Wenger had 3 jobs this summer, he’s failed them all

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Make no mistake, this is one of the most tragic Arsenal summers of the last ten years. The manager took his contract right up to the wire and undertook even less preparation than usual.

He had three jobs this window.

One was to sell the deadwood that’s clogging up the squad numbers wise, but also from a salary perspective. My calculations yesterday left that figure at £32.5m in wasted wages this season. You can’t drop net £30.5m in CL money and not address an over indulged squad size (31 players). It is absolutely beyond the pale someone at the club wasn’t working on moving those players on or cutting a deal for them to go for free. So far, we’ve shifted 3 players.

Second job was to make changes to the backroom team. Whether you call it a general manager, a sporting director, or a Director of Football. We needed to hire someone who could be in charge of overseeing the machinations of the playing side. You need someone identifying weaknesses, working on deals to move on players, and taking care of contracts and wage distribution. What did we do? Brought in a contracts lawyer who was briefed to the media as ‘taking the second part of contract negotiations’… a completely pointless hire who has achieved nothing so far. Chambo wants out, Ozil isn’t signing on, and Sanchez is leaving. We’re so f*cked, Wenger is keeping Jack Wilshere on the books. A player who couldn’t make it into the Bournemouth starting 11 come the end of the season.

We also finished 5th last year. We were humiliated on the big stage by a club with similar finances to us. It’s clear our backroom team needed a massive upgrade. So what did we do? We signed a fitness coach to an already strong team (who is working part time, and we paid over the odds for). We gave all the deadwood coaches that protect Wenger’s power structure new deals. We added Jens Lehmann as a token signing for the fans. Also questionable how broad the recruiting process was considering Wenger was undecided on his deal until the last minute. We basically didn’t add anyone with experience to the playing side of the backroom team.

3rd job was to recruit like a demon. Address our failings from last season by plugging clear gaps. We also needed to up the quality of the squad. There’s a reason we finished 5th, and it’s disgraceful that Wenger thinks it’s because of his indecisive and selfish behavior on his contract, because it shows you he’s not looking at his consistent average performances of the last 6 years. Anyway, Wenger has added a grand total of two players. A left back and a striker. He had this to say on his summer.

“I am very pleased with our market because we bought good players who can integrate with our style of play,”

“That’s what we want. On the other hand, it is very difficult. Today, the prices are out of proportion. The transfer market has become very demanding today.

“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer and when you are English, you have straight away 50 per cent [extra] on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.”

Luis Suarez was out of proportion when we stupidly bid £40m and £1 on a buyout clause that wasn’t a buyout clause. But guess what? Next summer he went for £75m.

The same summer, when we refused to meet Florentino’s £32m price tag for Higuain. He ended up at Napoli, a team with far less resource than us, then moved to Juventus for £90m a year later.

The horrors of Paul Pogba moving for a world record fee…  a year later, it’s doubled.

For an economist, Wenger really doesn’t seem to have much understanding of value or market trends.

According to Wenger, it’s been a tough market for 12 years. Same excuses every summer, while other teams simply crack on and get things done. We’re fishing around shooting for perfection both in terms of talent, and the optimum price… and consistently losing out. Thomas Lemar was never going for £40m. Why didn’t we sell Alexis for £60m at the start of the summer, and throw the same cash at the Frenchman?

Aurier for €25m. Matuidi for €20m. Coman €20m. Tielemans €25m. Is this a market we can’t play in?

Instead of playing it smart, we’re trying to pass off keeping players as a strategic win.

We are in such terrible shape, and it’s all because we afford too much power to a man who isn’t winning on any fronts these days. This season will be a car crash, and we absolutely deserve it.

Two things: Read yesterday’s post if you didn’t.

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  1. Wallace


    if he doesn’t buy another midfielder before the window closes I will despair for the man. will have the crowd on the team’s back from the off.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    Some interesting bits from Lord Weng’s presser:

    “Completely happy with strength of squad and I have too many players, some with no chance to compete for places. One of the values of this club is to give a chance to young players, and if you have too many players of confirmed status you are in a difficult position. We have three or four [young players] who deserve a chance”


    “We have our agendas but we don’t publish them. I want Alex to stay. He’s one of the players the team can be built around, I want him to commit and be one of the carriers of the values of this team.”

    ON A BID?

    “The best is for us to focus on Sunday’s game”


    “Overall he looks in good shape. He has always been focused on his job. I don’t think he’s too much disturbed by all the noise – players at that level are used to it. Some deal better with it than others.

    “He’s very focused, very happy. Doesn’t mean there’s no chance to extend his contract, though we haven’t managed to do it. We just want to focus as a team and not look too much at individual contracts.”

  3. Leftsidesanch

    Wenger on Lemar:

    “It’s dead because Monaco has closed the door definitely. They lost already Mendy, Silva and Bakayoko – and are still on the cases of Mbappe and Fabinho. Monaco have closed the door.”


    “Both can happen. In the last days you are on alert. People are agitated, phones ring more…”

  4. Wallace

    the way Wenger’s talking about the Ox you get the impression he’s expecting him to commit to a new deal.

    would be happy with a smallish first team squad filled out by the most promising kids – AM-N, Willock, McGuane, Nketiah & Nelson.

  5. Leftsidesanch

    Unless Wenger is looking to upgrade on this position (don’t spit out your coffee) then I’m not sure why he’s looking to get rid of Mustafi. Also worryingly, there are no mentions of an able body in the middle of the park. Wenger’s really doing himself no favours at all, no interest in Arsenal being the best they can be it’s all about him.

  6. Wallace

    “”You know how much I love Jack and his talent,” says Wenger.
    “I started him at the age of 17 but in today’s football world you need to have a consistent presence.

    “What is at stake for Jack is not his quality, not his talent, not his determination. It’s his consistent presenvce at the top and I hope he can manage to do that.

