Read between the not-so-subtle Tony Adams narrated lines | Wenger sets contract D-Day

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Contract D-Day is after the FA Cup final. Wenger had this to say.

“Of the season, yes”

“I cannot tell you that. I think it (the board meeting) is after the FA Cup.

“I have been asked if there is a board meeting before the cup final. I said no, after. And of course, I will be there and at the moment I think we should focus on short-term and what’s going on on Sunday and in the cup final.

“You have certainly to know that there are many aspects of a football club which have to be discussed at a board meeting.

“One of them is of course what is happening with the manager, the future, the players who have to come in, the renewal of contracts. You don’t miss problems in a board meeting.”

Wenger wants to roll into that meeting with #Top4 and an FA Cup. Both are possibilities at the moment. So he’ll be licking his lips at the idea of a new contract, no restrictions, and a chance to live out this fantasy vision that major losses are special circumstances, and this season has been a blip (not the culmination of stagnating ideas).

Ivan G will probably be hoping for something quite different. I’d imagine he’s been compiling research into Sporting Directors, club setups elsewhere, potential managers (JARDIM PLEZ) as well as working out the different scenarios he could face post board meeting.

Gab Marcotti thinks Wenger might walk after an FA Cup final win. What does that look like? How can we ensure our pants are firmly up should Wenger pull and Irish exit? Who would we hire? Who could we wrench from a club? How would we ensure stability? Who gets promoted, who gets fired, who do we bring in elsewhere?

Most think Wenger will stay, if he’s weak, what can you do to make him better? Who can you rip out, who can you bring in? How do you empower people to work with an autocrat?

If Wenger stays and he’s strong, realistically, can you do anything?

Many questions to answer. It’s going to be tough for Stan K as well. This isn’t business as usual. Competition is heating up in the Premier League. When he originally came, there were maybe 4 big clubs. Now there are 7. Even the average teams are more powerful. Competition in the league has never been hotter.

Can the owner afford to indulge the manager for another 2 years, when Everton are about to go stratospheric? When Spurs have the best manager in the league. When Chelsea are about to give £200m to Conte. When Pep’s ideas are about to sink in with his players. When Klopp will spend some proper money.

All better manager than Wenger. All just bedding in. All, bar Mourinho (who is targetting 6th / winning trophies already), sitting prettier in the league.

Owning a failing Arsenal will cost Stan big. We are a premium ticket, and people won’t continue to fork out premium money if we sink any lower, especially corporates (I understand it’s still very easy to pick up a club level season ticket). We’re also entering a stage of our Wenger lifecycle where 20,000 will avoid the stadium out of apathy. Fan aren’t even angry, they’re just bored of a man who is stinking out the party with a total lack of self-awareness.

If Sunday goes as we think, Wenger will have cost Arsenal £50m straight off the bat. If he finishes 5th, we’ll be straddled with a tonne of games in the backwaters of Europe that will be played on Thursdays, a day later than Champions League. We’ll have no hope of mounting a serious title challenge with that sort of fatigue menace around our necks.

Best case, Wenger sacks it in. The board meeting goes horrendously. He jumps ship to PSG.

In other news, Tony Adams launched a quite incredible hit piece on Arsene Wenger, with a lot of truth to it.

Patrick Vieira once suggested Arsene does not like big characters and personalities around, especially ones from Arsenal’s history.

Perhaps Arsene thought I might be too challenging for him.

He seemed to like an assistant such as Pat Rice or Steve Bould, both great club men who were not going to ruffle feathers.

Unreal comments, but so damn true. There isn’t an exArsenal pundit out there that isn’t shocked at the lack of explayers around the club. No Keown, no Paddy V, no Bergkamp, Freddie has gone to Germany… a total bleed of a winning culture that once was.

The sad thing about the article is there are contradictions in there, one minute he’s saying he’d work for free, the next he’s turning down £45k a year for an under 18s job. There’s a lot of truth though, Arsene doesn’t like dissenting voices. He won’t be questioned. He is the commander in chief.

You can’t run any successful business like that unless you are 100% top of your game. Dissent makes you better, being challenged focuses you, and having empowered people around you creates a great energy that can be unstoppable.

