Wenger had 3 jobs this summer, he’s failed them all

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Make no mistake, this is one of the most tragic Arsenal summers of the last ten years. The manager took his contract right up to the wire and undertook even less preparation than usual.

He had three jobs this window.

One was to sell the deadwood that’s clogging up the squad numbers wise, but also from a salary perspective. My calculations yesterday left that figure at £32.5m in wasted wages this season. You can’t drop net £30.5m in CL money and not address an over indulged squad size (31 players). It is absolutely beyond the pale someone at the club wasn’t working on moving those players on or cutting a deal for them to go for free. So far, we’ve shifted 3 players.

Second job was to make changes to the backroom team. Whether you call it a general manager, a sporting director, or a Director of Football. We needed to hire someone who could be in charge of overseeing the machinations of the playing side. You need someone identifying weaknesses, working on deals to move on players, and taking care of contracts and wage distribution. What did we do? Brought in a contracts lawyer who was briefed to the media as ‘taking the second part of contract negotiations’… a completely pointless hire who has achieved nothing so far. Chambo wants out, Ozil isn’t signing on, and Sanchez is leaving. We’re so f*cked, Wenger is keeping Jack Wilshere on the books. A player who couldn’t make it into the Bournemouth starting 11 come the end of the season.

We also finished 5th last year. We were humiliated on the big stage by a club with similar finances to us. It’s clear our backroom team needed a massive upgrade. So what did we do? We signed a fitness coach to an already strong team (who is working part time, and we paid over the odds for). We gave all the deadwood coaches that protect Wenger’s power structure new deals. We added Jens Lehmann as a token signing for the fans. Also questionable how broad the recruiting process was considering Wenger was undecided on his deal until the last minute. We basically didn’t add anyone with experience to the playing side of the backroom team.

3rd job was to recruit like a demon. Address our failings from last season by plugging clear gaps. We also needed to up the quality of the squad. There’s a reason we finished 5th, and it’s disgraceful that Wenger thinks it’s because of his indecisive and selfish behavior on his contract, because it shows you he’s not looking at his consistent average performances of the last 6 years. Anyway, Wenger has added a grand total of two players. A left back and a striker. He had this to say on his summer.

“I am very pleased with our market because we bought good players who can integrate with our style of play,”

“That’s what we want. On the other hand, it is very difficult. Today, the prices are out of proportion. The transfer market has become very demanding today.

“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer and when you are English, you have straight away 50 per cent [extra] on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.”

Luis Suarez was out of proportion when we stupidly bid £40m and £1 on a buyout clause that wasn’t a buyout clause. But guess what? Next summer he went for £75m.

The same summer, when we refused to meet Florentino’s £32m price tag for Higuain. He ended up at Napoli, a team with far less resource than us, then moved to Juventus for £90m a year later.

The horrors of Paul Pogba moving for a world record fee…  a year later, it’s doubled.

For an economist, Wenger really doesn’t seem to have much understanding of value or market trends.

According to Wenger, it’s been a tough market for 12 years. Same excuses every summer, while other teams simply crack on and get things done. We’re fishing around shooting for perfection both in terms of talent, and the optimum price… and consistently losing out. Thomas Lemar was never going for £40m. Why didn’t we sell Alexis for £60m at the start of the summer, and throw the same cash at the Frenchman?

Aurier for €25m. Matuidi for €20m. Coman €20m. Tielemans €25m. Is this a market we can’t play in?

Instead of playing it smart, we’re trying to pass off keeping players as a strategic win.

We are in such terrible shape, and it’s all because we afford too much power to a man who isn’t winning on any fronts these days. This season will be a car crash, and we absolutely deserve it.

Two things: Read yesterday’s post if you didn’t.

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  1. James wood

    As I have said before I have been a loyal Arsenal supporter since the 60s.

    I have never seen the the club so badly managed on all front’s.?

    What really pisses me off Pedro is the inability for anyone to do sweet
    FA about it.

  2. reality check

    Yes yes.. but how did he win the FA CUP again!?

    Ok let me rephrase. How did Wenger beat all the domestic rivals that outspend us to the fa cup?

    As long as he keeps popping up with FA Cups, Gazidis the board and kroenke feel justified.

  3. Bay Area Gooner

    This is judgement day for AW.
    We lose to Liverpool the knives come out.
    He will not last this season. Mark my words.

    Unless something drastic happens this week. Its over for Asshole
    However, that does not mean we are free from bondage.

    The club is rotting from its core and the issues on this website are quite legit.
    Systemic problems galore.

    Kronke the Donkey needs to sell his stake. We need someone to take over and turn the team upside down and shake hard.
    I look forward to that day.

  4. graham62


    It seems you are coming to the realisation that nothing will change unless Wenger goes. It is so obvious where the problem lies that even the akb bandits on Le grove must know they are in the minority. However, I still sense their heckles

  5. T2T

    I disagree on the jobs AW had this summer:
    1) Keep all the players from our starting XI – particularly the core (Koscielny, Özil and Sanchez)
    2) Recruit players improving last season’s starting XI
    3) Release players who from first team squad who are not our top XX.
    Report card
    1) B – he has been able to keep our players but not extending their contracts.
    2) B – he has successfully acquired Lacazette and Kolasinac; both areas where we needed improvement. However, he has not improved our DM.
    3) C – an ongoing process that should have been finished a couple of weeks ago from a purely financial perspective.

  6. graham62


    will remain up and they will come out fighting, swinging lefts and rights at those who they consider to be the enemy.

    Yep, another post that twists the knife in even more.

  7. Do one gambon

    Really seems that the players are refusing to sign new deals, the ones with 2 years left also.

    I really believe they’ve had enough of Wenger and as he wasn’t pushed they’ll leave on frees. Can’t say I really blame them looking at it from their perspective.

