Chambo playing contract games? | Wenger desperation about to ramp for the better

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Well, an exciting night in the Champions League. Bayern took Madrid into extra time, but were steam rollered after Vidal earned a red card. Interesting that the decision didn’t go the way of Bayern, and could have been sussed with video evidence. Carlo said something like that lack of video is ‘unbecoming at this level’… agree. Purists need to move on.

Leicester dropped out of the quarter-finals heads held high. An epic achievement for a small club living the dream.

Arsenal? Well, we can kiss goodbye to #TOP4GLORY this year if the ThirtyFiveThirty have anything to do with it… the stats site has downgraded our chances to a dismal 5%. I’d have to agree with them despite having no statistical basis other than looking at our fixture list and a team of deflated players.

Chamberlain had some nice things to say in the press about playing for The Arsenal.

“It’s a massive honour to play for a team like Arsenal,”

“You’ve got to give it 100 percent week in, week out, and maybe that had been slipping in the last few weeks.”

Damn straight it’s an honour. I’m struggling with the Ox. He should definitely stay, I think he has a lot to offer at 23. But I can’t work out if he’s moving to Liverpool for real, or his dad is just a savvy media operator who is working speculation to land a ridiculous deal for his son.

That said, it’s amazing how many players have openly come out and admitted they have given zero fucks of late. It’s really unacceptable, and I don’t understand how the manager can still have a contract on the table when all this is happening. But look, he does, we have The Mirror leaking our unambitious plans, that include Fulham’s Sessegnon, a return of a Bournemouth second stringer (sorry to hear he’s suffered another fracture), and Celtic’s Tiernay. I’m sure they both have much potential, but taking punts on maybe’s seems to be something we’re not exactly flourishing at. Wenger is no longer a developmental manager, so the thought of a half-baked player rolling into the club does not fill me with the joy it once did.

Still, I am taking some pleasure in watching Arsene drop a back 3 to prove he can change. All of the squealers in the comment section saying there’s no correlation to Gazidis calling for change and Wenger backtracking on his midweek hissy fit of stated superficiality in the idea of change – when the manager is explicitly say ‘I CAN CHANGE’ after making a pointless tactical switch, well, you’re deluded.

Wenger knows what’s about to come and it’s going to test the hardon Stan K has for his boy, because our ranch collector of an owner is about to be locked naked in a shed of dark internet unpleasantness… then he’ll be asked to give over £20m for two years of losing £40m a year. We are going to see a more and more desperate Wenger over the coming weeks, because he’ll start to feel the insecurity of having nothing penned, and I tell you what, he’ll be throwing anyone and everyone under the bus to sign that new deal. So I’m starting to grow in confidence that we’re going to see more than just superficial change… because now Wenger is costing Stan money. Not what the silent one needs as he’s facing a billion dollar lawsuit from the good people of St. Louis for allegedly lying to them about his intentions.

Right, that’s all I have for you. Tune into our podcast if you haven’t and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Joe

    so players admit theyve been slacking and insteadof telling them to pull a finger out and get serious and professional ….you blame the manager

    That’s the managers job and He’s failed for 7-8-9 seasons in a row

    Insanity is… well any akb is insane. Still backing a failure a manager and making excuses


  2. salparadisenyc


    Not sure you’ve been paying attention but there’s like 4 people whom want Wenger to stay notably a cabbie fazed from house music named Geoff, an African fella in Nigeria who thinks its 2004 and that daft cunt whom runs Untold Arsenal.

  3. steve

    How predictable. Arsenal beat the mighty Middlesbrough and that cunt pires87 shows up and feel Wenger has been vindicated. Embarrassing stuff.

  4. Relieable Sauce

    Jeez, Leicester playing to a tough crowd. If only they were as critical of Wenger.
    Keanes only trick is to blame the players, when a pundit or a manger.
    This double act with Dixon

  5. Relieable Sauce

    Keown and Dixon – as well as some other old Arsenal players – have this lame effort at humour as a defence mechanism when they have a “does not compute” moment.
    Embarrassing the lengths they will go to, to defend their hero. You see the sports channel hosts and pundits taking the piss out of them on a regular basis – and Arsenal in general. I think it’s the only direction for them to take really as they have minimal credibility, they stifle and obstruct honest open debate, and there’s no mileage for TV companies in repeating the same old Arsene-al season over and over again.