Anyway, probably not the sharpest story for Tony to write. I don’t think he’s as qualified as he thinks he is. But I’d implore you to read between the lines, because I’d imagine there are plenty of other explayers who love the club like he does, who feel the same way. He’s hurt. That’s a childish kick out. But it’s also childish to only hire yes men.

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  1. Bankz

    A clean sweeep.
    Nice try Mick jagger…nice try.
    You wanna sneak into 4th just like Wenger is currently attempting to…even when he clearly doesn’t deserve it

  2. Follow the money

    As I always suspected. Wenger’s a coward. It’s no wonder even when we had talented players like the Cesc/Nasri era we couldn’t win the big games because Wenger’s​ losing mentality stinks out the whole place.

  3. Carts

    To put it into context, why is it that Wenger never kept much revered ex-players around.

    Seems all a bit bizarre, if you ask me.

  4. Wallace

    Tony Adams – great defender, incredibly brave, that left-footed arrow of a shot into the corner of the net from a Steve Bould chipped through ball against Everton still one of my favourite Arsenal goals….and yet, wouldn’t pay attention to a word he says these days.

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Six seasons. Ferguson’s 26 year reign is what Wenger has his sights on.

    One year…two years? No. At least five, more likely six.

    The club is dead as disco.

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The big question is how do the club sort out the season tickets next season ?

    Europa cup tickets should not be valued as much as champs league .

    Do they bring the price down ?

    Do they do away with Europe from the 7 cup ties like they did with calling ?
    What e e.g. Happens it will cost them ,,,,


  7. alexanderhenry


    Fascinating stuff and the implication is that nothing has been decided.

    I honestly believe if wenger misses 4th, it’s over, even if he wins the FA cup.

    The financial hit will be significant, and even Stan must know how difficult it is to get back in to the CL once you drop out of it. He’s certainly aware of how vital it is for arsenal to be in it.

    Add to that the toxic atmosphere between fans and management, the increased competition- as you rightly pointed out- the bad PR that comes from a half empty stadium and the threat of un renewed season tickets, and everything points to Wexit.

  8. Guns of Hackney


    Good one.

    As for tickets, they’ll have to reduce everything. If the paying idiots that frequent the stinkhole still want to pay £100 a ticket to watch wengers Arsenal stink the place up…more fool them.

    So, prices are reduced or less people go to games, revenue impacted, burger sales down, less money to pay players, cheaper players, rubbish players, dropping down the league…relegation.

    That’s my Arsenal analysis.

  9. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    Late one night a man is driving down the road, speeding quite a bit. A cop notices how fast he is going and pulls him over. The cop says to the man, “Are you aware of how fast you were going?”

    The man replies, “Yes I am. I’m trying to escape a robbery I got involved in.”

    The cop gives him a skeptical look and says, “Were you the one being robbed?”

    The man casually replies, “No, I committed the robbery.”

    The cop looks shocked that the man admitted this. “So you’re telling me you were speeding…AND committed a robbery?”

    “Yes,” the man calmly says. “I have the loot in the back.”

    The cop begins to get angry. “Sir, I’m afraid you have to come with me.” The cop reaches in the window to subdue the man.

    “Don’t do that!” the man yells fearfully. “I’m scared you will find the gun in my glove compartment!” The cop pulls his hand out. “Wait here,” he says.

    The cop calls for backup. Soon cops, cars, and helicopters are flooding the area. The man is cuffed quickly and taken towards a car. However, before he gets in, a cop walks up to him and says, while gesturing to the cop that pulled him over, “Sir, this officer informed us that you had committed a robbery, had stolen loot in the trunk of your car, and had a loaded gun in your glove compartment. However, we found none of these things in your car.”

    The man replies, “Yeah, and I bet that liar said I was speeding too!”

  10. Guns of Hackney

    A man walks into a bar and hurriedly orders a double whiskey, quickly followed by another and another, the barman asks him if he’s okay, to which the man replies

    “I’ve just had my first blow job”

    The barman smiles and offers him another on the house.

