The Arsenal Opinion Podcast – Season preview

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That my friends is how you write a pithy call to action in advertising.

This weeks episode is crammed full of high-level analysis about the upcoming season. We talk about CFCs decline, we talk about Spurs stagnation, and we weigh up the competition.

We also give some admiring glances at the squad as we head into the new season.

Tune in my friends and enjoy:

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175 Responses to “The Arsenal Opinion Podcast – Season preview”

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  1. DM

    Hahaha this trophy contest is hotting up! Waited 30 seconds longer as a tactic and 4 different people comment in that time!

    Nice one Bankz

  2. Don

    Steven Gerrard laying into paul pogba last night lolGood
    He’s just said what any honest person with an eye for the game will tell you “he’s been poor if we are honest, he’s too individual”Contrast that to granit Xakha’s performance against Chelsea on Sunday
    im sorry but for me xakha is still the better deal, the better value for money and up until now, the midfielder that is most capable of performing in the premier league.

  3. Don

    If Wenger can Persuade Sanchez to sign an extension on the basis that he agrees to sell him next summer that would be fantastic business for the club
    If walker goes for £50m and coutinho goes for £80m then Sanchez has to take over £100mNot only would that money replace Sanchez with lemar or dembele but would allow us to strengthen our midfield or defence.
    Liverpool did the same with Suarez and while they mis spent that money it was an extremely smart way to operate.
    I’d love for Sanchez to stay on and agree a new contract but if his heart is set on leaving then they should be doing everything in their power to use the situation to benefit arsenal first and foremostHowever if that cannot be done then I’d rather keep him for the year and let him go next summer than go into this season without him

  4. qna

    So if Barca buy Coutinho for 80m, any chance they would be looking at one of our players. We would only take overs. I would be giving them Oxlaide for no less than 50m cause I think he would tear it up there and be a massive success. I would do Walcott for 50m as well cause he would suit their team and be a good replacement for Coutinho as he could go to CF and bring Firmino into Coutinho’s role.

    Surely, we will bit the hand of at Valencia who are sniffing around Gabriel and let Newcastle take Perez for a song. Chambers is surplus to requirements and we should be trying to beat Liverpool to VVD by offering Chambers as a sweetener.

  5. Don


    I know that full backs have been going for £50m but teams outside the premiership aren’t paying that for Theo and Ox

    Either way I’d keep them both. Why sell them?
    Theo offers 20 odd goals a season from the bench
    Who else had a bench player like that?
    And the ox is a good player. We fucked up with gnabry and I do t want to do the same with oxlade chamberlain
    I rate him

  6. shaun

    walker and coutinho are both like 25 years old Sanchez will be twenty nine and in my opinion not that that matters lol……lol but I don’t see him get better and he definately struggles against the top teams unless he makes an impression in the first half ,you would have to be beyond daft to pay 100 million for sanchez

  7. Don


    He’s scored against Every top side in England bar spurs I think
    Would hardly say he struggles
    I know he’s going but mate to down play a winger that offers 30 goals and 10-15 assists a season is worth more than what coutinho can offer, don’t care what age he is.

  8. qna

    Don – I would keep Oxlaide. But he knows his future is better served elsewhere and is refusing to sign. In his last year of his contract he is probably only worth max 30m, but I wouldnt sell to Liverpool because Liverpool and United are our main rivals this year. Chelsea, City and Spurs will fight out the top 3 spots and the one left is up for grabs. If we can get good money for Ox we can re-invest that rather than losing him for nothing.

    Walcott is a pretender. He is earning 140k/wk and he plays like a 50k/wk player. Again, I would sell him for less to another club, but a direct rival – no less than 50m because he would fit perfectly in their style of play. He could play as their CF and wouldnt have to do any defensive duties at all. He plays his best football there, but the problem is he is not our best option for CF – luckily. He is pretty much useless on either side against any half decent side.

    Take 100m for Walcott and Oxlaide, Over 40m for Perez, Gabriel, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Chambers etc and invest that. We wont get Mbappe its not going to happen. But we might be able to get Seri, VVD and Lemar. That would be an incredible upgrade to our first team. Of course, I know I am dreaming that Liverpool would be that stupid.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    Yea, Sanchez injured himself v Norwich a few seasons ago from playing with an injury so he prob is making excuses. It doesn’t seem like he is going to be allowed to leave so he’s going to have to act professionally and do his job.

  10. Leftsidesanch


    I think Sanchez got a goal at the lane a few years ago to bring the game to a 2-2 draw. Might have been the one where we scored first and then coq got sent off followed by a Harry Kane wonder goal.

  11. OleGunner

    Seems Sanchez is out for a couple weeks then.
    Is this genuine or have the whiff of Fabregas infamous “hamstring strain” before being sold off to Barca.