  8. chris

    All a bit pointless. Wenger has cleverly cultivated Kroenke who owns more than 50% of the shares. Kroenke knows nothing about football but loves the cash flow and supports Wenger against all opposition. End of. Nothing can be done for 2 more years … and who knows …., perhaps more !! Meanwhile some Gunner fans who also know others who know little about football … go on thinking the man is wonderful. They don’t seem to understand his ludicrous and costly mistakes but go on thinking back 10 – 20 years. So does Wenger !!

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Hold the phone…Aurier for £25m and Koman for £20m? Where have I been and who has bought these two? If these two have gone for this money…ummm, there is t enough superlatives to describe the shitshow that is Arsenal FC.

    Back to the post. Yes, Wenger once again suggesting that somehow the club with not one but two billionaires can’t compete with Wimbledon FC. Embarrassing. If only Arsene could apply the rules he sets out for buying players against his own disgustingly high salary. But no.

    To also suggest that British clubs have a 50% additional ‘tax’ levied on them is another classic from the brain damaged one. So by that rationale, Neymar would have cost an English club £300m? God he’s awful.

    Why only players though? Do foreign architects charge 50% more for their stadium designs when it’s a British club involved? Chelsea and Tottenham better watch out in case they are getting ripped off.

    Oh Arsene, please just go away.

  10. Absolutelyfabregas

    Agree we haven’t had a great summer but would say a couple of things:

    1) it’s not over yet

    2) selling Alexis early and alerting everyone to the fact that we need to replace AND have £60m in our pocket isn’t going to help our chances of getting ‘value’ for players. Just look at Barce’s ludicrous pursuit of Coutinho and Dembele

    3) The players you used as examples aren’t really fair – they have all moved within Europe and we know that a premium does exist for Premier League clubs. No way Matuidi would have moved for £18m to PL. And Aurier is a notorious trouble maker so if he does move to Spurs for a seemingly cut-price £25m…they’re welcome to him!

  11. seniorgooner

    TO James Wood I have been a supporter of Arsenal since 1945 and have seen all the ups and downs I a agree with you and Pedro completely, but there is nothing we can do AFC is controlled by an American whose sports group is a failure and in the NFL.the NHL and the NBA all are mediocre and hes trying to bring us down to their level.

  12. raptora

    While I mostly agree with Pedro on his summary of the summer thus far, there is still 8-9 days till the window closes. There will be more outgoing transfers for sure – Debuchy, Perez, maybe Chambers and Gibbs. There is the slightest of chances that we will sign someone but it can still happen. I think that Ox will put a pen to a new contract and that Ozil could possibly do the same even though I don’t want him in our club anymore.

    So – yes, atm things are mostly how Pedro puts them. However there is time left. I’m convinced that we will sell/loan most of the deadwood. And that at least one of the three naughty ones will stay with us beyond this year. There are still some days left for this window to be considered successful. Maybe Pedro should have waited till the window closes in order to make 2-days-in-a-row general conclusions on summer 2017.

  13. seniorgooner

    If we get rid of Gibbs, Perez, Chambers and Debuchy and now we are led to believe he wants to get rid of Mustafi who are left with as the spine of or defence?

  14. Bay Area Gooner

    The players not signing are also sending the message to the rest of players on the market. DO NOT COME HERE.

    AW has created this problem. The Board, etc should have released him.
    Today, you need to spend to win, spend to attract, and retain your best players.

    Its a shame and a farce that we pinch pennies to this extent.

    last night my son was watching TH highlights on youtube. .He is 6 and plays a striker for his local team here.

    He is really enamored and wants to wear his little TH14 jersey all the time. Stinky and all. He wants to do the backheel goal this weekend during a game.

    How far have we fallen from those glory days!

  15. eastcamp

    I’m a supporter since 1979. The only way they will ever understand is when people STOP paying money. I stopped going to matches a few years ago, stopped being a Red member, stopped buying merchandise. The Club doesn’t get one penny anymore from me. If more real supporters did the same (vote with their feet, stop buying merchandise), we could make a difference. And I’m afraid it’s the ONLY way we can do something against these corporates..
    A more than fed up belgian supporter.

  16. Do one gambon

    Its not good Graham is it.

    If Wenger manages to see out his 2 years, by that time half the squad could be gone for free. With no funds coming in for transfers, prob still no cl money, sliding league form and the inevitable sponsor and fan backlash, how couodcee afford to replace.

    Wenger likes to pretend he built this club, but he’s sure doing his damnedest to destroy it.

  17. Uwot?

    One of your best posts ever pedro.perfectly sums up what a shitshow we have become under the ditherer.the shit is going to hit the fan v.soon me thinks.his disciples (some of them) are slowly waking up to the realisation of our clubs predicaments.sooner or later but it will happen make no mistake.

  18. Do one gambon

    To be fair if I was a player and I saw my boss go against a scheduled board meeting to beg the owner directly for a new contract I think I’d get out of dodge too.

    That was so spinless and unprofessional of him. That one move made me lose the last of the respect I had for him.

  19. David Smith

    The events unfolding could create an atmosphere making it impossible for wenger to continue, as Wrighty and the admittedly club biased Danny Murphy have said, the fans are just waiting for an excuse to force the clubs hand on wenger.
    Get the manager out, then turn the fury on the man of mediocre. who has kept wenger and his yes men, against the advice of his own board.
    Stan might not hear it 8000 miles away, but sponsors will, lets get this man out of our club, wenger wouldnt now even be an issue if it wasnt for Stan

  20. Gooner Sam

    Raptor, I admire your optimism but history suggests Pedro is bang on with his comments. One new player won’t make a difference when the manager hasn’t got a clue.

  21. Marko

    Aurier for €25m. Matuidi for €20m. Coman €20m. Tielemans €25m. Is this a market we can’t play in?

    Apparently not. The argument is we can’t compete for players worth 60,70,80+ million but we fail to move for smart signings like those mentioned. Been that way for years.