    “Nobody questions his quality.”

  7. Don

    He won’t
    In his mind he has 6 cm playing for two spots
    Why would he add another?
    Part of me hopes jack can step up and make that spot his own anyway. Last chance for him. In a dream world he becomes the player we all thought he would be and banishes any idea of ever wanting another cm
    Oh I forgot chambo as well
    He’s looking for that no8 spot too

  8. Dream10

    Interesting that AW did not shoot down the speculation regarding Mustafi. Also talked about the Wilsh, saying he’s talent is not the question, it’s his availability. No solid confirmation that he will be here though.

    Regarding his comments on Chamberlain, it sounded like a sales pitch on how he values him, wants him to be a key member of the squad. Reckon Chelsea’s offer is more lucrative for him.

    Not sold on either Chambers or Bobby Holding long term as fixtures in the XI to replace Mertesacker and Koscielny. Both have significant weaknesses. Chambers is a little soft. Although we did well at the end of last season with Holding, he seems to slow to react to danger. I don’t think he has any stand out qualities for a CB. Needs a year loan, so he can make mistakes somewhere else. Chelsea loaned Christensen (who is considered a better talent than both) for two years to Gladbach and he played 30 full league matches each year. He’s now 21 and getting PL minutes.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You really trust hebto manage the next golden age of players coming through …

    Hevfucked up the last few times .

    I wouldn’t trust that French fraud with buying a morning paper .

    The sooner he had gone the better.

    Nelson had bundle of talents but he would be better going to a manager like porchinno to get the best out of him

    Look how wenger fucked up the last big French talent Jeff

    No clubs dead till he goes

  10. WestLondonGoon


    I saw a couple of reports when the Mustafi transfer story surfaced which suggested that he hadn’t settled in London. one actually said that he wasn’t the most popular with his team-mates. Read into that what you may, but if someone is offering us £35m, and Wenger feels that Mustafi upsets his squad’s happiness, then there’s a good chance he’ll be sold.

    Koscielny has this ongoing achilles injury which means he might or might not last 90 mins; he obviously doesn’t see Per as a viable option any more (otherwise why not play him v Stoke), Monreal seems to be now regarded as a CB in all but name (ok on the left but useless in the middle). He’s running out of options, an injury or ban and we could be looking at Chambers and Holding and/or more players out of position. Kolasinac must be wondering what he’s walked into – best LB/LWB in the German league now being shunted in as a CB.

    Mustafi goes, and I think that will be the end of ‘project 3 at the back’, purely on numbers alone.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    If he sells mustafi (I hope) then that’s 2/3 signings from last year that he has sold ….

    Wasted 100m
    Wasted a season
    Waster signed a two year extension

    We are done for sooner the club rids the better

  12. Don


    Oh for fucks sake get a grip
    He’s not selling mustafi
    Don’t be dumb
    He’s straight in the team as soon as he’s fit

  13. Wenker-wanger

    No surprise from the headline.
    Wenger’s only change was to go to a back 3.
    Releasing the superb ox down the wing and getting monreal to score a few in the close season.
    However with the rigid, old dog in charge, that’s the extent of the “new tricks”.
    Players will come and go, but basically its free style tippy tappy, zonal marking, poor defending, and foolhardy obsession with playing out of defense with short passes (when a launch upfield relieves the pressure for those vital 10 seconds at least).
    Wenger’s control-freak attitude will never give rise to healthy change. He has a strict method in all he does, meaning for arsenal an expectation of 4th place or similar.
    The deadwood clear out won’t happen as many fans have said that his socialist
    High wage policy leaves them with no benefit to move on. An out of contract move would be beneficial, and that’s likely.
    Did anyone with half a brain believe Wenger would allow a director of finance to meddle with HIS BUSINESS?.
    It just couldn’t happen could it.
    Hitler was of the same autocratic mould.
    And like Hitler , Wenger will only be deposed by force, which in the arsenal scenario, that force will be by the will of the fans.
    Welcome to predictability for the next 2+ years.

  14. Wallace


    obvs would love Jack to stay fit and recapture his best form, but don’t want to be gambling the season on it.

  15. raptora

    Exactly! It’s like waiting on Walcott to become as good as Bale. The ship has sailed long time ago for both of them. Add Wenger to the bunch of ppl who are past it. As much as it pains me to say it, he’s been costing Arsenal a good number of points every single season for the last 5. Sadly all three of them will stay beyond this summer.

  16. Wallace

    “Having seen the Mesut Ozil bear the brunt of the post-game pundit criticism following the Stoke defeat, Ian Wright came to the defence of the playmaker this week. Speaking to Sky Sports Debate show, he was asked if he understood the frustrations people had with him, and said:

    What, the one that’s already created 10 chances for his teammates when he’s supposed to be having a nightmare?

    “If I’m Arsene Wenger, I’m saying ‘When he gets the ball, I just want you to back him up, and if he loses it you get it back and give it back to him to let him get on with it again’.”

    – arseblog

  17. HighburyLegend

    “Aurier for €25m. Matuidi for €20m. Coman €20m. Tielemans €25m. Is this a market we can’t play in?”

    You forget one essential thing Pedro : the very good players, for most of them, are not attracted by Arsenal anymore. And it is the case since many seasons.
    To resume, the club is in a state of artificial coma until le great wenger leave.