  12. Leftsidesanch

    Or, if you tell the world that he’s injured then it might put potential suitors off. I was going to say how does an injured person pass a medical but I have two words in response to this – Kim Kallstrom.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s a classic I ain’t playing for you in case I get injured your gonna have to sell me

    I ain’t gonna play no more

    I beilive is what we can take from this

  14. OleGunner

    Wasn’t Bakoyoko also recently just signed injured?
    I forget, don’t explicitly follow Chav inner transfer deals.

  15. Don


    Ox might be stalling to get a better deal or assurances over starting
    I’d play him in the middle over Ramsey all day long
    It even in cup games and tell him if he wants this position the this is your chance to show us you can nail it


    I don’t think he is a pretender
    We know what we get with him and we know what we don’t
    He’s goals. Put simply

    You play Theo and there is a goal in there
    That cannot be underestimated

    And mate
    I’ll tell you now

    Chelsea will not be among the top 3 come May if they don’t do something drastic
    If they keep costa then maybe
    If he goes then no chance.

    City….I’m not convinced about them either
    For me it spurs united and us

    City are too soft through the middle and pep just doesn’t seem to get the league

  16. Leedsgunner

    Sanchez out for 2 weeks apparently. Wenger has his excuse ready if we lose our opening games again.

    If he prepared his team to the same extent that he prepared his excuses for his incompetence we might actually get somewhere…

  17. GunnerDNA

    In my opinion Alexis is off, the story that was leaked yesterday about board members want him to be sold and AW is against his sale is a PR strategy to blame the board when he is sold. I know he is the best player but it’s boring now.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Have to watch the Sanchez situation now.

    I have always thought we would sell him, but part of me was starting to think we may not due to increased TV money and this new Adidas deal that might kick in at the start of next season. Also, footballistically, he will save Wenger’s bacon, he is streets ahead of anyone else in the squad and basically kept us from being a total irrelevance last season.

    But now an injury that may well keep him out of action until the close of the window. Very suspicious.

  19. qna

    Don. As I said I would keep Ox, but I dont think he is going to re-sign. If he ever wants to win a premier league he has to. It will not happen at AFC in his career. I would be surprised if he stays. But I would play him as right wing back over Bellerin and bring in a top class CM to sit alongside Xhaka.

    Walcott is not nearly as good as he thinks he is and that is the problem. Thinks he is a superstar when he is just ok. He is a good finisher but he is as dumb as a doorknob. Not intelligent enough to make use of his pace and his finishing skills. We need to strengthen our attack. Welbeck and Perez are absolute shite. They are useless. Giroud is a good player but just lacks the speed to play at the pace of the EPL. Of those I would keep one and sell two. Which means that we would need to strengthen. When Sanchez leaves – either this season or next – we would need to strengthen with a massive player. Why leave ourselves in the position that we need to get 2 or 3 players in the same position in the same window. Its hard enough to buy even one quality player, let alone 3. Most likely they are planning to sell Sanchez this window, which means that Lacazette is his replacement and along with Walcott, Welbeck and Giroud are our strikers for this season. Terrible.

    If they are truly planning on keeping Sanchez then we will have an 80m player to buy to replace him. Since we get no money from Sanchez it is basically our entire transfer budget. So if they stick to this plan we are basically stuck with the same squad for the next 2 seasons with the exception of one 80m player coming in. We are not even thinking about winning the league. It is not even on the clubs radar. They are trying to sneak back into the top 4 and then going back to back with the existing squad plus one.

  20. GunnerDNA


    I think AW had a meeting with Alexis and he personally informed him that irrespective of the situation he will not be signing a new contract. I honestly don’t care what he does, I watch Neymar walk away from a team with Messi that is almost certain to win a trophy, so I’m already of the mindset that he is gone. It will never be as painful as Fabregas departure. I just hope we get Mahrez because that guy can ball.

  21. Don


    Can’t agree with you there
    Giroud and Theo reliably bring 40 goals from the bench
    That cannot be overstated
    Yes one is slow and one doesn’t possess a footballing Brian but as back up they are as good as anyone’s in the league if not better

  22. Marko

    It’s the 9th of August and Sanchez is out for two weeks at the same time that there’s rumours of a 80 million pound bid being lined up for him. Look at this stage if you’re going to do it just do it don’t drag it out till the last week and then struggle to find a replacement. Lemar shouldn’t be a replacement we should have been bringing him in anyway

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    Once he’s gone there’ll be stories ‘leaked’ to the press again about how he’s a ‘bad influence’ in the dressing room and ‘greedy financially’. The dick heads will lap it up as in their opinions Super Wenger saved the day by not putting up with nonsense from Sanchez and selling him for the good of the club. Reality is noone half decent wants to play for le fraud. FFS we were lacazzete’s second choice club as he only came to us because of Atletico’s transfer ban…..and he’s a good player but no where near Sanchez’s class. Lap it up you akb twats, the good ship Arsenal is about to launch for another season of mediocrity….3 cheers for Captain wenger

