he delegates anything or everything, the buck stops with him.

    So the only conclusion on 28th August 2017 is this:

    Arsene Wenger’s performance 2014-2017 was deemed by Stan Kroenke to be worthy of a new contract.

    As a result, all that you say is unacceptable about summer 2017 is on Kroenke’s plate, because he declared Wenger fit to manage through issuing a new two year contract.

    One of the greatest tennis players who ever lived, Australian Rod Laver, said one thing that is imprinted indelibly in my consciousness: ‘By walking out onto court, you declare yourself fit to compete….’

    In other words, by Stan Kroenke issuing Wenger with a new contract, he declared Arsene Wenger fit to be Arsenal’s manager. And by signing it, Arsene Wenger declared himself capable of competing having accepted the terms offered.

    Kroenke had 12 months to organise professional due diligence on his most important task. Here, from a due diligence pro, is how he could undertake it:

    1. Frame a footballing philosophy for the club for 10 years and subject it to critical analysis by due diligence professionals.
    2. Having agreed on that, a series of metrics with upper and lower boundaries will be framed consistent with that philosophy.
    3. Key milestones at years 3, 5 and 8 will be set.
    4. A structure integrating sporting and commercial professionals will be agreed, validated by management consultancy professionals as being fit for purpose, to deliver upon those milestones.
    5. A prioritised list of attributes for the top three appointments (two sporting plus CEO) will be agreed, validated by global HR professionals as being best practice.
    6. A global sports HR boutique will be tasked with identifying the top three external targets in each position and presenting all practical combinations based on competences ( several of which may be eliminated when evaluating candidates more closely).
    7. The identified candidates will then be benchmarked against incumbent(s) and only if the internal candidate outperforms the rest will they be rehired immediately.
    8. Top candidates will then be evaluated in private and a decision reached.

    If Kroenke wants to be blameless he had better prove he took his job seriously enough to do as I suggested. And you and Bamford had better accept Kroenkes responsibilities too, unless both your aims are joining Arsenal FC’s corrupt gravytrain when Wenger is gone……

    Finally, Mr Wood, I have noticed over the years an unpalatable aspect to your blogging in how how you respond to my comments:

    1. There is a non-specific smear in a subsequent blog.
    2. A few days to a few weeks later, you blog the position I had taken which you had subsequently smeared non-specifically.

    Such behaviour is completely incompatible with any professional position and the behaviour of a classless individual utterly unable ever again to pontificate about values, class or indeed anything other than the East End values of criminals you may have been exposed to growing up.

    You do not have the right to behave that way, for if you do, I have the right to offer your employer the right to sack you, Arsenal FC to ban you for life for anti-Welsh racism (along with Tony Attwood I might add) on a repeated basis and the alternative being unpleasantness having nothing to do with yobbery and everything to do with me setting unfair rules of engagement to cause you outrage of the highest order…..and to embarrass your employers so much that they would regret ever having hired you….

    Hopefully it is all coincidental….you will regret it for the rest of your life if it is not…….you would not be the first semi-alcoholic marketing professional who saw me as a free lunch, but unfortunately for you, I learned my lessons from your predecessors over a decade ago…..so if you have seen me in that light, I will deal with you with sufficient non-violent ruthlessness and brutality that you will wish that you had never started an Arsenal blog in your life…..

  98. Radio Raheem

    With £40m for Chamberlain I think we’re in profit this window.

    This calls for a dab (as long as you’re not in Saudi Arabia) no?

  99. Jasongms

    10 million pounds to be humiliated 4-0, I’d like one of the Wenger-in guys to answer, Is that the next level?

  100. Dissenter

    “You do not have the right to behave that way, for if you do, I have the right to offer your employer the right to sack you, Arsenal FC to ban you for life for anti-Welsh racism (along with Tony Attwood I might add) on a repeated basis and the alternative being unpleasantness having nothing to do with yobbery and everything to do with me setting unfair rules of engagement to cause you outrage of the highest order…..and to embarrass your employers so much that they would regret ever having hired you….Hopefully it is all coincidental….you will regret it for the rest of your life if it is not…….you would not be the first semi-alcoholic marketing professional who saw me as a free lunch, but unfortunately for you, I learned my lessons from your predecessors over a decade ago…..so if you have seen me in that light, I will deal with you with sufficient non-violent ruthlessness and brutality that you will wish that you had never started an Arsenal blog in your life…..”

    Rhyss…FFS get some professional help.

    Pedro. Stop being so magnanimous and stop this loony tunes posting deranged threats against you. Why do you keep letting him back on?

  101. Radio Raheem

    Why would you stop someone commenting?

    More hits more comments or vice versa, more advertising income.

    Do the maths.

    As long as “the line” hasn’t been crossed you can ignore the comment. I’m assuming there’s a line to be crossed.

  102. Uwot?

    Roll on the a AGM .should be fun this year!or will they cancel it? Can’t wait for Ivan’s script.wonder if he’ll feed wenger to the Sharks?being the turncoat he is.will Stan dare show up? Will the shareholders grow a pair & demand resignations?should be the show to end all shows……

  103. Wallace

    Radio Raheem

    “I’m assuming there’s a line to be crossed.”

    two lines. one for WOBs, one for AKBs. one’s a lot bendier than the other.

  104. Micheal

    Good post.

    The half-baked ravings of Bamford & Co on Kroenke shows a complete, 100% misunderstanding of how business works – all businesses, in every part of the world.

    The Owner (Kroenke) dictates all the key goals, ambitions and operations of the company he or she owns.
    The employee (Wenger) carries out these wishes in return for an agreed annual salary.
    The employee (Wenger) is responsible to the Owner (Kroenke).

    In the case of Arsenal FC, Kroenke is the absentee landlord who lets Wenger have a free rein. He is not interested in 4-0 thumpings to rivals or who signs or who doesn’t. He does not care about the club in the way that all football supporters anywhere in the world care about their club.

    My own opinion is that Wenger should go immediately. But if you want to change the rancid culture at Arsenal FC, get rid of Kroenke.

    A fish rots from the head down.

  105. Dissenter

    Actually Ryss Jagger lines has been very bendy [to borrow from you]
    He’s been banned and un-banned more times than Trumpian lies.

  106. Rambo Ramsey

    Dissenter, at this point a fantasy story invokes more emotion than the shitshow that is Arsenal.

    Personally enjoyed the season finale. Obviously the story gonna get more and more predictable as it nears completion. The only question is if Jon Dany will find happiness at the end. What do you reckon? I think they both survive, reject their claims to the Iron throne and end up living a simple life in the free cities.

  107. Redtruth

    It just shows how much the FA Cup has become a joke when complete failures can win it.
    The FA Cup should no longer be considered as part of a clubs trophy haul..

  108. HighburyLegend

    “this will be the first season where i can’t see any “Silver lining” on the horizon.”

    Ah ah ah loyika, yeah of course, the first season…
    God I wish I had your patience.

  109. Dissenter

    You’re right about the predictability of the plot. It’s reaching the end stages now.
    Jon is indeed the king that was promised- he unifies the south and north.
    He and Danny have a chance to create a better world. They complement each other; her ruthlessness and his integrity.
    I think they’ve run out of plots though. The beauty of GoT is the way they weaved so many plots seamlessly.