  18. raptora

    Since when is Ian Wright a good pundit? Anyone trying to defend Ozil, when he is obviously not even close to playing like a top class player, not in the slightest bit, is deluded and is pulling excuses out of his arse. We went as far as playing another playmaker in Xhaka, because this Ozil for the last season and a half is just not enough. Just the opposite. With him on the pitch our game slows down to oblivion, we are so easy to read and counter, we have no speed, gut or fight/physicality. We are basically playing with 10 ppl when it gets tough. We can get all of those missing attributes in another player and upgrade hugely on this averageness. I was laughing before at whoever was claiming that Eriksen is better than Ozil but it has been a fact for the last season and a half. Come to think of it the other teams are full of players with bigger impact that our so called star – Eriksen, Coutinho, De Bruyne, David Silva. If we add the wingers it becomes even worse – Alexis, Hazard, Mane, even Mahrez. None of them is the so called “luxury” player, bar Mahrez, their impact has been tremendous and everyone has been putting in a shift. Such a pity whatever happened with him and his form. He’s maybe far more concentrated on developing his social media coverage than his football career.

  19. Marko

    Yeah love the whole on alert waiting for the phone to ring just in case a deal falls into his lap that’s too good to be true. That in itself tells you the problem. Not enough work is done to bring in or sign players it’s all very half ass and lazy and left to one man to set the tone. And shock horror we’ve dithered and now the door is closed on Lemar. Not like that wasn’t predicted a month ago. Awful manager

  20. Marko

    would be happy with a smallish first team squad filled out by the most promising kids – AM-N, Willock, McGuane, Nketiah & Nelson.

    Sounds like a team worthy of challenging for the top 4 alright. I assume that’s as far as you see our ambitions go too

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Once again Wenger has dropped out in his pursuit of Lemar. This is in direct contrast to other clubs who have bought from Monaco or are in process of
    negotiating with them including for Mbappe.

    What this tells you is that Arsenal are unable or unwilling to compete for players so long as Kroenke and Wenger are running the club.

    We are falling further down the transfer pecking order, which is a sad state of

    My guess is the club will either not bring a third acquisition this summer or if
    we do so it will be at “bargain basement price”.

  22. TitsMcGee

    Wrong , it’s the anti Wenger fans / anti arsenal fans who cause the team to play poorly social media is everything to these young players ”

    Jesus .

  23. Leedsgunner

    My guess is the club will either not bring a third acquisition this summer or if
    we do so it will be at “bargain basement price”.

    This after Wenger has publicly said he will only buy if the player is of exceptional quality. The problem is Arsenal doesn’t really want to pay for such a calibre of player no matter what he says.

    Today’s bargain is tomorrow’s deadwood.

  24. Bamford10

    “Liverpool is in the UCL group stage and Jurgen Klopp thinks that’s good news for their transfer biz.” – @ESPNFC

    Apparently Klopp still has business to do.

  25. Bamford10

    Selling Mustafi would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I don’t think there’s any chance of it, even under Wenger.

  26. Wallace


    “Sounds like a team worthy of challenging for the top 4 alright. I assume that’s as far as you see our ambitions go too.”

    ‘team’? no. I’m talking about a squad. a lot of managers, Mourinho included, prefer to work with a smaller squad. just saying I’d rather see the new kids filling out the further reaches than some of the players that have already been at the club for a while.

  27. Marko

    Yeah sure squad Wallace but the squad as is filled out with a few youngsters can compete for…. what in your opinion. Keep in mind our youngsters aren’t exactly like say Everton’s youngsters

  28. Don

    Jesus you lot need to calm down
    Mustafi is going nowhere. Did you all wake up and take stupid pills this morning??

  29. TitsMcGee

    That quote from Wenger about “anything is possible” in the last days of the Wenger sounds like a man with a firm strategic plan to me.

    How could he possibly fail.

  30. Bamford10

    “One lad summed it up best in to me at the Bayern protest, that 20 years ago Wenger was 10 years ahead. 20 years later he’s 10 years behind.” – @BitchesLeave

  31. Micheal

    The handling of the Thomas Lemar transfer sums up the fucking shambles of our club.
    If Lemar was identified as a player we want, why was this deal not done at the very start of the transfer window – i.e. before Monaco sold off half the team. Sit down in a room with the appropriate people, poour the coffee and do the business.

    It is how every other commercial business in the world operates.

    Not Arsenal.

  32. Bamford10

    “A season where you finish 5th the lowest you’ve ever finished in 20 odd years. If that isn’t a wake up call then what is?” – @aliladiere

  33. Bamford10

    “It makes me so angry that we were sold “catalyst for change” for literally 0 to change. Used to love AW but starting to hate him.” – @Tomthegunner

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Poor unambitious club this one lead by Wenger n Kronke

    Doubt that pair could run orient .

    The press have wrote us off this season

    Yet again Wenger is letting a saga affect the whole club

    Last year it was him
    Now it’s him holding up the season with Sanchez ox ozil n Lemar

    His decisions dithering as he does causes the whole meltdown in the club.

    Get him gone

  35. grooveydaddy

    Gazwthegooner @Gazwthegooner
    When Gazidis made the ‘catylyst for change’ comment I naturally assumed he meant for the better!…

  36. TitsMcGee

    You forget one essential thing Pedro : the very good players, for most of them, are not attracted by Arsenal anymore. ”

    That is something that definitely gets lost in the whole TW woes under the French joke.

    He’s neutered our image so much the last 10 seasons or so that Arsenal and failure (as a big club) are synonymous and we are a worldwide joke. However for some reason this mediocrity goes unpunished /rewarded by the AKBs. It’s sadly ironic that it’s because of Wenger himself our image has lessened.

    If we the fans can see how much of a train wreck we are so can the players . Of course he’ll attract the slightly above average and the ones who want a pay-rise over anything else but the really talented players often want the money and the glory of being successful.

  37. Bamford10

    Interesting comments from Klopp about recruiting/signing top players. He’s basically saying that when you speak with a top player about coming to your club, whether you are in CL is one of the first things the player mentions.

