Arsene grounds us in the comfort of predictable farce

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Hands up if you love Giroud a bit more this season?

We live in a chaotic world. Nothing makes sense. Billionaire trust fund kids are promoted as saviours of the working class. Chunks of our society are bitching like snowflakes about the indignity of not being able to say mean things to people that don’t look like them. Football clubs are raking in hundreds of millions, but can’t justify a living wage for hard working locals.

… but in the melee of madness… Arsenal will always provide comfort and stability.

I’m not sure how genuine the ‘hope’ was this season. But it didn’t take long for the docile masses to realise Arsene Wenger hadn’t really changed much and the club we adore was in for a helluva season.

Things started well for hope. Young, beautiful, and unsullied. Our new signing nodded in a header from 9 yards in under two minutes. Bellerin controlled a switch of play out right, he rolled it into Elneney who dropped a precision first-time pass for Lacazette to bury with training ground ease. Wonderful, we thought.

‘This is different, lads’

… said ‘that fan’ you’ve suffered listening to for ten years, despite consistently shocking predictions about the 2nd coming of Wenger.

Within 3 minutes, hope had been shackled and spanked. Mcguire of all people kept a ball in at the back post, Cech tried to cover, but Ozaki nodded into the net with, brushing Xhaka’s meek defence with embarrassing ease.

Hope by now had slipped into muscle memory, fans slumped in seats watched as Granit ‘100% HIPSTER FOOTBALL ICON’ Xhaka made another big mistake, passing to a figment of his imagination, allowing Albrighton to pounce, cross, and let Vardy in to score.

We equalised before half-time, Lacazette and Kolasinac combining to offer Danny Welbeck the most gift wrapped of goals that he still needed two touches to finish. Bless him, he really needed that goal, hopefully, we see a more decisive version of him moving forward.

Anyway, it didn’t matter. The same old Arsenal was there for all to see. Jamie Vardy pushed Leicester into the lead in the second half with an unchallenged header from a corner. Arsene Wenger dabbled in some mad in-game tinkering. Two left backs played in the middle of defence, we had a right back at left back and we put a midfielder at right back. Literally no centre backs on the field of play. Wenger dropping Elneney to the bench despite trying him at CB in preseason.

Baffling though it was, Rambo tucked in a nicely taken goal from a chipped Xhaka pass. The Welshman had no blue shirts on him, but the finish really was top notch. Then to cap it off, Giroud placed a header in off the upright, under the weight of two bully boy Leicester players trying to beast him to the floor with dark art thuggery.

We took the three points, but the message of our season had been delivered. Our formation isn’t as strong as we’d hoped. Our midfield is grossly underprepared. Our approach to defending as a team is still a total shambles. Such a shame as well, because we have a lot of talent at our disposal, it really should be working harder.

Conceding three goals to Leicester at home simply isn’t good enough. But this is Arsenal. We’re in the race for the top 6 and I have the feeling we’ve summoned the spirit of Newcastle under Kevin Keegan 1996. We will have wildly spectacular games. Granit Xhaka will look like a hero in some moments. Ozil will turn superhero vision when he’s feeling it. We’ll have Sanchez moments. We certainly have a player in Lacazette, who is a ferret of a striker, hiding in the blindspots ready to pounce on any opportunity to feast. Our formation will serve up excitement when it’s in the mood. No doubt.

… but we have to be real. If you don’t base your footballing philosophy in 2017, you’ll struggle. If you finish 5th in 2016, adding 2 players is not going to push you to the next level. If pressing is optional, you might have an attitude issue. If you roll into a season with 6 important players with one year left on their deal, you might not get the maximum out of their talents, and that ‘fuck it attitude’ might infect the rest of the squad. If you have a manager everyone knows is done, players will be on 80%, give or take 20% dependent on the occasion.

The result was great today, but we created an acid rave at a kids balloon party. Too much craziness, too much drama, but all the same old problems.