    The man replies “if three double whiskeys wont remove the taste, I doubt if one more will”

  11. jwl

    No way Wenger retires at end of this season voluntarily, whether he wins FA Cup or not, he was talking about retirement being death for guy like him just a few months ago. Wenger wants to die with his boots on if Arsenal will let him, club are going to have make decision to stop renewing his contract or else he here forever.

  12. alexanderhenry


    He could still manage elsewhere.

    Personally I think the club will simply not offer him a contract..

  13. jwl

    alexanderhenry – I dont think top club would want Wenger and I can’t imagine him dropping down division to manage Derby or similar team in France.

    I thought Wenger should have become manager of U21’s of England or France a few years ago, that would be good job for Wenger, not too much pressure to win, developing young players, that would be good gig for him.

    If Arsenal are not going to offer new contract to Wenger this summer, they are keeping very quiet about search for new manager and DoF.

  14. Guns of Hackney


    No serious club would want Wenger as a manager – perhaps china? But a top job, no way. Wengers stock is lower than ever. He needs Arsenal or he leaves football completely.

    Arsenal are in the driving seat but they won’t pull the trigger and end this reign of terror. Wenger goes now it it costs Arsenal nothing…another (at least two years) is £20m and that would have to end in a sacking, ergo, compensation. Hopefully Arsenal do not want to pay Wenger off. But then again, this is Arsenal we’re talking about: a retirement home for shit managers and useless players.

  15. jwl

    I wish I had 1.3 billion in my bank accounts and could buy Arsenal, good way to spend second half of my life I reckon.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    Usmanov has gone on record many times saying he loves Wenger.

    Also, Stan won’t sell. Non story but who knows.

    I wonder if we’ll now all give Usmanov shit for his ‘dirty’ cash like we’ve done with abramovich…nah, I thought not. We do things the right way!!! Arsenalski

  17. Dissenter

    We will be going to Webley under a negative cloud after we miss out of 4th spot on Sunday. That’s all everyone will be discussing.
    I expect the media will point out that Wenger gifted Liverpool 6 points in the head-to-head.
    Dithering in the summer and quibbling over one or two million with Valencia over the Mustafi transfer fee caused us to start out first game at home with Holding and Chambers. We gave Liverpool three points.
    Not starting Alexis in the reverse fixture at Anfield was just as catastrophic. It made it too easy for Liverpool.
    I hope the media put the blame squarely on Wenger all through next week so that he will walk after Chelsea win the double.

  18. Samir

    I would think Stan will be waiting to see if we qualify for the CL before considering the bid.

    With Usmanov in charge Wenger would be a lesser problem.

  19. jwl

    “Guns of Hackney – Also, Stan won’t sell.”

    I dont think he will sell either, not unless there is another billion dollar property Kroenke looking to get involved in.

    Saving money now, keeping money in banks for future use, is bad business in times of negative interest rates. I think Kroenke is very conservative and Arsenal is investment for future, keeping money in treasury bills is mug’s game, property is mostly safe unless something cataclysmic happens.

  20. Dissenter

    Your inside links at Arsenal missed out on the scoop that Usmanov bid 1.3 billion to buy out Kroenke!
    Damn you need to have a word with your sources.
    Everything we’ve been arguing about is small potatoes compared to this breaking news.

    Usmanov can force the deal by going directly to the hedge funds that lent Kroenke the money.
    Let this be true. How do you say Thanks in Uzbekh? Katta rahmat

  21. Samir

    I think he would give Wenger a 1 year contract with a 300M or so budget. If he fails again he’d be gone.


  22. Guns of Hackney


    Yep. Actually this might be really bad news for the long term future of the club for a couple of reasons.

    1. Usmanov is getting bored of being on a board that he has no say in.
    2. He puts in the bid (if true) as a final throw of his dice. If stan says no…perhaps usmanov walks. Maybe a couple of miles up the road to Spurs?

    If we lost usmanov, Stan would remain unchallenged forever. Wenger stays.

    If this bid is true, I think it’s Usmanovs goodbye…if he is unsuccessful.