  24. Thank you and goodnight


    They are dragging it out till the last week mate in order to have an excuse for not buying an adequate replacement. They knew months ago Sanchez was leaving and had no intention of replacing him. Wenger and Arsenal are so fucking easy to read. Of course the AKB’S will say……’wasn’t wenger’s fault it was Sanchez’s, just wait till January wenger will bring in a worldy’. At the end of January when we’ve signed no-one the tone will change to……’ I agree with wenger there is no way a worldy will be sold by his club in January, January transfer windows don’t have that class of player, wait till the summer wenger will get it right’…… and so on and so on. Rinse and repeat for season 2018-2019

  25. qna

    Don – I agree you need backup players and they are backup players. But you dont need 4- Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Perez. Walcott is on the biggest pay packet so if you are able to attract a quality player in you cant afford to keep Walcott because there is no room to pay the new player.

    That is our situation now. But if Sanchez also leaves for free then we need to find the money to buy his replacement. If we are going to buy a player of similar level to Sanchez then we would again need more room for their wages because Sanchez is on 140k now and the new player would likely demand double that at the current going rates for quality players.

  26. Leftsidesanch

    To be fair the sooner this whole saga is finished then the better for all. When at the end of their careers players want to see tangible achievements by their name. Unfortunately for Wenger the values trophy isn’t one of them.

  27. Marko

    I think he’ll be gone too. And they’ll try to pass off Lemar or Mahrez one not both as a replacement. Basically inadequate replacements. Should have been expecting it after the season we had last. I said it before the only way you convince players to sign and that you mean business is with signings and we didn’t do enough early in the window we weren’t proactive enough to convince Sanchez to sign a new deal or that we are capable of a title challenge

  28. Cesc Appeal


    You are right that in the sense whether it is in the next few weeks or in ten months time, he is gone.

    Personally if this PSG bid of near £80 Million has any validity at all (journalists seem to be disagreeing on it) I would take it and throw £100 Million at Dembele who has the potential to be world class.

    Mahrez I am not keen on in our set up. As a player in isolation he is decent, but as a player in a line up with Ozil already in the team, no thanks. I have said before that if Lemar came in and Sanchez stayed I would drop Ozil for Lemar, if we drop or sell Ozil for Mahrez then maybe.

    But Wenger is not likely to drop Ozil, rumours even the players were pissed off at his undroppableness even when playing like a total shower of shite for months, and we will not sell him quite frankly because you cannot sell when there are no buyers.

    If PSG are serious about £80 Million I would ask for £40 Million and Rabiot. Try it on at least 😉

    If not £65 Million and Matuidi and then finally land Lemar with some cash left over to give Walcott a pay rise.

  29. Alexanderhenry

    Alexis’ future still seems uncertain. I always assumed he’d be leaving- there’s no way Arsenal fc would allow £50 million plus to just walk out of the door.

    However, Wenger’s been so adamant he’s staying I was starting to believe he might. Make no mistake, if he does stay without signing, it would be as surprising as seeing us play Bob Wilson in goal on Friday.

    What I think might be happening, is a belief on Wenger’s part that Alexis will sign a contract extension.

    Who knows, but the outcome of arsenal’s season largely depends on this. With Alexis we’re looking decent, without him and taking into account the almighty shit storm of discontent and humiliation that would follow his departure, we are not.

  30. Leftsidesanch

    and waiting for Alexis to be sold to fund any Lemar deal only strengthens their hand, AFC are so reactionary, no forward thinking whatsoever. Bring on 2025 when it’s all over.

  31. HighburyLegend

    “With Alexis we’re looking decent”

    Decent, but not great… we are the Arsène FC!!

  32. Danny S

    I’ve always maintained that Sanchez will go. Wenger has tried to call his bluff, but has failed. He, or the board simply cannot pass up on £££. It would kill Wenger to watch an asset walk away.
    So Sanchez will go, and I think either ox will go or him and ozil will get bumper new pay deals.

  33. Marko

    They knew months ago Sanchez was leaving and had no intention of replacing him.

    It’s very possible this because let’s be honest with ourselves here for some unknown reason we’re so bad in the transfer market that sometimes it actually looks like we’re adverse to bringing in players or spending money. And that’s so weird to think that a club may have a manager who for some reason doesn’t like signings. I mean that’s how it looks sometimes like Chinese water torture watching this club sign players

  34. Marko

    I would take it and throw £100 Million at Dembele who has the potential to be world class.

    He’s got his heart set on Barcelona. At this stage it’ll take two to replace Sanchez.

  35. Dissenter

    Why are people acting all surprised about Sanchez.
    I hope he wipes away all the naive things that was said about him.
    “Alexis will do his job”, “all he wants to do is play” and all the other blather

    Welcome to the Sanchez show guys
    Grab your popcorn because we are the ones acting like he’s Omnipotent.
    It’s simple, your contract expires next year—-> you’re refusing to renew—–> you’re out the door. That’s how it has always been done.
    We are acting like a desperate small minded club.

