Disingenuous myths of Wenger cash woes exposed point by point

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The fight for accurate information is a tough one in the world of football which is notoriously opaque. We’ve also moved into an era of the amateur influencer who will say anything to seem like they have a stronger take on a topic because it enhances their reputations amongst gullible fans. Now, there are some great insiders in the Arsenal game, but not many.

You can place Le Grove firmly in the bucket of amateur, and it is, but the narrative of the blog has been pretty spot on for a number of years because it’s informed by lots of interesting folk in and around the club. Do I share big transfer scoops? No. But rest assured, regardless of the emotion attached to the words, the summary of how things go down has been more hit than miss over the last 10 years.

I spent the back half of last season fighting the misinformation being peddled by the access journalists in the build to the Arsene Wenger’s contract. Right now, the information battle is to ensure that fans don’t get pulled into the wrong narrative, the one that centers on Stan K withholding funds from Arsene Wenger.

… especially because we wouldn’t be having this conversation if Wenger had 3 wins in 3.

Financial Strategy

Every club will have a financial strategy of some sort that impacts the playing side. Southampton invest heavily into their youth team setup, the idea is to prop up the club with world class talent they could shift on every few years at box office prices to allow them to compete on smart signings elsewhere. Manchester United operate a king strategy, they’ve invested heavily in winning to bring in mega commercial returns, their model needs trophies, that’s why Jose Mourinho is so important for their future because brands won’t continue to pay top dollar for a crumbling empire. Spurs are working to a net neutral transfer approach, they hired a coach who can work with kids, and their transfers funds are created from within to support their stadium move. Madrid buy the best, because they know brands will always invest in them regardless of trophy haul.

Arsenal’s strategy has been a little unclear. We operated on a lower budget post stadium move, but reality is, we still spent huge amounts on underserved wages to prop up our indulgent socialist appraoch. For 5 years now, we’ve not had a clear plan. We still have a poor wage structure, but we have cash to spend because of all the new TV deals. We just do it really badly. £35m on Xhaka, when Kante was the star, because Wenger thought Xhaka was a B2B with better passing. £35m on Mustafi who is going on loan to Inter. £20m on Perez because he failed to find a striker. The list of bad buys is endless.

Anyway, some Arsenal fans are now pinning our summer failings on funds being held back by Stan Kroenke. Here’s why that is incorrect.

Net spend:

Arsenal were the 3rd highest net spenders in the league over 5 years at the start of the summer. If your strategy is to create a cash pile, there has to be an actual strategy in place to achieve that, and that’s what a CEO would implement. Arsenal hasn’t sold a player for more than £15m in over 5 years, we never sell our players at peak value, we grossly over pay large swathes of the squad to the point they can’t be moved on, our squad is hugely bloated… and we’re spending a lot of cash badly.

Stan K has been letting Wenger bungle the finances for years. If the owner wanted to create a cash mountain, he’d hire Moratta from Juventus and hand over the steering wheel so he could straighten out the finances, bring structure to the wage bill, and move players on at their peak value, have a 3 year plan for signings, and absolutely not get into a situation where we had 6 first team names with one year to go on their deal at Aug 29th.

Here is the thing with Arsene. If something looks insane, don’t try and rationalise it, just accept that’s his operating model because he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

Pulling out of deals

I appreciate Stan K isn’t the businessman certain owners are, however, he’s not stupid. Arsene Wenger lied to the fans when he said the Lemar deal was off because Monaco wouldn’t sell. Liverpool are now in with a £60m bid. Fans are making up stories saying the board called this deal off. Simply put, the board don’t have that power. They’re largely ceremonial, if they were serious people, Wenger would have gone this summer.

Wenger decides EVERYTHING that goes on at the club on the playing front. He is the contracts guy. He’s the sports scientist. The tactician. The chef. Never forget that. The Thomas Lemar failure is one of two things:

1) The player didn’t want to give up playing under an exciting manager in a better team, for a setup the whole world of football knows is a shit show

2) Arsene Wenger didn’t want to pay £60m for a player who has had one good season under his belt

I could go for either one of those. But more likely, it’ll be point two.

Wenger has a long and chequered history of pulling out of deals. Juan Mata was pulled last minute. The Luis Suarez deal died when we didn’t go higher than £40,000,001, next summer he went for £75m. We had Higuain lined up for £22m, Madrid jacked the price £10m and we pulled out, he went to Napoli, next year to Juve for £90m. I’ve had it on good authority that the Ballague story about Arsenal not paying £7m commission to M’Bappe’s parents DID cost us a deal for him last season. Yes, the club that dropped £4m for Wellington Silva wouldn’t pay £7m for M’Bappe. I mean, fuck me, we even lost out on Mark Schwarzer because we wouldn’t pay £4m. We nearly lost out on Holding over a £2m fee. We lost out on Cahill because we offered £6m. These decisions don’t come from Dick Law or Ivan G, they come from Arsene Wenger. He is the king.

How anyone thinks we’re losing out on Lemar because the club won’t fund a player who if successful, could double his value in 2 years, is beyond me.


Now here’s where I’m making observations. But if you’re a bank looking for leverage on an LA Stadium, what is going to be more appealing, Arsenal FC as leverage, or its cash pile that’s just sitting in an account?

> Cash in football loses value sitting in the bank. £100m buys you the best midfielder in Europe last summer, this summer, it buys you half a Neymar.

> What bank is going to take 100m of sterling as leverage? The pound is extremely volatile at the moment, and even the most ardent Brexiter will admit the currency is more likely than not going to take a massive tanking as Brexit talks continue to disappoint

> Stank K doesn’t own Arsenal outright, he has 70%. Could he really use the cash at Arsenal as security on another deal? Have my doubts.

> Barclays had some sort of clause in their deal with us that the club had to invest in the playing side of things to secure the loan for the stadium. Would their legal team be happy that the future of their investement was being jeopardised by some shady ‘don’t spend’ deal (EVEN THOUGH THE NUMBER POINT TO HUGE SPENDING)


The whole story is a red herring because simply put, the problems are facing this summer have nothing to do with player purchases. We have way bigger issues.

> The club failed to tie big name players down to new deals last summer

> The club failed to make big decisions on the rebels futures at the start of this summer, deciding instead to play chicken with our season, to the point that we’re now flogging them all at the backend of August in a panic. Strategically, one of the most suicidal decisions of the last ten years

> Arsene failed to identify the true issues of last years failings, arrogantly pinpointing his contract woes, not the systemic failings top to bottom in his approach to the game. Remember when the club leaked that Sanchez and Ozil were waiting on Wenger’s future to sign on? Looks like they waited then ran the moment he inked his deal. Pretty obvious why, Wenger is finished.