    Yet more evidence that money is not the only thing that matters to players, as certain types were trying to suggest here yesterday. CL matters too, which means that not only has Wenger hurt the club by falling out of CL, and not only that Alexis likely wants out because he wants CL and is done with the Wenger project, but it means it is absolutely imperative that we finish top four. Otherwise, with two non-CL seasons in a row a new narrative about Arsenal begins to settle in footballing minds, i.e., “Arsenal are not really a top European side any longer …” That’s what we call damaging the brand.

    Important too that Klopp didn’t say that players ask about when they last won the PL. This is something certain parochial types don’t understand here. The world has changed. The football world has changed. CL matters more than anything. The PL title obviously means a great deal, but even its relative position has shifted in this new world. As for the FAC, it too has shifted in importance, even more dramatically.

  38. Marko

    Jesus you lot need to calm down
    Mustafi is going nowhere. Did you all wake up and take stupid pills this morning??

    Sure sure but Arsene was asked about it and he didn’t go as far as saying “Mustafi is going nowhere”. He said some nonsense about values and happy with the squad. The usual

  39. Don


    So what. We all know how Wenger talks
    He didn’t play chambers or jack at all uo until now and everyone was speculating they were off
    Do you really think he’s going to pay £35m for a centre half play him every single game that he’s fit, Sell Gabriel and then sell mustafi too?

    Wake up man

  40. Marko

    If we were to lose two of the 4 players we brought in last summer for 90 million that would speak volumes of Wenger wouldn’t it. I mean Kroenke didn’t force us to buy these players

  41. Wallace


    “Keep in mind our youngsters aren’t exactly like say Everton’s youngsters.”

    they aren’t? who told you that? Everton knocking them out like it’s la masia 12yrs ago?

  42. Bamford10

    By the way, did anyone watch any of Liverpool-Hoffenheim? Two things: one, Liverpool’s third goal was pretty damn nice, so nice it prompted Klopp to turn to the crowd in celebration and shout, “that is football!”

    Two, Serge Gnabry was terrible. Those who were bemoaning his sale should probably relax. I don’t think we lost much there.

  43. HighburyLegend

    “That quote from Wenger about “anything is possible” in the last days of the Wenger sounds like a man with a firm strategic plan to me”

    lol Tits, love your irony.
    We must prepare ourselves for at least 1 “panic buy” on august 31, midnight lol

  44. WestLondonGoon

    In 1928, Herbert Chapman set out to sign Bolton’s David Jack, however, he was unhappy about the inflated price tag. He famously negotiated the deal with Bolton representatives in a hotel bar, and managed to haggle the price tag down to what he considered to be a bargain.

    How? Well, he arrived thirty minutes early and gave the bar man the following instructions…

    ”George [Bar man], this is Mr Wall, my assistant. He will drink whisky and dry ginger, I will drink gin and tonic. We shall be joined by guests. and they will drink whatever they like. ”

    ”See that our guests are given double of everything, but Mr Wall’s whisky and dry ginger will contain no whisky, and my gin and tonic will contain no gin.”

    Now that’s how to get your man for the right price.

  45. reality check

    DonAugust 24, 2017    11:40:47

    Today’s bargain is tomorrow’s deadwood.

    not necessarily true there Leeds.

    I’d say Koz was a bargin that hasn’t become deadwood. Monreal and dare i say it, Giroud. All the other bargins have become deadwood.

  46. Bamford10

    Monreal and Koscielny were good signings, but there have been a thousand bad ones. And Giroud was good value but this is somewhat beside the point given that what we needed at the time was a replacement for RVP, a genuine first-rate striker, not a Giroud, a good #2.

  47. Dream10


    CL does matter for Alexis, but money does as well. If one of the Milan clubs with new investment offer him £400k a week with no CL football, strong chance he would go. Arsenal can’t offer neither at the moment.

  48. Russ99

    We’re setting ourselves up for real problems next summer.

    Selling the acquisitions of last year, while keeping deadwood wages, losing Sanchez, Ozil and Ox for nothing.

    Then Stan cheap as ever, Arsene whining about fees and nobody in the back room that can make tough signings.

    Route to mid-table.

  49. TitsMcGee

    I don’t think there is a chance in hell Wenger sells Mustafi etc.

    He’s a master self-preservationist and even HE will realize that another poor performance this season will only stoke the fires of more protests and increase the pressure on him.

    Not even he is that STUPID.

  50. Don

    Yet more evidence that money is not the only thing that matters to players, as certain types were trying to suggest here yesterday. CL matters too, w

    Wrong again. We said that money is the bigger motivating factor.
    Yes champions league matters to players that don’t play in the champions league
    Like van dijk but it didn’t matter to pogba and ibrahimovic or Kante and David Luiz did it?
    You think if Man City dropped out of champions league this season that players like Sanchez would refuse to join them?? Naaaa

  51. BacaryisGod

    Don’t worry everyone. Here’s the plan. We sell (or loan the sell) Mustafi to Inter Milan but we get the brilliant Brozovic in return. Then we swiftly move to snap up Van Dijk from Soton.

    Have a little faith lads!!!!

  52. Don

    the time was a replacement for RVP, a genuine first-rate striker, not a Giroud, a good #2.

    Deschamps doesn’t agree with you there Bamford.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal still wanting to sign Ozil up to a £300 000 a week deal. F**k me that would be terrible business.

    We have the position of strength there because no one wants him, if he wants to walk on a free it is no big loss to us. Offer him a minor upgrade on his current wages, if that.

    People keep saying his financial loss is a negative if we lose him for nothing, but no one has made offers for him at a time they could get him for a lower fee, so why on earth do people think sides would come in when he is sitting on a brand new four year deal?