  36. Dissenter

    Why do people keep saying that the outcome of our season depends on Danchez.
    What has he won for us?
    The league? NO
    The CL.? No, not even the quarter final of the CL
    What’s going to be different about this season. We just want to do more of the sam this season it seems.
    We’re so small minded and fearful at Arsenal.

  37. Don


    Welbeck and giroud are back up for striker
    While Walcott now is back up in that position behind the striker
    It’s as good as anyone else in the league.
    Giroud is 30 now so his time is coming to an end and welbeck could very well go one to be a very very good player for us
    He does everything but score regularly. He’s versatile too. He’s going nowhere
    He just needs to relax in front of goal. The more he plays the more relaxed he will be as the more often he gets into those shooting situations the less he will panic in front of goal.
    I’m convinced if he can stay injury feee that he can be a top forward.

    Perez can go
    I think what Wenger or Arsenal should he looking to do now is unearth that future gem
    That Gabriel Jesus or neymar or dybala from South America
    Prime them. Get them ready for first team action then by the time Lacazette is 30 we will have a 22-23 year old ready to take over. Like we did with Anelka, Henry, RvP and even adebbayor to a lesser extent

  38. Leftsidesanch

    I wouldn’t call it so much fear but more so that Sanchez is our only player who boasts genuine top quality. Once he is let out of the door we won’t replace him adequately and will just use it as an excuse to underachieve even further. I agree that Sanchez hasn’t won the trophies that has eluded us in his time but he offers a lot of supporters a glimpse of hope.

    I’m not so bothered if he remains at Arsenal purely because of who we have spearheading our “challenge” for the biggest prizes we can go for next season. I’ll keep saying it, AFC fans are small minded and fearful because when there was a chance to actually do something we let Arsenal and Arsene Wenger off the hook. No wonder they have little respect/consideration for us.

  39. Leftsidesanch

    and the “oh well, its done now – get behind the team” attitude is a big part of AFC being where we are currently.

  40. Guns of Hackney

    Just sell the guy for the highest price and go and buy a freaking player/s.

    Sanchez doesn’t want to be here but he can’t be benched as he’s too good to leave out. He can’t be taught a lesson in the reserves as…yeah, he’s too good to leave out. He also can’t really be played as he just won’t give a shit…so we basically play with 10 men every game. 8 if Ozil and Walnut are in the team.

    The player in this situation is the total boss. Arsene is going to look even more stupid after this farce plays out.

    It might also be worth pointing out that we haven’t won the league or (ahem) CL with him in the team so…?

    29 soon. Get rid for £60m and say ta ra.

  41. raptora

    Look now. I know that Alexis a little prima donna pretensious bitch and he was disruptive 2-nd half of last season because Wenger put him back on the wing. He was losing the ball almost every single time, was going for the dripple-past-everyone strategy, was waving around and being grumpy at teammates, annoyed and even furious when subbed. My love for him will never be the same. But still. I don’t think he is THAT low to fabricate sickness and injuries. The only, only thing he has said all summer is that his future is up to Arsenal’s decision. Wenger has said time and time again that Arsenal’s decision is that Alexis will stay. Even today Arsene said re Sanchez: “We are not open to any offers, in any way”. I think he stays.

    How are PSG going to cope with another mega buy in the likes of Mbappe or Alexis btw. I wonder if there really is a £80m offer for Alexis, would it make sense for him to be sold. That’s a lot of cash.

  42. HighburyLegend

    “and the “oh well, its done now – get behind the team” attitude is a big part of AFC being where we are currently.”

    spot on.

  43. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Sanchez won’t get you anywhere near what many of you “think” he’s worth. The reality is that if Wenger does eventually decide to sell him it will be for a fraction of his likely worth. As for the deadwood…hard to sell for any amount when you consider the socialist structure of wages that Wenger has them on. It’s all coming to a head and it has Wenger’s prints all over it. It’s an unmitigated fools paradise. For many their contracts will run out, but for any new signings – it’s DejaWenger all over again. Lather…rinse…repeat.

  44. Marko

    Look now. I know that Alexis a little prima donna pretensious bitch

    Oh man if you think Sanchez is a prima donna pretentious bitch I’d love to know what you think of the rest of the absolute pussies we’ve accumulated at the club

  45. Guns of Hackney

    Henry and Pires = primadonna city

    They also are two of our greatest players, ever.

    Great performers ARE primadonnas.

    Sanchez just doesn’t want to waste a fucking year of his life being bossed by a moron.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    I really do not think Sanchez is doing anything wrong and I cannot stand the attacks against him.

    For two of the seasons he has been here he has carried us as a side, when he first arrived and then last season. He is a winner, and he plays like one. His attitude and ambition are the antithesis of Wenger’s and that is why no new contract is being signed.