> The club wasn’t ruthless enough in clearing out deadwood. Wilshere, Gibbs, Debuchy, Chamberlain, Theo, Giroud, Ospina, Jenks, should all have been told to leave the day after the FA Cup Final and told they would train with the kids until they moved. That would have freed up wages, salary and set the tone for the summer. Instead, we sat on our hands and did next to nothing.

> We had no transfer strategy because the club has no footballing philosophy. If the vision isn’t there, it’s easy to see why the summer ended in such a mess.

Finally, let’s not get too caught up in Arsenal having a net surplus this summer now Chamberlain has gone. Juventus, Cheslea, and Spurs all run neutral and surplus. One club finished 2nd the year before moving Stadium, the other two are Champions. You can run a surplus and buy great players, you just have to look further ahead than one week.

So in short, Arsene has plenty of money, he has all the control, the mess is all his. Don’t get bogged down into the Stan K conspiracies, because all the facts point to them being completely untrue. It’s just amateurs echoing one anothers untruths to sounds like they were in on the lie, sorry, ‘exclusive.’


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501 Responses to “Disingenuous myths of Wenger cash woes exposed point by point”

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  1. SuperSwede

    Now, what can be done to persuade Stan the silent man Kroenke to sack Wenger? The rest of the board can’t back Wenger one bit despite the PR in today’s press. Not after Wenger signing a new deal with SK behind the back of the board in June. And I don’t believe any senior players will sign new contracts under his management. So the only question is how far down the drain we’ve fallen before the board decides enough is enough.

    We can leave it to the players or we can start making it ugly for real

  2. Ekpang Bisong

    One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.

  3. SuperSwede

    Cheers DM!

    The time difference worked in my favour today. No night watchers awake to protect the Le Grove from the white walker riding the dragon (as if it would’ve mattered).

    Damn, we’re in an awful state of affairs. I just hope no one gets seriously injured in the protests and infighting that awaits us inevitable

  4. WrightIsGod

    I’ve sat in dressing rooms waiting for a team sheet to be read out.

    I can imagine the looks on the players faces when ours was read out.

    “This old man has lost it.”

  5. John Forward

    In this modern age, no business, keeps the CEO longer than 5 years.
    The top clubs all appoint a ‘coach’ not a manager.
    Wenger is not a coach. He only has a perfunctory relationship with the players, Mou, Conte, Klopp all are close to the players.
    Wenger is just an aging dictator, clinging to power whilst all around him crumbles.

  6. chris

    I got great satisfaction from reading this article – even tho I did not agree all of it.
    Wenger is much better at political tactics than football tactics. In house, he expanded his power relentlessly over a a number of years. Then he skilfully cultivated Kroenke – who knows nothing about football and whose US sports clubs are also soundly run without winning much. Kroenke milks the fanbases. When will Wenger go ? Not before he drops dead or loses Kroenke lots of money.

  7. TitsMcGee

    especially because we wouldn’t be having this conversation if Wenger had 3 wins in 3.”

    Damn right about that. Kroenke only ever gets mentioned off the back of poor results.

    The same ones applauding Wenger for signing Lacazette and Kolasinac touting g those signings as some massive improvement were the same ones shifting focus to Kroenke after Sunday.

    Wenger should be doing MUCH better than he has been. Just because the owner isn’t an Abramovich doesn’t mean we are destined to be also-rans.

  8. Wallace


    “Arsenal hasn’t sold a player for more than £15m in over 5 years, we never sell our players at peak value, we grossly over pay large swathes of the squad to the point they can’t be moved on…”

    a few players are on maybe 10-20k more than their performance/ability merits. are we the only big club with this problem? nope.

  9. raptora

    I have a serious problem with people who suddenly want Kroenke’s head. Why do I have a problem with them? Because they are in their entirety the exact same people who sang “There’s only one Arsene Wenger” at Wembley with Stan K at the stadium.

    The fan base at the stadium and in the media as a whole showed that most of the fans want Wenger to stay. The protests were minimal. The banners were few. The Wenger supporters were so many.

    And now same people damning the protests and “Wenger Out” banners while they hid in their holes have now turned against Kroenke. Kroenke just did what the fans wanted. Same fans that wanted Wenger to stay are now calling out the owner claiming that he is the “real enemy” because he gave Wenger a contract. Saying how stupid it is to root for your team to lose. Damning the people with banners and the people who go to protest. Saying that the team is destabilized because of the people who show their discontent with the way that the club is ran. Kroenke saw all the good stuff and decided to give Wenger a contract extension. He saw what the Wenger apologists did – by supporting Wenger, and did not do – by showing their desire for a change. Wenger has a job because of people like you.

    And they now have invented another way of apologizing Wenger swinging the focus of blame from Wenger to Kroenke. It’s ridiculous. And it speaks volume for our fan base really leading me to question if they are Arsenal FC or Arsene FC supporters…

  10. Wallace


    “Arsene Wenger lied to the fans when he said the Lemar deal was off because Monaco wouldn’t sell. Liverpool are now in with a £60m bid. ”

    surely it’s only if Liverpool actually buy him that Wenger’s lied to the fans, no?

  11. Ondgooner

    I sincerely think Wenger has also lost the respect of the players and the dressing room. He may now spend trillions on players but the rot I believe has begun. Extract the ‘tooth’ now before it turns out to be a whole gum disease as it spreads! We are now folks in a downward spiral; fasten unto your seat belts.
    Mr Wenger please do the right thing and GO!!!!! Now!!!

  12. Pedro

    True Wallace. Maybe went a bit hard on that part of the post.

    However, if we’d have gone in hard for him at the start of the summer, with proper money, I’d imagine we’d have had a better chance.

  13. Pedro

    I stand by what I wrote… Monaco sold every single player for way above market value, what reason do they have for keeping Lemar outside not getting the right price at the right time?

  14. TitsMcGee

    . He may now spend trillions on players but the rot I believe has begun”

    The usual suspects were so sure this summer would be different lol

    Barring an absolute shocker in closing days of window we’ll be going into the season woefully short AGAIN.

    Arsenal fans deserve it though.

  15. Realitybites

    Aside from the 4/5 players who didn’t give a shit on Sunday, the truth is that is more or less the level we are at right now. No direction, no clear formation just knee jerk reactions. So worried about paying over the odds we have just allowed any clubs we want to negotiate with in the next 72 hours the chance to increase any asking fee by 10% because they know we are desperate. Welbeck? no, I am serious Welbeck? WTF? Was the plan to play a pressing game? Well looks the message didn’t get back to the rest of the team

  16. Inyourpiehole

    As always Wenger will muddle through a few wins, the fans will be back on board signing only one Arsene Wenger………..well that is until the next thrashing then the merry go round starts again……..weeeeeeeeee round an round we go where we stop nobody knows.