  22. seniorgooner

    If everything does go downhill rather than lose out on his investment Kroenke could sell to Usmanov and we could have a chance to get back to the old days, thats our only hope.

  23. Marko

    Anyway any bets on Bellerin at LWB and the two LB’s at CB again on Sunday. Oh and Xhaka will continue to struggle because Liverpool have really pacy midfielders who pressure well

  24. Chris

    Wrong , it’s the anti Wenger fans / anti arsenal fans who cause the team to play poorly social media is everything to these young players by criticizing the manager it gives the players an excuse to not perform because they perceive it to not be their fault.

  25. TT

    ChrisAugust 23, 2017 18:08:33
    Wrong , it’s the anti Wenger fans / anti arsenal fans who cause the team to play poorly social media is everything to these young players by criticizing the manager it gives the players an excuse to not perform because they perceive it to not be their fault.

    The scary thing is that I think you actually believe this….

  26. Cesc Appeal

    The ‘logic’ behind the Wenger defence has actually broken now, they are just shitting on their keyboards now and punching in whatever keys the shit comes to rest on.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is so transparent, you might as well call him Mr. Glass. Suddenly after we face an embarrassing loss — that Sanchez is miraculously available.

    This has nothing to do with the fortunes of Arsenal FC but Arsene Wenger. It’s all about Wenger manipulating the resources of the club to save face and safeguard his future with the club.

    Oh wait. I forgot he’s never held accountable.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t know why any of you entertain it. Honestly, if people are still defending Wenger and using shit on keyboard logic at this stage then they are beyond help and it is fruitless to have any sort of discussion with them.

    If you look at the club and think the biggest issue is social media then I have some great elbow grease to sell you, makes even the toughest job easy and can be yours for the low price of £50 a tub. Wenger approved.

  29. steve

    “Wrong , it’s the anti Wenger fans / anti arsenal fans who cause the team to play poorly social media is everything to these young players by criticizing the manager it gives the players an excuse to not perform because they perceive it to not be their fault.”


    Lol another genius conclusion as if pumas Einstein moment yesterday wasn’t enough.

  30. Cesc Appeal



    Everything has become about Wenger’s self-preservation.

    The entirety of last season was about maintaining his power grip, he threw tantrums and all sorts, threw the club under the bus, slithered to Kroenke before the board meeting all to make sure baby still got bot-bot.

  31. Leedsgunner


    Trust me had we won on the weekend, the narrative coming out of the club would be how we are stronger without prima donnas like Sanchez. How we are much more stronger as a unit pulling together without star figures like Sanchez.

    Then Wenger would do what he usually does. After spending all summer denying Sanchez wouldn’t be sold he would be allowed to sell him without a word of reprimand… because he would say, look we still have a big squad and we’ve been undefeated…

    ..except an embarrassing loss at Stoke… scuppered all that.

    Wenger is doing what he always does.

    Reacting to situations rather than planning for them.

    It’s amazing that Wenger gets £10m per year to basically make it up as he goes along and then when it doesn’t work — he makes excuses for why it’s never his fault.

  32. Leon

    As long as Kroenke is at Arsenal then Wenger will be at Arsenal.
    There is no bubble to burst.
    There is no objectives for the dinosaur to achieve except to make money for Kroenke.
    Here lies the rub.
    The only way to get rid of both is to stop attending the games, stop buying the nasty hot dogs and stop buying the merchandise.
    Its the only language Kroenke understands – loss and profits.
    Something that causes him to lose money will be the incentive to sell and for le loser to leave.
    Protests and banners do nothing when Kroenke never attends games and is never present…

  33. Jacko

    And, as if by magic, we now have Santi declaring he is almost fit and that he will see us all soon. Yay!

    No need to add to the midfield now then.

    I would wager that his next tweet coincides with his minor (6 month) set back on September 1st.

    Pessimistic I know…..but text book Arsene-al, when you think about it.

  34. Leedsgunner

    I suspect, to allow Wenger to maintain a facade of authority, the anti-Sanchez sentiment will be stoked and fed by the club PR.

    Like clockwork, the club artillery will be brought to bear on traitorous anti-Wenger elements as disloyal elements against the Eternal Manager.

    “No man is bigger than the club” they will cry., conveniently forgetting that if but for Alexis’ heroics we would be solidly mid table.

    No man is bigger than the club? Why was Wenger allowed to string the club along then?

    Wenger doesn’t have a divine right to manage our club. It’s a privilege to do so.

    It’s about time, whether you are pro Wenger or Wenger Out, that we remembered that.

    No man is bigger than the club.

    In my book, that includes Wenger.

    Wenger Out.

  35. Marko

    Wenger self preservation is right. For every interview talking about values imagine a certain world leader at his rallies talking about a certain wall

  36. Leon

    Tell me if I am wrong.
    Lose on Sunday
    Panic buy donkeys in positions that do not require strengthening.
    Donkeys sold following summer at a great loss.
    I want to be wrong but Arsenal are so so predictable…

  37. GoonerDNA

    Chris, so tweets and online abuse is the reason we play a RB at LWB and Monreal as the last man not to mention the Facebook comments holding us back from signing a CM, fuck it Chris let’s also blame insta for the lack of selling.

    Makes perfect sense.

  38. PieAFC

    The most damming indictment of all this, is all the players that haven’t signed new deals; do not wish to.


  39. kel

    As i said yesterday, the fans cant even uptil now decide if they want wenger to stay or go so then why should the board even consider us?? the effort for change must be collective. And to compound our stupidity we’re still spend our money at a club who does’nt give a piss about the fans. What is happening to arsenal on a whole is well deserved because we like it sooo!!!!

  40. Sky

    Wenger’s plan for the season: make a profit in the transfer window or have a minute outlay after factoring players in and out. Make top 4 and back his performance up by defending how much he spent in contrast to the other teams that finished above Arsenal but did not win the league. Korente is happy with the performance against money spent arguement and gives Wenger a new 5 year contract.