This year will be a slog, but tell me something you all didn’t know already?


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Pretty much 3-0-7 at the moment 😉

    City need to make it count soon, Brighton will get a counter chance at some point

  2. Bamford10


    B. Silva is better than any of our midfielders. Way better. It’s only because he’s new to City and because City are loaded with talent that he’s not on the field. He’d walk into our XI.

    You keep doing you, though.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    If City cannot find a way through early in the second half surely one of Aguero or Gabriel has to come off for someone like Sane or Silva who is more a creative type instead of a ST.

  4. Bamford10

    I don’t think City are getting enough out of Aguero. I’d use him as a sub instead and add in a different, more mobile attacking player. They need a little more movement.

  5. Dissenter

    “Chelsea were down to 9 men which played a big part in their defeat.”

    …brilliant moment of inspiration from the grouch, surely we all knew that already.
    Tell me something new Red.

  6. Marko

    Conceding 3 at home is also par the course for Arsenal, we always have defensive problems. Nothing has changed at Arsenal to indicate anything is being done about it. So when ‘keyboard warriors’, or just people who watch Arsenal a lot think this is more of the same, I tend to agree they are absolutely correct.

    Absolutely nailed it. But yeah keyboard warriors noticing that the defence and midfield is an obvious problem area that continues to remain unaddressed. 56, 53, 59 and 65 goals conceded the last 4 seasons. Fuck it it’s grand

  7. Sanmi


    Chelsea led Aston Villa by 2 and lost 4-3
    Man utd led west brom by 4 and drew 4-4
    Spurs led arsenal by 2 arsenal won 5-2
    It happened twice
    Point is it happens to all teams.

    And not sure what correlation it has with this game or season. You and cesc Appeal are going out your way to defend the opposition isn’t that silly?

  8. Dissenter

    Chris Haughtojn knows how to set up a team. Brighton are holding city off quite well and look well drilled.

  9. Bamford10

    Jesus. We have attracted some serious trolls here. I had been watching for about 30 seconds at that point.

    What a cunt. Seriously.

  10. Sanmi

    DissenterAugust 12, 2017 18:53:35
    Chris Haughtojn knows how to set up a team. Brighton are holding city off quite well and look well drilled

    Praising every thing bar arsenal

  11. Dissenter

    What are you on about?
    I’m as anti-Arsenal as Wenger
    What “holding-up” are you talking about.
    I was commenting about how well Brighton seemed to be doing against City, eventually class almost always wins.

  12. Champagne charlie

    Best CM in the league comes on against a tepid/broken Brighton. Imagine he’ll fill his boots to pad them stats..

  13. Pedro

    CC, what you saw against Leicester is only a nothing moment if you’ve not paid attention to us over the last 5-10 years.

    Par the course otherwise. We are defensively disorganised, our midfield isn’t strong, and there’s a consistent lack of accountability in the backline.

    You can brush it off, sure. But you’re in denial.

    As for Liverpool, who thinks they’ve had a great window? They’ve missed out on Keita and Van Dijk?

  14. Carts

    “Starting to believe that the Barca president/head of recruitment is a lowkey Real Madrid nut.”

    Though they’re successful AF, they do love a weird signing.


  15. Pedro

    Gonna be interesting to see how West Ham do tomorrow. Pound for pound, they’ve had the best summer of anyone. Also looking forward to Spurs with a big shadow of unrest hanging over their squad.

  16. Champagne charlie


    In denial about nothing dad. Pay attention, I said people on here claim Liverpool are better than us…didn’t mention their window.

    I said Chelsea have had a fantastic window based on the commentary on le grove.

    If you want to attribute massive significance to the opening game of the season go ahead. We had defensive issues last season that were tackled by a change in formation, then opening day we had to play two LBs and our youngest Cb in a back three. We were as disorganised and lacking communication as I feared we could be with such a line up, worth noting Leicester were efficient as fuck with their handful of shots. As I say, get the starters in the back and then let’s have a look.