  17. Pierre

    Emirates stroller
    Reply from last Post

    Do you actually think I don’t agree with every word of keown ‘s comments. It’s a complete balls up and personally I believe that the main culprit is Wenger despite the fact that kronke is a fool for giving him a new contract.

    I was just putting out there a scenario of what could happen after the next 9 games, 8 of which are extremely winnable.

    If arsenal win those 8 games then he will buy himself time if arsenal falter then the knives will be out as we will have city, spurs and man Utd. Confidence will be shot to pieces and he could be out by Christmas.

    So, in my mind, it’s the next 9 games (6 at home) that will determine the outcome for Wenger this season.

    Arsenal could quite easily be up to the top 4, have 9points in Europa league and in the next round of the league cup… If this is the case then he will be going nowhere in the near future and that’s the reality of the situation.

    If people on here want to take this comment as an endorsement of wengers team selections, tactics, transfer dealings then they are wrong.

    Wait and see how it all pans out, the next 9 games could be defining in the future of Arsenal football club…

  18. Guns of Hackney


    This, in my opinion, is your best post to date.

    There are no more nails to hit…you got them all.

    Well played.

  19. TitsMcGee

    Ian Wright ripping Arsene to shreds as well. Referred to Wenger as a football hermit. Doesn’t know what Wenger will do without football. Says definitely Wenger won’t leave on his own.

    Veira still toeing the line though (understandable I guess considering he’ll probably be in the running whenever Wenger leaves the club feet first).

  20. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Nice one, Pedro. A veiled slap upside the head of Creepy Charlie who now has taken to peddling the Kroenke is at fault scenario cause he basically can no longer defend Wenger…all the while insulting and offending every poster he encounters.

    Really nice post today, Pedro.

  21. Leaving in a wooden box

    I’ve seen many ” intelligent” comments on here blaming kroenke for almost all our woes on here.
    It’s a mystery to me that such apparently level headed fans do this.
    Their articulation is commendable, so that you know they are intelligent people.
    When Liverpool’s slaughter of us was analysed and concluded by all pundits that the players and WENGER were clearly to blame, these fans still attribute these disastrous failings to kroenke.
    They have a psychological problem therefore…. A denial system that protects their obviously beneficial view of Wenger.
    Maybe they associate happiness with the Wenger years pre 2005?… and are automatically defensive about anyone in effect erasing that feel-good memory.
    It’s a strange psychology that blamed kroenke for team selection, tactics and player
    Kroenke has his faults, but many clubs wouldn’t mind an owner releasing £135 million pounds that was sitting on the bench on Sunday.
    Kroenke isn’t a football diehard, but in all this depression and crisis at arsenal, really THE MAIN CULPRIT IS WENGER..
    Kroenkes only blame is that he didn’t “retire” Wenger after the cup final.

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Pierre…”Wait and see how it all pans out, the next 9 games could be defining in the future of Arsenal football club…”

    9 Games? More like transfer deadline day will define the future of AFC. Where have you been over the summer? Come on already…9 games, no make it 18, better yet give him the season. It’s over already for crying out loud. If that debacle on Sunday didn’t tell everyone that after three games the players all went tools down, nothing will.

  23. shaun

    ofcourse Wenger has lost the respect of the players as they know wenger is not a coach of high technical ability , he never has been just ask Henry ,veira ,fabregas any of the former players will tell you that ….what is it Adams said , WENGER JUST GIVES CONFIDENCE AND TELLS THE PLAYERS TO EXPRESS THEM SELVES …the rest he expects as they are highly paid professionals .Wenger was bought in as a puppet for Dein so that Dein could pull the strings and Wenger was just told what to do , you could have put diddy men infront of that defense and got results .You get people saying even now that Wenger was a genius that is so frigging hillarious . he has just been found out as the puppet got to believeing the hype and actually started believeing what the idiot AKB’S think . Any Arsenal fan with a brain could see after the invincibles what wenger actually is …the more brutal his exposure the better as far as I am concerned .Instead of partially getting away with it if he walked after the FA CUP , he still wants to take the absolute piss and take a pay rise lol………………………..lol he’s a blatter type one those who think they are so above you in every respect they can stand infront of you and curse your mum but how dare you get angry or annoyed , that is what we are dealing with , the guy really is of comical ali proportions , you can just see him standing in an empty emirates after a 12-0 thrashing saying we have to improve and give the right performance in the next game

  24. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Not saying that, Pierre…if you ever bother to read. I’m saying that AFC’s future will be defined in three days time. Read! Or is that a tall ask in consideration that your Wenger obsession permeates your every pore? Read!

  25. dev.gooner

    Wenger the pied piper and his followers will follow him to the grave that is being dug for this club.

    Sad times. :(

  26. Paddy got bored

    Sadly I think the fight is over. I for one was right behind any protest to get this leach out of our club.. Sadly so many old school fans have just given up which I still think was a deliberate act by the club. And replaced by these weird Moonie type people you see at the pop arena each week
    All replica shirts and red and white half scarves.
    We don’t even have any songs apart from that Ozil shit one we copied off the garnets.. sums us up though the most laziest fucker to put our great shirt on and the moonies sing his name!!!
    If you try and sing any of the old songs they look at you in amazement…
    I hate it watching the heebies and the atmosphere they create at the shithole then watching our lot sit in silence and all off for the tube with 15 mins left..
    The lot out

  27. HighburyLegend

    @Paddy : perfect resume.
    The fans have been wengerized, the club is so much damaged that you wonder if it’s gonna be fix, even when le mighty prof will be out…

    (he will probably stay, as a member of the board, anyway…)

  28. Pierre

    “Or is that a tall ask in consideration that your Wenger obsession permeates your every pore? Read!”

    Arrogance, ignorance and stupidity.. Welcome to Adam A. Cabaradumber & dumbers World..

  29. Leaving in a wooden box

    @ paddy…true enough…..we as a club are a plastic copy of what we were.
    Unfortunately many aspects of life are.
    The obsessive march of health and safety, shit TV with talentless wankers muttering unfunny shite.
    It’s as though the heart is being squeezed to death from society.
    We’ve gone from a footballing shrine at Highbury, to a plastic money-making soft entertainment palace at the Emirates.
    For all that is plastic in the world, one person represents that better than anyone…and it’s not solid plastic either…hollow and flimsy and useless.
    Take a bow arsene plastisol.

  30. OleGunner

    Anyone hear who would take the Sterling pls cash deal for Sanchez that is breaking right now?

    I feel like he’d easily fit in with our comfortable mediocrity at Arsenal.

  31. Adams Halfvolley

    Vieira declares technical ability not enough to win football matches.

    That is a clear rebuke on everything wenger has done since the Invincibles, which in hindsight could have been considered insulting to Vieira (we don’t need his type to be successful).