    The question is not, how many titles has he won us, bit of an ask for one player, the question should be, how bad could it have been without him, particularly last season?

    The club have made him a very generous offer financially and he has turned it down, why is that?

    He wants to leave, if he stays no doubt he will get on with things though I doubt with his usual intensity. But this whole thing to me sacks of wrapping him in cotton wool in case PSG do come in with a ridiculous offer.

  47. Leftsidesanch

    Agree Marko.

    If you look at the players who are on the final years of their contracts based on past behaviours you could probably say that:

    Gibbs – would be happy to sit out another year then walk on a free.
    Jenkinson – the same.

    These kind of players should have never been put on anything close to what they’re currently earning. Gibbs willingly walked off the field after wrongly being sent off for the love of everything holy!

    In my opinion as for the rest – they all go apart from Jack who may possibly sign an extension.

  48. Adam A. Carbarundum

    It’s obvious why he turned it down, @Cesc…isn’t it? Come February it will become all too clear yet again.

  49. raptora

    In a way that Alexis is like cronaldo. Being average footballer doesn’t make you a villain or annoying to play with or hang out with. Berbatov always had his hands in the air protesting about a “not that perfect” teammate pass. Cronaldo is the biggest example though. Alexis was that annoying second half of last season. Gibbs although average would not do it. How do you relate bitch and pussy?! lol

  50. Guns of Hackney


    It’s RVP all over again. Great player, let down by a boring, safe and pathetic club/manager.

    Arsene will destroy the club before he lets it go. Scortched Earth Policy.

  51. raptora

    Kaveh Solhekol
    Liverpool have received no further contact of any kind from Barcelona about Philippe Coutinho since original enquiry almost 3 weeks ago

    This summer is way too crazy for my taste. Lacazette, Morata, Lukaku, Matic, NEYMAR, Alexis, Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele, Walker, Bale, even Ronaldo, van Dijk, Mbappe, Lemar and the rest of Monaco’s players, Mahrez and it keeps going and going. It’s complete madness the amount of players involved.

  52. Gooner63

    Love Dons optimism

    Walcott to get us 20 goals a season from the bench

    Walcott last 4 seasons – total goals 41 = so to me thats 10 a season in all comps

  53. qna

    Don: While Walcott now is back up in that position behind the striker
    It’s as good as anyone else in the league.

    Wow. Just wow.

    How little you think of the EPL.

  54. Marko

    I really do not think Sanchez is doing anything wrong and I cannot stand the attacks against him.

    It’s odd to me too. Guy has basically carried the team and in just 3 seasons has done more than Theo has in 10 years. Than anyone else really. And it’s not his fault we haven’t achieved more. It’s like that season we had Van Persie banging in 30 league goals and you’d be forgiven for thinking that a club who had such a prolific striker would be challenging or winning the league he was so good but Wenger never addressed the other squad issues that existed (still exist) and sure enough we didn’t compete again. Basically a successful team needs more than a couple great players playing consistently well in order to be successful but in our case we need more than one a lot more

  55. Danny S

    Wenger is holding off the sanchez sale until the very last minute. That way he won’t have enough time to buy a ‘quality’ player to replace him. I think that’s the deal he’s struck with Sanchez, you can go but you have to wait.

  56. Leftsidesanch

    After publicly stating all summer that he won’t be sold, especially after all that’s gone on – if Sanchez is sold then if not already – he will have no credibility left.

    As I pointed out before, a part of me is thinking that this is a made up injury by Arsene to deter other teams from derailing his plans with a last minute bid for Alexis. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turns out this way.

  57. GunnerDNA


    I agree with you on having Mahrez and Ozil in the same team, but in certain games they both could play and it could work to our advantage. In most away games Mahrez would be better suited than Ozil. What we don’t need is Mahrez going to Spurs or Chelsea.

  58. GunnerDNA

    AW on Alexis:

    on whether there have been any offers for Alexis…

    “I can’t tell you that at the moment. I just think we are not open – as I said to you many times – to any offers, anyway”

  59. Marko

    Abdominal strain sounds like bollox to me honestly. Don’t forget this is a club and manager who downplayed the significance of a Welbeck injury until a transfer window closed to get out of buying a replacement and then announced he’d be out for practically all the season

  60. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Quietly odd that Ozil has yet to sign. Its not like he’s getting any offers from elsewhere, but you’d have to believe something’s going on – or knowing it’s Wenger, nothing’s going on. To have this many going into their final seasons on contract tells you that Wenger is playing the odds that many will have meh performances and he can re-up them on the cheap. Or….he’s good and truly lost the plot. Either way, it’s going to be a very interesting season for sure.

  61. Bamford10

    A couple things re Sanchez: one, he has been our best player for two years now and I’d say our only genuine top class player, so I really don’t get some of the negativity towards him.