  17. Bamford10


    Sorry, but is Bernardo Silva not an excellent player? Is he not better than any of our mids? Would he not walk into our XI? Aside from trolling, I’m not sure what your point is.

  18. Pedro

    Did you call me dad? New level weirdness from Le Grove.

    Sure, I can accept we had a makeshift defence, but the output was familiar. That’s exactly the sort of thing we’ve seen for years. You seem to be confident there’s a significant change, I’m pretty sure that sort of result or game will crop up time and time again because of how we’re managed.

    The new formation is interesting, but the success of last season was mostly down to circumstance. i.e. playing a whole bunch of teams with nothing to play for.

    On the Liverpool thing… is there someone specific right now that said Liverpool had a great window? That they’d compete for the league? Because you’re talking like it’s like the general view of the board? Or are you exaggerating?

  19. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie is a bitter old man who allows his frustrations to get the better of him.
    Targets his anger at posters rather than the man who has dominated his life for 20 years…

  20. Sanmi

    That’s a given, until it’s mathematically impossible to win it.

    Just registered on a Chelsea blog and I’m trolling them happily.

    Now that’s a proper fan

  21. raptora

    Last year Pep started with 10 straight wins and then bombed super hard. He has the best group of players in the whole league now, he spent some ridicilous money and he is not a debutant anymore so he has absolutely zero excuses this time around. He just HAS to win the league. It’s as simple as that.

  22. Sanmi

    Here are Chelsea fans take on the match
    1. Ref cheated them- don’t know which decision was wrong though
    2. Cahill should be benched
    3. Azpi is shit offensively
    4. Morata is world class and will be the highest goal scorer
    5. Christensen goal should have stood

  23. TR7


    I think it’s premature to anoint any team favorite before the transfer window closes. City look like the team to beat every season but their wheels come off when Kompany gets injured for a few months. If they don’t sign a quality CB then the probability of them winning the league is the same as the probability of Vincent keeping fit. Their central midfield also doesn’t inspire much confidence. Let’s see what Spurs, Liverpool, arsenal, City and Chelsea do in next few weeks.

  24. Sanmi

    Here’s the truth
    Most grovers hated the fact that we won yesterday, and are even more gutted Chelsea lost.

    It’s a strange fans syndrome.

  25. Sanmi

    It’s called a pseudo supporter syndrome as my colleague at work will call it.
    Where you have some of your co workers thinking your company’s competitors are better in every department without really even have any insider info.

  26. Marko

    Best CM in the league comes on against a tepid/broken Brighton. Imagine he’ll fill his boots to pad them stats..

    Substitute Brighton for Leicester and you could be talking about Ramsey or Giroud

  27. Marko

    It’s called a pseudo supporter syndrome as my colleague at work will call it.
    Where you have some of your co workers thinking your company’s competitors are better in every department without really even have any insider info.

    What do you call fans who choose to ignore the obvious? Like poor defensive options and a midfield devoid of character? Oh and a manager incapable of ambition

  28. Boomslang

    “What do you call fans who choose to ignore the obvious? Like poor defensive options and a midfield devoid of character? Oh and a manager incapable of ambition”

    Super fan syndrome.

  29. Marko

    You really are new to football. So coming into a game 2-0 up against a newly promoted side playing their first game in the prem is the same as coming on 3-2 down against a side that won the league two seasons ago and played CL last year?

    Literally wasn’t saying that.

  30. Ishola70

    The difference between Conte and Wenger atm is that Conte after Chelsea didn’t start the last season well informed the press that they would work hard and improve. And this is what happened. Today he has said the same thing. You may say he has no other option but to say this but up to this point his promises and assertions have been correct as far as the league is concerned.

    Wenger on the other hand has given out so many false promises and assertions about his team over so many years that it is hard to take him seriously at all when he relates what his team need to do to improve.

    Therein lies the difference between the two managers at this time.

    Of course this can change and pretty soon.