  54. Don


    I’d take £15-£20m for him easily. That would go very nicely to goretzka and pay him a lot less than the salary Ozil commands.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Always difficult to utilise players in swaps, and Ozil just wants the lazy life, but I do wonder whether Monaco might have been interested in some sort of deal involving Ozil for Lemar or even Mbappe early on in the window.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, just get shot of him. Like I say, not sure whether we could have tired to use him early on in a part exchange and so increase his actual value as opposed to if someone was offering pure cash.

    I think we could get about £30 Million for Ozil, maybe £35 Million or something, might have got more value out of him using him as part of a deal early on. But I doubt Ozil would want to do that and no one at the club has the acumen or the sack to force it through.

    I will always say last summer was the massive wasted opportunity for us, Kante, Pjanic and Mkhitaryan all moved for £30 Million each, we had Ramsey who was at an artificial high after the Euros, could have sold Ozil as well as still getting Xhaka in and had a much better, much different side.

  57. Don


    Yeah totally agree
    He’s had 4 years to show what he can do and he’s just failed for me.
    We have changed formations and systems to suit him. We’ve signed certain players, outlets, runners, ball players for him to play off and none of it has worked.
    Yes we have been gutting of prolifigacy in front of goal at times but those are the times when your big players step up and win the game for you
    Cesc, RvP, pores, bergkamp, they all turned up with goals at key moments for us down the years
    He has nowhere to hide now

  58. BacaryisGod

    It really is quite amazing that with about a week to go before the deadline closes we’re looking at Oxlade, Ozil and Alexis all staying at the club entering the last year of their contracts. Let no-one say that Arsene and Arsenal are no longer pioneers in world football. We’re definitely the first to achieve this milestone.

    A quick glance at the betting sites confirms all are favoured to stay, along with even Wilshere. Chambers, Gibbs and Debuchy. This is not a joke. Only Lucas Perez is expected to leave according to the odds.

    As for other top players, here’s what we have:

    1) Draxler: About 50-50 to leave PSG and Arsenal are a close 2nd to Liverpool with the bookies if he does leave.

    2) Mahrez: Just a pipedream, of course. As I predicted, it’s just not feasible to have two defensive liabilities on the field in similar positions, and as Ozil is staying, then no Mahrez. We’ve dropped into 5th place at a massive 18-1 to get him and he’s now even money to stay at Leicester.

    3) Aurier: Yes, the PSG right back who is a massive Arsenal fan has been strongly tipped to go to Spurs (2/5). We’re not in the running. To be fair, he comes with a lot of baggage but then so would have Luis Suarez.

    4) Lemar: Arsene said the deal is dead and I have to believe him. Besides, we’re not even expected to land him even if he leaves Monaco. Man United are favourites.

    No-one else is even mentioned as far as we’re concerned.

    If we buy someone, it will be a last-minute shocker, possibly arising out of PSG or Real having to offload players based on their huge summer spending. We’ve been good vultures in recent years. Fingers crossed on this one.

  59. HighburyLegend

    “Deschamps doesn’t agree with you there Bamford.”

    Quote of the decade, without a doubt.
    Jesus Christ…

  60. Confidentgoner

    Liverpool were very sharp going forward, but still showed their usual defensive lapses. Expect them to trounce us this weekend

  61. steve

    “Deschamps doesn’t agree with you there Bamford.”


    Really? What does Giroud being first choice for France have to do with being bought from Arsenal to replace Van Persie?

  62. azed

    To all of you getting worked up about selling Mustafi, we already have internal solutions…. Sendros is back training at the club.

  63. Pierre

    “Ramsey, mertesacker, bellerin, ox, Welbeck All good value for money and certainly not dead wood”

    Don, I am losing faith in your judgement mate… I know football is all about opinions

  64. Marko

    “Ramsey, mertesacker, bellerin, ox, Welbeck All good value for money and certainly not dead wood” Don, I am losing faith in your judgement mate… I know football is all about opinions

    Ooh sounds like the honeymoon is over.

  65. mgb

    Liverpool would b a far better side if they could find a really good keeper

    Mignolet has too many rushes to the head

  66. Pierre

    As I was saying
    I get the hate for ozil on here.. Some fans like to see blood, sweat and tears… Others like a bit of culture.. Fair enough.. If you can combine the 2 then you have Denis Bergkamp.

    But Ramsey, do me a favour…he’s had a good couple of months, that’s it… I would really like to see him play with discipline and play for the team.. Is he playing under orders from Wenger, who knows.. Ramsey spent half the time v Stoke in attack, he plays for himself…Wenger will always find a place for Ramsey and there lies the problem, we will never look solid, will never be in control of the game with Ramsey running all over the place but getting nowhere… Give me a player with a football brain like ozil than the players you choose.. Ramsey, Welbeck and Bellerin who will all run and run but end up down a blind alley

  67. HighburyLegend

    @steve : I’m afraid that Don is trying to tell us that giroud is almost as good than RVP was… Let’s hope I’m wrong, for his own mental health lol

  68. Paulinho

    “Serge Gnabry was terrible. Those who were bemoaning his sale should probably relax. I don’t think we lost much there.”

    He was always well overrated. Can shift a ball and get off a decent shot with minimal back lift but nothing else at all to his game.

  69. Paulinho

    The irony of Ramsey supposedly being selfish is that most of his lung-bursting third man runs – that very few can do by the way – actually create space for others because they drag defenders with them and make space for others to run into. The opposition love it when no one makes runs in behind and everything is in front of them.

    You really have to be incredibly daft to think his endless forays forward are some exercise in egotism rather than to help the team.

  70. Alexanderhenry


    ‘We are falling further down the transfer pecking order, which is a sad state of

    Yep, but that’s been the case for years.
    Arsenal have repositioned themselves as a club. We ‘can’t compete’ in transfers and believe in youth development. We have ‘values’.

  71. WestLondonGoon

    Part of what I posted last night for those who missed it.