  41. Marc

    Got a real feeling we’re going to see a spanking on Sunday followed by a Wenger special super market dash. Just wonder when Sanchez is going to throw his toys out of the pram to ensure a move.

    Don’t care who he signs it’ll be too little to late.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Really not sure on Sunday, both teams are sketchy and their defensive are shambolic.

    Have a feeling it could be another high scoring draw or maybe someone sneaking it but again a high scoring but close win.

  43. Marc


    Think at Anfield Klopp will have Liverpool switched on and hyped up – they’ll start at 100mph. We could be 2 – 3 nil down by the time we’ve woken up – it wouldn’t be the first time.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    You may well be right. Going to be an interesting game.

    The thing is, the club have created a situation where Wenger is a couple of defeats away from protests and fan mutiny.

    From top to bottom, in basically every area we are a shambles making questionable decisions. With Wenger and Kroenke it is basically the self-preservation society at Arsenal.

  45. Razors

    Anybody still defending Wenger is truly beyond help…I don’t even call them AKB’s I would call them MFOS….that stands for something completely different “this is for the slightly older crowd ” hands up who remembers a Gryff Ryhs Jones and Mel Smith film I think in the eighties called Morons from Out space …..that’s the only explanation….complete and utter Morons….how can anyone actually support a manager that plays 4 players in defence out of position , plays Ramsey who is got to be the most selfish player in the PL and is also complete shit….and Ozil who is basically the German Denilson….and complete garbage and any one who says he is a player that needs to a team built around them , is a visionary, is an asist king….blah blah blah…ballocks!….if that was any other team in the PL with Ozil we would be ripping them and taking the piss but because he plays for Arsenal he is top top class and misunderstood….LOL……Wenger went into the game already given us a handicap ffs…play with them 2 we are playing with 9 player’s………at the end of the day even average managers like Tony Pulis would before any ball is kicked and I’m talking before, tatics, in game management , formations, substitutions….is team set up…just set up the team correctly playing players in the correct position and not to get beat….obviously if you play a superior team and they beat you then fair enough you just make sure they work hard for the 3 points…like Tony Pulis teams most of the times do …..but not Wenger ….oh no…that’s too easy for someone who’s been in the game for over 20yrs and 50,000 subs….sorry for the rant but it’s come to the stage now where its not even…..#WENGEROUT now ….its #WENGERISFINISHED …

  46. Chris

    BTW I’m not even akb or wengerin , I want him gone as most of you do . I just find it ridiculous that we diss wenger more than we diss the owner and we always react like the world is ending when we lose away to stoke , we always lose away to stoke it’s not worth going overboard over . Been supportive of the team since 1980 and overall it’s been amazing lots of titles and trophies and lots of good players to watch, my mom is Spurs my step dad is Spurs so been able to laugh at our rivals for most of my life things really aren’t that bad. My uncle though who used to play for arsenal in the 70s is just as anti wenger as you lot go figure .

  47. steve

    “we always react like the world is ending when we lose away to stoke , we always lose away to stoke it’s not worth going overboard over .”


    What a pathetic approach. No wonder we’re not getting anywhere. “Well we never do well up there so it’s ok to lose again” *sigh*

  48. Redtruth

    “We could be 2 – 3 nil down by the time we’ve woken up – it wouldn’t be the first time.”

    More fool you…..lol……Mug season ticket holder…lol

  49. David Hickey

    I agree Chris, it’s the owners fault as responsibly begins at the top.
    Anyway my team for Sunday. Sorry for putting defenders in and square pegs in square holes.
    Chamb Kos. Holding
    Ox. Classysnatch
    Rambo. Jack Fuckin Wilsh
    Iwobi. Sanchez
    Anyone that tells me Jack isn’t ready wasn’t there against citeh’s kids the other night. Compared to Ozil who’s only any good at home against shite teams it’s a no brainer
    Up the Arse xx

  50. reality check

    steveAugust 23, 2017    20:26:54

    “we always react like the world is ending when we lose away to stoke , we always lose away to stoke it’s not worth going overboard over .”


    What a pathetic approach. No wonder we’re not getting anywhere. “Well we never do well up there so it’s ok to lose again” *sigh*
    I was about to pull this guy up on his comment too but then i thought, if he’s been born and raised on Wenger. Then his perception of Arsenal is that we’re a top4 cup team. As the years go by the expectations of Arsenal have dropped tremendously, you me most of LeGrove may think Arsenal should be winning leagues and competing with the best but for many Arsenal fans these days, we always lose away to stoke. Its normal.

  51. ArseneisaFraud


    If your uncle is a Wenger Out ask to spend some time with him at the pub and have him explain to you his reasons. It may be a complete eye opener for you.

    But please don’t lay it on fb, etc as this is just utter bullshit.

  52. reality check

    Oh shit was that GNABRY?!
    Poor touch and finishing tonight.

    As long as we keep winning Cups more regularly than our rivals there’s not much we can say to convince kroenke his man aint producing.

    In the boardroom, Wenger is being compared to poch, klopp and koeman not jose, pep and conte.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Arseblog put it well today, our net spend is about £22 Million or something, that buys you half of Sigurdsson. For Wenger to say our summer has been good when we have Sanchez basically saying he is leaving, Oxlade pushing for the exit and Ozil going through the motions on the pitch with one year left on his deal, a problem at CB, a totally shite central midfield and a load of deadwood still on the books with a £22 Million net spend. F**k, makes for terrible reading.

    In the context of the massively inflated incomes of EPL clubs our spending is as pathetic as is always was.

  54. jwl

    “There’s a reason we finished 5th, and it’s disgraceful that Wenger thinks it’s because of his indecisive and selfish behavior on his contract, …”

    Pedro I think Wenger is blaming Gazidis when he says contract situation was problem last season.