  31. pedro

    CC, when you act like a petulant child, you need to be told.

    Grow up and stop behaving like a brat, you’re lowering the tone with your constant sniping.

  32. Sanmi


    What trophy as conte won that Wenger hasn’t that makes you think his style of communication is superior?
    I mean unlike other top managers klopps and conte don’t even have one up over head to head with wenger

  33. Ishola70

    “What trophy as conte won that Wenger hasn’t that makes you think his style of communication is superior?”

    I’m not on about his communication per se. I am on about that so far the assertions he makes about his team like last season when he said there is no other option but to improve and he was quite adamant that as far as he was concerned it was not good enough what he said was carried out. After today’s game he has said the same thing.

    Wenger on the other hand has had years and years of talking to the press and making assertions about his team and what they could and would need to improve but it is never carried to it’s fullest resulting in success at the real top end of football.

    And the question you ask what has Conte won that Wenger hasn’t well he has just recently won one of the big two trophies on offer that Wenger hasn’t got his hands on for such a very, very long time.

  34. Wallace


    ‘Sanmi, I make the rules.’

    ‘Puma, read my responses to Sanmi. You don’t like it, leave.’

    okay dad, got it!

  35. Dissenter

    ‘Pedro, better to keep people with differing opinions on here, otherwise the place becomes a kind of eco chamber’

    With all due respect that’s bollocks.
    This blog often averages over 1000 posts after games [more so when we lose badly]. There have always been people from both sides here.
    Sanmi is constantly dishing the blog whilst participating in it.
    Untold Arsenal wouldn’t tolerate even the hint of Wenger criticism before banning the poster.

    Pedro can govern his blog as he wishes.

  36. Guernsey gun

    Rim crew getting tetchy at the boss…..haha how dare he call it like it is. And fair play to the dude that posted up the goals conceded in last 4 seasons. Fucking shocking and gg must be wondering wtf. Arsenal v liverpool has 5 all written all over it. Only one arsene wenger tho.

  37. pedro

    Wallace, let’s leave the dad bit out, people will think we have something weird
    gOing on.

    Dissenter is right, plenty of diverse opinion on here. Hardly everyone agreeing with each other.

    I even let the trolls from other sites play here until they descend into name calling.

    This site works just fine. I ban about 2 people a year. pretty democratic unless you’re slagging me off or being a bitch to others

  38. TR7


    If you follow the comments above, fake Pedro warned CC, Sanmi and Puma in consecutive posts. I thought he was trying to ‘purge’ the blog a la Untold and hence my response.

  39. Marc

    I’m curious why Pedro (big P or little) tells the kids to play nice, warns posters to stop bickering and tries to keep an open conversation (nothing wrong with any of that) but allows Red to keep posting here after banning him at least twice under other names.

  40. WengerEagle


    Their recruitment was on point up until a couple of years ago, post the Suarez window they’ve spent a lot of money and have accumulated a lot of shite.

    Gomes, Alcacer, Digne, Umtiti, Mathieu, Paulinho, Cillessen, Turan, Vidal, probably missing a few more.

    Not shite but nowhere near the calibre of player Barca should be targeting.

    Coutinho will do well for them but even he’s not elite.

    Neymar really leaves an unpluggable gap in that side, I expect Real Madrid to dominate Spain unless Messi can pull the best season of football in his career out of the hat, extremely unlikely.

  41. Pedro

    Marc, I banned Red before and the rest of the community demanded his reinstatement. From left and right of the aisle.

  42. WengerEagle

    Real Madrid’s seconds could prob give Barcelona a competitive match, that’s how insanely top heavy Barca are. And they have just lost their most explosive/creative forward from their trident in Neymar.

    Past Messi and Suarez who are both over 30 now, they’re pretty ordinary as crazy as it sounds.

    Terrible future planning on their part.

  43. Champagne charlie


    Lowering the tone with sniping?