    But this is also a pitch for wengers job, with a clear alternative approach, and one I agree with.

    So we cannot affor to spend 200m on a striker, fine. Do something else. Build around defence. Be the most organised defensive strong in the league. Top defenders and DMs are available at a fraction of the price of singular strikers.
    As Pedro says there is no strategy and no vision. We just keep trying to be Barca-lite with so called creative players racking up stats by passing sideways in our own half before sauntering forward once the opposition has had time to organise their defence with almost every outfield player we have, and then getting hit on the counter. And repeat. For ten years.

    It’s time to change everything. Simeone is our man.

  32. Leaving in a wooden box

    @adam, anyone still YES STILL supporting the idiot that is wenger surely has to have a screw loose.
    These nutters should be avoided.Why waste your time convincing someone what is obvious to anyone with even half a brain.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Still got that hard on for me I see pal. It’s cute but I’m not interested.

    Playing that game again. “Suddenly” on Kroenke? Try always been on him because he’s never put a penny into Arsenal get taken money out annually.

    Singing one Arsene Wenger when exactly? I’ve literally never sang that at emirates in all the time I’ve gone there. Fake news as per your type.

  34. Adams Halfvolley

    lacazette Giroud
    Kolasinac Seri Calvarho Belerin
    VVD Morgan Koz

    All the new names are available (barring Leicester’s Morgan) this summer. The Arsenal board needs to simply accept that the team they have allowed to be assembled is completely unfit for purpose and spend whatever to achieve a team like this.
    Pay over the odds if necessary. Lemar and Marhez are alternatives to Arsensio, who really looks like the business.
    And literally sell anyone not in this starting 11 to achieve the funds to do it. Including Sanchez to ththe highest bidder.
    Change the manager at the end of the season.

  35. BacaryisGod

    Absolutely yes on Sterling + cash as long as the cash is 40 million. Here’s why it should be 40 million. First, by taking Sterling we’re actually doing City a favor. They have to offload players in order to bring Alexis on board and they would rather it be Sterling than Sane, De Bruyne or Gabriel. I’m guessing Pep would gladly move on Aguero but he’s too similar to Lacazette.

    Regardless, here’s where it all went wrong this summer. Arsene thought that the skills he used in recruiting Alexis, Ozil and the Ox to Arsenal could be employed again in renewing their contracts. He was dead wrong and he’s paying a steep price for his over-confidence. He knows his mistake was in not quitting after the brilliant win over Chelsea and it could now be a lot more of an unpleasant exit.

  36. Jasongms

    what ever you write Peter one thing is absolutely certain, the Wenger In brigade will unashamedly ignore the narrative, in favour of a misconstrued sense of loyalty to the all mighty ‘heir Wenger’

    Also Wallace, respectfully, Arsene has lied so many times that it really is surprising you could jump on Peter’s post like it was something unknown or unheard of …

    The reality is no matter how much you respect and honour the man, he is not an elite sporting proposition, that much you have to come to terms with.. And the sooner you (and all the Wenger lovers) realise that the sooner the fans can unite, work together and end this misery.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    City really have a hard on for Sanchez, don’t they. I’m not a fan of Sterling but he seems to be doing a job for city…a job he couldn’t do at Arsenal. I’d see him becoming another Walcot or Ox.

    Also, Sterling must be feeling pretty shit considering city are offering him up as part of a deal??? City simply have to get Sanchez now or they will have a very pissed off player on their staff.

    I feel for sterling on this, but no player HAS to agree to any deal put up by the club.

    Whatever happens, Arsenal are not winning this transfer window.

  38. Jasongms

    sorry, don’t want Stirling anywhere near the Arsenal. ffs we just off loaded Chamberlain and we want to bring in his double LOL

  39. Jim Lahey

    “Absolutely yes on Sterling + cash as long as the cash is 40 million. Here’s why it should be 40 million.”

    Well it won’t….. We would be lucky to get 40 million for Sanchez at this point, why do you think we would get a player plus 40 million? The cash would be £10-15m tops and that money is fuck all to a club like Arsenal so in essence it is a straight swap Sanchez for Sterling.

    So absolutely fucking not. All we have done for the past decade is stockpile mediocre British players, we finally shipped one out and now we are looking to bring one in to replace Sanchez??! Christ lets take Leroy Sané instead!

  40. Marko

    Everyone knew that when Wenger signed a new deal Sanchez wasn’t signing his. And that whole paragraph of missed out players is a scathing indictment of Arsene Wenger’s infamous dithering

  41. Relieable Sauce

    lol, Sterling valued at £30m.
    I think Spurs might even be interested at that price.

    What reason did he give for wanting to leave Liverpool ?
    Ambition to win top trophies I believe.

  42. Pierre

    Would take sterling plus cash for sanchez… Would take ces plus cash for aoc.. If borrusia dortmund offer decent money for ozil, take it… Would buy van Dyke and Nzonzi and mahrez..

    .. Bellerin.. Kosielny.. Van Dyke . Kolasinac
    . Nzonzi xhaka
    …… Fabregas
    Mahrez… Lacazette… Sterling

  43. Champagne charlie

    Ok so shit has supposedly hit the fan and Alexis is being touted to clubs but only with a top player exchange included.

    Firesale at Arsenal underway, and various options being lined up. A few days to make changes, this time seemingly it’s a trolley dash down Waitrose instead of Aldi.

    Would rather fuck Alexis off to PSG for a couple of their lads than City for Sterling. He’s on his last legs at City, lots of promise but he isn’t consistent. Everyone knows he wants London though, wanted it when leaving Liverpool. Imagine he’d push for it too.

  44. Champagne charlie

    I’m going to be a mug and state I reckon we’ll see 3 new faces before window closes.

    But Alexis, Mustafi, Ox are out.

  45. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    “Would take ces plus cash for aoc.. ”

    Yup, I am on board with that too. £10 + Cesc would be an amazing deal for us. I would take him back in a heartbeat. No point in us cutting off our nose to spite our face. We need a player in the centre that can actually pass a ball.

    Without Santi our team has crumbled, Cesc would be a great substitute, he would bring back some quality into that midfield.

  46. Adams Halfvolley

    @ Pierre.
    Nice team and realistic too. See mine above. More ambitious for sure (5 new players) but everyone needed and 4 of the 5 definitely available.
    I would want to see two up front. We are going to need two goal scorers up top to replace Sanchez’ numbers. and Giroud has done nothing wrong at Arsenal.

  47. raptora

    looks a pretty neat squad but far too much Football Manager mate lol. Could happen in a club with desire to progress. Not at ours.

    I would not like Xhaka + Cesc since none of them have a solid goal input and both of them are passers on the ball with no speed and no bite. Very similar players now that I think about it minus that Cesc even now is miles ahead of Xhaka let alone when he was in his prime and was a top, top player.