    As far as I understand, there was contract on table for Wenger to sign until X-mas/New Years, Gazidis could see what shit sandwich is being offered and took contract off table then said something about catalyst for change, and end of season Wenger won power battle when Kroenke gave him two year contract with raise in pay.

    Coaches, and contract lawyer, who have been added this summer were way for Gazidis to save face, changes were made.

  55. WestLondonGoon

    We were to lose on sunday, sell Sanchez and Ox next week, not make the required signings, drop points against Bournemouth….any combination of these things, and suddendly anger within the club will make events of last January – March look like a socuting jamboree.

    Many of his followers believed their messiah would walk away after a cup win, but in one of the greastest hoaxes since biblical times, ole Arsene has gone full Judas Iscariot on them, taken their support and nominally shafted them full up the khyber pass.

    There’s a hell of a lot of angry geography teachers in N5 who will be writing strongly worded letters to Gazidis any day now. Hell, I might go get myself a few shares in Basidon Bond!

    Back in the real world, any 2 of the above, and the mood will be right back to Feb/March; 3 or 4 of those things happen, particularly dropping points against Bournemouth, and it’s going to be game on again. It will be the perfect storm.

    Change CAN be forced on them, we will just have to turn the toxicity level up to 11 next time. So grab your balls in your hand and when its protest season again, no hiding behind your sofas this time!

  56. Cesc Appeal

    The problem basically can be condensed down to the fact that over the course of the summer nothing has been done to take any power at all away from Wenger, nothing has been done to add a competent football head into the executive structure to both aid and challenge Wenger.

    Its funny because Wenger’s problem is Wenger. Said it before, he would be and would have been far more successful if he had let the club appoint a top notch ruthless DoF to deal with contracts, transfers, to poach coaches from around Europe and to design the football approach of the club with Wenger.

    Alfred from the podcast said it on Twitter, Wenger’s strategy is to survive not thrive and that stems from the ‘jazzer’ style as Arseblog put it, this ad hoc, reactive crap he always pulls.

  57. reality check

    You have to protest. Even with a 2 year contract. Protest Gazidis out. Protest Kroenke out. Protest Puma out. Keep the sponsers aware of fan unrest, take back power. Its your club, if you want it to look bad, it will, if you want it to look good, it will. Tarnish the commercial brand, go past wenger and hit the commercial sponsers. Wake them up.

  58. Red&Dread


    You don’t sound so whiny & whingy on your podcasts but man you’re becoming boring with criticism of everything Wenger. After a while your points lose effect as it just seems part of a consistent ant-Wenger diatribe.

    It becomes boring reading your blog, which is a shame because I enjoy your writing style. I sense you lost all sense of objectivity a long while ago.

  59. Samesong

    “Wrong , it’s the anti Wenger fans / anti arsenal fans who cause the team to play poorly social media is everything to these young players by criticizing the manager it gives the players an excuse to not perform because they perceive it to not be their fault.”

    This has got to be up there as the worst comment I’ve ever seen on le grove.

    Maybe they should learn the game instead of playing Fifa on YouTube.

  60. Samesong

    Anyway Liverpool defence is shit like ours so could be a 4-4 result with Cech saving a penalty but the ref asks to retake and Liverpool score.

  61. Cesc Appeal


    I am thinking the same. Could easily see a high scoring draw happening.

    Wonder if Sanchez will be back, if he is not I would think we’re leaning toward selling him.

    Liverpool’s attack on its day is something, but their defence is completely garbage.

  62. Mark

    Good post Razors , spot on!

    Reality check. It’s a thought that it might be all they have known. However I think most people who are winners and want their team to be successful,, recognise that Wenger is not doing a good job.

    We’re a laughing stock in so many aspects , it’s almost kinda common knowledge now that Wenger is way past his Sell by date.
    Complaining about having too many and”need to” sell are hardly great tactics to walk into a negotiation to get the kind of money he wants or that we should be getting in this market.

    It’s just another shit show complaining about a fucking problem he alone caused, is just so Arse-ne .
    No other teams would be interested in this fool. Sorry but I love AFC not Arse-ne, and it’s gonna have to be tough love, if we ever want to be the team we should be. We’re gonna have to go through the pain.

    WENGERISFINISHED . !! That’s gotta be the 2018 slogan. Love it.

  63. Leedsgunner

    “Wrong , it’s the anti Wenger fans / anti arsenal fans who cause the team to play poorly social media is everything to these young players by criticizing the manager it gives the players an excuse to not perform because they perceive it to not be their fault.”

    So much so their fabled mental strength if they are bothered by a few angry fans on a blog.


    Oh wait, it’s that special Arsenal specific mental strength that Wenger only seems to crow about inanely when we win…

    Where’s this mental strength when our backs are to the wall and time is running out? Oh wait, as for the league race or the European competition it disappears about November. That’s how strong this team is mentally.

    It only turns up when we play in the FA cup it seems and Wenger needs a cup to salvage his season.

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Fuck Arsenal
    Fuck arsene

    Defeat on Sunday pleSe you gutless bunch of overpaid overhyped overspoilt players

    Ad for you wenger

    Keep losing till October an your tinned fella

  65. ArseneisaFraud

    I’ve been ruminating a theory for a while now.

    As we all know AW has been sacked from his previous 2 manager job (@ Monaco and @ Nagoya Grampus Eight).

    This may have possibly affected his huge ego and is now, and has been, doing anything and everything to keep his job and his dream of winning his way against all odds. He is so up his ivory tower that he cannot see that he is completely destroying the club he supposedly loves.

    I personnaly do not think he loves the club as much as he says he does. As some have said: it’s a self-preservation society at The Arsenal.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger adores himself more than the club, and it is that affection for himself and ego that makes him think he is what is best for the club. Sort of a perverse logic that leads him to claim he puts the club first because he truly thinks he is the very best option for us.