    Are you new to your own blog? Hahah Jesus Christ. Turn a blind eye much…

  44. Carts


    how could I forget Turan. Such average signings indeed.

    I agree, losing Neymar is a massive blow to them. I think Messi and Suarez have 60 goals in them but Due to Alcacer being…not on Barca’s level, Barca won’t see another La Liga or CL trophy for the aeeable

  45. Wallace


    “I banned Red before and the rest of the community demanded his reinstatement.”

    still, good to test the waters every so often with stuff like this. just because something seemed like a good idea one day…

  46. WengerEagle


    It’s bizarre how they aren’t even attempting any of Monaco’s gems, they’re Barca ffs, any midfielder would give his left nut to play with Messi and Suarez.

    How could they have to turn to a BPL flop playing in fucking China at 29 as a resolution to their CM woes? And for 4 times the price Spurs shipped him off at.

    Really strange shit going on at Barca since they had that insane 2015.

  47. Wallace


    “You like that Asensio kid?”

    yeah, very exciting. talented lefties always look just a bit cooler than their right footed counterparts.

  48. Vince

    “Alexis in Paris.”
    can we collect the 80 million and move on?
    55 million for Lamar.
    25 million + Chambers for Virgil Van Dyk
    Maybe steal Carvalho under West Hams nose too

  49. WengerEagle

    Sorry but has to be Fabinho for me, absolute monster CM that can do it all, also is versatile to boot having played full back.

    He’s as close to Vieira as you’re getting in style of play out of this modern crop, not as strong as Yaya going forward but much better defensively.

    If you’re looking for a smart alternative that won’t cost silly money, I like Kevin Kampl off of Leverkusen.

    Extremely good little player, dominated a strong Tottenham midfield in the UCL last season.

    Vety good at breaking through the lines in the centre.

  50. bacaryisgod

    I think it’s pretty clear right now what our first XI is looking like:

    GK: Cech
    CBs: Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
    WBs: Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kolasinac
    CMs: Xhaka, Ramsey
    FW: Alexis, Ozil, Lacazette

    No surprise as to what our one glaring weakness is going to be and that’s defending set-pieces. While Giroud and Mertesacker lacked pace, we look a lot safer from corners and free-kicks when they are in the team.

    The only benefit is that there’ll be plenty of goals in this team and perhaps the speed of Koscielny and Mustafi will compensate for the lack of mobility of Xhaka because he is certainly far from agile.

  51. bacaryisgod


    “I banned Red before and the rest of the community demanded his reinstatement.”

    Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me.

  52. useroz

    Talking new players we’d benefit is fun, but ain’t going to happen any time soon.

    The Arsene squad is so darn full (fool) that isn’t funny anymore. And King Arsene just come to the realisation (and looks surprised) other PL teams dare to not take his qualidee dross from his bloated squad!

    I think someone did some arithmetic the other day… I think we need to sell 3 or 4 before we’d get 1 and 1 for 1 thereafter (assuming we register these players of course). If Wenger hadn’t forgotten about the deadwood till now, what chance has he esp with his high opinion of the worth of his babies…does he want 16m for Gibbs? So, 20m for Debuchy?! Lol…

    Wenger needs to bite the bullet, carry them in his boot and dump them in a recycle bin, as a CSR project. He may needs 2 trips though given so many of these leeches around. Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenk, Akpom, Wilshere, JRA are the first lot to go. Pay ’em off if necessary. 200 -250pw freed up for a top top CM perhaps?

  53. Wallace


    “No surprise as to what our one glaring weakness is going to be and that’s defending set-pieces. While Giroud and Mertesacker lacked pace, we look a lot safer from corners and free-kicks when they are in the team.”

    I’d be leaning towards the German in the centre at the expense of Monreal.

  54. Wallace

    speculation Rafa’s in for Wilshere. that would be an interesting move. still think he can have a good career, but he’s not going to get the opportunities with us.

