‘Values’ tourettes is usually code for bad news

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Come on, you know the drill by now, when Arsene is backed into a corner, or he’s caught dropping a whoopsie on a season, he plays the values card. He’s Eddie Murphy…

‘Baby, I f*cked her, yeah, I f*cked her… but I make love to you’

Being told about values is a code word for…

‘We’re fucking awful, but look, we do it with integrity’

Take a read of his latest on the contract rebels.

“I want to keep my best players – my only target is to keep everyone on board. We’ve invested time and money and confidence on players like Ox and they have a responsibility. I hope he commits.

“One of the values of this club is to give a chance to young players, and if you have too many players of confirmed status you are in a difficult position. We have three or four [young players] who deserve a chance.”

I’m not sure giving young players a chance is a club value? It’s a loose strategy plenty of clubs engage in. The average age of our squad is 27.1 years old, it’s the 9th oldest squad in the Premier League. Average age of all the squads in the league is 26.8. United, Spurs, Chelsea, City, and Liverpool all boast younger squads. So it really is a stretch to say we’re a club that values the youth these days.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint what exactly the values of Arsenal are. Sure, we give a lot of time to charity organizations. We’re a club built on class. The people who work there are all lovely and care deeply about what happens in and around the organisation. We try to do things the right way. But at it’s core, we’re not really built on the values of being the best sporting entity. We’re not operating on sporting values. We’re not even operating on meritocratic values.

Wenger is empty words.

Words have to mean something. I’d truly appreciate it if someone made Arsene sit down and establish what his vision was. What is the clubs mission statement? Push him on a strategic roadmap for how he plans to enact that north star. Map out the values he truly cherishes, and make sure it’s communicated to everyone who works at the club.

‘Remember who you are, what you are, and who you represent’

I think those are George Graham words passed off as a David Rocastle quote. I love them regardless because I think we used to stand for something. I’m not sure most players could truly answer what Arsenal represent these days. That’s sad, because if there’s no vision, to guiding principles, or even a basic plan in place… it really is hard to get anyone to believe in the cause.

Arsenal don’t need a manager with a mega reputation. They need a manager with a philosophy and a vision. Someone who can craft a three-year plan of where we’re going as a club. Someone who strictly enforces values. Someone who can take the club to the next level, is the next level is the next level.

Reading Arsene’s comments about values and how pleased he is with the work he’s done is just a sad indictment of a man who is in survival mode. Terrible to watch.

Right, that’s me done.

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  1. TitsMcGee

    Being told about values is a code word for…

    ‘We’re fucking awful, but look, we do it with integrity’

    Brilliantly put Pedro.


  2. TitsMcGee

    We’ve invested time and money and confidence on players like Ox and they have a responsibility. I hope he commits.”

    I.e you owe me for all I have done for you.

    Any doubt he tries to buy loyalty?

  3. Bankz

    The competition here just keeps heating up.
    More competition here than Wenger & arsenal will ever attempt to do during a PL campaign.

  4. ArseneisaFraud

    DB10 again!!! A legend!

    And the one player that I am sure could have been like that would have been Sanchez if The Arsenal was managed with winning in mind.

  5. Follow the money

    Great post today man. The ultimate goal of a sports team should always be to win trophies. Give the fans some memories. If you’re mid table and trophies are a long shot, build a team with some spirit, identity, and character for the fans to get behind. Wenger has sacrificed winning so he can be Lord of his pseudo empire. Look at how he talks about Ox. That’s code for “I gave that punk his start in this business. He OWES me!” Going back to project youth, Wenger’s obsession with running a preschool is gross and stupid. I can’t wait for him to leave.

  6. Uwot?

    Basically he’s talking boll ***ks! Anything to deflect from his “constipation of ideas” & “verbal diarrhoea “yep values an excuse for stagnation.i would luv it,just luv it as keegan would say if for once those attending the AGM would button hole him & the snake oil salesman & intead of the prepared propaganda carefully defected questions.go curveball.take a risk of being barred,make headlines & demand answers.better still.rotten egg or tomato the pair of them.now that would wake em up & let the world know wev’e had enough

  7. Muyiwa

    Interesting how players join the club because of AW and now he’s struggling to keep them. He’s probably the reason no one wants to join.