    Two, while he loses the ball here or there and got frustrated several times last season, he always gives a massive effort and his frustration with Arsenal and with Wenger are understandable. Which is to say, he is no “prima donna”.

    Three, if we sell him now, my concern is whether we’ll be able to sign a player of comparable quality to replace him this late in the window. I like Lemar, but he wouldn’t give us all of Alexis’s goals and it doesn’t look like Monaco are selling anyways. Mahrez? Don’t see him excelling in our 3-4-3, and I agree with Cesc that pairing him with Ozil isn’t optimal.

    Wenger is simply not up to the task of managing a complex squad of players, some of whom need to be sold, some of whom need to be re-signed, some of whom need to be developed in this or that manner. We need a DOF, and we need a new manager.

  62. raptora

    As much as Mahrez isn’t my favorite footballer, he would be an instant upgrade on Ozil. Best summer would have been if someone came for Ozil and we got north of 50m for him. Would invest around 35 to 40m in Mahrez or Lemar and we got a super potent attack force. Just imagine Alexis, Lacazette, Lemar or Alexis, Lacazette, Mahrez. Would be pretty great. But no one would ever come for Ozil if they have to pay a big transfer fee and huge wages for a luxury player with zero balls and grip.

  63. Bamford10

    From Arseblog—

    “Having spoken a number of times about the need to trim his squad, Arsene Wenger didn’t sound overly positive when asked about it at his first press conference of the new Premier League season this morning.

    The manager met the press ahead of Friday night’s game against Leicester and was pressed on potential departures.

    Players like Kieran Gibbs, Lucas Perez, Carl Jenkinson, Mathieu Debuchy and others are available for transfer, but Wenger says he’s not especially confident of any immediate moves having spoken with other Premier League managers.

    Asked if there was anyone on the brink of leaving, he said, “No. Even yesterday I had a manager’s meeting talking with the other managers in the other clubs.

    “It looks like there’s many, many players, and at the moment it looks like there’s congestion everywhere.”

    Jesus Christ. It’s like he just began thinking about the issue yesterday. All of this business should have begun months and months ago, if not longer ago.

    As I just said above, we need a DOF and we need a new manager.

  64. Elmo

    When is Wenger going to tell us about the monumental, season changing event that happened in December, as he promised?


  65. qna

    I wouldn’t worry about Ozil. He cant do better than Arsenal. He can run down his contract. His loss. At the end of it he will look around and see that we are still offering the best pay he can get. By signing him we would only have to pay him more and for longer. We cant sell him now so we wouldnt be able to sell him of he re-signed either.

  66. GunnerDNA


    It’s going to be hard to replace Sanchez quality like for like. What we need to focus on are players that will make our team game stronger, thus improving the output. In my opinion if we could get Moura/Di Maria and Rabiot/Matuidi in exchange for Sanchez we would be a better team than having Sanchez.

  67. Leftsidesanch

    Nonsense from Wenger. We’ve had offers for players surplus to requirements – why not just cut your losses then rather than be rigid of what you expect for overpaid dross? The man needs a white jacket asap.

  68. Adam A. Carbarundum

    We needed an overhaul starting at the top, Bamford. Wenger remains a distraction and will continue to be a lightning rod for frustration should they get off to a rough start or get on one of those patches of indifference they are famous for. There remains little incentive for many to actually perform this year. AFC are an elite country club where you only have to show up to collect a paycheque. I could go on, you could go on…but everyone and their drunk uncle knows who is responsible for it all.

  69. Phallasaurus

    Having got Kolasinic & Lacazette in( the players he prioritised) we’ve kind of stalled in pushing on.

    If Lemar was serious, as it appears he was, then we should’ve got that done by now. He will be out of our reach next season and the longer it goes on probably is now anyway. Not that we cant afford it, just that we wont go that high on him. So go and get choice 2 or 3 surely.

    Sanchez wants off & I fear is playing silly buggers now. Either that or it’s a contrived ploy between player & club wereby he’ll end up with his move and we’ll get a decent sum. Fair enough, he’s too good for this mess anyway & owes us nothing, why would he stay if he has any ambition to win the top prizes.

    My fear is that it’ll happen late and we won’t have time to fill the massive hole he’ll leave. Of course that could well be the plan here taking into acount our clubs clear lack of ambition.

    Were”s the money gone, were’s this club going?

  70. Marko

    So he’s complaining about how tough it is to sell his dross cause there’s a lot of players available for transfer? So what does that say about the players he’s accumulated over the years? Only at Arsenal do you masquerade as a top club with top quality players and be incapable of selling said players. Seems people aren’t buying what arsene is selling

  71. graham62

    Guns of Hackney

    “Arsene Wenger is going to be made to look even more stupid after this farce plays out”

    It’s not possible to get even more stupid……………………..Is it?

    What a joke!

  72. Adam A. Carbarundum

    “Nothing is impossible for a manager in a white jacket”

    With or without the idiot-proof zipper design???