    They’ve already been doing it for 2 or 3 seasons now a t least tbf.
    Needs a revamp though I think.

  6. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Sadly the only person day in and day out that is deluded is you, Pedro. If you honestly believe that Gazidis has any input let alone say in any affairs that relate to the field of play, well…that’s being delusional in a massive way.

    In the end the fact that Wenger remains in charge, and all rumours point to his having a significant say in transfers, tells you and me and everyone else that he’s staying. And as for his back three experiment, because that’s all that it is, is simply saying he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. In other words, here’s a big fat shit sandwich for all of you to eat.

    Say what you want, but again it’s going to be you that comes out as the deluded one Pedro, and it all started the day you believed Gazidis to be more than he ever was. He’s a very well paid Patsy and nothing more.

  7. Follow the money

    Anyone else think it was uncharacteristic to hear Ancellotti ripping the refs? Maybe he was pissed off the student beat the teacher haha. Never bet against Zidane, that guy is a winner. End of

  8. Joe

    This man makes 8,5 m pounds a season hahahah. Has to be one of the biggest heists to ever happen

    Basing it on a win over a team that has scored 22 goals all season and will be in the championship for probably a few seasons and we’re lucky not to concede more than 1 he thinks it was success

    He is a complete joke of a manager.

    Can’t wait to see what he does when city , spuds and united rip us a new one

  9. jwl

    “US president Donald Trump likely has a different view on the moustachioed billionaire, after Kroenke donated $1m towards his inauguration …. The revelations that the divisive president’s inauguration received money from Arsenal’s owner came on the same day that Trump’s son Barron was pictured wearing an Arsenal shirt while playing on the White House lawn.”

  10. Mick Kartun

    Allegri definitely would go to Barca if the news about him meeting with Braida the Barca director was true.

    So what next, Jardim? I wouldn’t mind if Wenger is really gone which I doubt.

  11. WrightIsGod


    Lol. This Gazidis thing is jokes from you, it’s truly embarrassing.

    Wenger talking about change could just be him succumbing to the obvious swell of opinion around him. It has never been so high. Nobody had ever seen those scenes from fans before the Crystal Palace game.

    You honestly think Gazidis took Wenger aside and said “mate you need to change your style” and out of all the people in this universe Wenger decided to listen to a man he has no football respect for?

    Then you say that the players may have had something to do with it? So which one is it Pedro?

    Either way your backing of the most pointless and weakest CEO of all time is beyond a joke. And calling your readers who see that squealers… Well.

  12. WrightIsGod

    I can just see it now:

    Gazidis walking into Wenger’s office.

    “Take a seat Ivan, take your shoes off I don’t want you to mess up my new Persian rug I had installed last Tuesday after the Palace defeat as you know, I need this to last another two years.”

    “Erm Arsene, I watched the display against Palace live and the set up and tactics were all wrong. I mean, I know I know nothing about football and can barely sort out mutually beneficial commercial deals but I just feel our full backs are being exposed. You need to switch it up. Maybe 3 at the back? Otherwise we’ll have to consider your job.”

    “Ok your wish is my command Ivan”

    BS Pedro. Get off Ivan’s pecker please it’s nauseating and done just so you can triumphantly prove your opinion is right when there is no evidence to suggest you are.

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    Allegri is bettering Conte’s achievements at Juve. To think this man had expressed interest in Arsenal only for our weak, insipid owner and board to dither. What shambles. And yet we have a few buffoons on here getting touchy whenever someone points out just how much of a disgrace our BoD are.

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    Captain Gianluigi Buffon hopes the comprehensive win over five-times European champions Barcelona is a sign his side are ready to take the next step.
    “We started growing a few years ago and we need to continue on it,” added the goalkeeper.
    “It can’t just stop or plateau after this victory. It’s down to us now, our destiny is in our own hands.


  15. peanuts&monkeys

    ppl who are crying for Allegri shd know this better: ambitious and seriously good talents (like Vardy, Higuiain, Suarez) do not come to play under stale maggot and a fossil named Wenger. Similarly, no good manager will come to a club run by a BoD/CeO/Owner which is soooo unambitious and sooo uncompetitive like Arsenal.

    ArsenaLosers, you will only get what u deserve. you deserve nothing much better than Moyes and Steve Bruce because you have fostered staleness and mediocrity so long.