    My stomach turns every time I hear a player come out to say “Arsene is like a father to me” and I ask myself, why in man-made hell are we getting players with daddy issues? It’s a football club dammit

  8. graham62


  9. Cesc Appeal

    Man Utd, Benfica, Basel, CSKA

    Spurs, Madrid, BvB, Apoel

    Chelsea, Atletico, Roma, Qarabag

    Liverpool, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Maribor

    City, Shakhtar, Napoli, Feyenoord

    Spurs and Chelsea with problematic groups there.

  10. Do one gambon

    We used to have values, we used to mean something, we had a glorious history of values but its just that now – history.

    A club owned by that yank cunt (sorry americans, your not all cunts) who’s sole purpose is to make more money for his investment doesn’t have values. A club who’s owner engages in hunting endangered animals has no values.

    And wenger doesn’t have values either. His only value is selfish motivation to preserve his cushy little lifestyle.

    As far as I’m convened all the good they do now,however important it is, is all PR, sure the players who visit great Orland street for example may get something out of the experience but for the club itself its all about the PR.

    Now here’s a dead rhino.

  11. Stuart

    The club stands for nothing these days apart from under-achievement and annual collapses. Wenger needs to go to change the ethos and establish a core identity which demands more from players and which holds every person accountable. That could have happened this summer but Wenger refusing to leave has wrecked any hope. He’s a total fraud and failure, 15 years out of date and a prime reason why players want to leave the club. He’s nothing but a vain, megalomaniac narricist dictator with nothinf but empty words behind his repugnant regieme.
    Still, this is what football’s own Furher and his SS style followers wanted.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    What do Arsenal stand for?

    Self-preservation, comfort and easy wins.

    You can see it literally everywhere from the manager, to the CEO, to the owner to the players, to the coaches.

    Maintain your position, maintain you comfort, pass off lowly achievements as startling successes.

    Creates an insulated society at Arsenal where everyone wants to protect everyone to protect themselves.

    You need an atom bomb to break it apart basically, has to come in the shape of Usmanov, Dangote or some other billionaire taking over.

  13. Do one gambon

    “Creates an insulated society at Arsenal where everyone wants to protect everyone to protect themselves.”

    Really, we should be doing away with our cannon crest and replacing it with a snowflake

  14. Guns of Hackney

    Kudos for quoting the very underrated, Eddie Murphy. True, he ripped off most, if not all of Richard Pryor’s act, but he was still very funny.

    “Too many players of confirmation”. This is a new one and I think it might make my top 10 of horrific Arsene quotes. I mean, it absolutely stinks. Real Madrid. That’s all.

    Again, spot on with the values bullshit merry go around…part of me falling away from Arsenal is I just don’t connect with the club anymore. Perhaps because the club hasn’t a vision, I don’t either. I’m obviously not the only one.

    Lacazette is probably at his level but holy moly, the guy must be wondering what the hell hes just done. The club is in such a total mess. Seriously, a big pile of mess that appears to be getting deeper or bigger…or both.

    I still can’t see how this ends though. No one is sacking Arsene and he ain’t leaving. So???

  15. Do one gambon

    Why you look at me, it not my fault my defence and midfield don’t know what they’re doing, look, you’re hurting my feelz, I’m not old and past it. You’re age shaming me.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Do one gambon

    Who at the club wants to see things change?

    The manager on £10 Million who the owner places complete belief in and defers all power to and has precisely zero accountability?

    The CEO who is the highest paid in Europe without actually having to do anything?

    The owner who sees his asset appreciating year on year and does not have to put a penny in and has a manager who has zero ambition and a fan base where half the people will just go along with this shit?

    The players (or majority) who are on sky high wages compared to their talent, training sessions are not hard, no tactics, no preparation, no accountability and some of them (looking at you Walcott) can get splinters all season still take home £140 000 a week?

    The coaches, paid well and have been there for twenty years, cushy job where they basically do what Wenger tells them?

    I never understand why people think anyone inside wants things to change, the only people who are implicitly wanting change are players like Sanchez who want out.

    We are a shambles, a disgraceful shambles where the interests of a handful of people (relatively) are overriding the entire history of the club, its future and the entire fan base.

  17. £10,000,000.

    Spot on Pedro, what does ‘values’ actually mean? I’m still struggling to work out what ‘ catalyst for change ‘ means, as you say there’s so many empty words coming out of this club, so much absolute waffle!

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Do one gambon

    I agree.