    Nzonzi and VvD could do the job while Mahrez looks like one of the best players we can hope for at this very moment if Alexis is leaving.

  48. Marko

    I’m going to be a mug and state I reckon we’ll see 3 new faces before window closes.

    Do you trust these cunts to bring in the right people though. Keep in mind that of the 4 players we brought in last summer for 90 million we’re about to lose two of them at a loss.

  49. gmv8

    Ok – Wenger only became extremely stingy, messing up transfers for the sake of a few quid AFTER Kroenke arrived. Contrast the Arshavin transfer, in which Wenger overpaid to get the deal over the line,and was a little before the Kroenke arrival, compared to the Mata transfer, which dragged on for months arguing over a small amount, eventually being gazumped by Chelsea, a little after the Kroenke arrival, and becoming the norm for all subsequent transfers, Nasri said that Kroenke forced Wenger to sell him, and while a lot of fans would like to disbelieve anything Nasri says, I see no reason for him to lie about that. You try and get a mortgage based on your car – you won’t get it, loan companies are only interested in cold cash, not risky football players, who could get a serious injury, or otherwise lose their form at any time. Kroenke is the whole problem with the club, because if Wenger wasn’t performing, he would’ve been out, without Kroenke being the owner.

  50. Dissenter

    It’ fans like you that enabled Wenger to this situation.
    You’re willing to muddy the waters and throw chaff all day to defend Wenger.
    You come here everyday to insult other fans because any criticism of Wenger is anti-Arsenal.
    We are at this point because of fans like you.

    Truth be said
    Kroenke took the EASY way out last summer.
    He endorsed the majority position of passive Wenger lovers like you. He’s a continent target because he’s American and distant.
    How curious is it to have you attack the man enabling the manager you support.

    We deserve what we get. I really hope Wenger continues on his path of destruction.

  51. Samir

    Fuck Cesc he’s past it. Whenever he plays for Chelsea they look suspect defensivly…We already have Ramsey and Xhaka, that’s enough lazy CMs for us.

    Wouldn’t want Sterling either. Sane though, would bite their hands off for Sane.

  52. Tomtom

    It is now two and a half years since Arsenal won away against a top 6 rival. In the last five years, their away record against Spurs, City, Utd, Liverpool & Chelsea reads Played 24 won 2

  53. Champagne charlie


    We’re selling Mustafi and Lucas, but both waltz into our first team imo.

    Let’s get one thing straight, we could bring in Sergio Ramos, Verratti, and Bale but our weaknesses would still be application and organisation off the ball + a total charge forward by everyone when we gain possession.

    I’m simply looking toward the changes in personnel because it’s the only reaction we can have to the weekend. Plus there’s always that hope we accidentally bring in someone that can do a managers job on the pitch, which could see us through this season.

  54. Dissenter

    Pierre wil take Sterling plus cash for Alexis?
    You’ve been banging the drum of keeping him at all cost. What has changed.

    Sterling is not stupid. Why would he come to Arsenal and waste his career.
    Why would city give up the player they purchased after a public spat with Liverpool for a player with 9 months left on his deal.

    They can agree a pre-contract (secretly) with Alexis and leak it to the media in January to put off other clubs.

  55. Tomtom

    It’s been like a 10 year car crash, the club is run like a public sector organization with no accountability whatsoever

  56. Jasongms


    extremely frustrating that fans’ like you and I use the terms loosely exist

    So Nasri came out and stated Wenger told him it was Kroenke that wanted him gone.. OK, sure and I’ve got this magic carpet I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

    Club won’t ever move on when fans are stating the ridiculous as fact

  57. Dissenter

    When you hear Ramsey say “we have to change SOMETHING”, you realize that a cloud of cluelessness pervades the club.
    No one really knows hat they are doing anymore.
    We have to change “something “???

  58. Jim Lahey

    Also can I just say I honestly think we were never interested in bring Lemar into the club. I mean…. I remember having a conversation on here about Monaco with someone before the CL semi last year, we talked about how the Monaco team would be picked apart this summer by all the top clubs in Europe. If a couple of fucking know-nothings on a blog could see it, why couldn’t the people that work for Arsenal FC?!!

    If we really wanted Lemar, a deal would have been made before the window opened, before Monaco were torn apart! Of course they’re not going to sell later in the window, when they have lost 4-5 players and now have more money than they know what to do with. Madness….

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Went from an ‘ideal situation’ to ‘f**k sell, sell quickly’ really frigging quick.

    You might almost think no one at the club knows what they are doing.

    Surely not.

  60. gmv8

    @raptora: You support Kroenke? Give me an example of Wenger messing up a transfer before Kroenke arrived. Kroenke is the problem, the whole problem and nothing but a problem, Irrespective of what he is doing behind the scenes, he is agreeing with everything Wenger is doing, by signing him for another two years, against the wishes of the majority of the board. Get rid of Kroenke, then Wenger becomes accountable.

  61. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    “Sterling is not stupid. Why would he come to Arsenal and waste his career.”

    – Earn close to £200k a week
    – Live in London
    – No pressure to perform or win
    – Gets to go out on the lash with Welbz and Super Jack

  62. Ishola70

    Unbelievable that some are still thinking Wenger is fit for purpose at this stage.

    Wenger accountable? Fuck that. He has done enough damage already.

  63. Ishola70

    Sterling is a bit of a pansy footballer.

    No surprise that this is the player Man City are willing to sacrifice.

    He was hilarious in the Euros for England. Like watching a 12yo girl playing football.

    I think he has improved upon that disastrous Euros for England and he wasn’t the only English player to stink out that tournament but he is a patsy player really.

  64. Dissenter

    Wenger may not be lying when he said the deal is dead because Monaco won’t sell Lamar this window.
    He was just being disingenuous as usual.
    Monaco had to deal with several clubs for outgoing transfers this season. They know that we are the amateur tire-kickers of Europe, repeatedly coming up with low ball offers at the same time the players is being destabilized.
    They probably told us to f*ck-off politely. They will deal with next seriousness negotiating club that seem to understand the 2017 transfer market. They will sell him to Liverpool. Lequipe is reporting that they are seeking a replacement for Lamar.

  65. Leaving in a wooden box

    Sterling is nothing special….he is an updated model of Walcott. His finishing is generally poor. There are better players out there.
    Trouble is Wenger only reacts when it’s game over….. A dithering fool that only notices a problem when it’s too late to solve it.
    We have had this panic buying situation before. Remember 8-2…following that he bought about 6 players and if my memory serves, most were duds.
    Wenger will end up taking any half decent player to somehow try and mask his shoddy august planning.

  66. Jim Lahey

    “He was hilarious in the Euros for England. Like watching a 12yo girl playing football.”