    Unles there is a massive protest which shakes up the entire club mngt, Arsenal club is seriously doomed for next 50 fucking years. marck those words, guys. FIFTY YEARS.

    all these pedros and others chaps who run some business encashing Arsenal fans, will shortly regret not doing enough to change things.

    @pedders your time to act is NOW!!

  16. peanuts&monkeys

    allegri? Simeone? Jardim?

    ArsenaLosers, you appear to have very tall expectations and lofty ambitions, huh?

    ArsenaLosers, you will only get what u deserve. you deserve nothing much better than Moyes and Steve Bruce because you have fostered staleness and mediocrity so long. Unles there is a massive protest which shakes up the entire club mngt, Arsenal club is seriously doomed for next 50 fucking years. Mark those words, guys. FIFTY YEARS.

    all these pedros and others chaps who run some business encashing Arsenal fans, will shortly regret not doing enough to change things.

    @pedders your time to act is NOW!!

  17. Up 4 grabs now

    Wengers press conference this morning was as insightful as always.
    Wilshire has had a good season at Bournemouth, lol.
    He has no news about his contract.
    He’s not saying what the formation is against city but since he’s in the semis he expects to get to the final? Lol
    And he doesn’t want to talk about transfers.

    Tune in next week for more exciting info!

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    He’s not going anywhere

    We are fucked till he does …..

    Maybe throw the towel,in till then ….

  19. Red&White4life

    “He’s not going anywhere ”
    Well, that’s what we can call a f*cking scoop.

    @samir : ANY means are welcomed to get rid of le senile one aka KJW.

    You don’t like that ?? Go on untold.


  20. Wenker-wanger

    I hope spuds win the league.
    It’s either them or Chelsea, so not much to choose from.
    Wenger will face more anger if spuds win it…..Maybe it would be enough to drive him out.
    This is not normal, but we are desperate to get arsenal back.

  21. Black Hei


    Admittedly, I have been stuck in my bunker but its a shame that you have forgotten me!

    My heart wants Wenger to stay but my conscience says that he has to go!

  22. Up 4 grabs now


    I want him gone, but do you think losing games will get rid of him? Not unless it’s a total collapse like ten in a row. And we were threatened with relegation.

    We’ve been massacred by bayern, utd, Chelsea, Even fricking Southampton!

    We’ve been knocked out of cups by bradford, sheffield Wednesday, and blackburn.
    And still he won’t go.
    Do you think spurs finishing above us will change anything?

    Leicester won the league last year, what an embarrassment for the big clubs. What did they do, they got rid of there managers, we kept ours.

    The board have said he decides when he wants to go, and the only way is in a box I’m afraid.
    I don’t want the guy dead, but dictators cling to power until the last possible minute, that’s Wenger.

  23. Alan

    Gazidis did not in anyway influence Wenger’s tactical switch. Wenger had just lost 3-0 to palace and had the opposing manager claim live on tv how easy it was to work around Arsenal’ds gameplan. It was rock bottom. About to face Boro who have negredo and gestede to do Benteke’s roie, he needed to combat their physicality.

    Although I don’t think 3 at the back was that effective, lets give Wenger *some* credit. And certainly attempting to give Ivan any for the change is just laughable. More than laughable. It exposes how far up Ivan’s arse, you truly are.

  24. TitsMcGee

    How can anyone wish for Spurs to win the league?’

    Rather Spurs than Chelsea. Chelsea don’t need anymore space between us and them.

    People are way to preoccupied with Spurs. They have a long way to go to catch us.

  25. Wenker-wanger

    Allegro, simeone could do a great job restoring our great club back to challenging hard for trophies.
    I get even more pissed off when i see these managers leading admirable players working their socks off for the cause.
    Meanwhile we have a useless feeble, doddering dithering fool leading our team, and continuing to fall further behind.
    It’s like watching your house get slowly dismantled brick by brick.

  26. Up 4 grabs now


    Spurs not winning the league in over fifty years is a good stick to beat them with.

    Can you imagine the gloating if they win it.
    Historically they are miles behind us, but in the here and now there up there with us.

    That’s because we’ve fallen back and they’ve caught up.
    Chelsea win the league it means nothing, a spurs title win gives them huge momentum.

  27. Up 4 grabs now

    Spurs have a new stadium coming, which will bring more revenue, there squad is as good as ours and in some cases better.