  23. Bamford10

    No top club would be interested in Wenger. He hasn’t been able to compete with the best managers for a decade now, and he’s had plenty of money to spend. He’s not good tactically, not good at instruction, not good at planning for the opposition. He’s a pre-modern relic, and this has been obvious for some time.

  24. TR7

    Usmanov will have to up his bid by another 50-60M to force Stan to seriously consider his bid. At the moment he is offering in line with AFC’s valuation of 2 billion which he probably won’t find tempting enough. Close to 1.8 billion bid combined with 50 M loss in CL revenue might swing the balance in Usmanov’s favor.

  25. Bamford10

    A protest should be organized for the morning of the post-FAC board meeting, outside the entrance to said meeting. No new contract, Wenger out.

  26. Dissenter

    “2. He puts in the bid (if true) as a final throw of his dice. If stan says no…perhaps usmanov walks. Maybe a couple of miles up the road to Spurs? ”
    There’s speculation that Usmanov is restless and might be thinking about Joining his billionaire buddy Moshiri at Everton.

    This might just be the last throw of the dice.

  27. Bamford10

    Not to mention Wenger doesn’t want to work with a DOF, wants to call all the shots, something no top club would allow.

  28. Dissenter

    Stan would never get a better offer.
    Arsenal will be worth less in five years under his ownership.
    He’s allowed this Wenger nonsense to drag on for too long.
    Wenger is a walking failure-generating vending machine. He’s proof that you cant square a golf ball.

  29. Dissenter

    “A protest should be organized for the morning of the post-FAC board meeting, outside the entrance to said meeting. No new contract, Wenger out.”
    The meeting is going to be held immediately after the FA cup, probably in smoke filled lounge at Wembley after champagne has been passed around. . You seem to think it’s a formal meeting.

  30. Marko

    Makes sense when you think about it. A club in turmoil somewhat. Fans not happy with the current regime (ownership and manager). Doubt Wenger has ever liked the idea of someone like Usamanov. He’d probably prefer his owners to be more silent and less demanding

  31. Dissenter

    The news of the 1.3 million bid breaking everywhere worldwide.
    Arsenal will have to formally respond as required by law.

  32. TR7

    Sadly for Arsenal, Wenger decides everything including who owns AFC. He has done everything to paint Usmanov as a bad influence on the club.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    Sanchez is an AKB…..according to the logic here….Usmanov knows shere the real problem lays……SELL UP Kroenke!

  34. Elmo


    I think they’ll just recategorise EL group games as Cat C (as opposed to CL group games usually being 2 Cat B and 1 Cat A if we draw a big team). Bearing in mind the ST includes the 19 home games + the 7 cup credits, but also subject to a strict ratio of Cat A / B / C, I suppose ST holders will get an end of season credit or refund for the difference between their entitlement to Cat A / B and what was actually experienced. The club will then be hoping that we go on a deep run in the EL and those extra home fixtures offset the fall in the number of Cat B and C matches, at least in terms of gate receipts (loss of CL TV money is another story).

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Kroenke, who owns 67% after gradually building up his holding since 2007, is unwilling to contemplate the deal. He remains fully committed to the club and, even though Usmanov’s offer would net him a massive profit, he is not interested.’

    Fully committed? What a joke. The Yank Cunt wouldn’t know commitment if it smacked the wig off his head.

  36. Marko

    Either way you look at it it’ll be potentially a very good thing. Either way the club gets some seismic change that it absolutely needs and finally there’ll be pressure to be to be ambitious

  37. Arsene's Nurse


    Stan Kroenke has turned down Usmanov’s £1.3 billion bid. Usmanov has apparently upped the offer by one pound to £1,300,000,001.

  38. Marko

    Didn’t Dein sell his shares to Moshiri back in the day? Who was Usmanov’s man until he bought Everton. And Dein always came across as an Arsenal man

  39. Ashley

    Arrange kronke out protest immediately !!!!

    And also , how is pochettino the best manager in the league Pedro ? He finished 2nd

  40. Carts

    “Fully committed? What a joke. The Yank Cunt wouldn’t know commitment if it smacked the wig off his head.”