    Were we to lose on sunday, sell Sanchez and Ox next week, not make the required signings, or drop points against Bournemouth. it would surely cause more stirrings amongst the fanbase….any combination of these, and suddendly the anger directed at the club will make events of last January – March look like a socuting jamboree.

    Many of his followers believed their messiah would walk away after a cup win, but in one of the greastest hoaxes since biblical times, ole Arsene has gone full Judas Iscariot on them, taken their support and nominally shafted them full up the khyber pass.

    Right now there’s a hell of a lot of angry geography teachers in Islington who will be writing strongly worded letters to Gazidis any day. Hell, I might go get myself a few shares in Basidon Bond!

    So back to the perfect storm scenario where, if any 2 of the above happens, the mood will be right back how it was six months ago; but any 3 ,or even all 4, of those things happen, and the mood surrounding the club will be completely toxic. They will be at their weakest point and it will be vital for us to take the chance to enforce change upon the regime.

  72. raptora

    “Give me a player with a football brain like ozil than the players you choose.”

    Dude, we don’t even get the odd amazing pass in an alley or lifted ball behind the defence, through ball between the lines that you go “WOW” after. He stopped trying. He stopped being impactful. His genius has been dead for over almost 2 seasons. Even at the moment there are great passers of the ball that offer way much in both sides of the game. KdB, David Silva, Eriksen, Willian, Coutinho, a healthy Cazorla, Fabregas with Chelsea done the pass behind defence constantly last season when called upon and some of balls were absolutely spectacular. Those players give you the whole package when you play them. Modern Ozil creativity is narrowed at creating half chances that are not ideal. Even Xhaka has been shaping up as being more creative than the german. The assist to Ramsey vs Leicester was something Ozil would never pull up as fast as Granit did. His only job on the pitch is to make sure his passes are dangerous. But you know what – the guy can hardly pull an obvious through ball anymore. It’s either short or long, or not well directed. It’s crazy. I sincerely hope he goes back to his very best (World Cup 2010) but I’m afraid his yet another early bloomer.

  73. Leedsgunner

    Wenger has transformed Arsenal into Chelsea under Ken Bates and Chelsea has become Arsenal of the early 2000s… a team hungry for titles and a team where the best in the world wanted to come to.

    Well done Arsene, you’ve completely destroyed your legacy and emasculated the club along the way.

  74. Marko

    The values stuff cracks me up. How he and Gazidis can spout that with a straight face while fleecing the fans for years is unbelievable. At least we’re fully aware that the values they speak of isn’t the same as ambition it’s not challenging they’re talking about

  75. Leedsgunner


    Preaching to us about “values” whilst they take home record pay packets and having nothing to show for it.

  76. Don


    Never said Ramsey was first team material and believe me I’m one of his biggest critics if you read my posts but for £5m you can’t say he hasn’t given value. Has he reached the heights he promised? One season. He’s also scored the winning goal in two cup finals. So again for £5m I’d say he’s given value.

    The ox- well he’s only really just starting to play with confiedence again. There is a tip player in there and we got him for only £10m. Would be fucking nuts to let him go. If walker is £54m then selling the ox for £35m before he’s realised his potential would be nothing short of criminal.

  77. Don


    I’m not saying that for a second. RvP is one of my all time favourite players. A little bit of me died when he left im telling you. My mrs says I was never the same in bed again!!!

  78. Leftsidesanch

    The journalism in this country is weak to say the least. On a weekly basis Wenger strolls into a press conference room and utters contradictory statements to what he said prior and is never challenged. Where were the values when there was masses of uncertainty surrounding his future? Where were the values in not even having the decency to thank the fans at the home game v Everton after the season they had to see?

    Values mean nothing to Arsenal FC and certainly not to Wenger.

  79. Leftsidesanch

    As for Lemar how predictable and how pathetic. I’m sure Monaco didn’t bend over backwards for any of the clubs who came in for offers – there’s little surprise only Arsenal left empty-handed.

  80. Don

    The irony of Ramsey supposedly being selfish is that most of his lung-bursting third man runs – that very few can do by the way – actually create space for others because they drag defenders with them and make space for others to run into. The opposition love it when no one makes runs in behind and everything is in front of them.


    All of that is great but if he’s neglecting his primary function in the team to score goals (some body else’s job) then I’m sorry but fuck that. And he’s fluffing a lot of good chances at that too.
    Now he has been value for £5m and he can be the player he showed that season but he needs to go back to basics.

  81. Don


    Totally disagree regarding welbz
    I rate him. So did fergie. Fergie reckoned he would be one of the world’s best.

  82. Champagne charlie

    Your ignorance and naïveté is pretty amusing.

    So Jurgen Koop talks up the importance of CL when signing players, and this is now evidence of the importance of it?

    So do we simply ignore the terrible window Liverpool have had and avoid the obvious here…. that Klopp is trying to turn tables and suggest it was CL qualification holding them back?

    Money rules football, there’s countless examples of it the last decade since the sugar daddy’s turned up. Arsenal are big enough and ugly enough to sign anyone they see fit. We don’t because of a lack of a ruthless strategy from big Weng, and the total avoidance from big S-a-TAN Kroenke to play his hand.

  83. raptora

    Agreed. I think that Ramsey, in the free position that Ozil’s been getting used at, will make us way more dangerous. We had to get a top CM though. Missed opportunities…

  84. Champagne charlie


    Fergie thought Bebe was worth 7 mil mate. He was unreal, but still prone to plenty of shockers.

    Welbz has all the tools and none of the guile. He’s the anti-Bergkamp, no grace, poise, or flawless skill. Good squad player though.

  85. Paulinho

    Don – Making runs in behind is one his primary functions, probably his main one.

    As I’ve already said, we were playing Stoke, dominating the game. In such a scenario Ramsey is naturally going to spend the most of the match high up the pitch letting Xhaka get on with it. Dropping deep and playing keep ball with the Swiss is not really going to end well because neither are much good at it.