    More than that I think Wenger’s final hypocritical act will be him becoming DoF and some lame appointment like Howe coming in whose strings Wenger can pull.

    This is all Wenger has in life and Kroenke thinks the Earth orbits Wenger.

    As you put it, we are fucked.

  19. graham62

    Do one gambon

    Don’t agree.

    As soon as he leaves the building, the club will flourish once again.


  20. Do one gambon


    Imagine that, after all his whining and DoFs he then goes and becomes one.


    I hope you’re right, but with all the damages he’s doing. Player contracts expirees this year and next, the decline in form, lack of investment, inevitable sponsor backlash I cant see the transition when he does leave going too smoothly.

    Other clubs wouldn’t have stood still in that time either.

  21. Alexanderhenry


    One of your best posts.

    ‘It’s very difficult to pinpoint what exactly the values of Arsenal are’

    Exactly. A chill went down my spine when I read Gazidis’ last statement.
    The club has been downsized and rebranded.

  22. Danish Gooner

    Values is corporate lingo,it underlines that your company is something special and doing all the right things all the time regardless of strategy or goal.The way wenger uses it is to paper over the massive cracks opening up at the club,no cl football,no championship for almost 15 years,massive failure in the cl,bleeding money something like 242 mil according to Pedro,massive disagreement between fanbases,no direction for the club,no ambition to better yourself etc,this is a club in utter disarray.

  23. Danish Gooner

    We are further from competing with United and City then we have ever been.United have spent 600 million pounds on new players for the last three years,we have spent less then 200 mil thats a ratio of 1/3 we are being bulldozed and dont even get me started with Man City that is even worse.

  24. Dissenter

    This Oxlade transfer stand-still is really revealing of how much faith these players have in Wenger.
    “I want to keep my best players – my only target is to keep everyone on board. We’ve invested time and money and confidence on players like Ox and they have a responsibility. I hope he commits”He’s seen 5 years of Wenger management and he wants out.
    He’s earned my respect because we are offering him a good wage to re-sign. He just wants to fulfill his potential. He’s given us notice so that we don’t lose him for nothing next season. SELL HIM.
    Whinging Wenger just making a fool of himself [and the club] as usual.

  25. Al

    At the moment the club and its fans are being held to ransom by a delusional manager, owner/board who just see us as £££ and a number of average players who have constantly failed us.

    We have become a bit a laughing stock because everyone sees the potential of the club but we have a bunch of spineless leaders not willing to stick their neck out and be accountable.

    all fans really want from their club is to see it try and give it everything which is something we have not done in the last 10 years.

  26. Dissenter

    How are we going to compete with Bayern, City, Barca etc when we are willing to let 150 million go down the drain in one transfer windows.
    I thought Kroenke only cares about the money?

  27. Frankie T

    I’m scared about what could happen Sunday. No confidence going into the game, no plan, a manager who probably has no idea who will start. This could be horrific

  28. graham62

    For me, this has nothing to do with money.

    All I want is a manager/coach to come in who is open and honest with the players, is tactically savvy, is transparent in his communications, respects the fans, deals with the visible on pitch brittleness, and, most importantly, puts the club first.

    Everton got the ideal man in Ronald Koeman(lucky them). To be honest I would take Tony Pullis for a couple of seasons to help instill organisation and discilpline into the team. He would get 50% more out of this squad just be talking and applying basic common sense.

    Wenger can’t and never has been able to motivate. Was always reliant on others to do it for him. We no longer have these leaders.

    Please, anything but this shit!

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Dembele confirmed for Barca at £138m. That’s coutinho staying, then.

    Now watch how a properly run club like Dortmund spend that money. Brilliant club and one Arsenal should attempt to emulate.

  30. Don

    Guns of hackney

    Really?? Emulate Dortmund. Perennial runners up in a league of two. Europe’s biggest stepping stone along with Monaco.
    But they have nice yellow kits!!!

  31. Guns of Hackney


    Great stadium. Brill support.
    Brilliant player acquisition.
    Amazing eye for coaches.
    Batting well above their average if you look at wages.

    So yes, for me they are a very aspirational club which is run well and keeps providing entertainment.

    They are everything Arsenal are not.

  32. graham62

    Mark my words, within 2 to 3 years(if not sooner) David Wagner will be hot hot property.

    I am envious when I see such a committed/professional/dynamic manager in operation. Now that’s the sort of inspirational leader we need.