  55. Sanmi

    Here’s a Chelsea fans comment on a Chelsea blog:

    please can someone tell me why t.courtois don’t make saves? any decent attempt on target is a goal. he doesn’t make world class saves or call it match saves, the way great keepers do

    I was arguing a poster here when I was comparing arsenal squad to Chelsea and I essentially told him both courtois and Cech are equally shit. They ain’t world class no more, courtois was never one for me.

    Only 2 world class goalie in epl, de gea, and lloris

  56. Sanmi

    But y’all think anything Chelsea is golden. I still stand by it that Kante is fucking over rated. Shouldn’t have won pfa. It’s absurd. Costa won them the league not even hazard.
    And hazard is not on sanchez level

  57. WrightIsGod

    Why would anyone big up Liverpool. They are very average IMO. Only got top 4 because we allowed them to beat us twice because we are God awful.

    Chelsea without Costa is not Chelsea at all and they will struggle to find someone to fill his boots. He was a fighter who could control a back line as he wanted, their first line of defence, a bulldozer. Far bigger loss than Hazard to them.

    Saying that, they still have the quality to turn it around quickly.

    As for Arsenal, our midfield is laughable and Wenger needs to demand more from Ozil or just drop him. I hope it’s just a matter of his fitness improving.

  58. WrightIsGod

    Still not sure our “totally original and deliberate” new formation is best for Lacazette but him and Welbz are trying to make it work.

    Please Wenger stop playing Ox left side. It’s either him or Bellerin RWB or nothing at all.

  59. Sane Choice

    Have to hand it to Sanmi.Its indeed a tough task making Puma and Champagne Charlie sound sane.Not surprising though coming from some one who follows the club for its manager and is jobless enough to troll the rivals forums. Sir, your ramblings indeed are a waste of cyber space.

  60. WrightIsGod


    You’re chatting out your backside re Kante.

    Watched 90mins of their defeat to Burnley and he and Willian were their best players. Kante was everywhere, tackling, passing, distributing. Chelsea fans clapped him for all his hard work. He’s now the nucleus of the team.

    Would kill to have Kante at Arsenal.

  61. Wallace


    “Would kill to have Kante at Arsenal.”

    it’ll be interesting to watch Chelsea over the next few months without Hazard & Costa. their brilliance last season allowed Conte to get away with what was quite a defensive set-up. now they can’t be called upon I wonder if he’ll be able to continue with two defensively-minded players in the centre of the midfield, or if Cesc will get more time.

  62. gonsterous

    wow watching Motd, the league has gone to shit this year. Rooney will be class for Everton. he’s always been a great player, wish we had someone with his attitude and willingness to fight.

  63. Pierre

    ” Wenger needs to demand more from Ozil or just drop him. I hope it’s just a matter of his fitness improving.”

    Impossible to educate people about ozil and what he brings to the team , so I won’t try.. Just to say we would not have won that game without ozil.. A cool head is needed when your 3-2 down with 20 minutes to go and the crowd are getting restless… Other teams would start to panic but ozil instills calmness when the pressure is on…. .

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger made a big blunder by letting sczc go in the summer..,

    Tells you something only one sell the decent keeper all thevother shit still there

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think it would do ozil best if he was dropped for iwobi every Now an then ….

    Keep him on his toes

  66. leon

    To me I see Ozil as very much a luxury player never shows in the big games, he is an attacking midfielder yet Patrick Vieira who was dm player has pretty much has had more influence in our attacking game in one season that Ozil has the entire time has been here. Frankly I sell him and get a powerhouse in the middle of the park.

    I think k people forget that this team conceded 20 more goals than Tottenham last season and they haven’t made any real changes to there defence or midfield so makes some arsenal fans think it will be any different this season.

  67. steve

    “Impossible to educate people about ozil and what he brings to the team , so I won’t try”


    … But but but you don’t understand what he does. Ozil hipster player number one. He’s such a nothing player. No fight. Dissappears in big games.

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal under Wenger has failed to redress for most of his career with us the
    inherent weaknesses of our team and that is a solid defence.