    Against Chelsea in the Cup final Ramsey was combative, dropped deep, and picked his spots to make runs forward. It depends on the opposition.

    I did say before though I would play Elneny-Xhaka behind Ramsey because Ramsey’s style of play, along with weaknesses of other players, means we are too porous in there. In the end it comes to Wenger indulging players certain players at the cost of the overall system, whether it be Ramsey, Ozil in a free role etc.

  86. Dissenter

    Welbeck has no place starting for a top-10 team. I cannot think of another striker that is utterly useless in front of the goal. He makes Giroud look like a world class striker.
    What’s the point of having good athleticism when he’s so crap at scoring.
    His assist rate is terrible as well. The only way he gets assist is by mis-kicks and stumbles.

  87. ArseneisaFraud


    AW is the only “expert” that there is at the club and he won’t allow anyone else to give advice/an idea that would be a better idea than his.

    Well at least this is what it feels like to me when you see how the club is run.

  88. Ishola70

    Wouldn’t be a problem with getting rid of Mustafi if you knew the club would go out and buy a better centre back but the opposite would probably happen and no action taken. Mustafi is a flawed defender just like Xhaka is a flawed midfielder. Too rash goes to ground too often and sells himself. Did the exact same thing at Stoke last game and Jese simply skipped over his brainless challenge and forced Cech into a save. He makes these rash decisions because he is not a very good reader of the game. He is a Vermaelen MK II.

    All this recent stuff about Ozil is compounded and made to look worse because Wenger made the awful decision to sign yet another playmaker who is shit off the ball in Xhaka. He decided to have two playmakers in the first XI who are shit off the ball and couldn’t care less how this would affect the team when they don’t have the ball.

    Wenger out.

  89. Don


    Yeah but he has all the attributes (nearly all) necessary to succeed as a top forward. Pace, power, good touch, movement. Just needs to calm down in front of goal.
    I have a feeling this could be his breakout season.
    In all fairness but many can be compared to DB10
    RvP and Henry and that’s it as far as Arsenal are concerned.
    I think welbz has a higher ceiling and far more in his locker than adebayor had and he was knocking them in fairly regularly

  90. Alexanderhenry


    You’re dead right when you say ‘we deserve all we get’. The ‘we’ though are actually the fans who pay up to see arsenal- I’m not one of them.

    It’s a tough one, but I would urge ST holders in particular to think very carefully about renewing. I understand that many of them have had their STs for years and going to the match every other weekend is a tradition- pie, pint, celebrate or moan
    etc etc. but their loyalty keeps the powers that be in charge.

    Another option could be setting up some kind of season ticket holders association.
    If it was organised and managed to put up a united front, it could be quite powerful at arsenal.

    Any thoughts…Emirates and other ST holders?

  91. qna

    Don: The irony of Ramsey supposedly being selfish is that most of his lung-bursting third man runs – that very few can do by the way – actually create space for others because they drag defenders with them and make space for others to run into.

    Don its the space he leaves for the opposition to walk it in for a goal that is the problem :)

  92. Don


    I thought Ramsey was reckless and selfish in the cup final mate. I also thought he was reckless an careless against stoke
    But it’s like this. If he’s leaving the hole in Behind and going up then make it count.
    That’s the difference
    Gerrard lampard and Scholes (and Freddie) all made it count. Their timing was right and they made sure they hit the net when the chance came. Ramsey doesn’t. He also gives the ball away far too often by taking the Hollywood option instead of passing and moving. That’s his game. He’s not a dribbler.

  93. Jacko


    I posted something similar about Cazorla here yesterday.

    I suspect they will announce his ‘minor set back’ on September 1st, with the window conveniently closed.

  94. Ishola70

    Welbeck is far more consistent in his overall game than Adebayor ever was but he will never score the type of goals that Adebayor did. Adebayor had a genuine eye for goal however erratic his game was. Welbeck simply doesn’t have a genuine eye for goal and never will at this stage of his career.

  95. Dissenter

    I’ve been impressed by your metamorphosis on this site from an avid Wenger-defender to a free thinker [except for the Kroenke-preoccupation]

    How much do you put on Wenger now? You do realize that he’s part of the problem?

  96. Dissenter

    Cazorla hasn’t played a 90-minute game in 1.5 seasons. For a midfielder who’s game is based on reading the game and anticipating the movement of other players- that’s a footballing death sentence.
    He might yet have a future for a Qatari club or Chinese team but he’s done at the top-level. Arsenal fans are so wrapped in nostalgia that they can’t see the obvious.
    How many Achilles tendon surgeries now?

  97. Don

    Adebayor developed an eye for goal after an extended run as our main striker due to another RvP injury. His confidence sky rocketed and he calmed down when faced with scoring opportunities.
    With welbz you can see that he’s over thinking as the ball drops, worrying even. It’s all about confidence. If he stays fit and gets an extended run you’ll see a different player in front of goal. I’m certain.

  98. Alexanderhenry


    Wenger is part of the problem and he’s got worse recently. Despite the FA cup wins I’ve been disappointed with a lot of his management over the past couple of seasons.

    Kroenke is the main issue though.

  99. Ishola70

    Lol Don Xhaka at CB?

    That’s a master move if I ever saw one. A move that could win the EPL. And no-one ever saw it. Inspired.

  100. Cesc Appeal

    Ibrahimovic back to United for another season.

    Lukaku, Martial, Rashford and Ibrahimovic as options to play up top. Jeez.

  101. Cesc Appeal

    Tottenham are apparently close to Aurier for £23 Million as well. Issues with attitude for sure but great on field replacement for Walker.

    Aurier and Rose on either flank gives them some teeth out wide.

  102. graham62


    There’s headlines and there’s headlines.