  67. reality check


    Fair play mark. I’m just trying to see things from ‘wenger sympathisers’ point of view. I know the truth. You do too. But sometimes you have to put your own opinion to one side and entertain the opposite view. Mabey they have grounds. Mabey they have a leg to stand on.

    So far for me personally. Alex has the best point of view as a wenger supporter. I think kroenke is the only one we should focus on in public. Between us on Legrove ect, yeah wenger is the issue but in public, we should let it be known day in and day out how much we dislike this kroenke organization.

    Especially when the cameras are on.

  68. goonerkitt

    The only way to ever get Wenger and The Wig out of Arsenal is to hit them financially.
    Boycott the emirates, don’t buy the shirt, don’t buy any puma products, do not fly emirates and do through the list of partners on the Arsenal.com and boycott all of them.
    Email all of these firms explaining why you are boycotting them and link it to the #wengerout
    None of these firms are going to want bad pr through association to a toxic environment that the emirates and Arsenal FCC will become.
    The Wig will hopefully sell and stick to what he does best which is ruining American sports franchises and selling animal slaughter porn

  69. ArseneisaFraud

    I totally agree RC, but it will much harder for Kroenke to hide if AW falls first.

    We should be hitting out at Kroenke and AW at the same time.

    For all those who are Kroenke Out: why don’t you make your own Keoenke Out protests alongside the Wenger Out protests?

    A two pronged approach may work.

  70. ArseneisaFraud

    Un-fuckin-believable! Has AW lured Phil Senderos… with a huge money contract?

    Is AW scrapping the bottom of the barrel? No… that wouldn’t be very AW would it?

  71. WestLondonGoon


    Just seeing him in a shirt brings up a little bit of sick doesn’t it? Wasn’t he at Rangers last season and doesn’t that in itself indicate that he has actually got worse than when he was with us before?

    Perhaps we fans should just declare the club up for sale? Sing ‘up for sale’ and ‘come and buy us’ songs, follwed by ‘we want Kroenke out’ all through games? Let’s drum up some bidders and create a market. Got to hit those sponsors too.


  72. Cesc Appeal

    Said it before, ‘just sell up Kroenke’ to the tune of she said no Robin, and then keep the ‘you’re a c**t Kroenke, you’re a c**t’ after the just sell up part.

  73. Bamford10


    “Just like to point out that Bamford, true to form, has bowed out of the football debate after attempting to change tact to academia and sociopolitical theory when floundering.”

    Actually, I had to go to work, dipshit.

  74. WestLondonGoon

    Just been reported on the radio that City have offered £70m and told Wenger to take it now or they take him for nothing in July.

    Bet the old Wenger sphincter is twitching tonight if it’s true.

  75. Bamford10


    “I stand by my prediction. We will challenge for the title this year.”

    You never provided detail on this, Don. Are you willing to say that we will be within 7-8 points of the top in, say, April?

    As far as I’m concerned, anything short of that is not challenging.

    What do you say? And are you willing to make a wager re the above?

  76. Razors


    Classic…nearly wet myself lol…

    I bet Wenger is rocking in he’s rocking chair with a portrait of Sangoo saying….come back all is forgiven….ffs

  77. reality check

    ArseneisaFraudAugust 23, 2017    22:54:01

    WestLondonGoonAugust 23, 2017    23:03:47

    Cesc AppealAugust 23, 2017    23:07:40

    Said it before, ‘just sell up Kroenke’ to the tune of she said no Robin, and then keep the ‘you’re a c**t Kroenke, you’re a c**t’ after the just sell up part.
    Agreed on all your points guys.

    City turning the knife. Lets see how the P.R team spin this shit.

    Chavs gearing up for a raid on the Ox.

    Thursday next week they both could be gone? Crazy times at Arsenal.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Sanchez to City stuff is ramping up now.

    Sanchez, Oxlade and Mustafi all seeming like there is the potential for them to go, Mustafi least likely I think.

  79. Samir

    If this recent news RE Ox and Sanchez is true, we should absolutely get rid of them both. Let’s take the money now and re-invest to try and build a decent squad. We’re all sick of the news of them wanting out and the season has only just started!!

    Sanchez – 70M
    Ox – 35M

    Potential ins –
    Draxler – 35M
    Van Dijk – 60M
    Decent CM – 40M

    That would make us a better team for sure.

  80. Akan


    Thought we played quite well against stoke, a little unlucky with a good goal ruled incorrectly offside and hitting the post.
    Basically we are into a new season with the same team that have been failing for the past 4 to 5 years and the same disillusioned and discombobulated management staff that have no idea what the word success means let alone how to spell it. We are a laughing stock on and off the off the field. I have nothing but contempt for the manager and no time at all for those players that are hanging on for the wages as no other team would want them, most of them are not even good enough to lace up a real footballers boots

  81. Samir

    I would also let Bellerin go to Barca next summer and get a proper RB in.
    Cedric would be a massive upgrade.

    Ozil can walk on a free. Give Nelson a go or buy a top RW like Fekir or a new emerging talent this coming season.

    Then there is the GK problem, easily resolved. Demote Cech to No2 and bring in a top class GK like Butland or Bernd Leno.

  82. reality check

    It’s simple really. Sanchez said after the chile games he’ll let us all know what he will do. 1 week away from deadline day we haven’t heard a peep.

    So I ask you, if he decided to stay, wouldn’t he have said it by now.

    Put an Arsenal team photo on his insta and say something like, “see you soon guys!”

    Say something positive.

    The TW is so pathetic these days, it’ll go down to the final hour like REAL MADRID, UTD and De Gea.