    We continue to make the same mistakes whether it is set pieces i.e. corners and free kicks where we play a zonal marking system or counter attack where our midfield and defence are far too often out of position.

    A solid defence does not need superstars, but it does need to be a solid unit with telepathic understanding of potential danger whether in air or on the
    ground and also discipline.

    It is no accident that Arsenal’s best defence in the modern era was the one
    created by George Graham and still playing for us when Wenger arrived at the club.

    Our defence consisted of Adams, Winterburn, Dixon, Bould and Keown and
    none of these players as individuals was exceptional apart from perhaps Adams.

    Most arrived at the club with less than glamorous pedigree. Winterburn from
    Wimbledon, Bould and Dixon from Stoke and Keown from Everton.

    However, what they all had in common was a good quality background from
    clubs and managers who understood the art of good defending. That is why
    Arsenal had between the early 1990s and 2000 probably the meanest defence
    in English Football.

    Wenger has sadly never learned the lesson of good defending, which is why
    since the retirement of these players we have only managed to win the EPL
    league title on ONE OCCASION.

    Teams who win league titles are those with solid and often the best defences
    in the league at a given moment in time. Man Utd under Fergie and Chelsea
    under Mourinho have learned that lesson.

    Wenger’s priority has always been different, which is why he is less successful. He focusses more on creativity and entertainment.

    What has surprised me is that he recruited Steve Bould as his assistant someone who understands very well the art of good defending and yet this coach
    appears to have little or no influence whatsoever on the way we play.

    Friday’s game highlights all that is wrong with our team and squad and why
    we will always struggle against well organised and tactically astute teams.

  69. Wallace


    “A solid defence does not need superstars, but it does need to be a solid unit with telepathic understanding…”

    exactly, so you might have thought a defence of Holding – Monreal – Kolasinac would be cut a little more slack. but alas, no.

    “Wenger has sadly never learned the lesson of good defending, which is why since the retirement of these players we have only managed to win the EPL league title on ONE OCCASION.”

    nah, his Lauren – Toure – Campbell – Cole defence was the better, more modern version of Graham’s defence. more mobile, better distribution, greater athleticism…

  70. Sukky

    Pierre, I agree with you on Ozil. If you understand football very well and play the game to some level, you will understand not all players are meant to be aggressive and agile. The slack Ozil, Giroud and PM04 get is because of their calm nature. Players can be divided into 2 types, the physical ones and the intelligent ones. Only exception players combine the two (Messi and Ronaldo). Often times you have one naturally and you train to get a little of the other to be a great player. Ox is a physical player, covered all the basics but no brain. PM04 is very slow but very intelligent. As long as they get their jobs done, it doesn’t matter how, I think they deserve some credit,its doesn’t have to be pretty. Ozil is good at what he do. He’s very intelligent but can’t impose himself when it get physical, but that doesn’t mean he’s useless. In Germany 14 World Cup, 3 solid centre midfielders are used to get the best out of Ozil. He played really well anytime he wears the German shirt. Wenger system is Ozil’s main problem.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    Stats do not tell lies.

    Since Wenger arrived at Arsenal no club has won league title conceding more
    than 37 goals apart from Man City 4 years ago who surprisingly won title despite conceding 43 goals.

    Chelsea under Mourinho won titles in consecutive years conceding just 15 and 22 goals! Man Utd under Fergie seldom won the title conceding more
    than 30 goals. Only in the final year when they won title did they concede more.

    Arsenal have already conceded 3 goals in first game of season, which makes
    it unlikely that we will win title if we are conceding that number of goals.

  72. Emiratesstroller


    Since the departure of the players I named who were recruited by George Graham the club has brought in only one top class defender and that was Campbell.

    Cole learned his trade at Arsenal whilst these players were at the club and then went on to ply his trade at Chelsea under Mourinho.