  41. Goldinho

    I know it’s the daily mail.But talk about hitting the nail on the head:But Arsenal, who are in grave danger of not qualifying for the Champions League for the first time in two decades, are a club in flux with a dysfunctional management structure.

    Manager Arsene Wenger’s future is still unclear, there is an absentee owner in Kroenke, a lame duck chairman in Chips Keswick and an ineffectual chief executive in Ivan Gazidis who is believed to have a poor working relationship with Wenger.

  42. Jacko

    Anyone know a good hypnotist we can send Kroenke’s way?

    “You will take the offer, I repeat slowly… will take the offer”

    3,2,1 – you’re back in the room.

  43. Rambo Ramsey

    Ashley, good point. Apparently the Silent Cunt is coming to Wembley and Abramovich will give him a lesson on what fully committed ownership actually entails. Get your ‘Sod off Kroenke’ banners ready people!

  44. Carts

    Stanley needs to reap his profit and fuck off.

    I’m curious to know as to how much Usmanov will go up to..

  45. OleGunner

    Holy shit just seen the Usmanov bid news!

    The Uzbeki should just table £1.5bn to silent stan. It’ll be too much for him to deny.

    This is good news!

  46. Carts


    Fucking hope so.

    And there was me suggesting 120,000 fans cough up £10k each and buy the useless ferret out

  47. Jim Lahey

    @Carts –

    This is a huge moment for the club, it feels like we now find out if Kroenke is interested in making a profit, if so he sells, or if he is interested in running the club into the ground like his other franchises.

  48. Ashley

    This is such a window of opportunity , usmanov is a clever guy , he must know fans might get a few kronke out banners out now this news has come to light

  49. WestLondonGoon

    It serves no purpose to run the Arsenal into the groud, but a whole fistful of dollars with no risk, or headaches…..that has to prove too tempting for Kroenke.

  50. SpanishDave

    Usmanov would keep Wenger for a year of transition and then move him on.
    Loosing out of Europe and loosing the Cup would leave the club weakened and Stan might take a deal.
    However he’s not a short term investor.

  51. Marko

    Wenger might not even be interested in staying if Usmanov was owner. What money with added pressure? No thank you.

    One way or the other Wenger has to be the first out the door. Even with a new owner I wouldn’t trust him with a war chest of any kind

  52. Alex Cutter

    “but a whole fistful of dollars with no risk, or headaches…..that has to prove too tempting for Kroenke.”

    I don’t know what it’s going to take before you fucking brits figure it out, but there is no “risk” or “headaches” if you don’t give a shit about your investment, other than its profitability.

    Whatever profit Kroenke would make by selling the club now would be dwarfed by future profits — WITHOUT HIM HAVING TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN PUT UP WITH HALF-ASSED BRIT “PROTESTS”.

    EPL television rights are going to continue to grow at a pace where the money from a top four finish will be an afterthought. As will the value of the property, stadium, and the “Arsenal” brand. The emirates will sell out every match, regardless of how many actually show up.

    Pull your heads out of your asses. He ain’t selling unless he thinks the club is losing its value. And brits have shown that they can’t even be bothered to stop showing up at matches as a protest.

  53. Joe


    This is a huge moment for the club, it feels like we now find out if Kroenke is interested in making a profit, if so he sells, or if he is interested in running the club into the ground like his other franchises.

    This makes absolutely no sense at all

    If he was interested in making a profit why would he run it into the ground

    And is moving into a billion dollar stadium
    In LA in one of the biggest sporting/tv markets in the US really running the Rams into the ground ??

  54. Joe

    One way or the other Wenger has to be the first out the door. Even with a new owner I wouldn’t trust him with a war chest of any kind

    100% spot on.

    Wenger will still be the shite useless incompetent manager under AU he is now.

    Wenger out first.

    Then worry about kronke.

  55. WestLondonGoon


    Did a ‘fucking Brit’ do something to upset you in the past? Any long term investment will pay out over time, this deal might prove too tempting for him right now (considering his current US problems), that’s all I’m saying; especially as his longstanding manager is coming to the end of his career. It might prove just too tempting.

    Good marks passion though, if a little condscending.

  56. Champagne charlie

    Ok cmon lads you’ve got to put the Wenger stuff backseat now….