    Oh he will feel right at home playing alongside Walcott so! I can stomach watching that grown man kick another ball then falling on his ass like a child…

  67. Jasongms

    Cesc, I was thinking exactly the same thing. From ” be cool, this is the ideal situation, to screaming “fire! quick everyone run for their lives.”

    Arsene knows apparently

    Personally, don’t want Stirling, would be happy with a Draxler/ Alexis swap with cash and then use the money to bring in a CM and Defender. Or just a cash sale and use the money to get Lemar in.

    Would be lovely if Ozil was sold also, most underwhelming player to ever wear the jersey when he was supposed to be the ‘real’ catalyst for change and have that Bergkamp effect. Unfortunately, it never materialised .

  68. gmv8


    Why is this ridiculous? Makes perfect sense, when you consider that Kroenke wants to use the club as collateral and there was very little in the reserves at that time, due to the new stadium. The club will never move on while fans like you support someone who brings only negatives to the club, without whom we would be far better off. WIthout Kroenke, the board would’ve moved Wenger on. I don’t get your point, what has magic carpets which are imaginary, have to do with facts?

  69. Emiratesstroller

    We have lost Ox for £35 Million to Chelsea and I suspect now Sanchez will go
    to Man City before transfer window closes.

    So Wenger’s repeated statement over last 2 years that Arsenal is not a selling
    club and we are no longer obliged to sell to our competitors goes out of the window.

    On the one hand Wenger appears to be in total control when we do inward transfer business or rather the lack of it, but on the other hand when the club
    decides to sell or loan out players it is suddenly someone else’s responsibility.

    This is just another example of what is now going on at the club. We are paying the Manager who is an employee of the club £8 million pa to make bad

    Arsenal is the equivalent to a middle of the road FTSE250 company. No CEO let
    alone Manager in such a company would be earning anything like what we are paying Gazidis and Wenger. They would be probably earning something
    like £200-250K pa.

    When you see the wages we now pay the footballers even at the bottom of
    the ladder it does raise some serious questions about football clubs are being

    I can understand the logic of paying a “headline” footballer who makes a real
    difference to team £200K Pw if he makes a real difference to the performance
    level of the club and its “increase” in revenues.

    However, when you evaluate Arsenal’s current squad you would be hard pressed to justify an annual wage of £500K [£10K PW] when you equate the
    performance of most players in team and squad.

    Personally I find it difficult to justify the wages that we are paying the likes
    of Wilshire, Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambers, Walcott and Iwobi. Their season long
    game time for the club is well below the minimum level that even in the inflated market of football we should be paying for these players.

    It is obscene. What makes it even worse is the lack of loyalty that many of our
    players display to the club.

  70. Jim Lahey

    “If Lemar goes to Liverpool wenger should be sacked on the spot.”

    The man has survived more sackable offences than Castro did assassination attempts.

  71. Champagne charlie

    What I will say about Sterling, is that he would bring a pretty aggressive and middy attitude on the pitch at times. He’s not a nice boy like we have.

    He’s forever fucking people off, pushing, and being a dick to the ref. That’d be a welcome change in itself almost.

  72. Dissenter

    -Sterling earns close to £200k weekly already
    -He plays for one of the most exciting managers in the world already.
    -London is a private-plane hop away from Manchester. The Manchester-London trip by road is closer than D.C.-Philadelphia, it’s a proximal,e distance so it’s no biggy.
    -The player reportedly left Liverpool to “win things”.Why on earth will he come to the shit show at Arsenal.

    Why on earth will city give him up for a player they can sign on a free transfer next season?


    Agree about Sterling very LIGHTWEIGHT.


    little running gait and you have potential for a
    IM so angry.

  74. Pierre

    “Pierre wil take Sterling plus cash for Alexis?
    You’ve been banging the drum of keeping him at all cost. What has changed.”

    Talking out your arse(that’s butt in the U S of A) as per usual

    Couldn’t give give a toss either way to be honest… Sanchez is, and always will be, only interested in one person, and that’s himself..

    Very good player (not great) but not really a team man is he.. We have too many of those I’m afraid… I would put Ramsey, ox and Walcott in that bracket.

    So yes, I would take sterling for sanchez,

  75. gmv8

    @Jasongms: The only thing that closely resembles a magic carpet is the ‘advice’ that Kroenke has charged AFC over 10m for, in that as many people have seen this advice as have seen a magic carpet.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Sterling is another Walcott only without the goals. No football brain and not a
    player I would be personally interested in.

    If we accept him as a part of the deal for Sanchez it demonstrates just how easy
    it is now for clubs like Chelsea and Man City to walk all over us and dictate terms of any deal.

    A very sad state of affairs.

  77. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    There is a huge difference between living in Manchester and London, and I am sure players are not permitted to take private planes to other cities during the week (I am guessing!).

    “The player reportedly left Liverpool to “win things”.”

    To be honest, that is just a line fed to fans to justify leaving. What else would a player say? And I am not too sure how much weight winning carries with some players anymore, just look at our team. What players are here to win things?

    Arsenal is a haven for a certain type of player. Big bucks, cushy life, zero expectation.

  78. Dissenter

    When you’re not defending Wenger you’re spilling your brand of feculent nonsense. You seem to conviniently forget what you’ve been advocating all summer.
    You ought to patent your crappy view points.
    Yup, lets keep Alexis; he loves the game so much he will always give his best.
    All those stupid viewpoints are in the garbage now. The next position is let’s exchange the player with 9 months left for the player city fought Liverpool over.

    As if Sterling does not have a say.
    As if City don’t have a calendar that tells them they can sign Alexis for nothing (except wages) in 9 months.

    Dream on…not that you were ever awake. Wenger-lover.

  79. Champagne charlie

    All the guys with an ear at Arsenal are claiming there was a big squad dressing down and anyone who isn’t 100% behind being here is getting told to find new clubs.

    Watershed moment and all that is being suggested. Suppose we will see just how much bite is in such a bark.

    I’ll know Wenger has snapped if he fucks Ozil off to Dortmund. That’d actually be a statement. Too little too late, but a statement nonetheless.

  80. gmv8

    The only plus point of a Sterling deal, is at least we get reasonable contract length, which was all Arsenals fault in the first place. Thinking you can run a players contract down, like Wenger says, is not living in the real world, even if the player themselves behave in an honourable way, the press love stirring up the hornets nest, and this must affect the whole team.

  81. Jim Lahey

    @Champagne charlie –

    “All the guys with an ear at Arsenal are claiming there was a big squad dressing down and anyone who isn’t 100% behind being here is getting told to find new clubs.”