    They have a core of young players who are hungry.

    This year they’ll finish above us.

    If your a player looking to come to London in the summer, do you Look at top four spurs with a decent manager good set up and strong squad, or do you Look at us, outside the top four, no champions league, old fool of a manager with a decaying squad?
    Hmmmm tough choice.

  28. Up 4 grabs now


    I agree we’ve fallen so far behind, we’re worried about the spuds, the laughing joke of London football the last twenty years.

    I’m praying for city or the bindippers to get there shit together so they can knick runners up spot, cause it ain’t going to be us.

  29. TitsMcGee

    If your a player looking to come to London in the summer, do you Look at top four spurs with a decent manager good set up and strong squad, or do you Look at us, outside the top four, no champions league, old fool of a manager with a decaying squad?
    Hmmmm tough choice.’

    If(they won’t) they do or don’t win the league this season they are still a much more attractive location regardless.

    If Arsene has any delusions about turning this shiite around he’s in for a surprise this summer. We are NOT an attractive destination regardless of whether Spurs win or not.

    Would be very interesting to see if Arsene tries to buy loyalty by disregarding his socialist wage structure to save his ass.

  30. Up 4 grabs now


    Yeah I was being sarcastic, we aren’t a good proposition.
    If it’s true there throwing 300k at Sanchez then maybe things might change.
    The problem is the dross on 80-140k a week.
    We have about a million pounds a week being spent on wages for players that are on loan not in the squad or not even close enough to being good enough for our first eleven.

    Squad players should be on 30-40k a week not the likes of debuchy and mertesacker on 90-100k

  31. TitsMcGee

    We have about a million pounds a week being spent on wages for players that are on loan not in the squad or not even close enough to being good enough for our first eleven.Squad players should be on 30-40k a week not the likes of debuchy and mertesacker on 90-100k’

    Agreed. Too little too late now though.

    Overpay average players then can’t move them on.

  32. Mr.J


    How stupid does this cretin think people are? Under pressure to change his obstinate ways, and in fear of his job, last night Wenger switched from a flat back four to a 3-4-2-1 formation against Middlesbrough. Explaining the pitifully transparent tactical adaptation in his post-match press conference, Wenger said: “For the first time in 20 years, that shows you that even in my age you can change.”

    It’s hard to conceive that anyone is likely fall for Wenger’s dumb arse tactical gesture or conclude that he is actually willing to make anything other than the most superficial of changes. Ultimately, it’s a political/dogmatic response, albeit a particularly patronising and desperate one designed to swindle supporters into subservience.

    Indeed, Wenger only made the change because he knew his team were playing a relegation-bound side that’s scored a feeble 22 goals this season. A calculated yet cynical gamble, Wenger could have predicted there was a very high chance that Middlesbrough – a team that has only won 4 of 32 matches and is in terrible form, would create very little regardless of Arsenal’s formation.

    And yet, just to prove how benign an effect it had on Wenger’s moribund methods, having the extra man at the back made absolutely no tangible difference to Arsenal’s defensive stability with the home side reportedly creating 13 chances and missing a catalogue of sitters. Once again, Arsenal had to rely on the individual brilliance of Alexis Sanchez to help steal something from the game.

    It will be most amusing to see if Wenger sticks with this formation against Man City in the FA Cup semi-final this weekend, because – let’s face it – you can bet the players have not and will not be sufficiently well-drilled enough to carry out Wenger’s brainless instructions. Forget formations, their only hope is blind hope.

    City will be also boosted by the return of the perennially injured Vincent Kompany – the defensive rock they have so sorely missed in recent seasons. A natural leader, he is a crucial cog in the wheel for them who will likely calm their jittery defence, making City a different proposition to the mess Arsenal managed to steal a point from on April Fools Day.

  33. Mr.J

    I also want Spurs to win the league.

    In fact, I can’t understand people who want AW gone, but don’t want Spurs to win it??? Or Fans that are happy with 3 points against Boro for that matter??? I’m desperately disappointed.

    Short term pain for long term gain is the way i see it.

    Although I do agree with above (can’t remember who said it) that even IF Spur did win it, the AW is so utterly shameless that he would still cling to power, regardless.