  83. Johnsgiles

    Hope you all realise (whatever you may think) none of us support arsenal anymore. It went many years ago

    We support a franchise. American owner, french manager, international ‘team’, ‘new stadium’ etc. Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Man U…all the same

    When u look at what are considered to be the ‘biggest/heavy weight’clubs abroad…barca, real, bayern ….all owned by the fans for the fans and have at least fair contingent of the best players from their home countries

    The only thing that’s left of arsenal is its still in london and a history

    Something to chew on….

  84. Cesc Appeal


    I agree with the notion of taking the money and spreading it around, but there is a few problems.

    One, Wenger. If Wenger gets £100 Million in new cash basically on top of what we have left unspent net so far, about £70 Million, I do not for a second trust him to go out and even put a dent in that amount.

    Second, we have left it late. It is going to be difficult now to get out there and find the players, get them in, get them settled and make sure they are the right ones. We have faffed around all summer long.

    Third, personnel choices. Obviously an opinion thing but in the same way I do not want Mahrez and Ozil in the same team I would not want Draxler and Ozil in the same team either. All three of them have a habit of being lazy on occasion (though none worse than Ozil) and can shy away from the physical stuff and go through spells of total anonymity.

    Ozil and Xhaka create huge problems for us in terms of personnel additions because whoever we add has to be just right to make up for their weaknesses. At CDM you need a highly mobile, high energy, highly disciplined player to make up for Xhaka’s faults. In attack you need a highly mobile, high energy, physical, direct attacking type to make up for the lackadaisical Ozil.

    Interesting couple of weeks coming up. Really am not sure what is going to happen with Sanchez, Wenger is all about self-preservation and Sanchez saved us from a mid-table finish last year. At the same time letting £70 Million float off down the swanny will not go down well either particularly if we finish fifth or worse.

  85. Marko

    Absolutely right CA. Once again we’ve left it to late in the transfer window and if anybody leaves expect them to be replaced with such an inadequate replacement. This season is shaping up horrifically. To think finishing 5th and dropping out of the champions league couldn’t even wake up this club from it’s slumber. Pathetic regime

  86. Leedsgunner

    If Sanchez and Chamberlain are sold I fully expect Wenger say this.

    1. He had no choice — Sanchez didn’t want to stay so he did what was for the club. It’s too late to get a replacement– but not to worry we have Welbeck and Perez who can play in his position.

    As for Chamberlain? We have Bellerin and Chambers… and don’t forget about Debuchy! (Cue inane grin)

    Wenger never replaces like for like anyway at the time when we need it. Always seasons following if at all. It’s as if he he wants to make difficult for himself just to prove how he was right against all odds. Shame all those odds are largely self inflicted.

    Forget about Wenger spending big. By his standards he has. What do we have to show for it?

    3 FA Cups in 4 years and a manager lost in his own greatness.

    Help me, I can’t contain myself.


  87. Marko

    It’s kind of depressing to think one week left in the transfer window and it doesn’t look like anyone else is coming in but it’s possible that we lose a couple players one of which is our absolute best player.

  88. Leedsgunner

    It doesn’t matter if Alexis goes.

    It sends a very clear signal to the best players… if you want to win trophies stay away.

    The cynic in me thinks Wenger will put in a late massive bid for Lemar and Mbappe… knowing very well that he won’t suceed just to say he tried but ran out of time. Oops sorry. Buys him self satisfaction without spending a dime. To his supporters, it allows them to say it demonstrates ambition that we actually tried.

    You just know he will.

    It doesn’t matter to Wenger. To try to sign someone is as good as doing so.

  89. reality check

    Ozil and Xhaka create huge problems for us in terms of personnel additions because “whoever we add has to be just right to make up for their weaknesses. At CDM you need a highly mobile, high energy, highly disciplined player to make up for Xhaka’s faults. In attack you need a highly mobile, high energy, physical, direct attacking type to make up for the lackadaisical Ozil.”
    I’m seeing this point being made alot. In terms of signings we need a DM to cover xhakas..xyz.

    Then we need another attacker to cover ozils xyz.

    I’m confused because we bought Xhaka as the DM no? So Ramsey or Wilsh or Santi could move forward.
    What happen now we need a DM for our DM!

  90. Cesc Appeal

    Do not know what City will do though, I mean Gabriel has not started the season all that impressively, so maybe an Aguero and Sanchez pairing?

    Maybe a front three of Sanchez, Aguero, De Bruyne with Sanchez being more natural in that wider slot?

  91. Leedsgunner

    Remember how Wenger used to say he wanted to wait until we qualified for the Champions league before he decided how he would complete the transfer window?

    Well I hope this year shows that excuse for what it is. He had nothing to worry about this year and he still dithered.

    Wenger is just a poor manager and a negotiator, who thinks he is better than he really is.

  92. Bamford10

    And by the way, I’m not even saying that being within 7 points of the top in April = “challenging”. I’m saying this would constitute the absolute bare minimum to even be considered. In truth, to really say one challenged, I think you probably have to be within 5-6 points.

  93. Redtruth

    Don August 24, 2017 14:38:29
    “If we play second string in cup competitions and keep our first team fresh while playing our players in their strongest posteriors then we have a real shot this year.
    We won’t have a better chance at the title than this and to get back in the big time.”


    Don taking it a step further than merely challenging, believes we can win it!!!

  94. Azagunner

    Don,Cc, alexh and puma 9
    You’re like that women in the Simpson’s always saying “won’t someone please think of the children” where in this case the children is Wenger. You’re annoying as hell with your condescending remarks and always thinking you’re better fans because you respect the manager. Go f yourselves.

  95. David

    100% agree with all points in this post… I can’t get my head round the fact AW is given all the power at the club when it’s clear for everyone to see that he cannot and will not deliver the goods again. This season WILL be a car crash and we DO deserve it….

  96. TitsMcGee

    Pedro. Sounds pretty much like every summer the last 7-8 years.

    It’s really an egg (or by this stage eggs) all over AKB faces. He’s toyed with them.