    I wish I could believe it :(

  82. Dissenter

    Telling players who are not behind Wenger to find other clubs is ridiculous.
    We will be stick with mediocre players who are just here to earn a paycheck or enjoy the highlife of London.
    Does that fix the lack of preparation for games?
    Does that correct Ramsey’s repetitive inclination to be further up-front that the number-9?
    Does that fix Xhaka’s repiitive mistakes?
    Telling players to leave while protecting Wenger is the height of stupidity.
    It’s a hamfisted approach that does no good eventually because it doesn’t address the core of the problem. They players were ill-prepared for the game and sent to play with the wrong tactics.

    Wenger is the footballing problem, until he leaves we are done.

  83. Leedsgunner

    Our best players want to leave.
    Our worst players want to stay because no one else will take them.
    Many of our best youngsters have left, or they will think about leaving once our stars go.

    If this is not a car crash what is?

    People who support the manager have often said Wenger is worth keeping because he is draw for top players. That might have been true 15 years ago but recently?

    Our club is now a magnet for players who want the easy life with huge undeserved , to coast a bit but still want the kudos of saying to people around them that they play for “a big club.”

    Arsenal FC is a misnomer now. We are a football club in name only.

    In reality we are a giant ego trip for Wenger, the Board and the Owner… nothing more and nothing less.

  84. Jim Lahey

    Regarding Sterling, personally I don’t want him at the club.

    But lets say he comes in, and we lose Sanchez. Sterling starts like a house on fire, energy, hustle and enthusiasm. Great, but we have all seen it before.

    One day he notices that other players like Ramsey or Ozil aren’t tracking back, and no one is saying anything about it, so fuck it, why should he?

    His performances are getting sloppy, but every week he is in the team, and why wouldn’t he be? His competition is Theo Walcott, a man who has no interest in playing football. And so the cycle continues.

    HOW many players have we seen come into the club and look fantastic for the first few months then drop off considerably?

  85. Ishola70

    “If we accept him as a part of the deal for Sanchez it demonstrates just how easy
    it is now for clubs like Chelsea and Man City to walk all over us and dictate terms of any deal .A very sad state of affairs.”

    Of course. Arsenal are in a weak position regarding Sanchez and Man City will call the shots if any deal is done.

    If this deal materialises it would basically mean that Arsenal would have weakened their first XI while Man City improve theirs.

    But that’s what happens when you have a player that is in his last year who wants out and has no interest in renewing.

  86. OleGunner

    “All the guys with an ear at Arsenal are claiming there was a big squad dressing down and anyone who isn’t 100% behind being here is getting told to find new clubs.”

    Even if this is true it won’t make an iota of a difference. Reminds of Theo’s “we’ve had a secret meeting to air it out” spiel from two seasons ago. Laughable.

    The players remaining for the season after the intl break will retreat into their comfortable London Colney creche.

    Happy to pick up their gross wages at literally zero effort and regular collapses in the big games.

    After all it all stems from the top between Wenger and Kroenke, words mean nothing at Arsenal.

  87. Leedsgunner

    Sterling for Sanchez? Forget it, it’s a red herring. It doesn’t matter who we buy. Under Wenger they would regress.

    Under Wenger our club is a football corpse — no fight, no heart and no vision.

  88. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    “We will be stick with mediocre players who are just here to earn a paycheck or enjoy the highlife of London.”

    Isn’t that not the case already?

    “Selling players to leave while protecting Wenger is the height of stupidity.”

    I don’t know if it is a protecting Wenger thing, maybe it is I could be wrong. I was looking at that statement as a more “play for the club”.

  89. gmv8

    @Dissenter – there are many reasons why Kroenke wants Wenger at the helm, and none of them are for the good of AFC. To get rid of Wenger, you have to get rid of Kroenke. None of us know exactly what is going on, and the reasons behind Wenger’s bizarre behaviour, which seem senseless to most of us. Why would you play people out of place to make room for someone who is leaving the club, while leaving people more skillful, and more committed to the club on the bench, it seems total madness on the face of it, which any owner with an interest in the club wouldn’t stand for.

  90. Leaving in a wooden box

    Imaging having to negotiate a deal with that arrogant prick Wenger?
    His history is littered with “almost” deals.
    His lofty arrogant stance does nothing but rile his opposite number.
    His manner of “I will offer you what I think the player is worth” just seems to break those deals. He believes he is too professional to engage in bidding auction wars with rivals. His pride and conceit that scuppers these deals is explained and excused by the AKB myth that Wenger’s values are to be respected.
    A misguided clown that gets ££££rewarded for screwing up virtually everything he has any involvement with.

  91. raptora

    What Jim says ^.
    Wenger cannot motivate and the players no longer respect him. It’s like in high school where you haven’t done your homework but you know that no one else in the class has done it either, because there will be no punishment, no F score or a call to your parents. So why even do it?

  92. Thank you and goodnight

    Champagne charlie –

    “All the guys with an ear at Arsenal are claiming there was a big squad dressing down and anyone who isn’t 100% behind being here is getting told to find new clubs.”
    Hahahahahahaha that’s why next game our line up is Wenger, Stan, gazidis and the board…..everyone else has fucked off. The BOLLOCKS they come out with, trying to make out that Wenger has a set of balls and a plan…..wakey wakey akbs……its bollocks

  93. Dissenter

    I’ve become very respectful of Oxlade. Behind the veneer of playfulness lurked a very serious young man who knew when to fight for what he believes in.
    He could easily have taken the Walcott-route. We all used to joke he was Walcott exemplified, he’s proved us wrong.
    It wasn’t about the money. Chelsea are never going to pay him 180k or even 150k weekly. It’s about rescuing his career.

    Good for him.

    We know the players that chose to stay after the challenge to leave if they disagree with the club’s lack of ambition are there for all the wrong reasons;
    -Easy pay check-Mesut ozil, no other major European club will offer him 250k weekly
    -London night-life-Elneny declined a transfer because his family like London
    -no pressure to win
    -low expectations from fans- they still clap Walcott off the field.

  94. Marko

    All the guys with an ear at Arsenal are claiming there was a big squad dressing down and anyone who isn’t 100% behind being here is getting told to find new clubs.

    Who did the dressing down Lehmann?

    Let’s be honest with ourselves anybody who comes in this late in the transfer window will be underwhelming and under this manager redundant so honestly what’s the point in continuing to piss money away.

  95. Samesong

    Sterling a Wembley boy so he’ll be happy to come back to London imo
    but find it a but strange Citeh sacrificing Sterling for Sanchez

  96. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    “Let’s be honest with ourselves anybody who comes in this late in the transfer window will be underwhelming”

    True, and lets not forget that any player we bring in from another league will take months to settle in, new country, new league, new teammates, new style of play, new responsibilities. This is why it is paramount to bring players in early and have a preseason with their new teammates.

  97. Emiratesstroller

    I have just extracted current CEO FTSE 100 salary trends published in August
    by Daily Telegraph Business Section and compiled by Price Waterhouse.