    Everyone says it’s harder to change owner than manager. Well there’s a concrete change of owner in the fray.

    Fingers bloody crossed

  57. Hitman

    Good for nothing. Yank go home I say. Does any one know Kronke’s purpose in life?
    Buys AFC and does nothing with it!! No investment , no big trophies, plenty of humiliating defeats and a club on the slide. Huh?
    What was that all about?
    Take the money and run please.

  58. Joe

    No we don’t put wenger out in the back seat

    Wenger out is first and foremost.

    He will still white no matter who the owner is.

    Wenger has to go.

  59. Joe

    Yeah all the wenger apologists like CC love this.

    Wenger’s signing on for 2 years gets pushed to the back as ” fight for Arsenal ownership”
    Takes up all theheadlines.

    Hopefully it ends quickly with a yes or a no from Kronke and the more important issue of wenger out can be front and centre

  60. Champagne charlie

    Haha just shows you up as being utterly obsessed with Wenger. A guy just bid a billion for te club and you STILL are desperately clinging to a Wenger out conversation.


  61. Joe

    What is AU going to give wenger another 100m to make us even worse than he did with the 100m he spent last summer?

    Is AU going to
    Wenger prepare the players better motivate then. Have a tactical clue?

  62. alexanderhenry

    Go Usmanov

    That’s the best news I’ve heard about arsenal since 2004.

    I don’t think Kroenke will take the deal – initially.

    However, I think an overwhelming majority of fans want him out and would much rather have Usmanov as owner.
    It will focus fans’ attention on Stan and will pressurise him to do something. He will either do nothing or fall woefully short as usual.

    This will increase speculation, bad press, unrest from sponsors, protests, un renewed season tickets, empty seats and lower profits etc which hopefully will make this dreadful man finally relinquish control.

    The timing of the bid is perfect as well.

  63. Champagne charlie

    Missing the point as ever.

    Two issues at Arsenal: Owner and manager.

    One of them can very seriously be changed in the coming couple of weeks. Wenger is a hope by comparison. Sorry pal, your obsession takes a back seat on this one.

  64. Joe

    AU / Kronke as owner is 100% seperate issue from

    Wenger out issue.

    1 does not effect the other.

    Only wenger apologists will try to deflect attention away from wenger out.

  65. Champagne charlie

    Kroenke valuing Arsenal at 2bn, usmanov owns 700mil worth so a 1.3bn bid would be around Kroenkes valuation.

    Whether he sells remains to be seen but I imagine he’ll reject this one. Usmanov willing to go higher according to Bloomberg

  66. TR7

    As I said earlier Usmanov must step up his offer by another 30-40M at least. Arsenal is a cash cow that Stan can milk for a few years at the very least, just offering the market price based on current valuation is not going to clinch the deal. Go Usmanov go!!

  67. alexanderhenry

    I actually think this is the most important event in arsenal’s recent history.

    If Kroenke resists and keeps hold of arsenal, I don’t see us ever getting back to the top. He’s already made arsenal mediocre and that mediocrity will continue as lonf as he’s in charge.

    The worry is that Usmanov loses patience and sells up himself

  68. reality check

    On 2nd thought.. if usmanov was serious, he’d offer 3Billion. No bullshit.

    Kronke doesn’t have to sell and he makes plenty profit if he ever wanted to extract it.

    You’ve got to offer someone in Kronekes position a deal thats too good to be true.

  69. loyika

    My honest take on the events,

    1. Stan K will not sell (and really has no need to as Alex Cutter explained – without the anti-Brit sentiments- ) Usmanov knows this but is just trying to test the waters or force the issue.

    2. AW will sign on for 2 years regardless of results in the next 2 games, but will have to accept some major changes to his backroom staff and within the club.

    Either ways, in two weeks time we shall know where we stand as a club.

    Yeah by the way Pedders, till either Koeman, Klopp and Poch win shyte they are just posers in the EPL.