    And for the record:
    I simply cannot get with the Pedro THEORY. There is no way Ivan’s comments had weight to the formation change… maybe the perceived media notion did, but certain not from a non-footballing man who AW had the pleasure of selecting as his (supposed) boss.

    If you have any stronger evidence to prove your theory Pedro, then I’ll be more than happy to read it.

    As for “delusional” “squealers in the comment section”… really?!?!?

    You’re sounding quite petulant now.

    Either back it with something concrete, or hold your peace.

  34. Red&White4life

    “I want him gone, but do you think losing games will get rid of him? ”

    Not for one second.
    But I just want to see him humiliated as much as possible, and I want to the fans really angry.

  35. Mr.J

    “Not for one second.
    But I just want to see him humiliated as much as possible, and I want to the fans really angry.”


    It now delights me greatly to see him get humiliated. The greater fan unrest the better

  36. Barking Arsene

    Wenger won’t leave unless he is told to and we don’t seem to have an owner who is willing to do that.

    Two more years I reckon – it’s going to take a colossal downturn to get him sacked.

    Gazidis has no power – have you ever seen another CEO slapped down as he was by Wenger the other week (catalyst for change etc)

    Then we had Wenger playing three at the back seemingly just so that he could make a sarcastic comment about it post match.

    Wenger is above Gazidis in my opinion.

  37. Steveyg87

    “How can anyone wish for Spurs to win the league?”

    In the grand scheme of things, it could only be a benefit for us, it goes against everything Arsene has been preaching. I too,hope they take the league. The shit they have been through already, I would say they deserve it

  38. Steveyg87

    Having said that, f**k spurs anyways. As much as it pains me to say this, there is clear daylight between us and Chelsea, that’s who our true rivals should be

  39. Bamford10

    “Arsene Wenger fears Jack Wilshere will never fulfil his world class potential” – @MirrorFootball

    This is so dumb. It was obvious some time ago that Jack was crocked and would never be the player he once was.

  40. China

    Believing in wilshere to take us to the next level is about as clever as believing in my nan to remember what day of the week it is.

  41. China

    Any player who is defined by a single season, or worse yet performance is a nothing player in the grand scheme of things

    Every significant player ever did it for at least a handful of years at the top

    Wilshere is dat kid who fucked Barca one year

    Ramsay is dat kid who had one good season

    100+k per week lifetime contracts GO GO GO

  42. China

    Have to admit though if ox wilshere and Ramsay had all been developed by fergie for 5+ years and had been lucky enough to avoid major injuries, they’d have probably become wonderful players

    What really can you expect of big talents with young brains at a club like Arsenal

  43. Wenker-wanger

    My worry is that once spurs are mathematically going to be above arsenal at the end of season, they will take their foot off the pedal and bask in their one true coveted glory. Such is their obsession with beating their perennial masters!

  44. Jim Lahey

    @China –

    This is quickly becoming unbearable. Also talking about signing up the dross is a clear indication that he is going nowhere. Fucking hell…

  45. Carts

    LOL @ Wilshere having a good season at the Cherries.

    Yes he’s played games, but by no means has he set the world alight; or repeated a performance anywhere close to that “legendary” performance against Barcelona all those years ago.

    The sad truth is that due to a culmination of factors, Wilshere is simply another Mark Noble.

    And that’s no disrespect to Noble cos at least he can play a season with out getting injured for extended periods.

    Herein lies the problem: the hype was premature; Wenger absolutely rinsed Wilshere to the point where he literally couldn’t recover.

    Sad shit!

  46. Wenker-wanger

    ” arsene Wenger finds new diaby: jack wheelchair”
    In today’s fake news, Aw announces that arsenal will be carrying on the traditions of caring for their persistently injured players.
    “We showed with diaby how we funded 6 seasons of injury on full wages, and now we will offer jack the same. Our treatment centre is available to all, Kim kallstron and armoury bischoff are still here, Our policy is to encourage players to play in the red zone, knowing they have the security of the treatment centre will offer great incentive”

  47. Bamford10

    I was as big a fan of Wilshere’s as anyone, and unlike some here I believe he had real quality and promise, but it has been clear for some time now that he is crocked and no longer physically capable of being a top player.

  48. Dissenter

    Wenger: “Arsenal not at maximum confidence” ahead of the semi final.