    Instead, we have ‘out of date produce’

    “You lucky lucky bastards Huddersfield Town”

  33. Pierre

    “. To be honest I would take Tony Pullis for a couple of seasons”

    That’s your credibility down the drain.

    Did you go to the home game v Wba last season…if you didn’t, you missed the tactics of pullis. They consisted of basically the goalkeeper wasting as much time as possible at goal kicks and then when he did manage to kick the ball I presume he was told by pullis that under no circumstances to kick it down the middle, aim for the touchline as far down the pitch as possible.. Other than that, and I am being 100% serious here, there were no other tactics.

    Graham, you are obviously supporting the wrong team.

  34. ArseneisaFraud

    Excellent post Pedro!

    It’s just terrible how AW (enabled by Kroenke) has sucked out of the club any true values that a normal sporting outfit would have: to win by all means at your disposal, to have accountability for what is being done on the pitch by the players and by the manager and to learn from it.

  35. Leftsidesanch

    Meanwhile in a few years we’ll still have to put up with Wenger banging on about values, kwalidee and mental strengths.

  36. graham62


    Jeepers creepers, are you really that far gone?

    As it stands, Koeman runs rings around Wenger and at least Pullis would maximize the teams efficiency.

    God, you are such a Wenger snob! What is it with you lot? Are you telling me you would keep ‘Muttley’, rather than have Koeman?

  37. Don

    Peanut brain

    Do you have a life outside of being an irritant on Arsenal websites?
    Dear god you strike me as a lonely angry person. If your hatred of Arsenal drives you so much that carries you to an arsenal website every night to spew your antagonistic views then you clearly cannot have any external inspiration in your life.
    I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you.
    How old are you?
    If you’re young you should either be out partying or studying. If your not then you should be at some point working, or spending time with your mrs and kids.
    What’s gone wrong there peanut brain?
    Also if you are lonely and you’re looking for an online community to connect with, being CONSTANTLY abusive is no way to endear yourself. Think about your life mate. X

  38. Don


    I’m not a Wenger snob. Fuck me, pulis?? Mate go and sit in the naughty corner. Go on….think about what you’ve just done.

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    Not a huge pulis fan but at least he would be something different, compared to the same shit every season.
    And his side didn’t do a bad job turning us over 3-1 only five months ago.
    Koeman did a good job at Southampton be interesting to see what he does at Everton this season.
    Graham62, David Wagner is one to watch.

  40. graham62


    You and Don must be joined at the hip.

    Dimwit, it was WBA coming to Arsenal, not Arsenal coming to Arsenal!! Limited resources against unlimited resources, requires restrictive tactics. What was the score? Oh, I remember, we thrashed them 1-0. 86th minute winner from Giroud.

    Says alot about Wenger, more than Pulis I feel. It’s called GAMESMANSHIP moron. Look it up, it’s a part of sport! Wengers job is to suss it out(no hope there then)

    Shit, now I know why the club is in such a state. You pretend to know everything about Football, but know ####all!

  41. Don


    Calm down mate
    Pulls suppressing the game and us winning 1-0 doesn’t make him a master tactician. Just means he did all he could to suppress the game

  42. Up 4 grabs now

    Guns your right mate.
    Pretty much everything we’re not.

    Great stadium. Brill support.
    Brilliant player acquisition.
    Amazing eye for coaches.
    Batting well above their average if you look at wages.

    I Miss Highbury, Emirates looks good but rarely any atmosphere, and some of the supporters, reading magazine’s and more interested in posting pictures than watching the game!

    Brilliant player acquisition, lol for every Sanchez there’s two or three duds or above average at best.

    Coaches, the only good coaches we have are the ones the players travel in to games!

    Wages, yeah how many overpaid players do we have that we can’t shift on. Then there’s a manager on ten million a year!

  43. graham62


    Get off your high horse.

    You’ve just proved it, you are a snob! Your living in a ‘Wenger dream world’.

  44. Don

    Up 4 grabs

    Ok what have Dortmund got that we haven’t?
    How would Dortmund fare in the premiership? Their greatest manager in 20 years just snuck into 4th in our league with a bigger budget, a great stadium and passionate fans

  45. Don


    How?? The only thing that’s been proven is that you rate Tony Pulis.
    Come on now. Admit it. You’re embarrassed about that one surely?