  73. Marko

    Lemar and one of Brandt/Asensio/Draxler is how we end up winning out of this situation. Considering the window we’re having and the manager we have coupled with the need still for a midfielder and defender it’s not going to happen

  74. Wallace

    all the abuse he got last season and posters genuinely believe Wenger’s going to wait until the last minute of the window to sell Alexis so he hasn’t got time to line up a replacement? :)

  75. Leftsidesanch


    He does care what people think nowadays. Him watching the walk of shame at the Emirates rather than joining the players on the pitch shows this.

  76. EN1AFC

    “Love Dons optimismWalcott to get us 20 goals a season from the benchWalcott last 4 seasons – total goals 41 = so to me thats 10 a season in all comps”

    Thought the same when I read that. Him and giroud rarely get close to 40 between them when they’re starting let alone off the bench?!

    Walcott epitomises Arsenal Football club since he’s been with us if you ask me. Flashes of brilliance, convinced he’s going to be the real deal only to be let down by him going missing for large parts of the season or constantly getting injured. All the while talking a big game and looking the part with his hairstyles and tattoos, just masking his soft centred nature.

  77. Wallace

    He definitely doesn’t enjoy the abuse. That obviously gets to him. So no way he deliberately winds up the fans by lying about the Alexis situation, or not adding quality reinforcements, this summer especially.

  78. Samesong

    Walcott flatters to decieve. I would sell just to see someone with some guile play on the wing when hes not scoring he useless anyway.

  79. Dissenter

    Don does write up a lot of shite here
    Just yesterday he stated that he rates Brendan Rogers above Jurgen Klopp!!!
    He still wants to give Jack “just one more chance”. That’s how we ended up with a bloated squad.
    Arsenal FC does have a lot of horder fans.
    …and to think we used to mock Chelsea for having a gazillion players out on loan. At least their loanees know they wont ever play for Chelsea and it’s all a ruse to make money.

  80. Dissenter

    Why do you defer so much to Wenger?
    Isn’t there some aspect of your Arsenal psyche that is cautiously skeptical about Wenger?

    You think Wenger tells the truth all the time?

  81. Marko

    all the abuse he got last season and posters genuinely believe Wenger’s going to wait until the last minute of the window to sell Alexis so he hasn’t got time to line up a replacement?

    Hold on didn’t you say that we’re not to worry and that the window won’t get busy until the end of the window. You think it gets easier to sign quality players at the end of the window? It’s like we’ve never been in this situation before

  82. Leftsidesanch

    didnt theo score overall 21 goals in the 2012-13 season and 19 last season? In between the number has been quite lower. How does that guarantee 20 goals every year? and how does Giroud who up until last year guarantee you 20 goals from the bench?


  83. Leftsidesanch

    i asked a mate if hes excited about this upcoming season and he told me that he is, when i asked him why he gave me all the reasons that most of us on here feel so indifferent about our prospects this year. AFC must have some of the nuttiest fans in the universe. Only that would explain why a man in his 40’s come dressed in AFC gear head to toe pretending to drink from his AFC branded water bottle *looking at you Ty from Arsenal Fan TV*.

  84. GunnerDNA


    At the moment it seems like Alexis will be sold, I guess we all have to wait and see. I hope you are right comes the end of the transfer window.

  85. Dissenter

    Wenger’s valuation of players in the market has always been off. We passed on several players like Cahill, Mata and Hazard because Wenger thought they were too expensive at the time. Who can forget the 40,000,001 offer?
    Wenger’s valuation was off when he was given average players exorbitant wages like a guilt-ridden absentee father.
    Now he’s realizing that the rest of the footballing world does not share his stupid valuations of his players moreso when we let average players run down their contract to one year.

    Liverpool are able to withstand the Barca barrage because got Coutinho to sign till 2022 with no exit clause. All the while we were struggling to convince Sanchez. Funny enough Coutinho’s wages are in the 150k weekly range.

  86. OleGunner

    Wenger’s comments today about being unable to sell off players in our team due to congestion is laughable. Saying he had a meeting with other EPL managers over team and crumpets yesterday to hawk them off…Gimme a break and get it done ffs.

    Crazy he’s only sold off Szczesny who was worth keeping, for an awful price!

    He built this team of average nobody’s, giving them his infamous “socialist wage packets” to keep them as loyal pets. This current fucking mess is all of his own making and the fact he can’t even bear a bit of responsibility is crazy.

    If ever there was a case for a Director of football, this is fucking it.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, we badly needed a DoF.

    Massive mistake from the club letting Wenger get his own way yet again on that one.

    Although, as much I think the whole lot are a shower of shit, what do you do when the manager slithers to the owner the day before the board meeting on his future and is effectively bullet proof after that?

  88. graham62

    As previously stated, I’m also a Walcott fan. Wengers mismanagement has been the cause of many, if not all, of Theo’s problems.