    Excuses are already been thrown out for gullible fans.
    We just have a shameless set-up of excuses and platitudes.
    Starting from “catalyst for change” to “lacking in maximum confidence”

  49. Wenker-wanger

    Agree, jack is a very talented player, great balance and ball control.
    He is a crock and that’s such a regrettable factory.

  50. Bamford10

    Reus is injury-prone, but he looked good through the center in Dortmund’s loss to Monaco. I think he could be a smart summer signing. I’d also look at Mahrez & at least one more Leicester City player.

  51. Bamford10

    On the other hand, I seem to disagree with you, Carts, on nearly everything recently. You’ve always seemed a smart and reasonable sort to me, though. 😉

  52. Bamford10

    I would just like to point out that I got the final four CL teams right (from the quarterfinal draw). When is the semifinal draw?

  53. Samir

    Wishing Spurs win the league probably means you’ve never been to a game nor know the rivalry between the clubs.

    Could you ever imagine Newcastle fans wishing Sunderland win the league?
    Or Liverpool fans wishing Everton win it?

  54. Samir

    Spurs winning the league will not do anything to Wengers future.

    All it will do is make Spurs stronger long term as they’ll keep all their players and manager…

    Don’t be ridiculous guys.

  55. Barking Arsene

    Jack could have been an absolutely phenomenal player. But he was destroyed by injury. Sadly this happens to many players, not just at Arsenal – difference is we persist with them for far too long.

    I’d still like Reus, would give us some flexibility and fluidity up top but it would just be papering over the chasms behind the front three that we have.

    So much more required – we could buy any literally any three forward going players in the world at whatever cost and we still wouldn’t win the league.

  56. Carts

    I’m not having the Reus shout, to be honest.

    He’s a fine player but his injury record isn’t fit for any team seriously competing for top honours.

  57. GoonerDave

    My reasons for wanting AW to leave seem to differ from many here!
    Most of you want him gone mainly for footballing reasons, which is more than understandable at the moment. I believe he made a major error of judgement when he began signing agreements with financial institutions. I’m disgusted that he took the sides of the bankers when the fans were being sold down the river. Ticket prices through the roof, best players being sold – and Arsene thought he was doing the work of an unsung hero, keeping things going.
    And that is the real stain on his legacy. I can forgive his errors in football terms, but can never forget this massive error of judgement.
    The fans trusted this man every time a season ticket was renewed – he knew we were selling players every year but sold the product like a loyal slave. Dishonesty, even misguided, is the hardest thing to forgive.
    I still stand by what I said though, we are in serious trouble with this owner. We need an owner who loves the club. We could safely spend far, far more than we do.
    Change from top to bottom please. No more Arsenal Corporation.

  58. Jim Lahey

    @Carts –

    “He’s a fine player but his injury record isn’t fit for any team seriously competing for top honours.”

    Agreed, thats why he will be the perfect replacement once Sanchez leaves…

  59. Red&White4life

    “He’s a fine player but his injury record isn’t fit for any team seriously competing for top honours.”

    Diaby still playing football ??

  60. Jim Lahey

    Spurs can’t win the league this year for the simple fact it would mess up our “To dare is to do” chant… 13 league titles you only have 3 doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  61. Barking Arsene

    Have just had a horrible thought.

    What if we end up with Wenger as DoF instead of getting rid.

    Then they bring in an ex player as manager to take the flak.

    Checks the “change” box but retains Wengers power.

    Worst case scenario?

  62. Carts


    When Sanchez leaves and we’re outside the top 4, we’re going to struggle to attract STIs let alone comparable players.

    What’s up with that Brazilian with pimped out all over the place…he’s quite quick of the mark

  63. Carts


    You need to compare all team on their merits. Find me a team that has regressed in the last 5 years, the same manager over 20 years and a segmented fan base…

    Only then does will your argument be taken seriously.

  64. Carts


    It’s usually discussed hypothetically.

    Doubt Wenger will be snooping in here looking for direction

  65. Jim Lahey

    @Carts –

    “What’s up with that Brazilian with pimped out all over the place…he’s quite quick of the mark”

    Wellington Silva? We sold him to Fluminense last summer.

  66. Carts


    Haha – this is the platform for us to air and share our views.

    But I genuinely feel that the boat has well and truly sailed for Wilshere.