  97. peanuts&monkeys

    when the owners of the club doe not want anything beyond ‘4th is THE trophy’, what else can you expecxt?

    Sadly, for the AKB mugs WengerFC will not finish above 6th even this year – Sanchez or no Sanchez.

  98. TitsMcGee

    We won’t have a better chance at the title than this and to get back in the big time.””


    Two seasons ago when we lost the title to LCFC by 10 points even though all of our usual rivals for the title were having bad seasons was the best chance for Wenger to win the modern day EPL. He failed miserably. If he couldn’t win the title that season he’ll never win it. Especially not now that there are more distinguished managers in the league than maybe ever.

    Every season the excuse train marches on.

  99. peanuts&monkeys

    British press goes after poor Wilshere’s blood because he sees a red. But, the same press dont paste the Devil of Arsenal even after going through his lows for 8 years at a stretch.

  100. TitsMcGee

    Well I hope this year shows that excuse for what it is. He had nothing to worry about this year and he still dithered.”


    Another excuse will be trotted out for this. Only the most naive/disingenuous ever believed his wait for UCL qualification line.

    It’s more apparent now that it was always his personal decision / incompetence in the TW that was the root of our ills.

  101. Wallace

    “Wenger is working to trim the squad and talks are being held between the club and Galatasaray over the left-back Kieran Gibbs. The manager is open to offers for a clutch of others, chief among them Mathieu Debuchy and Lucas Pérez, while he is expected to loan the under-21 players Krystian Bielik and Jeff Reine-Adelaide. Deportivo La Coruña want Pérez but they have so far been unable to agree a fee for him.

    The defender Calum Chambers, who spent last season on loan at Middlesbrough, had been close to a permanent move to Crystal Palace but Wenger could now keep him, having sold Gabriel Paulista to Valencia. If he were to move on Gibbs and Debuchy, Wenger would have eight specialist senior defenders, including Chambers – and he is conscious that Per Mertesacker will retire at the end of the season. Chambers, himself, expects to stay. He is currently struggling with a groin injury but is expected to be fit after the international break.”

    – Guardian

  102. Don


    There you go. All that ridiculous speculating from those that think the know what’s going on behind the scenes
    It’s a decision that makes sense regarding chambers. Not only is he younger with a higher ceiling but he is already a far more accomplished premier league defender than gabriel will ever be.
    I’m happy with that. Let’s hope we get all of our centre halves fit and available for selection as soon as possible as I feel our season will depend on them more than any other area of the field.
    Our forward line was always capable of goals and we have added a proper goal scorer so I doubt we will have problems going forward

  103. mano'gunner

    We have a huge squad but our seasons always end up derailed by injuries. It’s something right out of a comedy.

  104. Wallace


    yes, a really good CM and I’ll be happy. hope we can also shift Debuchy, Gibbs, Lucas, Campbell, Walcott & Akpom permanently.

  105. Wallace

    Welbeck, Giroud & Iwobi backing up Alexis, Lacazette & Ozil…surely Walcott’s considering his options, and also with Nelson lighting the place up.

  106. Leedsgunner

    If Reiss Nelson, a first year raw rookie is adequate replacement for Walcott, our longest serving player… what does that say about Walcott’s actual ability or Wenger’s supposed legendary player development powers?

    Not much does it?

  107. raptora

    In a situation that you have Lacazette, who is a better version of Theo, you can actually imagine The Arsenal without Theo Walcott. It’s been a long journey, not as good as we would hope when he joined the club, I believe he was a better footballer when he came and was a young lad. Just like Wilshere. I don’t see the club selling any of the two right now but it could happen as soon as the January TW comes.

  108. Leedsgunner

    “We have a huge squad but our seasons always end up derailed by injuries. It’s something right out of a comedy.”

    Yeah we could call it, “Wenger never learns!”

  109. Don


    Walcott would have been perfect in a front two
    Playing off a no10 of a big man.
    In the old 90s set up he’d have been prolific I’m sure. Such a shame.
    I see no harm in reverting to a 442 in the odd game but Wenger has never gone back since the favregas days
    We have never been the same since. Not saying the formation doesn’t have its drew backs in the modern game but it has its uses wth the right personnel

  110. Don


    I’d love a new cm but it’s not going to happen is it? He loves an internal solution that man.
    That said if he pulls Ramsey aside and tells him to reign it in a bit and works on both his and xakha’s positional sense then we could have a highly functional midfield
    What I’m finding with Ramsey is that his game is far too frantic.
    Even when a chance comes he’s not connecting cleanly and scuffing them. He needs to calm it down as his play in the centre is suffering. Even in the middle shadier stoke he couldn’t seem to get the ball under control on a few occasions. His mind seemed already set in what he was going to do without focusing properly on getting the ball under control. He has more time on the ball than he seems aware of. Needs to get his head up before the ball comes and calm it down

  111. graham62


    Most of the British press have been bought by Arsenal FC.

    Hospitality privaleges, to the extreme, can be a persuasive tool when it comes to controlling and manipulating things for your benefit.

  112. Pierre

    “Don,Cc, alexh and puma 9
    You’re like that women in the Simpson’s always saying “won’t someone please think of the children” where in this case the children is Wenger. You’re annoying as hell with your condescending remarks and always thinking you’re better fans because you respect the manager. Go f yourselves.”

    Is it not condescending to say that they are like the woman in the simpsons…

  113. Pierre

    “Most of the British press have been bought by Arsenal FC..”

    I take it you never read the newspapers or listen to talksport or watch Bt sport..

    What a load of bollocks you talk, if we are buying the British press then we are wasting a lot of money for nothing.

    They talk more anti arsenal bullshit than you lot on here.

    Try opening a newspaper to try and find a positive comment on arsenal… You won’t

    Try opening a newspaper and find a positive comment on spurs… You will… who I might add have won nothing for years and are now following the arsenal model when we moved grounds.