    I’m with Don on this(amazing!). Keep the guy fit and he’ll score you 15-20 goals a season.

    He is not, and never was going to be, the next Henry. Wenger suffocated him in this image and, because of this, Walcott lost his identity.

    Similar scenario with the Ox.

    God, I really despise Wenger.

  89. Marko

    Walcott is the kind of guy who could get you a goal or two in a 5 minute period but for the other 85 minutes he’d be misplacing passes and falling over the ball. He’s so limited in his game and considering that he’d play on the wing that’s a big problem. And he can’t be a striker. 10 years and he’s never truly held down a place or a role for both club and country

  90. graham62

    We not only have the most deluded manager in the EPL, we also have the most deluded manager in world football.

    No responsibility, no accountabilty, no ####### hope with this buffoon in charge.

    My respect has long gone.

  91. OleGunner

    Jesus listening to the football writers podcast, they covered every team in the league for the season. Spent 2 mins on Arsenal while 19 other teams at least had 5-7 mins lmao

  92. HighburyLegend

    “Yeah, we badly needed a DoF.”

    Good news : we won’t have any until ze man in the white jacket (no zip) leave.

  93. Thank you and goodnight

    First it was flu now it’s a stomach strain….hahahaha oh how the gullible lap up the faeces that spews from every pore of wenger’s body.

  94. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah but it’s true. The AKB’S love it. I bet you Ty had a massive week long wank fest over wenger signing a new contract

  95. steve

    “We talk about CFCs decline, we talk about Spurs stagnation”


    What decline? What stagnation? The season hasn’t even started yet so it’s based on a few pre season friendlies? lol.

  96. Thank you and goodnight


    I think it might of been caused when wenger told Sanchez there would be no more signing especially as Jackie boy will be back from injury soon and he’ll be like a new signing.

  97. Wengaball

    How do you drive the price up of a (good-ish) player in the last year of his contract?

    By (ostensibly) putting your foot down and telling the world he is not for sale.

    Sanchez was a gooner. Now he is a goner.

    For 30 million or 80, that is anybody’s guess.

  98. TR7

    Koss – suspended
    BFG – injured
    Alexis – injured
    Ozil – injured
    Mustafi – injured
    Ramsey – injured
    Santi – injured
    Wilshere – injured

    Yet again we will start a new season off playing with a depleted squad in the first couple of games. It cost us 5 points last season against Liverpool and Leicester. Let’s see what happens this time around.

  99. useroz

    If Wenger has SS in his pocket why would he bother about some nobody board member(s) wanting to cash in on Sanchez? The only plausible explanation is that Wenger orchestrates the saga. As one post put it, Wenger leaves it so fucking late so he can dish out those fucking pathetic excuses for not able to buy any ‘top top qualitee’ players 13 hours before the close of transfer window.

    Wenger can go to hell…

  100. Leftsidesanch

    Why give yourself the best possible chance of a good start when you can drop 3 points in your first game and cite players being injured as the reason why you dropped points when its asked how comes we haven’t challenged again this year.

  101. Leftsidesanch

    Can’t see PSG going in for him after the Neymar outlay, and I wouldn’t sell to City. Mind you – because Wenger is such a compulsive liar you never know but Alexis could be injured – my view is that this is one of those phantom injuries to deter other teams coming in at the 11th hour.

  102. qna

    If Chelsea want Ox for 25m and dont want Costa we should do a swap. Guy is an absolute winner. 1 x La Liga with Athletico (unbelievable achievement) and 2 x EPLs. Would be a brilliant trade. Could then sell Giroud and Perez.

  103. gonsterous

    I think most teams look at a highlight reel of a player. the amount of money they pay for dross these days is staggering…

  104. Tonyd

    Sanches is sick to his stomach of Wenger, the lack of the club’s ambition in the transfer market and the dross he has to play with.

    No wonder he’s got abdominal pains.

    I don’t blame him for wanting to leave., especially at his age and wanting to win meaningful trophies such as the EPL and CL.

    Another season of discontent looming except for the AKB brigade who seecWenger through rodectinted spectacles.

  105. Tonyd

    Still fellow posters at least we have Don, CC, Pierre, Puma, retail king Sanmi and Big Pat to give us a good laugh through the season.

  106. Wenker-wanger

    Its heartwarming to read such perceptive logical comments about the Sanchez position currently at the club.
    In a nutshell for Sanchez, read RVP.
    Same quality player hitting his head against a brick wall.
    For those tiny-minded AKBs this will be another cry of “Judas”. A pathetic petulant outburst that fails to grasp the reality of Wenger’s 4th place ethos and how it frustrates ambitious quality players.

  107. ThePuma9

    Tony d

    I’m sure you’ll be too busy for the Arsenal. What with all your businesses and trying to keep your Thai bride in check, where ever will you find the time?

  108. leon

    Frankly I rather worried by the lack of transfer activity and we still have not got rid of the dead wood we have in the team