  46. Guns of Hackney

    Up for grabs

    The coach bit was funny…and true.

    I disagree about the Emirates. I think it’s pretty bland. A bit stadium by numbers.

    Dortmund is a proper stadium. Intimidating and massive. They really are a great club considering they almost always lose their best players to Bayern.

    I just like they way they do business. They aren’t the only one though. Plenty of well run clubs all over the world we could learn a lot from.

    But Arsene Knows.

  47. Dissenter

    Liverpool tied down Coutinho to a 5-year deal with no clauses in January 2017. That’s why they had the leverage to tell Barca to go f**k themselves.
    We need to get a DoF in super fast.

    Pedro please appraise how your buddy, Gazidis is doing. He gets a big chunk of the blame as well.

  48. Up 4 grabs now


    Dortmund have better players,
    A better manager,
    Real fans not corporate idiots or plastic fans who are too busy taking selfies than watching and supporting the team.
    A ground with atmosphere.
    Cheap tickets so youngsters can still watch the game.
    A team that tries to win the league rather than trying to make money.
    It goes on and on.

    There best manager snuck into fourth, where did we finish oh that’s right just below them.
    Dortmund in our league, who knows?
    But I’m guessing they wouldn’t have the ground hog day season we have every year.

  49. graham62

    Tony Pulis would do a better job with this current squad of players than Wenger.

    Wenger has nothing to give, so yep, I’d take Pulis.

    Proud to admit it!

  50. qna

    Good post pedro. The real shame is that Wengers complete and utter bullshit still needs to be called out, 10 years on. Shame on all stakeholders for letting this go on for so long and even now. Shame on the owner, the board, the ceo and the season ticket holders for enabling this insincere dictator to run this club so badly into the ground.

  51. Up 4 grabs now


    At least Dortmund compete.
    They still try to compete with bayern.

    We can’t be bothered, as long as we get into the top four that’s our level, trouser that champion league money and were ok.

    Leicester won the league with nothing compared to our resources.
    We had no competition the year they won it.
    City, utd, Chelsea, the bindippers were all a mess and we still didn’t try.
    Let’s sign cech and no one else, even though we know the squad was in a mess. That’s just negligent.
    As long as top four was achieved that’s all that mattered.

  52. Up 4 grabs now


    Liverpool snuck in by beating us on the first day of the season, 4-3.
    You remember that game, when Wenger knew we had no centre backs and mertesacker was injured two weeks before.

    When he knew wellbeck was going to be injured for at least half the season.

    When the team was in need of replacements for the fifth season in a row.

    When he threw holding and chambers to the wolves because he didn’t want to sign mustafi until he could get the price down.

    They beat us 3-1 away as well, when good old Arsene left Sanchez on the bench.

    We were poor and they finished above us, doesn’t matter if it’s one point or ten, we finished below them.

  53. Don

    Liverpool and city were shit last year
    They aren’t shaping up much better this year already ;despite city spending nearly £600m in last 3 years

  54. Up 4 grabs now


    All those teams were either poor to start with and had no chance of the league ala west ham and Newcastle.
    Or big teams with new managers or internal problems.
    The league was there to be won easily by us. We didn’t even need to spend massively.we just needed to sign a striker and midfielder instead of just signing cech.

    Arsenes arrogance like every year thought he didn’t need to strengthen and it blew up in his face when Leicester won it.
    We only stole second from the spuds because they imploded on the last day.

  55. Up 4 grabs now

    Don we have no Devine right to win the league. but with a club our size we should be at least competing every year.

    And what position is that exactly?

  56. Up 4 grabs now

    Don I never said the league was ours.
    You even just reposted the quote saying ” the league was there to be won easily by us”

    The fact that every other team was destabilized, or had new managers gave us the best chance to win it.
    We didn’t take the chance because we wouldn’t buy an outfield player or two with our 200 million war chest.

    The squad wasn’t prepared properly for the umpteenth season in a row and that’s down to Wenger.

    Leicester won the league because ranieri had a team spirit because he used tactics, because he altered the team to the opposition, something Wenger never does.
    And yes they had some luck.

  57. Up 4 grabs now


    I’ve never been so happy to see you in my life, please continue my argument with Don I’m off to bed.
    A Champions league trophy. I forgot about that! Lol

  58. BacaryisGod

    They are both totally different men, but Wenger and Trump do share one thing in common. They have no-one to tell them when they are monumentally fucking up.