    Spurs finishing 3rd and 2nd doesn’t now make Poch a great manager? A decent manager pushing Spurs, yes, but great? HELL NAH!! Are we just moving the goal post just to suite a narrative. Is the focus on competing or is it n winning silverware? How did the “Great Manager Poch” get on in the UCL and Europa? Lets see how Spurs cope next season and if they actually win something (at least even if its the Community Shield…Lol!!)

  70. reality check

    alexanderhenryMay 19, 2017 20:39:29
    reality checkI’m hoping it’s an opening offer.

    Yes for sure. If he’s serious. If he really wants Arsenal because of bussiness reasons AND love for Arsenal, he’s got to keep going, isn’t their a loop hole where other share holders investors hedge funds can vote to sell and over rule Kroenke?

  71. Emiratesstroller

    It looks like we are stuck with both Kroenke and Wenger.

    Kroenke never sells assets and the suggestion that hedge funds who finance him can put pressure him to sell is complete nonsense.

    Kroenke’s wife is part of the Walmart Family who have backed him in his property ventures.

    The only way that Kroenke might sell is if he is losing money on his sports franchises. That is not the case with Arsenal.

    The reality is that US$1,300,000 is not an offer likely to tempt Kroenke even
    if he wanted to sell. This is more or less what his shares are worth on open market.

  72. alexanderhenry


    ‘The only way that Kroenke might sell is if he is losing money on his sports franchises. That is not the case with Arsenal.’

    You’re right, but the way things are going, the rejection of Usmanov’s initial bid will make it far more likely that arsenal will start to lose money.

    Paying fans will only get more pissed off and therefore more likely to abandon arsenal.

  73. Emiratesstroller

    reality check

    Kroenke has a “controlling” interest in the company which owns the club. No-one can force him to sell.

    Moreover Usmanov cannot even force the club to pay a dividend. Kroenke has not paid the shareholders a dividend since he took over the club, but he has paid one of his companies at least twice a consultancy fee.

    Usmanov is more or less impotent. He cannot even secure a seat on the Board. The only way that he might achieve this would be to go to Court, which he has been reluctant to do.

  74. Champagne charlie

    It’s a tool for applying pressure and scrutiny on Stan as much as a genuine bid. That figure is an opening offer at best given who’s in charge.

    What’s for certain is how Stan is now front and centre with the inability to be his usual silent self.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    Usmanov is not Abramovich. He will not throw silly money at trying to buy the club. He will offer what he thinks it is worth.

  76. loyika

    @ Alex

    You have no way of gauging that till next season. And Stan K will not be moved by this (You don’t get to be a billionaire like he is if you are moved so easily) He is a long term investor and will not sell to Usmanov on principle alone (regardless)

    Arsenal will always be a good investment due to it’s location. Things will have to go really “Tits up” a’la Chelsea of 2015/16 for Arsenal FC to really lose that kind of value as you are presuming they will.

    I believe the BoD will not be fussed about missing the UCL for one season (only if it’s one season though) they would have planned for this. The TV money will still roll in and they can easily reduce the wage burden by trimming the squad and sell off assets like Alexis and/or Ozil.

    Stan K will not even bat an eyelid at Usmanov’s bid. What Usmanov will be hoping for is a movement by the fans to now focus on getting Stan out, but you already now he couldn’t really give a toss about Fan’s unrest (he is used to that)

    This is just “smoke and mirrors” Usmanov knows that a BoD meeting was upcoming and is just playing his hand to see what comes up. You will know if he is actually serious if he ups his offer by a large margin.

  77. alexanderhenry


    I disagree.

    Usmanov is a genuine arsenal fan. He’s stuck with us, despite not even getting a seat on the board, when he could have sold his shares and bought into a different club.

    I’m not suggesting he would spend as much as abramovich, but he’d be a hell of a lot more ambitious than Kroenke,

  78. Emiratesstroller

    The fact of the matter is that Usmanov is not someone that Arsenal’s Board would want to see running the club.

    There is history. Many years ago Roger Levitt was the largest shareholder in the club, but I know for a fact that the Board refused point blank to accept him as a Director and quite rightly so.

    Levitt would most certainly have been banned from running a football club in EPL if he attempted a takeover today.