  67. S Asoa

    Apparently Wenger has read that if he announces that he is leaving , the fans will get behind supporting him. So the narrative is ” decision ,will not change even if Arsenal go on to win FA cuplet “. This conman trying to make it look that he has decided to leave ,so much so , he is even denying that he confirmed to the new signing that he will be there next season . Wenger even gone to the extent of telling that no new signing is discussed.
    The protests should go on.
    This has commercial bite due to world-wide notoriety. Time has come for the Sponsors to insist on Wenger absence.


  68. China

    I can’t begin to imagine Liverpool wanting Everton to win the league, however I also can’t imagine the club having a wengy for 21 years so we’re way beyond comparisons with real football clubs haha

  69. China

    I’m getting sorely tempted to brush off the old photoshop and start churning out some international wenger out banners and funny wengy memes

    The only problem is I don’t know where I should post them if I do

  70. S Asoa

    Hi China
    Post them here .
    Fans can cut and paste and print out.
    Plus let us have some fun in these dreary times.

    Post in Twitter
    @WengerOut bot
    are two popular ones

  71. Guns of Hackney


    Post them to:

    The People’s Rebublic of Arsenal
    C/o The Great One, aka Kim Jong Weng
    The soul-less bowl
    Emirates stadium
    N1 FurQ

  72. Joe


    You can’t compare our situation to Liverpool or Newcastle because no one. No one ever has been in a situation like ours, where the manager calls all the shots.

    Liverpool Newcastle will sack managers when needed. Rodgers being a prime example. Even king Kenny. Same with Newcastle. Liverpool will even sack owners

    Our situation is unique. We need to get desperate to get rid of wenger. And I’m sorry but Spurs winning the league is one of those desperate measures we need.

    My cousin is a spud. I’ll take the abuse for the summer if t means wenger is gone. So be it. If we have a new manager, it will be back to normal next season

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    So come on city. Smash us this weekend. Spurs, united. here is your chance to Stick the knife in us. Hopefully koeman does too.

    And to top off it off. Hope Spurs win the league.

    And even if Chelsea win it , how can wenger spin stability is important when last two league winners have been in their 1st seasons with the club

    It’s all spin and bollocks

  73. Guns of Hackney

    It has to be spurs.

    His narrative if Chelsea wins it would be to revert to the tried and tested “they have more money than us”

    If Spurs win…well. Hopefully the fence sitters that stink up Arsenal FC may turn on their worm of a manager.

  74. Red&White4life

    Beware whom you’re talking to (lol)

    “Desperate times call for desperate measures. ”
    (almost the same quote than the one from the movie “MI: 6″, you have good taste!! 😉

  75. Joe

    Wenger. ” I don’t believe jack will fulfill his world class potential”

    Hands jack his new bumper contract. 140k a week. “Just keep telling them I am like a father to you and how you signed on because of me”

  76. Steveyg87

    “So come on city. Smash us this weekend. Spurs, united. here is your chance to Stick the knife in us. Hopefully koeman does too.”

    Koeman has always had Wengers number, stretch our fullbacks and penetrate through the middle, Mourinho,Fergie and Koeman know this, looks like Fat Sam has joined the club

  77. Steveyg87

    With our current midfield, any manager worth his salt should be beating us. Xhaka has been brutally exposed and not done any favours by Wenger, wheres our destroyer??

  78. Guns of Hackney

    “wheres our destroyer??”

    Sitting on the bench scrunching water bottles.

    Oh, sorry…you meant on the pitch. Ummm…Theo. He’s the Arsenal hard man.

  79. Barking Arsene


    Lol! Someone has to do tactics at some point I suppose!

    What a strange club we have – Joe is right in that we aren’t comparable to anyone else in football.

    And not in a good way!

  80. Red&White4life

    And now ladies & gents, let’s hear our great leader, who wants to tell you more about a great injustice :
    No KJW players in the PFA team of the year!! (lol)

  81. Alexanderhenry

    Gooner Dave

    Excellent post.

    Also, Kroenke is not known for signing big name managers. He likes managers who are good for marketing reasons. This is reflected in Josh Kroenke’s alleged wish to make Thierry Henry manager.

    It wouldn’t surprise me.

    I fear that those expecting to see Simeone or Ancelotti take over are going to be disappointed.

  82. Alexanderhenry

    Reliable Sauce

    That interview is sad. Wenger looks beleaguered.

    His refusal to confirm whether he’s signing or not can only be because:

    A) The club have not offered him a new contract.