    Wenger should have someone, but he has an owner who only looks at the bottom line which at least until this year has been healthy.

  59. Don

    Up 4 grabs

    And now we have another glorious chance and all you can do is find negatives
    This is sport. The end result isn’t a forgone conclusion
    Don’t worry about Bamford
    He’s a queer.

  60. Bamford10


    Your point on the previous about Giroud was fucking stupid, btw. Just because Deschamps starts Giroud doesn’t mean he thinks Giroud is a top-rate CF. It just means he thinks he is his best option. Giroud was not an adequate replacement for RVP and was never good enough to start for a team with title ambitions, and no reasonable observer thinks otherwise.

    Yet Wenger wasted our time for four fucking years with Giroud as the starter. What a fucking plank.

  61. DaleDaGooner

    “Your point on the previous about Giroud was fucking stupid, btw. Just because Deschamps starts Giroud doesn’t mean he thinks Giroud is a top-rate CF. It just means he thinks he is his best option.”

    Baffling statement…..

  62. Bamford10


    Also, why are you running away from the question about what you really mean by saying Arsenal will “challenge” for the title? Will we be within 5-6 points of the top in April? 6-7 points? 4-5 points?

    Do tell.

    Or perhaps you don’t really believe we’ll challenge?

  63. DaleDaGooner

    never good enough to start for a team with title ambitions, and no reasonable observer thinks otherwise.

    If we’re playing devil’s advocate, Giroud was the main striker and highest goal scorer for Montpelier the year they won the Ligue 1…just saying, Montpelier had loads of ambition that year.

  64. Galaxygooner

    Wenger does not know what he is doing anymore.
    He does not plan and when he does buy, he hopes those players stick

  65. Bamford10


    How is that baffling? Just because a player is a manager’s best option doesn’t mean said player is first-rate. He may just be the best he’s got.

    Giroud is not first-rate. Jesus, Wenger doesn’t even think he is first-rate, which is why he signed Lacazette.

    Benzema is first-rate. Lewandowski is first-rate. Suarez is first-rate. Giroud is NOT first-rate.

  66. Don

    Bamford is part of admin!!!!!
    His posts just disappear
    Bull shit
    Always knew something funny was going on
    Bamford is a fake poster
    Fuck off Bamford. Harvard my hole. Rumbled
    I saw your earlier post and now it’s gone!!?? Why? You can’t delete comments. Only Pedro can: you’re part of the establishment. Bamford is a plant

  67. Bamford10


    That was in Ligue 1 when it wasn’t even all that fabulous. The PL is quite another thing.

    Are you really trying to argue that Giroud is a first-rate striker. FFS. He’s decidedly second-rate.

  68. Galaxygooner

    lee la Gooner
    If we’re playing devil’s advocate, Giroud was the main striker and highest goal scorer for Montpelier the year they won the Ligue 1…just saying, Montpelier had loads of ambition that year.

    By Giroud’s 7th game for arsenal, you already knew he was never going to be a replacement for Van piersie.
    Ability to single handedly open defenses
    Cohesion with teammates in attack

    You can go on. Giroud is and was always a second striker.

  69. Bamford10

    Don is losing his grip. If a post of mine disappeared, Pedro deleted it. But I don’t know that that happened.

  70. steve


    Can you post your comment again. I didn’t read all of it and then I refreshed they page and now it’s gone.

  71. Bamford10


    Did you delete my post? Why? And what about Don calling people “queers”? Is this the kind of thing you want on Le Grove? Not to mention: what is the point of a Don? Has he said a single thing of value since arriving here? Not that I’ve read. He’s just an Untold troll.

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don old boy

    Looks like your having a ,

    Anti wenger brigade now bigger than the world is flat brigade .

  73. DaleDaGooner

    Bam, not saying Giroud is first rate or not, just saying there are some sort of oxymoron in your statement

    First rate- but the coaches first choice (in a pool of abundant strikers)

  74. Don

    So are you

    That’s why you’re getting involved
    You’re part of it too.
    Wankers. You’re all part if this Arsenal bull shit
    Bamford made a comment
    It went. The only person that possesses the power to do that is pedro
    You’re all the same entity

  75. DaleDaGooner

    Just to be clear, Giroud isn’t world class, but he’s definitely useful. The way France uses him is how he should be used. He’s a guy who plays well with a second striker.