  79. alexanderhenry


    We just don’t know at this stage, and I wouldn’t be too negative in the meantime.

    At least it’s thrown the cat amongst the pigeons.

  80. alexanderhenry


    Right now, Usmanov is someone the fans would want to see running arsenal football club.

  81. Emiratesstroller

    alexander henry

    You are wrong.

    Usmanov may claim to be an Arsenal Supporter but he is first and foremost
    a businessman and a politician.

    Mr Usmanov secured the Presidency some years ago of the World Federation of Fencing. His aim was and still is to secure a seat on the IOC, but that
    has been always declined.

    In 2015 all the Presidents of Sports Federations affiliated to IOC were invited
    to a Conference/Reception in USA. I know for a fact that Usmanov was banned from entering USA. The organisers of the event had to apply to
    President Obama for a special one week visa so that he could attend.

  82. loyika

    @ Alex

    Like you alluded to, we just have to wait and see.

    But if Usmanov doesn’t up his offer, then this was just a “wankfest” sort of bid and just him looking for an excuse to put “the cats amongst the pigeons”

  83. Jeff

    Just heard the news about Usmanov putting in a bid which was rejected. I hope he doesn’t give up. We need someone who has passion for the sport and the club not a deadbeat loser like Kroenke. We’ve had enough of losers running the club. I hope he ups the bid and forces a hostile takeover. This is the best news we’ve had at the club for a very long time.

  84. alexanderhenry


    He’s stuck with arsenal despite being treated like a leper.

    The guy has double the wealth of Kroenke.

    Why didn’t he just sell up and buy a different club?

  85. TitsMcGee

    Arsene is so dominant that he was probably not going to like it if I said, “We’re conceding bad goals, I’m going to take the back four today and organise them.”

    Because Arsene is essentially not a coach — and that is the second reason why I believe he didn’t want me. Back in the day I said in an interview coaching wasn’t Arsene’s strong point.’

    Pretty clear to see and something that is apparently well known in the EPL.

  86. Jeff

    I’m just wondering why now? Is it because Wenger’s contract is up? Does he want the opportunity to buy the club and install a fresh new manager and a new beginning? Get rid of both cancers in one go – Wenger and Kroenke? I would like so much to believe that to be the case.

  87. TitsMcGee

    rang Liam — who said it was the manager’s decision — and emailed Ivan, who said it was Arsene and Liam deciding.

    Then Liam rang, to tell me I was overqualified, they wanted somebody younger who they could train up. I was not going to let this go by now, having been messed about so much.’

    The lies are strong with Wenger.

  88. TitsMcGee

    He never liked confrontation. I recall a time when Ian Wright was getting in late for training most days. Arsene just made training later but the boys were fuming. We, as players, then told Wrighty to get his act together.’


    That has to be a forking joke. Jesus wept.

    Sums up Wenger in a nutshell. A microcosm.

  89. Joe

    It’s so funny to watch Alexander beg for AU thinking it’s going to absolve wenger of all the blame of the last 13 seasons

    AU. Roman. The Glaziers. Shieks. Kronke

    It doesn’t matter who the owner is. Wenger is 100% at fault for what has happened footballing wise the last 13 seasons

    You’re going to look even more wrong and stupid than you do now alex if AU comes in and wenger stays on.

    Wenger out out out.

    Alex and CC Same guys a dozen years ago who were celebrating that Kronke won the ownership battle over the russian crook AU.

    It’s oh so predictable

  90. Joe


    Also heard some rumours that he is doing to set a price for his shares so he can sell up to Kronke At the inflated price and buy Everton with his pal moshiri or whatever it is

  91. Champagne charlie


    Perfect storm for a takeover bid. Fan unrest, boardroom battles, manager unrest, future unclear.

    He lodges a bid and gains momentum to push through a takeover. At aworst he’s forcing Kroenke to answer it. Both benefit Arsenal but of course you’d like to see Kroenke go

  92. Jeff

    Kroenke has no interest in football, hardly ever attends games, couldn’t give a shit and yet he wants to hold on to the club like a criminal philistine who has a painting by Da Vinci but keeps it his basement. He is in fact a walking, talking definition of a cunt.