    Most of Arsenal’s current crop of defenders are decent “footballers” but none
    are top quality defenders. Mertesacker was a proper defender but slow and maybe Holding will turn out to be one as well with right tutelage. I reserve judgment on Kolasinac.

    Players like Bellerin, Gibbs and Ox are more wing than fullbacks and that is
    reflected in their poor defending. Centre Backs like Koscielny, Mustafi and
    Gabriel make too many mistakes due to lack of concentration and discipline.

    A title winning manager understands the importance of a solid defence. Wenger has never learned that lesson.

  73. Emiratesstroller


    Lauren and Toure were good footballers, but I do not include them in category
    of top class defenders.

    Posters on Le Grove should take a close look at the league tables since Wenger arrived at club.

    The fundamentals may have changed slightly since Fergie retired, but you are
    not going to win a league title unless you concede fewer than an average 1 goal a match whatever is your goalscoring potential. In Mourinho and Fergie era league winners were more likely to concede less than 30 goals.

    Wenger’s record since we won last league title is more like high 30s or 40s,
    which is why we have not been close to title in last decade.

  74. jasongms

    Again with the Ozil debate…. Ozil’s ability to float between the lines was the catalyst for at least two of the three goals conceded against Leicester. If ever there was a misunderstood player, it is this quack.

  75. Marko

    Wenger’s record since we won last league title is more like high 30s or 40s,
    which is why we have not been close to title in last decade.

    Exactly. Last 4 seasons reads 53, 56, 59 and 65 goals conceded. What’s been proposed? A new formation that still concedes goals might I add. Same shit personnel though. It’s like having an infection in your leg and throwing on some sudo cream and a bandaid and hoping it’ll all work out

  76. Emiratesstroller


    It is not quite as bad as you suggest in EPL, but last season we conceded 46 goals,
    which is why we finished fifth.

    Arsenal have a lot of fire power this season particularly if we hold onto Sanchez, but conceding 3 goals to Leicester highlights our problem.

    Wenger should be focussing on strengthening our defence particularly
    in cb position. Sadly he seldom does that.

  77. Marko

    Oh and the club and management is so against either spending money or actually working to scout and negotiate for a player that they are trying their hardest to convince supporters that converting left backs into CB and squad players into wing backs is more beneficial than actually going out and signing up actually defenders. I kid you not. We’re so against buying up a top class defender we’ll try out Elneny in preseason. Which is incredible when you consider Merte is retiring at the end of the season and Koscielny and Monreal are in their 30’s and not getting younger. Great thinking for the future

  78. Marko

    Stroller I took into account all comps. 65 last season and 46 you say in the league. It’s amazing that some people think we don’t need defensive signings when you see those numbers. The problem doesn’t solve itself. And people can have all the excuses they want about the opening league game and they can bring up the Chelsea and Liverpool games all they want too but for a number of years now it’s been a consistent for way in which we capitulate and suffer heavy defeats and concede many goals. We honestly are good every season for at least 2-5 embarrassing losses or performances.

  79. Bamford10


    Elneny as a CB was a Wenger classic. Wenger’s comments on Elneny as a CB were even better. So daft.

    However, I do think we should be reasonably solid defensively with Koscielny, Mustafi and/or Mertesacker in the XI.

    Because Wenger does not train on defending — I guarantee we didn’t train on defensive set pieces or defensive shape prior to Leicester — a good deal of our defensive organization and awareness is down to in-game instruction from Koscielny, Mustafi and Mertesacker.

  80. Bamford10


    Sure we could use another quality defender or two — though numbers-wise we already have too many, no? — but I’d say central midfield is an even bigger need.

  81. Micheal

    Our club is a shambles – a shameful owner, a discredited CEO and manager so out of touch it beggars belief.

    No more signings, struggling to offload players, failing to address the obvious weaknesses in the squad and still using naive tacts like zonal marking.

    We might as well hibernate until May and awake to find a glorious challenge for 5th place coming to a predictable climax. And the only improvement at OUR club will be the bank balance.