    No point comparing him with Van Persie.

  76. Bamford10

    No, Dale, there is neither oxymoron nor paradox there. Giroud may be the best he’s got, but that doesn’t make Giroud a great striker. Just the best he has.

    And he’s obviously not better than Benzema. I’ll leave it to Karim to tell us why Deschamps selects Giroud these days and not Benzema. Maybe Benzema had a falling out with him of some kind? Not sure.

  77. Don


    You didnt see it
    Steve did
    Bamford can’t delete his own posts. Either Pedro did coz he didn’t like the comment or he forgot he’s pedro and became Bamford
    It explains a lot

  78. Bamford10


    What are your views on gay people? And why haven’t you touched the question about how close we will be in April?

  79. DaleDaGooner

    Bam, but Benzema isn’t the only competition, there’s Kevin Gameiro, André-Pierre Gignac, Alexandre Lacazatte, Anthony Martial etc list is long….are you saying Giroud is best amongst?

  80. Marko

    Don’s having quite the day it seems. Talking shite calling people queer

    Really?? Emulate Dortmund. Perennial runners up in a league of two. Europe’s biggest stepping stone along with Monaco.
    But they have nice yellow kits!!!

    Have to respond to this though we’re perennial 4th with a rare 3rd even rarer 2nd thrown in and we are absolutely one of Europe’s biggest stepping stone clubs and don’t forget it you delusional creep. How many players have left us over the years and gone on to better success? So careful about what you say about a club like Dortmund at least they know what kind of a club they are and they’re not trying to fool themselves into thinking they’re something they’re not. We on the other hand have been masquerading as a big club for about 15 years now fooling absolutely no one in Europe

  81. Bamford10


    I’m saying Giroud is a second-rate CF. He may be better than those other options for this or that reason, but none of those is a first-rate lone CF either, so that doesn’t prove anything. This isn’t really all that complicated.

  82. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    This is all the fault of Kronos gazdris an wenger

    They have hoodwinked the Arsenal public

    Fighting on blogs will be a drop in the ocean.

    There will be anachary on the street of the emirates

    This will be box office

    Press will gather for the December sacking

  83. Marko

    And he’s obviously not better than Benzema. I’ll leave it to Karim to tell us why Deschamps selects Giroud these days and not Benzema. Maybe Benzema had a falling out with him of some kind? Not sure.

    Are you for real? Benzema hasn’t been called up for France since him and a scumbag mate tried to extort money from Valbuena for a sex tape he was in.

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your tripping on your own spouts …

    The good ship don has been sunk shot with words of facts about wenger mismanagement

    No doubt the old boys at untold will welcome you back

    Or try a loan move to gunnerblog

  85. Bamford10


    I thought Benzena had been more or less cleared of all of that. Well, that explains why a second-rate CF starts for France.

  86. Marko

    Dortmund would struggle to compete with Everton In our league
    What would you know? Back to camogie for you.

    Hey you heard of comogie. Anyway we’re gonna struggle with Everton long before Dortmund will and hate to tell you but if we were in the German league we’d still probably be finishing 3/4rd. And the Bayern games? Absolute thumping every season

  87. WestLondonGoon

    Cheers Pedro, I was just on my way to Untold!

    Wow Don, I was a bystander to all that…..proper paranoid one at the end. Where’s Bamford? With his boyfriend? haha

    Seriously Bamford, Don was obsessed.

  88. Pedro

    Don now calling me a fag claiming he’s going to out me as Bamford.

    1970 behavior.

    This my friends is a common trend of people I let over from that site. They’re shocked I let them play, then they turn vile and abusive.

  89. Cesc Appeal

    Oxlade is rejecting £180 000 a week apparently.

    Wants a move to Chelsea or Liverpool

    If he goes to one of them for less wages per week what a statement, what a f**k you to Wenger and f**k off to everything at Arsenal.

    Walcott would be pulling himself around his bedroom and investing in cushioned shorts if we offered him £180 000 a week.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    Deal offered to Sanchez a week or so back for £340 000 a week as well, he said no.

    Massive slaps in the face to Wenger.

    Oxalde and Sanchez must read Le Grove. Good job Pedro :)

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Getting ready for Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott to begrudgingly accept massive pay rises and be labelled the core Wenger really wanted to keep 😉