    The average salary DROPPED last year by 17% and the average earnings is now
    £4.1million pa which is a reduction of £200K.

    The smallest FTSE 100 companies have an equity valuation of between £3.5 and £4 billion and revenues probably 10 fold larger than Arsenal.

    The CEO and Board are responsible for tens of thousands of jobs and their
    survival is dependent on performance and shareholders’ confidence.

    Wenger earns more than double what a CEO earns and he is not even the boss
    or on the Board of the Company!

  98. Champagne charlie

    Fuck me, twitter going barmy (as you’d expect)

    An ITK roundup:

    – Johnny Evans contacted
    – City want Alexis CASH ONLY. We want Sterling/Cash, or Aguero straight swap
    – Renato Sanches spoken to about loan deal with option to buy
    – Draxler contacted
    – VVD wanted, Manolas also being looked at if Liverpool beat us to him

    Basically let’s go to sleep until Friday morning then see what stuck

  99. HighburyLegend

    “The man has survived more sackable offences than Castro did assassination attempts.”
    lol Jim so true.

  100. Champagne charlie

    “Chelsea are never going to pay him 180k or even 150k weekly. It’s about rescuing his career.”

    Reported he’s going to earn 220k……

    I’d hold fire on the Ox praise.

  101. Jim Lahey

    “Apparently Wenger asked for Sterling to be included. City want straight cash deal.”

    Wenger’s criteria for bringing in a new player – Will this new player obey my orders as they would the word of god.

    If yes, big pay no expectation. If no… Lucas Perez treatment.

  102. Dissenter

    One of the new fallacies being thrown forward by these Wenger enablers is
    ” To get rid of Wenger, you have to get rid of Kroenke” -gmv8

    The only way you get rid of Kronkeis to line up a billionaire to make him an offer that he can’t refuse,.,.if he so desires to sell.
    You’re setting up an impossible proposition to deflect from Wenger.
    Wenger is the contacted employee of Arsenal FC whose contract can be easily terminated. The only thing we will owe him is a pay-off of the balance of his contract and our eternal gratitude.
    Wenger is the one making all the indefensible match decisions. He’s the one that send ps his team out cut off at the knees before the whistle is blown.
    He’s easily sackable with a polite phone all and a press release.
    Stop throwing BS chaff in the wind to deflect from Wenger.

  103. Guns of Hackney

    Can anyone think of a more powderpuff team than Arsenal?


    I could go on. This isn’t a team who wins many games.

  104. Radio Raheem

    I can see another panic buying spree reminiscent of the post 2-8 thumping at Old Trafford. Only this time we’d also be trying to get rid of quite a few.

    Yet we have experienced well-paid professionals running the club?

    Maybe it’s all part of the ploy to keep Arsenal in the news. I’m sure no other club gets more air time.

  105. Leedsgunner

    Where are the “Be careful what you wish for merchants” this morning?

    Let me ask them this… by keeping Wenger, by singing One Arsene Wenger, at the end of last season… by flying that ridiculous flying banner calling us to Respect Wenger… were you wishing for this?

    Why are we surprised, in a way at this chaos? Our pre-season prep was poor… we were completely undercooked (as usual) and Wenger is doing what he normally does — reacting to situations rather than preparing and anticipating for crises.

    That’s why Wenger panic buys. That’s why when we win he hails the team’s mental strength. That’s why when we lose he says the same team is brittle mentally. That’s why he says the Lemar deal is dead when it isn’t.

    The truth is, he doesn’t know. That’s right. I said it. Despite what the popular saying says — Arsene doesn’t know. He hasn’t had a clue for over a decade now.

    He just says says whatever he needs to to get himself out of the firing line. There’s no clear strategy, no clear vision. No plan. Wenger is just a blind man leading a blind board off the cliff face.

    Wenger doesn’t care about the club. As long as he feels vindicated and “proved right” that’s what matters to him.

    That’s why he spends the time boasting about his past record (lol), the players he could have signed, and how he is hard done by… and how everything is so unfair.

    Yep, so unfair picking up £10m pa to do absolutely nothing. Yep, unfair indeed.

  106. Jasongms

    Like Dissenter wrote, asking players to get behind a man that everyone realises is finished, is not going to stop a lack of preparation nor help with in-game tactics, not going to help with player acquisitions or man management. Arsene just isn’t good at any of those minor details LOL.

  107. TitsMcGee

    Yea a lackadaisical atmosphere/work environment is EXACTLY what Sterling (who has not been the most dedicatef to his craft) needs to push on I reckon :)

  108. Leftsidesanch

    I’m still haunted by these words from Ivan.

    “If you look across the world of football, you don’t find better candidates than Arsene Wenger.”

    Can’t actually believe he polished his shiny head and said that to Gary Neville in a pre-season interview before the Leicester game.

  109. Guns of Hackney

    Didn’t Arsene also mess up the fake Ronaldo deal? That was before Kronke.


    I think Wenger also insinuated that he also had a hand in Maradona being the worlds greatest player.

  110. Relieable Sauce

    The type of players that are 100% behind this regime are exactly the types we should be selling, but they know this.
    Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. More PR guff.

  111. Dissenter

    “Chelsea are never going to pay him 180k or even 150k weekly. It’s about rescuing his career.”Reported he’s going to earn 220k……I’d hold fire on the Ox praise.”

    The publicly (leaked) listed salaries for Chelsea players in 2016 showed Hazard as the highest wage earner (200k weekly) followed by Costa (185k weekly)

    You really think Chelsea TRIPLED Oxlade’s salary. A player who was desperate to leave his club?

    Cmon man…really.

  112. Emiratesstroller


    So what you are suggesting is that Kroenke and the rest of Board have no responsibility for renewing Wenger’s contract and the mess we find ourselves in.

    I am sorry but that is not how a business which Arsenal still are is run.

    I can think of no business even those who are loyal to staff who would allow
    a Manager to remain in his job if he is responsible for underperformance.
    That most certainly applies at most football clubs when you see the sacking rate.

  113. Bamford10

    No interest in Raheem Sterling. I’d prefer they just give us 60-70m. If we must take a player, take a CM of some kind, e.g., Fernandinho or Gundogan.

    Regardless, as I said yesterday, revert to 4-3-3, sell all want-aways, start only players with heart and character, replace the manager ASAP.

  114. Jasongms

    “Can anyone think of a more powderpuff team than Arsenal? Walcott
    GiroudI could go on. This isn’t a team who wins many games.”

    Absolute nightmare, but you know what, it’s all Kroenke fault.
    I have it on good authority that Kroenke scouted and bought all those players. He’s a big fan of Sterling also, been watching him develop for years, just waiting to swoop in.
    If only Arsene bought all the players, trained, coached and set their salaries, we’d win the treble :)