    Adrian Durham isn’t the press! The national press never go full out onWenger. It’s just repeats of articles from previous years. Those that are heavily critical, are generally excluded from the club.

    Former players, who are involved in the media (except Merson and Robson) are too scared to rock the boat, in fear of losing out on their fringe benefits at the Emirates.

    Pierre, I know we don’t see eye to eye on many things but sometimes your overprotctive reactions towards Wenger and his ways is mindblowingly dumb.

    There are specific reasons for the positive Spurs press, which are self explanatory, nevertheless, with Arsenal, Wengers protctive bubble enables him to consistently get away with murder.

  103. Jacko


    Totally agree. As much as I love the guy, barring an actual miracle, it’s over.

    At this point, it’s nothing more than a sentimental attachment and a way to save a few quid.

  104. Redtruth

    Adebayor Premier league record for Arsenal:

    Season 05/06: 13 apps 4 goals
    Season 06/07: 29 apps 8 goals
    Season 07/08: 36 apps 24 goals
    Season 08/09: 26 apps 10 goals

  105. Leftsidesanch

    Maybe Alexis realising that his belly can’t ache forever loolol. Posting pics of the Arsenal training ground on his insta.

  106. Aaron Mc

    At the moment the club absolutely reeks of complacency and that is very worrying indeed. For the first time in 20 years we are out of the CL and how do we deal with that?

    Sign the manager on a contract who is well past his sell by date and can’t keep up with the ever changing world of football like the big teams do. Sign two solid additions but in reality not in the positions we NEED.

    Arsenal NEED big changes but unfortunately we have two more years of this recurring nightmare.

    Thank you Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger for slowly ruining the club we all love.

  107. Redtruth

    “Wenger is part of the problem and he’s got worse recently. Despite the FA cup wins I’ve been disappointed with a lot of his management over the past couple of seasons.”

    Talk about burying your head in the sand…stroll on..lol

  108. Ishola70

    Welbeck will never have a 07/08 season like Adebayor did. That is the point. Don’t think anyone is trying to say that Adebayor was top rate or anything. People can hope Welbeck can have a season like Adebayor did in 07/08 but it will just be hope and ultimately forlorn hope.

  109. Tomtom

    The whole Wenger debate has become a bit stale now.
    The man obviously decides when he leaves despite over 10 years of repeated failures and capitulations.
    I’ve lost a lot of interest in the club as it’s hard to see a future with success with this idiot in charge.
    Sick if listening to the old fool blame everyone but himself and scoff at any suggestions that he walk away.
    Arrogant fool

  110. Ishola70

    Who are these people RT who are still enamoured with Wenger? These people who still get a hard on at the mere mention of his name.

    If these people could just step away for just six months without waving those red and white poms poms and make a rational clear concise judgement of the club then the club would have a chance of progression. As it is they seem unable to do this.

    This is what Kroenke and Wenger prey on. This is what Kroenke and Wenger feast upon. The infantile pom pom wavers.

  111. Ishola70

    Shit buys RT were Xhaka and Mustafi and lo and behold the first season they both turn out for Arsenal is the season Arsenal drop out of the CL . Expect more seasons without CL football if these two hang around.

  112. azed

    We have eleneny and xakha that can drop into cb if we lose mustafi.

    Xhaka as a central defender? We might as well start the game with 10 men.

  113. Josip Skoblar

    HighburyLegendAugust 24, 2017 12:33:18
    “Quote of the decade, without a doubt.
    Jesus Christ…”

  114. Kieron

    The most worrying aspect of what’s currently happening at the club is that it appears it’s only the fans noticing it. I’m not stupid, I don’t expect us to win the league every season with the sort of money that’s flying about. But I expect us to mount a serious challenge. It only goes to show with a manager – and frankly a squad – that is willing to push itself, anyone can have a pop. Look at Leicester and dare we say it even Tottenham who have 1/3 of our resources but with some careful recruitment but top class coaching are it has to be said punching above their weight currently.
    We are rapidly being left further and further behind. One top player a summer for the last 5 years or so and most of them now want out.

    The manager and the quite incredulous amount of power he has seemingly been allowed to inherit and suffocating this club and making us in all reality a laughing stock. Don’t believe me? Think about what you’d be saying and doing if this was Chelsea or Utd or Tottenham in this position. We’re on very very perilous foundations and we’re starting to wobble. One final knock and the whole thing may come tumbling down arounso us. The warning signs are very very clear

  115. Wallace


    “Shit buys RT were Xhaka and Mustafi and lo and behold the first season they both turn out for Arsenal is the season Arsenal drop out of the CL .”

    Pogba & Mkhitaryan also donkeys then, or do you judge other clubs differently?

  116. Don

    Red truth

    Arsenal are 18-1 for the title. If I’m throwing down £100 I’m throwing it down there. In fact I fancy a slice of that action
    Might stick £300 down on that

  117. Sajid

    For an Economics graduate – he really is piss poor at managing our club and its finances. We have in excess of £400k a WEEK of talent not playing and most of them not even on the bench. We have consistently signed players on stupid money and then hence why we cant shift them (Gibbs 60k+, Walcott 130k+, Debuchy 70k), the list is endless. This season aside – most clubs wage gaps are from 30/40k upto 200k, our pay gap is 60k-150k (give or take). My point being we are probably the only club that has soo many mediocre players on 60k+ – THIS IS MADNESS!.
    I honestly thought (and prayed) that this hopefully being AW last two year contract – he would throw the kitchen sink at it and try to win the league before he goes out. If this is his idea of that – we are really screwed and he is definitely past his sell by date!.
    A real shame for a manager who who was instrumental in the Premier League revolution as i feel his legacy will be tarnished and he will be seen (by the majority) as a failure.

    BUT he only has himself to blame for being so stubborn !.