    B) They haven’t made up their mind.


    C) He has signed or is going to but he’s been told not to discuss it.


    D) He has decided not to sign despite being offered a new contract.

    Judging by his demeanour I really doubt it is C or D.

  83. Joe


    Again you have no clue

    La rams spend right to the cap limit

    As do the Avalanche hockey team

    Kronke spends all that he can with both those teams.

    Plenty of teams leave Millions unspent in salary cap.

    Kronke spends to the limit

  84. Joe

    Also, Kroenke is not known for signing big name managers

    Was wenger a. Big name

    Was Ricoh.

    Was GG

    Please don’t assume it’s a Kronke thing alex.

    Wrong again

    I bet Kronke hires a bigger name than wenger was when he got hired

  85. TheBayingMob

    As much as I’d like to see KJW kicked out because he’s a fraud, TH14 would be an unmitigated disaster of a manager. I’d think I’d prefer Adams, and he’d also be a complete disaster …

  86. Joe

    Oh theo theo.

    Underperform 54 m? They won’t even have a team. Hahah

    So when they cut players they don’t replace them?

    Perhaps you need a clue how teams worl

  87. Joe

    Hahahaha oh theo theo

    Let me explain

    The 54m is 2018 season cap space after the contacts expire after this(2017)season.

    They will either be replaced or re-signed.


    Try again

    2017 they have 1 m space with 4 months until season starts

    Which isn’t a back up kicker

  88. Up 4 grabs now

    You want a legend to manage us it’s PV4 only for me.
    Could you see him taking any lazy arse shit from players.

  89. jwl

    Twitter – According to @MattHughesTimes, Arsenal will offer Jack Wilshere a new deal on his current £80,000-a-week wages. Talks to be held next week.

  90. gonsterous

    offering wilshere and extension is exactly why we are where we are.Wenger deals with who gets a contract and who doesn’t(everyone knows this ) so this is on Wenger. not ivan or stan but Wenger…

  91. steve

    “Twitter – According to @MattHughesTimes, Arsenal will offer Jack Wilshere a new deal on his current £80,000-a-week wages. Talks to be held next week.”


    Christ. Joke of a club.

  92. Jim Lahey


    “You want a legend to manage us it’s PV4 only for me.
    Could you see him taking any lazy arse shit from players.”

    I’d like to see Bergkamp

  93. BillikenGooner

    I’m sure there is an article out there, but I’d hate to see a compilation of the weird, bad, and unfathomable transfer and contract moves that Wenger has made over the last decade.

    From the “why did he sign him and never play him?”: like Perez, Debuchey, and Park chu Young
    the “Why do they get new contracts, they are always hurt?”: like Wilshere and Diaby
    the “How did this guy make our team?”: Like Sanogo and Chamakh.

    I’m sure I’m missing even worse categories and many many players as examples, but for a manager that is supposed to be good at finding talent (ha!) and developing talent (double ha!), and is frugal with his money (triple ha!)…. all this should be exposed in a detailed way.

  94. Joe


    It’s hilarious isn’t it. In one sentence he says he’ll never realize his potential and in the next he’s signing him up for 100k plus a week to add to the dross we already have

    Then he will say we can’t compete financially with Chelsea

  95. Joe


    Kallstrom with a broken back.

    Park stolen from Spurs.

    Silvestre. Squillaci. Santos.

    Chamack he chased for 2 years FFs

  96. BillikenGooner

    Oh man, how could I leave off Kallstrom…

    We are in the hunt and the whole world sees we need another striker, so Wenger goes out and gets a mediocre midfielder with a knock.

  97. Guns of Hackney


    A knock? It was a broken spine in 34 places…doctors said it was the worst spinal injury they ever saw.

    I believe he underwent the same procedure wolverine did.

  98. Alexanderhenry


    That’s actually a fair point concerning arsenal managers.

    The club has always been financially prudent; hence the nickname:

    ‘The bank of england club’

    Prudence has turned to pure greed in the last ten years though.
    It won’t change with Kroenke in charge.

  99. Red&White4life

    “I believe he underwent the same procedure wolverine did.”

    No, it’s KJW, only way to explain his “longevity”.
    Or he’s a vampire… both ??

    A vampire with wolverine’s treatment ?? WE ARE SO DOOMED.